Best Toys for Newborns 2020


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Having your bundle of joy is thrilling for parents. But you have to keep the baby active by buying them the best toys. Toys are incredible treasures of childhood. However, you have to be careful because toys might be hazardous too. Some may be too small whereby kids can swallow while some are sharp to cause injuries.

A report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission indicates that, in 2015, more than 250,000 injuries related to toys were treated in U.S. hospitals. These injuries involved kids below the age of five. Therefore, keeping your child safe is paramount.

When you’re buying toys, you have to consider a myriad of factors like age, the size of the toy, material used, edges, among many others. Below, we have outlined the best toys for newborns in the market. They are safe for toddlers, durable, and they come at a competitive price.

Top 30 Best Toys for Newborns 2020

1. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Why we like it: This toy contains a nontoxic purIce gel which allows it to cool for long. the cool surface soothes and stimulates sore gums.

This is the ideal toy for kids who are teething. The keys do a great job soothing and comforting the teeth and gums. They are designed with a soft-textured fabric with offset surfaces. the textured-surface assist in the eruption of teeth — Nuby’s toy help baby through often-difficult teething. The pack includes clean teether, sooth, and massage sensitive gums. The hard and soft teethers aid in cutting and strengthening the set of new teeth. It’s constructed with PurIce technology which provides gentle cooling. The easy grip design is suitable for tiny hands which helps in coordination.

  • Ideal for three months and above
  • The PurIce technology offers a cooling effect that soothes the gum
  • The secure grip which is suitable for tiny hands
  • Provides combined exercise to hands, teeth, and gum
  • Some parents feel the keys are too small for the baby to hold appropriately
  • Has a strong chemical smell

2. The First Years Stack Up Cups

Why we like it: The cups are brightly colored to keep the baby glued and hooked. They also offer multiple ways to play.

If you have been looking for newborn toys made of BPA-Free materials, then you have the right item. The cups have holes at the bottom to drain water out. If you’re looking forward to boosting the cognitive skills of your toddler from a tender age, then these cups by The First Years are up to the task. They are eight simple cups that will keep the toddler busy the entire day. the items are made of plastic; hence they will be gentle on your baby. the cups piece together for developmental play. Additionally, they enhance hand-eye coordination.

  • The cups boost problem-solving skills
  • They are beautiful cups made of different sizes and come with a bonus link
  • The cups are inexpensive
  • Boost cognitive skills
  • Unbelievably small
  • They might not last for long

3. Baby Banana Infant Training Teether and Toothbrush

Why we like it: This is the best toy that will help you develop good hygiene in your kid as early as possible. It’s soft and simple to use.

Proper grooming and high hygiene maintenance should start at a tender age. With this baby banana toy, you will manage to help your baby develop good oral hygiene habits. It’s made of silicone bristles which are gentle of the sore teething gums. It comes with a-peel-ing handles that make it easy for the kids to hold. For maximum safety, the toy is made of 100% food grade silicone with BPA, phthalate, and latex free materials. It’s freezer and dishwasher friendly.

  • It’s ideal for infants to 12 months
  • Comes in various stunning colors
  • It’s gentle on the sore teething gums
  • 100% flexible silicon prevent mouth injuries
  • The silicon part might break out and choke the baby
  • Strong chemical odor

4. First Builders Big Building Bag

Why we like it: This is a classic 80 pc toy that is designed to boost cognitive skills of babies at a tender age. The pieces are compact for little hands.

Children tend to create anything they imagine. The pieces will give them ample time to build and rebuild their imaginative structures. Another significant factor about these toys is that they’re easy to store. This is aided by the reusable storage bag they come with. You, therefore, assured of a clean and neat room after playtime. The First Builders helps the toddlers build, explore, and stack with endless possibilities of learning more. They can create a sporting wagon, a school bus, or even the ABC musical train.

  • The 80 pieces offer endless creativity
  • The storage bag makes it easy to store the items after playtime
  • Worth your money
  • Be watchful for kids under the age of 1 year
  • Blocks do not stick firmly

5. Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Why we like it: The toy is designed to kill boredom during bath time. It keeps the toddler busy and engaged in the tub.

