Best Electric Bikes for Kids 2020


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The best gift you can give your kids in the holiday seasons is an Electric Dirt Bike. The thrill they will get when riding this dirt bike will be unforgettable; in addition to that, the ride will help improve their motor and coordination skills in their development. Also, it is cheaper to run and maintain than the gasoline dirt bike. Electric dirt bikes are an excellent alternative to the gasoline dirt bikes since they don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Top 30 Best Electric Bikes for Kids 2020

1. Monster Moto MM-E250-PR Electric Mini Bike

Why we like it: the parent can control the speeds using a switch underneath the handle, the top speed is 11km/h it can be reduced 7km/h. Such low speeds are suitable for your child`s safety.

You`ll notice that the bike frame is made from heavy-duty steel, with wider tires for stability. The height is also low, so your child’s feet can touch the ground quickly when stopping or for control. If your kid can ride the pedal bike, then this electric bike is no different.

The maximum speeds are capped at 11km/h, and you can reduce this speed if you feel it’s too high using a switch underneath the handlebar. This low speed gives you peace of mind when your kid is cruising in the yard or on the driveway.

The maximum weight that the motor can withstand for optimal performance is 130lbs, which makes the Monster Mini Bike suitable for kids aged eight years and above.

One setback is that the electric bike can only run for 45 minutes before the battery runs out. Also, you have to replace the ignition switch as it burns out often. The good thing is that this issue is covered by the warranty.

  • Easy to handle and assemble
  • It has a switch for the two levels of speed
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Charge level indicator
  • Thick wide tires for stability
  • The continuous run-time is low, only 45 minutes. It depends on the weight of the kid and usage.

2. Razor RSF350 Electric Street Bike

Why we like it: its small size makes it easy for kids to maneuver, in addition to that, it increases the battery life. The kids can ride the bike for a long time.

Though the bike appears smaller than what`s on the packaging, the performance is excellent for your kids. It features a twist-grip throttle that controls the motor, which can produce high-torque 350 watts of power. Your kid will experience the best riding experience on this bike.

The battery life is excellent, we tested the bike for over a mile, and it showed no signs of slowing down. Your kid will be able to ride the bike for some time before the battery depletes. To shorten the charging time, always charge the battery after use.

It is suitable for kid aged 14, with a maximum weight of 140lbs. If you are above this weight, don’t ride the bike as there will be problems on the torque and the front ball bearings.

  • Good battery life
  • Suitable for kids aged 14 years
  • Powerful 350 watts motor
  • Hand operated rear disc brakes
  • Trellis frame design.
  • You need to replace the front bearings often, observe the weight limits to mitigate his problem

3. Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

Why we like it: Razor Pocket bike is easily maneuvered, due to its size, your kids can escape obstacles easily. The ground clearance is also small, so your kid`s feet can touch the ground if need be.

The Razor Pocket bike is a miniature version of the big dirt bike, complete with twist grip acceleration throttle. Not only will it excite your kids, but also capture their interest. It is best suited for kids ten years and above.

The padded seats in addition to the wide pneumatic tires will give your kids a comfortable and smooth ride. One thing that we noted is that the chain driven motor is extremely quiet. Your kid can ride in the house because of its small size, and not disturb you at all with the noise.

  • The kids can easily maneuver the bike
  • Best suited for kids ten years and above
  • Padded seats for added comfort
  • Quiet chain driven motor
  • Top speed of 15km/h
  • The battery only lasts for 30 minutes, but it depends on the usage

4. ANCHEER Folding Electric Bicycle

Why we like it: this electric bike can be controlled by two apps on google play, which gives you the ability to lock it, view an online speedometer and change speed settings. Parents can control the bike for their kid’s safety.

Don’t let the small size intimidate you; this electric bike has a powerful 350 watts engine that can power the bike at speeds of 20km/h. The distance you can cover on a full battery charge is 25 km. Your kids will enjoy the riding it for long before the battery depletes.

The bike design is lightweight and foldable, which means if you live on the upper floors of your apartment. Your kids will be able to carry it upstairs with no added effort at all; it is also foldable to save on storage space if you live in a small apartment.

