Best Electric Cars for Kids 2020

Best Electric Cars for Kids 2020

Times have changed and the best electric cars for kids are now affordable. They are also a lot of fun and they can be an inspired gift for kids of various ages. Both boys and girls can fall in love with these cars. From the self-drive cars to the remote control cars driven by parents for extra safety, there are plenty of options to consider.

Choosing the Best Electric Car for Kids

The following options are among the best electric cars for kids in various categories such as off-road or even sports models. Having a quick look over their important characteristics can offer parents a better idea on what to expect.


From 2.5 to 5mph, most electric cars can offer real thrills for kids. Made with adjustable speeds, the best electric cars are always made to be friendly to new drivers. When kids are fully comfortable driving their new vehicle, they can even increase the speed in safe limits.

Battery life

Battery life has improved on electric cars. Parents should expect at least a few hours of driving fun before having to recharge the batteries. Of course, results vary depending on variables. A car with two kids inside will run out of batteries faster.


If the specs are important, the way a car looks is at least as important as well. From off-road vehicles to pickup trucks, there are plenty of inspiring designs to choose from. As with real cars, kids can choose between options for boys or girls.

Top 10 Best Electric Cars for Kids 2020

1. Power Wheels Dune Racer

Power Wheels Dune Racer

Why we like it: Handling even the most difficult terrains, the vehicle is perfect for both fun and driving performance.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The racer comes with a perfect open top design. Its main design approach is based on versatility. It is why this spacious and practical vehicle can offer fun riding experiences for up to two kids. As with any off-road adventurer, there are no side doors to worry about. But parents can rest assured the two metal sidebars are there for safety when taking a tight turn.

Driving on grass or driving on gravel requires sturdy wheels. The manufacturer added large wheels which are able to tackle a few small obstacles ensuring kids aren’t tied to the sidewalk as they can venture off around the yard for their own driving fun. Of course, driving on hard surfaces comes with the smoothest experience. It is why around the driveway, the vehicle can feel even faster.

Convenient features
With a solid performance, the vehicle carries kids of various ages. Users report all ages in the vehicle, from 3 to 9. Most importantly, the vehicle comes with decent speed to offer enough thrills for these ages. There are two speeds to consider. The lower speed is set at 2.5mph while the higher speed is set at 5mph. Going in reverse is slow neither. The reversing speed is automatically set at 2.5mph.

The vehicles ships with a 12V battery and a charger. It is perfect for multiple drives per week since the battery can last longer than expected. But apart from these technicalities, parents need their safety reassurance as well. In terms of safety, it’s nice to know that power lock brakes are activated as soon as the brake pedal is pushed. When it comes to comfort, it can be improved with a simple seat pad since the vehicle’s sets aren’t padded.

With an aggressive off-road design, the vehicle represents a top solution for kids looking to drive off the beaten path.


  • Made with an impressive design
  • Uses the 12V battery for hours of driving
  • Tackles all types of surfaces
  • Made with metal sidebars
  • Supports a driver and a co-pilot


  • No cushioning on the seats

2. Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck

Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck

Why we like it: Recommended for ages between 3 and 8, this rugged vehicle comes as a full-option driving solution.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed with large wheels which can tackle even small bumps, the vehicle is ready to carry one passenger up and down the road in total comfort. The driver’s seat is like no other. Anatomically-shaped, it offers plenty of lateral support, just as a real car seat. There is a seatbelt for extra safety as well. Getting inside the vehicle is not complicated. Kids can do so without any doors, simply by going over the metal side rails.

With a dash which would even make adults have a go, the vehicle’s interior offer plenty of options to keep young drivers busy. Apart from the modern steering wheel, there is a full dash with instruments as well. If kids are already into music, they can connect their favorite devices to the auxiliary Jack to listen to their favorite tunes while at the wheel. The outside of the vehicle looks rugged. It’s available in black, blue, green, yellow, red, and white. All colors come with the impressive LED lights to make it look even more distinct.

Convenient features
When it comes to the actual driving, the vehicle impresses with its 3-speed selection. If many alternatives come with two speeds only, has three speeds which can be controlled through the vehicle or through the remote control by the parents. But when it comes to the smoothness of the ride, nothing compared to the added springs which absorb some of the shocks kids would encounter on their off-road adventures.

At a weight of 45lbs, the vehicle is not too heavy to be put into storage when not in use. However, some kids looking towards the faster vehicle on the market might be put off by the 3.7mph limit on the truck. Of course, being filled with features such as a built-in radio leaves less space for passengers so the vehicle can only accommodate the driver.

