Best Baseball Gloves For Kids 2020


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With various designs and materials, the best baseball gloves for kids are more comfortable and durable than ever before. Smaller in size then baseball gloves for adults, they can be used for playing baseball at home or even for playing in a youth league. All baseball gloves have their unique strengths and weaknesses. Kids should only consider them according to the hand they catch with. Both right-handed and left-handed players can choose one of the following options to boost their baseball performance.


Top 30 Best Baseball Gloves For Kids 2020

1. Franklin Sports Teeball Glove

Why we like it: With an included wrist closure design, the glove is made to support the best fit and it represents a fast solution for left and right-hand throwers.

Most materials used on this baseball glove are soft. They are supportive, but they are not as rigid as other similar materials. This is the main reason kids will love it themselves. Of course, this also means there is not too much break-in time required with this fantastic glove as kids will be able to count on its support from the first try.
Made from synthetic leather, the glove is not complicated to use either. It allows young baseball players to get away with more actions which could impact a natural leather alternative. At the same time, the colorful design options are made to suit both girls and boys.

  • Made for left-handed and right-handed players
  • Includes a soft foam ball
  • Supported by synthetic leather
  • Fits the left of the right hand
  • Can’t be softened further

2. Franklin Sports Teeball Infinite Web/Shok-Sorb Combo Series Fielding Glove, 10.5-Inch

Why we like it: Made with an included shock absorption surface, this glove is made for kids who want to get a bit more serious with baseball.

One of the main benefits of this practical design is the web construction of the glove. Practically, it can expand further than most believe possible, increasing the catch surface. There’s a foam padded surface right in the middle of the glove as well. Added to reduce the sting, this is one of the most powerful names in its class.
But the adjustable catching web is not the only interesting characteristic. The glove also comes in elegant color combinations. The black foundation color is combined with blue, green or red to offer one of the few affordable designs which look more expensive than they are.

  • Made with a reinforced centerpiece
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Large adjustable catching web
  • Highly affordable compared to its competitors
  • A bit too much for toddlers

3. Franklin Sports Baseball Glove

Why we like it: With a design ranging from toddler to adult size, this popular baseball glove is made from reliable synthetic leather.

As one of the successful designs of its class, the baseball glove is among the leading options for synthetic leather quality. It might not be real leather, but from a few perspectives, it acts like real leather. One of the main areas of focus comes with a break-in. Kids will need to play with it a few times for the synthetic leather to follow the contour of their hands.
Options for both left and right-handed players are being made available by Franklin Sports. The palm of the leather baseball glove is made with reinforced materials. Their role is to reduce sting whenever the balls come in contact with the hand.

  • Made with premium synthetic leather
  • Features a formed scoop pocket
  • Made with a synthetic leather shell
  • Fits left or right-handed players
  • Only comes in one color

4. Rawlings Storm Youth Fastpitch Softball Glove

Why we like it: Made with cushioned palm pads and back lining, this softball glove is a top solution for girls into sports.

Made with synthetic leather, the glove is softer than many of its alternatives. It also comes in a black-pink color combination which makes it an attractive option for girls. Made to support easy glove closure, it fixes around the wrist and it represents one of the most sustainable options for long games.
The glove already comes broke in from the factory. This means the fibers of the synthetic leather are already less rigid. This is why kids will feel the ball properly as they grip it with the pocket that has already been created. Available in various size, the glove has another color alternative as well and it is suitable for boys who need a softer design.

  • A great option for girls
  • Already broken in from the factory
  • Includes designs for left and right-handed players
  • Made with a microinjection Velcro strap
  • Some areas are not fully made from leather

5. Mizuno Prospect Baseball Glove – Youth/Kids

Why we like it: Made with a full-grain leather shell, the baseball glove has a unique style and a tight fit.

Mizuno’s baseball glove is one of the unique designs in its class. It fits the hands of kids properly and it even comes with an adjustable wrist wrap. Its shell is made from full-grain leather and it reduces sting to a comfortable level for kids.
With a soft liner, the glove also represents a solution for various ages, at its various sizes. Some users even consider a few treatments to the leather before using it for the first time or after using it for a few games.