  • Best suited for kids 14 years and above
  • The bike can be controlled by an app to lock it
  • Lightweight and foldable to save on space
  • A range of 25 km/h after a full charge
  • One year warranty
  • Not suited for hilly terrain, but depends with your kid’s weight.

5. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 Electric Bike

Why we like it: the ease of assembly is excellent, plus the bike comes with its assembly tools for installing the front tires and the handlebar.

One thing that we noted with the SX500 is that the seats are more extensive and the suspension is improved when compared to the Razor MX650. The ground clearance is 21 inches, and all these features contribute to the comfort and safety of the ride.

The motor is powerful enough for your kids to climb hills and rugged terrains, though the terrain affects battery life. We noticed that the battery only lasted for 20 minutes on the hilly terrain and 75 minutes on flat terrain. Considering those numbers, it’s worth buying.

  • Suitable for kids 14 years and above
  • You don’t need to push it for it to move
  • Wider seats and suspension for ride comfort
  • Powerful motor for hilly terrain
  • Ease of assembly
  • Long charging time of 8 hours, but you can always charge it after use

6. Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

Why we like it: the fact that there is a storage compartment under the seat makes it ideal for kids to store their toys while riding to the playground and back.

The fact that this bike is available in pink will make your daughter interested in riding this scooter. With speeds of up to 15 miles/h, your kids can cruise around the neighborhood safely when riding or running errands. The padded mod seats can handle weights of up to 180lbs, which makes this scooter best suited for kids aged 13 years and above.

The assembly instructions are easy to follow; it takes around 30 minutes to assemble the scooter completely. Though we noted that the installation of the handlebars could be a bit tricky, you should always insert the steering pole until it connects with the central receptor pole. If you have any doubts, you can call them.

  • Pneumatic tires for a smoother ride
  • High-performance motor
  • Storage compartment under the seat
  • Can travel for 10 miles on a full charge
  • A warranty period of 90 days
  • Assembling the handlebar is tricky, but follow the instruction manual

7. Maxtra E100 Electric Scooter

Why we like it: we liked the fact that this scooter can be used as a regular scooter when the battery drains. The ease of movement is great.

Your kid will quickly learn the speed adjustments by merely twisting the right handlebar. The top speed is 12 km/h which makes it safe for the kids to ride around the playground or on the driveway. After buying it, remember to fully charge it before allowing your kids to ride it, this way the battery will last longer.

The handlebar has a four adjustable height so that you can adjust the scooter depending on your kid’s height. The quick folding design can help prevent accidental touch when the kids are riding the motorcycle, and the folding only takes a few seconds.

  • Arched aluminum pedal to avoid mud and water
  • Tires are skid and puncture proof
  • Lightweight steel frame
  • Wide wheelbase for stability
  • Suited for kids aged six years and above
  • The back wheels produce a loud noise, but it depends on the terrain

8. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Why we like it: with a ground clearance of only 20 inches, your kids will find this bike easy to handle. Even a two-year-old can maneuver this bike.

The motor is mighty; the bike will take off with both the kid and parent. The recommended age group is 14 years and older. The throttle is variable per input, which means it depends on how your child handles it. It is suitable for enhancing the development of motor and coordination skills in your child.

We found the suspension and the braking to be useful in case of an emergency, so your child will be safe. The battery lasts for long, and it can last up to an hour of continuous usage in any terrain whether hilly or flat.

  • Twist grip acceleration control
  • Hand operated rear brake disc
  • Top speed of 17km/h
  • Suitable for kids aged 16 years and above
  • Riser handlebars for a more comfortable ride
  • The charging time is long, 12 hours. You have to charge it overnight.

9. Razor MX350 Electric Motocross Bike

Why we like it: the adjustable handlebars allow you to select the best height for your kid to allow ease of maneuver and comfort when he is riding.

Though the recommended age for this bike is 13 years, we noted that kids 7-8 years can still ride this bike due to its small size and height. If your kid can ride without the support of training wheels, then purchase this bike for him.

