Best Flying Toys for Kids 2020


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Kids love their best flying toys. Unlike other toys, their interactive profile is what keeps the little ones entertained. As a result, there are many types of flying toys to consider for kids’ entertainment. Starting with helicopters or airplanes and continuing with UFOs or even kites, there are many inspiring designs to keep kids entertained for hours. Whether looking for an inspired birthday gift or simply browsing for a great flying toy, the following designs can be a good place to find an attention-grabbing release. A combination of indoor and outdoor toys can be found below.

Top 30 Best Flying Toys 2020

1. Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

Based on gyro technology, the remote control helicopter is one of the most popular releases in the flying toys segment. Unlike many other helicopters, it comes with a lightweight profile, mainly suitable for indoor use. But the toys can fly outside as well, as long as the wind is not too strong.

There’s an included remote control with a heavy feel which means kids will control the helicopter easily. With protective measures such as auto switch-off whenever the helicopter hits an obstacle with the propeller, the helicopter becomes a top choice for minimum safety and maximum fun.

  • Made with a lightweight profile
  • Gyro technology adjusts the helicopter
  • Charges at the laptop
  • Made with flashing lights
  • Might require a few practice drills

2. Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

Playing with a dog is one of the most fun event kids can plan for. Dogs love kids and kids love dogs. This is why the Flying Squirrel offers such an inspired design to make dogs fetch. With its distinct gliding trajectory, the toy is easily visible for dogs to follow.

During the summer, the Squirrel can also be tossed in the water where dogs can fetch it as it floats and remains visible even from a distance. Made with lightweight materials, the toys are also not heavy for dogs to retrieve. Even smaller dogs can play with it. As a result, the toy can be a solution to keep around form puppy to the adult dog and kids can be part of their development over the years.

  • High-visibility materials
  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • Made with glow-in-the-dark decoration
  • Suitable for families with dogs
  • It requires practice to chuck far

3. Rocket Copters – The Amazing Slingshot LED Helicopters

With an impressive light display, the Slingshot LED Helicopters are truly made for night-time fun. Visible from half a mile away, they are launched into the sky and kids can use them to offer a dazzling effect and captivating light display.

The launchers are ready to travel 120 feet up in the air. As a result, they are best used in the backyard or even in other open spaces such as parks. Children can use all of the included helicopters of the set with their friends or parents. With 3 included launchers, they can go for a mesmerizing display which will illuminate the sky during the night.

  • Includes 6 rocket copters
  • Suitable for kids and adults
  • Can be shared with friends
  • Travel distance reaches 120 feet
  • Mainly usable during the night

4. Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro

An army helicopter is often impressive for little boys. The types of games which can be played with it are impressive. For so many kids, the army and its toys are a mark of their childhoods. This is why they can use the remote control helicopter to plant the next assault behind enemy lines.

Mostly made for indoor use, the helicopter is made with double protection. Its role is to keep the helicopter safe whenever encountering a physical obstacle. With an infrared remote control, kids can eventually learn how to stay clear of all obstacles when flying.

  • Inspired by military helicopters
  • Flies using an infrared remote control
  • Included gyroscope for stable flight
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • No lights on the helicopter

5. Paw Patrol Skye’s High Flyin’ Copter

Suitable for toddlers, the Paw Control Copter is one of the mesmerizing toys for kids who want the cartoons. Since their favorite character can be right inside the copter, the toy is certainly going to put many smiles on the kids’ faces.

Including a helicopter and a figurine, it can also be an inspired gift idea for the kids who love to watch Paw Patrol on weekends. True fans of the series can collect all characters. They can work together with their friends to solve the next problems in the neighborhood, ensuring the bad guys don’t get away.

  • Made from thick plastic
  • Includes Paw Patrol characters
  • Features a spinning propeller
  • Rider, Everest, and Skye await to be collected
  • Copter only fits one character

6. Activ Life Best Kid’s Flying Rings

The flying rings are one of the simplest toys to have fun outdoors. Kids can enjoy the full benefits of the sun and of fresh air while staying active. Since the rings can be used by those of all ages, parents can join on the fun as well.

The rings can be a great toy to take to the beach, where kids can throw them around for hours. Visits to the park can also benefit from these amazing toys. At the same time, kids can take full advantage of the 33g low weight of the rings and start throwing them further and further. Being outside, burning calories and having lots of fun is certainly one of the successful recipes flying toys brands can hope for.

