Best Remote Control Helicopters for Kids 2020


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Helicopter toys make a great choice for kids who are always on the lookout for adventures, teens looking for hours of fun, and adults searching for a new hobby. Remote control helicopters offer an enjoyable experience as you fly and navigate them through the air.

The best remote control helicopters allow the user to practice their stealth abilities and hand-eye coordination. Besides, playing with one of these toys will help develop fine-motor skills especially for kids. Features such as LED lights, cameras, and GPS make the modes more interesting to fly and versatile in their abilities. To make your search easy, here is a highlight of some of the best remote control helicopters.

Top 30 Best Remote Control Helicopters 2020

1. Syma S111G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

Why we like it: The Syma RC Helicopter is ready to fly straight from the box, provides a steady flight and is easy to control.

The remote-controlled helicopter from Syma requires 40-minutes of charging to fly it for 5 to 8 minutes. It has a control distance of 8-meters that’s relatively short compared to other models. Nonetheless, the RC helicopter is easy to fly and very stable in flight for a frustration-free run. The toy is a great choice for younger kids as it’s ready to fly right out of the box, meaning playtime can begin as soon as desired. Besides, the Syma 3.5 RC Helicopter comes with a motor type called brushed. This is great for beginners and very easy to function. It comes with a rechargeable lithium polymer (LIPO) battery.

  • Syma 3.5 provides a stable flight.
  • It’s easy to fly.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • The RC Helicopter is affordable.
  • It can be controlled over two frequencies.
  • It’s meant for indoor use only.

2. DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone

Why we like it: The headless mode makes it super easy to operate as it controls the direction of the drone.

Children of all ages can enjoy flying the DBPOWER Quadcopter Drone as it’s very user-friendly. All actions can be performed with one push of a button. The RC quadcopter has been equipped with a high-capacity battery that allows your child to fly it for about 10-minutes from 100-meters away. You can connect your child’s new drone to your phone so they can view the world above them. The built-in HD camera will produce crystal clear images. Featuring a red and white design, the quadcopter looks super sleek and cool whereas the bright LED lights allow your child to fly the drone at night or on overcast days. Your child won’t have to stress about trying to navigate their drone to them. The one key return home feature will automatically send the drone back to the transmitter at the push of a button. Moreover, this device is compatible with a headset as long as you download the required app.

  • It comes with a high-capacity battery that allows you to control it from 100-meters away.
  • The HD camera provides clear images.
  • The headless mode makes it very easy to operate.
  • One push of a button will have it returning home.
  • Some users think the app could be more user-friendly.

3. Syma S107/S107G RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The S107/S107G is a super cool helicopter that little ones can fly indoors. It’s lightweight, rechargeable, and flies without any hitches.

The Syma RC Helicopter comes with a remote controller and a helipad for landing. It’s a toy suitable for children over age 3, but you can love it as much at 40 as at 10. The helicopter has been well-built and is well balanced. It has a cool metal body, so it won’t crack easily like plastic. The remote controller is big and has joysticks and a number of other buttons that help with navigation. The controller is ergonomically built and is easy to use as a gaming console controller. The helicopter is perfectly wireless and the USB transmitter works from several meters away. It comes with a rechargeable battery that will keep it airborne for 8 to 12 minutes, making it one of the longest-lasting remote control helicopter.

  • The Syma S107/S107G provides a stable flight.
  • It’s easy to fly.
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s meant for indoor use only.

4. Potensic T25 GPS Drone

Why we like it: The Potensic T25 Drone makes it possible for your child to explore the outside world from the comfort of their home. With the remote control, the drone can travel up to 300 meters.

It’s practically impossible to lose the drone as it has been equipped with an advanced GPS system. With this feature, the drone will automatically return to home when the battery runs low or if it loses signal. It includes a follow-me feature that guarantees the drone follows the user and captures their every move from up above. The high-definition wide-angle camera provides crystal-clear images at any angle. The drone’s bottom has lights that make it easy for your child to spot it, particularly at night. Beginners can easily operate the drone with one key take-off and the emergency stop button. Moreover, the drone is super-stable when hovering making it perfect to use the camera to capture pictures.

  • The drone automatically returns when the battery is low.
  • The follow-me feature allows the drone to capture every move.
  • The HD wide-angle camera produces crystal-clear images.
  • Lights on the bottom make it easy to spot, especially at night.
  • The light covers could be made more durable.

