Best Bath Bombs for Kids 2020


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Some of the best bath bombs for kids are inspired by popular cartoon characters. Others are simply made with dazzling ingredients to offer a relaxing and fun experience while taking a bath. Parents know that it can be difficult to deal with kids who don’t want to take a bath. However, bath bombs can make them look forward to bath time. Most of the following bath bombs can last for weeks and months and they can be purchased directly by the parents or they might even represent a great gift idea. Here are the best options to consider.

Top 30 Best Bath Bombs for Kids 2020

1. LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

Why we like it: We like the set because it’s made from premium ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil.

There are 12 unique bath bombs included in this set. They can be used to power multiple baths and to make kids happier about this essential time of the day. Most importantly, the bath bombs come with ingredients which are nourishing to the skin and which have already been proven on other cosmetic products.

Among them, Shea butter is known for its skin-nourishing action. Coconut oil has is hydration role and it also helps kids’ hair look better. These ingredients absorb in the skin. At the end of the bath, the skin of the kids is smoother and it smells fantastic as well. The set is made in the USA and it is considered safe for all skin types.

  • Includes 12 bath bombs
  • Nourishes skin with ingredients such as Shea butter
  • Moisturizing formula
  • All bath bombs made by hand
  • Some bath bombs more fragile than others

2. Two Sisters 6 Kids Bubble Bath Bombs for Girls and Boys with Fun Surprise Toys

Why we like it: The set includes a few interesting toys and bath bombs to make kids giggle with every occasion.

Made in the USA, bath bombs are made with safe ingredients. They do not stain the skin nor the bathtub. There are 6 bath bombs in the set which can be divided as much as parents and kids love. At the same time, they come with different scents such as citrus, banana or berries.

Kids will also benefit from 6 toys which come with each bath bombs. This is why the toy surprise can be another element to consider when it comes to having fun bath time. From little police officers to trolls, kids can enjoy the small toys right in the bathtub, which is another great reason to nourish their skin with the pleasant-smelling bath bombs. Interestingly, these colorful bath bombs don’t stain at all. Even if other similar product filled with fragrance can leave marks, it is not the case with the Two Sisters set.

  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Made for kids of all ages
  • Leaves no stains
  • Contains nourishing ingredients
  • Fragile if not kept in their box

3. Armor Bath Bombs 10 Large Bath Bombs

Why we like it: Suitable for kids with eczema and dry skin, the set has delicate ingredients which also smell like fruits.

The fragrance of the bath bombs is impressive. It is associated with fruits such as citrus or apples. But they also come in fragrances such as mint. Made by hand, they also come in different colors. This makes the selection process easier. There are 10 bath bombs in the set and they all recommended for their skin-nourishing effect. With therapeutic ingredients, the bath bombs do not react with the skin.

Kids with eczema are particularly known to reach with similar products. But the Armor Bath set is safe to use. With its normal pH, it sets the best standards when it comes to any type of skin problems, specifically dry skin. Since it nourishes the skin, the set can also be used on dry skin.

  • Available in different colors
  • Recommended for eczema
  • Nourishes dry skin
  • Made with by hand
  • Not as large as other products

4. Inteye 24 Organic & Natural Bath Bombs

Why we like it: Made from organic ingredients, the set is suitable for both boys and girls.

The large 24 bath bombs set is suitable for families with multiple kids. It represents one of the sets which can last for months. Its fragrances are as diverse as many would hope for. It includes rose, mint and lavender fragrances. Based on essential oils, all the ingredients of the bath bombs are organic.

In terms of ingredients’ safety, they are known to be among the best in their class. Most kids can also enjoy the various visual impressions created by the set. Each bath bomb comes in different colors and it results in impressive visual effects. With grape seed oil and Shea butter extracts, the nourishing effect is recommended for both boys and girls.

  • Made for boys and girls of all ages
  • Based on organic ingredients
  • Contains grape seed oil
  • Made with a microinjection Velcro strap
  • Pink bath bombs might leave residue

5. I Am Happy Kids Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside

Why we like it: The small set is one of the most inspired gift ideas kids of all ages can enjoy in the bath.

Made with 6 bath bombs, the set has multiple colors and multiple fragrances. It is useful for those who want their kids to enjoy a different bath experience every time. Made to be offered as a gift, the set can also be a good purchase for those who might seek a bit more fragrance for their kids’ bath time.