You can quickly assemble this bike since it comes with an easy to follow manual. In addition to that, your child can easily maneuver the bike even at the top speed of 12km/h, and the braking time is great. The battery can last 30 minutes if used continuously.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Large tires for stability
  • Adjustable rise handlebars
  • Powerful 350 watts electric motor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fixed suspension system
  • No throttle modulation, you have to put a rheostat if the problem persists

10. Razor MX500 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike

Why we like it: you will be amazed by the ease of assembly, you only have to attach the handlebar and the front wheel, and it takes you less than 30 minutes to assemble the bike.

The bike is heavy and sturdy, that means it is suited for any terrain. Your kids will enjoy riding the MX500 for 40 minutes until the charge indicator turns yellow. It is best suited for kids aged 14 years and above. Be sure to observe the weight limit of 140lbs, failure to which will result in a damaged suspension system.

  • Best suited for bumpy terrains
  • Ease of assembly
  • A maximum speed of 17km/h
  • Chain driven motor for a powerful torque
  • A dual suspension system for a smooth, comfortable ride
  • After some years the battery drains quickly, you need to replace it

11. Razor MX400 Electric Dirt Bike

Why we like it: as a parent, you can easily adjust the handlebars so that the throttle and the brakes can be within your kids reach. This way, they will have good riding experience.

The MX400 is simple to operate; there is a throttle on the one hand and brakes on the other. Your kids will get skills like coordination and intelligence. It is a good starter bike for your kids before they graduate to the gas-powered bikes. The assembly is simple; you only need to attach the front fender and the handlebars. Plus it comes with its installation tools, and you don’t have to worry about the installation process.

  • Best suited for nine years old kids
  • Good speed and maneuverability
  • Easy to assemble the bike components
  • Top speed of 14 miles/h
  • Large 12-inch tires for added stability
  • The size is smaller than expected, your kid will soon outgrow it

12. HOVERHEARTS Kids Electric Power Motorcycle

Why we like it: the two separate auxiliary wheels on the side make this bike best suited for young children aged three years and above, the wheels provide stability while maneuvering.

One feature that your kids will love is the flashing blue LED lights, and it makes the bike good looking and attractive to the kids. The assembly instruction is very clear, though we noted that you need to have some grease, as the front wheels don’t have ball bearings. The rubber strip on the center of the wheel increases the stability, even when riding on wooden floors. The overall quality and craftsmanship of this bike are good, even though some parts are made of plastic.

  • Top speed of 5km/h
  • Easy for the kid to ride
  • Clear assembly instructions
  • Auxiliary wheels for stability
  • Intelligent charging system
  • No charging light indication, you cannot know if the battery is full

13. Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Why we like it: the large knobby pneumatic tires improve the traction and stability. It also guarantees you a comfortable ride.

The maximum weight when riding this scooter is 220lbs, but you`ll be surprised at how fast it can go even on hilly terrain. In addition to that, the size enables you to fold it and carry it at the back of your van. It comes with a detachable seat, which you can mount or remove depending on your riding preference. Though we noted that the throttle is not variable, the top speed of 12miles/hour is safe for your child. The continuous runtime is 45 minutes when fully charged.

  • Easy to assemble
  • It comes with a detachable seat
  • Large pneumatic tires are suitable for a smooth ride
  • Construction quality looks good
  • Replacement batteries are cheap
  • The throttle is not variable, but it doesn’t matter because the speeds are low

14. Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Why we like it: the rear suspension and the large 12-inch pneumatic tires improves the comfort of the ride even in harsher terrains. The kids will enjoy the ride.

The design resembles a classic design scooter, and it can reach top speeds of 15km/h, which makes it safe for your kids to cruise around. It is best suited for kids aged 12 and older, and a weight limit of 150lbs. On a single charge, the battery will cover 10 miles; your kids will enjoy the thrilling ride for about 45 minutes before the battery runs out. It helps improve their judgment and coordination skills as they grow up.

  • There is a storage compartment under the seat
  • Pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
  • Variable speed acceleration
  • Retractable kickstand for parking it
  • Continuous runtime of 45 minutes
  • It becomes slow on hilly terrains

15. Lil Patrol Electric Bike

Why we like it: if your kids are fascinated by police bikes and the sirens, gift them this bike. The bike will give your young officers one-hour continuous runtime, long enough for them to catch the law offender.