  • Made with quality grain leather
  • Includes an adjustable wrist wrap
  • Unique pro-like design
  • Available for kids ages 4 to 8
  • Might require a leather car

6. Rawlings Players Youth Tball / Baseball Glove Series

Why we like it: Made for kids ages 3 to 5, this affordable glove is recommended when taking the first steps into baseball.

As one of the most affordable gloves for kids, it is one of the cheapest methods of getting into baseball. Kids can use it to get the grips of the game. The glove is lightweight as it has to be worn by toddlers who might still not have the strength to properly use a baseball. However, right and left-handed options are being made available by Rawlings.
Kids can also rely on designs which are a bit more colorful than with other gloves. An all-red or all-white options can come with an extra appeal to the little ones. Made to make catching easy, the glove supports players of young ages taking their first steps in the game.

  • Can be used by those ages 3 and up
  • Made in vibrant colors
  • Lightweight for easy wear
  • No break-in require
  • Not made for fastballs

7. Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Why we like it: Made with the ParaShock palm protection, this glove can be a top option for kids who mean serious business.

Mizuno’s glove is made with optimized characteristics to allow even the most demanding kids to enjoy a top tool for fastballs. Made with the ParaShock palm protection, the glove has a thicker and denser palm construction. It reduces sting considerably.
With the Power Close design, it holds the wrist like no other glove. Even if the closure might not be the most comfortable, it is specifically made for a tight fit. A large catcher’s mitt of 32.5” has been designed as well. This is why this glove is suitable for both those who want a solution to their skills to the next level as well as for those who want a learner’s design.

  • Made with ParaShock palm protection
  • Includes a 32.5” catcher’s mitt
  • V Flex notch design
  • Includes left-handed and right-handed options
  • Requires around a week for a break-in

8. Franklin Sports Teeball Glove

Why we like it: With a hand-formed pocket, the lightweight performer is intended for the younger player.

Made with the NeoGrip palm technology, this glove allows some sting management which makes playing more comfortable. But its biggest asset is given by its mesh construction which makes the glove one of the most interesting lightweight designs for kids.
The adjustment system of the wrist area is interesting as well. Apart from its strap, it also comes with a pulley system which makes using the glove easier. At the same time, it is one of the most interesting options for those who want a secure wrist fit, especially for those with small wrists.

  • Made with lightweight mesh
  • Features the NeoGrip palm technology
  • Includes a unique contour system
  • Highly affordable for beginners
  • Not best for durability

9. Franklin Sports Teeball Glove 9.5”

Why we like it: Made with mesh materials on the back, the glove can be a good design for hot weather play.

The added breathability from the mesh materials makes this baseball glove one of the top solutions for kids who might still not be comfortable wearing a full leather design. But there is another reason to consider such a design. Its weight reduction made with this breathable material allows it to be a top name in its class. Kids find it easier to hold as a result.
With a hand-formed pocket, the glove is ready to catch the ball comfortably. This means there’s no break-in required and it is ready for action right out of the box. However, the large mesh surface might not be suggestive to what they can expect in the future with professional gloves and this is why kids into baseball might not feel as enthusiastic about it.

  • Made with lightweight mesh
  • Improved breathability
  • Suited for hot weather
  • Includes a softball
  • Wrist wrap might be difficult to close

10. Mizuno Prospect PowerClose Youth Baseball Glove Series

Why we like it: Combining real leather and mesh materials, the baseball glove is one of the unique designs for strength and breathability.

Unlike many similar designs, the baseball glove comes with real leather. Pigskin is used on its palm and it is the foundation of a great catch. The leather is known for its thickness and as a result, it considerably reduces the sting. At the same time, it needs the highest break-in period.
Mesh materials have also added the glove. They are among the best in their class and they can even take a beating. Mizuno’s Air Mesh is one of the best in their class. The wrist wrap is made to a high standard as well. The combination of materials, the various colors, the various sizes, and the left and right-hand fit makes them the right option for established Mizuno fans.

