Best Trolls Toys for Kids 2020


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After every successful children’s movie comes out, you can be guaranteed that toys featuring the characters in the film are going to follow right behind. The DreamWorks Trolls movie was a sensation, and it’s no wonder, with its stellar cast of voices. A big hit for children of all ages, the Trolls characters are now well known and adored all around the world. Kids love to get toys that feature their favorite characters, such as Poppy, Branch, and Fuzzbert.

With toys, two ingredients are needed to make them a success among children. They’re the fun aspect and the engaging/immersive aspect. The best trolls toys for kids are one of the rare toy sets in the market that bring those two aspects together in their toys. This review looks at some of the best trolls toys you can buy for your kids on their birthday or this season.


Top 30 Best Trolls Toys for Kids 2020

1. Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad

Why we like it: The Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad will get your child’s creative forces going and at work. They’ll learn how to easily trace things, which will improve their hand-eye coordination while giving them the confidence they need to create art.

It doesn’t matter whether your child is an avid drawer or just a beginner, the Crayola Trolls Light-Up Tracing Pad is one thing that should be on your list. For kids who are lovers of the Trolls series and just can’t get enough of it, then this drawing pad is the way to their heart. It’s perfect for the beginner because it features a powerful LED light that gives the background just enough glow to make tracing easier. It also locks stencils into place so that your child won’t have any issue with sliding. This set provides everything your child needs to draw their favorite funky-haired characters, including ten tracing sheets, ten pieces of paper, 12 colored pencils, a tracing pencil, and the tracing pad itself. Furthermore, this pad makes it easy for beginners to use while also giving more advanced artists the freedom to draw things how they want.

  • It has an LED-lit background.
  • The pad secures the paper to the surface.
  • It comes with all the art supplies needed.
  • It includes ten traceable sheets.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It doesn’t come with batteries.

2. Pillow Pets Poppy DreamWorks Trolls

Why we like it: Pillow pets allows children to bring a little bit of comfort with them wherever they go. There aren’t many things more comfortable than a child’s favorite pillow, and now they can bring their favorite Troll with them.

Pillow Pets Poppy DreamWorks Trolls are soft, unbelievably cuddly, and can be used as either a pillow or a pet. These Trolls pillow pets have realistic, troll-like hair and the same facial features as their television personalities. This makes them even more realistic for kids. They’re great for long car rides, going to bed, or even bringing to a sleepover. Kids will love the fact that they can squash their pillow, lay on it, or even play with it. They can do all this without having to worry about anything bad happening. Besides, it’s quite simple to wash this toy. All you have to do is throw it into a white pillowcase, tie off the ends, and wash normally in the washing machine.

  • It’s easy to wash.
  • The material used is soft and cuddly.
  • This Trolls toy can be used as a pillow.
  • It’s great for travel.
  • The Trolls hair may shed.

3. DreamWorks Trolls POD’ular Troll Tree

Why we like it: This Troll tree offers so much play options for kids. Whether the Troll included is jumping from tree pod to tree pod or simply just lounging on a mushroom, kids will find endless ways to play with Trolls.

The DreamWorks POD’ular Troll Tree is a massive toy, at over 16-inches tall, your child won’t even know where to begin playing. The tree itself serves as one giant home for the tiny Troll that comes with it and will encourage some serious imaginative play for fans of the popular show. Kids will be able to play with tiny Poppy and help her explore every aspect of this mind-blowing tree building that houses several unique pod “rooms” that she can hide in. The sheer size of it will bring a smile to your child’s face when they realize they can have the bottom, and your child will love coming up with different scenarios for her to take on. Furthermore, this Trolls pod tree will help encourage kids to use their imaginations. The size of the set encourages them to get up and physically move around, which makes it both mentally and physically stimulating.

  • It’s colorful and bright.
  • It features several different rooms.
  • It’s been decorated to look as realistic as possible.
  • This Trolls tree comes with accessories.
  • It’s huge enough to keep kids busy for hours.
  • It only comes with one Troll.