With a full list of entertainment features and good torque, the truck is a top choice for hours of driving fun.


  • Made with a distinct look
  • Features a working radio and a Jack input
  • Controlled by pedals or remote control
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Minimum assembly required
  • A reliable spring suspension system


  • Doesn’t accommodate an extra passenger

3. Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt Ride-On Vehicle

Rollplay GMC Sierra Denali 12 Volt Ride-On Vehicle

Why we like it: This powerful GMC vehicle comes with a realistic look and two working access doors for a smooth driving experience.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Made with a realistic design, this GMC vehicle is among the interesting choices when it comes to realistic vehicles. If the kids are already familiar with GMC, they can find it as an inspired gift idea which comes with many unique features.

The vehicle is made with two working access doors. These doors can be used by kids 3 and up with a combined weight of up to 130lbs. With an exterior which looks impressive and which resembles the president’s convoy cars, the GMC looks impressive for mods kids.

Convenient features
The performance of the vehicle is not to be overlooked. With a maximum speed of 5mph, it offers quite the sensation for today’s kids. Even more, it can be among the vehicles to be considered for its long list of features. Working LED lights have been added to this list. A battery life indicator is also available. Whenever the batteries are too low, kids can even use the external plug on their own to get some extra driving power.

An MP3 Jack has also been added to the vehicle. All kids can plug-in their favorite tracks to listen while driving. From the favorite Disney tracks to the more modern movie-inspired tracks, they can listen to their favorite music which would help them enjoy the experience even more.

Additional options include a horn and an engine sound. But these two sounds are not connected to the main battery. They need two additional AA batteries to work. The good news is that they don’t need to work all the time and drain the main battery even further.

As a GMC, the car is not exactly lightweight. With a weight of over 60 pounds, it impresses with its size. But it can be easily parked in the backyard or in the garage. Of course, being such a large car means that it needs extra space. Its folding mirrors can prove quite useful for parking space as a result.

With impressive 5mph top speed and two working doors, the GMC is ready for hours of fun on a single battery charge.


  • Made with a realistic GMC design
  • Includes a 12V battery for power
  • Uses 2 access doors for the driver and a passenger
  • Supports horn and engine sounds
  • Recommended for drivers 3 and up
  • Made with an external charging port


  • Needs two extra AA batteries

4. Carbon Black SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car For Kids

Carbon Black SLS AMG Mercedes Benz Car For Kids

Why we like it: As a true sports car, the SLS AMG can inspire kids for hours of driving and even car enthusiasm.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
From the exterior, the car really looks like an SLS AMG. This can only credit the manufacturer for the effort. Available in black, red and pearl white, the car impresses with its sporty look. Even if it’s just a toy, it still looks like a sports car.

As a true sports car, there is a lot expected from the vehicle. But it delivers more than the little driver expects. Its interior design is even more impressive. With PU leather seating, the car offers a comfortable and even unique driving experience. Even the steering wheel is covered in soft PU leather. With a unique racing-style seatbelt, the car can make the little drivers feel special. Getting in the car is made using the rear doors. Inside the luxury car, drivers will also find a protective floor mat. Before driving off, drivers can ensure all obstacles are out of the way with the realist SLS AMG mirrors.

Music is an important part of the fun experience. It is why the vehicle comes with USB and SD card compatibility to offer unrivaled track-playing options. Practically, kids can listen to a large number of tracks of their own choice.

Convenient features
Like any sports car, speed is one of the main concerns of the driver. The Mercedes SLS AMG comes with a top speed of 6mph which impresses most kids. Cruising speed is also available at 3mph. Both can be controlled by the driver or by the parents with the use of its remote control.

Nighttime driving is possible as well. In fact, it will reveal a few cool features of the car. First of all, its interior dash lights look impressive. Secondly, the car also comes with front lights, backlights and tire lights for the full nighttime driving experience. But since kids are kids, their favorite toys can also join the ride. There is some free space in the trunk for a selection of toys as well.

The car comes with impressive characteristics and working front and rear lights to drive safely in all conditions.


  • Made with a realistic design
  • Uses exterior lights
  • Compatible with USB and SD cards
  • Top speed of 6mph
  • Foam rubber tires for a smooth ride
  • Designed with a PU leather seat


  • Only has room for the driver

5. Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

Why we like it: This off-road vehicle can be a great learner option as it comes with a speed-lock safety function.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Inspired by the already classic Jeep Wrangler, the vehicle is among the recommended options for first-time drivers. It comes with an impressive design. When driving time is around the corner, kids can simply jump in the vehicle as there are no doors to worry about. Inside, they will find enough room for even the craziest driving maneuvers and even for a dear friend to share the ride with.

