Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids to Hit Their Targets

Best Bow and Arrow Sets for Kids to Hit Their Targets

With the prevalence of technology that constantly consumes children’s attention, what better way to encourage your child to embrace the great outdoors by buying them their first bow and arrow set? Not only does archery promote physical activity, but it also builds stamina and upper body core strength, while also encouraging focus and teaching kids about safety.

Whether your child is a novice marksman or an experienced archer, there are many factors to consider when making a selection for your child. We have compiled a list of the best options for bow and arrow sets for kids of all ages and preferences. Some of these bows are suitable for kids under eight and others are suitable for kids over eight – we’ve noted in each review which age group each bow suits.

Features to Consider in Good Bow and Arrow Sets

There are several factors to consider when selecting a bow and arrow set for your child. The first factor to take into consideration is the age and size of your child. The bow and arrow set needs to accommodate the child’s age, height and strength. Bows have a wide range of draw lengths and draw weights. The draw length is how far the bow needs to be pulled back and the draw weight is how difficult it is to pull the string (and thus how powerful the bow is). Therefore, the bow needs to be proportionate to the child’s measurements and abilities.

Another aspect to consider is the purpose of the bow and arrow set. While all bow and arrow sets will be used for recreational purposes, there are different types of bows and each type of bow is designed differently.

Recurve bows, longbows, and crossbows are simpler in design and typically easier to use for target practice, and compound bows are more intricate and designed for hunting and speed. Does your child aspire to be a superhero like Green Arrow or Merida? Do they want to enhance their skills so they can join a parent on a hunting trip in the future? Do they want to play tag with their friends during a birthday party in the backyard? Understanding your child’s intentions will help you make the best, well-informed decision when making the final decision for your child’s first bow and arrow set.

The last major component to consider when selecting the perfect bow and arrow set as a Christmas or birthday gift is the appearance. Some bow and arrows have a more authentic, wooden, mature look, while other sets have a more child-like brightly colored appearance. Many sets come in an array of colors such as pink and purple, and some even come with LED lights.

Some of the bows on this list are just toys for messing around in the garden, while others are near-professional bows that your child could take to a competition.

With no further delay, let’s explore the top thirteen options for bow and arrow sets for preschoolers and kids in 2022.

Top 13 Best Bow and Arrow Sets 2023

1. Best overall Bow and Arrow: GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

Why we like it: Excellent for both inside and outside play, this is an inexpensive set this is great for small children 6 years and up and will keep your child entertained for hours with LED lights on the bow.

Editor’s Rating:

The GoBroBrand Bow and Arrow set is different from the other sets on this list in that the arrows are suction cup arrows, which makes it perfect for small children who are trying to familiarize themselves with the motions needed to shoot a more advanced bow and arrow. This competitively priced set comes with 6 suction cup arrows, an LED light-up bow that comes with three LED light settings, 1 quiver, and 1 target.

Liven up your child’s evening and night time play by purchasing this light-up bow which further enhances their bow and arrow experience! Although the age limit suggests 6 and up, the suction arrows are safe for smaller children to operate with adult supervision. The bow measures at approximately 24 inches and the arrows measure at approximately 16 inches in length, which is perfect for small children.

This toy is a great introductory toy for any young aspiring archer without breaking the bank. This would be a great set for a small child who wants to be involved and can learn to use a bow and arrow just like their parent or older sibling!

The included target is a little small however, and because it’s made of plastic, it can break more easily than other sets.


  • Perfect for inside and outside play. The suction cup arrows will not cause damage to indoor furniture or walls.
  • Similar to Nerf products but cheaper in comparison
  • LED light-up functions


  • Smaller target compared to other sets
  • Made of plastic so not as sturdy as other sets

2. Best Premium Bow and Arrow: Genesis Original Bow

Genesis Original Bow

Why we like it: As the official bow for the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), the Genesis Original Bow has all of the bells and whistles and is exceptional quality. It has an adjustment feature that allows it to grow with your child or allow family members of different ages and sizes to use it.

Editor’s Rating:

The Genesis Original Bow is a top of the line for any older child who is just getting started or wants to graduate to an intermediate level bow. With no specific draw length requirement, your child cannot outgrow it.

