20 Spanish Boy Names Starting With “K”

When you set out to choose a name for your son, there’s a good chance you might want to pick one that mirrors you or your partner’s own ethnic or cultural background. Spanish names for boys are hearty and beautiful and give echoes of a poetic, romantic landscape.

There are a few choice names that start with “K” for boys that are worth considering. This is especially true if you’re looking to use Spanish as the cultural focus for your child’s name.

Karlos is a variant of the name Carlos, which ultimately derives from the English name “Charles”. This name means, quite simply, “man”. It really can’t get more direct than that!

Kemen is another Spanish name of Basque origin that is very blunt yet honest in its meaning. It simply means “strong” and would make a great name for any boy with a Spanish cultural background.

Kepa is another Basque-derived name that ties into Biblical stories. It is related to the male Aramaic name Cephas which means “rock”. Cephas was a name that Jesus personally gave to St. Peter the Apostle because his faith was strong like a rock.

To cap off our Spanish boy names starting with a “K” we have Koldo and Kiko. Koldo is yet another Basque-derived name that is similar to the French name Louis, which has been the name of many noble kings and rulers in the past.

Kiko is the short form of the name Francisco. One of the best modern-day examples of this name is Kiko Loureiro, the current lead guitarist of the thrash metal band Megadeth. Rock on!Karlos


Meaning: From the Sea; Ocean; Earth; Victorious; Brave with Spear; Forgiveness;
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Victorious One
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: King; Long Haired; Form of Caesar
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Pure
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Humbled; Fruit Garden; Fruitful Land
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Strong
Origin: Basque


Meaning: Second in Strength; Second Son
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Bright; White; Edge; Border;
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Rock
Origin: Basque


Meaning: From Germany
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Beloved; Little Gentle One;
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Short form of the name Francisco
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Thoughtful; Blissful; Kind
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: People’s Triumph; Victory of the People; Leader in Victory
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Jorge
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Fame; Warrior; Loud
Origin: Basque


Meaning: Cross of Peace
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Christ-bearer; Anointed; Follower of Christ
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Cross
Origin: Spanish


Meaning: Narrow; Channel; A Wood; A Church; Fair and Handsome;
Origin: Spanish