4. DreamWorks Troll Poppy Collectible Figure

Why we like it: The DreamWorks Troll Poppy Collectible figure is a pocket-sized little slice of color and fun for your child. If they’re a Trolls fan, they’ll love how very little, cute, and colorful this Poppy doll is.

Sometimes big things come in little packages, and this is just the case with the Poppy Collectible Figure. She’s only four inches tall but she packs a whole lot of love and fun into each moment spent with her. This set includes a miniature comb and headband so your child can help Poppy style her hair. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket. You can collect her other friends to play out all of the movie’s best scenes, and discover new journeys beside. This figurine is a great travel companion given her small size; she can fit into jacket zippers, backpack pouches, purses, and more. This collectible figure will help kids further develop their understanding of social dynamics, express themselves, and expand their creativity.

  • This collectible figure has soft and styles able hair.
  • It comes with a mini comb.
  • It includes a tiny little headband.
  • This Troll Poppy is small and travels well.
  • It’s colorful and beautifully painted.
  • The headband is flimsy.
  • The head is too heavy for the body.

5. Max Fun Set of 13 Trolls Dolls

Why we like it: These dolls are the most compatible accessories to fit in the POD’ular Tree. It’s nice to have all the major characters represented in one set rather than having to purchase them all separately.

The Max Fun Trolls Dolls is a set of 13 cute Trolls action figures. Each figurine is painted in vibrant, eye-catching colors with careful detail to resemble their movie counterparts. They’re the perfect size for cake toppers, car decorations, or a fun set to add to your child’s collection. They’re small enough to store and travel easily. However, this means that kids may want to gnaw their cute little heads off. The set is suggested for ages four and up and is made of hard, durable plastic. Besides, the set is so large, sharing and playing with friends is a fun and easy task. You can also engage your child’s imagination and equip them with all their favorite Trolls friends as they embark on creative journeys together. This set encourages imaginative play, which is important for children who are still developing their ability to empathize and express.

  • This is a 13-piece set.
  • It’s the perfect size for decorations, or to fit in Easter Eggs.
  • The pieces are brightly colored and painted with detail.
  • The Trolls Dolls have been made of hard, durable plastic.
  • It features all your child’s favorite Trolls characters.
  • The toys don’t stand on their own and are heavy enough that they fall over.

6. Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Talkin Plush Doll

Why we like it: This Trolls DreamWorks Talkin Plush Doll is the perfect size for kids. It’s also plush and has a talking feature making it a great gift for any kid.

If you want a troll doll that’s bigger, plusher, and has the unique ability to talk, you should get the Poppy Talkin Troll Plush Doll. This is the largest doll at about 14-inches making it ideal for roleplaying activities. Your kid can style Princess Poppy’s hair with the accompanying comb. Princess Poppy also talks as well as acts as elicits a variety of cool sound effects. Since it’s plush, it can serve as a great cuddle toy to snooze with. Your child can take this toy to sleepovers and tea parties. They can give it the perfect hair-do for any occasion. Besides, your child can enjoy bedtime stories with this Troll sized Princess Poppy Talkin’ Troll Plush.

  • It’s ready to play with out of the box.
  • It comes with some accessories.
  • The hair can be styled.
  • It talks and elicits a variety of cool sound effects.
  • It’s portable.
  • It comes with a comb for styling Poppy’s hair.
  • There’s only one outfit included.
  • It’s not for children under 4 years old.

7. DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Coronation Pod

Why we like it: The Trolls Poppy’s Coronation Pod features interactive lights and movement and comes with several party outfits and accessories to always keep the party going.

