Best Makeup Sets for Kids 2020


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Makeup Sets for kids are all the rage these days and various toy brands are competing to grab a chunk of the market. This means that there is a large variety of makeup sets to choose from. How do you go about deciding which makeup set to invest in for your little one? Here’s a list of things that you should prioritize if you want to buy the best makeup set for your kid:

Features to Consider in Good Makeup Sets for Kids

Pretend Fake Toy Makeup Sets vs. Washable Makeup Toy Sets

If you’re looking for a toy set that looks like makeup but doesn’t actually work, there are plenty of options available. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a starter kit that has actual makeup that shows on the face, and helps your little girl understand the basics of creating a look, you should look for washable/removable makeup sets.

Quality of the Materials Used

Whether it is an imitation makeup set or the washable variety, ensure that only the best quality ingredients have been used to make these items. Look for words like ‘eco-friendly’, ‘cadmium free’, ‘water soluble’, ‘up to the US regulations and standards for makeup and toys’, and ‘ABS plastic’, to ensure that you’re buying top notch products. Removable makeup sets should mention that the makeup is easily washable and doesn’t require rubbing.

Age Range

Look for the recommended age range before you invest in a makeup set for kids. Some kits have smaller items that could lead to choking hazards. Some are purposely designed only with bigger items so kids below the age of 3 can also enjoy playing with makeup sets safely. Sometimes the manufacturer recommended age isn’t ideal. In such cases, use your best judgment.


Makeup sets for kids start at the low price range of $7 and go up to $30+. What’s more, just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it’s low quality. A good makeup set for kids can be purchased for around $10. Price also varies with the number of items included in the set and the type of makeup set.

There’s something for all budget brackets in the list of best makeup sets for kids we’ve curated. Here are our picks for the top 30 best makeup sets for kids.

Top 30 Best Makeup Sets For Kids 2020

1. Best Overall Pick: Make it Up, Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Set

Why we like it: It makes use of EVA foam instead of plastic for the powder based contents making them appear more realistic yet safe to use.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup kit is a no mess, fuss free set with 13 items included in total. It uses ethylene-vinyl acetate(EVA) foam – a very safe alternative to PVC. Not only does that make the blush, compact and eyeshadow look more real, but it is also much safer for kids to play with. Your child is bound to think she is playing with real makeup. Even if they have played with real make up before, they’ll enjoy the quality of this pretend set. The applicator brushes are soft and made of good quality material. A fun cosmetics pouch with a zipper is included to carry the items easily.

Although it probably is safe for kids from the ages of 1.5 years and up, choking hazards are always a real issue with small play items. Use your best judgment when ordering the set for your little one if they are very young.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • This is the best quality pretend makeup set in the market.
  • It has safe-to-use EVA foam contents.
  • The contents have a very real and natural appearance.
  • Recommended for a wide age range from 3 to 12 years.
  • Textured compact, blush, and eyeshadow surfaces look like the real deal.
  • Cute girly pink themed design.
  • The compact and blush cases aren’t very easy to open in the beginning, requiring some adult assistance.
  • It’s a little expensive for a toy set and might be out of most people’s budget range.

2. Best Premium Pick: Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set

Why we like it: The set includes a shatterproof mirror, compact and blush cases that look like the real deal.

Editor’s Rating:

This little makeup kit has a authentic looking compact container and a lip gloss that actually rolls. The cutesy contents are also PVC free. The soft bristled brushes, logo embroidered pouch and powder puff, alongside the tub of fake glitter, make it the perfect pretend makeup set for your kid. Although it’s very real looking, even hours of play won’t lead to a mess as the items are all fake.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It has a professional looking compact and blush set.
  • It’s safe from the harmful effects of PVC.
  • No mess, so no cleanup required.
  • The sponges might get unglued from the cases, you may need to use super glue to put them back in firmly.

3. Litti Pritti Pretend Makeup Set

Why we like it: This set has some of the most well-made and sturdy items of any pretend makeup set available online.

