The 10 Best Maternity and Nursing Robes to Buy 2020

The 10 Best Maternity and Nursing Robes to Buy 2020

When you’re pregnant, it can feel like your body changes every single day. You’re probably already dealing with food restrictions, nursery prep, and Lamaze classes, so the last thing you should worry about is having something to wear. On days when nothing feels comfortable, having a trusty robe or nightgown you can depend on can be a lifesaver. Wearing real clothes is overrated, anyway.

Good maternity and nursing loungewear will see you through your pregnancy, in part thanks to having more material than a standard nightgown to help accommodate your growing baby bump, and into postpartum life. Great loungewear may even be cute and comfortable enough to stay in your life after late-night feedings are a thing of the past.

Many women are looking for something that they can wear to the hospital for delivery as well, which we have information on below.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best robes and nightgowns on the market that will see you through your pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding.

How to Choose Your Maternity and Nursing Loungewear

There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing maternity loungewear. It’s especially important to know all the stats if you’re ordering something online since you can’t touch it or try it on first. Here are a few factors to consider:

Fiber Content

Different fabrics behave differently and will affect your experience of wearing and washing a piece of loungewear. Some people also have a sensitivity to certain fibers or simply prefer to wear only natural fibers. It’s essential to know what your clothing is made out of to understand how it will feel and how to care for it.

There are a variety of materials used in loungewear, both natural and synthetic. Most of the maternity wear on our list also contains fibers like spandex to give extra stretch to accommodate your changing body. In this article we have a complete guide on the different loungewear fabrics you’ll find in our top robes and nightgowns.


When you’re already losing wearable items from your wardrobe left and right, you don’t want to worry about your loungewear not fitting. Some of our favorite maternity and nursing robes and nightgowns are adjustable, so as your body changes, they will continue to fit. All mamas deserve to feel comfortable, no matter how big or small their bump is. And not all mamas were a size two pre-pregnancy either.

It’s always important to check the size chart before ordering. Some of the best size charts aren’t just based on your dress size, but will also include measurements. Whenever the manufacturer provides specific measurements, we’ll cover that in our product information.


Loungewear can be basic, but sometimes extra little features can make it stand out. Extra deep pockets for mamas with a lot on their plates or secret nursing panels can really go a long way to improving your life with a new baby.

Some robes and nightgowns will also have extra accessories available, such as matching swaddle cloths. This is a cute touch that may make the difference to you if you want to take some photos at the hospital after delivery.

Robe or Nightgown

Whether you’ve just gotten out of the shower, have been spat up on for the fourth time today, or you just don’t have the energy to wrestle yourself into real clothes, a robe is the perfect easy thing to wear. Wear it alone or pair it with pajamas or a nightgown for comfort all day.

For a fuller garment to wear for delivery or around the house, a nightgown is a popular choice. Choosing the right one can even help you feel more comfortable at the hospital and avoid uncomfortable and indiscreet hospital gowns.

We explore both options below to help you find the maternity loungewear that is right for you.

Top 10 Best Maternity and Nursing Robes 2020

1. Best Overall Maternity Robe: Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe

Baby Be Mine Maternity Labor Delivery Nursing Robe

Why we like it: This swooshy, two-sizes-fit-most robe comes in a variety of colors and patterns and provides knee-length coverage.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Robe
  • Fiber Content: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: S/M (4-10)-L/XL (12-18)
  • Special Features: Deep Pockets, Attached Belt

Baby Be Mine is a brand that sells plenty of maternity staples. Their 3-in-1 labor, delivery, and nursing robe is a simple, but elegant option that ticks nearly every box. By combining 95% cotton with 5% spandex, they deliver a robe that’s soft, cozy, and infinitely washable with a bit of stretchy comfort to accommodate your bump.

The belt ties high on the waist to comfortably flatter your belly. Once you deliver, the belt also helps you adjust the robe to better fit your postpartum body.

The ¾ length sleeve stays out of your way during feedings and diaper changes, and the deep pockets let you keep your necessities close at hand.

Falling to about knee-length, this is one of the longer maternity robes available. While very petite moms may feel a little overwhelmed by the length, overall, the length is a great feature. A longer robe may be more comfortable to wear at the hospital where you may be feeling a little exposed and vulnerable. You can cover up when receiving visitors or taking a walk in the hallway.

Available in a variety of colors and patterns, any mama is sure to find something that suits her personal style and helps her feel a little more like herself. Those little things can really help ground you during periods of significant change, after all. This robe is also available from Baby Be Mine as part of a swaddle set so you can wrap up your baby in a matching swaddle blanket and hat for photos, or just because. Many of the patterns are also available in a matching nightgown from Baby Be Mine if you want a complete set.