Your kid can relive their favorite scenes or create their own shows with this DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Coronation Pod. Kids can play dress up or hairdresser with the Trolls styled hair. This is a fantastic toy for encouraging positivity in a kid’s life. The lights up and mechanical actions, as well as the ability to create a fashion style that’s unique to these characters, is simply amazing. This lovely piece of an onion-shaped pod that opens to reveal a fantastic stage befitting a princess should bring the magical world of the DreamWorks Trolls right to your child’s heart. The dance floor spins and lights up while playing a song that can surely uplift anyone’s spirits. This toy comes with both the princess and the Branch. With these two loveable characters, we’re pretty confident your kid will have a fun time recreating a lot of storylines that are filled with optimism.

  • This toy comes with lots of accessories.
  • It features interactive lights and a spinning dance floor.
  • It’s a very realistic toy set.
  • Kids can play with it once it’s out of the box.
  • The Trolls hair can be styled.
  • It’s not recommended for children under 3-years or younger.
  • It requires 3 ‘AAA’ batteries.

8. Bendon 68707 Trolls Imagine Ink Magic Picture Coloring Book

Why we like it: This coloring book is easy to travel with and it’s mess/hassle-free. It has a single marker that activates multiple colors in the book. Besides, this marker won’t stain other items.

The Bendon Imagine Ink Magic Picture Coloring Book lets children who are still learning to color inside the lines create lovely, mess-free artwork. The games and activities inside help boost skills such as memory, matching, and problem-solving as well. Children love to color and parents often love to hang their artwork up on the fridge. However, the artistic process is messy for adults and children alike, and before you know it, their studio is a tornado of crayons, markers, paints, etc. You can give your children the ability to color and create with this mess-free, hassle-free Imagine Ink coloring book. It features everyone’s favorite Trolls characters in twenty-four pages of games and activities brought to life by a mess-free magi rainbow ink marker.

  • There are twenty-four pages of coloring, activities, and games.
  • It features favorite Trolls characters on every page.
  • The Magic Marker brings color to life on black and white page.
  • It’s mess-free since the marker won’t stain other surfaces.
  • Kids don’t need to be able to stay in the lines yet.
  • Kids can’t choose colors since the magic imagine ink marker activates whatever color is already hiding on the page.
  • The marker dries up quickly and you’ll need to contact the company for refills.

9. DreamWorks Trolls in Trouble Game by Hasbro

Why we like it: This Trolls in Trouble Game by Hasbro offers an easy and fun way to spend time with your loved ones. You don’t have to worry about losing your game dice again. This game has the dice you need to play secured in a lovely bubble.

The DreamWorks Trolls in Trouble Game by Hasbro is the perfect trolls toy for both kids and family since everyone else can enjoy playing it too. It takes on the classic Trouble Game by utilizing the loveable happy characters from the DreamWorks film. The goal of this fun board game is quite simple. You aid the line happy beings to find their way home across the different obstacles on the game board. However, there’s a catch since you have to watch out for the Bergens as they can pop out anytime and take your troll pawn to feast on. There are two dices to play with. One for the regular movement across the game and another for some power actions. The dies are conveniently stored in a Pop-o-Matic bubble, a piece of a transparent dome that’s smacked right in the middle of the game board. There’ll be no misplacing these dies as they stay confined in the bubble itself. Kids also learn about taking turns, sharing and the best way to get their Trolls home.

  • It requires four people to play.
  • Kids learn how to take turns and share.
  • It’s ready out of the box.
  • The dies are not easy to lose since they’re attached to the board.
  • This game is portable.
  • It’s not recommended for kids 3 years old or younger.
  • It requires others to play.

10. Poppy True Colors Styling Head

Why we like it: The Trolls hair is colorful and easy to style, plus she comes with multiple accessories that she and your child can swap out and share.

Troll hair has been something of an iconic cultural staple since Thomas Dam’s original line. Poppy’s hair is no exception to this since it takes a village to style a good head of hair. Your child can help with the Poppy Style Station. There are nine adorable barrettes and a mini comb for poppy or your child to use and share. The base of Poppy’s bust also acts as a storage compartment, so all of her toys and accessories can be kept together even when they’re not in play. Give Poppy’s rainbow hairdo a new makeover. The Trolls hair is soft and easy to style so little ones can get creative while they work. Furthermore, the styling station is great for young children who enjoy role-playing. It will help build finger dexterity and strength, as well as working creative muscles and instilling confidence in little ones. They’ll love the colorful hair and accessories, all meant to inspire them to indulge their imaginations.

