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Who are we?

Being a parent is both one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs in the world. We all want the absolute best for our children, but how can we be sure we are getting the right products or raising them properly? Our writers have decades of experience as parents and we hope the detailed and honest product reviews on our site and the articles in our knowledge base alleviate the stress of being a parent just a little bit.

What’s parenting like?

You know all the side effects they list on prescription drug commercials? It’s like that.

How do we select the products for our “best” lists?

The product selection process is broken into 3 components:

  • Experience – Our writers all have decades of experience navigating the challenges of parenthood. These moms and dads are flat out experts when it comes to thoroughly researching and analyzing products for your children. The research process is time intensive and exhausting, and let’s be honest, as a parent you have no time to spare, so let our team do the heavy lifting so you can find the best products for your kids with minimal effort.
  • Reviews – Our team aggregates and analyzes reviews from all reputable websites. This includes, but is not limited to, Amazon, YouTube, Reddit, and branded retailers. These reviews, combined with our personal experience with the product, helps paint a complete picture of the quality of the product..
  • Brand quality – We research companies just as thoroughly as we research products. We look at reviews across all of the brand’s products, BBB ratings, return policies and much more to ensure they are reputable.

Do you think your product qualifies for one of our “best” lists? Let’s find out!

We always love to discover new and amazing products. If you think your product has what it takes to make one of our lists please send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Product Review Request.” Make sure to include links to websites (your own and third-party retailers) where we can find user reviews about both your product and your brand. If we think your product has potential based on our initial research we will respond with an address for you to ship a sample so we can do a more thorough review. Good luck!

Team LittleOneMag

Parenthood is life’s most joyous and challenging adventure. At LittleOneMag, we know the journey that you’re on, and we’re here to help. When providing the best for your baby, you leave no stone unturned – and neither do we. Making the right decisions on what your baby needs, what they will love and cherish as they grow, and what will help them reach their unlimited potential is an ever-evolving quest. We’re here to give you the tools to complete it. Enjoy our rigorous product reviews, step-by-step parenting advice, and fantastic gift ideas for all the wonderful occasions you’re going to share together. We strive to give you everything you need to let you focus on the joy of raising your child.

Featured Writers

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Jessica Leake

With five kids from the age of still-in-diapers to tween, Jessica Leake should have a degree in kid stuff, parenting, and diapers by now. Sadly, her only official degree is as a psychotherapist (Master of Social Work/licensed clinical social worker) which she puts to good use homeschooling all those kids. She’s also the author of four traditionally published novels, the two most recent by HarperTeen. She lives in Greenville, SC with her pharmacist husband, their five young children, two dogs, and a whole lot of chickens.

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Odessa Denby

Odessa Denby is a writer from Pennsylvania. Her work has appeared in various online and print publications. She spent several years teaching English abroad, working with children of all ages, and is deeply interested in childhood development, particularly when it comes to linguistics. She is now raising a cat with her husband in New York and in her spare time makes YouTube videos about creating your own clothing. Encouraging sustainable consumption is her passion.

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