This bike has a top speed of 1.2m/h; this speed is safe for young ones aged one year and older. The inclusion of a forward and reverse gear gives them the option of changing direction, in case they reach an obstacle. It improves their overall intelligence at a young age. The kid doesn’t have to ride alone; there is a storage compartment at the back for him to ride with his toys. On top of the compartment is a police siren, when turned on, it will make the ride more exciting for them.

  • The top speed of 1.2miles/h is safe for your kids
  • The bike can go forward or backward
  • Storage compartment for toys
  • Sirens and sound effects are exciting
  • It is made of sturdy plastic
  • You have to remove the seat to access the charging connector

16. Best Choice Products Kids Ride On Motorcycle

Why we like it: your kids will be fascinated by the sounds, music and flashing lights on this electric bike. The bike flashes up the light of different colors while the music plays; this feature excites you kids making the ride thrilling.

You will be amazed by the ease of operation; there is a foot pedal on the right side that when the kid presses, the bike moves. The kids can change direction fast with the forward and reverse buttons on the center control. The bike is good for him to cruise around the house at a top speed of 2m/h which is safe. In addition to that, the kids can pack up toys on the storage compartment for their playground adventures. The bike is perfect for kids aged 4 years and above.

  • Foot pedal control
  • Gear shift switch on the center control
  • Storage compartment in the trunk for toys
  • The red frame design is great
  • Variety of colors to choose
  • The plastic is not durable, and parental supervision is required to avoid crashes
  • The steering wheel is stiff and unresponsive

17. Kid Motorz 12V Police Motorcycle

Why we like it: the overall police bike design, and the sirens, the headlights make the bike stylish and attractive to the kids. They only need to twist the throttle and watch the magic happen.

This bike resembles a police bike complete with sirens and whistles, and it is best suited for 5-year-olds as they will be fascinated by the sounds. The sirens come in three generic sounds, to improve your child`s sound discrimination. The variable speeds of 2.5 and 4km/h will enable your kid to chase the dog on the yard. The battery can support 50-60 minutes of continuous use, which is excellent for the kids to enjoy. While the kid is patrolling the house, the toys are safely tucked in the storage compartment, and he can play with them any time the child takes a break.

  • 50-60 minutes ride time per charge
  • Reverse gear included
  • Attractive headlights and sound effects
  • Storage space for toys
  • Variable speeds
  • The sirens are a bit loud

18. Lil Rider Motorcycle for Kids

Why we like it: the three wheel design makes it easier for kids aged two years and above to ride, as the design is stable. You don’t have to worry about your child`s safety.

The bike is foot pedal operated, and we noted that the location of the foot pedal was within reach of a 2-year-old. The sound effects are great for kids, and they operate from a different power source. The assembly time was short, because of the clear instruction manual. The inclusion of stickers made the overall look even more exciting for kids. The materials used in the bike is high-quality non-toxic plastic, so you don’t have to worry about the health of your kids.

  • Recommended for toddler 18 months and older
  • Made from high-quality plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor playing
  • Colorful chrome highlights
  • Too slow on hilly terrain
  • No rear lights and the front headlights are dim

19. Razor Dune Buggy

Why we like it: this buggy contains all the safety features you could think of; the rear brakes stop the buggy almost immediately. The safety belt and the sidebars protect your child in case they crash. This design prioritizes the safety of your kid.

It resembles a real dune buggy in design, which makes it more stable when the kids are riding it. The powerful 350 watts electric motor can reach a top speed of up to 10miles/hour, this speed makes the ride more thrilling and at the same time does not compromise on the child`s safety. The padded seats are comfortable and come with a seatbelt for emergencies. Despite its size, you will notice it has a sufficient turning radius making it easy to maneuver.

  • Speeds of 10 miles an hour
  • Side roll cage for added safety
  • Comfortable padded seats
  • Easy for the kids to maneuver
  • Made from a durable tubular steel frame
  • They should make the seats adjustable, for some kids to reach the steering wheel

20. Burromax TT350R Electric Motorcycle Bike for Kids

Why we like it: the mileage your child can go on a single charge is unbelievable, it can reach 20 miles for kids who weigh less than 100lbs. The child will have an exciting and longer ride time.