The only downsides we found were minimal. There was an odd inconsistency in a couple of robes. In certain colors, the s/m size was missing the nice deep pockets that the l/xl had. Whether that was a manufacturing error or a design choice is unclear. It would also be nice if their size range extended a little higher or accounted for petite sizes, just to be better proportioned for every wearer.


  • Soft and stretchy cotton/spandex blend
  • Knee-length for better coverage
  • ¾ length sleeves stay out of your way
  • High-waisted adjustable belt
  • Deep pockets


  • Some robes were missing pockets
  • Limited when it comes to plus and petite sizes

2. Best Premium Maternity Robe: 5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set

5 Piece Maternity and Nursing PJ Pant Set

Why we like it: Not just a great maternity robe, this set is perfect for moms who prefer the comfy coverage of pajamas. Besides that, this set has your little one covered too.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Robe Set
  • Fiber Content: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: XSmall-XLarge
  • Special Features: Relaxed Nursing Neckline, Smocked Waistband

For our premium pick, Everly Gray’s pajama set offers a lot of value for its higher price. Not just a robe, this is a full five-piece pajama set. Not only does it have you covered with coordinated top, pajama bottoms, and robe, but it includes a matching gown and hat for your baby too.

Made from breezy, silky rayon, this set keeps you cool and comfortable through your body’s many temperature changes. If you’re feeling a little cold, the light robe is a perfect top layer. It falls about mid-thigh and has elbow-length sleeves. It’s roomy enough to belt over your belly or leave loose. Though, sadly, it doesn’t have pockets.

The high waisted top has a loose fit and a deep v-neck, which allows you to pull it aside for nursing. Even though it features a defined waist, the top is very relaxed which is great if you’re experiencing pain or tenderness from breastfeeding. Some mamas may prefer a little more support through their body’s fluctuations, so it would have to be paired with a nursing bra in that case.

The pajama pants have a wide elasticated waist that’s smocked to be more adjustable. It sits comfortably under your belly in the late stages of pregnancy, but it also won’t dig in during postpartum wear. The inseam is a little shorter on these pants, making them more like cropped or capri pants on taller wearers.

This set is available in quite a few patterns, ranging from delicate florals to bold stripes, so you can pick what will best suit you and your baby. The baby gown in the set is a little large for a newborn, which is actually a plus since babies grow fast. With a more generous cut, you can dress up your baby in it for several months. Most patterns come with a matching baby hat as well, though some have the option of a small drawstring bag instead.

Overall, this is a great set that offers a lot of versatility. It would be especially useful for moms who live in hot climates or who are going through their third trimester in the summer. The light breathable fabric helps keep you cool.

If you’re tall, you may find the pants are shorter than you’d like. The robe is also much shorter than Baby Be Mine’s Maternity robe. The lack of pockets may also turn some wearers off. New moms have to carry a lot of things and none of the pieces in this set provide a usable pocket.


  • Light and breezy for wearing in hot weather
  • Versatile, multi-piece set
  • Easy to nurse in
  • Pants have a comfortable waistband
  • Baby items sized a little larger for more extended wear


  • The shirt doesn’t offer bust support
  • Pants and robe are on the short side
  • No pockets

3. Best Plus-Size Maternity Robe: Posh Peanut Maternity Robe

Posh Peanut Maternity Robe

Why we like it: Posh Peanut offers beautiful and practical robes for a broad range of mamas, no matter their size.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Robe
  • Fiber Content: 95% Bamboo Viscose, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: Small (0-2)-XXXL (20-22)
  • Special Features: Inner Security Tie, Side Pockets, Available Matching Accessories

Posh Peanut distinguishes itself immediately by featuring real mammas in their product photos—no photoshop perfect models with a fake baby bump. As a brand, they offer a more inclusive range of sizes that seems to recognize that bodies change during and after pregnancy and aren’t always perfectly proportioned.

Their signature maternity robe is made of bamboo viscose, so it has a silky, breathable feel. During nursing, when breast tenderness and even cracking and bleeding can make it uncomfortable to have anything touching your chest, this is whisper soft and light. It may be the only thing you can tolerate around your chest. It also adds a little bit of warmth, making it great to layer over pajamas in colder weather.