Babies love items that keep them active and engaged. And Munchkin toy is one of those items that will keep your baby calm and excited during bath. It has a magnetic fishing hook for quickly picking the sea creatures. The handle is made with the tiny hands in mind. the clicking sounds purpose of keeping the baby happy, giving a more realistic feel of fishing. It’s a unisex toy that you can clean easily with water and air dry before storing. The items are air-tight which helps in limiting mildew and mold.

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Easy to clean
  • The handle is suitable for tiny hands
  • The clicking sound gives it a realistic feel
  • The screws are not rust-resistant
  • The string might break easily

6. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Why we like it: The toy encourages discovery and exploration for infants. Furthermore, it offers endless entertainment as well as enhancing language and cognitive skills.

Kick, shake, or pass the ball to activate the motion sensor. The baby will hear fun sounds and music. Literally, every baby love music, so you’re guaranteed that your little one will have fun. the puppy toy allows you to introduce age-appropriate vocabulary with entertaining song and phrases. It helps in developing and boosting the language and cognitive skills in infants. You can also pretend to play and take turns to help the baby develop social skills. Additionally, the toy promotes gross and fine motor skill development by spinning gears, stacking blocks, and pressing buttons.

  • Suitable for boosting emotional and language skills
  • It promotes motor and physical skills
  • Sturdy
  • An ideal gift for babies
  • Inexpensive
  • The string might be too short for babies over six months’ old
  • Some parents claim that the sounds are horrible

7. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical toy

Why we like it: This toy by Baby Musical Toys is an inexpensive item that inspires a lifelong love of music for kids. It has large buttons that make it easy for the toddlers to switch from song to song.

The toy is perfectly sized for tiny hands to take their stunning tunes anywhere. The baby will enjoy songs from Chopin, Mozart, and other more enjoyable tunes. Furthermore, it comes with gentle flashing lights that move to the rhythm to inspire both audio and visual perception. Baby Einstein helps you to promote music appreciation and boost auditory development in your baby. 2- AA batteries empower the lights and melodies. It ensures the music will never go out of play.

  • The kid can switch up to 7 melodies
  • Large buttons for easy control
  • Ideal for ages 3 – 36 months
  • Easy to hold
  • The paint may come off easily
  • Buttons may fail to work after a short while

8. LeapFrog scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart

Why we like it: This magic scooper is ideal in building memory and enhancing sequencing skill. It comes with an instruction manual for easy usage.

If you’re looking forward to promoting the gross motor skills in your kids, then you should have this toy in the toy cabinet. The scooper scoops the ice cream and toppings creating a stunning and tasty-looking combination. The child will count to ten along with the tasty-looking ice cream by pressing the coin or pump button. As the baby pushes the cart around, they will build gross motor skills while listening to epic songs and music.

  • Features 10 melodies to keep the kid entertained
  • There are more than 200 fun phrases
  • The seven games help in developing memory
  • It promotes creativity
  • Some clients claim that the sounds didn’t work
  • The screws don’t hold together firmly

9. Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

Why we like it: The toy is ideal for enhancing visual tracking as well as strengthening fine motor skills.

Sassy company has been working diligently to develop educative toys that encourage STEM learning. The Wonder Wheel is ideal for 6 to 24 months-old kids. It’s designed with the same-sized rings which allow it to get stacked in any direction for hustle-free play. the stacks of circles boost early STEM learning by teaching toddlers about the size, sorting, and sequencing. It has chunky rings that make it easy for the toddler to grasp. The rings are numbered for counting. The straight post is constructed to accept different sized rings which help in strengthening hand-eye coordination.

  • The toy promotes STEM learning
  • Supports hustle-free play
  • Spinning wheel encourages bay to bat, reach and tug which; as a result, boost hand-eye coordination
  • Pricey
  • It might hurt the fingers
  • Not washing friendly

10. Green Toys Ferry Boat with Bathtub and Mini Cars

Why we like it: If you’re looking forward to entertaining your toddler with a safe and durable toy, then GREEN Toys Ferry Boat is the ideal toy to buy in 2020.

This is a USA-made toy that is constructed with 100% recycled plastic. This means the material is eco-friendly. The versatile toy is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether at the pool or in the bath, the Green Toys Ferry Boat provides open-ended, imaginative fun. It has no phthalate, PCV, BPA, or external coating which makes it safe for kids and even around food. The USA supply chain helps in reducing greenhouse gas and saves energy. Apart from easy cleaning, the toy encourages the development of fine motors.