It has many high-quality features, including a mechanized 6061-TG aluminum riser, aluminum cam and idler wheel, sturdy composite limbs, and a high strength bowstring. The single-cam technology results in less recoil, no tuning issues, less noise, and more accurate shooting. It also has a cable guard and molded competition grip which makes it very easy to use for beginners.

The bow has a 10 to 20-pound draw weight range and a 15 inch to 30-inch drawback length which makes it useful for a wide range of ages and sizes of children. The composite bow limbs make the bow adjustable, which is great for a child who wishes to pursue an archery hobby more seriously because it will grow with them.

The bow is 35 ½ inches axle-to-axle and has a 7 ⅝ brace height. It can be ordered for a right or left-handed child, and also comes in 12 colors: black, blue, camo, carbon, green, orange, pink, pink camo, purple, red, white camo, and yellow. It doesn’t come with arrows though, which need to be purchased separately, and it’s very expensive compared to other sets.

The Genesis Original Bow is an easy-to-use ‘professional’ bow that archery instructors use to train even older children. If you believe your child wants to take a passion for archery seriously, this is the bow to go for.


  • Adjustable bow size which allows it to grow with your child
  • Accurate shooting
  • Recommended by the National Archery in the Schools Program
  • Variety of colors to choose
  • Available for both left and right hand oriented kids


  • Does not include arrows or other accessories which must be purchased separately
  • It’s expensive

3. Best Budget Bow and Arrow: Adventure Awaits! Bow and Arrow Set

Adventure Awaits! Bow and Arrow Set

Why we like it: Good value for your money considering you get two sets for the price of one! This set is great for older beginners with a suggested age range of 12 and up.

Editor’s Rating:

This is one of the best bargains on the list. For the price of one set, you get 2 bows, 20 rubber-tip arrows, and 2 quivers. The two-pack offer encourages a bonding experience with siblings, friends, or even a parent and child. This could also be ideal for children that are not as careful with toys and will provide the parent with a backup. It also has more arrows than the typical set so kids do not have to constantly go back and retrieve arrows as frequently.

The bow is made of bamboo wood, which makes it more durable than its plastic counterparts. The bamboo wood creates a more authentic feel when using the bow and arrow, which promotes a more engaging play experience. The bows measure at 31 inches and the arrows are 17 inches. The two quivers are large enough to hold between 6 and 7 arrows and are more sturdy than other competitor sets.

There are downsides, there is no target to shoot at, and the bows themselves don’t have any armguards to protect the arm from bow snap.

The quality is great and long-lasting and that the bow is able to shoot the arrow from far distances. The two-for-one package deal makes this a definite contender when comparing bow and arrow sets for kids.


  • Includes enough equipment for multiple people
  • Safe rubber tips
  • Durable bamboo bow


  • Does not include arm guard to protect the arm.
  • Does not include target

4. Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3

Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3

Why we like it: The Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3 arrows shoot over 100 feet! This bow and arrow set is great for outdoor play for older kids.

Editor’s Rating:


The Marky Sparky Faux Bow 3, unlike the other toy bow and arrows on this list, shoot arrows over 100 feet. The foam arrows are designed to be more aerodynamic, allowing the arrows to propel further and faster than most toy sets. The set comes with 6 lightweight arrows, 1 bow, and 1 bow tip quiver. The design of the bow is unique in that it has a bow tip quiver, meaning the arrows are actually stored at the tip of the bow, making it easier to store and more convenient to reload.

The bow and arrow set only comes in one color, but the color scheme is unisex. The bow is made of high-quality non-latex and phthalate which makes it both light and durable. The bow’s dimensions are 18.2 inches by 13 inches by 2.5 inches. The lightweight fletching further enhances the arrow’s ability to soar great distances. The launch tube can also be removed which makes the toy easier to store.

Recommended for ages 8 and up, this toy requires more draw back stronger than the other sets on this list and the arrows hit harder than other toy sets which is why it is more appropriate for older children.


  • Easy assembly
  • Large arrows are easier to locate
  • Can be made more compact for storage
  • Long arrow projectile range (over 100 feet)


  • Hits harder than other toy bow and arrow set so it should not be shot at close range
  • Harder for younger kids to pull back

5. Kiddie Play Bow and Arrow for Kids

Kiddie Play Bow and Arrow for Kids

Why we like it: Keep your preschooler occupied for hours during rainy days with Kiddie Play’s Bow and Arrow set for kids for a price that won’t break the bank.