Those looking for a bath bomb gift set can find it particularly appealing. It has a distinct colorful box which is perfect as a gift. Since its scents are universally-recognized, they can also be used in various seasons. Regardless of the holiday, it can make kids happier, even if it comes with smaller bath bombs compared to other similar products.

  • Made for boys and girls
  • Includes bath bombs of different colors
  • Leaves no tub stains
  • Can be used for kids as young as 3
  • Strawberry fragrance can stain

6. Stntus Innovations Handmade Organic Spa Bubble Bombs Set

Why we like it: Made with no toxic ingredients, the bath bomb set has a manageable 2.2in diameter.

Made in small bath bombs, the spa treatments are made with no toxic ingredients. There are 12 scented balls with various colors to choose from. Even if they are small, they don’t need to be used only for 12 baths as they can be a long-lasting set, suitable for families as well.

With a moisturizing effect, the bath bombs have unique fragrances. These fragrances are based on carrier oils. They include green tea, coconut, mango and jasmine fragrances. The effect of these essential oils is moisturizing to the skin. With 12 pure essential oils, the set is one of the solutions which might even be used by adults, as it has its benefits on users of all ages.

  • Includes essential oils
  • Manageable 2.2in diameter
  • Leaves no residue
  • The scent lasts after the bath
  • Doesn’t create too many bubbles

7. Clear And Fresh Organic Bath Bombs

Why we like it: Made with natural ingredients, the egg-shaped bath bombs have a long-lasting aroma.

Kids can love their aromatic bath bombs. The Clear and Fresh set is perfect for those who want to enjoy the aroma even after bath time is over. This is possible through natural ingredients and kids won’t have to worry about possible skin irritation. About 1% of the ingredients are also represented by natural essential oils. They have a double role, one is aromatic while the other is nourishing.

Aromas include blueberry, peppermint and bubble gum. All of these aromas act the same when they are used. These bath bombs are known for creating fizzes and bubbles and as a result, kids might be inclined to look forward towards bath time even more. The profile of the ingredients also allows users to enjoy a bath with no marks or stain and the handmade egg shape of the products will prove a distinct character as well.

  • Handmade in the US
  • 1% of the ingredients are essential oils
  • Includes aromas such as bubble gum
  • Non-sticky ingredients
  • Distinct egg-shaped set
  • Only includes dual color options

8. Nurture Me Organics Natural Bath Bombs Gift Set

Why we like it: The cruelty-free set has been developed with 40 bath bombs and aromas which remind of quality perfumes.

Kids will love the 40 bath bombs set with its unique aromas. Packed in an elegant box, each bath bomb is individually wrapped. Apart from a distinct look, the set also differentiates itself with the unique aromas and fragrances. Patchouli is one of them and it is specific to cosmetics. Papaya and lemongrass are other rare included aromas. Sage and black tea can also offer a more relaxing experience compared to many other alternatives. French lavender and aloe vera represent other interesting options.

With only 75 grams each, the bath bombs are easy to handle and dissolve quickly in contact with water. Most kids can go through the process of unwrapping them and creating their very own pleasant experience which also nurtures the skin. Nurturing ingredients include shea butter and other essential oils, rooted in organic options. This value pack is long-lasting and it is aimed at those who mostly bathe with bath bombs.

  • Made with 40 bath bombs
  • Small and individually wrapped
  • Includes unique aromas as patchouli
  • Sustains a new aroma every day of the month
  • Black tea aroma leaves some residue

9. Excalla Bath Bombs for Kids with Surprise Inside

Why we like it: The set differentiates itself with top ingredients and included surprise toys, perfect for kids of all ages.

Including 8 bath bombs, the set is suitable for kids of all ages. It comes to offer one of the best experiences when it comes to proper bath time fun. Part of it is based on the included toys. But the toys are not attached to the bath bombs, they are included in them. This is why the toys can only be played with once the bath bombs dissolve in water. Increasing kids’ excitement, they can be among the top options for anticipated bath time fun.

The ingredients of the bath bombs are safe and they can be found in various forms even in other products. Essential oils are found in other cosmetics as well. Citric acid is found in foods and this is why these ingredients are safe for all users. The little ones will also love the various aromas of the bath bombs, which include blueberry, watermelon, and other sweet fruits.

  • Made with included toys
  • Ingredients include essential oils
  • Light shade colors in the water
  • Includes sold colors and combinations
  • The yellow bath bombs take longer to dissolve

10. Monochef Unicorn Bath Bomb Gift Set

Why we like it: This set is distinctly shaped and it is a sure hit with young girls who want a unique bath experience.

