Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids

Physical exertion is essential for the healthy growth of your kids. There are several ways to keep them active, but one of the most fun and memorable ways is an outdoor waterslide.

There are plenty of slides available on the market, but knowing which one to buy can be tough. That’s why we’ve assembled this list to help you buy the best inflatable water slide for your needs. These top picks will not only contribute to your children’s summer fun but also take away the effort of searching for one yourself.

By getting one of these inflatable water slides, some of which come with their own inflatable environments, you’ll be able to bring all the fun of a water park to your very own garden. If you’re keen to get a handle on the basics, watch these videos to see how to set up an inflatable water slide and how to clean your inflatable water slide.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into the list.

Top 30 Best Inflatable Water Slides for Kids 2023

1. Intex Rainbow Ring

Intex Rainbow Ring

Why we like it: We love the variety that this water slide offers; it comes with a center water slide, six plastic play balls, water sprayer, and four inflatable rings, which stop your kids from getting bored quickly.

Editor’s Rating:

The Intex Rainbow Ring makes it to the top of our list of the best inflatable water slides due to its sheer versatility. It’s colorful and super fun for kids, especially in the summer when they need to keep entertained.

It comes with a built-in sprayer, which you attach to a garden hose that keeps your kids cool all through playtime, and a convenient drain plug, repair patch and landing mat for extra padding and safety.

See the pool in action here: Kids’ Pool Party


  • Versatile and fun to use
  • Convenient drain plug makes emptying this slide a breeze
  • Fun, cute, and robust; cute enough to attract and keep children’s attention while remaining intact


  • Challenging to assemble and disassemble

2. Intex Dinosaur

Intex Dinosaur

Why we like it: It has a cool raging waterfall and volcano water slide. Kids aged three years and above would love to play in this waterslide.

Editor’s Rating:

The Intex Dinosaur has a fun theme and colorful design that keeps kids engaged. It can never get boring with this water slide in your back yard.

The control valves monitor water flow into and out of the sprayer and waterfall, and it has a built-in sprayer that attaches to a garden hose for convenient water supply. The landing mat also provides extra padding for safe play, and a suitable drain plug at the pool floor makes this unit easy to empty and store.


  • Easy to set up and disassemble, with a convenient drain plug
  • A fun prehistoric theme that ignites kids’ imagination
  • Safe for play; comes with a landing mat for extra padding


  • You can only set it up on a level surface

3. Intex Water Slide

Intex Water Slide

Why we like it: The splashing sprayers are fantastic fun for kids to play with.

Editor’s Rating:

The Intex Water Slide displays fun wave graphics that make it a favorite among many kids.

It has five air chambers, sturdy 20-gauge vinyl construction, and six heavy-duty handles for the ultimate stability. For safety, this product also has robust climbing steps, grips, and an inflatable stepping mat.

The slide also has a repair patch that adds to its longevity.


  • It has a high maximum weight limit of 176 lbs.
  • Super simple construction, yet fun and safe for children to use
  • Perfect for combined use at the poolside


  • Only suitable for children aged six years and above

4. Intex Dinoland

Intex Dinoland

Why we like it: This four-games-in-one play center has a moveable Dino Arch Water Sprayer for added interest.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended for children aged three years and above, we’ve love this water slide because of the unique dino hoops and volcanic ball roller games, which would enchant any child for hours.

The Intex Dinoland also has a slide landing mat for extra padding, which promotes safe play, and a convenient drain plug for easy cleanup. It also comes with a repair patch to ensure that a little damage doesn’t stop the fun and games.


  • An awesome Jurassic theme that fires up children’s imagination
  • Safe and comfortable; it comes with stakes to pin it to the ground
  • Great customer service


  • Pretty expensive compared to other products in its class

5. MEIOUKA Kids Bounce House with Water Slade

MEIOUKA Kids Bounce House with Water Slade

Why we like it: This 7-in-1 Rocket Bounce House has a dual-use water pool and ball pit.

Editor’s Rating:

This MEIOUKA Kids Bounce House is the ultimate multifunctional play center.

It’s not a pure waterslide, as it includes a bouncing area, a water gun, climbing area and pool where kids can jump, hide, slide, climb, and bounce freely. The bounce house is also safely covered with a black safety net to prevent children from tumbling over.


