Best Magnetic Toys for Kids 2020


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Magnetic toys for kids are great as they foster STEM learning and skills. The toys when used not only entertain the kids but also add an element of construction while having magnets hold structures together. They’re especially good for kids who haven’t mastered fine motor skills, have fidgeting problems among other things.

The best magnetic toys for kids helps refine their imagination, creativity and so much more. When choosing the magnetic toys for your kids to use, one has to put into consideration the quality and durability of the toys. The toys should be long lasting so as to engage your kids for a long time. Look for a toy that’s BPA-free and one that will engage your kids for a long time. The following review is a collection of the best magnetic toys for kids.

Top 30 Best Magnetic Toys for Kids 2020

1. Magna-Tiles 1517888 Clear Colors 100 Piece Set

Why we like it: This toy set, apart from being used by any normal kid is mostly good for children who normally have hand-eye coordination sensory issues and other learning aspects.

This toy set encourages kids to use their hands and fingers to manipulate the tiles hence helps in building the child’s motor skills. This enables them to have a good grip on pencils and in their handwriting. The Magna tiles are very colorful with magnets along their edges allowing children to build homes, shapes, flowers, castles and any other type of structure. They’re also used to help the younger children to learn colors, shapes and understand sizes. Kids are thus able to think critically, solve problems, and be creative and imaginative.

  • The tiles come in 32, 48 and 100 piece set and depending on your budget you can start with the 32 pieces and buy the 100 later.
  • They come in various colors and different shapes of triangle and squares with magnets along the edges.
  • They are translucent and work beautifully on a light table.
  • They are long lasting and used by a wide range of ages.
  • Promotes critical thinking, problem-solving and imaginative skills.
  • Kids also get to learn about symmetry, mathematical and spatial relationships.
  • The tiles are expensive.
  • They are good for making only large structures.

2. Magformers Challenger Set

Why we like it: This is a great set of magnetic building blocks that develop spatial awareness, mathematical thinking, logical reasoning and problem-solving skills in a kid.

The mega formers are strong with bright colors and lots of pieces to play with. Each piece has a 360 degrees rotating magnet that’s always rotating to attract the magnet encapsulated in the next shape. They are educational for both boys and girls as the kids are allowed to build their own structures in 3D. The pieces are designed in a way that demonstrates a good connecting power. The flat 2D shapes can be transformed into over 100 geometric 3D structures.

  • The Magformers pieces are designed to demonstrate amazing connecting power.
  • The blocks can be connected in any direction in 3D.
  • It becomes easy for kids to grasp mathematical principals with this toy.
  • The pieces are of good quality, beautifully colored and sturdy.
  • Since it’s a product that’s premium chances are one would not need this abundance quality.
  • The triangle pieces may be difficult for the younger kids to recognize

3. Whiz Builders Magnetic Building Block Toy Set

Why we like it: This set helps kids learn about geometrical shapes while building and is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 to 12 years.

This set has a lot of magnets, colors, shapes, and possibilities that are endless. The Whiz Builder’s Magnetic Building Blocks are made up of 74 pieces that include 24 squares, 12 triangles, 2 hexagons, 26 alphabet cards, and additional 2 wheels and 8 Ferris wheel components. Kids are set to build anything they can imagine given that they have different blocks.

  • The blocks are durable and can be cleaned with running water.
  • The plastic is BPA- free and the magnets are strong enough to build the most amazing construction.
  • The set contains lots of different pieces.
  • There is a large number of little pieces making it easy to lose them.

4. LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

Why we like it: This phonics magnetic letter set is great for kids as they get to learn the alphabet through songs.

The set encourages kids to build their vocabulary, explore letters, say it in sound and sing along hence improve both their verbal and listening skills. This is designed for kids from 2-5years and is designed to teach phonics, alphabet, motor and vocabulary skills. The letter set brings phonics skills to life since it has 26 singing, talking letters that are perfect for keeping the kid’s busy learning. The magnetic letter tiles stick to your fridge or any other surface. Kids get to learn the alphabet by placing individual magnetic letter tiles on the bus window.