Editor’s Rating:

This sturdy and well-made imitation makeup set is highly recommended for kids who like cutesy and miniature things. The entire kit fits in the palm of an adult’s hand and fits snugly in little hands. The contents are made of tough and hardened plastic and can withstand much wear and tear, although they can be prone to cracks. It has all the standard items that should be included in a makeup kit and will keep your girl busy for hours.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It has very sturdy and high-quality contents.
  • It has an attractive bright red theme.
  • It has mess free, real looking, imitation makeup pieces.
  • The brush hair do not shed even after lots of rough usage.
  • It’s a little expensive compared to other imitation makeup sets for kids.
  • The brush bristles are made of real animal hair, some kids might be allergic to these brushes.
  • Hardened plastic contents are prone to cracks.

4. Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set

Why we like it: It’s a really good quality pretend makeup set with an affordable price tag.

Editor’s Rating:

This pretend makeup set comes with real brushes, a foam compact, blusher, eyeshadow, and two pretty pouches – one to hold all the items and the other in soft pink to hold the brushes. It has relatively fewer items compared to other makeup kits, but, on the plus side, it is very affordable and makes for a perfect gift.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • The floral print cosmetic bag comes with handles.
  • It’s relatively affordable for such a good quality product.
  • It has a real, but empty, gloss roll on.
  • The quality of the bags could be better.
  • It has fewer makeup items compared to other sets.

5. Best Budget Pick: Exclusive Glamour Girl Collection Makeup Starter Set

Why we like it: It’s an eco-friendly EVA foam set that is also very affordable.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a more affordable version of the Glamour Girl Makeup Kit for girls. It uses the same eco-friendly materials as the makeup set that tops our list but the items are not the same quality. It’s still superior to the cheap dollar store products, is safe for kids, and you get the quality you paid for.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It uses eco-friendly foam for the compact and other items.
  • It is safe from the harmful effects of plastic.
  • It is very affordable despite using high quality foam.
  • Although it’s affordable, the quality of plastic cases isn’t that good.
  • The contents of this kit aren’t as durable.

6. Beverly Hills Doll Collection Makeup Cosmetic Kit

Why we like it: It meets all the safety standard requirements of the USA for toys.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

If you want your little girl to stop using your expensive makeup, grab the Beverly Hills Doll Collection makeup kit for her and watch her play with it for hours on end without realizing it’s a pretend makeup set. Affordable and well made, the contents are sturdy and have a real makeup feel to them.

  • It comes with an adorable cosmetic pouch with pretty pink polka dots and a cute cupcake!
  • It’s very affordable.
  • All items are well built and durable.
  • The lipstick is too big and looks kind of fake.
  • Arrives in a bubble wrapped package with no safety provisions for items’ breakage.
  • The quality of plastic used isn’t the best so the surfaces get easily scratched.

7. Petite Girls Play Cosmetics Set

Why we like it: This is a safe pretend makeup set for kids with an affordable price tag that has some wearable elements.

Editor’s Rating:

Although it’s a pretend makeup kit, this set has a usable compact, blush, and powders. These powders are tested for skin sensitivity, comply with US standards for makeup materials, aren’t real and can be easily washed off. This set could get a little messy in the wrong hands. Unlike the other pretend makeup kits, this one comes in a compact case with three layers of blushes, eye makeup, compact, pedicure set, and more.

Recommended Age: Although the recommended age is 3 and above, it could get very messy and possibly be a choking hazard for kids below 5.

  • This is as real as it gets with real powdered stuff that can be applied on the face.
  • It comes in 8 different fancy and fashionable cosmetic cases.
  • This makeup set is very affordable.
  • Since the contents are made of real powdered material, it gets very messy even if the contents are easy to wash.
  • The quantity of makeup contents is almost negligible so the set will not last long.

8. PixieCrush Pretend Makeup Set

Why we like it: It has a wider range of products included in the kit than other pretend play makeup sets.

Editor’s Rating:

This lovely makeup set comes in a pink polka dots pouch and has enough contents for two makeup sets. All the items have a realistic finish. Your daughter will get hours of play with this toy set. There is a very large variety of pretend products in here.

Recommended Age: 4 to 6 years.

  • It’s free of cadmium, lead, and harmful phthalates.
  • This set contains two each of lipsticks, nail colors, and glitter pots.
  • While the number of products included in this set are higher, it is also more expensive to match.
  • The quality of the product does not match the price.
  • The plastic material used for contents feels really cheap.

9. DRESS 2 PLAY Pretend Makeup Kit

Why we like it: It’s a cute glitter themed set that passes all USA safety regulations for toys.

