Best Sleds for Kids 2020


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There are very few activities that can bring joy as gliding down a snowy hill or mountain. Snow sleds, tubes, and saucers offer a greats way of giving both adults and children a great time on the snow. Highlighted below is a side by side review of the top 30 sleds that are bound to give your kids unlimited fun on the snow. Without further ado, let’s dig right into it!


Top 30 Best Sleds for Kids 2020

1. Flexible Flyer Metal Snow Disc Saucer Sled

Why we like it: The sled is made from a heavy gauge thin layer of metal. It is also powder coated which means that it is able to glide through the snow uninhibited. It has a unique saucer shaped design which makes it easy for you to turn in any direction while gliding down the snow.

The Flexible Flyer is one of the best sleds in the market that will give your kid the time of their lives. It is uniquely shaped which means it is easier to turn and control when rolling down that snowy mountain.

The shape of the sled also makes it easy for storage since you just stack it up and stow it away. It is also compact which means it can fit into small spaces.

  • The sleds unique shape makes it a lot of fun
  • It is compact measuring 4 inches high thus can be easily stored
  • It has a powdered base which enables it to glide downhill better
  • It dents fast especially on rough terrain

2. Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

Why we like it: The sled is perfect for toddlers since it has a raised sleigh which supports the child. It also has a long tow rope which makes it all the more fun for the kids and the parents also. It is very stable since it has a wide base which means that your kid will not topple over.

The manufactures of this sled for toddlers have put a lot of consideration into the safety of your kid. The sled has a raised sled which supports the toddlers back. It also has a long tow rope which means you can either decide to pull your child at close quarters or put some distance between the two of you. It is stable because it has a wide base.

It is durable since it is made of polyethylene which does not crack in cold temperatures.

  • Has a safety strap to hold your kid into position
  • Has a wide base that makes it stable
  • Does not crack in the cold weather
  • It sinks in light snow

3. Best Choice Products 35in Kids Plastic Sport Tobagg Snow Sled

Why we like it: This sled is meant to give your youngster a lot of fun on the snow. It has two handles on the side which the child can grip on to and also use to steer the sled.

The sled can comfortably seat one kid and it is very comfortable. It has two handle bars which the kid uses to steady themselves when gliding downhill. The handle bars are also used to steer the sled into the direction that the child wants it to move. It also comes with a strong tow rope which you can use to pull the sled uphill.

The sled is made of very durable plastic which means it is lightweight and will last long. It is also compact.

  • Made of plastic which makes it durable and lightweight
  • It has a towing rope to pull it uphill
  • Has handle bars at the sides which provide support and control
  • They do not go fast on snow

4. Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan with Brakes

Why we like it: Quality is one of the features that set this sled apart. It is made of high quality plastic that does not crack in low temperature. This means your kids can enjoy many snow seasons gliding down the hills.

The sled also has brakes which prevents your kids from going at dangerously high speeds which might put them in danger should they fall. The brakes are also used to steer the sled into the desired direction. Once you pull the brake, the sled will turn into that particular direction.

It also comes with a seat rest to support the child’s back. Additionally, it has anti- slip footrest which means that your child will remain secured properly during the ride.

  • Made of high quality plastic which does not crack in the snow
  • Has brakes used for slowing the sled and also steering it
  • It has a seat rest to support the child’s back
  • It is very small and flips easily

5. Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled. Wood Toddler to-Boggan

Why we like it: The Flexible Flyer Baby Pull is a unique sled due to its exceptional design. It is hand crafted and therefore every piece has a classic style.

The sled is made from Hard Rock Marble and comes with runners and a bent backrest for added comfort. To avoid your child from getting all wet, the sled is raised which reduces contact between the kid and the snow. It comes with a wide base which is important in keeping the sled stable. The stability will prevent the sled from flipping over.

The sled comes fully assembled which means your kid can start to glide down the mountain as soon as you receive it. The marble hardwood is also durable and does not spoil due to the cold weather.