Editor’s Rating:

This set is different from the other sets because it includes a target on a stand, and is light enough for a preschooler or young child to move it from room to room. The set includes bow, three arrows, and the target on a stand.

The bow measures 23.5 inches in length, the arrows are 20 inches long, the target is 34 inches tall when on the stand, and the target itself is 16 inches in diameter. The target is great because you can remove it from the stand and hang it on the wall, place it on the fridge, or attach it to a tree for outside play.

The set is aimed for smaller children, with a suggested age range from 5 to 9 years old, but it could be used for smaller preschool children with supervision. It is made from ABS plastic so you do not have to be concerned about plastic toxicity while they are using this toy.

This soft shooting power also addresses any safety concerns and makes it great for inside play. The arrows have great suction and will stick to anything including the target, the fridge, or a child’s bedroom wall without causing damage.

Although it is advertised as a toy for both indoor and outdoor use, the stickers are not able to withstand harsh weather and will bubble.


  • Includes stand
  • Strong suctioned arrows
  • Target detaches from the stand
  • Made of toxic-free, ABS plastic


  • Target stand is not adjustable
  • Does not withstand harsh weather

6. Toysery Bow and Arrow Set

Toysery Bow and Arrow Set

Why we like it: Toysery’s Bow and Arrow Set for kids is perfect for preschool-aged children’s first encounter with a bow and arrow. This set is sturdy and will withstand hours of use.

Editor’s Rating:

Fit for the most tenacious of preschoolers and small children, this toy is perfect for a small child. The set comes with 5 suction cup arrows, an archery bow, a target, and a quiver. It is made with premium non-toxic ABS high quality, safe materials. It is very lightweight and easy for your little archer to carry around as they shoot at the target, the fridge, or even glass doors. Great for outdoor or indoor play on a rainy day. The quiver has an over the shoulder strap which makes it great for your preschooler to carry their bows and arrows while they shoot.

This is not appropriate for older children. The child-like bright orange color scheme is a definite indicator that it is intended for a younger child. It also has suction cup arrows so it will not actually penetrate a target. The arrows measure at 18 inches and the bow measures at approximately 23 inches, which is the perfect size for a smaller child.

Although the packaging indicates an appropriate age range of 4 years old and up, 2 and 3-year old children are still able to manage the toy with ease. The string for the bow does pop out easily, however, but it can easily be fixed and placed back into the bow.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy adjustment bow chord
  • Over-the-shoulder quiver


  • Bowstring can pop out but is easy to reinstall
  • Sight is for left-handed use and is not adjustable

7. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Why we like it: This will be a great first compound bow for any older child who wants to potentially pick up hunting as a future hobby.

Editor’s Rating:

Bear Archery once again tops the list with their Brave Bow Set. This set includes a compound bow, 2 safety glass arrows, a whisker biscuit, 1 pin sight, finger rollers, 1 armguard, and an arrow quiver. The bow measures approximately 26 inches from axle-to-axle and the arrows are approximately 24 inches in length. This is a right-handed oriented bow with a 15-25 pound draw back weight, a 13.5-inch draw length, and 5.5-inch brace height.

It comes in an array of colors, including black, APG camo, green, orange, pink, and purple, allowing your child to add a personal touch by picking their own color. The whisker biscuit is the safest rest in the archery industry, which will help prevent bowstring slap while your child is becoming familiar with using a bow and arrow for the first time. The armguard also helps prevent bowstring slap as well, which is not included in all sets. The safety glass arrows also add an additional safety feature which makes this set ideal for beginners.

Keep in mind that while the draw weight is adjustable, the draw length is not adjustable, which can potentially be problematic for older or taller kids.


  • Includes a whisker biscuit that is the safest rest in the archery industry
  • Compound bows are more sophisticated than recurve bows and a great starter for kids interested in hunting
  • Heavy-duty and durable


  • Right-hand orientation only
  • No ability to adjust draw back length

8. Crosman Jr. Compound Bow

Crosman Jr. Compound Bow

Why we like it: More affordable than other comparable compound bows, the Cosman Jr. Elkhorn Compound Bow is specifically designed for pre-teens who are aiming to become more advanced archers.