Cool kids might also need the right music to let their hair down. It is where the makeshift radio comes with pre-recorded sounds and even a horn sound to make the most out of the experience. Since the car is made to be an option for the adventurous spirit, it can even be driven on grass. It is why the manufacturer added large wheels which make it responsive on this type of surface.

Convenient features
The vehicle’s performance is not bad as well. With a 5mph top speed, it represents a solid solution for fun driving around the yard. It even includes features such as auto slow-down where the vehicle cuts brakes if the foot is taken off the pedal. The good news is that braking is smooth and the toys in the trunk will not fly off when this happens.

At a maximum weight capacity of 130lbs or two kids, the vehicle has enough traction to go over smooth and mildly uneven surfaces. This can happen at 2.5 mph or 5mph, the only two speeds of the car. But in addition, it comes with a reverse speed which kids can use to back up or exit their parking spot.

Unlike the actual Wrangler, the vehicle is not expensive to run. Kids won’t have to cue at the gas station as their vehicle comes with battery power. A full charge can mean the battery powers up to a few hours of fun driving. The same battery powers the voice amplifier in the speaker. Kids can use this feature to signal their intent or simply to have hours of fun with their friends. Fully charging the batteries can take up to 18 hours. It is why parents are advised to leave the battery charge overnight.

With top performance, the Wrangler is recommended for kids who need to learn their ropes around speed, steering, and proper braking.


  • Made for up to two kids
  • Uses pre-recorded songs
  • Comes with horn sounds
  • Included voice amplified
  • Up to 5mph at its top speed


  • Takes up to 2 hours to assemble

6. Power Wheels Arctic Cat 1000

Power Wheels Arctic Cat 1000

Why we like it: Driving on a hard surface and on gravel, the vehicle can be a good learning tool teaching kids the role of causes and effect.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The vehicle comes with an adventure profile. It is not a specific commercial makeshift vehicle, but it is still attractive enough to offer plenty of motivation for kids every day. It comes with an off-road built which is perfect for small tasks around the house. While it is not a pick-up, it still has to carry capacity in the trunk for a few small objects. Kids can even help their parents carry them around the yard. There is a mini-shovel included as well. It can be used for sand, grains or whatever the kids decide to have fun with.

The vehicle has a carrying capacity of two kids. With mounted headrests, its seats are comfortable-enough even for the long hours at the wheel. The car’s minimalist design is seen throughout the interior. It combines the utilitarian nature of a pick-up with the practical nature of an off-road vehicle.

Convenient features
When it comes to the driving sensation, the vehicle is among the able options in its class. There are two driving speeds for kids to have fun with. At 2.5mph and 5mph, it offers plenty of speed to set new records around the yard. Reversing speed has been limited to 4mph.

Powered by batteries, the vehicle can drive around all types of surfaces. Even more, its large wheels mean it won’t get stuck on soft surfaces such as sand or grass. However, this would depend on its load. With its tailback fully loaded and two kids on board, the response on soft surfaces can be slower. In the end, the vehicle is recommended for kids who don’t simply want to drive but who want to carry a few objects or even play various farm games.

With a large carrying capacity and a practical design, the vehicle is perfect to give kids something physical to do around the house.


  • Made with a functional tailback
  • Offers a 6mph top speed
  • Included heavy-duty mini shovel
  • Designed with comfortable seats
  • Carries up to two kids at a time


  • No music options

7. Explorer 2 Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car Truck

Explorer 2 Seater 12V Power Kids Ride-On Car Truck

Why we like it: This capable vehicle is mainly recommended for kids into multimedia as it supports multiple types of portable memory drives.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed with special attention to the interior, the vehicle offers one of the best options for kids in love with comfort and entertainment. It supports USB, Bluetooth, SD card and iPod connectivity, making it the leading option for in-car entertainment.

But the luxury interior can also be admired with the impressive seats. Covered with PU leather, the seats offer real comfort for the driver and up to one extra passenger. In case two kids are inside the vehicle, they can be secured with a common seatbelt or they can be secured with an individual seatbelt. The good news is that regardless of the number of passengers, the vehicle’s design allows for a smooth driving experience. Based on foam wheels, the vehicle tackles soft and hard running surfaces with a good degree of shock absorption.

Convenient features
Vehicle performance is at a high standard. Up to 90 minutes of driving can be achieved on a single battery charge, which should be enough for daily driving around the yard. The battery takes up to 10 hours to charge, being one of the fastest from this perspective.