  • It includes nine wear-and-share accessories.
  • The Troll has soft and easy to style hair.
  • There are two mini brushes.
  • There’s a storage compartment in the bottom of the styling station.
  • The colorful, classic top knot comes pre-styled.
  • A lot of the volume you see is from a cone shaped-accessory. Poopy has much less hair to style than it initially appears.

11. Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure

Why we like it: This Trolls Harmony Figure says some cool lines from the Trolls movie, phrases your child is sure to remember such as “uhhhhh, cupcake?”. We like the size of the Trolls Poppy toy which is just right for younger kids to hug and carry around with them.

The world of Trolls toys wouldn’t be complete without this Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure. Poppy is the main star of the Trolls movie. With her heroic attitude, she’s a great role model for kids. Poppy comes wearing her signature aquamarine dress and tiara. When the watch on her wrist is pressed kids can sing along with Poppy as she sings her famous tunes from the movie. This is an awesome toy for kids who love the film and have watched it so many times they know all the songs by heart. They’ll love singing along over and over again to “True Colors” until you can’t listen to it one more time.

  • It promotes the interactive play.
  • The toy can sing songs from the Trolls movie.
  • It comes with a removable dress.
  • There’s a preview mode on this toy.
  • Some reviewers have complained that the toy comes singing in non-English languages.

12. DreamWorks Trolls Get Back Up Again Little Music Note Sound Book

Why we like it: The recognizable Trolls characters keep kids entertained throughout the story. We like the “stop” button that lets you stop in the middle of a song or sound. This is a great idea for parents who have listened to the same sound one too many times.

The DreamWorks Trolls Little Music Note Sound Book is not only a fun toy for your kids to play with, but it’s also educational as well. It helps children build up their language skills and also teaches them how to read. The book is interactive since you have to press one of the six buttons to play songs and sounds from the Trolls movie. This 8-page board book is durable and easy for small children to flip through without ripping any of the pages. They love all the Troll pictures of their favorite characters. Kids will love reading the sound book over and over again or having you read it to them on repeat.

  • It’s an interactive Trolls toy for kids.
  • This book plays songs and sounds.
  • It’s suitable for younger children.
  • It’s a durable board book.
  • It doesn’t play character noises, just instrument sounds.

13. Play-Doh DreamWorks Trolls Press ‘n Style Salon

Why we like it: Kids can make some cute Play-Doh hair accessories, such as bows and flowers. Children as young as 3 years are able to play with this toy on their own without getting frustrated and losing interest.

The Play-Doh DreamWorks Trolls Press ‘n Style Salon is a classic toy that you can’t go wrong with. Kids love being able to get their fingers into colorful Play-Doh to make all kinds of creations. With the Trolls Style Salon, they can create silly and unique hairstyles for their favorite Trolls. All they need to do is put one of the characters into the styling chair and press down on the styling mold. A quick snip with the scissors and they can start making a new hair creation. You can use the hair mold to make hair or use the styling chair to let the hair ‘grow.’ The Play-Doh Style Salon comes with a styling chair, scissors, and enough Play-Doh to keep playing all day.

  • It includes 7 cans of Play-Doh.
  • There are hair molds for making accessories.
  • It encourages hands-on, creative play.
  • It can be difficult for kids to manipulate the troll into and out of the flower.

14. DreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille’s Style Set

Why we like it: The fluffy and colorful hair on both Satin and Chenille are fun for kids to decorate. Kids like using a barrette to clip together the Twin’s linked hair, just like they did in the movie. The earrings fit into actual little holes in Satin’s and Chenille’s ears.