  • Ready to indoor or outdoor
  • Easy to clean
  • Fun-interactive toy suitable for pool play or bath time
  • The toy enhances imaginative play
  • Made of eco-friendly material
  • The toy sink instead of floating
  • It’s prone to rust

11. Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

Why we like it: The toy is designed to provide a solid foundation by fostering development and stimulating the kid’s brain.

This is a stunning mirror toy that is ideal for newborns. It encourages the toddler to focus on the human face to get the real, true reflection. To make t more stunning, the mirror is attached with symmetrical butterfly for vision. Furthermore, it promotes tactile exploration. The soft frame of the mirror is suitable for baby’s environment. The easel back is ergonomically designed to allow the item to stand firmly on flat surfaces. Made of plastic material and weighing 6.4 ounces, the mirror is considered lightweight yet sturdy.

  • A lightweight item that is easy to store and transport
  • It as an easel back to make it stand firmly on a flat surface
  • It makes the baby focus on a human face
  • Easy to clean
  • Quite expensive
  • The toy is too flimsy

12. The First Years Disney Squirt Baby Bath Toys

Why we like it: It’s a perfect toy for bath time fun. Its compact size makes it easy for the kids to handle.

Rooted in innovation, The First Years aims at developing toys that promote growth and fun in kids, making your parenting becomes easy. With these toys, the child will have fun squirting water during bath time. the compact size of the toys makes it easy y to toddlers to handle. More so, the items Aare made of soft-textured material which is ideal for teething babies. The painting does not come off making a safe kit for young ones. The colorful design is purposed to develop visual engagement.

  • The toys are BPA free
  • Designed to last you for life
  • It’s made of softer material which is gentle of the young ones
  • Easy to hold
  • They can easily develop molds
  • Not easy to clean

13. Sassy development Bumpy Ball

Why we like it: The toy is designed with multiple material and textures to engage child’s development of tactile sensitivity.

Nothing beats a colorful toy for a child. As a parent, you have the sole responsibility to develop visual skills for your baby. And the best way to do it is by getting them colorful yet safe toys. The Sassy Development Bumpy Ball is made of easy-to-grasp bumps that are ideal in developing motor skills for babies above six months. The bold patterns and bright colors appropriate for developing baby’s vision. The gentle rattle sounds enhance the creation of neural connections in toddlers’ brains from birth to around three years. The different materials teach baby about variety.

  • Bold patterns and bright colors make the ball a must-have
  • Easy-to-grasp bumps make it easy for the baby to handle
  • It promotes the development of fine motor skills
  • Enhance physical coordination
  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Weak quality bump that is choking hazard

14. Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles 4 Count Bath Toy

Why we like it: The toy will make your child delightful with floating bath babbles, shine, and spin. They are compact in size for little hands. It’s a unisex toy ideal for 4 months and up.

Do you baby love things that bobble, rattle, shine, and spin? Then the fun is yet to start. This lightweight toy requires no battery meaning the baby will have continued fun. the turtle and penguin animal characters roll and rattle creating exciting escapades. The items are weighed to stay upright. More so, the Munchkin Float helps the baby develop motor skills as well as enhancing hand-eye coordination. The textured rings move freely around the bubbles to boost the vision of the baby.

  • Develops motor skills and promotes hand-eye coordination
  • The toys are ting for little hands
  • It’s a lightweight toy
  • Dry quickly
  • No holes for mildew and mold
  • Might fall apart soon
  • It’s not waterproof

15. Manhattan Toy Winkel Sensory and Rattle Teether Toy

Why we like it: It’s a perfect baby teething toy which promotes clutching. The multipole newborn toy award winner is also suitable for newborns to 2-years-old.

This is a classic toy that will delight your young one. The toy is amazingly designed with unique shape and bright colors to intrigue infants as they turn and track their heads. It makes the baby eager to touch, shake, and lift this stunning maze. This is perfect teething and gumming toy. The toys are durably constructed to handle the most rigorous teethers. It can also be refrigerated to offer relief to sore baby gums.

  • The Winkels is lightweight
  • The toy is ideal for teething and gumming
  • It’s safe and soft
  • It promotes two-handed play and clutching
  • It’s very easy to for tiny hands to grasp
  • It grows mold
  • It has a strong chemical odor
  • Hard to clean

16. Nuby Silicone TeeThe- EEZ Teether with Bristles

Why we like it: the hygiene carrying bag keeps your baby away from contamination that can lead to adverse infections. The products are BPA free.

