Best Building Blocks For Toddlers 2020


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Starting to express creativity during, play, toddlers love building blocks. For years, the best building blocks for toddlers have been inspired toys that are fun to use. Unlike all other toys, they are also very durable which means they can withstand the high energy toddlers have. Being played with by both boys and girls, these building blocks can inspire a generation. But the best part is toddlers can play with building blocks anywhere and even take blocks with them while away from home. The following building blocks are specifically made for them as they are safe and easy to use.

Top 30 Best Building Blocks For Toddlers 2020

1. First Builders Big Building Bag

Why we like it: These building blocks are a bit bigger and perfectly suited for little hands.

Made with 80 pieces, this set is a popular choice for toddlers. Including blocks of various size and colors, it has everything it needs for the best results. In early child development, such blocks teach crucial skills, including the mechanics of how to handle objects at various angles.

One of the simplest and most effective benefits of building blocks is that they allow kids to build and rebuild as much as possible. Every play opportunity becomes different as a result. Kids can imagine their constructions and they can start from scratch with every occasion. At the same time, all of the blocks can be stored in the see-through bag when playtime is over.

  • Made for little hands
  • The set includes 80 pieces
  • Includes various colors
  • Ships with a zipped storage bag
  • Some lose large blocks

2. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks

Why we like it: The large cardboard blocks can be used to build walls, forts, home or stages toddlers can sit on.

Made from supportive cardboard, these building blocks are large and fun to play with. Furthermore, they support weights of up to 150lbs which makes them highly desirable for kids of various ages, especially toddlers. Since toddlers love to crawl and since they might be learning how to stand properly, these cardboard blocks can also act as chairs when they want to take a break.

There are 40 blocks in a typical set and they come in various colors. Toddlers and kids can simply use them on their own or even create a combined space with a blanket for a fort or unique tent. The size of the blocks can also make them easier to handle for toddlers.

  • Set includes 40 cardboard blocks
  • Can be stacked in various angles
  • Blocks can be wiped clean
  • Based on the fold-together assembly
  • Blocks require extra storage space

3. B. Toys – One Two Squeeze Baby Blocks

Why we like it: The set of 10 building blocks comes with a strong premium feel and the details of their design are impressive.

Made with 10 soft texture building blocks, this set is among the most interesting of its class. It doesn’t feature the most block but toddlers unable to stand on their own don’t need more of them. However, their squishy design backed by detailed 3D symbols makes then a sculpted work of art.

Apart from stacking them on top of each other, toddlers can also take the opportunity to learn a few things about numbers, shapes, symbols, and animals. Each side of a block features such carvings and they all tell a different story. A recycled storage bag is included as well.

  • Made with 3D carvings
  • Building blocks care squishy
  • Carved numbers and animal figures
  • Can be washed thoroughly
  • Water can get stuck inside if used in the bathroom

4. Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set – 100 blocks

Why we like it: These wooden shapes are tailored towards buildings, castles and other structures toddlers can relate to.

There are 9 different types of blocks included in this 100-piece set. They are made from woo which means their durability is guaranteed. Colored differently, each type of these building blocks can be used to create different structures. Judging by the roof blocks, the set is an inspired choice for homes, tower blocks or castles.

Toddlers can enjoy this set for years. As they start to master them, they can also slowly move towards the 200-block version of the set or simply pair them with another 100-piece set to create more complex structures. However, it will take time for them to master the art of using these building blocks, stacking and knocking them over along the way.

  • Made with 9 shapes
  • All building blocks made from wood
  • Suitable for building homes and castles
  • Available in 100 or 200-piece sets
  • Slippery surface at times

5. Battat Bristle Blocks

Why we like it: The set differentiates itself as its building blocks stick together from any angle by interlocking.

There are 112 pieces in this innovative set. Made in different colors, they can be used to create distinct shapes, vehicles, and buildings. Since they interlock from any angle, the options are truly endless. Toddlers creating their vehicles can rely on this simple set with its included wheels to have a bit more fun without any other cars.

