Best Beach Toys For Kids 2020


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Going to the beach is a fun activity for the entire family. The best beach toys for kids can be fun for the entire family. With a myriad list of options, it can be complicated to choose just one. But since they are so affordable, the best beach toys can be packed in numbers for the next day of splashy fun in the sun. The following beach toys for kids are a selection of some of the most popular classic toys as well as some of the most innovative toys for endless beach fun with the kids.

Top 30 Best Beach Toys For Kids 2020

1. Activ Life Best Kid’s Flying Rings

The popular flyers are, arguably, the bost beach toy option kids can dream of. The best part is that they can be used by kids and adults together. But not all flying rings are made the same. Unlike a freebie, the flying rings are actually very lightweight. At just 33g each, they are safe for kids which parents will be happy to know.

The flying rings are available in different colors. Kids can mix and match to find the best designs for them and their entire beach toy collection. Only made for outdoor use, the flying rings can also prove versatile when the family is back from the beach as well. Used in parks or at the pool, the rings are actually quite versatile.

But the biggest advantage of the flying rings remains their low weight. It is why even younger kids can actually join the fun without fearing to hurt themselves. Since they can be caught even by the smallest hands, catching the rings is not complicated and there’s no learning curve to go through as with other beach toys.

  • Lightweight at 33g each
  • Ships in packs of two
  • Safe for small kids
  • Usable in all outdoor locations
  • Not the best in high winds

2. Click N’ Play 18 Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

Entire beach toys set can seem like a dream for some kids. But the Click N’ Play toy offers everything kids would actually need when going outdoors. With buckets, shovels, sand wheels, a water can, and various molds, the set is a perfect choice for maximum creativity.

It goes without saying that sand toys are perfect for days at the beach. They can be the top choice for kids who want to play in the sun. Since there are various molds to play with, kids can actually have their own fun creating the animal-shaped sand figures. At the same time, they have all the shovels they need to start digging right on the beach.

One of the advantages of the set is that it already comes in a large carry bag. This is why kids are actually able to pack everything at the end of the day when heading for the car. At the same time, the bag also allows sand to be easily washed off the toys.

  • Made with 18 pieces
  • All pieces are made from durable plastic
  • Includes various molds
  • Ships with a travel bag
  • Only comes with one bucket

3. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

The sand baking set is one of the most intriguing beach toys kids can play with. Combining sand fun and baking shapes, it allows kids to have they’re own pretend pastry-making unit right on the beach. There is a large container for kids to move the sand with to their favorite playing spot.

But the set also comes with smaller accessories seen in the kitchen. Kids can use them to create various shapes and to boost their creative spirit. Mixing tools are also included and even if kids are only actually mixing sand, it may still offer them a better idea of what goes on behind baking.

Since it is also used by toddlers, the set is made with durable plastic. All accessories are lightweight as well and this is why they might just be the perfect traveling set for toddlers to handle since many other beach sets come with large accessories which they can’t handle with their small hands.

  • Made with durable materials
  • Includes practical accessories
  • Ships with a mixing bowl and lid
  • Designed with an octopus whisk
  • Baking tray not included

4. John Deere Sandbox Vehicle

What would a day at the beach be without the right sandbox vehicle? The set includes two large specialized vehicles which are perfect for days out at the sea or at the ocean. Although they are basic to maintain their durable profile, the vehicles are actually fully functional.

There is a functional front loader on a vehicle which kids can use to sift sand. It is also true that the other vehicle has a functioning moving dump bed so they can both be used together to move sand from one location to the other.

With large wheels, both vehicles can actually be driven on the sand. But since the toys are quite simple, they can also be easily cleaned at the end of the day. A bit of soap and water will keep them in top shape for years to come.

  • Made with large wheels
  • Designed with a movable dump bed
  • Included moving the front loader
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Toys can’t be taken apart

5. Jazzminton – The Paddle Game to Rule Them All

The unique paddles are perfect for a boost of energy at the beach. Both the paddles and the birdies are lightweight as they have been specifically designed for kids to play with. Furthermore, they are easy to handle and kids can start getting good at the game without needed too much practice.