The robe has an inner tie to keep it securely closed and a high outer belt to tie over your bump. The fit is easy and adjustable. Where other robes fail in the late stages of pregnancy, this robe has you covered. Posh Peanut’s more specific sizing helps ensure a better fit throughout your pregnancy and postpartum months. Posh Peanut robes are comfortable and beautiful enough to remain a loungewear staple in any wardrobe long after your baby is born.

The length of the robe provides adequate coverage for even taller moms and features ¾ length sleeves. It features two patch pockets on each side. These are a little awkwardly placed, sitting a bit lower than is typically comfortable to put your hands. Patch pockets also feel less secure than deeper slit pockets like the one on our choice from Baby Be Mine. At least it has pockets though, unlike the set from Everly Gray.

The patterns range from delicate tea roses to cacti to geometric shapes. A few solid colors are available as well. If you want something to match for your baby, newborn gowns and swaddling blankets are also available in coordinated colors and patterns. The brand also makes beautiful pajamas for toddlers and crib sheets.

The biggest issue with these Posh Peanut robes has been a slight odor when the robe first arrived. Whether this is due to the manufacturer or the shipper, it’s unclear. One pattern experienced some mild color bleeding during its first wash as well. It’s best to wash the robe before wearing to remove any odors and so there’s no risk of dye transferring to your skin.


  • Wide range of sizes to comfortably fit most mammas
  • Bamboo Viscose is light and breathable, but somewhat warm
  • Variety of attractive patterns with matching accessories
  • Secure inner ties and high waisted sash


  • Pockets are awkwardly placed
  • Some robes arrive with an unpleasant odor
  • One pattern experienced mild color bleeding

4. Best 3 in 1 Maternity Nightgown: Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

Baby Be Mine 3 in 1 Labor/Delivery/Nursing Hospital Gown

Why we like it: Accessibility is vital for delivery and nursing and this gown offers versatility, comfort, and style in one accessible package.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Nightgown
  • Fiber Content: 100% Cotton
  • Size Range: S/M (Waist 40in)-L/XL (Waist 48in)
  • Special Features: Shoulder Snaps, Adjustable Waist, Front Flap, Back Snaps

This knit cotton gown is one of the best maternity nightgowns on the market, particularly for wearing at the hospital for delivery. With multiple points of access, this gown is perfect for examinations and will allow the hospital staff to check you and any monitoring equipment attached to you without you having to undress.

The back features a full set of snaps down that can be opened and closed as needed (like for an epidural!). The front flap can also be pushed out of the way for exams but hangs modestly closed otherwise.

It’s not just great to wear for delivery. Thanks to its high, adjustable empire waist, it’s comfortable and flattering to wear throughout your pregnancy as well. After delivery, it also makes a perfect nursing gown. Snaps at the shoulders allow you to easily pull down one or both sides of the bust.

This gown also comes in a variety of cute patterns and colors you can coordinate with robes from the same brand. The various patterns do come with a downside, though.

There is some inconsistency between the fabrics. While some gowns feel super soft and cozy, other colors and patterns feel a little stiffer. Some of the gowns don’t wash well, with the occasional fraying or unraveling seam after washing. It’s always best to wash your gown before wearing it for the first time, so check your nightgown after its first wash to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises when you wear it.


  • Back closures and front flap are great for the hospital
  • Adjustable high waist for late pregnancy
  • Shoulder snaps for convenient nursing


  • Certain patterns have slightly different fabric
  • Some gowns have had poor stitching that doesn’t survive washing

5. Best Budget Maternity Robe: BLUETIME Women Robe Soft Kimono Robes

BLUETIME Women Robe Soft Kimono Robes

Why we like it: This no-frills robe is not specifically for maternity use, but it offers a lot of comfort at a low price.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Robe
  • Fiber Content: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: Small (Waist 46.1in)-XXL (waist 57in)
  • Special Features: Pockets on Both Sides, Inner Closures

Even though Bluetimes doesn’t advertise this as a maternity and nursing robe, it’s very popular among moms for several reasons. Much like our Posh Peanut pick, it’s a longer robe, falling a little above the knee for most moms. Whether you’re stepping outside to grab your mail or receiving visitors at the hospital, more coverage can give you more peace of mind.

The robe features a sash belt and has inner ties (also like Posh Peanut) to secure the front of the robe. So, no need to worry about wardrobe malfunctions. The ¾ length sleeves are convenient and won’t get in your way.

The material is thin and light, so it won’t provide a lot of warmth, unfortunately. If you’re always feeling a little too hot during pregnancy, this might just be perfect. The fabric also provides some stretch to fit your growing bump.