You will notice that the bike weighs less than 47lbs, this is because the battery is Lithium-ion, as opposed to the more massive Lead-Acid batteries. It means you can easily carry this bike on your car trunk or lifting it on a staircase. The variable speed throttle offers speeds of up to 2.5mies/h, though there is a hidden button switch to make it achieve up to 17 miles/hour. One advantage is that the battery can be fully charged in 3.5 hours; it increases the run time of the bike.

  • Large 12-inch wheels and suspension for a comfortable ride
  • Variable speed switch
  • The battery can last up to eight hours after full charge
  • 30 day return policy if unsatisfied
  • High quality steel frame for durability
  • Hilly terrain drains the battery fast

21. Kids Motorz Lil Patrol Bike

Why we like it: the bike is well designed, with two rear wheels that prevent it from tipping over. This feature makes it suitable for kids above the age of 18 months; your child`s safety is guaranteed.

The lights and the sound effects, in addition to the awesome stickers, make the bike attractive to your children. They will ride on it as long as the battery lasts, the ride time is a full hour if continuous. The storage compartment at the back is an excellent place to store toys that can’t be left behind. The speed of 1.2 mph is safe for kids aged 12-18 months.

  • The two rear wheels add stability
  • Great sound effects
  • Storage compartment for toys
  • Ride time of 60 minutes after full charge
  • Best suited for kids aged 18 months and older
  • Difficulty in charging, you have to remove the seat to access the charging connector

22. Costzon Kids Quad Ride

Why we like it: the four wheels are not only safe for your kids when riding, but also increases stability. You don’t have to worry about the bike tipping over when they encounter an obstacle.

The quad bike is made from high-quality plastic, with footrests that make the ride more comfortable. Your kid can climb on and off the bike with little or no help at all. It has both forward and reverse gears, to keep your kids active the whole day. When fully charged, your kids will enjoy 40 minutes of uninterrupted playtime. The operation is simple for a toddler; the kid only needs to push the forward button and press the foot pedal to control the speeds. Perfect for kids aged 1-3 years.

  • Safe and stable four-wheel design
  • 40 minutes of continuous ride time
  • Simple controls
  • Ease of assembly
  • Maximum speeds of 2mph
  • The plastic cannot withstand crashes for long, and you have to supervise the kids when riding

23. Honda CRF250R Dirt Bike

Why we like it: this bike is designed specifically for children who are just learning how to balance themselves on the bike, the training wheels ensure that they don’t tip over while riding. This feature makes it perfect for kids aged 2-6 years.

The kid will love the horns, the sounds and most importantly, the engine starts sounds. It makes the ride more thrilling for them as they cruise around the house. The maximum speed is 3km/h, which is safe for the child and also it can move in forward and reverse direction. It works well on gravel and dirt since the wheels are made of plastic.

  • Safe speed of 3km/h
  • Best suited for toddlers aged 2-6 years
  • It comes with training wheels for stability
  • Easy assembly
  • Exciting engine start sounds
  • The battery life is low; you can only ride for 20 minutes after a full charge

24. Kid Motor Extreme Quad Bike

Why we like it: the overall design is good, with smart features like a motorcycle dashboard and the color decals. Your kid will ride it the whole day because of these attractions.

This Quad Bike gives your kid 60 minutes of continuous run time, and there will be no interruptions during the run time. The four wheels keep the structure stable and sturdy at all times; you don’t have to worry about your child flipping over while riding. The speed is also safe, with a maximum speed of 1.5km/h. It is perfect for kids aged three years and older.

  • Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  • Very stable and stylish design
  • 60 minutes of run time
  • It has a maximum speed of 1.5 km/h
  • Attractive to the kids
  • It cannot run on dirt because of the plastic tires.

25. Qaba Aosom Electric Dirt Bike

Why we like it: the kids will get realistic driving experience, since the bike comes complete with brake options and an accelerator. It is good for them to develop motor and coordination skills.

Your young ones will enjoy the ride for approximately 45 minutes before the battery runs out. The training wheels on the side are great for kids learning how to balance the bike, and it prevents the bike from tipping over. Speeds of 2.5km/h are perfect for kids aged five years and above. After a full charge, your kids can enjoy 45 minutes of continuous riding.