Combining the principles of badminton with ping pong practicality, the paddle game is one of the most suitable designs in its class. It represents one of the top choices for a day at the beach as it does for a regular day outdoors. Kids need some type of sparked interest to leave their gadgets and the paddle set might just be a great alternative.

There are two types of birdies which are shipped with the paddles. The large red birdies are to be used by experienced players as they are quite fast. Smaller yellow birdies are to be used by novices as they allow kids to play at a slower pace.

  • Available in different colors
  • Included lightweight and heavy birdies
  • Made from 7-layer plywood
  • Designed with moisture-wicking handles
  • Needs two players

6. Jasonwell Big Inflatable Unicorn Pool Floatie

All girls love unicorns. Having the ability to play with an inflatable unicorn is another story, however. This is why Jasonwell made the inflatable as a perfect relaxation toy for a day at the beach or at the pool. Its design actually allows little girls to sit on the unicorn, which can only enhance fun and relaxation.

Made from durable vinyl, the inflatable unicorn has the distinct advantage of actually being durable. It is why it can actually last, unlike most inflatable alternative toys. With rapid inflation, kids will not have to wait for their parents to help for too long. Most importantly, the toy can actually be deflated and packed with the beach kit without requiring too much space in the car. Furthermore, the inflatable actually comes with a distinct design. With its rainbow unicorn theme, girls actually love to play and to take pictures with Jasonwell’s design.

  • Made with a distinct unicorn look
  • Designed with durable vinyl
  • Durable at the beach and at the pool
  • Inflates fast compared to its alternatives
  • Can’t support adults

7. Swim Elite Kids Swim Goggles

Going to the beach without the right swim goggles can mean kids could actually miss out on the fun they can have. The Swim Elite goggles are specifically made for kids. They are comfortable and protective of their UV treatment. With such a protective profile, they can be worn for an entire day without any discomfort.

Many parts of the goggles are actually soft as they are made from silicone. The nose bridge is also made from silicone to maintain its soft profile. But the goggles also come with adjustable silicone straps which ensure they will fit all kids, regardless of their age. The goggles can also be a suitable accessory for days at the pool as well.

Protecting the goggles is important to keep them as scratch-free as possible. Luckily, the manufacturer included a hard case in the pack for kids to take care of their goggles. The best part is that even the hard case is actually designed for children.

  • Made with soft silicone
  • Included UV protection
  • Protected by a hard case
  • Designed with anti-fog coating
  • Only suitable up to the age of 8

8. B Toys – B. Ready Beach Bag

Those who need an all-in-one solution can consider the set with its large selection of toys. Unlike other sets, it already includes kids’ beach favorites such as a sand-tackling truck, a bucket and other accessories for and shapes. Cupcake and donut shapes are added to this unusual set which means parents can save money by not having to purchase other cooking-inspired sets and trucks for the next trip to the beach.

Even if the toys are plastic-made, they still represent an interesting choice in terms of finer details. They can be seen in places such as the bottom of the sand bucket with its distinct shapes to create unique castles. With little shovels and little watering cans, kids can create their own unique sand castles which will be standing for an entire day.

All toys are nicely packaged in a mesh bag which means they will be easy to organize and store once the fun time is over. The bag is also easily washable so that parents can keep it free from dirt and bacteria for their kids to enjoy.

  • Made with BPA-free plastics
  • Included sand toys
  • Comes with a toy truck
  • Ships with a mesh beach bag
  • Could use an extra smaller sand bucket

9. Poolmaster Pirate Ship with Action Squirter

The inflatable pirate ship has distinct versatility. It can be used both in pools and at the beach, in shallow water. But it is not just like any other inflatable toy. It actually has an open bottom so that kids can move around with their feet. With a pirate-inspired design, kids can have endless fun in the water.

