Best Drones for Kids 2020


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Most kids are interested in flying objects like paper planes, so flying drones are the next big thing that will provide more fun to them. However, you have to consider factors like performance and safety before purchasing one. The drones should also be built with more straightforward controls to make them easy to fly by kids. In this article, we will review the best drones for kids. Read on.

Top 30 Best Drones for Kids 2020

1. Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

Why we like it: the drone is durable because of its design. The light plastic exterior protects the inner components like the propeller and the hull from collisions and crashes. It is perfect for learners who haven’t mastered how to control the drone with their hands.

The drone is made from durable Non-toxic ABS plastic which is safe for kids to play with and also safe for the environment. Flying the drone is easy, turn on the drone and wait for the four lights to turn on then throw it in the air. If the sensors detect an obstacle, the drone flies away from it. Your kids will love the fact that it flies like a real UFO object with lights on.

  • The design is crash resistant
  • Hands-free control is interactive
  • It will stop charging automatically once the battery is full
  • You flip it over to stop flying
  • Green and red LED lights are attractive at night
  • The battery only lasts for 5 minutes maximum; this flight time is short.

2. SGOTA RC Quadcopter Drone

Why we like it: having the dual cameras on the belly of the drone enables the kids to see what the drone sees, plus you can also access the footage live from your downloaded phone app.

The drone material makes it compact and resilient even after a few crashes, you can also source replacement parts easily on Amazon. The ease of setting up the remote control and linking it to the phone app is great, and your kid will be flying the drone in no time while you supervise the flight on your phone app.

  • High-quality footage from different perspectives
  • A range of roughly 100 meters
  • The kids can easily recall the drone
  • It comes with a follow me mode
  • The headless feature is great for beginners
  • The battery charges for 90 minutes and you only get 8 minutes of flight time

3. UFO Flying Ball Toys

Why we like it: the LED lights turn themselves on automatically at night, your kids will have fun trying to chase it around the living room and grab it. It is very interactive for young kids.

The kids will master the control of the drone easily, additional features like the 360 degrees rotation and the hovering at a certain altitude will excite them. There are two-speed modes, the blue light will light up at high-speed mode and the green light for medium speed, and they also look attractive at night. The total flight time is 8 minutes per charging cycle.

  • Good LED light display at night
  • You can control the directions with your hands
  • The material is collision resistant
  • It comes with a clear instruction manual
  • Red light automatically turns off when fully charged
  • It crash-lands when the battery drains mid-air

4. Potensic A30W FPV Drone

Why we like it: this drone automatically changes to altitude hold mode when the kid`s hand are off the controller. The altitude hold mode makes the drone hover at the current height until you press the controls.

The drone features a high-quality FPV video camera that enables you to take high-quality videos with each perspective, and the videos are streamed live in your phone app. If you are unhappy about the direction your kids are flying the drone, the solution is to draw the pattern you intend the drone to fly in on your phone app. And the drone will take that flight route. In addition to the flight route, the app can also control the speed and the direction of the drone, it helps prevent crashes if your kid is not experienced enough to fly on their own.

  • The battery life of 8 minutes after full charge
  • Removable battery extends the flight time
  • Easy to assemble the components
  • The phone app controls speed, direction and flight route
  • Low battery alarm
  • Since all the videos are recorded in the phone app, if the signal is terrible, then the video quality becomes low.

5. Rabing Flying Cars Quadcopter Drone

Why we like it: besides the battery-powered motors, you can also follow the simple instructions to make an index card sail. This sail is wind-powered and helps improve battery efficiency so that your kid can have a prolonged flight time.

This drone can double up as a motorized vehicle or rubber band powered vehicles. The assembly of the components is quite easy since the packaging comes with a separate box for organizing the parts while assembling them. There are a total of 24 wheels and eight motors in the kit, that’s why it doesn’t come cheap, so you have all the spares you need. It is cool for your kid to have both the RC drone and car in one setting.

  • The control range is 200 meters
  • You get the RC car and drove in one setting
  • The battery lasts for 8 minutes
  • Strong flight dynamics
  • Fuselage lights will flash when the battery is low
  • There is no camera in the RC Drone

6. SYMA X22W Mini Drone with Camera

Why we like it: the headless mode is great for beginners, it helps them determine the direction their controls moves the drone, which is helpful when flying the drone outdoors.