But there are other advanced features worth taking into consideration. For example, the vehicle immediately brakes after the foot is taken off the acceleration pedal. With the help of the added LED lights, the vehicle can also reach further, being one of the options to be visible in low light conditions. A shifter is also added and it can be such an educational tool of cause and effect for smaller drivers. It has a gear for going forward, one for parking and one for reversing.

However, the vehicle comes with its drawbacks as well. For example, its maximum weight capacity is slightly reduced compared to the best electric cars for kids. It is limited at 100lbs or two kids of up to 6 years of age.

With plenty of options to listen to music, the vehicle is a successful design for hours of great fun outside the house.


  • Made with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Comes with an included shifter
  • PU leather seats
  • Included LED lights
  • 10-hours maximum battery charging time


  • 100lbs weight capacity

8. Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On

Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 CAMO Ride On

Why we like it: This inspired vehicle is a choice for relaxed kids with its included cup holders.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Driving all day is fun. At the same time, it can be met by thirst. It is why the vehicle comes with included cup holders. They can be used for tea or a refreshing lemonade for the summer months. Kids can enjoy the vehicle with another perspective as a result. Of course, being more relaxed doesn’t mean they don’t have to deal with traffic and this is why the vehicle comes with an included horn.

Based on the adventure spirit of an off-road vehicle, it comes with practical seatbelts and an operation mode which includes the pedals or the remote control. Designed with large wheels suitable for the best traction, the vehicle can even be considered on grass when going out to the park with the parents.

Convenient features
The relaxed atmosphere of the vehicle’s design is certainly met with a powerful performance instead. Reaching speeds of up to 5mph, it is actually one of the most reliable solutions when it comes to proper speed and control. With a lower 2.5mph speed, the vehicle is ready to deal with every possible obstacle in the yard and even reverse its way back into its parking spot.

With good torque, this speed remains constant even when a passenger is traveling with the driver. Up to 130 pounds can be transported with ease by the off-roader.

With a unique summer vibe, the vehicle can be an option for kids who want to drive with all their favorite drinks on board.


  • Made with large wheels for traction
  • Carries up to 130 pounds of weight
  • Suitable for two kids
  • Made with 2 speeds
  • Designed with an on-board horn


  • Doesn’t come with a modern dashboard

9. Mercedes CLA45 Toy Car

Mercedes CLA45 Toy Car

Why we like it: This capable CLA Mercedes comes with all the luxury features young drivers could possibly hope for.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed to mimic a real CLA Mercedes, the electric car is perfect for quick drivers around the yard. It comes with plenty of design characteristics to consider it as a reliable car for all kids’ tastes. It even includes an MP3 player with Bluetooth connectivity. Even if it’s made to fit only the driver, the car can be among the top options for comfort. With leather seats and a 5-point sports seatbelt, it must be said the car even look cool for adults.

Convenient features
Getting inside the car is done through any of the side doors. Furthermore, it can be said the CLA Mercedes drives as well as it looks. With a battery indicator on the dashboard, kids know exactly how much driving fun time they have left. The additional steering-wheel controls can even take their experience to the next level. Most kids can find it fun to switch between the gears as well, even if the CLA only comes with 2 speeds and a maximum power output which makes the car go with 5mph. With easy step-by-step assembly, the car can easily be ready for a comfortable drive within an hour.

Based on the real Mercedes CLA, the vehicle is a top sedan made for comfort.


  • Plays MP3 and connects to Android phones
  • Comes with an included remote control
  • Built with a weight of just 45lbs
  • Offers soft PU leather seats


  • Only fits the driver

10. Uenjoy 12V Bentley Car Ride On Car

Uenjoy 12V Bentley Car Ride On Car

Why we like it: Most kids can recognize a Bentley car is very impressive to look at and possibly impressive to travel in.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Base on a unique Bentley design, the car is truly capable to impress even those who are not specifically fans of the automotive world. The stylish car is among the most impressive luxury releases. The good news is that it’s designed to last. If driven inside the house, its non-marking wheels won’t upset the parents. But with capable performance, the car can easily be driven outside when the weather is nice.

Designed after Bentley cars, the vehicle even comes with its own windshield wipers. But the interior impresses the most. It plays the kids’ favorite music as it handles MP3 files and Bluetooth connectivity. The red leather seats also add to the Bentley experience.

Convenient features
With speeds of 2mph and 4mph, the car is not the fastest but it certainly has enough speed to add joy to most kids. It includes a forward gear and a reverse gear which can teach kids more about how an actual car works. But parents can also take over the driving of the luxury car via the remote control when the kids need a bit of extra help maneuvering around the yard.

This luxury vehicle is recommended for Bentley fans who love luxury and its distinct red interior.