But one of the distinct accessories of the inflatable toy is its squirting gun with a distinct feeder which actually uses an endless water supply for hours of beachside fun. With distinct pirate branding and coloring, the inflatable toy might not look like a classic pirate ship, but it represents an attractive solution to be used at the beach during the summer and at indoor pools during the colder months of the year. As far as parents are concerned, there is not too much-required effort to inflate and deflate the Poolmaster ship.

  • Made with a pirate-inspired design
  • Included water gun
  • Open bottom design
  • Made with 14-gauge durable vinyl
  • No room for two kids

10. Kangaroo 23pc Kids Beach Toys Set

With an impressive number of 23 shapes, kids can use the set to create unique shapes using simple beach sand. The set is suitable for small children and it comes with large and safe to use accessories. They include a small bucket, a few small shovels and plenty of cool animal-inspired shapes. From starfish to butterflies, there are various shapes for kids to play with.

All shapes are colored distinctly. Kids will not get bored creating different shapes as a result. But the mains strength of the set remains the large selection of toys. Practically, it can replace multiple individual shape purchases as well as multiple sets.

Parents can consider the set as one of the top choices especially if they have multiple kids. Since there are plenty of pieces to play with, kids will be happy to share the shapes the set’s accessories.

  • Unique shapes
  • Accessories designed with various colors
  • Included bucket and shovels
  • 23 pieces to play with
  • Not the most durable plastics choice

11. Singare Large Octopus Kite Long Tail Beautiful Easy Flyer Kites

There are two kites included in the set. Both of them are top choices for a fun day at the beach. Since they are quite affordable, the kites can represent an inspired gift idea for kids of all ages. With their lightweight construction, the kites can be up in the air in seconds.

With a distinct octopus design, the kites have a total length of 158in and a width of 28 inches. They are not small by any standards. But the fact that the kites are actually lightweight is their main strength. Shipped in a pack of 2, the kites are nicely packaged and the tentacles of the octopus kites are actually folded nicely so they are easy to remove from the packaging. Parents should ensure the kites are nicely folded for storage as this ensures the friendly kites look they’re very best for the next relaxing day at the beach.

  • Designed with octopus shapes
  • Friendly kids-specific design
  • Ships in sets of 2
  • No assembly required
  • Takes patience to fold

12. Top Race Sand Castle Pail Buckets

The beach pail buckets are multipurpose. At their core, they are distinct shapes to create complete sand mini-castles. But with included handles, they can also be used as carrying buckets. Kids can carry water, sand or sand shaped in the pails.

There are 4 pails included in the set. With different colors, they can be used by siblings or parents as well. Since they create complete castles, they are not to be confused with block-building sand toys. The castles can’t be stacked on top of each other, but rather to the side. This means the toys are perfect for smaller kids who do not have the determination to create the largest castles and who only want a quick solution to create their own sand castle in minutes. Made with hard plastics, the pail buckets are among the most durable sand toys kids can play with.

  • Made with a multipurpose design
  • Included handles
  • Can be used to carry sand and water
  • Made to build an entire mini castle in minutes
  • The final sand blocks can be piled

13. Balnore Kids Beach Toys

Carrying sand from one location to another and then creating the most unique shapes and castles is possible with the Balnore Kids toys set. It includes everything kids would need to bring enough sand to their play area to create plenty of intriguing shapes.

Kids can use the set even to create complex castles. There are various shapes included in the set for this purpose. This is why most kids will be happy to know that building large castles is possible with the included buckets, rectangular shapes, and even the included pyramid-shaped accessories. In order for these castles to resist through the day, the sand will need to be wet. The good news is that kids already have a water dispenser included in the set.

  • Offers 20 durable pieces
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Includes 6 beach castle shapes
  • Includes 4 animal shapes
  • Not the best mesh bag

14. Poolmaster Active Xtreme Cyclone 9-Inch Water Sports Football

Water toys come and go. But a simple football can sometimes be more fun than any other toy. When actually part of a game with their friends and family, kids can have endless amounts of fun with this lightweight football.