  • Has a very unique design
  • Every piece is handmade giving the sled a classic outlook
  • Made of high quality material
  • The wood is not sanded off properly thus it is a bit rough

6. A- DUDU Snow Tube- Heavy Duty Inflatable Snow Tube

Why we like it: This is one of the larger snow tubes which measures 47 inches in diameter. It is large and therefore suitable for both kids and adults to enjoy a sweet time on the snow.

It is made of high quality material which makes it very durable. It is made of PVC material which is not harmful in any way to the environment. It is very comfortable and can easily bear a weight of up to 500 pounds. The sled will not be damaged by the temperature since it can handle temperatures of minus 40 degrees centigrade.

It is extremely easy to inflate the tube and all you will need is a hairdryer or another source of high pressure air and you will be done in less than a minute.

  • It is large and is therefore suitable for both kids and adults
  • Made of high quality material
  • You can inflate and deflate it very fast
  • When it has a leak, it deflates very fast

7. Emsco Group ESP 1055-2 Snow Caterpillar linkable Disc Sled

Why we like it: This sled offers a great way for your child to have fun with their friends since they can join a number of sleds to form a caterpillar as they glide down the mountain or hills. It is made of resin which is high quality material and can therefore withstand high usage.

It is also sturdy and can therefore withstand the freezing temperatures. The sled is a very good way of bringing family and friends together on some gliding escapades. It comes with a special mechanism where two or more sleds can be joined to form a long queue.

The mechanism is made in such a way that no disc will detach from the rest even at high speeds down the snow covered terrain.

  • It has side handles that are designed such that your child can comfortably grip them without straining their wrists.
  • It has a diamond polished bottom surface which makes it glide smoothly on snow.
  • It is design enables it to move very fast and remain balanced even on high speeds.
  • If driven through hard snow, it develops a hole very fast.

8. GeoSpace Original LED Ski Skooter

Why we like it: This is a snow scooter that brings a lot of joy and excitement to children who gild on it. It is a multifunctional scooter since it can be used on grass, snow, and even sand.
Therefore, your kids can enjoy themselves any time of the year.

It comes with an adjustable handle therefore making it appropriate for kids of different ages. The handle bars also make it easy to steer and also helps in the balance. To keep your feet firmly on the deck, it has anti slip technology which ensures that your kid does not slip off while having fun.

It is made of durable material and its bottom base is smooth which enables it to glide smoothly on any surface.

  • Has an adjustable handle
  • The handle helps in steering and with balance
  • Has a smooth base which helps it to glide smoothly on any surface
  • The LED light is a small one

9. Flying Carpet Snow Sled, Winter Toboggan Outdoor Snow Sled

Why we like it: The Flying Carpet Snow Sled offers great value for your money. It is not only lightweight but also compact and as such provides a pleasant experience while gliding down the slope.

It is coated with a topping of powder which gives it the needed acceleration. Additionally, the sleds design enables you to steer it easily and you can stop it by simply dropping your heels on the ground.

It is made from high density polystyrene which is also UV resistant. This means that you do not have to worry about it cracking due to the low temperatures. It is also appropriate for children of different ages and adults as well.

  • You can easily roll it up and carry it
  • It is very compact and of high quality
  • It is a great bargain for its price
  • It comes with a variety of eight different colors
  • It is not as thick thus not very sturdy

10. Slippery Racer Batman Downhill Pro Saucer Snow Sled, Black

Why we like it: The sled will make your kid feel like the Batman on the snow with its unique features. The Slipper Racer Batman Sled is black in color and has an outstanding design. To help the child keep steady, the sled has two handles which are easy to hold on to.

This sled is ahead of the pack with its outstanding design, durability and performance. It is very flexible which means that it can handle even rough terrain. The flexibility is important since the saucer can bend without breaking.

Its handles also come in handy as they will provide support for the kids as they gracefully glide downhill.