Editor’s Rating:

This is the perfect makeup set to gift to your toddler if you want to keep them away from the screen for hours. It has a lipstick that rolls up and down, a compact with a real mirror and blushes made of sponge that look real.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It comes in a very standard cosmetic bag with a leather-like finish.
  • It has attractive glitter pink brushes.
  • It meets all US safety regulations even though it’s made in China.
  • The contents are very small in size compared to other makeup sets. It may lead to choking hazards.
  • The makeup cases are very tightly shut and require a lot of strength to open.
  • Better plastic could have been used to make the cases as the contents break easily.

10. My First Princess Make Up Kit

Why we like it: This is a washable pretend makeup set that contains real makeup which can be easily removed.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a unique pretend play makeup set that contains some easily washable makeup, i.e., kids can actually apply the makeup contained within this set. The makeup is safe for kids, easy to remove with a single wash, and doesn’t settle into the skin.

If you aren’t comfortable with your kids using actual makeup, you might want to give this one a skip. If your toddler is a diva in the making and needs to perfect her makeup routine for artistic endeavors, then this is the perfect makeup set for her.

Recommended Age: 3 to 9 years.

  • This product is easy to wash off and doesn’t leave any marks behind on floors and other surfaces.
  • The ingredients are non-toxic and safe to apply on the face.
  • The makeup items look and smell really nice.
  • Easy glide-on, Vaseline-like lip glosses.
  • Although the makeup is non-toxic and safe for kids, it isn’t recommended for kids with sensitive skin as the makeup has a fragrant base.
  • Not recommended for everyday playing as it does contain real nail polish and other items that work. As safe as it is, daily makeup application isn’t good for kids.

11. fash n kolor My First Princess Makeup Set

Why we like it: It’s more than just a makeup set, it also includes items like fancy slippers, tiaras, and more.

Editor’s Rating:

This unique makeup set comes with cute pink gloves, tiaras, jewelry, fancy footwear, and a real makeup kit that can be used to dress up for special occasions. It is the complete package for your little princess. The makeup kit comes in a compact case while the rest of the items fit inside a shoe cabinet provided with the kit. This is the best makeup set for kids to use for Princess Parties.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up.

  • It’s a complete dress-up kit rather than just a makeup set for kids.
  • It has a lot of bright colors, eye shadows, glitter tubs, and compact shades to choose from.
  • For the number of items included in the set, it is surprisingly affordable.
  • It packs in a lot of items but skimps a little on the quality aspect.
  • Most items are made of low quality plastic that break very easily.
  • The makeup contained within is real and not recommended for daily use.

12. Meland Kids Makeup Kit

Why we like it: In addition to EVA foam, the plastic used in this set is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), i.e., it can withstand rough and heavy usage without any visible deterioration.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup kit comes with additional accessories like a pair of sunglasses, a cell phone, a credit card, and other items that can be used to dress up as a posh 21st century diva.

Recommended Age: 3 to 12 years.

  • The cute cosmetic pouch comes with a shoulder strap and doubles up as a side bag.
  • You get a lot of items at a very affordable price.
  • The quality of plastic used is really good.
  • All items are durable and sturdy.
  • The design aspect is a little lacking and some items have a fake look.
  • Count the number of items received and compare against the list provided online as missing items seems to be a common complaint.

13. Townley Girl Disney Frozen 2 Cosmetic Compact Set

Why we like it: It comes with 22 glitter lip-gloss colors that can be washed off with ease.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup set has washable makeup items that can be applied to the face and washed off later. There are 22 colors in total for lip gloss and 6 blush and eye shadow colors. This makeup kit doesn’t have the usual powder based contents. It has cream based makeup items that aren’t suitable for toddlers.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up. Although the official recommended age is 3+, we recommend caution based on the quality of makeup offered.

  • It has a very affordable price tag.
  • It contains real makeup that can be washed off.
  • The makeup is made of a waxy substance that’s greasy and not good for the skin.
  • The product turns really messy after a while and is not easy to wash off.

14. Kangaroo Cutipie Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Set

Why we like it: All items are the same size as real makeup items.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a cute plastic makeup toy set with completely fake items. The contents are designed very well, have a glitter pink and black theme, and are the same size as real makeup items. This means they are big enough to not lead to any choking accidents. It makes it the perfect gift for any makeup obsessed toddler.

Recommended Age: 2 to 6 years.