Editor’s Rating:

This bow and arrow set is targeted towards pre-teen/intermediate skill level kids. The sleek, black colored look compliments kids who are seeking to pursue this as a serious hobby. As a crossbow, this is more complicated and should be used by older kids (aged 9-12). The Crosman Jr. Compound Bow is the perfect gift for a pre-teen who wants to develop proper archery skills.

The crossbow measures at 33 inches axle-to-axle, and comes with 2 24 inch arrows, a 2-piece quiver, an arm guard, finger tab, and a sight. The velocity is 70 feet per second, which is ideal for an older child.

The drawback length is up to 26 inches, and the drawback weight is between 17 and 21 pounds, which also requires more strength than other sets. The bow has an integrated composite center shot and large sight window which makes the assembly significantly easier and increases shot accuracy. It is supported by heavy-duty all-weather strings, cables, and cable guard, which contributes to its overall durability.


  • Large sight window
  • Perfect for pre-teens and smaller adults
  • Mid-price range makes it more affordable than competitors
  • Mature, sleek appearance


  • Non-adjustable draw weight
  • Comes with only 2 arrows

9. SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Set

SainSmart Jr. Kids Bow and Arrow Set

Why we like it: Similar to the GoBowBrand Bow and Arrow set for kids , the suction arrows are great for indoor and outside use. The light-up function, sighting device, and vivid color choices allow for a wonderful first-time experience for a small child.

Editor’s Rating:

This inexpensive bow and arrow set would make the perfect gift for your small child. The set includes an illuminating bow, sighting device, quiver, target, and 5 suction arrows. The quiver is 11.8 inches by 3.5 inches, the target measures 9.4 inches in diameter. The arrows are 18.5 inches in length, and the bow has an overall height of 23.6 inches and 9.4 inches in width. Although the recommended age range is 6-16 years old, the measurements and design suggest that it would be more appropriate for smaller children.

The bow and arrow set comes in two colors: a bright princess pink and purple, and an edgier black and neon green. The LED light-up feather and laser sight aim would be great for kids wanting to create an indoor laser tag experience at an at-home birthday party or when playing with friends outside. The aesthetically pleasing and practical packaging allows for easy wrapping for a birthday or holiday gift.

Fully tested by the United States ASTM toy safety standards ensures quality and a safe, exciting experience for your child. The batteries aren’t included and you can’t adjust the draw weight of this bow, so if it’s too difficult for your child to pull, there’s nothing you can do.


  • Sighting device allows the child to practice aiming with accuracy
  • Light up feature makes it great for day and night time play
  • Bold color choices to accommodate any princess or young Green Arrow


  • Does not include batteries required for LED light-up (3 AAA batteries)
  • No adjustment of draw weight

10. Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow

Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow

Why we like it: This is a great, affordable set for beginners. The lightweight bow with low draw weight and smaller draw length makes for a great “first” bow and arrow set.

Editor’s Rating:

Made by the same company as the Brave Bow Set , Bear Archery is the 1st Shot Bow is designed for younger kids between the age of 4 and 7. It’s good value compared to other beginner sets and comes in a wide variety of colors.

This bow and arrow set includes the following accessories: two safety glass arrows, target, finger rollers, armguard, and a quiver. The 8-12 pound draw weight allows you to make adjustments as your child grows more accustomed to using the bow and arrow set. It also has a 14-16 inch draw length, which is great for smaller children who want to get a feel of using a bow and arrow for the first time.  The 1st Bow Shot also includes a 36-inch long ambidextrous bow which is great for both right and left-handed children.

It only comes with two arrows, which is disappointing, and it can be a little inaccurate no matter how skilled your aim.


  • Low draw weight for small children
  • Ideal for right and left-handed kids
  • Includes durable, composite limbs


  • Only comes with two arrows
  • Not as accurate as other bow and arrow sets

11. Kaime 43 Inch Recurve Bow

Kaime 43 Inch Recurve Bow

Why we like it: This is a great, affordable set for beginners. The lightweight bow with low draw weight and smaller draw length makes for a great “first” bow and arrow set.

Editor’s Rating:

Coming in at 43 inches with a 14-20 pound draw weight range, this bow and arrow set is perfect for beginners ages 8 and up. For a reasonable price, the set includes plenty of accessories including one bow, six fiberglass arrows, and two target papers. At 1.15 pounds, it is lightweight which makes it easier for young children to operate. The low draw weight range creates lower tension for beginners who are just starting to develop pull-back strength.