  • The sled is coated with the Ice Vex cold resistant treatment which means that your child can enjoy themselves longer
  • It has an outstanding design
  • Its design makes it perform better
  • It is long lasting
  • Some come with the handle broken

11. Snow Sled Kids Winter Toboggan Sled, 33- inch Blue

Why we like it: This is one sled that will give your kids a perfect time while sliding downhill. Its handles are built-in which means that your child will have the perfect support.

The scooter is meant for only one kid and comes with a tow rope which makes it easy to pull uphill. It is the perfect sled for kids aged 3 to 15 years. The plastic material it is made of is very durable which means your kids will have a time of their lives for a long time

The manufactures offer a limited lifetime warranty on the product should you find it defected in either workmanship or the material.

  • Has inbuilt handles which offer great support
  • Has a tow rope to pull it uphill
  • Comes with a warranty should you receive it defected
  • It is small for kids aged 13 and above

12. Millside Industries Garden Wagon Sleigh

Why we like it: The sled is constructed in such a way that it is perfect to be used either when there is snow or when it is sunny. In other words you can use it in any season. It is also very easy to replace the slides with wheels which makes it very convenient at all times.

The sled is constructed from high quality material (hard wood) which makes it durable and it will not crack under the extreme weather conditions. It has a long and sturdy handle which makes it easy to pull your kid on the snow.

For easier transportation, the handle folds in which makes the sled compact. It is perfect for kids above 3 years and has a weight capacity of 300lbs (136 kg).

  • Made of durable material
  • Has a long sturdy handle
  • Easily convertible from a wagon to a sled
  • Will crack if overloaded

13. Slippery Racer Superman Downhill Pro Saucer Snow Sled, Blue

Why we like it: This sled is officially licensed by the Superman Sled Downhill Sled which attests to its high quality. It is made of durable plastic and has a sleek design.

This is one of the best disc sleds in the market. It has a sleek design which makes it stand out from the rest. It is made from high quality plastic which means that your kid will have fun for a long time.

It has a coating which makes it move smoothly and fast on the snow’s surface. The sled has built- in handles where your kid can steady themselves.

  • Made of durable material
  • It has a sleek design
  • Has built- in handles
  • It gets a hole when used on rough and hard snow

14. Best Choice Products Kids Snow Scooter Sledge Folding Sliding Ski

Why we like it: It is made of very durable material which will give your kids many years of joy while sliding downhill. It also comes with a handle which makes steering the snow scooter easy.

The snow scooter is designed in such a way that it can handle a lot since it is made from hardened plastic. It has handle bars which makes it easy for your child to control it while sliding downhill. The handle bar is foldable making the snow scooter compact thus easily storable.

It has anti slip foot rest which ensures that your kid will not fall off the scooter while gliding downhill.

  • It has a foldable handle
  • Has anti-slip foot rest
  • Made of durable plastic material
  • Might develop a bow in the middle which renders it immobile

15. Wave Bandit Shred Sled Mini Surfboard, Neon Pink, 37 inch

Why we like it: The sled board has an outstanding design which means it can be used as both a sled and a surfboard. It is made of high quality material with a sleek bottom to give your kids that exhilarating experience.

The sled doubles up as a surfing board and can also be used as a skim and body board. This means that the kids can use the board not only on snow, but also on water. The board comes with a leash plug which makes it possible for you to attach a leash or rope to pull it up hill or guide your kid through snow.

It has a wrist leash which gives your child the required support. Its sleek bottom ensures that it glides smoothly through snow.

  • Comes with a wrist leash
  • Can be used as a sled and skate board
  • Has a sleek design which makes it go fast on the snow
  • Wrist leash might get entangled on the hand

16. Zipfy Freestyle Luge Snow Sled

Why we like it: The sled is made in such a way that it is suitable for kids of all ages. In addition to its sturdiness, the sled is light weight and compact as well.