There are not too many bath bombs which are not shaped like balls. But the Monoched set is among those which are shaped differently. As a result, they can be the best when it comes to uniqueness and possible gift ideas for little girls.

Their design includes lips, seashells, macarons, and even unicorns. This is why these bath bombs are even fun to use as kids can choose them out of the box before bath time. Apart from their shape and natural ingredients, they are also scented distinctly. Aromas include sweet orange, peppermint, and lemon. With these refreshing aromas and backed by unique shapes, the bath bombs are among the few truly unique options to consider at this moment. In the end, even the distinct pink box makes them a top gift idea that little girls will fall in love with.

  • Made with unique shapes
  • Includes a pink box
  • Perfect for little girls
  • Includes citronella essential oils
  • Not suitable for boys

11. Schöne Body Kids Suprise Toy Bath Bombs

Why we like it: The set comes with 3.5-ounce bath bombs, suitable for little boys and girls with included toys.

Each bath bomb is made with an included surprise toy. They can only be visible once the bath bomb dissolves. Once they fully dissolve, the surprise toy is visible in a small plastic container. These surprise toys can vary from various animals such as ducks and elephants to little bears. Suitable for both boys and girls, they can be one of the best options for a long and fun bath experience.

The 8 bath bombs of the set come in distinct solid colors. Unlike other similar bath bombs, they are actually among the most suitable options for skin health. Made with natural ingredients and essential oils, they leave the skin soft and nourished. Their aromas are sublime as well. They include grape, coconut, and fresh mint. These bath bombs are unisex which means they are suitable for both boys and girls.

  • Nourishes and softens skin
  • Includes essential oils
  • Aromas include mint and strawberry
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • The toys can be small

12. Purelis Natural Bath Bomb Gift Set

Why we like it: With included surprise Pokemon toys, the set is an excellent gift idea for boys and girls.

Made with 12 bath bombs, the set is mainly suitable for kids as it includes surprise toys. The bath bombs are individually wrapped and they feel more like a gift than many other alternatives. At the same time, the bath bombs represent one of the simplest solutions for those specifically seeking multi-layered designs which result in different watercolors.

In terms of ingredients, the bath bombs only source the best. This is why they are suitable for the sensitive skin of kids. At the same time, the bath bombs are among the suitable options for fruity aromas. Their friendly and pleasant aromas are already known to kids, as they come from fruits. They include strawberries, pineapple, grapefruit, cinnamon, sage, and eucalyptus. Packed in an easy access box, they can be stored in their original package. This means there are no risks of crushing them while in storage.

  • Made for boys and girls
  • Includes small surprise toys
  • Toys inspired by the Pokemon series
  • Includes eucalyptus aroma
  • Some toys may be duplicates

13. Nurture Me Organics Kids Bath Bombs Gift Set

Why we like it: The fizzy explosions of colors also include surprise toys so that kids will be excited about their next bath.

Made with simple and organic ingredients, bath bombs can be used for long periods. Their safe profile is also seen in other Nurture Me Organics bath bombs and what changes with this set is the aroma profile and the included surprise toys. Kids can find a surprise Pokemon toy inside each of these bath bombs. This is why they will be running for the bathroom when the time comes for the next bath.

In terms of colors, these fizzy bath bombs are a delight for both boys and girls. Each new color is associated with a new scent. Fruit punch, watermelon, gingerbread, and lollipop are just a few of the aromas which make up the set. Most parents will love the sweet aromas as well. Even if they do not include as many fruit aromas as other similar sets, the bath bombs are a hit with kids who can associate certain aromas such as gingerbread with pleasant memories.

  • Bath bombs are colored distinctly
  • Includes unique aromas such as gingerbread
  • Based on organic ingredients
  • Include surprise toys
  • Some aromas can be overpowering

14. Alex Spa DIY Bath Bombs Kit

Why we like it: This DIY bath bombs kit is a perfect gift idea for little girls who want to show their creativity.

While there are many bath bombs which are ready for action, creating them personally can make kids more interested. It can also be one of the dedicated activities which are seen as playtime. Kids have everything they need to handle their bath bombs in the set. Form the salt to the aromas and various shapes such as hearts and balls, these kit is perfect for those who seek a personal experience.