  • Low weight at 33 grams
  • Suitable for fun days at the beach
  • Great for summer days in the park
  • Allows parents and kids to play together
  • Comes in packs of two
  • Might not suit solo play

7. Force 1 Hand Operated Drones for Kids or Adults

This drone is one of the few interactive designs which actually allows kids to touch it in air. Since it comes with a protective case, it allows kids to touch and push it lightly. This is why the interactive drone is one of the few hovering toys which has no problem when hitting obstacles, as it is fully protected.

Before a bit of harmless fun indoors, kids will need to charge the drone a laptop. An estimated charge cycle for full batteries lasts about an hour. When the drone is fully charged, it can fly around the room and kids with their friends can chase it around to try and catch it.

  • Made with a protective case
  • Charges via USB ports
  • Suitable for ages 4 and up
  • No remote control operation
  • Can require frequent charging

8. Betheaces Flying Ball Toys

The flying ball comes equipped with many lights so that it captures the attention of children from the start. Flying vertically only, the toy is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. However, parents can play with their kids and even when they do not know how to operate the remote, adults can be there to do it for them.

The flight pattern is simple and the toy will raise from the ground shortly after the command is given. In the beginning, the flying ball will remain at the same level for 3 seconds due to safety reasons. Suitable for up to 25 minutes of flying time on a single battery charge, the flying ball offers a simple alternative to complex helicopter flying.

  • Made for indoor and outdoor use
  • Includes flashing lights
  • The air underneath the toy can be controlled
  • Made with rechargeable batteries
  • Only charges via USB means no charging in the park

9. Air Hogs, Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise NCC

The Starship Enterprise is one of the Star Trek’s must-have flying toys. Powered by AA batteries, it comes with remote control operation and gyro technology so that it always has a stable flight pattern. The toy can be one of the imagination-boosting designs which will make kids think about final frontiers and space.

Flying the spaceship is easy, although it requires some practice. However, kids who might already have some experience with flying helicopters will find it quite easy to maneuver. Due to its construction, the U.S.S. Enterprise should be mostly flown indoors as saving the planet outdoors might not be as easy on high winds.

  • Operated by a remote control
  • Requires minimum charging
  • Safe when hitting walls
  • Includes a USB charging cable
  • Mainly made for indoor use

10. Force1 Flying Butterfly Drone Toys

The mini-drone is one of the minimalistic designs to get kids into the world of drones. Being smaller also means the drone is easier to control. But unlike most drones, the Butterfly drone is mainly made for girls, with its familiar shape and turquoise color.

But the most interesting aspect about the drone is the fact that it comes with motion control. This is where it shows its true versatility and interactivity. The drone can easily fly from one direction to another simply by using hand gestures. Those seeking to get their little girls into technology can also consider it as a gift. With unique tips such as 360-degree flips, the flying toy is one of the most efficient designs for girls facing their first flying toy.

  • Made with a butterfly design
  • Suitable for flying tricks
  • Made for little girls
  • Powered by hand motions
  • Not as fast as large drones

11. Poplay Twisty Pull String Flying Saucers/Helicopters

The flying saucers with pull strings are among the classics. At some point in childhood, most kids have already seen them or played with them. Their popularity and appeal lie in their practicality. This is why the flying toys are actually very simple and they cannot break easily.

Simple pulling movements launch the helicopters in the air and kids have the freedom to simply see them for what they. Usable indoors and outdoors, the toys are fun for all ages. Parents are also glad to know that even if accidents happen indoors, the lightweight flying saucers can do no real damage to the home.

  • Made with different colors
  • Highly durable design
  • A classic toy with mass appeal
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Maximum raise of 6 meters

12. Pala Perra RC Helicopter Infrared Induction Drone

The flying drone offers a distinct design for kids who want to get their hands on their very own flying design. With a futuristic look, it comes to be a great indoor toy which can be used for vertical flying patterns. While in the air, kids can also glide their hands underneath it to affect its flight pattern.

As similar drones in this segment, it is also charged via USB. Kids have the freedom of actually making it into a top toy to play with every day only if it is fully charged. With an on/off switch, the flying drone offers a more distinct operation and even if it comes with a futuristic design, it can still take some time to maneuver properly.

  • Made with elastic propellers
  • Distinct drone design
  • Included balance rods
  • Made with built-in batteries
  • Simple up and down flight only

13. Gmai Flying Butterfly

The unique flying butterfly is mainly used as a bookmark and it can be a unique gift idea. Kids immediately get the hang of it. Wound with a rubber band, the paper butterfly flies away when the book is opened.

Kids can also include the butterfly in any book they offer their friends or they can add it to birthday parties. This simple butterfly comes in different colors and it can be matched to the gift it is part of. With a length of only 4 inches, it easily fits most commercial birthday cards.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Can be part of a larger gift
  • Mainly used as a bookmark
  • Inspired surprise in birthday cards
  • Fragile materials

14. Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone RC Nano Quadcopter

Drone fans will find the toy top design. Similar to professional drones, it comes with a few features which attract little tech fans. Made with one-button take-off and landing, the drone is easy to maneuver. It even allows basic trick suck as flips.