The toy is perfectly designed for teething toddlers as early as three months. The 100% soft silicone teether is sized for tiny hands. It has massaging bristles which assist ion the eruption of teeth by massaging the baby’s gum. More so, it has multiple textures that massage, stimulate, soothe, and clean baby’s gums. The item comes with a hygienic carrying case the keeps the kid’s teether clean throughout. The fish-shaped toy is easy for baby to hold.

  • The carrying bag keeps it clean
  • It soothes the sore gums during teething
  • Designed for tiny hands
  • When it breaks, it can lead to choking and mouth injuries
  • It has a weird chemical smell
  • Attract dirt easily

17. Oball Kids Shaker Toy

Why we like it: The colorful rattle beads create an epic sound to delight and entertain the baby.

If you have been looking for an affordable toy that will keep the baby entertained, the Oball Toy by Oball is your ultimate choice. The attractive toy contains two mini teethable, flexible OBall which are easy to clean. The textured rattle is quite clear to enable the baby to see the stunning beads. Being a BPA-free toy means it’s safe. To wipe clean, you use a damp cloth with mild soap. However, do not immerse in water. The teethable Oballs are small enough for the baby to hold it firmly. It’s a lightweight toy that does not require batteries to operate. Although it’s made in China, it’ durability if impressive.

  • Offers too much fun to keep down
  • Perfect size for little hands
  • Lightweight and easy to clean
  • Durable
  • It might not withstand a 4-month-old
  • Some clients claim it does not rattle

18. Little Tikes Rocking Horse Blue

Why we like it: The blue horse is an attractive toy designed to create fun for your young one. the small size makes it easy and possible for the tiny hands to hold it firmly.

The children’s toy by Little Tikes has been constructed in a bright color with smoothed edges and corners. This is to ensure it does not hurt the baby. Kids will learn to balance and enhance their coordination. More so, the rocking horse is suitable to create imaginary gallops in the house. It has a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds. the seat is designed to prevent kids from falling back or forward. It’s a USA-made toy designed with easy grip handles.

  • Inexpensive
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Low saddled construction for stability
  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor use
  • The maximum weight limit is 50lbs
  • Easy-grip handles
  • The clients claim that the edges are incredibly sharp to cause injuries

19. Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack

Why we like it: This toy is not only cheap but colorful too. The rings are stunning and are designed for perfect stacking and grasping.

If you want your baby’s senses to dance, then buy her this colorful toy. It comes with a variety of fun music, textures and bright lights that will keep the baby entertained. The ring has a shiny surface designed with rattling beads inside to create more fun. bat-at rocker base gives the toy the necessary stability. The newborns will have endless fun which features two great fisher-price toys: baby’s first blocks and a rock-a-stack. All these rings will keep the baby active and busy as a bee which in return develop problem solving and fine motor skills.

  • Blocks introduce shapes and colors
  • 10 stunning blocks to stack, sort, and drop
  • It helps in developing fine motor skills
  • It doubles the fun and triple learning
  • The lids do not stay put
  • It attracts dirt easily

20. Nuby 10-Pack Little Squirts, Assorted Characters Fun Bath Toys

Why we like it: This is a colorful toy that comes with fun floating characters. It encourages imaginative play and improves the baby’s hand-eye coordination.

If you have been searching for an adorable toy that is suitable for 6 months and above, then Nuby is the ideal pack. The little squirts bath toy consists of 10 soft rubber characters which squirt water when squeezed. The squirting feature makes bath time enjoyable and more fun. The colorful floating characters include crab, duck, octopus, fish, alligator, turtle, dolphin, shark, dolphin and penguin. The items are brightly colored to enhance the baby’s vision. The compact size is perfect for little hands to squeeze.

  • BPA free
  • Encourages imaginative play and boost hand-eye coordination
  • Perfectly sized for the little hands
  • They become moldy after a short while
  • It develops mildew
  • Has a strong chemical smell

21. Fat Brain Toys Dimpl Baby Toys

Why we like it: this high-quality toy is simple yet sophisticated. It encourages the development of fine motor skills and enhances cognitive abilities.