  • High-quality construction with in-ground stakes that make it safe for young kids to use
  • Colorful and fun rocket design that awes kids and keeps them interested
  • In winter, this bounce house can work indoors


  • It is expensive, but as a long-term investment well worth the price

6. BLAST ZONE Pirate Bay


Why we like it: This supreme-quality inflatable water park comes with a blower for quick and trouble-free inflation.

Editor’s Rating:

This BLAST ZONE Pirate Bay water slide is big on safety. It comes with commercial-grade vinyl and soft safety netting to prevent abrasion as children play. It also features numerous anchor points for stability and safe slide heights.

The generous splash area allows kids and their friends space they need to splash about care-free, and the sturdy climbing wall enables kids to zoom down to meet water cannons down below safely.

With this water slide, your kids will jump, swim, crawl, and tumble to their heart’s content!

Video: Blast Zone Pirate Bay Vlog


  • Generous size with multifunctional recreational uses for kids to enjoy
  • Commercial-grade impact surfaces for prolonged and safe use
  • Fast, trouble-free assembly


  • It can be challenging to plug a water hose into the slide

7. Blast Zone Hydro Rush

Blast Zone Hydro Rush

Why we like it: An excellent capacity holding up to six kids from a brand that’s known to produce some of the best inflatables around.

Editor’s Rating:

Another great Blast Zone waterslide that comes equipped with water cannons.

Its fabric consists of commercial-grade vinyl, and the circular design is perfect as it keeps out the dirt. Also, safety features give you peace of mind. They include safe height for sliding, soft safety netting that prevents abrasion, and numerous anchor points.

However, this slide lacks a plug at the bottom to drain water quickly, making disassembly and drainage that much harder.


  • It can accommodate up to six kids.
  • Commercial-grade vinyl means this is one durable slide
  • It comes with a blower that aids assembly


  • There is no bottom plug for quick drainage

8. Picasso Tiles KC108

Picasso Tiles KC108

Why we like it: We love the overhead water sprays and water cannons, which add variety and excitement to your children’s play session.

Editor’s Rating:

Are you worried about your kid’s enthusiasm for outdoor summer play? Then invest in this Picasso Tiles water slide that ensures your kids can play for hours outdoors without getting bored.

The durable and robust pool can hold multiple kids comfortably and has a soft safety net, which allows kids to jump high as they want without the fear of falling over. This slide uses toxic-free fabric that reduces cases of skin irritability after play.


  • Easy set up with the powerful 385-watt blower
  • The durable climbing wall can help develop hand-eye coordination and social teamwork skills in toddlers
  • The toxic-free fabric prevents skin irritation in your kids


  • The blower can be noisy

9. BOUNCETECH Mighty Water Pool

BOUNCETECH Mighty Water Pool

Why we like it: It offers a variety of entertainment for kids aged 3 – 10 years

Editor’s Rating:

The Bouncetech Mighty Water Park comes with excellent safety features like a soft safety net coated with P.V.C. for extra protection. Also, it takes a short time to dry so you can store it on the same day after use.

The blower is sturdy and reliable, and the water drains outside the pool in intervals to avoid flooding. Connect the unit to a garden hose to use as a waterpark. Kids can slide down the built-in slides or spray each other with the included water cannon.


  • Bright, attractive colors will keep children interested for hours
  • Water gun feature and slides for added variety
  • Quick inflation using a powerful blower ensures that this slide is up in minutes


  • A drain plug for the wading area would make disassembly faster and easier

10. Little Tikes Slam 'N Curve

Little Tikes Slam 'N Curve

Why we like it: This Little Tikes Slam ‘N Curve water slide has a safety-focused design. Parents can keep an eye on their little ones effortlessly at all times.

Editor’s Rating:

Little Tikes Slam ‘N Curve is one of the best gifts you can give to your precious little one for summer play. The slide holds up to five kids per session and s built with a sturdy vinyl material for longevity and durability.

This inflatable comes with stakes to anchor it firmly in place, and a heavy-duty blower to provide continuous airflow. Also included is a basketball hoop at the splash area, which makes your kid’s playtime varied and worthwhile. However, don’t expose this water slide to sunlight for long periods to avoid fade damage.

