Best Baby Crib Toys for Fun Night's Sleep

Best Baby Crib Toys for Fun Night's Sleep

Babies spend most of their time in their cribs whether asleep or awake. You can add some spice by adding a few toys in here. Toys help build imagination, creativity and are a source of fun and entertainment. Some toys have musicals and melodies to soothe your baby to sleep. Others are designed to help your baby develop psychomotor and cognitive skills.

However, not all toys are safe to have in the crib. It would be terrible to purchase a toy that could cause harm to your child. Finding the right crib toys may be a daunting task. This article has carefully handpicked 30 different toys that are fit for your baby’s crib.

Top 30 Best Baby Crib Toys 2023

1. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib toy and Sound Machine

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Musical Crib toy and Sound Machine

Why we like it: The ocean melodies will soothe your baby to sleep. There are 10 different melodies to choose from.

Editor’s Rating:

Just like the name suggests, this toy has soothing melodies for your baby. The Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother has ten different melodies and soft lights that grow dimmer with time. The ocean melodies lull your baby to sleep. It comes with a remote, enabling you to switch it off without being in your kid’s room.

The toy’s straps are adjustable to fit any size of a baby crib. You can easily use the toy while traveling with your baby, whether on a plane or your car. Simply fix it to the car’s headrest for a smooth ride. Alternatively, you can attach it on a table tray on the plane.


  • Helps your baby fall and stay asleep
  • The remote works at 12’ away so you don’t have to wake up
  • You can adjust the light and volume to your liking
  • Baby can self soothe by pushing the power button


  • Limited battery life

2. Tiny Love Meadow Soothe and Groove

Tiny Love Meadow Soothe and Groove

Why we like it: It helps develop your baby’s senses and reflexes. With time, your young one will develop tracking skills.

Editor’s Rating:

Tiny Love has made it again on the top 30 list. The Soothe and Groove toy is designed to grow with baby. It can be attached to the crib or the baby can carry it with him. The Meadow Soothe and Groove can entertain your child for up to 40 minutes with 18 different yet engaging melodies. The music box has powerful speakers which produce high-quality sound. You can easily adjust the volume to a soft melody to soothe your sleeping baby.

The baby mobile has different colors that are appealing to the child. You can stimulate your baby to engage with the music box by pressing on the colored buttons to change the music.


  • Grows with your child
  • When the objects on the toy are in motion, they engage a baby
  • Two quality speakers
  • Adjustable volume
  • Has 18 different melodies
  • Can play for 45 minutes


  • Does not come with the batteries

3. VX Star Baby Travel Arch Stroller

VX Star Baby Travel Arch Stroller

Why we like it: It helps develop hand and eye coordination. It also assists in auditory development and is a source of relief for itchy and swollen gums.

Editor’s Rating:

The toy is made with non-toxic material which is safe for your baby. The arch has beautifully colored animals to simulate your babies’ vision. When shaken, the toy produces sounds that stimulate the auditory system. It also comes equipped with a teether. Your child can rub his swollen and itchy gums while playing. This toy accommodates most of your child’s needs. It can be used for a one-month-old baby to three years.

The toy also helps improve coordination skills. The eye and hand movement is improved while the toys are in motion. While hanging on the crib, it encourages your kid to reach, pull, and hold the toy. The arch can be detached from the crib and used on your stroller.


  • Soft, comfortable and safe material
  • Helps develop muscles
  • Improves coordination skills
  • Beautiful décor aids in vision
  • Mobile


  • The arch doesn’t attach properly on strollers

4. SHILOH Activity Bassinet Stroller

SHILOH Activity Bassinet Stroller

Why we like it: The toy has colorful décor that will brighten your kid’s room. The spiral is easy to wrap around the crib, stroller or car seat.

Editor’s Rating:

The Shiloh baby stroller has a perfect blend of different colors which will lighten your baby’s room. The spiral stroller toy has four characters: an owl, a bird, a rainbow ball, and a ring rattle that your baby can relate to. Fixing it on the baby’s crib is easy since it only involves spiraling the toy and attaching the characters with the Velcro. You can detach the toy from the crib and fix it on your fingers to cheer your baby. You can also it with the car seat or baby stroller.