You have to make the proper trim adjustment before your kid flies the drone; otherwise, it won’t be stable. The batteries fit well in the battery tray, no need to look for screwdrivers to lift the battery, even your kid can slide the battery in and out during the flight time. It also comes with two batteries to prolong the flight time. The parent can also control the drone remotely using the SYMA GO App on IOS.

  • It comes with sets of spare propellers
  • The batteries slide in and out of the tray easily
  • Total flight time of 9 minutes
  • 720P Camera with Wi-Fi connection to your phone app
  • Stable flyer
  • Loses control when the weather is windy
  • The drone collects air around the propeller shaft, limiting the responsiveness.

7. BOMPOW Flying Toys Drones for Kids

Why we like it: the drone is made of light and soft materials that make it crash resistant, in addition to that, the blades are not exposed. This feature makes it safe for the kids to play with it.

You can easily distinguish the speed that your kid is flying the drone, the blue light is for low speeds, and the green light is for medium speed. These lights make the drone exciting to fly at night, and the kids will love it. The auto sensor uses Infra-red light to avoid obstacles, and this sensor also controls the direction of the drone. If the kid places their hand on one side, it goes in the opposite direction. The battery lasts for 5-10 minutes.

  • A strong body to withstand crashes
  • The lights are fun to watch at night
  • Auto sensors to avoid obstacles
  • The quadcopter takes off automatically when thrown in the air gently
  • The red indicator blinks for low battery warning
  • The propellers come off easily
  • It would land with a thud, especially if it were at a high altitude

8. Spacekey Mini RC Helicopter Drone for Kids

Why we like it: parents will be happy to know that the drone weighs less than 0.5lbs, so you don’t have to register it with the FAA for your kids to fly it. In addition to that, it fits in your pocket, so it’s easy to carry it around.

You will be amazed by the ease of assembly, and the package includes a screwdriver, propeller guards and four propellers. The assembling takes less than 10 minutes since the manual is clear. The controller has simple controls that a kid will learn fast. Also, it has a compartment to store the drone. The drone battery gives you a flight time of 8 minutes and can fly at a control range of 160 feet, and the kids will enjoy flying the drone.

  • Durable material even after a few crashes
  • The controls are suitable for beginners
  • Hovers around with minor trim
  • Flight time of 8 minutes after a full charge
  • The 3-speed setting is suitable for beginners
  • The circuit board gets hot; you have to give it a 5-minute break to cool down 4.5

9. SANROCK GD65A Mini Drone Quadcopter 4.5

Why we like it: the remote control is easy to use and very responsive, even for beginners. In addition to that, there are three levels of speed, and your kid can start with level one and graduate to the other levels once they master the flying controls.

Every parent knows that the most vulnerable part of the drone is the propellers; they cannot withstand crashes. This drone comes with ring protectors to alleviate this problem, and it makes the drone more durable. The motor is connected through the interface, and when damaged it can be replaced easier compared to welded in motors. It is also easy for the child to perform the flips, and the battery lasts for 5 minutes maximum.

  • Easy to replace the motor
  • LED light for night flying
  • Control range of 30 meters
  • Two batteries included in the package
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easily affected by the slightest breeze, if the weather is windy, fly it indoors

10. Atoyscasa FPV RC Drone

Why we like it: the drone can achieve a stable flight, whether the user is experienced or not. This feature is made possible by the 6-Axis Gyro flying control system. You can be able to take clear pictures and videos during the flight.

Unlike other drones, this drone gives you the best flight time and range. The range varies when using the remote and the phone app. When using the remote, you can achieve flight ranges of 300 feet compared to 150 feet when using a phone app. The flight time is excellent, you get 20-25 minutes of flight time, and your kids will love the experience. In case you are wondering where to store your images and videos from the camera, you don’t have to install an SD card, you only download the XT GO app on Google Play, and you are ready to fly and record.