Since the building blocks are so versatile, they can be used together with the Battat Spinaroo or the Battat Bristle blocks. All of them can be part of the ultimate building toy collection that toddlers can use for years and make the most of imaginative play.

  • Set includes 112 pieces
  • Pieces interlock from all angles
  • Included wheels for vehicles
  • Compatible with the Battat Spinaroo
  • Not the sturdiest wheels’ design

6. SainSmart Jr. Wooden ABC Blocks

Why we like it: Featuring symbols, letters, and numbers, the building blocks are ready to teach toddlers as well as to offer them a fun method of playing.

Learning with building blocks is something many toddlers love today. With the help of their parents, they can start learning various letters and numbers from 0 to 9. Apart from these benefits, the added figures on the building blocks make them desirable even when it comes to naming various objects or animals.

Made from all-natural wood, these building blocks are very durable. With a smooth finish, they can easily represent great display items in a kid’s bedroom. With an included storage bag, they can also be put away while not in use.

  • Made from real wood
  • Decorated with numbers and letters
  • Recommended for learning
  • 40 building blocks included in the set
  • No handle on the storage bag

7. Melissa & Doug Building Blocks with Wooden Storage Crate

Why we like it: The set is one of the manufacturer’s solutions for those who only want pieces with a natural solid wood look.

Without any colors, the set represents one of the fun solutions for kids to play with. Its natural wooden look which characterizes the wooden pieces is highly suitable for an aesthetic home or castle. Both boys and girls can play with these blocks since they are unisex.

There are 60 pieces in this set and one of the distinct aspects is that it also includes a storage crate. Toddlers can learn to clean up their play area with the crate. But they can also easily carry all of the building blocks around the house with the durable wooden storage crate. Playing and developing at the same time is what this set has to offer apart from its premium solid wood construction.

  • Made from solid wood
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Set includes a wooden crate
  • Proven Melissa & Doug concept
  • Triangular pieces can be uneven

8. Infantino Sensory Press and Stay Sensory Blocks

Why we like it:The set includes building blocks which interlock by pressing them together.

24 unique blocks are included in this set. They represent one of the most interesting designs when it comes to proper functionality and creativity. Unlike other blocks which simply rely on gravity to sit on top of each other, these blocks are interlocking as they are pressed together.

Made with different colors, a single building block can be locked to another one from either side. It’s worth investing in this solution to allow toddlers to improve their hand-eye coordination as well as their creativity. With high contrast colors, it’s easy for them to understand how they interlock and how to build various structures.

  • Based on various colors
  • Set includes 40 building blocks
  • Designed with interlocking principles
  • Can be used from the age of 6 months and up
  • Not available in higher count alternatives

9. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden ABC/123 Blocks Set

Why we like it: Made for ages 2 to 4, this set includes wooden building blocks with numbers and letters.

Melissa & Doug is one of the few companies which specifically address building blocks for toddlers with various designs. Their ABC/123 block set is one of the popular choices as it ticks a few important boxes, such as materials and learning potential. Made from wood, these building blocks are easy to use for a long period. Wood also gives them a special appeal, closer to premium toys.

The added numbers and letters on each side of the building block are only going to enrich the playing experience. Kids can learn how to stack the blocks simply by correlating each block according to a letter or a number. There are 50 building blocks in the set and all of them can be played within different ways. Kids can stack them starting with the lowest number or they can line them up alphabetically. Suitable up to the age of 4, the set can give pre-school kids an advantage as they already know the letters and numbers when they start learning them at kindergarten.

  • Made for toddlers
  • Set includes 50 building blocks
  • Based on solid wood blocks
  • Includes numbers and letters
  • Some characters are printed off-center

10. Kids adventure 24pc Jumbo Blocks – Beginner Set

Why we like it: These large building blocks are among the few which can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Representing one of the most important options for indoor and outdoor play versatility, the building set is one of the sturdiest options of its class. It represents a valuable option for kids who want to play with safe blocks with rounded edges. At the same time, their interlocking design means these blocks are very stable.