But most interestingly, the drone will fly for more than 20 minutes on a single battery charge. With its long fight time, the drone is easily a summertime hit. There’s an emergency stop function on the drone as well. In case it gets out of range, it allows the drone to shut down without the fear of losing it.  With USB charging and extra propellers, it can offer long-term use for all users, mimicking a few professional features.

  • Made with a durable construction
  • Includes 4 extras propellers
  • Charges via USB
  • Flies more than 20 minutes at a time
  • Mainly used at low speed by beginners

15. Bootaa 2 Pack Airplane Toy

The gliding plane is a simple foam toy which offers maximum fun. As with most of the best simple flying toys, it actually has a timeless appeal. Made from lightweight foam, the plane can glide parallel to the ground. When its back wing is properly adjusted, it can also perform a mid-air loop.

Since there are no hard materials or sharp edges on the plane, it is safe for all ages. Ideally, the plane is used outdoors in an open backyard. But it can also be a hit with family outings in the park. Since it has such a reduced weight, kids will need to ensure the plane doesn’t face any high winds for the smoothest glide.

  • Sold in packs of two
  • Made from lightweight foam
  • Includes two flying modes
  • Safe for all ages
  • Needs good weather

16. Kidsthrill Finger Foam Toy Rockets

Finger rockets are a type of novelty toy which gets kids excited. Perfect for outdoor activities, finger rockets are among the simplest toys to rely on. For most kids, they offer an immediate response when it comes to fun and ease of use. Simply holding the rocket by the rubber band is enough before releasing it and flying high up in the air.

Sold in packs of 12, the rockets are re-usable. This means kids can play with them over and over again. With enough rockets to get even the friends involved, the rockets represent a simple solution to rely on whenever the chance arises to spend time outdoors. Furthermore, kids also have the freedom to get their parents involved in a competition of fast rocket launching.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Made with re-usable rockets
  • Sold in packs of 12
  • Safe to use due to foam materials
  • No included LED lights

17. PGXT Parachute Toy

These parachute soldiers offer a novelty toy kids love. Just as real parachuting soldiers, the toys are a distinct advantage to those who seek to improve their understanding of parachuting principles. Most importantly, the parachutes are fun to use and they represent a simple design which is intuitive.

Kids immediately get the hang of how to launch the soldiers in the air. In their slow and controlled descent, kids can watch as soldiers prepare for a soft landing. With multiple soldiers in the pack, the toy is a recommended design for group fun.

  • Simulates real parachute landings
  • Includes multiple soldiers
  • Recommended for outdoor use
  • Improves playing creativity
  • Might be boring for solo play

18. Yarmoshi Flying Dragon with Remote Control

A flying dragon might not be a toy found in many collections. But kids love dragons and the stories they come from. In most cases, they are associated with great tales and heroes. The flying dragon toy uses propellers to act like a normal flying toy, similar to a helicopter.

Most kids will find the maneuverability of the dragon toy to be very easy. There are only a few rockers to learn on the remote control and they have an immediate impact on the way kids handle the toy. With simple up, down, left and right controls, the dragon will fly around the house and outdoors with no interruptions.

  • Made with a red dragon
  • Flies using a remote control
  • Based on gyro flight
  • Charges from the remote control
  • Only ages 6 and up

19. A-Reiki Flying Disc

The large disc offers a considerable gripping surface which is suitable for both children and adults. It is mainly a disc to be used when playing with a partner. Solo play might not be as fun but when friends or family join, the disc becomes more engaging.

Kids can learn how to throw and how to catch the disk without too much effort. Parents allow the kids to play up to a good level of dexterity, mobility, and hand-eye coordination. This is why it can be fun to learn everything about the correct technique as kids will be able to throw the disc further and to catch it easier with some practice.

  • Made with soft materials
  • Designed with a large grip surface
  • Available in different sizes
  • Allows adults to play with children
  • Not suitable for solo play

20. Rubber Chicken Slingshot Chicken

Slingshot chicken is one of the most affordable flying games which practically has no learning curve. The affordable chickens are launched high into the air, allowing kids to reach new distances with every launch. As most kids can attest, the most fun can be had when playing with friends. This is where chicken competitions are born.

Using the slingshots is intuitive. The index finger is placed right underneath the chicken’s head and its tail is then pulled before being released into the air. Of course, the slingshots are best used outdoors where there are no mirrors, glasses, computers or any other fragile objects around as in the hose. Even of the slingshots get dirty, kids can still wash them with soap and water.