The toy is made of polyester and it’s easy to hand wash and sanitize. It is also safe to chew on since babies love to experiment everything with their mouths. It is only wise to maintain total cleanliness on the toy.

Shiloh baby stroller helps the baby improve on coordination skills. It also aids in visualizing different colors while the ring rattle is an ideal hearing aid.


  • Suitable for crib, car seat and stroller
  • Has multiple colors that brighten the room
  • Helps in cognitive and psychomotor skills
  • Packed in a safe, dustproof package


  • Not ideal for big babies. Pulling off the characters from the Velcro and ruining the toy is pretty easy.

5. SHILOH Decoration Newborn Musical Mobile

SHILOH Decoration Newborn Musical Mobile

Why we like it: The toy is made of durable, plush, non-toxic material which is environmentally friendly. It is safe to use for baby.

Editor’s Rating:

Shiloh stands out with a second item on this list. The newborn musical has 60 different tunes to choose from and can play for a whole hour! How amazing is that? The mobile has six buttons where you can easily switch the songs. In addition to this, the mobile turns itself off after 30 minutes of inactivity thus saving on battery.

The toy is excellently designed. The colors, the finish and the non-toxic material used are all a sign of perfect craftsmanship. You can manipulate the bracket for a higher and wider view of the toys over the crib. Adjusting this is not difficult. Additionally, as the baby grows, you can detach the characters from hanging over your baby and let your baby interact with them.

Are you looking to gift your friend for having a baby? This is an exceptional toy to purchase. You can have it carefully wrapped with the Shiloh gift wrappers and surprise your friend.


  • There are 60 famous music tunes
  • One hour play time
  • Turns to auto sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • Perfect craftsmanship
  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Has a jingle bell, BB speaker and musical player on toys


  • Not portable

6. Elephant Cartoon Stroller Arch Raffles

Elephant Cartoon Stroller Arch Raffles

Why we like it: This toy stimulates your baby’s curiosity and in the process, helps develop visual and auditory skills. The sense to touch is also heightened

Editor’s Rating:

You can neatly decorate your baby’s crib with the Elephant Cartoon Stroller Arch. This toy is built to help develop your child’s hearing skills. The toys can chime, jingle, crinkle, squeak, and rattle. The combination of these different sounds will help your baby develop distinguish and relate to these sounds. It also builds on coordination skills since the sounds are as a result of squeezing and pulling. Moreover, the toys have a unique blend of colors that are appealing to the baby’s visual sense.

The toy can be used by newborns to children under the age of three. Images of the elephant and other characters will naturally stimulate your baby’s curiosity. Your child’s cognitive skills will be developed in the process.


  • Has multiple sounds. Aids in hearing
  • Helps in eye and hand coordination
  • Bright colors to help in visual
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to fix on the crib


  • No inbuilt speakers. One has to shake or squeeze a toy to produce sound.
  • Perfect for cribs only.

7. Woodland Trail Forest Animal Theme Digital Musical Crib Mobile

Woodland Trail Forest Animal Theme Digital Musical Crib Mobile

Why we like it: It can play 12 different musicals. Listening to music aids in developing the auditory system. It also promotes motor development.

Editor’s Rating:

The product name depicts that this toy has a forest theme. Attached on it are a fox, bear, deer, and bison which have soft fur for cuddling. The characters are hung on a ribbon with arrow-shaped decors. You can easily read out the instructions and fix it on your baby’s crib.

It has an electrical musical that plays for 15 minutes while the characters are in motion. You only need to purchase two AA batteries. You can engage your child with the 12 musicals and the rotating animals as you carry out your chores. Some of these melodies will soothe your baby to sleep. You can easily change the songs.

The toy is useful in aiding the visual, audio and coordination skills in your baby. This toy is a worthy investment for your child.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Aids in audio and visual skills
  • Promotes coordination
  • Easy to assemble


  • Does not have auto sleep. You have to manually switch it off.

8. TOYMYTOY Spiral Stroller Elephant Educational Plush Toy

TOYMYTOY Spiral Stroller Elephant Educational Plush Toy

Why we like it: With a pocket-friendly price tag, this toy helps your baby to develop fine motor skills. Grabbing, pulling and squeezing become part of play thus boosting baby’s reflexes.