  • Images are stored on the mobile app
  • Stable flight for clear pictures
  • Easy to assemble the components
  • Good flight time of 20-25 minutes
  • A control range of 200 feet
  • The flashing lights cannot be synced with the remote

11. DBPOWER Quadcopter FPV Camera Drone

Why we like it: the drone comes with two batteries upon purchase, each cell holds the charge for 9 minutes. Your kids get 18 minutes of uninterrupted flight time for a great flying experience.

The control range is good, it an fly up to 200 feet high and 300 feet horizontally. You can imagine the excitement of your kids seeing their footage on the built-in LCD at 200 feet in the air. We liked the controller design as it displays the setting indicators and the signal strength in addition to the live FPV video footage from the drone. The lights on the drone make it exciting to watch and fly at night indoors. Because of its big size, the drone can be operated in moderate winds at high-speed setting.

  • Good first-person view HD camera footage
  • The LED lights on the drone make it exciting to watch it fly at night
  • A control range of 300 feet
  • 4GB SD Card to store video footage
  • The trim adjustments are somehow difficult to dial in; the trim adjustments control the drone hover

12. SYMA X21 Mini RC Drone

Why we like it: the drone responds very well to the controls, your kid will love the quickness of the drone once he pulls the joystick. It also remains in the current height if the kid removes his hands from the controller.

The propellers are well protected from the trees and the shrubs by the propeller guards, in case you damage them, there are spare propellers in the packaging. We also discovered that by connecting the controller and the app to the drone, your kid could fly the drone while you use your phone to check on them. You don’t have to worry about them losing the drone in the nearby bushes. The flight time is 7 minutes per charging cycle. So you have to purchase more batteries to extend this flight time.

  • Able to perform 3D rolls and flips
  • The headless function is good for kids for easy control
  • The flight is smooth and stable indoors
  • The altitude hold enables you to shoot quality footage
  • You have to be careful not to fly it in the wind because where the wind goes, the drone goes.

13. ScharkSpark Quadcopter Drone for Beginners

Why we like it: the kids will find the drone easy to maneuver and control, since there is no calibration needed. The drone is perfect for beginners.

The movement of the drone is intuitive when on the headless function, it allows the kids to control the drone in a horizontal plane without rotating, which is easier for them. The construction is also good, and it can withstand crashes hence increasing the durability. We noted that it could not change direction instantly, so when you activate a certain function, it takes a few seconds for it to respond to the function. The flips are great for little kids to watch; I recommend this drone.

  • The drone comes with its spare parts
  • No calibration needed
  • The flip mode works well
  • The headlights and the LED lights make it easy to fly at night
  • Flight time of 10 minutes
  • The battery comes off when it bumps an obstacle
  • It cannot instantly switch directions

14. REDPAWZ Mini Quadcopter Drone for Kids

Why we like it: the infra-red sensors protect the drone from crashing into walls, this feature extends the durability of the fuselage and the propellers. Your kids will be able to play with it for years; the drone hardly crashes.

The speeds are low, it literary stays still in the air, and the young ones who are not able to keep up with high speeds can play with it easily. Upon purchase, you are given two batteries which prolong the flight time to 15 minutes. Your kids will love flying the drone that long. It comes with easy controls, when the kid loses control of the drone, they can press the drop button, and the drone will land safely.

  • The 3-speed setting is good for beginners
  • The infra-red sensors avoid obstacles
  • You get a flight time of 7 minutes per charging cycle
  • The LED lights are attractive at night
  • You lose control of the drone even at the slightest breeze

15. DROCON Mini RC Drone for Kids

Why we like it: this drone is best suited for beginners, the headless mode allows your kids to fly the drone in any direction. It makes the flight control easier for them as they learn the controls.

The kids will find this drone exciting and engaging when they press the flip button; the drone performs impressive 3D stunts like rolling forward, backward and sideways. The propeller guards make this drone suitable for flying indoors; it cushions the drone from random crashes by beginners. We noted that the drone has a 3-speed setting, and the third speed rate can withstand light breezes. I highly recommend this drone for beginners.

  • The propeller guards are suitable for flying indoors
  • The flips are impressive and intuitive
  • It only takes 10 minutes to assemble the components
  • Foldable and portable
  • The battery lasts for 5 minutes after a full charge
  • You cannot attach a Go Pro camera on it

16. Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone

Why we like it: unlike other Quadcopters, this drone has a landing gear for a smoother landing. If your kid accidentally presses the emergency button, the landing gear will withstand the impact of the crash-landing.