Satin and Chenille are two favorite characters from the Trolls movie. There’s no child who wouldn’t want the excitement of giving them both a new style. The Twin’s clothing can be removed and is interchangeable between the trolls. Included in this playset with Satin and Chenille are 2 sets of outfits, 2 pairs of shoes, and other accessories, such as cute little earrings. The hair on these dolls is soft and full, making it easy for kids to comb and style anyway they want. These bright colored dolls are a sure hit with any child who loves to play make-up and pretend.

  • It includes two bright colored Trolls, Satin and Chenille.
  • It encourages interactive play among kids.
  • It includes fashion accessories.
  • The clothes are interchangeable between the Trolls.
  • The clip provided doesn’t keep the hair attached at all.

15. Just Play, Princess Poppy Dress Girls Size 4-6

Why we like it: This Princess Poppy dress is extremely comfortable for children to wear. There are three layers to the dress, with the bottom layer a stiff taffeta so when your child spins, the dress flares out. We love that this toy makes your child feel just like a Poppy Princess.

It’s a well-known fact that kids love playing dress-up and this Just Play, Princess Poppy Dress is perfect for kids to put on for some fantastic pretend to play. The dress fits sizes 4 to 6 and is made with a sparkly blue material. The back closes easily with Velcro for a comfortable fit. Lots of little details on the dress, such as the taffeta flowers, will inspire your child to dance and spin just like Poppy does in the Trolls movie. This outfit is great for Halloween and Birthday parties. If you live in a colder climate, buy it one size larger so it can fit over your child’s coat.

  • It’s hand washable.
  • It inspires creative and imaginative play.
  • The back closure is made of Velcro.
  • It’s a great outfit for Halloween and Birthday parties.
  • There aren’t any negative reviews for this product yet.

16. DreamWorks Trolls Coloring Book, Puzzle and Stamper Activity Set

Why we like it: This Trolls Coloring Book is the perfect choice for young Trolls fans who like to work with their hands and for parents who need to watch their budgets. You can get a lot for a lower price with this activity set.

Keep your kids entertained for hours with the DreamWorks Trolls Coloring Book. This set comes with one coloring book of 96 pages, a Trolls puzzle, 24 Crayola crayons, and 6 Cupcake stampers. It offers 96 pages of fun and activities for kids with their favorite Trolls characters. Besides, it features perforated pages for easy tear-outs but covers may vary. The 48-piece puzzles and coloring are meant to inspire your child’s creativity and spatial intelligence skills. The 24 non-toxic crayons in this pack feature classic colors, as well as bright, fun shades that help inspire self-expression and imaginative play. The stampers are safe and non-toxic making them a great party favor for Trolls fans.

  • It’s quite affordable.
  • It’s great for keeping kids entertained with a variety of Trolls-based activities.
  • It includes stampers, coloring book, crayons, and puzzle with “Troll” hair.
  • Missing/damaged pieces upon arrival are the most common complaint about this otherwise impressive set.

17. Pillow Pets DreamWorks Trolls Branch 16” Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Why we like it: This is a neat gift idea for Trolls fans of different ages since it provides both a stuffed toy and a soft spot for kids to lounge.

The Pillow Pets Stuffed Animal Plush Toy presents super soft, cute, and adorable stuffed animals that unfold into fuzzy pillows for sleep. Your kids will love these classic and collectible comfy critters. This plush can be used as a toy by day and can be unfastened on the belly to make a pillow by night. It’s comfortable and friendly to travel with and can be used as a decoration in your kid’s bedroom regardless of their gender. It forms a large enough pillow for kids to use when reading, playing with, or watch TV with.

  • It provides both a stuffed toy and a soft spot for kids to lounge.
  • It features a plushy troll head that opens to a pillow.
  • There’s a choice of three troll characters to choose from.
  • It’s comfortable and friendly to travel with.
  • Consumers who have owned other pillow pets gripe that this one is much smaller than others made by the brand.

