Best Chemistry Sets for Kids 2020

Best Chemistry Sets for Kids 2020

Chemistry sets have long been a popular toy for kids. They give children the opportunity to learn about chemicals, solutions, reactions and more; the whole time having a ton of fun. The learning opportunities inherent in this type of play makes them popular with parents too. A child who has shown any type of interest in science could benefit greatly from receiving a chemistry set as a gift. It will certainly kindle a passion for science that will help them in school and maybe even drive them towards a future career in the sciences.

When purchasing one of these sets, it is important to choose one that is appropriate based on the age and experience of the child. With dozens of different chemistry sets available on the market today it can be hard to choose. Take a look at these reviews to discover which ones are most popular with kids today.

Top 15 Best Chemistry Sets for Kids 2020

1. My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit

My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit

Why we like it: This chemistry set is an excellent way to introduce young children to the world of science. The experiments are extremely easy to conduct and are safe for kids as young as five (with parental supervision, of course).

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Recommended Age: 5-10 Years Old

The My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit is the ideal choice for young aspiring scientists. The kit includes instructions for 11 different experiments and all the materials you need to perform each one. In most cases, kids will be able to perform their favorite experiments multiple times without having to purchase more materials.

Almost all the materials needed for the experiments can be found at any grocery store. This will allow parents to purchase more of materials needed for their kid’s favorite experiments. As long as the experiment guidebook remains in good condition, this kit will allow kids to have fun long into the future. The recommended ages for this kit is 6 years old and up, but the instructions included with the kit say age 5 for most of the experiments. Whether just for fun, or as an educational toy, this chemistry set is the perfect place to begin for younger children.


  • Extremely easy for young kids
  • Experiments are fast, fun, and engaging
  • Kids can perform each step themselves


  • Will be too simplistic for older children

2. Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Why we like it: Of all the chemistry sets we looked at, this one has the lowest age requirements (3+), which will help create a passion for science from a young age. It is designed extremely well to allow small hands to perform real experiments.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 3-6 Years

Primary Science Lab Activity Set from Learning Resources allows young children to perform scientific experiments for fun and learning. It is designed for kids three years old and up, with all the equipment made to be very durable and perfectly sized for small hands. The experiments are very visual, and a lot of fun for young scientists.

There are ten different experiments, each on its own card with large print and helpful pictures. Small kids will likely need help learning the steps the first time, but after that they can do it all by themselves! All the tools included are functioning items, versions of which are used in advanced scientific labs. Exposing children to this type of activity from a young age will undoubtedly help them to understand scientific concepts and give them a love for learning.


  • The tools and equipment are very durable and long lasting
  • Each experiment has its own individual card for ease of use
  • The experiments are easy to perform


  • Some experiments can be messy
  • Only for very young kids

3. Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Chem C500

Why we like it: This chemistry set won the Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. The experiments are an excellent combination of entertaining and challenging and are suitable for older kids.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 10 years and up

The Chemistry Chem C500 chemistry set from Thames and Kosmos is designed for kids aged 10 years and up. Unlike the sets made for smaller children, this one will really present some challenges to budding scientists. Once they have gotten the experiments to work properly, however, it is very rewarding. These experiments were clearly handpicked for older kids and young teens including writing with invisible ink and using electricity!

The 48-page experiment manual offers instructions for 28 different experiments. The instructions are written in a clear and easy to understand way. While this is still considered a basic chemistry set, it definitely moves well beyond the sets designed for small children. This kit includes glass test tubes, a battery, and other items that are great for older kids.


  • 28 experiments to keep kids entertained for hours.
  • Many of the experiments will prove to be challenging.
  • The included tools and equipment are made of high-quality materials.


  • Some experiments require common household items, which are not included.
  • Parental supervision is important to keep experiments from going wrong.

4. Crayola Color Chemistry Set

Crayola Color Chemistry Set

Why we like it: All the experiments in this set are focused on one theme, color! This allows kids to discover more about how colors are part of so many things in our lives, and how they can use them in a wide range of different activities.

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Recommended Age:

The Crayola Color Chemistry Set is a fun way for children to really learn about colors. The set includes everything that you will need to perform 16 experiments right away. In addition, there are instructions included for another 34 experiments using various tools and products that you are likely to have around the house. Even if you don’t have everything you need right at hand, it will most likely be available from any local supermarket.