  • This makeup set has very cutely designed items.
  • It provides good value for money as the quality of the items is high.
  • The packaging is poor and sometimes the product arrives with items missing.
  • If you’re looking for a pretend makeup set with washable makeup, avoid this one.

15. PixieCrush Pretend Makeup Play Set

Why we like it: It is an affordable, real looking, fake makeup kit with the cutest makeup item designs.

Editor’s Rating:

This pretend makeup set is made with eco-friendly foam. Items like the nail polish bottles, the lipstick, and the glitter blush are designed to look and feel very real, e.g., the lip roll-on is soft to touch, is made of rubber, and feels like a true lipstick tub.

Recommended Age: 3 to 6 years.

  • It’s affordable.
  • It comes with a very cute pink drawstring bag to hold all the items.
  • The contents look very real and can keep your toddler busy for hours.
  • The contents aren’t durable and break easily.
  • The compact and blush cases aren’t easy to open.
  • It comes with a very limited number of items.

16. AstarX Makeup Toys

Why we like it: It has water soluble, talc based, washable makeup items.

Editor’s Rating:

This play makeup set comes with real makeup items packaged in a glitter pink vanity case. Makeup items are talc based and water soluble making them easy to wash off. The lip colors are bright, and the eyeshadow and blush palettes have colors that pop.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up.

  • It probably has the best designed vanity case of any makeup set for kids.
  • It provides good value for money as the number and quality of items is high.
  • Very beautiful peach pink set of brushes with soft bristles.
  • Makeup shows on the face and doesn’t irritate the skin.
  • It’s real makeup so can’t be played with every day.
  • Certain skin types might experience an allergic reaction, try a 24 hour patch test before letting your girl use it.
  • It doesn’t last very long as the quantity of makeup items isn’t that high and kids can be heavy-handed with it.

17. TOKIA Kids Makeup Kit

Why we like it: It has the ‘Good Manufacture Practice of Cosmetic Products (GMPC)’ certification for the ingredients used in its washable makeup items.

Editor’s Rating:

This non-toxic makeup set with water soluble ingredients aims at encouraging creativity amongst kids and helping them improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also makes for a fun playtime as the color palette is bright, shows nicely on the face, and washes off with ease.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It passes the GMPC and ICTI toys and makeup certifications – industry standards for good quality.
  • It’s real makeup for kids in a toy setup.
  • It’s on the affordable end of the price spectrum.
  • The makeup pouch is made of soft, high quality fabric.
  • Although it passes makeup safety regulations, the list of ingredients is endless: tread cautiously!
  • The makeup comes off very easily. It has no staying power.
  • The nail polish applicators aren’t made of good quality material.

18. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Glamour Set

Why we like it: It’s affordable and good as a trial fake makeup set for toddlers.

Editor’s Rating:

This is the cheaper version of the Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set. It is very affordable, has fewer contents, and there’s a slight drop in the quality of plastic used in the kit. It is much better than products with a similar price tag though and that makes it a good buy.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up. Since the items included are quite big, you can use it with discretion for 2-year-olds too – with the exclusion of the glitter tub.

  • The products are all life sized and there’s no danger of choking.
  • All the products included have a very real look and feel.
  • The floral print bag is adorable.
  • The plastic used for the products could be of better quality.
  • Items are not sturdy. The little bits of plastic keep breaking off with regular use.

19. Joyin Toy All-in-one Girls Makeup Kit

Why we like it: The makeup comes in the cutest jars with emoji lip balm tubs, kitten jars, puppy bottles, cupcakes, and other adorably designed containers.

Editor’s Rating:

This shimmer makeup kit is the most unique kids’ makeup set available online. It has real makeup that uses actual makeup formulas for kids. It is meant for makeup enthusiasts who’re thoroughly invested in this activity and not for beginners. If you have a toddler who’s a budding makeup artist, this is the makeup set you should buy for them.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • Cuteness overload with attractively designed cartoon jars in the shape of smileys, puppies, kittens, etc.
  • Real makeup for aspiring makeup pros.
  • Easily washable despite real makeup items.
  • Good for sensitive skin.
  • Vibrant colors that show up nicely on the face even when only a little product has been used.
  • It’s on the more expensive end of the price spectrum.
  • It has loose powders instead of compact makeup. A lot of it gets wasted unless one is careful, which can’t be expected of kids.
  • It has scented makeup that might not be suitable for some skin types.