  • Made with pigskin
  • Includes mesh for breathability
  • Top wrist wrap
  • Available in various colors
  • Requires break-in

11. Mizuno GPP1075Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove

Why we like it: Made with a patented PowerClose design, the baseball glove is made for the beginner player.

Featuring pigskin leather, the baseball glove is one of the most interesting options in its class. It represents a valuable design for kids who like a good scoop such as the one offered by PowerClose. The added pigskin leather only makes it even more valuable. At the same time, the baseball glove is among the few options which can take a hard beating and it reacts similarly to premium gloves.

There are no color options apart from the all-black color of the baseball glove. But at the same time, it is one of the most valuable designs with a power lock closure, which replaces classic straps. With a premium feel, the glove is fairly priced and it may as well be in easy reach for beginners.

  • Made from pigskin
  • Includes a patented PowerClose design
  • Requires short break-in
  • Suitable for youth players
  • Only available on black

12. Wilson A200 Youth MLB 10″ Tee Ball Glove

Why we like it: The glove comes with all major baseball league team logos and it can be a start for those getting into baseball.

As an affordable design, there are not too many drawbacks to the baseball glove. It may come with synthetic leather but it is enough for kids to start playing. It even comes with a large catching area which is particularly helpful for those at the start of their baseball journey.
But the baseball glove also comes with personalization and team branding. From the New York Yankees to the San Francisco Giants, there are plenty of options to consider. Unfortunately, the glove is only available for the right throwing hand player.

  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Needs no break-in
  • Branded with team logos
  • Suits youth players
  • Only for right-hand throwers

13. Franklin Sports Air Tech Adept Series 8.5″ Teeball Glove

Why we like it: The lightweight glove is made for girls just starting in baseball and it comes with a self-adjustable wrist wrap.

The first thing to notice about the gloves is just how quirky they are. Made in vivid pink color, they can be the distinct designs o many girls look for. Their profile is lightweight and for this reason, they are going to be held up easily.
With a self-sticking wrist wrap, the glove is ready to be used as often as needed. These gloves also come with a practice ball which is everything needed for girls and the parents to start mastering baseball throws and catches.

  • Made for little girls
  • Available in vivid pink
  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Lightweight design
  • Only for left-hand wear

14. Franklin Sports Air Tech Soft Foam Baseball Glove

Why we like it: The glove is a true beginner’s friend and it comes in multiple colors to offer friendly aesthetics juniors will love.

Made with synthetic leather, the glove looks distinct. It includes blue, white and red to offer a pallet of colors which might make the glove friendlier and get kids into baseball faster. At the same time, it comes with a durable shell with extra protection to reduce the sting.
The glove wears easily as well. Kids can secure it with the Velcro strap themselves. Being made for beginners, it requires no break-in. However, it would not hurt to get a few games going before starting to go for the next personal best.

  • Designed with multiple colors
  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Suitable for younger kids
  • Made with a durable Air Tech outer shell
  • Right hand throw only

15. Rawlings Boys’ Players Series 9-INCH TEE Ball Glove

Why we like it: Made with a soft pliable shell, the glove is ready for action even with the most baseball-devoted kids.

As one of the full-synthetic designs, the glove needs no type of special attention. It represents a suitable option for those planning an easier route towards baseball performance with its pliable shell. With molded polyurethane, it considerably reduces sting and it allows players to enjoy a top-level performance on a budget.
Being already broken in from the factory, it might be ready for action sooner. However, some player break-in is required as the synthetic leather need to follow the contour of the hands. With a basket web form, it is ready to catch balls at high speeds in just a few days.

  • Suits 9” youth players
  • Includes molded PU materials
  • Requires minimum break-in
  • Easy wrap closure
  • Only available on one color

16. Franklin Sports Air Tech Teeball Glove

Why we like it: Suitable for left-handed throwers, the glove is one of the practical and affordable choices for kids

The adjustable baseball glove comes with an adhesive wrist wrap which allows it to be adjusted by kids themselves. Made with assorted colors, it includes blue, red and white to create friendly design kids can enjoy.
The main materials include synthetic leather and mesh fabrics. These materials are perfect to absorb shocks and also maintain great breathability levels. Most kids can find there is some room for adjustability in the design and this is why it’s recommended for beginners. It even comes with a softball for kids to practice with.