Designed with an inflatable bladder, sports football is perfect for a day at the beach. It maintains its inflation even if the water is not the warmest. Available in two colors and in a game ball alternative, the football is actually versatile. Kids can bring it to the beach or to the pool to enjoy playing a social game with extra players and extra fun.

With a 9-inch size, football is not too large. Kids as young as 6 can start handling it properly and pass it to friends with high precision. At the end of the day, football can be deflated and placed in a bag without needing too much space.

  • Small at a 9in length
  • Available in two colors
  • Can be used at the beach or at the pool
  • Great for group games
  • Too fast for kids younger than 6

15. Mesh Beach Bag and Totes Tote Backpack

Ice cream and cupcake molds are not seen too often at the beach. But they can provide an alternative to the classic castle-building shapes. Kids can enjoy them for a long period of time and even see them as originals to use together with other sand toys.

There is a large bucket which holds all the small ice cream and cupcake accessories. 4 cones and their ice cream accessories are included. Two cupcake holders and 2 cakes are included as well. In total, there are 16 pieces which kids can use to create distinct shapes and play pretend ice cream making.

But the set is also available in multiple colors. Yellow and blue parts are included. A special pirate-themed set is released by the manufacturer alongside the first two options. Kids can choose their favorite look to match other possible beach toys.

  • Includes 16 pieces
  • Promotes a do-it-yourself type of play
  • Available in different colors
  • Suitable for group play
  • Pirate version includes different shapes

16. Barbie Dolphin Magic Snorkel Fun Friends Playset

The snorkel Barbie dolphin play set can be an inspired gift for little girls. It provides unique play opportunities at the beach and it may as well be one of the only toys combining the famous Barbie fashion sense with fun water games.

An included dolphin can add fun to the play experience. But the magic outfit the Barbie doll is wearing represents one of the distinct options kids will be curious about. It changes colors from blue to purple when it contacts with water and the magic of the process can be achieved even using the included water-squirting puppy. Fans of the Barbie doll series will find the set to be a great addition to any day out at the beach, at the pool or even for at-home play.

  • Includes a Barbie doll
  • Made with a color-changing outfit
  • Included pink dolphin
  • Ships with a water-squirting puppy
  • Small pieces can be misplaced

17. Coop Hydro Lacrosse

Based on the popular Lacrosse game, the set is perfect for a day at the beach. It is made with comfortable paddles which are padded so that kids can hold them and play as long as they want to. Most importantly, the game can be played in the water or on the beach and it is a fun and active alternative to sitting on gadgets while out of the house.

Made with a lightweight design, the set can be used by kids as young as 5. Available in different colors, it is also one of the games which can bring kids and adults together, improving communication and fun family time.

  • Easy to handle
  • Short learning curve
  • Brings adults and children together
  • Practical alternative to Lacrosse paddles
  • Includes only one softball

18. Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel

Made by one of the most respected manufacturers in the toy industry, the sifting funnel has an innovative design. It uses elements such as sand and water to shift from top to bottom. Kids can use it at the beach and play with sand while watching it go from the top opening to the bottom through various original shapes.

Both water and sand can be used in the game. If kids want to play with sand, it is a good idea to choose dry sand as it will travel quicker to the bottom of the funnel. The good news is that there is an included handle for kids to use and actually move it to where the sand is dryer so they will not need the help of adults to play.

  • Innovative as most Mellisa & Doug designs
  • Works with sand and water
  • Included carry handle
  • Made with sea creature decorations
  • Small top entry for wet sand

19. Krones Beach Toy Truck with Bag

With an included excavator, the playset is one of the favorites of little boys. Kids will not only add sand to their shapes but they will dig for it with the excavator. Using the heavy-duty excavator, they can even dig holes on the beach. But when they get tired of machine-digging, kids can also use one of the multiple included shovels as well.