  • The fridge phonics is good at reinforcing alphabetical knowledge that includes a letter, names, and sounds that is important as the first step in learning and reading.
  • Letter tiles are designed for easy manipulation by little hands.
  • It helps in the strengthening of fine motor and coordination skills.
  • No assembly is required hence easy to use.
  • It aids in the building of a kid’s vocabulary.
  • Some reviewers have complained that the sound stops working and it has been switching the letter sounds around.

5. Picasso Tiles Magnet

Why we like it: These tile sets enable Children to acquire a strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms numbers counts, magnetic polarities & architectural design at an early age.

The Picasso Tiles Magnet is good for kids since they are not only used for education but also for recreational purposes. These are built like marble tiles made up of 100 pieces. They’re clear and consist of 3D construction blocks and play boards. It uses blocks and tracks to build configurations that are different.

  • The building blocks are magnetic, hence more fun for the kids while stacking them.
  • They’re easy to construct and encourages a kid to be imaginative as they can come up with different things to construct.
  • They’re easy to store.
  • It encourages creativity in children as the possibilities are endless.
  • The Picasso Tiles are compatible with Magna tile. A child can use the Magna tile pieces in case they run out of the Picasso ones.
  • Its parts are a little too complex for 2-year olds.

6. Dowling Penny

Why we like it: This is a fun and engaging activity magnetic toy for kids that are a bit younger. Kids get to learn both math and science while still having fun and develop their creativity and imagination.

The kit contains strong magnets and coins with simple science solutions. It also comes with a 64-page activity book that has magic experiments, penny history. Magnet facts and 44 fun activities. Kids are required to use their imagination so as to create their own unique magic penny sculptures. It’s used by kids from the ages of 8 years and above.

  • It’s a great way for kids to explore magnetic forces.
  • It helps kids become more creative and imaginative.
  • This magnetic kit is especially great for discussing geometry, focusing on shapes, positions, symmetry and more.
  • The Dowling penny has been used to perform magnetism feats that are outstanding.
  • It’s fun to play with exploring magnetic forces, motion, and stability.
  • Only used by older kids of 8 years and above as it’s too complex for the small kids to understand.

7. Melissa and Doug Dinosaurs

Why we like it: This is a good jigsaw puzzle toy especially for kids who love dinosaurs as they can explore the world of dinosaurs with this puzzle set. It’s entertaining and helps in a kid’s hand-eye coordination development.

The kit contains 48 extra thick cardboard construction pieces with beautiful artwork, four wooden puzzles and a wooden box that’s used for storage. The set comes with a set of numerical, ordered visual instructions for building the puzzle. They come in different sets depending on the child’s age from 4years having the simpler puzzles and the complicated ones for kids that are a bit older.

  • It contains a surface that’s easy to clean hence keep the puzzle looking new.
  • Kids are required to use their eyes and hands while solving the puzzle hence helps in the improvement of hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.
  • Kids get to practice how to follow instructions independently, the child is required to review information and follow the given instructions appropriately.
  • They are easy for little hands to grab.
  • The quality of the puzzle is not as good because too much focus has been put on the quantity of the pieces instead of the quality.

8. Playmags Super Set

Why we like it: This super set helps kids in hand-eye coordination and helps improve in fine motor development at an early age.

This set is a great piece for the kids as it’s fun. It has 10 pieces of magnetic fish and poles that the kids can use to create artwork. The pieces have bright and eye-catching colors that are attractive to the kids aged 3 years and above. Moreover, the set has magnets that are strong enough to pick up the fish and hold on. The poles are sturdy and the poles move easily.

  • This toy is a great way in which your kid’s motor development can be improved.
  • The bright colors make it attractive to the kids.
  • Kids get to use their imagination and creativity to come up with artwork from the pieces.
  • The play mag set is a great choice in ensuring the kids get to develop an interest in STEM subjects.
  • It’s a great tool in developing a child’s concentration.
  • The kids get to accomplish a task by manipulating the pieces.
  • Customers have complained about the string on each fishing rod being too small for the kids to use them while standing.

9. Doinkit Darts Magnetic Dart Board

Why we like it: This is one of the perfect magnetic toy sets for kids who have a competitive nature and who like playing darts.