This is a beautiful toy that features 5 vibrant silicon bubbles placed in a plastic frame. the bubbles come in different stunning colors and sizes. Little hands cannot resist these epic buttons. It’s a perfect sensory adventure child can take anywhere. Built with BPA-free material, the toy is thoroughly tested for safety. the frame is made of sturdy ABS plastic to withstand kids’ teeth. If you have been struggling to keep your baby busy, then your hustle is over. It’s a lovely toy that keeps their attention at bay. Furthermore, it’s lightweight for kids to go with it anywhere.

  • Made of sturdy ABS plastic for durability
  • Suitable for teething babies
  • Bright colors to keep the attention
  • Easy to clean
  • Can easily fit in a diaper bag
  • The bubbles are quite small which can cause choking
  • Expensive

22. Skip Hop Spout Cover Moby Bath Universal Fit Toy

Why we like it: The Skip Hop Universal Fit is made of soft, tough rubber that protects the baby from injuries during bath time. Its sleek design makes it a must-have toy.

Make bath time entertaining by getting this ergonomically designed toy. Skip Hop is known for making parenthood and enjoyable journey by manufacturing the must-have toys. And sure to its promises, Skip Hop designed this toy with an easy-to-adjust strap that tightens and secures on most spouts. It has an opening that makes it easy to access to shower diverter. More so, it’s a dishwasher-safe and mildew- and mold-resistant. It’s also fitted with a tail hook which hangs neatly.

  • PCV, BPA, and Phthalate-free bath spout for kids
  • The soft, tough rubber prevent injuries during bath time
  • It has a sleek design
  • It’s easy to install
  • Some clients claim that it falls off the spout constantly

23. VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

Why we like it: The peek-a-boo slider and roller helps in developing motor skills while the kid is discovering surprises and fun sounds.

Care for Me Learning Carrier is an interactive pet carrier by VTech that allows little ones to take their stunning pet everywhere. It’s fitted with an activity panel on the side which is packed with learning fun. Spinning the roller and sliding the window add more fun while enhancing fine motor skills. This is a lightweight toy that you can take everywhere. You can introduce play music and letters by sliding the letter beads. More so, the carrier comes with four pet care accessories to help little ones to groom, play, and feed with the puppy.

  • The carrier is bright and durable
  • It helps in developing motor skills
  • It’s well built and reasonably big
  • It’s cute and offers lots of fun
  • The kennel door might be too hard to open for young ones
  • Pricey

24. Vulli Sophie The Giraffe New Box

Why we like it: This giraffe with polka dots is made of 100% natural rubber made from Hevea tree. It’s perfect for teething and cooling sore gums.

For over 55 years, Sophie la giraffe has become a darling to parents who want their toddlers to have endless fun. Being made with 100% natural rubber means it’s soft enough for teething and prevents injuries on the gum. The package includes a booklet for kids to discover more amazing products and the Sophie story. Horns, ears, and legs are chewable making it ideal for soothing kid’s sore gums during teething. The squeaker stimulates hearing and keeps the baby amused. It’s light and perfect for little hands.

  • It stimulates emotional and physiological responses
  • Perfect for tiny hands
  • Easy to clean
  • It soothes sore gums during teething
  • The squeaking sound stimulates hearing
  • The color might come off in baby’s mouth
  • It comes at a high price

25. Funcorn Bath Toy

Why we like it: The toy is colorful and makes bath time enthralling. The gadget enables children to learn about fishing and swimming. It promotes flexibility and enhances fine motor skills.

The package includes fishing net, two strain scoop toy, fishing rod, and three squirts toy and an organizer bag. The entire package makes the product great to play in a swimming pool or bathtub. The fishing rod is made of high-quality, flexible plastic with a smooth edge. This ensures the baby is safe. When squeezed, the character squirt which keeps the baby happy and develops motor skills. the child can scoop water from the two stunning fish and flows through the bathroom, creating more fun during bath time.

  • Well-built for durability
  • Makes bathing time fun
  • Helps the child to learn more about fishing
  • The mesh bag is flimsy

26. Infantino Good Bites Textured Carrot Teether

Why we like it: The toy has two teething sides with sturdy handles for little hands. It’s a cheap toy that offers soothing feeling during various teething moments.

Getting an item that strikes a balance between quality and affordability can be quite taxing. However, Infantino managed to do what seems impossible. The manufacturer designed this toy with baby in mind. the BPA-free silicone ensures the baby’s safety is not compromised. The soft-textured silicone carrot teether is perfect for soothing gums and providing great teething relief. More so, it features easy-to-hold handles perfect for tiny hands. The bright color makes it appealing. It’s easy to clean with water and dish soap.