Various shapes are included in the set. They are workable for kids who want to enjoy unique and designs, such as a footpath bridge, a dolphin or a shell. Children can make the most of the set simply by ensuring they are actually using all the accessories in the set as it is one of the complex beach sets to consider. It even comes with a 3-month warranty as a testament to the durability of its pieces.

  • Suitable for toddlers
  • Includes unique shapes
  • Comes with an included excavator
  • Covered by a 3-month warranty
  • No fish shapes

20. Joyin 6 Pack Super Water Blaster

With an original design, the water blaster is a fun way to spend a few hours at the beach. Made with durable and safe materials, the water blasters come in packs of 6 so that kids can play with their friends. They are durable as well as there are no advanced mechanics in place to make them work. All kids need to do is load them with water and then blast the water away up to 35 feet.

Made with different colors, the water blasters are among the durable options for all day fun which means they can also be used at the pool. With an extended length of up to 27.6 inches, the water blasters are easy to handle. Kids can run around holding them and they can even hide and make their own attack and defense strategies.

  • Ships in packs of 6
  • Available in different colors
  • Made from durable plastics
  • Only 16.5 inches long
  • Only to be used ages 3 and up

21. Matty’s Toy Stop 31″ Heavy Duty Wooden Kids Sand Shovels

Shovels can be a fun toy on their own. Made with a plastic scoop part for safety and a wooden handle for durability, these shovels are perfect for days of fun at the beach. Kids can dig around sand and make their own pools and castles.

One of the best characteristics of safe shovels is their versatility. Once summertime is over, kids can even use them to dig in the snow and to create their own ice forts. But for digging in the sand, the little shovels are practical and they might take some pressure off the parents which can sit back and relax while the kids are having their own fun digging around. The shovels come in packs of 3. They include one green shovel, one blue shovel, and a red shovel.

  • Made with durable plastics
  • Handles made from wood
  • Set includes 3 shovels
  • Can be used on sand and snow
  • Not designed with a foldable handle

22. ToyZe 3 Large Dinosaur Sand Molds

The dinosaur mold set is a unique beach toy for kids. Dinosaur molds might be seen in other sets, but actually having different types of dinosaurs and molds made from various other small pieces might be hard to find. It is why the ToyZe set is one of the priorities parents should have for kids who love dinosaurs.

The molds are made in 3 colors, each one of them representing an actual dinosaur. Kids can create their own stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, and triceratops. Every mold has between 7 and 9 pieces and they need to be put together by kids. There’s not too much and needed to fill the molds which mean kids can play on the spot, without having to carry heavy buckets of sand around.

  • Includes 3 distinct dinosaur molds
  • Designed from hard plastics
  • Made in 3 colors
  • 10 bones shown in each dinosaur
  • Small pieces could get lost easily

23. EverEarth E Lite Waterproof Beach Blanket & Kiddie Pool

The unique design of the blanket transforms it into a kiddie pool in minutes. The secret of the design is that it is actually a waterproof blanket on one side and a kiddie pool which can be placed over a sand hole on the other side. Most kids find it appealing on hot summer days. They can dig their own holes at the beach and place the kiddie pool on top followed by adding water.

At the same time, the kiddie pool is also a comfortable blanket which can use to relax on. But it can also be a picnic blanket parents take on days out in parks. Furthermore, the kiddie pool has a distinct appeal for those seeking the ultimate versatility and savings. There’s a cute travel bag included with the blanket as well. Parents can easily place it in the trunk and have it at hand when needed or when simply away from home.

But the blanket or kiddie pool is also useful for creative purposes. Kids can strategize their own routines with outdoor fun at the beach. They can dig their own sand holes with friends allowing the kiddie pool to bond friendships and improve communication skills.

  • Made with a 2-in-1 design
  • Suitable for beachside pools
  • Transforms into a comfortable blanket
  • Packs in an included travel bag
  • Needs proper cleaning after each use

24. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa Hammock

As one of the most versatile inflatable sofas, Wekapo’s design can be used on the beach and even on water. It comes with a unique inflation system which requires no pump. But the best part is the sofa turns into a floating sofa or a hammock as needed. Some people use it at festivals while others use it at home. But even at the beach, the inflatable lounger is one of the distinct options for many users.