Kids get to improve their coordination and sportsmanship. Families, on the other hand, can use it for game nights. The toy set is made up of 1-16 inches of a dartboard with 6 safe magnetic darts with two different colors. The dart comes with a hook that makes it easy to hang anywhere. It has been crafted with materials that are solid with a hook that makes it easy to hang anywhere, the darts are magnetic rather than spike tipped hence very safe for kids to use. The magnets are enclosed safely and the darts are made in such a way that they don’t harm the walls. It’s recommended for kids of ages 6years and above.

  • It’s a great set in encouraging kids to be competitive.
  • It’s easy to set up and can be hung anywhere.
  • It’s not only for the kids but for the whole family as it can be used for family game nights.
  • The set is durable therefore long-lasting.
  • It’s a high-quality product that guarantees hours of fun for the family.
  • Some users have complained of the board being flimsy despite the fact that the board itself has been crafted with solid materials.

10. 4M Magnet Science Kits

Why we like it: This science kit is great as it teaches kids about magnetic effects, science experiments and games hence challenging a kid’s imagination.

The kit is recommended for kids aged 8 years and above. It’s made up of interactive magnetic objects like the superpower horseshoe magnet and magnetic wand. This kit provides 10 fun and creative games that get to teach your kids about magnetic effects. They get to construct their own magnetic toys from the kit including the super magnet racer, yacht compass, mysterious dangler and more. Once they are done playing the kids will be able to put the toys together by themselves. In the process, they get to not only learn about the effects of magnets but also the world around them while having fun.

  • It’s a great toy for challenging a kid’s imagination.
  • It’s educational as it covers subjects like science kits, arts & crafts, robotics and more.
  • The kit is of good quality with components that are durable and long lasting.
  • From the kit, kids get to take part in 10 different fun and creative games and in the process, they get to learn the effects of magnets.
  • The components easily get lost, swallowed as they are small, hence posing danger to the small kids.

11. Kid O Free Play Magnatab

Why we like it: This is a wonderful tool for teaching art, free play and guided art and helps kids in learning letters and numbers.

The Magnatab is made up of very durable material built to last longer. It’s also very colorful hence very appealing to the kids. The stylus is large enough for small kids to hold. There’s sensory feedback on the stylus where kids get to draw using it. The toy also produces a click sound when the balls snap into place. This sensory feedback is a part of the art process as it helps the kids learn quickly and easily.

  • The kit is safe for small kids to use because the magnets are locked securely in the Magnatab ensuring that they do not fall out.
  • It’s a great tool for children to use and learn their numbers and letters.
  • The sensory feedback helps kids learn quickly and easily.
  • The kit is long lasting as it’s made of durable material.
  • This is a great tool used for teaching kids how to write.
  • The small components make it unsafe for small kids who might swallow them if they find the components lying around.
  • It’s only recommended for kids above the ages of 3 years.

12. Cuby Magnetic Sculpture Toy

Why we like it: This a wonderful toy for releasing stress and developing intelligence in a kid. It can also be used at home or in the office.

The toy is great since it helps in the intellectual and sensory development of kids. The Cuby has endless combinations that kids can use to craft their own sculptures. It consists of 50 magnetic balls and 171 metal balls. Aside from that, it’s portable so kids get to carry it around as it’s also lightweight. They can even take them to their friends’ houses and play with them. Kids can create different sculptures from these magnetic and metal balls. This can be a great gift for those kids who tend to fidget a lot. It’s a suitable toy for kids aged 10 years and above due to the small stainless steel balls.

  • It has a base that is highly conductive making it capable of magnetizing the 171 stainless steel balls hence excellent quality.
  • The balls can be packed up into the case and be carried along as one travel.
  • Easy to carry around because of its lightweight.
  • Kids get to create different sculptures using different ball sizes.
  • Great toy for kids who fidget a lot.
  • Customers have complained that magnet is not very strong to hold the balls in place.
  • The small magnetic balls are not safe for the smaller kids.

13. Klutz LEGO Chain Reaction Craft Kit

Why we like it: This LEGO Chain Reaction toy is a wonderful way to get kids to build chain reaction machines and think creatively as they get to learn new tricks.

This craft kit will spark your kid’s imagination and encourage them to be creative while they build the moving machines. This LEGO set offers endless possibilities as it contains parts for 10 modules, 6 plastic balls a string, paper ramps and an 80-page booklet with instructions on how to set up. It’s a toy that’s easy to build and is compatible with all the other LEGO kits. It’s recommended for kids aged 8 years and above. The toy has been constructed from environmentally friendly material that’s not harmful to anyone playing with them.