Video: Little Tikes Promo Video


  • A basketball hoop at the slide area adds variety and fun
  • Consists of a durable vinyl material that is puncture-proof
  • Easy to fold, dry, and store after use


  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the seams

11. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race

Why we like it: A large water play area with dual slides for your kids to race down, with a bucket of water which dumps surprise water on them as they slide.

Editor’s Rating:

Your child will love their summer with this double slide water park. With a slide at each end, kids ascend the climbing wall before getting into position to race each other down to the large splash area below.

It’s got a bright, colorful aesthetic that kids will adore and it comes from a reputable brand that has a long history in making excellent inflatable products for kids.


  • High weight capacity of 350 lbs, or four children
  • It offers fantastic variety; it includes a climbing wall, two slides, and a splash pool
  • A coated climbing wall provides extra safety


  • It is susceptible to mold over time

12. Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast

Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast

Why we like it: A very large sliding area with tunnel makes this water park stand out.

Editor’s Rating:

This large water park features a superb sliding area. It curves around the space to give your child maximum descent time. There’s also a wide climbing wall and spacious water pool, so it can comfortably accommodate 6 children which is impressive.

This is a great party slide. The water sprayers included mean children can shoot at their friends as they descend or as they paddle in the pool. The included 110-120V blower inflates the area in under two minutes, which is great considering the size of it.


  • Large, long side.
  • Tunnel feature is relatively unique.
  • Good for slightly bigger kids.


  • It can be a little big for the average family use.
  • Not suitable for young children

13. Sportspower My First Jump 'N Slide

Sportspower My First Jump 'N Slide

Why we like it: We love the durable polyester with P.V.C. coating for added robustness and strength.

Editor’s Rating:

The Sportspower My First Jump ‘N Slide is the best inflatable for your children to enjoy outdoor or indoor activities. It consists of durable vinyl material and sturdy mesh walls to protect kids as you watch them play.

This slide also meets ASTM safety standards and includes an anchoring set for stability. Unfortunately, it doesn’t store very effectively, so you’ll need some space to put it away.

Video: My First Jump N Slide Review


  • Quick and easy set-up: it inflates in less than 2 minutes
  • A durable vinyl material keeps this inflatable working for longer
  • It features a robust and water-ready blower


  • It needs a large storage area for the blower

14. Deluxe Slide Park

Deluxe Slide Park

Why we like it: We love the Deluxe Slide Park for its climbing wall, water slide, and splash-down pool, which provide a variety of water activities.

Editor’s Rating:

This slide park has a wide variety of wild, fun moments to offer. It comes with a reliable electric pump that inflates it within minutes.

Additionally, its heavy-duty nylon fabric and repair patches prolong its durability and make it safe to use for longer. The downside of this water slide is that the seams start to tear after some use, but this is repairable.


  • Heavy-duty, repairable nylon fabric gives you more prolonged usage
  • Quick and effortless set-up with in-minutes inflation
  • The water sprays come out at just the correct pressure


  • The seams tear after some time, but you can these can be repaired

15. Little Tikes L.O.L. Surprise River Race

Little Tikes L.O.L. Surprise River Race

Why we like it: We love the surprise dump bucket, which splashes water onto the kids as they slide down.

Editor’s Rating:

This inflatable water slide comes with two slippery slides, a dump bucket, and a climbing wall. Children will play for a long time on this unit owing to the constant water flow. Furthermore, the water slide can allow multiple kids to play at once.

The durable fabric and ease of assembly make this water slide worth your money. The weak point, however, is the long hours you’ll have to wait for this unit to dry before storing it, as it cannot be put into storage wet.


  • It is suitable for both wet and dry use
  • It comes with a full assembling kit
  • It is water-efficient; you don't have to have the water or hose on high for the slides to get a continuous spray


  • It doesn’t hold air very well
  • Needs to dry before storage

16. BLAST ZONE Ultra Crocodile

BLAST ZONE Ultra Crocodile

Why we like it: High capacity water park with a vibrant aesthetic that will excite your kids.

Editor’s Rating:

This water slide is perfect for a family with many kids or a large playgroup. It’s convenient to use in any weather; if the weather changes from hot to cold, you can add play balls to form a ball bit.

And we just love the variety! Enjoy three commercial vinyl slides and splash pools, two commercial vinyl spray tunnels, and one industrial vinyl climbing wall. It also features a soft, safe net to keep jumpers safe at all times and is simple to assemble, although it takes longer to deflate.