5. WL V911 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter

Why we like it: The new and improved WL V911 helicopter is speedy and has an amazing control range compared to others in the same price range. Moreover, it never loses its signal.

The helicopter is the new and improved version of the previous WL helicopter. It has a better range of motion and is speedier than usual. The model comes with only one rotor instead of two. The single rotor packs a major punch to uplift the copter off the ground. There’s less interference, so you can fly it any way you want. The V911 is a 4-channel helicopter that is surprisingly easy to navigate. Besides, this copter has a 2.4GHz transmitter, so you never lose the signal. Even though it’s made from thin plastic, it has excellent resilience and can survive crashes without getting any scratches.

  • It comes with 2 batteries for long flight time.
  • The battery easily snaps in.
  • It’s a 4-channel 2.4GHz helicopter.
  • It’s easy to navigate.
  • It has short battery life.

6. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Why we like it: The mini helicopter drone includes the 2.4GHz technology for anti-interference, plus it’s flexible and stable because of its six-axis gyro stabilization operation.

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone has a six to eight-minute flight time with a 45-60-minute charge rate. The toy must take a ten-minute break in-between flights to cool the motor down. It’s wind-resistant and includes a great performance range of control. The lightweight design has ultra-responsive engines and is perfect for kids aged 14 and up. The helicopter comes with a user manual, a screwdriver to put on the blades, charger, and additional blades. Because of the headless system of security, any level of player can operate The drone easily. It’s just perfect for beginners who are just becoming interested in helicopters. The quadcopter has LED light on it for great fun when flying at night. Resistant to wind, The helicopter has a range of about 30-50 minutes and is easy to function and use.

  • It has a headless system of security.
  • Any level of player can operate it easily.
  • It’s great for kids 14 and older.
  • It has a lightweight design.
  • It features LED lights for night flying.
  • The battery caused some issues for some buyers.

7. OCDAY WLToys V911 Single Propeller Stunt Copter

Why we like it: The OCDAY is speedy, well built, and comes with stickers that no one can make fun of.

This is one toy helicopter that comes with super cool stickers. The WLToys V911 is a 4-channel helicopter that offers a lot more in terms of navigability, durability, and performance. The copter is small, but it’s suitable for outdoor play as well because of the powerful rotors. They have fixed pitch blades that can keep the copter in the air even with mild obstacles like a small breeze. It looks amazing, is fast and sort of looks like a mini-drone in the air. The stunt copter comes with a remote having an LCD transmitter. You can use the remote to fine-tune the frequency so you never lose signal. The copter even packs a lightweight motor so you have more gyroscopic maneuverability.

  • It’s a 4-channel helicopter.
  • The copter is super lightweight but comes with strong resistance for crashing.
  • The remote controller comes with an HD LCD display.
  • It comes with 2 packs of 3.7V LIPO batteries.
  • Some users have complained that they were unable to bind the transmitter and the copter.

8. TENKER Skyracer Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Why we like it: The quadcopter drone is equipped with a 3.7-volt powerful battery that’ll allow your child to fly their drone for up to 30-minutes. There’s also a bonus battery so your child can continue flying while one battery is charging.

The TENKER Skyracer has been designed specifically for beginners and even children to use. The drone is easy to fold and travels well so you’ll be able to take it out on all of your favorite adventures. It comes with three different speeds that you’ll be able to control with its remote control as well. You can attach your phone to the helicopter’s controller so your child can use the real-time transmission to see exactly what the drone is seeing. They can also use the camera to snap pictures and videos of their flight. The quad altitude hovering feature provides the drone with stability, while it’s hovering so your child can capture the perfect shot. As your child watches their drone in the air they’ll increase their object tracing sills. Besides, the LED lights will leave onlookers breathless.

  • The Mini RC Helicopter Drones flies up to eight minutes on a single charge.
  • It comes with an extra battery.
  • The company provides great customer service.
  • The drone could be more durable.

9. WLToys S977 3.5 Gyro RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The helicopter comes with a camera for recording and taking pictures. Besides, it’s gyro-stabilized for smooth flying and filming.