18. Trolls Operation Board Game by Hasbro Gaming

Why we like it: The Trolls Operation Board Game is great for encouraging kids to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

If your child loves operational board games, they’re going to love the Trolls edition of the game. The Trolls board game can be a fun-filled family experience, full of laughter and excitement. It’s about getting rid of charms stuck in Poppy’s hair as well as her friend’s hair. This board game tests your control and precision of your hand motion with tweezers. If the tweezer’s touch undesignated areas, the buzzer goes off, and the next player takes their turn. The most precise person wins the game. At the end of the game when all the charms have been collected, the person with the most charms is declared the winner.

  • It encourages kids to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • It’s a fun-filled game for kids and their family.
  • It tests a child’s control and precision.
  • Some reviewers have complained about the quality of this board game.

19. DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy Set

Why we like it: This Trolls Fashion Frenzy set comes with additional accessories that encourage kids to style the Trolls hair however they like.

Get yourself in on the fluffy-haired joy with the DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy Set. Teamed together by the loop of the bright colored hair they all share, Chenille and Satin like to design styles and dresses for their best friends. Start playing with these ergonomic favorites on classy adventures with the Fashion Frenzy multi-pack of the Poppy. With inspiration from the movie, the set has four characters which are, Chenille, Fuzzbert, Poppy, and Satin. More interestingly, this colorful figure boasts of fashion fur and wild hair. This set also comes with a headband and a comb for a wide array of hairstyling. If you’re looking for a holiday gift, then this is undoubtedly your best bet.

  • This set comes with four characters.
  • There are additional accessories such as a headband and a comb.
  • It’s a great toy to keep kids engaged for hours.
  • It’s perfectly pocket sized.
  • Some reviewers have complained that the hair on the trolls keeps falling off.
  • The twins aren’t conjoined.

20. Townley Girl DreamWorks Trolls Nail Art Set

Why we like it: This Trolls nail art set is filled with spunky shades of polish, nail stickers, nail gems, and even a cool bag for storage.

The Townley Girl DreamWorks Trolls is an amazing nail art set that contains everything your child will need to create the perfect manicure and pedicure. With multiple colors, sticker, and gem options and a nail art instruction book your child will be able to create a masterpiece on their nails in no time. Each bottle of polish, stickers, and carrying bag are adorned with different characters from the movie Trolls including Poppy, Bridget, and Branch. This is the perfect birthday and holiday gift for kids. Girls will love to play spa day or beauty salon with this awesome kit. The water-based formula makes these cosmetics safe for children aged 3 and up.

  • The water-based formula is safe and non-toxic for kids.
  • It’ll keep engaged for hours as they try to create a masterpiece on their nails.
  • It comes with a cool bag for storage.
  • The polish comes off easily.

21. Hedstrom DreamWorks Trolls Hopper Ball

Why we like it: The Hedstrom Hopper Ball is a great way to get your kids active and exercising. The durability of the ball makes it suitable for usage both indoors and outdoors.

Hopper Balls are a timeless toy that has provided hopping fun for generations of kids. The Hedstrom DreamWorks Trolls Hopper Ball features fun, colorful graphics of characters from kids favorite TV show, movies and games. These balls are a great way to get kids active and exercising. They’re durable enough to use both indoors and outdoors. The durable vinyl material stays inflated and bouncy while kids hop and bounce almost everywhere. The textured, rugged handle provides a secure grip for kids. It’s ideal for kids aged four and up besides being easy to pack along for an outing. It comes deflated but can be inflated with any hand pump or electric pump.

  • It can be easily inflated for play and deflated for storage.
  • This ball encourages kids to be active.
  • It’s made of a durable vinyl material that can withstand outdoor conditions.
  • It has a handle that provides a secure grip for kids.
  • Most reviewers have complained that the ball doesn’t hold air for long.