There are 10 slingshots in every set. Kids can use them to get a hang of how competitions are being held and they can ensure that all of their friends have at least one chicken to take part in the game. As with every slingshot, a few cautions need to be applied. Kids need to be told not to aim at vulnerable parts of the body. Being made with durable stretchy materials, the set can last for years being useful for kids in all seasons.

  • Includes 10 slingshots
  • Suitable for outdoor playtime
  • The set has a short learning curve
  • Available on yellow and red
  • Not to be aimed at the body

21. Kicko Flying Helicopter

The Flying Helicopter is a good toy for kids to have both at home and when away from home. This is due to the fact that the fun toy actually needs no batteries. This is why it can be important to know that all kids can have their fun regardless of their location. If power is needed for toys such as drones and ever remote control helicopters, the Kicko toy only needs the kids’ good vibes and energy.

Making a helicopter flight is not complicated. Kids can do so very simple as they are offered a triggering movement to get the helicopter up in the air. The faster the movement, the faster the helicopter raises into the air. With a realistic design, the helicopter will fly further with faster movements.

There are a few benefits to using such a toy. Apart from its hand-eye coordination, kids can learn more about timing, wind influence and even about planning the helicopter’s route. It is why a bit of imagination is needed to see how the helicopter will rise into the air. At the same time, practice sessions can be as long as needed as there is no battery life to worry about.

  • Made for long hours of fun
  • Based on pulling movements
  • Includes a realistic helicopter
  • Uses durable materials
  • Long learning curve

22. The Colorful Life Fighter Plane Kite for Kids and Adults Kite

With a length of 58”, the kite is one of the largest in its class. When up in the air, it offers a distinct site for kids who love planes, kites or simply playing outdoors. Made with vivid colors, the kit is actually shaped like a plane. This is why it can be so interesting for kids who might not be as tempted by the same classic kite.

Getting the plane up in the air is not easy at first. Kids need to learn the right technique and they need to catch the right wind for the plane to leave the ground. With a long line for added control, kids also have the ability to run and make the plane glide in the wind. Days at the beach and at the park can benefit from such a unique toy.

There are various other benefits of playing with the plane kite. For example, kids can remain active with high energy levels, unlike some other sit-down toys. They can spend more time with their parents as they learn the ropes of the kite and for most kids, it is also a good method of getting them to spend more time outdoors and less time in front of computers and gadgets.

  • Suitable for outdoor fun
  • Unique plane-shaped kite
  • Long design at 58 inches
  • Quickly assembly out of the pack
  • Takes some time to master

23. Revell B17G Flying Fortress 1:48 Scale

The detailed B17G Flying Fortress is one of the inspired gift ideas for plane fans and those into history. It comes to offer a toy which can also be used for display in the kids’ bedroom. Its level of detail is impressive and kids will be fascinated to learn about its various parts and how they made it to the plane.

With detailed gun turrets, kids will be able to learn more about fighter planes and their role in history. The fascinating toy also includes a detailed landing gear which kids can use to play whenever they want to practice take-off and landing. With a detailed cockpit, the plane has a more complete profile which can be a step up for kids who might be bored by the generic plastic plane alternatives.

Whenever not use for playtime, the plane can be considered for display. Kids can simply add it to their collection of realistic warplanes and other historic equipment. Used on occasion to recreate famous battles, the plane can also have an educational purpose.

  • Made with a 1:48 scale 
  • Includes detailed turrets
  • Designed with a landing gear
  • Suitable for display
  • Requires patience to assemble

24. Space Pet 36″ Green Dragon

The balloon is mostly suitable for parties. Kids can also consider the dragon balloon as a great alternative to most other generic balloons. With a unique design, it can be used for indoor playing. On days kids cannot fly a kite outdoors, the balloon can be used indoors to get them excited about play time.

Staying inflated for days, the balloon can certainly be a hit at parties as well as during playtime when friends come over. Parents can prepare the balloons and allow their kids to play with them through the house. Requiring minimum imagination, kids can simply use the balloon for a Game of Thrones inspired play time or they can simply add it as decoration to their favorite play spots around the house.

It doesn’t take too much effort to inflate the balloon. Kids can ensure they get all of their blowing power ready to inflate it themselves. With a daring design, the balloon is also a great ice breaker topic at most children-parents parties.