The controller is well-designed with easy controls, and it can also fit your smartphone if you intend to control the drone using your smartphone. The kids will find the drone fun when they turn on the flip mode and watch the drone perform tricks and stunts. The lights at the bottom of the drone indicate to you if the transmitter is connected and a low battery warning. You can also access the videos from your FPV camera on the microSD and the phone app HSS2 FPV.

  • The multiple speed modes enable you to fly the drone in strong winds
  • You can control the drone on your smartphone
  • The flip mode is entertaining for kids to watch
  • Good design with landing gear
  • The battery lasts for 10 minutes
  • The HSS2 FPV App asks for too many permissions on your phone, and it might intrude in your privacy.

17. DEERC HS177 RC Quadcopter Battle Drone for Kids

Why we like it: one new function is that you can be an opponent of your kid in a battle, once you are hit four times by the infra-red beam, then your drone lands slowly in defeat. We find this battle drone interactive and thrilling for kids.

The controller looked small at first, but you will be amazed by the ease of control and response when maneuvering the drone. The altitude hold is excellent, even in strong winds. When shooting down your opponent, use the right joystick to shoot the infra-red beam at your opponent. The propellers come with propeller bumpers to help reduce impact during a crash, in addition to that, the drone packaging has four extra propellers in case they get damaged.

  • The battle drone has infra-red beams to shoot your opponent
  • Easy to maneuver and control
  • It comes in two color shells
  • Four extra propellers in the case
  • The auto altitude does a good job
  • The battery only lasts for 6 minutes; you have to purchase an additional battery to prolong flight time.

18. Spacekey FPV Wi-Fi Drone with Camera

Why we like it: the One Key Landing button is excellent, even when the battery drains mid-air. Your kid can land it by pressing this button before it goes out of control. In addition to that, it automatically controls its descent; you don’t have to worry about the crash landing.

Both the fuselage and the aerofoil are manufactured from PA plastic, and this plastic is more durable than ABS plastic. Plus the foldable design saves a lot of space, and you can easily fit it in your pocket. The best part is the camera quality, and the 720P HD camera produces files that can be edited and exported by any Video editing software. The multiple speed modes are great for beginners; kids who are learning to fly the drone can easily control the hover feature using a remote or a phone app.

  • The operating range is 100 meters
  • A high-quality 720P HD camera
  • Flying time is 8 minutes
  • Ease of assembly
  • Night LED For night flying
  • Control is dependent on weather, and you can quickly lose control in windy weather

19. SNAPTAIN H823H Mini Drone for Kids

Why we like it: the altitude hold function is great for kids, they can quickly learn this control and watch the drone hover mid-air without movement in awe.

The propeller covers and the guards improve the durability of this drone, they help reduce damages to the blades. The kids will find this drone fun to fly when they press the right joystick down until it makes a click sound. It automatically activates the flip function. This 3D Flip function is exciting to watch. You also don’t have to worry about the drone getting lost in the woods at night; it comes with a front headlight that helps guide it at night.

  • The 3-speed modes are suitable for beginners
  • The propeller guards and covers reduce damage to blades
  • Awesome flips
  • You get 6 minutes of flight time
  • LED Light to guide it at night
  • It takes longer to pair with the transmitter

20. Light Up Joy Flying Ball Drone

Why we like it: the drone is indestructible, from the motion sensors to the curved shape that enables it to withstand crashes into obstacles. The Infra-red sensors make the drone avoid obstacles on the way increasing the durability of the drone.

This drone is best suited for flying indoors; there is no controller, so you don’t have to worry that your kids will lose it. The drone has two colors for the two-speed settings, and it makes it fun for kids to fly it at night. The sound of the rotor blades is a bit loud, but it would be creepy without the sounds at night. The hands-free feature is excellent; the kid can change the ascent and descent only by placing his hand above or below the drone.

  • The lightweight shell bounces back from an impact, making it crash resistant
  • Uses a USB port to charge the battery
  • Hands-free function
  • It comes with a fully charged battery
  • Components are easy to assemble
  • It emits a loud buzzing sound when in operation

21. Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

Why we like it: in case your kid loses control of the drone mid-air, or the winds overpower the drone. The drone automatically shuts off the motor, to prevent crashes. This feature makes it suitable for kids learning to fly.