  • Realistic driving experience
  • Recommended for kids aged five years and older
  • The components are easy to assemble
  • 45 minutes of continuous run time while playing
  • The training wheels are great for learners
  • The rear wheels cannot move in the grass; you have to apply hot glue to reduce skidding.

26. BMW Electric Motorcycle for Kids

Why we like it: this bike comes complete with blinkers, music sounds, and MP3 connections. Your child will feel the fun of riding this bike in and out of the house. Perfect for kids aged 3-5 years.

The bike comes with training wheels and a suspension system to ensure that the ride is smooth and comfortable for your child. It is foot pedal controlled, and the young one can easily access the foot pedal since it is within their reach. The battery offers the kid up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted riding time; they will enjoy every moment of the ride.

  • A strong suspension to minimize vibration
  • It offers the kids 60 minutes of continuous riding
  • Simple to ride
  • Can move forward and backward
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • The push start button stops working after some time; you have to replace it.

27. Uenjoy 12V Kids Motorcycle

Why we like it: this bike comes with a built-in music player, where you can play your kid`s` favorite music while they are riding around the house. The horn speakers are great.

Depending on the kid`s` weight, the battery can run for 60 minutes after a full charge, and your kid will enjoy a thrilling ride for a full hour. The detachable wheels are good for learners who are new to balancing, in addition to that, the suspensions absorb vibrations making the ride very smooth and comfortable. The kids will love how the rear and front wheels LED lights up during the night at the switch of a button on the control center.

  • Best suited for kids aged 3-5 years and above
  • Training wheels for kids to learn to balance
  • 6o minutes of continuous ride time
  • Comfortable seats
  • Attractive LED lights on the wheels
  • The bike can be used on an eve surface only, for safety reasons

28. Rosso Motors Kids Quad Ride

Why we like it: the all-terrain rubber wheels and the shock absorbers makes this quad bike best suited for the outdoors, in addition to that, the batteries last for a whopping two hours. Your kids will enjoy this riding experience on any terrain.

The powerful 500 watts motor can propel kids with a weight capacity of 90lbs at a top speed of 20km/h, the bike is best suited for kids aged three years and older. The four wheels offer stability to the bike, no tipping over is expected. The ground clearance is only 10cm, so your kids can hop in and out of the bike without help. It comes with a three-speed transmission with a governor. If the electronics hold well, the bike will serve you for a long time.

  • Wide wheel base for stability
  • Perfect for all terrains
  • Your kids can get on and off the bike with little help
  • Two hours of continuous run time
  • Great customer service
  • The headlights are very dim

29. Street Racer New Ducati Motorcycle

Why we like it: we like the electric braking system that provides reliable braking and gradual acceleration. These features improve the safety of the child while they are riding the bike.

The integrated music player allows you to play your kid`s favorite music as they ride indoors or outdoors; it makes the ride more exciting. The battery can run for 1.5 hours continuous, at a top speed of 3mph. The dual wheels are good for toddlers, who are learning to ride. They also provide a comfortable and stable ride.

  • The Smart Charging Technology prevents the battery from overcharging
  • Reliable braking system
  • 1.5 hours of continuous riding experience
  • Perfect for kids aged 3-6 years old
  • Integrated music player
  • Long charging time of 8 hours

30. Tobbi 6V Kids Ride

Why we like it: the two big wheels and training wheels offer stability to the ride, it is good for kids who are learning how to balance the bike.

If you are not a fan of plastic dirt bikes, then this is the bike for you. The bike is made from carbon fiber, which increases its durability. The beautiful music and comfortable seats offer an enjoyable experience to the kid. The bike can reach a top speed of 1.86mph, which gives your kid a thrilling experience.

  • Perfect for kids 3-5 years and above
  • Top speed of 1.86mph
  • Wide tires and training wheels for stability
  • Made from durable carbon fiber
  • Comfortable seats
  • Too slow, especially on hilly terrains

Final Words

Gift your kids by choosing the best electric bikes for them. Always make sure that they are armed with the right safety gear like helmets, foot pads and gloves before they ride. We hope you make a good choice for your kid.