Editor’s Rating:

You can tag the Toymytoy Spiral stroller anywhere with you. You can attach it on the shopping cart handle, the stroller, the swing or on the crib. It literally becomes your child’s best mobile toy. It is made of soft and fluffy cotton and is ideal for newborns since it is safe and comfortable. It also makes sounds when squeezed. This will enhance coordination skills in your child. The realization that the hands squeeze and result in noise will heighten their curiosity.

It has brightly colored animals which are essential in your child’s visual ability. It is also multi-colored which provides a basis for your child to differentiate colors. It also has teething rings and this is a huge relief to teething babies and parents. You will no longer have a fussy baby. The teether soothes the baby’s swollen gums and keeps them busy.


  • Made of soft material
  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Promotes cognitive and coordination skills
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Can be used anywhere
  • The price is pocket-friendly


  • Sounds are not electrical.

9. TUMAMA Handbell Teether Development Stroller

TUMAMA Handbell Teether Development Stroller

Why we like it: The Tumama toy has passed several tests regarding baby safety casting any fears you may have regarding safety. It is multipurpose and characters can be detached from the crib.

Editor’s Rating:

The TUMAMA Handbell Teether is another safe toy you can place on your baby’s crib. It is made of soft cotton which is non-toxic and does not fade. Made with four brightly colored animals which are a frog, lion, fawn, an elephant, the toy will help your child develop his eyesight. Each character has a ring and is easily attachable on the crib. The animals have different shaped teethers and in time, your child will differentiate colors and shapes. The teethers come in handy.

The toy makes noises when squeezed or shaken. Your baby will associate his actions to a result. It will also promote your kid’s hearing skills. When the animals are suspended on the crib, your child will reach out to them thus flexing their muscles.


  • Soft Toy
  • Has passed all tests and is safe for baby
  • Does not fade
  • Helpful when a baby is teething
  • Aids the visual, hearing and gross motor skills
  • Can also be on the car seat


  • Sounds are wind up not electrical

10. Growthpic Musical Mobile with Hanging Rotating Toys and Music Box

Growthpic Musical Mobile with Hanging Rotating Toys and Music Box

Why we like it: Growthpic has 20 tunes that will capture your baby’s attention and entertain him at the same time. The hanging toys help in tracking and coordination.

Editor’s Rating:

This toy will grow with your baby. You can attach it on the crib or suspend it while the baby is young, or you can detach the characters and let your kid play with each animal separately. Either way, it will be a fun learning experience.

The toy plays nature sounds, joyful and baby songs. The musical box has 20 tunes and can play for 20 minutes non-stop. The baby can also rattle the characters while playing to produce sound.

The toy is plastic hence cleaning it is a lot easier than the stuffed toys. Wiping this crib toy will do the trick.


  • Brightly colored pendants aid in visual skills
  • Plays for 20 minutes nonstop
  • Grows with your baby
  • 20 tunes from three musical categories


  • It is expensive

11. Mobile Giftsman Unicorn Nursery Design

Mobile Giftsman Unicorn Nursery Design

Why we like it: The white and pink colors on this toy are perfect decoration in your baby's room. Assembling the toy is quite easy.

Editor’s Rating:

Your girl’s crib will never be the same as the Giftsman unicorn toy. Decorated with two white and pink unicorns, two clouds, a moon, six stars, four colored hairballs, and a bamboo hoop, the crib becomes immersed in beauty. This toy gives a sense of security to your kid.

Materials used on this toy are environmentally friendly. It is safe for your baby since it is free of allergies. It is a perfect piece of quality craftsmanship embedded with love.

It is easy to set up the mobile using the instructions. In case of any complains or questions, Giftsman will see to it you get a replacement or a full refund. Customer satisfaction is their priority.


  • Made with quality, eco-friendly materials
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for decoration
  • Stimulates eye tracking
  • Excellent customer service


  • Suitable for girls only
  • Does not come with a mobile arm and a crib holder

12. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile

Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile

Why we like it: The graphics cards are labeled according to age. It is easy to identify what your baby needs to see on the cards. It is also easy to clean the toy.

Editor’s Rating:

Wimmer-Ferguson is all about producing realistic toys your kid can relate to. The Infant Stim Mobile is no exception and comes with 10 reversible graphics cards with high contrast patterns. It has black and white graphics for infants less than 3 months and colored patterns for babies above three months. Infants do not recognize color so black and white is perfect at this time. After three months, they gradually begin to conceptualize other shades of color. The cards are labeled according to age. This helps your baby’s vision grow from simple to complex.