  • Very spacious; it can accommodate six children per session
  • Includes an inflatable, fan, storage bag or cinch straps, and easy-to-read instructions


  • It takes quite a while to deflate, about 15-20 minutes

17. BEST PARTY Dinosaur


Why we like it: It's great for older kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs or daring little ones with a fiery imagination.

Editor’s Rating:

The BEST PARTY Dinosaur has a giant dinosaur that watches over your kids as they make a splash. Kids can play basketball, climb walls, and wave at watchful parents as they play.

The heavy-duty fabric and puncture-proof material also ensure durability and safety for kids who dare to scale the heights. Also, the product represents real value for money as it comes with a repair kit and a transport bag, which makes it easier to carry and store.

We recommend buying an extension cable since it does not come with the package.


  • A safe and high-quality bouncer for children aged 3-10
  • High maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.
  • Value for money; it comes with a blower, ground stake kit, user manual, repair kit, and carrying bag


  • It is not as durable as professional commercial-grade bouncers in the same price bracket

18. Sportspower My First Inflatable

Sportspower My First Inflatable

Why we like it: A large, affordable slide that offers simple yet thrilling action.

Editor’s Rating:

The Sportwear My First Inflatable features a slide, water cannon, and splash pool. It consists of durable, puncture-resistant polyester with a P.V.C. coating for added toughness.

The powerful air blower inflates in less than 2 minutes and comes water-ready with an in-built ground fault circuit interrupter and blower. This water slide also gives you peace of mind as it meets ASTM safety standards and includes an anchoring set for perfect stability.

However, it takes longer to dry. But this wait is worth it, as it’s mostly a safety measure.


  • Affordably priced
  • Great for medium to large backyards
  • It fills up quickly, preventing a long wait for the kids


  • It has a low weight limit of 132 lbs so only one or two children can use it at a time.

19. Intex Candy Zone

Intex Candy Zone

Why we like it: We love the unique “sweets’ theme that’s cute and attractive!

Editor’s Rating:

The Intex Candy Zone makes those extra-hot days more relaxed for your children. The water slide has a water sprayer that can attach to your garden hose, keeping the kids fresher for longer. It features a sturdy water slide and two rails for rolling balls.

The landing pad provides extra safety and stops kids hurtling into the grass. It also comes with a repair kit for longevity and a convenient drain plug for natural drainage.
However, this slide is not suitable for creating a ball pit. This omission isn’t a deal-breaker, though, since kids can have fun with the six included balls.


  • Great size for small to medium backyards
  • It features a superior water spray function, rolling balls, and two inflatable lollipops


  • The blue ring needs pumping daily to maintain optimal functionality

20. BANZAI Sidewinder Falls

BANZAI Sidewinder Falls

Why we like it: We love the massive slide with a curve function – this unique feature keeps kids occupied and happy for hours on end.

Editor’s Rating:

The BANZAI Sidewinder Falls comes with a sizeable sliding area and an extra tunnel, which makes sliding down exciting and adventurous for children. The big pool can accommodate several children providing a combination of comfort and warmth.

It also takes a short time to inflate, and the strong dura-tech construction makes it a worthy investment. The seams can tear at times, but with the repair kit, this defect is manageable.

Video: Banzai Sidewinder Falls


  • A quick inflation time of fewer than 3 minutes
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures durability and longevity
  • It has excellent versatility; watch your kids crawl through the tunnel, splash about in the generous pool, or slide down the cushiony diving ramp!


  • Only suitable for children aged five and over

21. BANZAI Big Blast Water Park

BANZAI Big Blast Water Park

Why we like it: Children love wild fun! The sizeable lagoon-style splash pool with added basketball and hoop provides this variety.

Editor’s Rating:

The BANZAI Big Blast Water Park lives up to its name – it’s large and fun! The basketball hoop provides challenging fun, and the ball is included. The overhead sprinkler will make your kids stay outside for longer. Don’t forget the water-blasting water cannons that surprise and delight.

It’s durable, made with dura-tech construction technology, and is easy to set up with an inflation time of fewer than 2 minutes. The downside of this water park is that it takes two days to dry, so it is probably only suitable for weekend fun.


  • Excellent value considering its colossal size and sturdy construction
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • It comes with a powerful and continuous GCFI-certified blower


  • It takes two days to dry to avoid mold and mildew contamination in storage

22. Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘N Dry Bouncer

Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘N Dry Bouncer

Why we like it: We love the dual-use functionality – use it wet or dry.