Kids can have their own fun with the lounger. But they might need the help of the parents to get it up and running. Using whisking movements, parents need to trap the air inside the lounger with quick movements. No inflation is needed and no electric pumps are needed either. The simple versatile solution is great in all weather conditions and in any location.

  • Doesn’t require an electric pump
  • Suitable for beaches and pools
  • Includes a travel bag
  • Made with a pillow-shaped design
  • Kids might not inflate it without help

25. Greenco Kids Colorful Inflatable Water Wheel Roller

An inflatable roller is a unique approach to beachside fun. It floats on the water once inflated and it turns to the sides offering kids plenty of fun to be had. There is even an included repair patch inside the pack which means parents will be able to quickly fix the inflatable roller in case of a puncture. Kids also love it due to its quirky look with colored panels on the inside which can be seen due to the see-through materials of the roller.

  • Made with a unique design
  • Fun for swimming fans
  • Includes a puncture repair kit
  • Suitable for kids 3 and above
  • Not available in a colored version

26. iBaseToy Sprinkler Ball Toy

With a unique fun design, the inflatable splay ball is one of the best toys for hot summer days. If parents are on a beach next to a hotel or a simple water source to connect the hose to the ball, kids can enjoy an endless stream of water for fun in the sun. Made from durable materials, the ball can even be left out in the sun for the entire day and it will maintain its functionality well.

  • Made with durable materials
  • Sprinkles water all day long
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Increased weight at the bottom
  • Requires water hose connectivity

27. Fin Fun Shark Fin for Swimming and Costume

With a unique idea, the shark costume transforms kids into the next sharks on the beach. It is one of the simplest and most fun wearable toys for kids to enjoy. Based on two straps, it allows kids total freedom and safety of movement so that they can swim freely. Available in different colors, the shark costume might be one of the scary toys kids can enjoy the most on the beach.

  • Made from lightweight foam
  • Includes two straps
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Great gift idea
  • The harness needs to be fitted by adults

28. Stoie’s Bird Kite

The bird kite is one of the largest and most colorful in the large designs class. It is easy to fly and it comes with a unique round handle to make kids handle it easier. At the beach, kids have all the space they need to actually fly it and it may as well be one of the inspired kites to get kids to be more active for the entire day. With a 100 meter string, the kite can actually fly very high compared to most other affordable alternatives.

  • Made with a colorful bird shape
  • Includes a 100-meter string
  • Uses a unique ring handle
  • Made with weather-resistant fabric
  • Takes time to master

29. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails Swimming Monofin

Available in kids sizes, the mermaid tail is a special costume for a day at the beach. Made with a wide selection of colors, the tail can be matched to the child’s preference, turning every girl into a special mermaid. With a fish texture, the tail can help girls swim faster, but they will need good skills to master the toy costume with safety on the beach.

  • Made with a distinct fish texture
  • Suitable for kids
  • Available in 25 colors
  • Aids fast swimming
  • Requires good swimming skills

30. Joyin Inflatable Flamingo

The inflatable flamingo is now in every social media picture. Suitable for kids and adults, it represents a fun inflatable to be used at the beach. Users love its quality and the fact it seals air properly without any leaks. Suitable for relaxation on water or on the beach, the flamingo can also be shared between family members.

  • Made with a flamingo shape
  • Distinct pink color design
  • Can be used at the beach
  • Perfect design for relaxation
  • Not available in other colors

Final considerations

Enjoying days out at the beach is always fun with the family. But the best beach toys for kids can enhance the fun to be had for the entire family. With different solutions from plastic molds to kites or from inflatables to costumes, kids can have their own fun in the sun. The best part is that these toys are probably among the best as they sustain a healthy lifestyle out in fresh air far from gadgets and endless TV shows.