This is one sled that will make every kid in the family very happy. It is appropriate for kids of all ages. It is very safe and you do not have to worry about kids injuring themselves as they have fun. It is easy to steer and all the kid has to do is turn in the direction that they want the sled to move.

It is has two tones of color which adds to its authenticity. It also has a handle which makes it easy to ride and a seat pad for added comfort.

  • It is lightweight and compact
  • Has a seat pad for added comfort
  • It is safe and easy to steer
  • They are not as fast

17. Slippery Racer Buddy The Elf Downhill Pro Saucer Snow Sled, Green

Why we like it: The sled weighs 1.5 pounds only which means that it is lightweight. It is also very durable and has the classic logo of The Elf which adds to its authenticity.

The sled is lightweight and therefore easy to carry on the car or uphill. It comes with the classic “The Elf” logo which gives it a particular authenticity and its design makes it stand out from the rest. It is made of high quality material which means it will last through many snow seasons.

It has a sleek coated plastic which makes it glide smoothly on ice. Due to the coating, it also moves at a high speed. For safety, it has inbuilt handles where your kids can steady themselves as they glide downhill.

  • Has a unique design and “The Elf’ logo
  • Coated which makes it go fast
  • Has inbuilt handles
  • Dents on rough snow

18. Gymax Snow Sled, 35’’ Toboggan Boat Sledge Portable Rolling Snow Slider

Why we like it: The Gymax Snow Sled is one of the best sleds in its category. Its bathtub like design makes it more comfortable compared to other sleds.

This is one of the best sleds in the market due to its design. Its bathtub design ensures that your kids can comfortably sit in it while they roll down that snowy terrain. It also comes with a tethered rope which makes it easy to pull the sled uphill or haul your kids through snow at a leisurely pace.

It is also large measuring 35 inches by 16.9 inches by 4.3 inches which means a child aged 3 to 10 years can comfortably fit in the sled.

  • Has large enough room
  • Its design makes it more comfortable
  • Has a tethered rope
  • Not as thick as some sleds in the same category

19. Sled Legs Wearable Snow Sleds

Why we like it: They offer your kids a unique way of sledding down the hill. They are easy to strap on and have as much fun on your legs as you can get.

If your kid is an adrenaline junkie, then the Wearable Leg Snow Sleds are a perfect gift for them. They are easy to strap on as you start your decent down the hill. They are designed in such a way that you do not drug your toes. They have a ramp and as such, your toes act as the steering mechanism and you can also use them to slow down the sled.

For extra support and comfort, the sled has an interior made of padded foam. It is made of highly durable ABS plastic.

  • Easy to strap on and carry
  • Have a padded interior for more comfort
  • Made of high quality ABS plastic
  • The straps are not long enough

20. Flexible Flyer Aurora Snow Sled

Why we like it: It is a cushioned sled that offers comfort to your kid as they glide down the snowy terrain. It is also lightweight which means that kids can carry it back uphill without any issues.

Apart from the padding providing comfort, it also acts as shock absorber thus offering a smooth ride to your kids. It is made of one inch polyethylene foam which is laminated between a crack resistant bottom and a very durable top layer.

It moves at super speeds downhill because of its waxed bottom. It is appropriate for kids 5 years and above.

  • It is cushioned which makes it comfortable
  • The padding acts as a shock absorber
  • Glides fast on the snow and it does not crack
  • The cushioning is not as comfortable

21. Mad River Rocket Snow Sled For Fun Carving Turns, Stopping, and Backcountry Adventuring

Why we like it: The steerable sleds allow for adventurous cruising through the woods, sledding in deep powder, and backcountry exploration. This product is just the perfect product for family fun.

This award-winning sled has been featured in Ski Magazine, The New York Times, Yankee Magazine, ABC News, Popular Science, among others. The World Street Journal ranked it among the top 5 snow sleds. This makes the manufacturers a formidable authority in the field.