  • Has 10 interchangeable graphics cards
  • Stimulates vision
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cards are labeled according to age


  • No musicals
  • The cards come off easily

13. Hanging Willway Infant Educational Stroller

Hanging Willway Infant Educational Stroller

Why we like it: This toy gives you a chance to interact with your baby. You can attach the characters on your fingers and mimic sounds as you watch the response.

Editor’s Rating:

What better way to interact with your child than using the Hanging Willway Infant educational stroller! You can narrate a story using colorful animals to create your child’s imagination. Watching you mimic sounds with these characters will not only be insightful to your child but will also help them distinguish characters.

This toy has different sounds. The monkey rattles; the star has a musical box, while the lion has an inbuilt BB speaker. You can engage your child to listen to the music or shake the toys as you complete your chores.

The stroller mobile can be attached on pretty much everything. You can use it on the shopping cart, car seat or stroller. Additionally, it is made of soft cotton which is comfortable for your baby to cuddle.


  • Soft toys
  • Can be used in multiple places
  • Great learning and bonding experience
  • Develops auditory ability through sounds


  • To play music, you have to push the play button constantly instead of having non-stop music

14. Tiny Love Meadow Stroll Stroller

Tiny Love Meadow Stroll Stroller

Why we like it: This toy helps develop fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive development.

Editor’s Rating:

Tiny Love has yet another amazing crib toy for you on this list. The Meadow stroll roller is exceptionally easy to attach to the crib. It has a sun-shaped propeller, a teether, a mirror, a transparent sun prism, a rattling ball, and bee. All these play items engage your child. From making sounds to watching his reflection, your baby’s cognitive and fine motor skills develop. It is also a source of fun and cheer.

This toy is mobile and can be used on the stroller during walks, on the car seat while driving around or on the carrycots. The toy is durable and safe for your child.


  • Unique textures
  • Multiple choices of play items
  • Equipped to use on a crib, car seat, carry cot and stroller
  • Teaches cause and effect
  • Helps develop cognitive and fine motor skills


  • Can be over stimulating for your little one

15. Infrantino Spiral Activity Toy

Infrantino Spiral Activity Toy

Why we like it: The material used is BPA free and safe for your baby. It is soft and plush. This texture is gentle on your baby’s hands.

Editor’s Rating:

Weighing only 4 ounces, the Infrantino Spiral activity toy is ideal for babies at or below one year. The spiral has engaging colors matched with four beautifully crafted hanging toys. Grabbing the bee helps in visual tracking and coordination. The cow makes a rattling sound when shaken while the shiny mirror increases your baby’s curiosity. The rings are helpful in teething. Washing the toy is pretty easy. You can hand wash and sterilize it.

The spiral can be wrapped around the crib, car seat or stroller. It is BPA free and totally safe for your baby. It is also an amazing gift to take to a baby shower or as a Christmas present.


  • Aids in visual tracking
  • Easy to use on a crib, stroller, and car seat
  • Easy to clean
  • No batteries required


  • The spiral does not stretch out

16. Mobile Sorrel Airplanes and Cloud Nursery Decoration

Mobile Sorrel Airplanes and Cloud Nursery Decoration

Why we like it: The airplanes are made non-plastic and eco-friendly material. The toy’s manufacturer sees to it that the client is happy. There is a full refund in case of product dissatisfaction.

Editor’s Rating:

The Sorrel mobile airplane is a unique decoration in your baby’s crib. With 9 airplanes and one cloud, the decoration is simple yet elegant. You can suspend it on the crib or on the ceiling. The rotating planes will help soothe your baby to sleep and develop his baby’s eye movement. It will also help in strengthening the muscles that aid in head movement. The planes will assist in mental and emotional development.


  • Simple yet unique décor
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to set up
  • Helps in mental and emotional development


  • Designed for boys
  • Has no music

17. Wendy Bessilimo Baby Mobile Musical-Elephant Mobile

Wendy Bessilimo Baby Mobile Musical-Elephant Mobile

Why we like it: The toy will be a help in strengthening the eye and hand muscles. Playing with the elephants will also help in eye and hand coordination. You can choose to hand wash or machine wash the toys.