  • Shaped as a dragon
  • Inflates in seconds
  • Stays inflated for days
  • Used as a decoration for parties
  • Only available on green

25. Crazepony RC Airplane C-17 Transport EPP DIY Aircraft

Without a doubt, the aircraft is one of the most unique toys kids can hope for. It has to be assembled first as it comes in a box with all the pieces which need to be shaped as a transporter plane. The toy combines a learning aspect with a fun aspect and it can be one of the distinct options in the remote control segment as a result.

Once assembled, the airplane needs to be charged and prepare for take-off. On a full charge, the plane will stay up in the sky for up to 15 minutes.  It allows kids of all ages to maneuver it left and right as well as to learn how to control its speed.

The plane is lightweight and it will be used on days with clear skies with no winds. Once assembled, the plane will remain assembled and kids will use it as any other remote control toy. With a short 40-minute charging time, it can be ready for its next flight in no time.

  • Requires assembly on delivery
  • Includes a USB charging cable
  • Speed is easy to control
  • Made from lightweight foam
  • Requires patience on assembly

26. Powerup 3.0, 2.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Powered paper planes seem like a great idea but Powerup was the first company to make it a reality. Since 2013, the company has been making regular paper planes into powered designs which fly longer and which mesmerize kids with their flight.

The kit includes a themed paper with famous Leonardo Da Vinci drawings. Once in place, the flying mechanism can be installed on the plane. Parents love the fact the planes can take a few hits and still fly strong, unlike many alternative plastic airplanes.

Combining technology and art, the plane manages to offer a distinct experience for kids used to complex designs. It goes to show even paper airplanes can be fun to play with. The creative process behind the concept was the result of a public fundraising campaign.

  • Made from paper
  • Features a small flight mechanism
  • Available in Leonardo Da Vinci drawings 
  • Backed on Kickstarter
  • Requires smartphone control installation

27. Tomi Kite – Huge Rainbow Kite

At a width of 60”, the large kite is suitable for kids and adults. With its added colorful decoration, it offers a unique sky demonstration and kids can use it to get more active. Kites are still seen as unique and fun to play within the age of gadgets and this makes them a worthy investment which will not go out of style.

Mastering the kite is not complicated once in the air, due to its large wings. However, kids will need a bit of patience in mastering their take-off. Made from quality materials, it will also remain resistant even when it hits the ground a few times. This means those who’ve not flown a kite before can also consider it as a great first purchase for learning purposes.

  • Suitable for outdoor fun
  • Made with colorful decoration
  • Easy to store behind furniture
  • Suitable for various wind speeds
  • Requires assembly

28. Yansion Helicopter Balloon

The balloon offers an original concept for parties and summer days. With its fun concept, the flying balloon is among chosen flying toys for playing with friends. With its included propellers, the balloons can come with a distinct assembly which will test the patience kids have. At the same time, it will boost the imagination of the little ones as it does take a bit of practice to tie the best balloons.

  • Based on a unique design
  • Suitable for parties
  • Boosts kids’ imagination
  • Made from quality latex
  • Requires assembly

29. Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang

Suitable for ages 10 and above, this fast boomerang is one of the simplest toys to have for outdoor fun. The unique design of the boomerang is what allows it to work in conditions others would fail. Even in high winds, the boomerang is still fast and it maintains its flight. Returning to the thrower, the boomerang represents a simple design which can fly high. With a range of more than 30 meters, the boomerang is simple to use and kids will be enticed to throw it further and further.

  • Designed by a world champion
  • Made with a wind-resistant shape
  • Includes detailed instructions
  • Comes with instructional videos
  • Only for ages 10 and up

30. Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket Party Pack

The toy includes a stomp launcher and 10 foam rockets. Practically, children jump on the launcher to release the rockets up in the air. 20 mini rockets are included in the set as well. They represent an extended opportunity to have fun with friends.

When it comes to safety, both kids and parents can rest assured that the actual rockets are made from foam. But even with this soft material, the rockets are still made to be used indoors. The toys have a large footprint and they need plenty of space to launch the rockets. Installing the kit in the backyard is probably best for extra fun.

Apart from offering an innovative toy, the kit is also suitable for extra shared experiences. It can be used at children’s parties and it can be used at family days at the park. No batteries are required to play and everyone ages 6 and above is invited to play.

  • Designed for easy setup
  • Can be used at parties
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • The award-winning design of Creative Child Magazine
  • Only for ages 6 and up

Final considerations

Some of the best flying toys for kids are actually usable for years. By their nature, they encourage active play and for this reason, they remain real alternatives to computer games, gadgets and all types of sedentary activities.

Many flying toys involve the idea of playing with someone else, whether it is a parent, a brother, a sister or a friend. With improved communication, a new educational perspective and durability which is hard to match by other toys, flying toys are an inspired gift for most kids.