It has a patented design that is extremely unique. At its base are deep channels and grooves which make it much easier to handle in the snow. The design also allows for optimal control and flexible maneuverability which can be adopted into a wide range of free-sledding tricks.

  • Made of durable material
  • Is top quality and has a patented design
  • Is an award-winning snow sled
  • The knee-foam could be longer and thicker in order to effectively serve the bigger guys


Why we like it: The Airhead Sno-Boggan is ideal for kids’ sledding in the snow. The 36” wooden sled comes with additional parts that include a protective eye and head gear, as well as a lanyard rope for pulling the one riding on it on the snow.

The hardwood board is durable and guaranteed to give you a lengthy service. At the bottom, it is fitted with rails to aid in tracking. On both sides are molded handles used by the rider to secure a firm grip. In addition, there is a user manual with step-by-step usage instructions available for download. This allows the users to derive the greatest possible benefit from all the product’s properties.

  • It is durable since it is made of a hardwood sled
  • Its handles are molded to secure a firm grip
  • The bottom is not rough or sticky making sliding in the snow easier
  • Requires adult assistance

23. Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. Steel & Wood Steering Snow Slider

Why we like it: With a size of 48 inches, it is large enough to be used by adults too and also small enough to be pushed by kids over the hill. The steering properties enhance user experience as there are various ways of doing it.

One can steer with their feet in a sited position, with their hands while lying down, or by pulling with a rope attached to the steering bar. The wooden and metal sled is durable because it is made of birch wood and runners of powder-coated steel.

It is also the most maneuverable and fastest sled on snow hills. The steel runners at the bottom enhance its mobility on snowy surfaces.

  • Versatile steering options
  • Can be used by kids as well as adults
  • Is the fastest and most maneuverable sled
  • Comes fully assembled
  • May be prohibited in some public areas such as the Central Park, NYC.

24. Outdoor Wooden Pull Sleds for Kids

Why we like it: There is something just heart-warming about this sled ideal for toddlers and babies. Whether it is the sight of a toddler proudly pulling it on their own or a baby enjoying a gentle ride on the snow for the very first time, this 9 pound product is handcrafted with easy pulls and moves.

It is not only fun to use but also durable enough to be optimally useful to your toddlers and babies. The wood is 100% oak while the metal parts are made of stainless steel hardware.

The red oak and stainless steel are built extraordinarily to give the sled a finish that appears like a classic piece of furniture. This improves the comfort as well.

  • Made of durable material
  • Has properties and functionality ideal for toddlers and babies
  • Is handcrafted with optimal precision.
  • Requires close adult supervision

25. Unplugged Explorers 6 pc. Ultimate Snow Toys kit

Why we like it: These snowball kit toys for kids are the best options you can use to encourage your young ones to engage in physical activity and active play. What’s even better is the fact that on purchasing the product, you get an additional free plastic snowball maker that you can either share with a friend or the other kids.

With this kit, your little explorers can spend hours having fun enjoying home-made winter sports. The snow fort block maker and the snowball toy are among the winter sport favorites for kids mainly because they can actually take time to build the desired snow fort as well as the ammunition to defend the fort castle!

  • Encourages exploration for the young minds
  • Encourages physical fitness during winter with engaging outdoor activity
  • Easy to find individual components
  • Only useful on rare occasions when it is snowing heavily

26. Slippery Racer Downhill Sprinter Toboggan Snow Sled

Why we like it: Of all common snow-playing toys, this one is at the top of the curve when it comes to durability, design, and performance. It is particularly built to always remain strong in usage regardless of the terrain.

Most sleds lose their usefulness as a result of cracking. However, this product is built with a flexible body that easily bends without breaking thus making it much more durable. In addition, it has a coating of Slippery Racer’s proprietary IceVex cold-resistant treatment to ensure that it operates optimally even when the temperatures get extremely cold.

You can purchase this product with an absolute peace of mind since it comes with a 1-Year factory warranty. It also comes with an additional pull rope used to haul back up the hill.