  • Made with mesh and synthetic leather
  • Designed with assorted colors
  • Made with an adjustable wrist wrap
  • No break-in needed
  • Only available for left-hand throwers

17. Rawlings Mark of a Pro Light Youth Baseball Glove

Why we like it: Made with a sure catch notch, this glove is suitable learners who want to learn how to catch a ball.

With a Youth Pro taper fit, the gloves come with a smaller opening for better control. At the same time, this is not a glove for beginners as this makes it a tool for those who already want to build on their existing skills. With an included Velcro strap, the glove is made for a good fit as well.
But the biggest advantage of this glove comes with its leather materials. Entirely made from leather, it has a more natural feel. Of course, there’s a bit more care to be included in this glove. But as many players know, once going up to leather designs, it is hard to come back to synthetic alternatives. Varies sizes are available for both left-handed and right-handed players.

  • Made with leather
  • Smaller hand opening
  • Suitable for dedicated players
  • Available for left-handed and right-handed players
  • Maybe too much for a 5-year old

18. Franklin Sports Youth Softball Glove

Why we like it: Designed with technical mesh, this glove has a youth alternative, still hard to match for breathability and affordability.

When it comes to entry-level gloves, not many of them manage to create a pocket which can help the player instead of working against him. This is why the Franklin Sports baseball glove is already successful as it comes with a synthetic shell and it combines technical mesh to keep its price down.
But the mesh is not only useful to keep the glove more affordable. It is one of the gloves which works best for breathability and small adjustability space. There’s room for a light stretch with the material which means the glove is not as inflexible as its full leather alternatives. Its pink version can be suitable for girls while its green version might be better suited for boys.

  • Made with mesh and leather
  • Based on an adult glove design
  • Uses PU materials in the palm
  • Available for both hands
  • Thin palm material

19. Wilson A900 Baseball Glove Series

Why we like it: With a double palm construction and full leather construction, the baseball glove is a special option to use for years to come.

It’s always true that a full leather baseball glove is special for kids. But the Wilson baseball glove is a truly special option with its classic appeal. Made only from leather, it has a natural feel, with its benefits and drawbacks such as the break-in period.
The brown and white design looks and feels impressive. Most importantly, there’s a double palm design put in place by Wilson. It is suitable for extra sting protection and this is one of the reasons why it can be used with the highest ball speeds.

  • Made with a classic design
  • Features full leather construction
  • Made with a double palm design
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Requires good care

20. Rawlings Players Series 10” Youth Fielder`S Glove

Why we like it: With soft inner lining and a basketball shell, the baseball glove stands out as a durable mid-range option.

Kids fall in love with how the baseball glove looks. Made with dark leather and light color inner lining, it represents one of the attractive options of the class. Given its affordable price, it becomes a glove many kids dream and can own.

There’s thick leather in the palm and the basket-style web make it great for catching. With good pliability, it allows players to easily close the palm with a good ball grip. This movement can be further improved with practice. But being made from leather also means that it should be kept in a way in which it follows the shape of the hand. This is why many kids should keep it with a ball inside the palm and with a rubber strap around it, just to maintain its shape.

Almost broke in from the factory, the glove does not require too much special attention. It should not take more than a week and 3-4 practice drills to break it in completely. Of course, kids should do this themselves as the leather will start to get used to the shape of their hands.

  • Made with a basket-wave design
  • Includes soft inner lining
  • Comes already broken in
  • Includes a Velcro strap
  • Available in brown only

21. Rawlings R9 Youth Baseball Glove Series

Why we like it: With a pro taper fit, the glove has a smaller opening and it can be one of the premium designs kids can enjoy.