The biggest advantage of this kit is that it allows kids to create truly unique bath bombs. With different amounts of aroma and with different shapes, they can create something which cannot be reproduced by any of the kit sets of the moment. At the same time, they are among the best options for kids 6 and above. With included molds and ingredients, the kit is ready for action whenever kids want to express their creativity.

  • Includes a few molds
  • Ships with salts and succinic acid
  • Includes food coloring and fragrances
  • Suitable for girls
  • Only ages 6 and above

15. Nagaliving Bath Bombs Gift Set

Why we like it: Rich in essential oils, the gift set includes bath bombs which include unique aromas such as natural honey.

The gift set is a versatile gift for kids or adults. Its aromas are not age-specific and their pleasant profile allows them to be considered by boys and girls. The set presents a unique gift box and it also comes with 16 count bath bombs which are packed twice to ensure they don’t crumble during transportation.

Most importantly, their ingredients have a strong organic profile and all bath bombs come with different essential oils. Rose, geranium, spearmint, lavender, and neroli are just a few of these aromas. They can represent one of the best options for a better therapeutic effect. Since they are sourced naturally, these aromas represent a pleasant method to relax and to enjoy the fizzes after a long day. Kids can find the colors of the bath bombs attractive as well. With Shea butter and grape seed oil, the ingredients also leave the skin nourished and the hair hydrated.

  • Made in different colors
  • Includes 16 bath bombs
  • Includes unique neroli aroma
  • 2 balls per fragrance
  • Some colors can look faded

16. I Am Happy Kids Bath Bombs With Surprise

Why we like it: The kit includes 6 bath bombs and farm animals surprise toys for an added learning experience.

Since toys are often used to deal with a tantrum, I Am Happy has created a system in which bath bombs are combined with learning and even more fun. There are 6 pieces included in the seat and each one of them comes with a surprise animal toy. It can be anything from a horse to a swan. Kids can learn more about farm life and animals as a result.

Furthermore, all of these toys can be used in the bathtub. Kids can play with their favorite animals and enjoy relaxing bathing experience with the bath bombs. All 6 pieces come with different scents such as strawberry or oceanic perfumes. This is why they can be used to create a better environment for kids to bathe in, especially since they offer a nice aroma as well.

  • Includes farm toys
  • Individually wrapped bath bombs
  • Doesn’t stain the tub
  • Colors water immediately
  • Only 6 pieces in the pack

17. Nurture Me Organics Bulk Bath Bomb Gift Set

Why we like it: Enhanced with Vitamin A, the bath bomb set is ideal for those looking for mild solutions for conditions such as eczema.

Made with essential oils and extracts which contains Vitamin A, the bath bomb set is ideal for kids with various skin conditions. Eczema is one of them. But other skin conditions can even be more common. Dry skin is one of them. Kids can suffer from dry skin from other cosmetic products and having a long bath with nourishing bath bombs can be one of the steps towards better skin.

There is an impressive number of bath bombs inside the set. 36 pieces have been added by Nurture Me Organics and they represent the foundation towards a new aroma for more than a month’s supply of bath bombs.
There are no parabens or sulfates used in the bath bombs. This is why they offer one of the best solutions for long-term use. As a result, parents can consider the bath bombs to get kids excited about their next bath.

  • Includes 36 pieces
  • Made with different aromas
  • Doesn’t include parabens
  • Contains Vitamin A
  • Reduced fizz on some aromas

18. Alex Spa DIY Bath Bomb Donuts

Why we like it: The Alex Spa series offer DIY bath bombs for kids. This kit comes with donut shape inspiration.

Kids will love creating their bath bombs. Without need any special type of attention, they can be ready in minutes. The best part is Alex Spa provides everything needed to make them from scratch.
Making these bath bombs may seem complicated, but the step-by-step process is easy to follow. First, kids need to mix all the ingredients in a bowl. These ingredients include, among others, cornstarch, Epsom salt, and chemicals. They are mixed with water and placed in the molds. The two molds are then put together to make the final donut shape.

The set has sufficient ingredients to cover two bath bombs from each ingredient. With included instructions and decorative salts, these donuts can then be the base of a fun bath for kids of various ages.

  • Based on a DIY project
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
  • Kit creates 6 donut-shaped bath bombs
  • Suitable for ages 6 and above
  • Requires a bit of time to create all 6 bath bombs

19. I Am Happy Unicorn Bath Bomb

Why we like it: The unique unicorn bath bomb comes with a surprise necklace, a hit with many young girls.