All of the activities were designed by scientists at Crayola, which shows that they can have real world applications. Younger children who already know which colors are which will really be able to take their knowledge to the next level with this fun set.


  • All the experiments are focused on color
  • Younger kids will learn how colors interact
  • Kids can do all the experiments on their own


  • You will have to buy additional items to do all the experiments
  • Some experiments can cause stains so wear play clothes!

5. CHEM C3000

CHEM C3000

Why we like it: This is a top of the line chemistry set designed for older kids with plenty of experience with them. There are over 300 experiments in the set, some of which are very challenging.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 12 and up

The CHEM C3000 is the most advanced chemistry set from Thames & Kosmos, which is a big name in chemistry set manufacturers. It is made for kids who are 12 years old and up, but many of the experiments may be too advanced or confusing for a 12-year-old unless they have significant experience. The experiments will help young scientists learn about a wide range of different subjects including electrochemistry, acids, bases, electrolysis, chromatography, and much more.

The kit includes all the lab equipment you will need. It includes test tubes, flasks, beakers, and most importantly, dozens of different chemicals. Make sure to note that some of the experiments will require chemicals that are not included in the set. You will have to purchase these at a local hobby shop or school supply store because some of them can’t be legally shipped via normal mail or they have a very short shelf life. Right out of the box, however, there are more than enough chemicals to perform dozens of different experiments.


  • The chemistry includes instructions for performing 333 different experiments.
  • This is a real chemistry set with real chemicals that will challenge even experienced young scientists.
  • Instructions for experiments are written clearly but require young scientists to follow them with precision in order to get the desired results.


  • Some of the chemicals aren’t included in the kit and will require a trip to an area hobby shop.
  • Can be too advanced for some.

6. Dynamo Lab

Dynamo Lab

Why we like it: All the experiments in this kit are made so that young children can perform them on their own (with supervision, of course). Kids will love showing off their results to parents and friends. This kit also comes with a 30-day risk free return policy if your kids don’t love it!

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 5 to 8 Years

The Dynamo Lab includes 21 fun experiments that were designed specifically for younger children. The instructions are easy to follow and include colorful pictures to help young scientists complete each step on their own. This chemistry set has a very diverse selection of experiments as well so your kids won’t get bored doing the same type of thing every time.

The kid includes multiple different tools and products so your kids can get started right after they receive it. Some experiments will require common household items such as eggs, oil, and water to complete. Some of the ingredients included with the set are only enough to perform the experiment once, which may be disappointing to kids.


  • Enough experiments to keep your kids entertained for hours
  • The instructions are written very well so younger kids can easily follow them
  • This is a very affordable chemistry set to see if your kids enjoy this type of toy


  • There are only enough supplies to do most experiments once

7. The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

Why we like it: The Magic School Bus is one of the most recognizable brands in educational TV, so incorporating it into a chemistry set is a great idea. The packaging looks just like the bus so kids will love it from the moment they see it.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 5-8 Years

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab is made for young children who are just getting started with real science. The packaging looks just like the bus from the iconic TV show, which will certainly attract younger fans of the show. Each experiment is listed on its own instructional card, which also has images of the teacher and students from the television show. This will help to keep kids interested and engaged while learning.

Part of each experiment will be to take notes about what was learned, which is something that sets this set apart from most others. It can make it slightly less ‘fun’ but massively boosts the educational value. The experiments included in this set are pretty standard for young children’s sets and include making volcanos and slime, learning about surface tension, and more.


  • This chemistry set encourages kids to take notes on the results
  • The Magic School Bus theme is followed through all the experiments
  • The kit includes durable and easy to use tools that are perfect for smaller hands


  • The experiments are all very common and most could be done with just items found around the house.

8. Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set

Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set

Why we like it: As a Barbie branded set this is sure to attract many potential scientists who may not otherwise be interested. Parents who want to give their kids an educational gift to help get them involved with STEM may find this to be the perfect option.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 4-8 Years

The Barbie Fundamental Chemistry Set is a unique option that combines the iconic Barbie brand with real science. The set is made by Thames & Kosmos, which is one of the best names in chemistry sets. While there are fewer total experiments in this kit than you will find in many others, it will still serve as an excellent way to introduce children to the fun (and learning) of a great chemistry set.