  • Made with a realistic Bentley design
  • Includes a gear shifter
  • Ships with a remote control
  • Connects to Android smartphones


  • Only offers one seatbelt


Can kids really drive an electric car on their own?

All kids can learn how to drive an electric car on their own. If they need any help, parents can lend them a hand with the help of the remote control.

Are there any safety features on electric cars for kids?

Electric cars are generally safe. The best of them even come with mini seatbelts. Some electric cars even have functional doors to keep kids inside during tight turns.

Can cars be used in the rain?

All cars are convertible so the kids fit easily inside. It means they can’t be used if the weather is not right.

How long do the batteries last for?

Some of the best 12V batteries on electric cars can last up to 90 minutes. However, using car lights or listening to music can shorten this period to about 60 minutes.

Can an electric car for kids be driven on grass?

Some of the best electric cars come with large wheels made from foam. These wheels offer sufficient traction to get the cars off the driveway.

Can the kids drive inside the house?

If there is enough space inside the house, the cars can be driven at lower speeds in safe conditions.

How to choose the best electric car for kids

Choosing the best electric car for kids is actually an important decision. All cars are different at least in the way they look if not in the way they perform. Apart from being fun, they can also increase mobility. It is why parents can start with the following characteristics when making the decision.

Weight and number of passengers

The weight a car can handle is among its most important features. It represents the actual weight of the driver and even possibly the added weight of a passenger. Some of the best cars on the market handle between 100 and 130lbs of weight. This can include two kids of up to 8 in certain cars. Other cars can only handle a single child.

Top speed

All kids are interested in the top speed of a car. This is somewhat similar but still different. Most cars are made with a top speed of 5mph. If the car is lighter, it can even come with a top speed of 6mph. The good news is that this offers a nice sensation to the kids. But the cars usually also come with a lower driving speed, around the 2.5mph mark. This is mainly suitable for driving around obstacles or even when parking the car.

The top speed is also influenced by different performance aspects. The more weight a car has to carry, the less able it will become to reach its top speed. At the same time, the car might still need to travel on flat surfaces for the fastest speeds as this is where it comes with the best grip. Weight can come from the passengers or even from the load as many cars come with a trunk which can carry anything from toys to sand.

Entertainment options

Even if the cars are just a toy, they might still come with modern entertainment options. This usually comes in the form of music entertainment. Many cars come with pre-recorded songs to relax the drivers and to make the experience even more fun. But the high energy can be maintained with the kids’ own music.

Some of the best electric cars for kids allow users to connect their music via an SD card or via a USB memory drive. This is how kids can actually listen to their favorite music. Even more, it is also worth taking into consideration that the cars also come with other types of sounds which include a horn or a fun voice amplifier. There are many other fun entertainment options to consider. Many of them include LED lights in the front, in the back or in the wheels.


Arguably the most important characteristic of a car is its design. If the kids don’t like how a car looks, they are less likely to enjoy the car itself. Luckily, there are plenty of inspired options to choose from. Starting with cars which actually mimic real vehicles to other unique designs, there are impressive cars to consider. From sedans to adventure-based off-road vehicles, the little drivers can find their own way around the yard with their favorite vehicle.

Some of the best designs on the market are practical as well. Allowing one or two kids to sit in the car, they can even come with leather seats, which is still impressive for a toy car. But the electric cars are also able to come with other sports-orientated design characteristics such as the 5-point seatbelt. With plenty of accessories to consider, all of these cars should run for at least an hour on maximum capacity.

Final considerations

It should not take more than a couple of hours to assemble the best electric cars for kids. However, many parents actually recommend using proper tools for the process instead of the tools the cars come with. Furthermore, parents should not rush through the process and simply go through the step-by-step instructions to ensure the car is in full working order.

In most cases, the electric cars ship with batteries. In rare cases, extra batteries might be needed for a few extra options. Such an example can be seen with cars such as those which include a horn or a music player which might actually be connected to additional batteries in order not to drain the main battery.

The charging time is also different from case to case. It is believed that the batteries should be charged within 18 hours. However, a few batteries might actually be charged in about 10 hours which is considered fast charging in this segment. However, since the cars can actually run up to 90 minutes, it is advisable to plan this process ahead and avoid having empty batteries whenever kids want to drive.

Finally, it is important to also consider the educational perspective of an electric car for kids. It can teach children about causes and effect and it can show them more about physics and even more about how cars work. It is why parents have the ability to spend quality time with their kids while they have time but also teaching them about the basics of a gear shifter. Most kids are always willing to learn as long as the process is fun for them.