  • The entire LEGO kit is compatible with the regular LEGO blocks.
  • The 80-page booklet contains instructions that are detailed and easy to follow.
  • It’s a great toy that encourages kids to be imaginative and helps them learn about mechanics and give them extra tools to build new things.
  • Kids get to have a lot of fun building the reaction machines.
  • It’s safe to use as it’s made up of environment-friendly materials.
  • It has small pieces that small kids can easily swallow, misplace or lose.
  • Some customers have complained about missing some pieces of the modules.

14. Smethport 110 Foam Magnetic Number Set

Why we like it: This is a high-quality foam toy that enables kids to learn mathematics. It teaches kids to count and do simple mathematics.

These non-scratch refrigerator magnets do a great job when it comes to teaching kids how to count and do simple math. The toy comes with 110 magnets, attractive colors, strong magnetism, and convenient storage. The magnets do not scratch up your fridge, unlike other magnetic letter toys. It’s made up of durable material that is very well made.

  • It’s an important toy in helping a kid get to practice their counting skills and do simple mathematics like number recognition and equation formulation.
  • The pieces are very colorful making it attractive to the kids.
  • It’s an excellent toy made of high-quality foam.
  • The letters stick perfectly on the refrigerator without falling off.
  • It comes with a plastic storage bucket with a lid that’s secure keeping things together in one place.
  • Some customers think that the toy is a bit expensive.

15. Grand Line 120 Pieces Magnetic Stacking Blocks Set

Why we like it: This magnetic stack block set promotes creativity in kids while developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Kids can have hours of fun as they create interesting towers, castles, animals, robots and more using the magnetic blocks. The toy set is made up of 120 magnetic block pieces that come in red, pink, blue, yellow, green and purple. There is a variety of shapes that include 55 triangles, 55 squares, 6 long triangles, and 4 rhombuses. The blocks have a smooth surface and corners that are rounded on each tile, this is designed to make it safe for the kids. The material used in constructing this toy set is of high-quality and environmentally friendly plastic. Kids as young as 3 years use this toy set not only to play but also to develop fine motor skills.

  • It’s a wonderful toy that is important in the development of a kid’s motor skills.
  • It’s great in developing a kid’s hand-eye coordination.
  • The pieces stick together without falling as the magnets are very strong.
  • The components of this toy set are frames rather than tiles meaning that they are open at the center making it easy for the smaller kids to hold and handle.
  • It comes with an instruction manual that shows the kids how to build everything.
  • Customers have complained of receiving the toy set with some of the pieces being broken.

16. Magnetic cube, Like 216pcs Magic Cubes Building Blocks

Why we like it: The Magnetic Cube is a great toy for building your kid’s imagination and making them be more creative through the creation of hundreds of works. It’s good also a good tool for developing a kid’s right brain.

This is a set of toys made up of 216 magnetic cubes made of 0.2 inches that can combine into a series of amazing geometrical shapes. It has been constructed from safe magnetic materials that are permanent. Therefore the toy is safe for use by kids aged 12 years and above. Kids get to use their hands and enhance their space imagination whilst developing their creativity. The cube is also used as a stress reliever.

  • It’s a set that will fascinate kids because of its geometrical shapes, symmetry and the abstract.
  • This provides a lot of fun for the kids.
  • Kids get to create designs that are out of this world.
  • It’s a good reliever of stress.
  • It comes with very nice packaging and can be a good gift to kids aged 14 years.
  • It’s one of the best creative puzzle toys.
  • The cubes seem to be much smaller than expected.

17. Tommy Geartion Refrigerator Magnets Building Toys

Why we like it: This colorful refrigerator magnet plays a role in promoting a kid’s creativity, imagination and encourages them to use their hands to perform tasks.

The toy set consists of very colorful gears that interlock. The gears flip, spin and turn according to how they are placed. There is an on/off gear that your kids can use to control the speed. Your kids get to have lots of fun playing with this toy and in the process, they become more imaginative and creative as the toy can be transformed into many fun toys. The gears are very durable and do not crack or lose their teeth while being used. The toy designs are very colorful and come with different shapes that kids can play with. It’s recommended for kids aged 3 years and above.