Editor’s Rating:

The pink and grey combo on the Wendy Bessilimo musical toy will be an elegant and classy decoration on your girl’s crib. Made of quality and durable material, this is definitely a product to consider. It is soft and plush and accommodating on baby’s tiny hands.

The toy has a three-minute lullaby that will hush your baby to sleep as she watches the elephants circle above her. It does not require batteries. It is pretty easy to assemble it on the crib.


  • Classy and stylish décor
  • Made of quality and durable material
  • Perfectly blended colors
  • Will grow with baby


  • Suitable for girls
  • The 3minute music is too short to lull babies who take long to sleep

18. Baby crib Mobile Toy

Baby crib Mobile Toy

Why we like it: The Baby crib mobile toy can be customized with other accessories. Since it does not have a musical box, you can purchase one and play it while the sheep are circling.

Editor’s Rating:

This toy has the Baa Baa Black sheep theme and is hand made to perfection. You can hang it on the ceiling or on the crib. You can start by having it in the crib but as your baby’s eyesight develops, you can hang it on the ceiling. The toy is made of wood and skillfully made to cheer your little one. It is so soft and made of high-quality material.

The toy is lightweight and easy to attach on the crib or cot. Most babies relax as they watch the sheep hanging around. It is suitable for any gender.


  • Has a unique, handmade design
  • Stimulates visual development
  • Lightweight
  • Soft and durable
  • Easy to assemble on the crib


  • Does not have music
  • Has long strings which are suitable for hanging on the ceiling

19. SHILOH Travel Stroller Activity Rattle

SHILOH Travel Stroller Activity Rattle

Why we like it: The stroller toy teaches cause and effect and also helps in developing grasp reflexes. In addition, it heightens visual stimulation.

Editor’s Rating:

Shiloh is on the list again with the travel stroller activity rattle. This toy is made of pure velvet. It comes with vibrant colors and characters which will fascinate your kid. This toy will decorate the crib.

This stroller toy is easy to use on the crib, stroller, and car seat. You can carry it when shopping or traveling. Assembling it is quite easy and doesn’t need a manual.


  • Mobile
  • Easy to assemble
  • Soft material
  • Bright vibrant colors


  • Does not have music

20. Oball Flex ‘N Go Activity Arch Take Along Toy

Oball Flex ‘N Go Activity Arch Take Along Toy

Why we like it: There is room to add your kid’s favorite toys on the arch. You can get creative on what to display.

Editor’s Rating:

The Oball arch toy will be a source of amusement to your kid. It comes with a monkey and an elephant rattle. It also has a ball and these three can be detached from the spiral for your kid to interact with. There are four loops on the arch where you can place additional toys.

The rattling sounds on the animals are ideal for auditory development. The colored animals help your baby in coordinating movements between the eye and hands.


  • You can add the baby’s favorite toys on the arch
  • Toys are detachable
  • Entertaining
  • Aids in baby’s development
  • Suitable for both boys and girls


  • Not suitable for strong babies

21. HAHA Baby Hanging Stroller

HAHA Baby Hanging Stroller

Why we like it: The toy is safe for baby and is an ideal environment for baby to interact with different colors and textures.

Editor’s Rating:

This toy has passed safety standard tests and is a safe learning crib accessory for your child. It is made of high-quality material which ensures its durability. It can be used by newborns to two-year-old babies.

The colors and patterns on this Haha toy are bright and vibrant. They are a classic learning environment. The bright designs will stimulate your child vision and encourage him to learn and grasp the objects. Meanwhile, he will also get intrigued by the rattling sounds and get motivated to squeeze the characters. Your child will have fun growing up and you will be a happy parent.


  • Bright colors and patterns
  • Has an inbuilt chime
  • Totally safe for baby
  • Easy to fix on the crib
  • Strengthens gross motor skills


  • Not ideal for a car seat

22. SHILOH Baby Crib Stroller Carseat Decoration

SHILOH Baby Crib Stroller Carseat Decoration

Why we like it: Cleaning these toys is as easy as soaking them in water and soap and scrubbing the dirt with a soft brush. You can carry these toys anywhere. They can be attached to the stroller or car seat.