All the experiments are extremely easy to perform by following the 16-page, full-color instruction manual. One thing that really helps to set this chemistry set apart from all the rest on this list is the fact that the instruction manual is also a storybook. Kids will love completing the experiments as part of the overall Barbie story that is included.


  • The Barbie branding will certainly make this appealing to a large audience
  • Portable carrying case so your kids can bring it with them anywhere
  • Fun stories add a unique feature to this chemistry set


  • Only 5 chemical reactions and six ‘potions’ are included with this kit.
  • Will likely only appeal to young girls.

9. Chem C1000 Chemistry Set

Chem C1000 Chemistry Set

Why we like it: This set won the Parents’ Choice Gold Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. It is an advanced chemistry set that will have budding scientists coming back again and again to perform fun experiments.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 10 and Up

This is the second-tier set in the “Chem C” series from Thames & Kosmos and is designed for older kids who are ready to perform serious science experiments. Kids who use this chemistry set will be exposed to more than 125 different experiments that will teach them about a wide range of different scientific topics. Perhaps more than any other set on this list, this chemistry set is designed to really help build a life-long love of scientific experimentation.

This item should most likely not be your child’s first chemistry set. The kit is much more advanced than many others on this list and will assume the users have at least a basic amount of experience using kits. Children who enjoyed any of the other chemistry sets on this list will love graduating to this kit when they get old enough.


  • This chemistry set has a strong focus on learning about lab safety.
  • 125 different experiments included in the 80-page lab manual.
  • The tools and equipment included are real lab quality items.


  • This should probably not be your child’s first chemistry set as it assumes users have a good base level of experience.

10. Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Ooze Labs Chemistry Station

Why we like it: This chemistry set is the winner of the Parents’ Choice Silver Honor from the Parents’ Choice Foundation. The included lab stand provides a fun and engaging environment for kids to perform their experiments.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 6 to 10 Years

The Ooze Labs Chemistry Station is made by Thames & Kosmos, which is the manufacturer of many top chemistry sets on the market today. This particular set focuses primarily on experiments that ooze, bubble, fizz, and generally produce slimy and sticky results that kids will love.

One of the best things about this set is the include science experiment station which has a spot for multiple test tubes, chemicals, and more. This station is large enough for two young scientists to conduct experiments at the same time, which really helps to add to the fun as a friend of sibling can join in.


  • One of the best and most functional lab stands for young scientists
  • Ideal for kids who love making a sticky mess
  • The instruction cards clip right on to the lab stand for easy reference


  • There are only instructions for 20 experiments included

11. KABOOM! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit

KABOOM! Explosive Combustion Science Lab Kit

Why we like it: If your kids love explosions and making a mess, they will adore this set. All the experiments are designed to pop, explode, blast off, or have some other exciting reaction.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age:
This chemistry set is designed specifically for those who enjoy explosions and other fun reactions. You won’t find the standard experiments that just change the color of a solution or other ‘low-impact’ things in this set. Instead, every experiment was chosen specifically to produce a very noticeable reaction. The kit is even marketed as ‘naughty kids’ favorite toy.’

This chemistry set comes with the tools and materials you need to experience chemical reactions, combustions, and much more. They have instructions for 25 separate experiments, along with 27+ separate tools and ingredients that can be used. While these experiments are all about ‘explosive combustion’ they are still safe for children. Just make sure to have everything set up in a location where making a mess won’t be a problem.


  • All the experiments are designed to have very dramatic reactions.
  • Safe experiments that kids can perform to impress friends and family.
  • The kit includes everything you need for most experiments.


  • Older kids may find these experiments overly simplistic or disappointing.
  • Can be messy

12. Big Bag of Science

Big Bag of Science

Why we like it: This kit is easy for kids to grab and take with them wherever they go, which makes science fun and convenient. It also boasts one of the highest number of experiments (70+) available for younger kids.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 7-10 Years

The Big Bag of Science comes with lots of different tools and chemicals for the budding scientists to enjoy. It can all be stored in the convenient bag, which your kids to pack everything up to take with them to friends, or just to store away until they want to use it again. The experiments in this kit are designed to help teach kids about three major areas of science (physical, earth, and life), which parents and teachers should love.