The size and lightweight fiberglass material make this bow and arrow set both easy to operate and durable, so perfect for a child’s first archery experience. It does not, however, come with the string, which must be purchased separately. It’s also a little tricky to set up, and will probably need parental supervision.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with six bows and arrows
  • Designed for both left and right-hand users


  • Does not come with string
  • Draw weight must be installed with the parent’s assistance

12. iMay 45 inch Recurve Bow and Arrows Set

iMay 45 inch Recurve Bow and Arrows Set

Why we like it: Unlike a compound bow, the iMay recurve bow is simpler to use and is a great option for ambidextrous children or if siblings have different hand orientations and want to share.

Editor’s Rating:

With an age recommendation of 10 years and up, this is a great, simple bow for a beginner who wants to hone their target practice skills. With the iMay recurve bow your son or daughter will be a future Katness or Hawkeye in no time!

The set includes one recurve bow, 9 target fiberglass arrows, and 2 target faces. The bow is 44 inches in overall length with a 22-24 inch draw length and a 16-20 pound drawback weight, which makes it larger and requires more strength compared to other sets on this list, making it perfect for an older kid. The arrows are 29 inches long and the target is 40 centimeters in diameter with 10 rings, giving it a look that is more comparable to targets used by adults.

The ambidextrous riser design is great for a child or teenager who is right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous. It could also be great for sharing if multiple people have different hand orientations. The fiberglass arrows have an adjustable, fixed arrow tail, making it easier to load the arrow. The rounded arrow tips are ideal for beginners because while they can penetrate the targets, they are less dangerous when compared to a sharper arrow head. The durable fiberglass material makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

Not as many accessories are included with this bow and they targets don’t stand up to weather in the slightest. Yet this is still a great quality bow.


  • Simple, easy assembly
  • Lightweight
  • More arrows than most kits (includes 9)
  • Soft rubber to protect fingers
  • Ambidextrous hand orientation


  • Paper targets do not withstand weather and usage as well as other materials
  • Does not include accessories like wrist guard, quiver, or finger guard

13. Knidose 35 Piece Bow Beginner Bow and Arrow Set

Knidose 35 Piece Bow Beginner Bow and Arrow Set

Why we like it: Knidose’s 35 piece set has all of the essentials for a child’s first experience with a bow and arrow while the mask encourages a Robin Hood-like adventure.

Editor’s Rating:

The 35 piece bow and arrow set made by Knidose has all of the necessities for your future Robin Hood or Merida. This affordable set comes with everything needed for your little one’s first encounter with a bow and arrow: wooden bow, 15 arrows, 5 target sheets, 1 mask, 2 wristbands, and 1 fabric quiver.

The bow is 32 inches in length and is made of bamboo, which makes it both lightweight and durable. The rubber-tip arrows are safe. With five target papers, your child can don their mask while recreating their own scene as a superhero defeating multiple villains at once while embracing the outdoors. The felt quiver only further contributes to the Robin Hood look but is also sturdier compared to other sets that have quivers that are made of plastic. The spring is also very light which creates less resistance, making it easier for younger children to operate.

The Green Arrow costume accessories were commonly used for Halloween costumes, further justifying the price with multi-functional use. One thing to mention though is that the black rubber tip arrows are not recommended for shooting at white surfaces such as walls, because the arrows will leave a black mark.


  • Lightweight and sturdy bow made of bamboo
  • Includes more arrows (15) than most kits
  • Mask encourages creativity and outdoor play


  • Not ideal for kids 10 and up
  • Rubber tip arrows do not penetrate through all materials

Final Words

The thirteen bow and arrow sets on this list were carefully selected in order to ensure that your child’s first experience will be engaging and a hobby that your child will enjoy whether by themselves or with family and friends. Whether your purchase includes the beginner sets for your preschooler or a more advanced set for an older child, you can be confident that your choice will be a high-quality, top-rated fairly priced product that your child will thoroughly enjoy.

Before making a final decision, make sure that the product you select is the appropriate size and that batteries are purchased ahead of time if necessary so that your child is able to play with it as soon as they unwrap their gift. Another aspect to take into consideration is also familiarizing yourself and your child with safety procedures so that the experience is enjoyable but also safe. Enjoy the whistle of arrows through the air with these great bow sets for kids.