  • It has bright colors and the multi-colored gears fascinate kids.
  • This toy set is great in improving your kid’s hand-eye coordination.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • It keeps kids entertained through the movements generated.
  • It has durable plastic gears and customized designs.
  • The toy set comes with a variety of sounds like bells and clickers.
  • The ticking noise on the toy can be annoying.

18. Tegu Original Magnetic Wooden Block Set

Why we like it: This toy set is good for kids who like stacking things or drawing shapes for fun. Apart from drawing and stacking kids also get to experience the mystery of magnets with this toy set.

This toy set is very durable and sturdy means it will last for a long time. It’s made up of 52 pieces that are multicolored making them attractive to the kids. The exterior of the pieces are well finished and very smooth making it comfortable for kids to use as they do not irritate their delicate hands or scratch them. Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks are very simple for kids to organize into different shapes and sizes. Your kid will love this wooden magnetic set as it’s very attractive and simple to use.

  • Your kids will be able to know their patterns well.
  • It helps in the development of a child’s motor skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Compared to most plastic toys, the Tegu wooden magnetic toy is more durable hence lasts longer.
  • It’s a toy set that allows kids to transform them into different shapes.
  • They’re made up of paint that is non-toxic with a very smooth finish that doesn’t irritate kids.
  • It’s easy for kids to organize.
  • It’s compatible with other Tegu magnetic wooden sets.
  • The magnets are not very strong.
  • The shapes are standard.

19. Magnetic Stick N Stack Award Winning 40 Piece Junior Set

Why we like it: This junior pack is good for kids as they get to come up with shapes and structures of different sizes.

The Magnetic Stick N Stack provides kids with an experience that is hands-on while keeping them engaged and entertained for long. The toy is made up of 40 pieces with 32 magnetic tiles and 8 Stilemags. The pieces on this toy set are easy for the kids to handle. Kids get to stack and manipulate the pieces into shapes that are different without breaking a sweat. The pieces also have magnets that are powerful making the pieces stick together for longer. These make a perfect gift for a kid as their packaging is very beautiful. It’s recommended for kids aged 3 years and above.

  • It encourages kids to be imaginative as they come up with many stable structures while playing with the pieces.
  • Although they’re made of plastic, the pieces are durable and kids enjoy using them for long periods.
  • They have powerful magnets that prevent them from falling off when the kids build the structures.
  • The pieces are easy to manipulate.
  • Customers have complained of the magnets not being strong enough.

20. Melissa & Doug Abby and Emma Deluxe Magnetic Wooden Dress-Up Dolls Play Set

Why we like it: This is a great magnetic doll set that little girls who love to play pretend dress-up would really love.

This toy is very engaging as it allows girls to dress-up the two dolls Abby and Emma in different dresses. Little girls get to recognize different colors and patterns at an early age. Moreover, they get to be more creative and improve on their hand-eye coordination. The toy comes with 55 pieces, two wooden dolls and lots of magnetic stick clothing items and doll stands. The outfits and accessories can be mixed matched between the two dolls to create fashion and your girls get to have fun while at it. The 8 inches dolls can be dressed up in fancy dresses, hats, pants, tops, and shoes. All these are in a wooden tray that comes with different compartments. This toy set is recommended for kids aged 3 years and above.

  • It helps in the development of their hand-eye coordination and makes them more creative and imaginative.
  • It keeps kids engaged for hours.
  • It’s a toy that helps little girls recognize colors and patterns.
  • It has an array of mix and match outfits that the two dolls can be dressed in.
  • The clothes are fashionable and easily stick to the dolls.
  • There’s always a shortage of this toy in stores.

21. 7TECH Magnetic Drawing Board

Why we like it: This is a toy set is great as it allows kids to express themselves creatively especially if the kid loves drawing.

This toy allows kids to draw and doodle anything from their own little imaginations bringing them to life on the pad. They also get to develop their fine motor skills by being able to hold up the pens with their hands. The toy set comes with a magnetic pad with a pen attached to it and kids get to write or draw whatever they want on the pad which is also easily erasable. It has a carry handle with an easy slide eraser that magically cleans the screen on the pad. This magnetic drawing board is for kids aged 3 years and above.