Unlike a few other options, the building blocks can also be used outside, where they can also be easily cleaned. In total, there are 24 pieces to rely on. All of them come in different colors and kids can learn a few things about gross motor skills by handling each large block individually. Since these building blocks are so large, they can also be used together with other toys to build dedicated play areas.

  • Made with 24 pieces
  • Based on large building blocks
  • Suitable for outdoor play
  • Made to improve gross motor skills
  • The open design makes them hard to clean

11. Battat – Locbloc Wagon – Building Toy Blocks for Toddlers

Why we like it: 54 building block pieces are included in this unique wagon-based set.

Toddlers can use colored building blocks anywhere around the house. They can easily transport them from a room to another simply by pulling them with the included wagon. All of the building blocks are made with solid plastic and they can be stacked on top of each other to create unique childhood experiences while boosting creativity.

While it may be difficult to move around 54 building blocks, the best part is they can be transported with the included wagon. Sitting on large wheels, this wagon glides fast over all types of surfaces.

  • Includes 54 pieces
  • Suitable for high creativity
  • Made for ages 2 and up
  • Includes a transport wagon
  • Not the thickest plastics on the building blocks

13. Lego Duplo My First Bricks

Why we like it: This Lego set has 80 colorful pieces and it fits many other types of products from the manufacturer.

Toddlers love Lego and the Duplo My First Bricks is one suitable set which can kick-start a toddler’s creativity in the Lego world. At some point, all toddlers will find their way towards Lego and this set has just sufficient pieces to make it a good option for building vehicles, boats, animals or buildings.

There are 80 pieces included in this set and they represent one of the best options for good creativity. At the same time, they are very suitable for fine motor skills. Unlike other brands, all Lego pieces are even and toddlers can stack them upon each other without the fear of them tumbling over.

  • Includes 80 pieces
  • Made with different colors
  • Finished to a high standard
  • Develops motor skills
  • Pieces make up a series of small buildings

14. Mega Bloks First Builders Deluxe Building Bag

Why we like it: With large blocks, the set is one of the options made for easy use and recommended as a first building block gift.

Not all building blocks are as large as these from Mega Bloks. But the good news is they are very suitable for toddlers. With their small hands, toddlers will have less precision with smaller blocks and this is why the blocks represent such a suitable gift idea.

Many kids also have the opportunity to use the set for complex games and buildings. This is due to the 150 piece count. For most toddlers, this means they can even play with friends without arguing on who gets the most pieces as there’s plenty for all. One of the downsides of these pieces is they don’t fit smaller building blocks so those who want more will need to go back to Mega Bloks designs.

  • Specifically made for toddlers
  • Set includes 150 pieces
  • Suitable for complex buildings
  • Includes a soft carry bag
  • Too many single pieces

15. Feijoa + Pukeko Building Blocks Set for Preschool

Why we like it: These interlocking building blocks are among the few which won’t grow mold and which can be used in the bathroom.

The interesting design of the building blocks allows them to represent one of the most interesting options with an interlocking design. Even based on this system, kids can still create all types of objects, including animals. There are 250 pieces inside the container and toddlers can play with various colors as they like. However, one of the main benefits of these building blocks is the naturally buoyant character of the materials and this means that if played within the bathtub, they will not grow mold. With such versatility, the set can be one of the few options which can truly be used at home and on holiday.

  • Includes 250 colorful pieces
  • Nicely stacked in a plastic container
  • Pieces don’t grow mold
  • Encourages Stem learning
  • Won’t fit any other brand’s building blocks

16. Prextex 150 Piece Classic Big Building Blocks

Why we like it: These simple brick-style building blocks are increasingly rare to find and Pretex fans have 150 of them to play with.

This set is one of the much-needed designs for toddlers to play with. Its major advantage is that it fits most major brands’ building blocks. This is why it can be one of the most interesting options for those who might already plan an entire building blocks collection for their toddlers. Furthermore, it is also one of the most powerful sets in terms of freedom of building.