22. Trolls DreamWorks Poppy’s Hair Salon

Why we like it: With multiple wigs and tiny ‘do-dads for adornment, you can coif their colorful hair in all the latest radical styles to your heart’s content.

Join Poppy, Maddy, and the Fashion Twins for an enjoyable day at the DreamWorks Salon. This set comes with 15 accessories for your little one to style the Trolls hair however they like. This set will keep your kid engaged for hours on end as they try to style the Fashion Twins, Poppy, and Maddy. This is also a great toy to spark your kid’s imagination as they engage in creative play. Besides, this hair salon comes with a set that closes for easy storage.

  • The set closes for storage.
  • It encourages creative play besides being fun to play with.
  • It comes with 15 accessories.
  • It has fuzzy flair felt material.
  • It’s a bit expensive.

23. DreamWorks Trolls Critter Skitter Boards

Why we like it: Critter Skitter Boards are a fast and easy way for Smidge, Biggie, and their tiny pal, Mr. Dinkles to zoom around from place to place. Visiting and getting into some lighthearted mischief is the top order of the day with extra room for buddies to catch a ride, too.

This set includes 2 scooting-fun DreamWorks Trolls Critter Skitter Boards vehicles, each with space for a figure to hitch a ride. You can pull back and let go of these boards to see them scoot. All character figures in this set can zoom around in style. This board is going to be great with kids because of its interactive nature providing endless hours of fun play. There are 2 figures, 1 critter, 2 boards, and 2 accessories.

  • It comes with stylish sunglasses.
  • Included are smooth-rolling wheels.
  • There is a pullback and release activation on the skitter boards.
  • These are much smaller than expected.

24. DreamWorks Trolls Branch’s Skate ‘n Skitter Story Pack

Why we like it: Practice grinding out some 180s and flip tricks with Branch’s Skate ‘n Skitter and letting his true colors shine on his mini leaf ramp. Always on the move, this pint-sized prankster and his sidekick critter enjoy lively time hanging out together at the park.

This Troll’s Branch’s Skate ‘n Skitter Story Pack provides endless adventures. It’ll spark kids creativity as they try to imagine some skating scenarios for the troll included. This set includes everything needed to have a super skating extravaganza. Skate down the ramp on the included skitter board and don’t forget to put on the helmet on the little troll. The figure comes with wild hair and comes with a comb and fuzzy flair material for tons of hairstyling fun. Also included is one mini critter.

  • There’s a safety helmet provided for the troll.
  • It comes with removable attachments.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • The accessories don’t work and the helmet doesn’t attach.

25. DreamWorks Trolls Wild Hair Pack

Why we like it: Let your vibrant personality show with the Wild Hair Pack of Fuzzbert, Smidge, Guy Diamond and Harper. These trolls love nothing better than getting together to hang out with friends to have their fantastically frizzy locks extended, braided, and twisted in style.

The DreamWorks Trolls Wild Hair Pack allows you to see all of the wild hairstyles that come out of playing with this set. From the movie, this set includes 4 characters and these colorful figures feature wild hair that bends and extends for endless hairstyling fun. This set also includes a comb for brushing all the hair on the trolls and a hairband. They are easy to travel with and your little one can play with them in the bathtub.

  • These are the perfect travel mates.
  • They are bath time friendly.
  • It provides endless hours of fun.
  • This set is quite affordable.
  • Some reviewers have complained of receiving items they didn’t expect.

26. Evursua Trolls Action Figures Toys Set of 6 from Movie DreamWorks

Why we like it: The Evursua Troll Action Figures feature six of the popular troll characters. The trolls have been made of durable and waterproof PVC material.

This fun set features all of the popular Troll characters including Princess Poopy, pessimistic Branch, Satin and Chenille best fashionable friends forever, DJ Suki, Biggie holding his favorite pet Mr. Dinkles, Guy Diamond, Fuzzbert, and Cooper the tall 4 legged Troll. The fun figures are about 3-inches tall and are recommended for kids aged 4 years and above. These cue trolls figure play-set offer endless hours of trolls fun for little ones. They’ve been made of hard PVC ensuring they are durable and waterproof. Besides they are perfect for desk decoration, theme Troll birthday parties, and bath toys.