20. My First Makeup Set Girls Makeup Kit

Why we like it: It has a unique foldable laptop design and contains 26 colors.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a washable makeup set with a rich color palette, boasting 26 shades for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Although it passes US safety standards, the product is made in China. The kit has a unique problem with the design as the various parts of the laptop get stuck, break-off, or get jammed from time to time.

Recommended Age: It’s perfectly safe for toddlers aged 3 and above.

  • It offers a wide range of colors to choose from.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • It can be easily washed off even when copious amounts of product is applied.
  • The laptop design is nice but the side pullouts often get stuck.
  • It’s difficult to get the eye shadow onto the brushes. A large dollop comes off when force is applied and then cakes up on the face.

21. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Essential Set

Why we like it: It’s a mess free pretend makeup kit with good quality and durability.

Editor’s Rating:

This is the third Little Cosmetics makeup set for kids that has made it to our list of 30 best makeup sets for kids. It is the ‘Essential Set’ that is closer in price to the ‘Signature Set’. It’s newly launched and hence not as widely known as the other two.

Recommended Age: 3 to 5 years.

  • It uses a combination of materials to give a real look and feel to all items.
  • It comes in decent packaging.
  • The compact case’s lid detaches easily, could do with better quality.
  • It’s slightly expensive for a pretend makeup set.
  • Container lids are too tightly screwed on and require an adult’s help to open.

22. Balnore Washable Makeup Toy Set

Why we like it: It comes with a sturdy vanity case and quite a few number of products.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup set has a generic look that has been replicated by other brands but the contents differ greatly with each brand. This particular set contains 21 washable makeup items, including lip gloss, eye shadow and more. It adheres to US toy safety standards but isn’t recommended for sensitive skin.

Recommended Age: 5 years and up.

  • It contains easy to wash off, water soluble makeup.
  • It has cute pink themed brushes and containers.
  • The packaging is very nice with each product packed separately inside the main vanity case.
  • It comes in a sturdy and well-built vanity case.
  • This makeup set has an attractive but generic look and feel.
  • It offers a very limited range of colors.
  • It is quite expensive for the quality of contents on offer.

23. Senrokes Pretend Makeup Kids Cosmetic Set

Why we like it: It comes with a sturdy and unique vanity case that can also be used as a standalone product.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a high quality pretend makeup set with 13 pieces. It comes in a fun cosmetic bag with a snakeskin leather finish. The contents are made with rubber, foam, and plastic. The design is as close to real makeup items as possible giving them a very natural look.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It comes with a leather finish cosmetic case with animal print lining inside.
  • A sizable mirror is attached to the inner lining, making it easy for your little girl to see herself in action.
  • It has real brushes that can be used for actual makeup application.
  • The vanity case doubles up as a small travel case.
  • There’s a removable rubber ball attached to the lip gloss roll-on which is very dangerous for small kids.
  • Just like the lip gloss, the quality of the lipstick included in the set is also poor and falls apart easily.

24. BR Makeup Kit

Why we like it: It has 58 shades to choose from and contains real makeup.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a compact makeup kit, the size of a tablet, for little girls to try their hand at actual makeup. It barely qualifies as a toy but makes for a good present that can be used on special occasions.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • 58 different colors to choose from.
  • Good for beginners learning about makeup.
  • Powder based makeup that’s easy to apply as well as remove.
  • This is an old and established product but the packaging and shipping are still big issues as most of the time the product arrives in bad condition.
  • Colors are very lightly pigmented and have no staying power.
  • Not recommended for sensitive skin as it can cause breakouts.
  • Requires makeup remover or wipes to get it off.

25. LOYO Kids Makeup Kit

Why we like it: It has a unique DIY nail polish set of three colors that dry quickly and can be peeled off easily.

Editor’s Rating:

This set contains wearable makeup that is water soluble and tested for skin sensitivity. It can be washed off with shampoo and warm water. It is a mid-range makeup set with removable makeup.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It contains a peel-off nail polish set with three colors.
  • It also contains two nail sticker sheets to further decorate the nails.
  • All the ingredients used are ‘International Organization for Standardization(ISO)’ standards certified.
  • The makeup is very light and doesn’t show easily unless a lot of product is applied.
  • The makeup set doesn’t last long as products get used up pretty fast.
  • If the nail polish gets on fabrics, carpets, or other surfaces, wipe it off immediately or the color will settle in for good.