All pieces are the same size and the entire creative freedom is unrestricted and up to the children to decide. In many cases, this is also one of the best sets to start playing with building blocks. Another advantage of the set is its affordability. Practically, kids can always upgrade their set with a second set of building blocks to build castles, forts and all types of complex constructions.

  • Includes 150 pieces
  • Fits most brands’ building blocks
  • All pieces have the same square design
  • Includes 5 colors for the pieces
  • Stackable baseplate sold separately

17. Milliard Soft Foam Blocks

Why we like it: With soft construction, the foam blocks have a funs stackable design, suitable for daycares and home use.

These building blocks are made from soft foam. This might be the reason why they represent such a great choice for so many toddlers. Those playing with friends can consider the set as it can’t hurt anyone with the soft foam construction.

There are 24 blocks of different colors included in the set. All of them are kept nicely in a soft carry case. But kids can use them to learn counting, colors or to simply play at home. When they start to get too dirty, parents can machine wash the zipped covers to make them fresh and clean again. Mainly suitable for toddlers, the building blocks have a height of 4 inches.

  • Mad with 24 building blocks
  • Based on soft foam construction
  • Each block comes with a zipped cover
  • Suitable for daycares, therapy and home use
  • Not enough pieces for complex buildings

18. ECR4Kids SoftZone Patchwork Toddler Block Playset

Why we like it: This set is made from soft polyurethane pieces and is safe for kids 6 months and up to play with.

The soft foam cubes of the set are safe for kids of all ages. They are larger than many expect and this is why they are also easier to handle with small hands. Made from polyurethane, they are also lightweight. Toddlers can move them from one play area to another freely. At the same time, they can also do their best when it comes to proper freedom of creativity as they can even tumble safely on their feet without too many worries.

There are 12 pieces included in the set. All of them feature different colors. However, EC4Kids also has a few other color variations to choose from. As a result, parents can match the colors of the block playset with the dominant colors in the child’s bedroom

  • The set includes 12 foam pieces
  • Covers are easy to wipe clean
  • Safe to use from 6 months and up
  • No assembly needed
  • Not safe to jump on

19. Dimple 150 Piece Soft Plastic Building Block Set

Why we like it: With a few wheel pieces, this set is mainly recommended for building vehicles.

Toddlers can enjoy building their vehicles and they can create one from scratch using the Dimple design. Of course, the vehicles are going to be simple but they can vary from cars to trains or even cranes. There are 150 building blocks included in this set and toddlers can enjoy all of them to the fullest with their lightweight.

In some cases, the vehicles might also work well on tracks. Toddlers who already own different type of racing tracks can create new vehicles from the building blocks for the ultimate racing experience. As for their compatibility, they are now truly made to fit other brands’ building blocks as they are made to be used within this range from the manufacturer.

  • Made with 150 colorful pieces
  • Included plastic storage bag
  • Made with wheeled pieces
  • Suitable for building vehicles
  • Not compatible with other branded building blocks

20. FAO Schwarz Wooden Castle Building Blocks Set

Why we like it: Inspired by medieval castles, this building blocks set is entirely based on wooden elements.

Made to inspire toddlers and remind them of their favorite fairytales, this building set is one of the unique chances of actually building something which looks like a castle in the Alps. Various towers and foundation pieces are made available and they represent the base of the 150-piece set.

Even if it seems that the building blocks are an actual single castle separated into tiny pieces, they can be put together for building a new castle every day. At the same time, this is one of the suitable opportunities for toddlers to spend some time with their parents to understand how actual castles were built. The wooden quality of the pieces is constant and they are all even, unlike a few other wooden building block sets.

  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Allows toddlers to create a new castle every day
  • Every wooden piece is polished
  • Includes 150 pieces
  • Could use more rectangular pieces

21. Michley Interlocking Builders Blocks Play Set for Child

Why we like it: The square interlocking blocks are recommended for 3D structures such as homes.