Of all the chemistry sets made for kids aged 7-10 years old, this one has the most items and the most experiments included, which makes it a very attractive proposition. Kids will be able to perform lots of activities – many of them multiple times – with the items included in this kit. Many of the chemicals and other products can also be easily replaced with products found at local grocery stores to keep the fun going.


  • Instructions and tools included to perform more than 70 different experiments and activities.
  • The bag makes it easy to store all the parts in one convenient place, and easy to take with you.
  • All the tools are made of strong and durable plastic so they can stand up to even rough children.


  • Some of the experiments are overly simplistic and should barely count as activities (but most are great).

13. Wild Test Tube Chemistry Lab

Wild Test Tube Chemistry Lab

Why we like it: With more than 50 experiments included, this set will keep your kids busy for hours at a time. The experiments are also very diverse, so they don’t feel repetitive.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 8-10 Years

The Test Tube Chemistry Lab is a great transitional set from those that are designed for very young children and those that are much more advanced. This set includes a huge array of different types of experiments to keep kids interested. Some of the experiments involve using fire, mixing chemicals, and creating solutions that have real world uses. Keeping a close eye on your kids while using this set is important to ensure they are safe.

In the instruction book you will find very detailed, step-by-step guides to help kids get everything right. Just make sure that your children have strong reading comprehension skills before choosing this chemistry set as it is important that they can follow along. Included in this kit are 50+ experiments with 46+ different tools and ingredients.


  • Very diverse lineup of experiments included
  • 46 different tools and ingredients will keep your kids coming back to this set again and again
  • Some of the experiments produce real solutions that can be used around the house


  • Very close parental supervision is critical for some of the experiments as they require the use of fire

14. Electronic Crystal Growing

Electronic Crystal Growing

Why we like it: This is a unique take on a science and chemistry set. It is focused entirely on growing crystals while learning about the science behind how it works. When done, kids will be able to enjoy the crystals they’ve made for years to come.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 8-12 Years

This is an entirely different take on the chemistry set, which is one of the reasons we love it. Crystals grow slowly in nature, and this kit allows kids to learn all about this process in their own home. The crystals grow surprisingly fast, which is great for keeping children interested and engaged throughout the experience.

Each kit includes the products needed to grow 10 different crystals of various colors. Once the crystals are grown, they can be attached to the included electric light to create a multi-colored desk lamp that can be enjoyed long into the future. While the recommended age is 8-12 years, that is primarily because it will require some patience. Younger children may also enjoy this kit, especially if working closely with parents or older siblings.


  • Each kit allows children to grow 10 distinct crystals of different colors
  • The kit includes a light base that the crystals can be attached to
  • This is a unique approach to the science or chemistry kit that many kids will love


  • This kit is focused exclusively on making crystals and doesn’t provide for any other experiments or activities

15. Geo Safari Rockin’ Chemistry Set

Geo Safari Rockin’ Chemistry Set

Why we like it: This chemistry set is designed for 1-3 people to use it at a time. It is also the least expensive chemistry set on the list, which makes it a great deal.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age: 7-10 Years

The Geo Safari chemistry set is a very inexpensive way to get kids started with this type of toy. Despite the low price, it still includes 4 test tubes, a test tube rack, a graduated cylinder, safety glasses, a dropper, a funnel, a stirring rod, and more. The 22-page activity journal provides instructions for conducting lots of different experiments that are a lot of fun.

One of the best things about this kit is that it is designed for multiple people to enjoy at the same time (though it will also be fun for individuals). Having friends or siblings work together on the science experiments is a great way to keep them engaged and having fun. The experiments themselves are quite enjoyable and include things like making ‘lava’ and extinguishing a flame using invisible gas.


  • This kit is set up to allow multiple kids to perform the experiments together
  • This is an excellent introduction to science experiments using great quality lab tools
  • The experiments are easy to conduct, but still advanced enough for kids to enjoy as they get older


  • There is no included bag or container to keep all the tools and materials together when not in use.

Final Words

These chemistry sets make science less daunting for children and open them up to possibilities of the scientific world. They facilitate learning through fun engaging experiments that will keep their attention while also getting them hooked on science. They teach basic and in some cases advanced scientific techniques that are applicable in the real world. They’re a fun, occasionally messy and always educational way for you and your child to have a great time.