  • It’s a well-built carrot teether, cute and easy to hold
  • The soft silicone is perfect for soothing gums during teething
  • You can easily clean it using water and dish soap
  • Highly durable
  • Some clients claim that the material is too hard on gums

27. Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether

Why we like it: The silicone baby teether comes in two beautiful colors: blue and orange. It has a non-choking design with several points of holding and grabbing.

Parents can attest that teeth coming through delicate pink gums are associated with fussing, discomfort, and crying. Doctors always advise parents and guardians to use their fingers or a damp washcloth to ease the discomfort. However, this might not be hygiene. That’s why getting this silicone baby teether is the perfect idea. The teethers are designed to mimic tiny baby fingers. They are made with hygienic silicone material to make it perfectly chewy and offers maximum safety. the four finger-like prongs are well-sized to mimic baby finger. Furthermore, the prongs are long enough to soothe molars.

  • The Comotomo teether is BPA-free
  • Perfect size
  • Easy to hold
  • Prongs are soft to soothe baby’s sore gum
  • Perfect for little hands
  • The residue coating might come off easily
  • It attracts dirt easily

28. Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Why we like it: If you have been looking for a perfect toy to develop baby’s tactile senses, then Textures Multi ball Set by Infantino is your ultimate choice.

The study shows that the more the kid’s tactile experiences are, the smarter they are likely to be. The child’s instances of anxiety drastically reduce leading to fewer tantrums. More so, their capability to build and maintain a broad synapse of network improves. That is why this toy is a must-have. It has subtle coloration which is appealing to the infant’s eyes. Since the balls are BPA-and lead-free, they are safe for sore gums. They come in a bag for secure storage and also to keep the ball safe from dirt.

  • Lightweight and easy to toss around
  • They don’t have an awful plastic stench
  • Perfect size for gripping
  • The six uniquely-textured balls encourage sensory exploration
  • Promotes tactile development
  • Not mold-resistant
  • Poor quality

29. Lamaze Mortimer the Moose

Why we like it: The squeaker tummy keeps the baby entertained and awakens auditory awareness. It’s made of a super-soft material that the baby will love to snuggle and touch.

Mortimer the Moose has beautiful, satin legs and various textures on the hooves. The colorful, fun jingles and crinkles add fun. Mortimer’s tummy squeak and clacking tail rings stimulate the senses and add the urge for exploration and fun. the soft-textured antlers are suitable for teething and soothing baby’s sore gums. The body is made of soft fabric for a smooth touch and snuggle. Additionally, the toy comes with a Lamaze clip to allow you to hook it to carriers, diaper bags, and strollers.

  • It’s a beautiful moose ideal for teething
  • It has a versatile clip to connect to diaper bags, strollers, and carriers
  • The hooves and legs invite baby to explore which stimulate tactile senses
  • The body is soft for a smooth touch
  • The infant may pull fur off which is a choking hazard

30. Taf Toys Infant Car Seat Toe Time Toy

Why we like it: Through tugging, kicking, playing, and sparking, the baby will develop motor skills and their aural and visual senses stimulated.

Closing the list of the best newborn toy is this stunning toy by Taf Toys. It comes with soothing music that plays with every kick, a baby-safe mirror, and three hanging toys that your kiddo will love. It also comes with epic Velcro straps ideal for adjusting the toy’s angle and height. It means the baby will keep on using the gadget at various development stages. The vibrant design helps in color recognition and stimulate visual senses. It’s easy to attach on the headrest and comes with batteries that have a long lifespan.

  • A perfect gift for newborns
  • Stimulates color recognition and visual senses
  • It’s a great learning tool for babies
  • High-quality construction
  • Promotes cognitive and motor skills
  • Clients claim that the baby may not reach the toy even with a maximum adjustment of the straps

Final verdict

Infants love good play. It makes them active and happier. In addition to enthralling your sweet little pie, toys are known to boost social skills as well as enhancing cognitive and motor skills.
When buying toys for newborns, keep safety in mind by ensuring they are made of safe material, comes in safe size, durable, and does not break easily, presenting cutting or a choking hazard. The toys above foster’s your newborn’s awareness encourage interaction, stimulate sensory development.