Editor’s Rating:

Shiloh produces exquisite baby items and it’s not surprising that it has the fourth item on this list. With a black and white theme, the Shiloh baby crib stroller is a perfect baby toy to add to the crib. While your baby is marveling at the colorful characters, you can make time to do your chores.

The five characters in the toys are attached with buttons. This makes it easy to attach and detach from the crib. They make rattling sounds which will encourage your child to play with them. The sounds can also calm a noisy baby.


  • The black and white theme is exquisite
  • Characters are detachable
  • Easy to clean
  • Colorful décor to a crib
  • Safe for baby
  • Multifunctional


  • The buttons can be a choking hazard to babies if they come off

23. Baby Hanging Nursery Decorations

Baby Hanging Nursery Decorations

Why we like it: Assembling it is pretty. You can carry it with you wherever your baby needs to be.

Editor’s Rating:

What would you like to the first thing your baby gazes at when they wake up in the morning and the last thing that they glimpse at when sleepy? This baby hanging nursery decoration is best fit to brighten your little one’s world
With soft and decorative colors, soft pink and white to be precise, the wind propelled hanging toy will always grab your child’s attention. It will assist in tracking development and in time help with eye and hand coordination.


  • Decorative
  • Soft
  • Lightweight to tag along
  • Budget-friendly


  • Suitable for girls
  • Does not have music

24. Grey Digital Musical Mobile with Elephants, Clouds and Peanuts

Grey Digital Musical Mobile with Elephants, Clouds and Peanuts

Why we like it: It requires minimal effort to assemble. You can hand wash the toys to maintain a clean environment.

Editor’s Rating:

This unisex toy by Peanut Shell features grey elephants, stars and clouds suspended on a crossbar. You can spin the crossbar to create fascinating and entertaining moments for your young one. Alternatively, you can play some music to soothe or calm him down. There are twelve tunes that can be switched with a switch of a button.

This product promotes motor development. Your child will be motivated to track and grasp objects. Visual and auditory systems will also get strengthened in the process.


  • 12 melodies to choose from
  • Strengthens audio and visual skills
  • Strengthens audio and visual skills


  • The characters cannot spin without music.
  • There is no option to reduce the volume

25. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Animal Friends

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile Animal Friends

Why we like it: The tiny love toy will keep your little one entertained for 30 minutes nonstop as you carry out your chores. It comes with five different melodies.

Editor’s Rating:

Your child will love this toy. It has five different melodies and can play for thirty minutes nonstop. During this time, you can perform your chores as your baby gets entertained in the crib.

The animals are in black and white which is an appealing color for children. The spinning toys are fascinating. They are a combination of a hedgehog, a fox, and a bird. Playing tunes as the animals spin will calm your baby to sleep.

You can carry the Tiny Love toy anywhere. It comes with a Velcro strap that you can attach anywhere. Taking a stroll has never been easier. You can also carry it in your car to ease the ride on your little one.


  • 30 minutes nonstop music
  • Five different melodies to sing along
  • Very mobile
  • Helps develop cognitive skills


  • Watch out while using the Velcro strap. It might detach and fall on your baby

26. Badger Basket Cabin Bedding

Badger Basket Cabin Bedding

Why we like it: It has ample space underneath the crib to store dolls and toys. This will ensure the room stays neat and organized.

Editor’s Rating:

The Badger Basket Cabin bedding is a suitable piece for play and storing toys and dolls for your kid. The crib has a storage drawer beneath it that has ample storage. Your child can easily organize her dolls and play as a parent to them. Role play will instill a sense of responsibility in your kid towards their dolls.

The crib has a windup musical to entertain your kid. This means you do not need to spend on batteries. It also has wheels to enable easy movement around the room during playtime. The finishing on the crib is attractive with a blend of white and pink perfectly fused.

You do not need to worry about the bedding getting dirty after the kids are done playing. The fabric is easily washable. You can also wipe the crib to maintain cleanliness.


  • Comes with a blanket, lining and a pillow
  • Wind up musical
  • Has a storage cabinet
  • Has wheels to ease movement
  • Perfect to train your kids while you are expecting another one


  • Shock hazard – not for use for kids below three years.

27. Katedy Toddlers Handbells Stroller

Katedy Toddlers Handbells Stroller

Why we like it: The sounds on the toy will stimulate your baby’s auditory is also safe and environmentally friendly.