With an all-leather design, the baseball glove is among the durable options with high-performance kids can play with. Made with some of the best leather of the moment the entire glove acts as one unit. It holds the ball well and even if it has a smaller opening, it is quickly becoming a favorite of Rawlings fans, especially those who are not new to baseball anymore.

The inner lining is soft and made of leather as well. It holds the fingers together and it maintains a soft profile while doing so. In time, it can also handle a few adjustments if needed. But the comfort of the glove remains high, even after a long season. It features a padded thumb and a reinforced palm area.

  • With a pro taper fit
  • Designed with a padded thumb
  • Reinforced pal for impact absorption
  • Includes infield, pitcher and first base mitt styles
  • Short break-in period required

22. Rawlings Renegade Baseball/Softball Glove Series

Why we like it: With a padded palm spot, the gloves are among the leading options for those seeking extra comfort.

Rawlings makes a wide number of gloves and its Renegade baseball or softball glove series is among those which are well-received in the sporting community. It has an affordable price but for it to be as low, Rawlings had to replace the leather on the back with synthetic leather. However, the palm still features real leather with all of its perks.

Another advantage of this glove is that it includes minimum padding in the palm as well. This is why it can handle high-speed balls and absorb some of the shocks it may come with. Furthermore, it is also important to note among its characteristics the mesh insertions might also work in the advantage of the user with higher breathability. One of the best parts about this design is that it proves superior in getting rid of moisture from the glove. This means it will not smell as bad as some full leather alternatives.

  • Made with a padded palm
  • Includes a padded leather palm
  • Made with a cushioned index finger
  • Can be used in various sports
  • Not entirely made out of leather

23. Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove Series

Why we like it: This Rawlings design is available in the widest range of styles and sizes, perfect for all ages.

The full leather glove is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing designs from the respected manufacturer. It comes with a full leather construction. The great part is this leather has already been treated for durability. Oil has been applied to the glove and it represents one of the simplest methods users can put into practice to prolong its life as well.

Zero Shock palm pads have been added to the glove. They protect the hand against the high shocks specific to speedy balls. Even the fingers are protected with extra padding so that in case the ball lands out of the palm surface, the fingers are protected.

With pro-style patterns, this can be one of the few gloves kids can use to act and play like professionals. Of course, they will need how to take care of such designs as this type of leather might be damaged by various actions such as leaving it out in the sun for days or exposing it to high humidity for long periods.

  • Inspired by pro designs
  • Includes a Zero shock palm protection
  • Already 90% broken in
  • Right hand and left-hand designs available
  • Requires constant care

24. Mizuno 11.5″ Vintage MVP Youth Baseball Glove

Why we like it: Made with the ParaShock design, the full-grain leather glove is used for full shock absorption.

Without a doubt, the Mizuno design offers one of the most respected solutions when it comes to aesthetic designs. The 11.5” glove looks like no other. It comes as one of the few options which are truly made for the ultimate baseball fan. The best part is that its priced as a mid-range glove, even if it comes with a few premium characteristics.

One of these characteristics is full-grain leather. It requires a minimum break in but it offers a feeling that many kids have only heard about. This is why the little ones are often-times going to play for the first time in their lives with a leather design such as Muzino’s glove.

Made with MZO lining, it also deals with one of the issues which find truly annoying, moisture buildup. All leather gloves have this problem but a small improvement in breathability can make the difference in a long training session.

The power-lock wrist wrap is also made to a high standard. It allows good adjustability but kids will need to find the balance between a tight fit and an uncomfortable fit. It’s just a shame there is only one color to choose from with these gloves.

  • Made from full-grain leather
  • Recognizable Mizuno design
  • Designed with a PowerLock wrist wrap
  • Made with a Trident Web weave
  • Only made in one color

25. Rawlings Baseball Gloves & Mitts for kids

Why we like it: Available in small sizes, the glove is suitable for multiple sports, which include baseball.

The colorful glove is one of the distinct options of its class, even by the way it looks. Being very colorful, it will help kids stand out. Furthermore, it can be one of the best options for those who want to stand out in baseball class.