26. TOKIA Kids Makeup Kit

Why we like it: It has a unique purple unicorn theme with purple glitter, makeup, and nail polish.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup set differs from other washable makeup sets due to its unique purple theme. While most makeup sets for kids stick with the pink, blush, or red tones, this one offers a purple palette. Also included in the kit is a comb, a unicorn hairband, and a unicorn themed, purple, printed cosmetic bag.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • Stands out amongst a sea of pink and red themed makeup kits.
  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • The nail polish is cool and dries and sets quickly.
  • It has cute unicorn shaped containers and jars.
  • Messy makeup that gets everywhere.
  • The makeup items are mildly scented. Even though the scent is pleasant, watch out for allergic reactions.

27. Housideas Kids Makeup Kit for Girls

Why we like it: The makeup ingredients used are very good in quality and easily washable.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re thinking about games and activities for a princess party, look no further. Buy this washable makeup kit for kids that has water soluble makeup that can be applied to sensitive skin, lasts for a while, and can be washed off with relative ease. It will keep your little princess and her retinue occupied for hours.

Recommended Age: 3 to 8 years.

  • The quality of makeup ingredients is very good. Nice, soft, non-toxic, water soluble makeup.
  • It has only 12 items but is very affordable.
  • It includes a separator for nail polish application.
  • The eyeshadow palette is very pale and doesn’t show much on the face.
  • Although the makeup is washable with water, the nail polish requires soap water and a thorough scrub to remove.

28. Auney Makeup for Girls Kids

Why we like it: This makeup set comes with high quality brushes and a good cosmetic case.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup set is similar in look and feel to the Biolutter and AstarX washable makeup sets. However, the packaging is where the similarities end. This one boasts different perks than the other two. For example, this one pays special attention to the quality of brushes and the vanity case provided.

Recommended Age: Although 3 years and up is the manufacturer recommendation, we believe it’s better for kids 5 years and above.

  • It comes with professionally made brushes that can also be used by adults for their makeup.
  • The quantity of products offered is decent and lasts for a long time.
  • It comes with a lot of contents and will keep your princess busy for hours.
  • It gets very messy after application.
  • Washing this makeup is a hassle.
  • Kids need adult supervision to use this product safely.

29. Biulotter Kids Makeup Kit for Girls

Why we like it: It uses ISO certified safe ingredients to create safe, washable makeup items.

Editor’s Rating:

This makeup kit uses actual washable makeup that feels authentic. The quantity of ingredients is decent and lasts for a while. The color palette is decent with a good number of shades to choose from. It’s a good starter kit for your toddlers to learn more about makeup application, colors, and techniques.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • It comes in a cute pink cosmetic bag with a metallic handle and glitter finish.
  • ISO certified safe ingredients for delicate skin.
  • It has 21 pieces of makeup to try on.
  • A little difficult to get the eyeshadow, compact, and blush onto the soft bristled brushes.
  • The cosmetic case looks really good but its quality is so-so and the handle comes off easily.
  • The quality of the makeup items could have been better, use cautiously.

30. KIDCHEER Real Makeup Palette for Girls

Why we like it: It’s made of natural ingredients and can be washed off easily.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a real makeup play set that comes with an affordable price tag. The quality isn’t top notch but can be used by toddlers after a patch test. For those who don’t have allergic reactions to the ingredients, it makes for a perfect washable makeup set.

Recommended Age: 3 years and up.

  • Made of non-toxic materials like Vaseline and mineral oils which are safe to use on toddlers.
  • It’s easy to wash off and doesn’t get stuck on fabrics or other surfaces.
  • Products aren’t glued in properly to their cases.
  • The look and feel of this makeup set is not up to the standard of others on this list.
  • Avoid using the glitter as it seems to contain skin irritants.

Bottom Line

Your girls are going to love these fuss free makeup sets. The pretend makeup kits will give them something to mimic mummy with. The washable makeup sets, on the other hand, are a good starting point for your little champs to begin their experiments in creating unique looks for themselves.

Makeup sets for kids encourage creativity, keep them away from staring at the screen for hours, and improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills. They make for perfect gifts for your budding divas.