Toddlers can use these unique interlocking building blocks to create entire buildings. 6 interlocking pieces create a cube but there’s plenty of them inside the pack. 100 pieces are normally including in the pack, even if a larger 150-piece set is available as well.

The abundance of square blocks and triangular blocks means this is one of the solutions most suitable for building homes. However, many other buildings can be constructed with a bit of help from adults. The taller the construction, the harder it is for the toddler to interlock new pieces together. This is why this set will put their gross motor skills to a test.
One of the best parts about the set is that its pieces are made from ABS plastic. Even if the pieces have to interlock, they are still very durable and there’s a bit of flexibility to them. Braking these pieces might be impossible for a toddler with bare hands.

  • Made with 150 pieces
  • Based on interlocking principles
  • Suitable for building homes
  • Includes pieces of multiple colors
  • Only includes square and triangular blocks

22. Gemem Shape Sorter

Why we like it: Toddlers unable to build anything on their own can start matching building blocks to the shapes of this sorting cube.

Buying building blocks is easy. However, most parents know that their toddlers still need guidance at times. It is why they can start playing with this Shape Sorter game which lays down the foundation for proper and actual building block fun.
Most toddlers will be able to understand what they need to do. But apart from matching the right building block to the right hole in the sorter cube, they also develop important hand-eye coordination. This then becomes mandatory in the situations where they need to build with building blocks on top of each other.

One of the best parts about the set is that it is entirely made out of wood. There are no chances of anything braking and the set is highly recommended for kids who want to enjoy a top experience which can even start a few giggles. 12 building blocks need to be matched to the cube sorter’s holes.

  • Suitable for learning purposes
  • Includes 12 building blocks
  • Entirely made out of wood
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Becomes absolute in a few months

23. Burgkidz Classic Big Building Blocks

Why we like it: Why we like it
With 214 pieces and an included baseplate and it inspired 2D and 3D creativity.

Made to fit most branded building blocks, the Burgkidz set is one of the best in its class when it comes to overall freedom of creativity. Unlike many other types of building blocks, they can also be put together horizontally, with the help of the building plate. Most toddlers have the freedom to build up as well, especially if they have the dexterity to handle the small pieces.

Unlike a few other similar sets, it features 214 pieces which mean there are hundreds of possibilities. From superheroes such as Mario to building homes, this set supports all types of fun creative ideas. Its main benefit is that it encourages creative but structured thinking. 13 shapes are included in the set and they are the base of one of the most versatile building block sets toddlers can carry on using into their childhood years.

  • Based on 214 pieces
  • Set includes a building baseplate
  • Compatible with other brands’ building blocks
  • Includes a small storage bucket
  • Not the most innovative design

24. B. toys – aBc Block Party Baby Blocks

Why we like it: These soft stackable baby blocks also come with plastic inserts to improve cognition.

There are 6 toddler-friendly building blocks included in this set. They represent one of the most suitable options in the early days of playing, where safety is important. Their soft profile recommends them above many other similar options in this class.

Apart from their squishy appeal, they also represent one of the best options for those seeking imaginative learning while playing. All of the blocks come with various animal prints but they also represent an interesting solution for those who might already be curious about letters. The interesting part is that they do not include the entire alphabet. The building blocks are made with a single letter, which is found at the beginning of the corresponding printed character. For example, where toddlers see a dog, they will also see the letter D.
Apart from stacking the building blocks, toddlers can also insert plastic toys in them. The rectangular, round and triangular plastic toys are included in the set and they can be used to improve creative thinking.

  • Made with squishable building blocks
  • Designed with printed animals and letters
  • Includes plastic inserts
  • Made with BPA-free materials
  • Only 6 building blocks included in the set

25. Loobani 100 Pcs Kids Toddlers Building Blocks Wooden Toys Set

Why we like it: This incredible old-school style building blocks set only includes rectangular shapes.

There are a few toddlers which don’t like any other shapes apart from the rectangular ones. It is because they are the most versatile and they can build floor after floor without sacrificing stability. This set only includes wooden pieces which means they look great and which are also durable.