  • A wonderful toy for allowing kids to use their imagination and come up with beautiful creations.
  • It’s easy to clean as it has the easy slide eraser.
  • The carry handle makes it easy to carry around.
  • It’s a fun toy for the kids as they get to doodle and draw on the pad.
  • The toy is attractive to the kids due to its colorful nature.
  • It’s not safe for toddlers because the pen looks like a ballpoint which can injure the kids.
  • Some customers have complained of the toy being smaller than expected.

22. Magnetic Personalities – Original Wooly Willy

Why we like it: This toy is great fun for the kids with a picture of a bald man resembling a picture frame.

This toy set comes with a frame that has magnetic sand in it and a metal wand that kids can use to pull the magnetic sand to either give the bald man a head full of hair, mustache or beard. The frame has different pictures on the side showing the man with hairstyles that are different. Kids get to copy the image on the frame side and use that as a guide to creating different images of the man. Kids will not learn anything from this magnetic board game but they will have lots of fun creating fun faces using the wand.

  • Kids get to have a lot of fun while playing this game.
  • It doesn’t come with many pieces required to assemble hence not tedious for the kids to use.
  • The toy is very affordable.
  • Some customers have complained of the image is too dark and the magnet is too weak.

23. Mag Genius Building Tiles

Why we like it: This is a magnetic toy set with a variety of pieces. Therefore, the kids have many options and get creative using them.

Mag Genius magnetic tiles is an interactive and educational toy that allows kids to develop their motor skills and imagination. The toy teaches kids how to recognize different shapes and patterns while learning about geometry, architecture, and engineering. The set has 32 pieces of magnet tiles that come in different colors. Kids can build big structures in 2D as the magnets on the tiles are very strong. The tiles are very colorful and attractive and also come with 13 different shapes.

  • The mag-genius tiles are good at teaching kids how to recognize color and patterns at an early age.
  • It helps in the development of a kid’s creative thinking as it encourages imaginative play.
  • Through play, it equips them with mathematics, science and tactile skills.
  • The tiles have a strong magnet that ensures the pieces remain held together without falling off.
  • The tiles are colorful.
  • These tiles engage the kids for long as they come in a variety of shapes.
  • The storage being provided is very convenient.
  • Customers complain of the tile pieces being scratched up and looking hazy after use.

24. Backyard Safari Magnetic bug Habitat

Why we like it: One of the very best magnetic toys for the young scientists who love collecting bags and putting them in containers. They also get to explore and learn about nature.

The backyard safari magnetic bug habitat is a good toy set for teaching kids about physics and biology. It helps them develop an interest in exploring outside and collecting bugs making it a fun activity for the kids. It comes with a magnetic wand, a branch, leaf, rock, and log. Kids use the wand to move the habitats terrain from outside. This toy is recommended for kids aged 5 years and above.

  • It’s a great toy for developing a kid’s interest in biology and learning about nature.
  • It’s easy to clean as it comes with a removable lid.
  • It’s easy and fun to use.
  • It has a clear dome that makes it easy for kids to view at a 360-degree angle.
  • The whole toy set is tiny and the plastic is not as good as the bottom keeps falling off.
  • The magnet is weak.

25. Geospace Math Spin Magnetic Spin Game, Travel Edition

Why we like it: This is a simple math puzzle that’s educational and can be carried around anywhere.

The toy set comes with a travel pouch that makes it easy to carry around. Kids can take it anywhere they go. It comes with an 8 colorful spin wheel that magnetically clicks together. The wheels are rearranged and rotated to find letters that are then used to create and solve an equation. Apart from solving equations, the kids get to play with the magnets themselves. It’s recommended for kids aged 6 to 12 years.

  • It’s a great toy for teaching kids how to solve math equations, magnetic science is used to teach kids math.
  • As much as it’s educational, kids have fun playing with it.
  • Its portability makes it easy to carry around so it can be used anywhere at any given time.
  • The game book and travel pouch are included.
  • The game is difficult to play independently as it needs to have at least two players.

26. MIBOTE Magnetized Blocks

Why we like it: This a good building toy that helps a kid to recognize colors and shapes while developing their creativity and imagination.