The multichannel copter has 6 navigable directions that mean you can turn the copter clockwise or anti-clockwise. You can maneuver this just like a real helicopter but without having to leave the house. It comes with a camera that you can play with all you want and takes pictures and videos to show off later. The copter has a metal alloy frame that’s sturdy and can withstand a crash or two. It’s also shiny and very good looking. The blades and flybar are flexible ensuring they won’t crack when the copter crashes. Moreover, the copter has a 280mAh battery that recharges using a USB port. The battery comes with current protection and overcharging protection. It also features very good onboard nightlights for excellent night flying.

  • It takes good pictures and videos.
  • It’s a good looking copter.
  • It has 6 navigable directions.
  • It’s gyro-stabilized for smooth flying.
  • Suitable for both young and old.
  • It has short battery life.

10. Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone

Why we like it: The Holy Stone RC Drone is easy to pair with your smartphone, easy to fly and can transmit a live stream of everything it sees straight to your smartphone.

The HS200 RC Drone is compatible with any type of smartphone, so flyers won’t have to worry about specifications. You can pair it with your smartphone to watch a live stream of everything the drone is seeing. All you have to do is download the app that the device requires and you’ll be able to control The drone however you please. There are four-speed adjustments and LED lights to allow your family to fly the drone even after dark. One key take-off and landing allows even beginners to experience the joy of drones. Drones help to improve hand-eye coordination, as well as teaching children responsibility, autonomy, confidence, and respect for their belongings.

  • It’s easy to pair with your smartphone.
  • It features a simple one-button take-off and landing.
  • It comes with a headless flight mode.
  • There’s a one key return function on the drone.
  • It’s not recommended to fly it on windy days since it’s very lightweight.

11. GPTOYS G610 Infrared RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The helicopter has flight stabilization, a larger than a typical frame, and colorful LED lights that power up in the dark.

The GPTOYS Infrared RC Helicopter has been designed especially for beginners. This makes it easier to fly and it has very few technical issues. The copter has a red and white finish so it’s quite good looking. It measures 10.03 x 1.97 x 4.53-inches that makes it larger than most other copters in the same price range. The copter features multi-colored LED lights on the outside so you can look cool flying it. Your little one can fly this copter for up to 8-minutes before recharging it. Additionally, The copter has flight stabilization so anyone can fly it.

  • It’s easy to fly.
  • It’s larger in size.
  • The multicolored LED lights allow you to fly in the dark.
  • It comes ready to fly.
  • The copter has stable flight characteristics.
  • The quality of the toy isn’t that great.

12. Holy Stone HS177 RC Battle Drones

Why we like it: The HS177 RC Battle Drones are equipped with infrared lights that act as the drone’s weapon.

The set includes red and blue drones each equipped with an infrared light that matches their color. This also serves as the drone’s weapon. Four hits with the infrared light will cause the drone to land slowly, thus losing the game. Using the portable controller, it’s easy to maneuver these drones that can also perform a 360-degree flip. Its small size allows it to fly fast and in-between tight spaces. If your little one loses track of their drone, they can press the emergency stop button to have it land immediately. The one-button start makes it easy to get the drone flying or to have it land steadily. It even has the ability to hover in one spot if need be. The soft and flexible propellers give the durability to survive multiple crash landings. Equipped with three speeds, your little one can star on low to familiarize themselves and then increase the speed as they get more comfortable. As your child battles their friends, they’ll be increasing their social skills whereas controlling the drone will increase their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  • It’s equipped with an emergency stop.
  • The top of the drone can be detached for customization.
  • It encourages social play.
  • It’s easy to control.
  • The small size makes it possible to fly them practically anywhere.
  • The drone has short battery life.

13. Haktoys HAK303 Infrared Control 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The small frame of the HAK303 is made from a flexible material that makes it easy to fly and also crash-resistant.

The Haktoys 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter is a much smaller than usual but also surprisingly affordable. Kids and enthusiast will find this copter appealing. It’s incredibly lightweight, so it’s much easier to fly than larger models. There are lots of features to love about this RC helicopter. One is that the frame is designed to be crash-resistant, ensuring long-lasting use. The copter is made from a flexible material, so it won’t wear or tear easily. The model is equipped with a gyroscope to make sure the machine stays balanced and stable when airborne. The design is very precise to facilitate this. The flight time is a standard 8-minutes and recharging only takes 30-minutes. It can go airborne as high as 50-feet. Pros can appreciate the engineering that has gone into the model, while newbies will find it easy to fly.

  • It’s easy to fly.
  • The copter has a built-in gyroscope for maximum stability.
  • The frame is crash-resistant.
  • The built-in battery can be easily recharged.
  • It’s meant for indoor use only.

14. Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100

Why we like it: This is a fully-loaded remote-control helicopter for your flying pleasure. It has real-time viewing from the remote, GPS-assisted flying, and a camera with an adjustable angle.

The HS100 comes with a transmitter, card and card reader, charging cable, extra propellers, extra propeller guards, extra landing feet, a screwdriver, and an easy-to-follow manual. Included for operation are Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, and One-Key Takeoff and Land. A high-performance battery, LED lights for night flying, and emergency stop makes it a wonderful toy for beginner flyers. The camera keeps you in the frames at all times, following you wherever you go. The return-to-home function returns the model promptly when the battery is low, or the signal is weak, so you can never worry about losing the helicopter. The drone is super for fun, hands-free selfies while on vacation or with friends.

  • It has GPS assisted flying.
  • The drone includes accurate detailed positioning of the quadcopter.
  • It’s great for beginners.
  • It has LED lights for night assist flight.
  • It includes an emergency stop.
  • Some buyers say it’s not easy to control.
  • It may not allow for flight or distance changes.

15. Lutema Mid-Sized 3.5CH RC Helicopter

Why we like it: This is the perfect outdoors helicopter to keep kids occupied in the summer. It’s well suited for kids and adults alike.

The Lutema Mid-Sized RC Helicopter comes with a built-in gyroscope that makes flying it outside easy. The copter isn’t big, but it’s weighty enough not to be swayed by the wind when airborne. It has more range than any other typical toy copter and is quite strong so you won’t lose the signal when flying outdoors. The transmitter also has a fully-functional LED light that can be turned on or off mid-flight. You will get seven directional movements with the remote controller, and that’s in addition to hovering. The copter comes disassembled, but it’s really easy to reassemble. If you lose a part, you can affordably replace it as the company offers a plethora of cheap spare parts.

  • A fun toy for kids and adults alike.
  • There’s a high availability of Lutema replacement parts.
  • It comes with seven directional movements.
  • It’s easy to reassemble.
  • Some users have questioned the quality of this helicopter.

16. Holy Stone F181W FPV Drone

Why we like it: The drone’s real-time transmission shows your child exactly what the camera is seeing giving them a view of the world like they’ve never experienced before.

Designed with the lasts 6-Axis Gyro flying control system, the F181W can easily perform the 3D roll. Your child can send their drone soaring without worrying about losing it. With a push of one button, the helicopter will fly back to the transmitter. With the helicopter’s HD camera and its ability to hover, your child will be able to take stunning photographs. Moreover, the drone has the ability to steadily hover so your child can capture the perfect picture at any height. The all-black drone is designed with red and blue LED lights that not only look super cool but will illuminate the drone’s path. Having a headless mode with this helicopter makes it easier for flyers to learn about different flying movements. It features built-in Wi-Fi so that you’ll be able to see live footage of what your camera on the helicopter is viewing. It connects to your phone through an app so it’ll be able to connect to any type of smartphone if you download the app that it requires.

  • The drone has the ability to hover.
  • It’s equipped with LED lights.
  • The helicopter will fly home with the push of a button.
  • It flies smoothly.
  • Changing the batteries is a little difficult.

17. Xheli SkyCo 3.5 Channel Missile Shooting RC Helicopter

Why we like it: A diamond in the ruff, this RC copter comes with a missile pack that actually shoots.

The missiles on the Xheli SkyCo are definitely not decorative. They can be fired using a button on the remote controller. The holster pack is located at the bottom of the copter and carries 6 missiles that fire individually. The silos have LED bulbs that light up amazingly when the missiles are shot. Kids will definitely love playing with it. Since locating the missiles outside can be a nightmare, it’s best to play with this copter indoors. Besides the missiles, the RC helicopter has a built-in gyro that makes it highly stable when flown. It’s also made of ABS hard plastic, a material that’s extremely durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. The remote controller is just perfect for flying this smoothly without any frustrations and the transmitter has great range.

  • It has 6 plastic missiles in the holster with auto rapid-fire capability.
  • It features special and bright LED lights effect when shooting.
  • It’s well made and very durable.
  • It has a highly detailed canopy with LED lights.
  • It’s meant for indoor use only since.