At its core, this set can be the base of mathematical experience. Toddlers get to plan and strategize just how many wooden pieces are needed to build certain objects. Angles are important as well, even if most of them are 90-degree angles due to the rectangular shape of the building blocks.

  • Made from solid wood pieces
  • A basic set includes 100 pieces
  • Suitable for social play
  • Recommended for tall rectangular structures
  • 150-piece mix set offers better value for money

26. Magz Wooden Bricks 45 Magnetic Building Blocks

Why we like it: The set is based on wooden building blocks with include magnets for the craziest structures.

Kids can be amazed by this incredible set which looks like any other wooden building blocks set. However, its pieces are made with magnets. With such materials, it is easy to build some of the craziest designs. For example, it would be impossible to build a tall structure with a wider top and a narrow base without magnets. This is truly possible with the Magz set. With 45 pieces, the set is impressive for many toddlers, it’s just a shame there are no versions with more building blocks to choose from.

  • Based on magnetic building blocks
  • Made with various shapes
  • Suitable for quirky constructions
  • Allows a margin for error due to the magnets
  • Only 45 pieces to count on

27. Burgkidz Large Building Blocks – 135 Pieces

Why we like it: This is the set which comes with the most building blocks shapes to boost creative efforts.

As one of the most interesting building blocks for toddlers, the set represents a suitable option for detailed constructions. With rectangular, square, angled and even flower pieces, this is one of the most interesting options for kids to consider when it comes to picture-perfect constructions. One of the benefits of these varied shapes is that they can serve in the building of various animal figurines.

  • 135 colors pieces to choose from
  • Set includes angled pieces
  • Recommended for animal figurines
  • Compatible with other branded building block sets
  • Some colors might look faded

28. CR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set

Why we like it: Toddlers up to the age of 1 might find this climbable building block set the only option to play with.

Some toddlers might still not have the coordination to build their toys. The EC4Kids introduces them to the world of stacking, sorting and building with this climbable set. Made from soft materials, this set shows kids the importance of angles and on how various shapes can come together. It is a type of pre-building blocks set solution for kids to play with.

  • Toddlers can crawl on the building blocks
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Can be placed in the bedroom
  • Allows some room for creative freedom
  • Toddlers can’t lift the building blocks themselves

29. Galt Toys Soft Blocks

Why we like it: The squeezable building blocks can be stacked or thrown for harmless fun play.

6 building blocks are included in this unique set. Toddlers can get accustomed to these types of building blocks by first using soft materials’ designs. All of the building blocks come with friendly prints. Toddlers can learn about chickens, cows, cats, turtles or various vehicles based on these friendly cartoon-inspired prints. They can also safely throw them around as they are machine washable.

  • Includes soft building blocks
  • Made for crawling toddlers
  • Suitable for ages as young as 6 months+
  • Machine washable materials
  • Set only includes 6 building blocks

30. Teytoy Children Building Blocks

Why we like it: The interchangeable building blocks can build planes, cars, furniture or animals.

There are various building block shapes included in the Teytoy set. Toddlers can use them to create various toys and figurines. Square, rectangular and rounded shapes can be used to build planes and vehicles. Rectangular shapes can be used to build miniature furniture, especially since the interlocking design of the pieces allows for a very specific fit, with all of the pieces being held closely together.

  • Set includes 100 pieces
  • Based on a proven interlocking design
  • Suitable to boost imagination
  • Largest pieces measure 13.5cm
  • Set only includes 10 triangular pieces

Final considerations

As some of the most creative play toys, the best building blocks for toddlers are made to last. Most of them can be played with by toddlers and kids. Toddlers can play with them into their childhood but they can also make the most of each building blocks set by simply allowing their creative freedom to build the toys which fascinate them at this moment.
Most sets now include various shapes for the building blocks but a few options with only rectangular pieces are still being made as seen above. It is up to the parents to decide which of them works best to create a very specific construction. The good news is parents can always purchase additional building blocks as their toddlers get more confident with their constructions.