Unlike many bath bombs which come in sets, the I Am Happy Unicorn piece is made with a single product, nicely packaged as a gift. The unicorn theme of the bath bomb is what makes it special. Among the thousands of bath bombs on the market, this one is a great gift idea. Once it dissolves in water, it will also reveal a unicorn necklace, perfect for girls of various ages.

But it’s not just about the gift with the bath bomb. Its ingredients are also sustainable. They don’t leave a film in the bathtub and they also represent one of the leading options when it comes to overall hydration and aroma. It leaves the skin smelling great long after bath time is over. All ingredient sin the bath bomb are natural and this makes it safe for future usage as many times as girls like.

  • Unique unicorn box
  • Includes a unicorn necklace
  • Made with a strong aroma
  • Doesn’t include oil and parabens
  • No bubbles

20. Excalla Kids Bath Bombs with Surprise Toys Inside

Why we like it: Make with unique aromas for a therapeutic effect, the bath bombs also include small toys.

Without doubt, the 12 bath bombs included in this set are among the most interesting when it comes to proper scents, made for different purposes. For example, the mint bath ball is made for a generally improved mood. The rose bath bombs are recommended for relaxation before going to bed. The lemon bath bombs are recommended for added energy. The vanilla bath bomb is recommended to refresh the brain.

Apart from the unique aromas, the bath bombs are also suitable for added excitement with their included toys. Once dissolved in water, they reveal small friendly toys kids can play with while in the water. This is why the set offers bath bombs which smell great but which also offer a small surprise with every bath.

  • Includes unique aromas
  • Includes unique aromas
  • Includes green tea aromas
  • Comes with small toy surprises
  • Toys might be geared more towards girls

21. The Island Bath Body 3 XL Surprise Bath Bombs Gift Set

Why we like it: Made with Dead Sea Epsom salts, the set includes large 5.5oz bath bombs with natural ingredients.

Sustaining their use for various reasons such as relaxation, the bath bombs only come in sets of 3. As their name suggests, they are very large. However, they can be used for the longest baths and their oils will relax the body and the mind.

The manufacturer recommends them in 3 types of uses. Fore a refreshing bath, they can be used in water with varying temperatures from 77 degrees to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. A relaxing bath can be made with the salts and water between 98 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Therapeutic baths can also be supported by the bath bombs, even if they are not meant for children. Parents can enjoy therapeutic baths with the salts with water between 101 degrees and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Of course, even adults should limit the length of these baths. They should not be longer than 30 minutes.

  • Made for relaxation
  • Can be used for therapeutic purposes
  • Includes 3 XL bath bombs
  • Includes a small surprise
  • Oils favor slippery surfaces

22. UPD Paw Patrol Bath Bombs

Why we like it: The set is recommended for all Paw Patrol fans who want to have some fun in the bath.

Made with 2 small bath bombs, the set is mainly aimed at kids watching the Paw Patrol adventures. Both bath bombs are small, so they are mainly made for younger kids who normally bathe in a smaller amount of water.

The bath bombs are both berry scented. The sweet berry aroma can make these solutions something kids enjoy the most. At the same time, they are packed in a personalized wrapper with the Paw Patrol print for kids to enjoy.

  • Inspired by the Paw Patrol
  • Berry-scented bath bombs
  • Suitable for small kids
  • 100 g of salt per bath bombs
  • Only includes 2 bath bombs

23. Excalla Bath Bombs – Set of 14

Why we like it: The set is a popular version of Excalla’s bath bombs made for all ages in 14-count.

These bath bombs are already used in other Excalla sets. However, the bath bombs do not include any toys, like other products from Excalla. However, the same ingredients are used for the most nourishing and relaxing experience.

Essential oils, Shea butter, and clays are used to create nourishing bath bombs. This is why they can be used by both boys and girls for surprising hydration even after a short bath. There are 14 essential oils which are used in the bath bombs. They include popular oils such as lavender essential oils.

  • Includes 14 bath bombs
  • Great for fizz
  • Based on essential oils
  • Contains skin-hydrating ingredients
  • Not the most colorful option

24. Gainwell Kids Bath Bomb Set

Why we like it: The invigorating bath bombs are shaped like eggs and they come in sweet aromas kids love.

Not all bath bombs are made for kids. But Gainwell made these bath bombs by hand, specifically for kids. They include 6 unique aromas and they are all sweet, something all kids can relate to. Bubble gum, cotton candy, grape soda, and gummy bears are among these sweet aromas. They combine various fruity aromas to create distinct experiences, mainly found in sweets kids might already be familiar with.