  • Built with a slick coated flex plastic that enhances its durability
  • Comes with a 1-Year factory warranty
  • Has an extreme-cold resistant treatment
  • Might require better aerodynamics

27. Slippery Racer Airdual Inflatable Snow Tube Sled, Blue

Why we like it: With a heavy duty PVC snow tube, this 60 inch slippery racer is guaranteed to give you a memorable experience during the snowy weather. It can accommodate up to two riders which makes it easier for coaching purposes and also enhances the social experience of riding in the snow together. Its bottom is slick to maximize its speed as well as durability.

It can still be of great service even in extreme temperatures since it is coated with ice vex cold-resistant treatment made by Slippery Racer. This property gives it the capacity to withstand freezing temperatures. It also has 4 handle grips that are reinforced to provide support and stability to the 2 riders.

This is the perfect product for sledding enthusiasts, snow lovers, and hobbyists because it is built in top-notch quality, design, and performance. It is also made to withstand freezing temperatures as well as rugged terrains.

  • Has a bigger capacity of 2 riders
  • It is durable
  • Is portable because of the inflatable snow tubes
  • Can be pricked by sharp objects or surfaces when inflated

28. AIRHEAD CYBER RYDER Foam Sled, 39″

Why we like it: This 39 inch long and 19 inch wide foam sled may be built for 1 rider but it gives great comfort while enjoying the thrill of the snow ride. It has a slick HDPE on the bottom to maximize on the comfort of the foam and the speed as well.

It has 2 molded plastic handles to help with the rider’s stability and firm grip especially when speeding downhill. The manufacturers are very helpful in the event that you require any kind of assistance using it or finding replacement for damaged or broken parts. For every purchase, they provide a users’ manual with clear instructions on how best to use it.

They also give a warranty upon request.

  • The slick HDPE improves its comfort and speed
  • Great customer service and support
  • Offers great stability when speeding
  • Requires a considerable level of skill
  • Not so durable

29. POCO DIVO Snow Shuttle Kids Sled Winter Sports Toy Snowboard Plastic Toboggan

Why we like it: This product is made of durable plastic that is further reinforced with stainless steel shins. With dimensions of 35”L * 17.5”W * 9”H, this is a little racer convenient for kids aged above 5 years. It accommodates a single person per ride.

IIt comes with the additional component of a pull rope that is attached to a handle. This allows you to pull the sled up the hill or on a walk. It is also built with high quality HDPE to help it withstand extreme weather, especially freezing conditions. As such, it can be used throughout the winter even when it gets too cold.

A warranty is provided by the manufacturers upon request.

  • It is sturdy
  • Does not have many separate parts requiring to be put together
  • Easy to use and requires minimal supervision
  • Requires icier conditions for optimal moving

30. Sno-Storm 48″ Snowboard Sled 2-Pack

Why we like it: Tested for riders weighing up to 165 lbs, the Sno-Storm snowboard is the perfect product for adult snowboarding enthusiasts. Adults require more stability because they have a bigger weight to support. In this regard, this product is engineered with deck contours to provide an improved grip.

Every snowboard comes with an additional tow rope plug with efficient handling properties such as a molded handle. In addition, they have an expanded polystyrene core that is further made strong by an in-built strengthening layer.

This product is very unique because it is designed with fun and enjoyment in mind by successful winter sports enthusiasts. The manufacturers also have many years of manufacturing experience which is depicted in the product’s perfect balance of performance and quality material.

  • The deck contours give it an improved grip
  • Made by winter sport enthusiasts with fun and enjoyment in mind
  • It is sturdy
  • Requires a certain level of expertise

Bottom line

Finding the right sled for optimal performance can be a very tricky affair. Luckily, we have analyzed some 30 sleds and highlighted their performance to make your purchasing decision easier. We believe that the information provided above will help you select the best sled for your kid.