18. Super Joy GPS FPV RC Drone

Why we like it: The helicopter not only comes with a GPS tracker but having hands-free option makes flying a little more fun. It offers a great way for beginners to get a real feel about drones and helicopters.

The Super Joy GPS FPV RC Drone can be automatically located from your phone to make the flying experience a little more hands-free. Included is a wireless camera that has up and down view control features. It’s also high-quality definition and a great helicopter for beginners. The helicopter features easily on and off switches, three different speeds that you’ll be able to test out and even an emergency stop if needed. It’s a great way for you to capture some of your favorite nature scenes. Having a hands-free flying experience also is an excellent way for you to get a few unique shots that may have been otherwise difficult. When flying helicopters your child will enhance their muscles, strength and even hand-eye coordination skills. They’ll be able to learn cause and effect and work on their fine-motor skills. Some children might even be able to learn a few directional skills as well. Moreover, the helicopter is also compatible with any type of smartphone making it an ideal purchase for the value of the helicopter itself.

  • Your little one can view and record live footage via the LCD screen.
  • It provides little pilots with a challenge.
  • It can be quickly charged.
  • The helicopter reduces wind resistance.
  • It doesn’t have a memory card slot.

19. Dazzling Toys 3.5 Channel Remote Control Helicopter

Why we like it: This copter is designed to resemble an actual chopper rather accurately. So it’ll feel just like flying a mini version of a real helicopter remotely.

The Dazzling Toys RC Helicopter is beautifully designed with a shiny, multicolor frame that comes with loads of stickers. It’ll make a great gift for kids mostly because this is one of the few RC copters that’s accurately made to resemble an actual chopper. The copter has two rotors, just like the real deal, and also an alignment trimmer on top. The alignment trimmer helps keep the copter stable and in control when airborne. The heavy-duty body can withstand a crash if it comes to that. The transmitter has an impressive signal length of 30-feet. With 3.5 channels you can take the copter in 7 different directions. It has many cool LED bulbs, some that act as indicators for things like a battery charge.

  • It offers kids lots of fun.
  • The manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee.
  • The copter is made from flexible yet strong materials.
  • The built-in gyro helps in stabilizing the helicopter.
  • It accurately resembles a real helicopter.
  • Some users have complained that it stopped working after they bought it.

20. NiGHT LiONS TECH N5010 Miniature RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The mini-copter is very small and quite different from the large copters you can get. It’s perfect for playing with indoors and practicing tricks.

The NiGHT LiONS N5010 Miniature RC Helicopter is super tiny that you can hold it in your palm. It’s adorable in its size but is quite powerful when airborne. This makes it the perfect copter to play with indoors on lazy days. The small copter is really easy to fly and the tiny body size is just perfect for navigating nooks and corners. It comes with two frequencies giving the user complete control. Also, the N5010 has been equipped with a gyro-stabilizer, a feature you really appreciate when the ceiling fan is on. It weighs just 120-grams so it can really get carried away easily. The copter can stay airborne for 8-minutes and it only takes about 30-minutes to recharge again. You get 7 directional movements thanks to the 3.5-channel remote. The frame is well-built and this mini-copter won’t break easily.

  • The infrared function offers anti-interference while remote controlling.
  • It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor flying.
  • The built-in gyro helps in stabilizing the helicopter.
  • Some users have found it hard to fly in windy condisitons.

21. Blade E-flite mCX2 RTF

Why we like it: The E-flite Blade combines the best of flight control, battery life and quality giving you value for your money.

Ready to fly right from the box, the E-flite Blade mCX2 RTF is on top of the game when it comes to quality, flight control, and battery life. Perfect for first time operators and professionals alike, the remote-controlled helicopter includes two modes of flying. One is “RTF” (ready to fly) and the other is the “Blind & Fly” version that lets you speed things up if you feel the RTF is a little too slow. The coaxial design eliminates stability concerns while in flight and the counter-rotating blades help maintain flight control with minimal user intervention. The 120mAh 3.7V lithium battery pack allows you to stay in flight for up to 8-minutes and recharging takes around 90-minutes. With more powerful motors, a higher capacity battery, excellent control, and best-in-class stability, the mCX2 is one of the best choices across the board.

  • It features a precision swashplate.
  • This RC helicopter comes with a 5-in-1 control unit.
  • There are two modes of flying.
  • The coaxial design offers flight stability.
  • The recharge time is rather long compared to other models.

22. Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

Why we like it: Weighing just around 1.2-pounds, the Syma S109G 3.5 ready-to-fly helicopter features a heavy-duty metal body and a wonderful flight stabilizing the system.

The most noticeable feature of the S109G is the durable frame that has high-resistance to crashes. However, you don’t have to worry about crashing every time as this copter features a stabilizing system. Along with the gyroscope technology for better flight control, this system enables a smooth flight all the time. The beginner-style copter has 3 channels that enable it to move in any directions. It also utilized a LIPO battery that can be easily charged through a USB port or controller. Besides, the RC helicopter has super cool lights that light up its travel path.

  • No assembling is required.
  • It features a 3-channel system.
  • It comes with one spare tail rotor.
  • It’s easy to fly.
  • It’s too small and may not withstand flights in windy conditions.

23. Blade BLH4100 120 S Single Rotor RC Helicopter

Why we like it: Blade’s BLH4100 120 S six-channel helicopter is ready to fly right out of the box and is perfect for both newbies and pros.

The single-rotor, the fixed-pitch chopper can handle a little wind, thanks to three different flight modes that utilize Blade’s SAFE technology. The beginner mode offers slower flight speed and self-leveling if you press a panic button. The intermediate mode adds higher angles of pitch and roll (while still adding self-leveling). Experienced mode turns off pitch and roll, leaving all controls up to the user (although it keeps the self-leveling feature via the single press of a button just in case). The included 500mAh battery translates to four to six minutes of flight time, depending on how aggressive you’re with maneuvers. Recharging takes just 60-minutes to get you back in the air.

  • The panic-recovery mode prevents a crash.
  • It features durable construction.
  • It comes with three different flight modes.
  • The transmitter supports six channels.
  • It might be little too much to handle for children and beginners.

24. Blade 230s BNF Vehicle

Why we like it: The Blade 230s BNF RC helicopter is a standout choice for control, performance, and aerobatics.

If you’re looking to the sky for flips, inverted flights, loops, and rolls, the Blade 230s is a go-to option, thanks to its dual high-speed brushless motors. The fiber-filled plastic design feels durable while in your hand, but also strong enough to handle a crash or two without causing too much damage to any integral equipment, including the impact-resistant main blades. The 230s is definitely not for beginners. The inclusion of a progressive flight mode aims to build your aerobatic skills quickly, but there’s also a recovery and panic mode that pairs with Blade’s innovative SAFE technology and quickly level the helicopter in case you get in trouble. The 800mAh lithium battery allows for around 5-6-minutes of flight time when charged.

  • It features a panic recovery mode to prevent a crash.
  • The design makes it durable and strong to handle a crash.
  • No assembling is required.
  • Progressive flight modes help your aerobatic skills build quickly.
  • It’s not suitable for beginners.

25. EXCOUP 4 Channel RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The 4 Channel RC Helicopter offers reliable performance and other numerous features.

This RC helicopter is a little too much for younger kids but makes a perfect choice for teens who are after some adventurous flights. It features 3 selectable frequencies, 4 channels, a built-in gyroscope for perfect hovering, and co-axial auto-stabilizing rotors designed to resist multiple crashes. The copter is constructed from strong and tough materials and its flashing multi-colored LED lights provide a fun and realistic flying experience.

  • The transmitter supports 4-channels.
  • It features an upgraded gyro system for stability.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s made of strong and tough materials that make it durable.
  • Some users report issues with the battery.

26. UDI U13A 3 Channel RC Helicopter

Why we like it: This RC copter lets you capture clear, high-resolution pictures and videos.

The UDI U13A is a high-quality RC helicopter that has a built-in gyro to ensure greater flight stability. This allows you to take photos and record videos with ease and accuracy. It’s great for indoor purposes because of its sleek design and stability. It’s also built with flexible blades and metal alloy chassis to resist the device-damaging impact of a crash. The transmitter supports 3 channels that allow you to fly up to 3 helicopters at once. Besides, it features overcharging and overcurrent protection to prolong the life span of the LIPO battery.

  • It features a high-resolution 640 x 480 video camera.
  • It supports channels for 6 directions.
  • Videos can be recorded at any angle.
  • Overcharging and current protection prolongs battery life.
  • Video capabilities can drain the battery easily.

27. VATOS RC Helicopter with Gyro and LED Light

Why we like it: This little helicopter is easy to control but also exceptionally crash-resistant, thanks to its high-quality metal frame.