Containing sunflower seed oil and Sheat butter oil, these egg-shaped bath bombs are also recommended for smoother skin. This is why they are used for their nourishing action as well. Each of them is also distinctly wrapped and labeled so that parents know exactly what their kids can enjoy any given day.

  • Distinct egg-shaped design
  • All bath bombs are individually wrapped
  • Made with sweet aromas
  • Fights dry skin
  • Not best fuzz

25. Two Sisters Spa Birthday Cake Bubble Bath Bomb

Why we like it: Great for fizz, the bubble bath bomb is only available in batches of one and it offers a relaxing bathing experience.

This bath bomb is made with 99% natural ingredients. It is safe to us by kids and adults and it can be one of the truly recommended options for added fizz. Kids can enjoy a long bath without having to deal with the lack of fizz which characterizes so many other bath bombs.

The packaging of the bath bomb is unique as well. This is why it can be one of the main options for those looking for gift boys and girls would love. With included essential oils, it creates one of the best experiences for skin hydration and relaxation.

  • Uses 99% of natural ingredients
  • Packed as a gift
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Includes essential oils
  • Only comes in counts of one

26. Twi Sisters Spa Superhero Bubble Bath Bomb

Why we like it: The bath bomb is sold individually and it is a top gift for superhero fans.

Available in an extra-large size, the bath bomb is one of the sustainable solutions for long baths, due to its size. Apart from its larger size, then it is also made with natural ingredients, suitable for all skin types. However, its main appeal will certainly be based on its superhero toys included in the bath bomb. This is why kids will love this solution as it also meets playtime demands, even while taking a bath.

  • Made for kids of all ages
  • Includes superhero toys
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • All ingredients sourced from the USA
  • Only includes 1 bath bomb

27. Aprilis Bath Bombs Gift Set

Why we like it: Infused with one essential oil, these bath bombs are vegan-approved and scented for little girls

The set comes with 8 unique bath bombs. Each of them includes one essential oil plus other aromas to make them stand out in the world of relaxing baths. It must be said the scents are flowery and this is why they will be more appreciated by girls. With a thick foam, they offer a relaxing formula which even stimulates blood circulation.

  • Includes essential oil extracts
  • Unique colors in the set
  • Improves blood circulation
  • High fizz results
  • Only suitable for girls

28. Armor Bath Bombs Lotion Fast Bath Bombs

Why we like it: Mainly recommended for a fun experience in the bath, the set comes with collectible toys.

The colorful bath bombs are unique in how they look. Made with various combinations of colors, they are added to water where they dissolve. This is the moment kids will discover the small collectible toys inside. All of these toys can be played within the water. 6 toys can be collected when the set is finished.

  • Made with unique colors
  • Includes small toys
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Large at 4.5oz
  • Some colors leave a film on the bathtub

29. Horizon Group Youniverse Galactic Bath Bomb

Why we like it: This DIY kit includes fragrances and even coconut oil, best for girls of all ages.

The kit contains molds, salts, fragrances and other ingredients needed to create unique bath bombs. Most kids can rely on the for a more immersive bath experience. This is why they can be a great gift but they can also represent a fun activity for kids and parents alike.

  • Includes fragrances
  • Based on real bath salts
  • Includes coconut oil
  • Complete with full instructions
  • Only safe for ages 6 and up

30. I Am Happy Mermaid Bath Bomb

Why we like it: As its name suggests, this one-count bath bomb comes with a mermaid inspiration, suitable for all girls.

Packed in a unique mermaid box, the bath bomb is only available in a count of one. It is even decorated distinctly. It uses biodegradable sprinkles which create a unique-looking bath bomb, very similar to a cupcake. Inside it, girls will also discover a real mermaid to boost their fun time in the bath.

  • Packed in a distinct mermaid box
  • Includes biodegradable sprinkles
  • Surprises girls with a mermaid toy
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Only scented for girls

Final considerations

Some of the best bath bombs for kids are sold either as a set or as an individual product. They can all be used for an extra fun bathing experience. Some of them even come with natural ingredients with skin and hair benefits. Others include surprise toys.
It is recommended to choose the best scents for boys and girls as they can be different. But the best part is all of these bath bombs offer a long-lasting fragrance. Often-times based on natural ingredients, the fragrance can even last hours after bath time is over. The best part is all of these ingredients are safe for kids.