Kids can easily differentiate the front of the drone to the back. There is a white LED light at the front and a Red light at the end, and it makes it easy to determine the flight orientation and direction. The altitude hold is excellent for the kids, though we noticed that if you use the Auto take off button, then the altitude gain becomes uncontrollable. To bypass the Auto take off button, pull both joysticks down until the motor spins. Overall, the 3-speed setting allows your kids to learn the basic techniques like flying the drone around objects and hovering.

  • The battery lasts for 7 minutes
  • Components are easily assembled
  • Made of durable rubbery plastic
  • The controller is small and easy to use
  • Propellers are well protected
  • It doesn’t perform flips
  • It cannot withstand even the slightest breeze.

22. DROCON Ninja Foldable Drone for Kids

Why we like it: the camera quality is good, it transmits live first-person view videos directly to your Android app, which makes it great for kids who like traveling alongside their parents.

The kid can make the drone return safely in case the weather changes, or in any panic situation. They only need to press the return home button, and the drone will return safely. It is easier for kids to fly the drone in the headless mode since they don’t need to worry about the direction of the drone orientation. This feature is suitable for beginners. We also noted that the transmitter automatically binds with the drone once you turn it on.

  • Wi-Fi generated live video feed
  • Ease of set-up
  • Flight time of seven minutes
  • The headless mode is suitable for beginners
  • It is foldable and easy to carry
  • The transmitter button is labeled with small fonts, not easy for visually impaired people to see

23. Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Why we like it: the remote has a camera button to start the recording, so you can only record when you are ready. The kids will find their footage from hundreds of feet up in the air extremely exciting.

Kids will find the joystick easy to control, and the responsiveness is excellent. The joysticks have little or no resistance; they will easily return to the center when not in use. The propeller guards and the drone`s durable material cushions it from crashes, which increases the durability. The two batteries included in the package gives you a flying time of 20 minutes, your kids can fly it for more extended periods per battery charge cycle. If you want to link the remote, then you move the throttle up then down in quick succession.

  • Great battery performance
  • It is made from durable plastic
  • High-quality camera included
  • The Gyro does a great job in stabilizing the drone
  • Good customer service
  • Low speed, cannot withstand the slightest breeze
  • The camera is not the first person view (FPV), and the quality diminishes with the signal

24. SNAPTAIN S5C Wi-Fi FPV Drone

Why we like it: there are two batteries included in the packaging, so your kids can get a long flight time of 20 minutes when the batteries are fully charged.

This drone can be controlled by a Snaptain Era App on Android OS, if you are worried that your kids may lose the drone outdoors, then here is the solution. The app can remotely control the flight path, direction and speed of the drone. The special G-Sensors in the drone responds to commands from your phone app. You flip your phone and the drone changes direction. The durable materials in the drone hull and the propeller guards are crash resistant, and this feature makes it good for beginners.

  • The camera quality is good even at heights of 80 meters
  • Two batteries prolong the flight time
  • The drone has special G-Sensors for you to control the direction on your phone app
  • Made from durable plastic
  • Easy to control
  • It cannot withstand a small breeze unless you increase the speed level

25. Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone

Why we like it: this drone has a built-in anti-interference system that limits each controller to a single drone if you buy two drones and you are worried if your kids can fly them at the same time. No need to worry; this system makes the drones fly independently.

This drone is best suited for flying it indoors or on a calm day because it is easily affected by wind. Also, it comes with a small USB charger that makes it easy to charge and there will be fewer wires lying around the charging socket. The propeller guards increase the durability of the drone by making it crash-resistant; it prolongs the service you will get from the drone.

  • Flashing lights to distinguish the front from the back at night
  • You can fly two drones at the same time
  • Propeller guards increase the durability of the propellers
  • 8 minutes of flight time
  • Powerful motors
  • The circuit board hats up often, you have to take a ten-minute break
  • Easily affected by winds, fly it indoors

26. Scoots Hands-Free Mini Drone Helicopter

Why we like it: this is one of the best hands-free drones you can find in the market, the kids control the direction and altitude using their hands. It is perfect for kids aged 4-5 years old, who are too young to use remote control; they don’t miss out on the fun.