It is made for right-hand throw, which means the glove only fits the left hand. However, it has a comfortable fit and it is highly recommended for users who want to get serious about the sport. This could be any users, boy or girl with an age between 10 and 14. Kids bigger than 14 might already need to start looking at youth designs made for adolescents.

Made with synthetic leather, there are not too many things to remember about its maintenance routine. However, the glove should go through a break-in at least one week where kids can catch the ball with the left hand as often as possible.

  • Made with vivid colors
  • Based on synthetic leather
  • Supports a cushioned palm
  • Suitable up to the age of 14
  • Not made for left-hand throw

26. Rawlings Select Pro Lite Baseball Glove Series

Why we like it: With infield and outfield designs, the glove is soft and lightweight.

Made with lightweight leather, the glove is among the simplest solutions for those who do not want to spend days looking for the best designs. Nobody can truly go wrong with the Rawlings Select Pro Lite for their kids.

With a padded palm, the glove is suitable for the most demanding shock absorption needs against the fastest throwers. With durable all-leather lacing, the baseball glove is one of the designs which are made to last. However, the full-grain leather is not as rigid as seen on many other gloves. It’s a worthy option if properly taken care of.

  • Suitable for infield and outfield positions
  • Made with an all-leather design
  • Supports a cushioned palm
  • Cushioned finger design
  • Need leather-specific care

27. Kuyou Baseball Glove With Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

Why we like it: Suitable for kids between 7 and 13, the affordable glove features polyurethane pal lining.

Padded with soft faux lining, the glove can be used in multiple sports, including baseball. Kids can find it comfortable to wear and the pocket it creates is perfect for catching the ball. Its design is simple and it uses the popular basket-weave design to offer a more realistic solution to those seeking a proper grip.

With an adjustable binding strap, the glove can also be suitable for wrists of various sizes. Parents should allow their kids to use the strap as tight as they feel comfortable with.

  • Made with a pocket-design
  • Based on basket-weave catch
  • Designed with an adjustable binding strap
  • Covers a large age group from 7 to 13
  • The padded wrist may lead to hand sweating

28. Rawlings 11″ Players Series Right-Handed Baseball Glove

Why we like it: Made with leather and neoprene, the glove favors a natural feel with a plus of breathability.

The leather material in the palm recommends these small Rawlings gloves for dedicated junior baseball fans. It comes as one of the few designs which are truly made for a premium feel, but which are not entirely made out of leather.

  • Suitable for junior baseball players
  • Made with leather palm comfort
  • Includes a neoprene back for breathability
  • Black design with tan lacing
  • Right hand throw only

29. Rawlings Player Series 9” T-Ball Glove

Why we like it: With its basket weave, the comfortable glove is a great gift idea for baseball girl players.

Apart from its pink-black look, the glove is suitable for immediate baseball fun games. It does not require any break-in at all. This is why girls who are just starting can consider it as a comfortable option which will not scare them away from the sport at the beginning.

  • Made with a basket-web shell
  • Includes a protective soft inner lining
  • Made with a molded PU palm
  • Requires no break-in
  • Only available in 9”

30. Mizuno GXF102 Youth Prospect First Baseman Mitt

Why we like it: This patent-pending design is recommended for those who push the limits of conventional gloves, a true characteristic of Mizuno fans.

With a pending patent, the gloves are innovative and they can be a breath of fresh air for those who already play the game. Its heel flex technology increases flexibility and it also improves closure. Even the power close is patented and this means it can only be seen on Mizuno gloves.

  • Unique and attractive design
  • Based on heel flex technology
  • PowerClose wrist strap
  • Premium leather quality
  • Not the most affordable design

Final considerations

At the moment, these best baseball gloves for kids are impressive from the start. They can be used for years and kids can get the right skills to improve and replace them as they grow. Most importantly, they are correct gloves which teach the little ones how to properly catch a ball. This is the main reason many would incline to choose the best designs over the most affordable designs. It’s just a matter of matching the right size for the age group of the child with the right-left or right-hand glove.