The VATOS RC Helicopter has 3 frequencies to let you fly up to 3 helicopters at once. It’s also equipped with the latest gyroscope technology to stabilize the helicopter in-flight. The helicopter charges in 40-minutes and has a 10-12 minute flight time. Due to its resistance to crashing and the gyro-stabilizer, The helicopter is great for both beginners and experienced pilots. The helicopter has multi-colored LED lights that make it fun and easy to fly in the dark. Moreover, the soft blade ensures safety while flying. When the blade gets stuck, the helicopter will power off automatically to protect itself and the controller.

  • It’s made of lightweight and hard material making it crash-resistant.
  • The transmitter supports 3 frequencies.
  • It’s equipped with the latest gyro technology to stabilize the helicopter.
  • The LED lights make it easy to fly in the dark.
  • No assembly is required.
  • It’s suitable for both kids and adults.
  • Some users aren’t impressed with how it works.

28. EXCOUP 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The helicopter arrives ready to fly and the price is fantastic for what will be hours of fun.

The EXCOUP RC Helicopter is predominantly suited for indoor use, but it can be taken outdoors on calm days. The LED lights make flying in the dark fun and exciting. You can control the helicopter from a distance of 12m. it features a durable frame and case that are able to withstand an impact or two. It’s equipped with replacement blades and other spare parts that will come in handy in the event of an accident. There are 3 selectable frequencies that let you fly up to 3 remote helicopters at the same time. You’ll be capable of playing with the interactive helicopter alongside your child helping you bond more. Besides, kids will be able to practice hand-eye coordination and develop fine-motor skills as they operate the remote control.

  • No assembling is needed.
  • It’s easy to fly.
  • It comes with replacement blades and other spare parts.
  • It helps increase the interaction between parents and kids.
  • Kids exercise hand-eye coordination.
  • It’s only suitable for indoor use.

29. kjzeex Outdoor RC Helicopter

Why we like it: The Outdoor RC Helicopter that comes with a storage bag is fun for kids as they’re able to have precise control over the speed and can play with it at night because of the LED lights.

The RC helicopter comes with an excellent controller that features 32 different speed levels for kids to use. Therefore, it’s a more high-tech option that may be best for children who have had a little more experience with these toys. It features a rotor blade system that keeps the helicopter stable during takeoff. This is a great feature that beginners may benefit from when they’re learning how to perform lift-offs. Also available on the RC helicopter are LED lights that allow kids to fly this helicopter at night. It can be an exciting experience that improves your child’s experience level with flying RC toys. The toy takes around 50-minutes to charge providing you with 8-minutes of continuous play.

  • It has LED lights for night time flying.
  • The rotor blade system makes lifting off easy.
  • The controller comes with 32-speed levels.
  • The transmitter supports 3 frequencies.
  • Some users have experienced issues with the charging system.

30. GearRoot Flying Ball Remote Control Helicopter Toy

Why we like it: The helicopter toy introduces younger kids to RC drone toys to ensure they’re able to have a lot of fun. The LED lights are a nice added feature that lets kids fly it at night too.

The GearRoot Flying Ball RC Helicopter Toy has an induction mode that makes it easier for beginners to learn how to use. They can simply put their hands underneath the toy to control how it moves up and down. Once they’ve got a hang of this feature, they can move on to the remote control mode. This allows kids to control the speed, height, and direction of the helicopter with ease. There’s a precise gear feature that works effectively to make the flight more stable. Kids will love the LED lights on the RC helicopter. This allows them to fly the toy at night and have a lot of fun. The helicopter takes 30-minutes to fully charge letting your little one play with it for up to 10-minutes.

  • It has LED lights for night time flying.
  • There’s a precise gear feature for stable flying.
  • It comes with an induction mode for beginners.
  • Some users find that it doesn’t hover as well as they were hoping for.

The Verdict

Flying a remote control helicopter is truly a fun and exciting experience. But with so many choices out there, it’s hard to find the best product that suits you. Before buying one considers factors such as channels, availability of parts, construction, power source, and type. Other factors such as pitch and add-ons/accessories can also be considered before getting one for your little one.

Regardless of your skill level and how you want to use it, it’s important to choose the brand and model that will suit you or your kid. Also, give high regard to quality. Choosing a product that doesn’t easily wear out and is sturdy will ensure that it can withstand crashes and last long enough.