Editor’s Rating:

The Katedy Handbells Stroller is another crib toy you can use. It comes with beautifully colored animals and unique patterns. The different colors aid your child’s vision and also his senses. With time, he gets to learn there is a difference between the different characters hence assisting in cognitive development. The toy has an inbuilt BB Speaker and a wind chime. The auditory system develops through these musicals. Alternatively, the toy makes sounds when shaken. This is helpful in muscle development.

Attaching the stroller toy is quite easy thanks to the C-shaped clip. This crib toy can also be used on the car seat or shopping cart. It is made of safe, non-toxic polyester. It is also durable and environmentally friendly. This toy has met international standards of quality.


  • Helps in muscle development
  • Assists in the eye and hand coordination
  • Safe, durable and secure for baby use
  • Colorful toys
  • Inbuilt chime and BB speaker


  • Watch out for small parts. If put in the baby's mouth, it may be hazardous.

28. MKONY Hanging Stroller Toy

MKONY Hanging Stroller Toy

Why we like it: The Mkony toy can be carried with you when you are leaving the house with your kid. It fits perfectly on the car seat and stroller.

Editor’s Rating:

Your baby’s playtime just got better with the Mkony stroller toy. Made with the elephant, owl, monkey and lion design, it is colorful to simulate vision. The toys rattle when shaken or squeezed and this will motivate your child to repeatedly shake the doll. She will have fun in the process; develop her muscles and auditory system.

The doll can be used by an infant to a one-year-old although your baby can carry the toys along even at two years. It is BPA free and meets international standards. It is eco-friendly and totally safe for your baby. The four toys are soft and plush.

You can carry the crib toy anywhere with your kid. You can attach on the stroller and car seat.


  • Meets international standards
  • Toys are soft and plush
  • Can be used on the crib, car seat, stroller or baby cot
  • Safe and eco-friendly
  • Budget is pocket-friendly
  • No batteries required
  • Ideal for both boys and girls


  • Does not have electrical musicals

29. SKK Baby Plush Stroller Activity

SKK Baby Plush Stroller Activity

Why we like it: The toy is made of plush polyester and is healthy for baby’s use. You can detach the characters for the baby to use individual toys.

Editor’s Rating:

With seven colors to choose from, the SKK baby plush stroller toy is carefully and beautifully crafted to aid in your baby’s development. The bright colors are designed to appeal to baby’s eyesight. The crinkled paper tail helps capture your child’s attention and boost the sense of touch. The teether soothes a teething baby and is totally safe to be chewed on. The hedgehog rattle is helpful in enhancing auditory development. The attached mirror will raise curiosity and stimulate brain growth. Playing with the hanging toys boosts the eye and hand coordination.

The spiral on the SKK plush toy is easy to attach on the crib without a manual. It can also coil around a car seat and stroller. You can carry the toy with you while taking your baby on a walk or when traveling.


  • Colorful characters
  • Safe material for baby
  • Boosts hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, audio, and visual skills
  • Easy to attach
  • Characters can be used individually


  • There is no music on the toy
  • Not ideal for a thick crib railing

30. BOBXIN Musical Projector Melodies

BOBXIN Musical Projector Melodies

Why we like it: The rotating animals are beautifully colored. They will aid in natural vision development. The characters can be detached and your kid can play with them individually.

Editor’s Rating:

Why should you consider this crib toy? It has 108 melodies that can calm or cheer up your little one. It will take some time for your loved one to get acquainted with all the tunes, buying time for you to keep this musical. The toy has a projection of the moon and stars creating a serene environment for your baby to grow. The toy is equipped with a remote which allows you to turn on the musical box and projector, adjust the volume or switch it off.

The toy has four hanging and rattling animals. When spinning, they will capture your child’s attention and he will be captivated to catch them. This action will enable muscle development.


  • Colorful toys
  • 108 melodies
  • Projection of moon and stars
  • Projection of moon and stars
  • Best gift
  • Easy to assemble


  • Batteries are not included in the purchase

Bottom Line:

Each day should be a joyous, fun and laughter filled for your baby. Crib toys are a perfect tool to achieve this. They will help boost milestones whether physical, mental or emotional. Take your time to carefully select the best crib toy for your child. It will not only be a source of entertainment but your kid’s best friend.