Editor’s Rating:

This 2-in-1 Wet or Dry inflatable bouncer has sturdy climbing walls that lead, interestingly, to a crawl-through tunnel and giant slide. The refreshing splash pool provides a sizeable area for soft, fun, and safe landings, and the large bouncing surface with a safety net entrance way emphasizes the safety aspect.

The Little Tikes Wet ‘N Dry is built explicitly for outdoor use. It is an excellent investment for birthday parties and neighborhood playgroups. It offers value for money as it comes with eight bouncer stakes, one GFCI blower with four blower stakes, one carry bag, a hose assembly kit, and four repair patches.


  • It has a large bouncing surface that holds up to 4 kids
  • High bounce weight limit of 350 lbs.
  • You can use it with or without water


  • After inflation, you must keep the blower running, or it will deflate

23. BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash Park

BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash Park

Why we like it: It has a curved slide with an overhanging wave and a water-spraying hose, which gives kids a 100% surfing experience.

Editor’s Rating:

The BANZAI Slide N Soak Splash Park inflatable is the epitome of beach vibes. It has a durable climbing wall and sprinklers and sprayers in the 8-inch lagoon-style pool that kids can comfortably climb, slide, splash, staying refreshed and entertained all day.

The quick 2-minute inflation time means no waiting around for fun to begin, and the robust and durable materials with extra padded lining provide comfort. Repair patches, a GCFI-certified air blower, and hose attachment are all included.


  • Super-easy to set up and takedown
  • An impressive, kid-focused design
  • Large and spacious pool area for comfortable play


  • It takes up a lot of space and is difficult to dry and store away

24. Bounceland Inflatable Cascade

Bounceland Inflatable Cascade

Why we like it: An inflatable that comes with a dual slide and large pool.

Editor’s Rating:

This dual water slide and humongous pool give the Bounceland Inflatable Cascade ample room for multiple children to enjoy themselves. A robust U.L. blower that is included in the package powers the unit and inflates it in less than a minute!

This slide also features quadruple stitches on its seams and a heavy-duty, puncture-proof material for durability and longevity. It comes with nine stakes that firmly secure it to the ground, and long fill tubes that ensure inflation is safe and quick.

We love the safety features that come with this water slide. The ASTM certification offers consumer safety, and the 16CFR1500.3/16CFR1505 certifications offer materials safety. The CPSC and U.L. with a 25-foot power cord and GFCI plug, more than meet the standards of the American Consumer Safety Committee.


  • Impressive colorful, and spacious design
  • Heavy-duty construction with puncture-proof material and quadruple-stitched seams
  • For safety, the long fill tube keeps the blower away from the bouncer during inflating


  • Poor customer service

25. Dr. Dolphin Bounce Slide House

Dr. Dolphin Bounce Slide House

Why we like it: The Dr. Dolphin Bounce House is incredibly durable. It features 420D nylon and OVC tarpaulin for the ultimate tear-proof action.

Editor’s Rating:

The Dr. Dolphin Bounce Slide House is a well-built water slide with a water spray that kids love when it comes to having the ultimate summer fun.

It consists of puncture-resistant 420D nylon and P.V.C. tarpaulin that ensures durability. For safety, the inflatable has an anchor and knot to keep it in place and mesh netting all-round to keep kids in the bounce house. This unit is quick to inflate, typically in less than 2 minutes, and requires the blower to run as kids play. Store it easily or carry it anywhere with the supplied bag. Included is a heavy-duty and waterproof air blower that keeps the unit functional.

Video: Dr. Dolphin Bounce House Review


  • Easy to set up, assemble, carry, or store
  • Jumping areas feature mesh walls that protect children as they play
  • Includes a heavy-duty air blower, storage carry bag, repair patches, and easy-to-use instruction manual


  • It may require a hose adaptor if using with a garden hose

26. The Kahuna 90793

The Kahuna 90793

Why we like it: This epic inflatable has twin slides and an extra-large pool for comfortable play

Editor’s Rating:

The Kahuna 90793 lives up to its name – it is, well, the ‘Big Kahuna’ of water slides!