The building blocks of this toy are ideal for your child as it plays a major role in helping the kid develop fine motor skills, manipulative ability, problem-solving and having the ability to build and design while playing. Kids get to build as many structures as they can think of because the toy set comes with a set of 109 pieces that include triangles, diamonds, hexagons, pentagons, trapezoids, diamonds, squares, etc. Your kid gets a great opportunity to learn about shapes. The package comes with a storage bag that once they finish playing, they can put the pieces in the bag. It’s recommended for kids above the ages of 3 years.

  • It encourages creativity and imagination in kids.
  • The pieces are made of toxin-free materials.
  • They have rounded corners to reduce the risk of injury.
  • It helps kids develop their color recognition skills as the parts come in different colors.
  • With the many pieces available kids can build a wide range of structures while developing their recognition skills.
  • The toy comes in various shapes and sizes, thus enabling kids to learn about an array of shapes.
  • The pieces are not as strong as expected.

27. InnooTech Blocks

Why we like it: InfoTech’s Blocks is a highly educational set that enables your child to create a range of structures and become very imaginative.

This toy is good for both play and learning, kids learn about science, technology, and mathematics while developing the important skills that they need to stay in the current world. The set is made of 72 pieces of squares and triangles. The material used to construct is non-toxic. This toy set is suitable for kids aged 3 years and over.

  • This set helps in the development of a child’s imagination, creative and critical thinking.
  • The different shapes help a child recognize their shapes.
  • The tiles are easy to clean up.
  • The pieces are smaller than expected.

28. WITKA Building Toy

Why we like it: This is a great STEM toy for kids to help a child’s imagination run wild and enhance a sense of accomplishment while playing.

This WITKA toy comes with 200 pieces with 128 pieces being magnetic while the 72 pieces are nonmagnetic steel balls. Kids get to use these pieces for their play time and they get to learn how both the magnetic and non-magnetic pieces fit together differently. Kids get inspired to create different structures as the set comes with a wide range of different pieces. It’s recommended for kids aged 6 years and above.

  • It’s a great toy set for stimulating both the creativity and problem-solving skills in kids.
  • It’s great in helping kids develop their color recognition skills.
  • It’s made of good quality materials that are safe.
  • This is the best toy for helping kids bring out their imaginative side.
  • Some of the pieces may not hold well
  • The non-magnetic steel balls are quite small making it unsafe for the smaller kids who might swallow them.

29. Dowling Magnets DO-SS75 Magnet Mania Kit

Why we like it: This is a very colorful toy that appeals to the kids who are interested in magnets and love playing with them.

This set comes with two purple and yellow powerful magnet wands and 10 magnetic marbles that stick great to the wand which can be connected and dragged around like a snake. There are an activity booklet and 50 counting chips with an outer ring of metal which is not embedded in the plastic like other sets. Chips are fairly flexible and they’ll hold up to play. They come in 5 colors – 10 each of red, blue, yellow, green, and purple. The wand magnets are durable and the discs are hard.

  • It promotes creative and imaginative learning in kids.
  • The pieces are durable.
  • They are very colorful and appealing to kids.
  • The set comes with an activity booklet thus providing as much fun as possible.
  • The marbles seem to be permanently polarized toward each other.

30. Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere – Matching

Why we like it: This is a great classic magnetic matching game that is light to carry around with pictures that are clear.

The Take n play anywhere contains a magnetic board with 36 magnetic tiles and rules that have everyday pictures and objects that kids can easily recognize. It’s very light therefore easy to carry around or travel with. Kids get to flip the tiles two at a time while trying to make a match. The game is played by 2 people and is recommended for kids 3 years and above.

  • It’s very durable.
  • It’s a great game to help kids recognize pictures and objects hence improve their visual skills.
  • It can be played anywhere as it’s light to carry around.
  • The tiles are only magnetic on one side.
  • The pieces are small with no space between them.

Final Words

The best magnetic toys for kids reviewed above will certainly offer something special to your kids. Each toy will inspire creativity and when kids play with their creativity, they can discover a new skill. They can experiment with shapes, colors, and spaces first hand.

Magnetic toys will help kids build their confidence as they play besides learning about basic physics, magnetic polarity, architecture, art, engineering, math, and much more. The joy and boost in confidence are invaluable. We would highly recommend the above best magnetic toys as they combine various elements of learning, creativity, fun, and collaboration.