  • They are durable and waterproof.
  • They offer endless hours of fun.
  • They’re ideal birthday gifts for kids.
  • The trolls can be used to decorate desks and as bath toys.
  • Some of the Trolls are too heavy to stand on their own.

27. Trolls DreamWorks Hair in The Air Poppy

Why we like it: You can bend the doll’s plush hair into different styles and unlock a song with special styling pattern.

The Trolls DreamWorks Hair in The Air Poppy can sing to lift up anyone’s spirits. It offers many ways to style and play other than just brushing. You can press the gown’s button to see her light up with sound effects. It comes with a comb to set off the twinkling lights in the pattern of the brushing. You can unlock melodies with unique styling patterns. It features a soft, pink 14-inch long hair that can be bent and twisted to create lots of hairstyles. All you have to do is press the flower button on her gown to activate.

  • You can unlock melodies with unique styling patterns.
  • The doll comes with a tiara and a rainbow comb accessory.
  • The comb can set off twinkling lights in the pattern of brushing.
  • It’s quite expensive.

28. Trolls DreamWorks Bridget 9-Inch Figure

Why we like it: This 9-inch figure from the Trolls movie comes with a pair of roller skates and removable pink jumpsuit.

With the vibrant rainbow hair and roller skates, kids can imagine Bridget’s transformation into a roller-disco queen. She has a sculpted rainbow hair and a funky, pink jumpsuit for kids to imagine her beginning to let her true colors shine. It’s been scaled perfectly for playing along with other DreamWorks mini figures.

  • It comes with a removable pink jumpsuit.
  • It can be used for play alongside other mini figures.
  • It comes with roller skates.
  • It’s quite expensive.

29. DreamWorks Trolls Poppy Collectible Figure with Critter

Why we like it: A great addition to any child’s toy collection, this Troll doll comes with a critter that can be attached on the armor worn on her hair.

This fabulous Trolls Poppy figure includes a critter with flexible legs that can be attached to her armor worn in her hair. It’s approximately 5-inches tall and ready for adventures. Kids will love collecting, trading and interchanging critters with other dolls. Therefore, it’s a great addition to any child’s toy collection.

  • It comes with a critter that can be worn on the hair or on the arm.
  • It encourages imaginative play.
  • It can be a great addition to any child’s toy collection.
  • The head pops off easily.

30. DreamWorks Trolls DJ Suki Collectible Figure

Why we like it: The DreamWorks Trolls DJ Suki Figure comes with headphones and a record-shaped comb for taming her wild and colorful hair.

This highly collectible and fabulous toy comes with removable headphones and a record-shaped comb for taming her wild and colorful hair with tons of flair. It can be collected and added to a child’s toy collection. It encourages kids to develop their imagination as they engage in pretend plays. This DJ Suki collectible figure is always ready to lay down the beat for an impromptu dance number.

  • It encourages kids to develop their imagination.
  • It’s a great addition to any kid’s toy collection.
  • It comes with headphones and a record-shaped comb.
  • Some reviewers have complained of receiving the toy with some missing items.

Final Words

When it comes to Trolls toys, there’s a little of everything for everybody. If you have a baby girl, you can choose to buy her the Poppy doll or the Nail Art toy set as they have proven to be popular among little girls. As for little boys, they’ll love the wide range of Trolls action figures on offer.

You can also choose to go for gender-neutral trolls such as their famous board games or the Hopper Ball for your kids. The beauty of such toys is that they can be enjoyed by the entire family, not just the kids. However, deciding on the right troll toy can be difficult. Always take the ages and interests of your children into consideration. Our list of the best trolls toys for kids is a good place to start. There are sure to be at least one or more toys that catch your eye.