It offers plenty of room for children to enjoy the two slides, a large splash pool, climbing wall, sprinklers, water cannon, and basketball hoop. This slide is also quick to set up as it inflates in less than 2 minutes, and versatile as it attaches effortlessly to any garden hose for fast accessibility.

The heavy-duty P.V.C. construction ensures durability. For safety, it features double-stitched seams and strong climbing walls that keep children protected as they play.


  • Spacious and comfortable with plenty of room to play
  • Easy to set up and inflate
  • Perfect for younger children


  • It lacks a drain plug for quick and convenient drainage

27. BLAST ZONE Crocodile Isle

BLAST ZONE Crocodile Isle

Why we like it: A large water splay area from a great company. Expensive but has excellent capacity.

Editor’s Rating:

This BLAST ZONE Crocodile Isle conjures up vivid images for your children and transports them to a jungle paradise. Kids can easily create unforgettable adventures by escaping the crocodile and racing each other to the large lagoon.

This new version has higher walls and widened ramps for ultimate safety. The slides each have sprayers which make water fights part of the action.

The slide consists of commercial-grade vinyl, which ensures durability and longevity in the climbing and slide surfaces. Also, the massive splash area can accommodate up to six children with room to spare.


  • Commercial-grade impact surfaces for added durability
  • No exit reduces the chances of grass and debris entering the lagoon
  • Kids aged between 3 - 11 can enjoy this product.


  • It is quite heavy and cumbersome to put away
  • Expensive

28. Costzon Inflatable 5-in-1

Costzon Inflatable 5-in-1

Why we like it: This 5-in-1 water slide is resilient to even the most enthusiastic kids and includes the extras you need.

Editor’s Rating:

This Costzon Inflatable 5-in-1 is a versatile water slide and bouncer. It features three sprayers that splash simultaneously, a water cannon, curved slide, a climbing wall, and protective netting for safety.

The construction is decidedly heavy-duty and consists of puncture-resistant 420D oxford material with a wear-resistant coating, perfect for prolonged outdoor use. Included is a 735-watt blower, a repairing kit, and a carrying bag to allow for compact storage.


  • Incredibly durable and weather-resistant
  • Easy to set up, use, take down, and store
  • Safety conscious; the protective netting and raised wall keep kids inside the slide


  • It can only hold a maximum of 2-3 kids per session

29. Intex Surf ‘N Slide

Intex Surf ‘N Slide

Why we like it: It includes two surf riders with heavy-duty handles for the ultimate safety as kids surf.

Editor’s Rating:

Intex is known for its fun play centers, and with this Intex Surf ‘N Slide inflatable, they didn’t disappoint. This water slide has a landing mat underneath for extra padding, a garden hose attachment for sprayers to wet the sliding surface, and a repair patch that comes in handy in case of a little damage.

You can also attach your garden hose for sprayers to wet the slide surface, and we’d highly recommend a pump to inflate this unit quicker.


  • Well-built with excellent thickness and strength
  • A large and spacious pool at the bottom that fills up nicely
  • It holds inflation pretty well over long daily sessions of play


  • It is susceptible to leaks

30. Giant Lawn

Giant Lawn

Why we like it: We love the myriad of uses! Use this slide indoors and outdoors, or wet and dry at the lake, beach, pool, seaside, lawn, or backyard!

Editor’s Rating:

The Giant Lawn is a fun outdoor water slide that would make any child play with it for hours, especially with their friends around.

The slide consists of heavy-duty, environmental-protection P.V.C. that will not irritate your child’s skin as they play. Its length of 16 feet and 3.3-pound weight makes it perfect for everyday backyards.

Connect this unit to regular-sized garden hoses without the need for adaptors and set up the slide quickly and easily using a self-filling bumper.


  • Highly portable; take it with you on your lakeside camping or seaside trip
  • Easy to set up, use, and takedown
  • Affordably priced


  • The side sprinklers don’t get the slide wet enough

Final Verdict: The Best Inflatable Water Slide

Our wide-ranging review of the best inflatable water slides has covered all types from complex ones that are more like entire waterparks to simple one-piece slides.

Deciding which to pick will depend on your kids’ ages and playing ability, your budget, and the space available in your backyard. We have included all options in our top thirty curated list to make it easier to select the right choice.

If you’re ready to buy a water slide for your kids, we guarantee that you’ll find one from this review to suit your kids’ preferences and home set up.