One unique feature is the Infra-Red motion sensors, and it can detect obstacles along its flight path. You don’t have to worry about your kids ramming the drone on the walls because of this feature. If the kid wants to manipulate the flight direction, they only place their hands close to the drone, and it will change direction. The flashing lights it emits look surreal and entertaining to the kids, especially at night.

  • The variety of colors it comes with makes it super collectible
  • Infra-red motion sensors to detect obstacles
  • Flight time of 10 minutes
  • Flashing lights look attractive to kids at night
  • The bendy shell can withstand landing crashes
  • Breaks easily during assembly, you have to remove the two screws in the bottom that keeps it safe during shipment

27. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter Drone

Why we like it: the drone comes with three batteries to prolong the flight time to a whopping 21 minutes. The kids will enjoy flying the drone for more extended periods.

One unique feature in this drone is the rotor ducts; this small ducts not only increase the thrust of the drone but also makes it more stable. By adding the thrust, they also increase battery efficiency so that kids can enjoy the long flight time. The altitude hold function is also good, though we noticed that after hovering in the same spot for a few minutes, the drone begins to descend. You can correct this issue by pushing the joystick up periodically.

  • It comes with three batteries with a combined flight time of 21 minutes
  • The rotor ducts increase stability and battery efficiency
  • It can perform 3D flips
  • The headless function is excellent for beginners
  • Emergency stop function if you encounter strong winds
  • Plugging and unplugging is difficult when charging the battery

28. UFO Mini Drone for Kids

Why we like it: the blue, white and bright red colors make this drone exciting to watch when flying it at night, your kids will love the appearance of the drone.

The controls are easy for beginners to learn; you only have one key start and stop function. The drone can also perform 360 degrees flip at the press of a button, and the kids will find this stunt thrilling. The headless mode orients the remote transmitter to your drone and makes flying super easy for beginners.

  • The kids get 15 minutes of flight time
  • It can perform 360 degrees stunts
  • The remote transmitter is easy to control
  • You are given two batteries upon purchase
  • Vibrant and exciting LED light colors
  • No camera

29. RC Mini Drone for Kids

Why we like it: the controller case is excellent, the buttons on it are well labeled, and it has a compartment to carry the drone. In addition to that, the back of the case contains all the spare parts of the drone, in case of a crash, you can quickly fix the damaged parts.

The kids will learn the controls fast enough, they only press the take-off button, and the drone hovers around. Plus they can do the fast spinning and flip stunts, which are thrilling to watch. It is best suited for beginner practice. Pairing is also easy, turn on the drone and the controller, once you hear a beep sound, then pairing is complete and your kid can fly the drone.

  • You get 10 minutes of flight time
  • The controls are simple
  • Able to perform flip functions and high-speed spinning
  • Durable material even after several crashes
  • Well-designed controller case with spare parts at the back
  • It doesn’t respond to trim commands, always check the calibration setting 4.0

30. DROCON Quadcopter Drone with FPV Camera

Why we like it: the one key return button is good for beginners, in case the drone encounters strong winds, or the kid loses control. By pressing this button, the drone flies directly to the kid. You don’t have to worry about them losing the drone anymore.

The features in this drone are decent for the price; the controller is well-designed and improves the learning curve for the kids. We found the propeller guards to be helpful in cases where your kid loses control and crashes in trees and other obstacles. The battery life is good, it only charges for 30 minutes, and you get a flight time of 15 minutes, your kids will love the experience when flying the drone.

  • The camera quality is good
  • Great battery life, lasts 15 minutes
  • The 360 degrees rolls and flips for entertainment
  • Headless mode is good for beginners
  • You can watch the real-time videos on the DROCON App
  • No on-off switch, you have to unplug the battery to turn it off
  • Intermittent video streaming, but it depends on the signal and weather.


Gifting your child a drone will not only excite them but also improve their motor and coordination skills at a young age. The drone will make them very active outdoors as you concentrate on other important matters. We hope you make a good choice from this list of the best drones for kids that we’ve compiled.