Thanks to frequent discounts, this robe can easily be much cheaper than the other options on our list. Fortunately, though, that doesn’t mean the product is of poor quality. After multiple spins in the washer and dryer, the stitching on this robe holds strong and the color is vibrant.

Since this is not designed with maternity wear in mind, it isn’t cut specifically to the shape of a pregnant body. Since that’s the case, the belt sits at the natural waist, which can make it a little harder to position in a comfortable and flattering way over a baby bump. It’s also only available in solid colors and has no matching baby or hospital-wear accessories available.

At the end of the day, Bluetime is a trendy, fast-fashion brand, not a maternity source. For a better fit tailored to a pregnant body in a wide range of sizes, our pick from Posh Peanut will be the better choice. Still, this kimono robe is a reliable option if you just want a light, comfortable basic robe.


  • Secure inner tie closure
  • Soft, stretchy material
  • Washes and dries well


  • Belt positioned too low for a baby bump
  • Limited designs available

6. Best Hospital Delivery Nightgown: Kindred Bravely The Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown

Kindred Bravely The Bravely Labor and Delivery Gown

Why we like it: With handy features for use at the hospital and at home, the Bravely gown gives comfort and coverage to new and expecting mamas.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Nightgown
  • Fiber Content: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Size Range: S/M/L (Baby Bump 45in)-XL/XXL (Baby Bump 51in)
  • Special Features: Shoulder Snaps, Pockets, Velcro front

Like a hospital gown, but way chicer, the Bravely is designed to be a comfortable gown you can wear during delivery and at home for recovery and nursing. The gown is closed in the back and has a high neck and knee-length hem. This gives full coverage while you’re walking the hospital halls or receiving visitors.

The velcro-closures down the front of the gown makes it easy for examinations while at the hospital. It also features snaps at the shoulders that allow you to pull the front open for nursing or for monitors during delivery. Two large pockets on the side of the gown are also really convenient for use at the hospital or at home with your little one.

This is the only primarily polyester piece of loungewear that features on our list for several reasons. Polyester is less breathable overall, which makes it tough to stay comfortable through temperature fluctuations. It also can be harder to find a polyester fabric that’s soft and smooth to the touch. However, Kindred masterfully combines polyester with cotton to create a soft knit fabric.

While many people don’t like wearing synthetic fibers, the Bravely gown uses the polyester to their advantage. Unlike many cotton and rayon gowns and robes, this blend of synthetic and natural fibers is easy to wash and less likely to stain. This feature helps if you intend to wear it for delivery. No one wants to wear amniotic fluid stains during their recovery. If you have your heart set on a 100% cotton option for delivery, Baby Be Mine’s 3 in 1 gown would be a better option for you.

Some mothers may not want to wear this down during delivery, however. If you intend to have an epidural during labor or at least want the option open to you, this gown’s fully closed back makes this challenging.

Another downside is the plastic snaps on the shoulder closures. They can crack or break, making it impossible to keep the front of your gown shut. You may prefer an option with metal snaps if this is a feature you intend to use often. Some of the darker colors also experience fading after just one or two washes.


  • Full coverage length
  • Easy access at front and shoulders
  • Large pockets
  • Easy to wash


  • Not convenient for epidurals
  • Plastic snaps are weak
  • Darker colors experience some fading

7. Best Rayon Maternity Robe: Ekouaer Women's Robe Maternity Sleepwear

Ekouaer Women's Robe Maternity Sleepwear

Why we like it: This simple rayon robe has pretty details and features to better accommodate new or expecting moms.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Robe
  • Fiber Content: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: Small (46.9in)-XXL (57.8in)
  • Special Features: Lace Trim, Full-Length Sleeves, Pockets

Ekouaer makes a ton of affordable loungewear options for pregnancy and nursing. They’re a popular name in the business because they offer simple and practical options with lovely details. This robe is no different.

Its rayon material won’t keep you very warm in the winter, but it will provide light coverage in spring and summer. Our pick from Posh Peanut definitely provides more warmth and is a better option for the cooler months.

The relaxed fit and high belted waist make it ideal to fit a growing bump, and the wide v-neck collar is convenient for nursing. Unlike many of the robes on our list, this one features full-length sleeves. It also has pockets, which is essential for busy moms to keep what they need on hand.

Falling just above the knee, the bottom of the robe is trimmed with pretty lace. The lace gives a feminine touch to an otherwise basic style. You can choose between multiple colors and floral patterns to better fit your taste as well.

Be aware that the sizing on this robe tends to run a little large. This is excellent news for plus-size mamas or people who like a more relaxed fit. Petite wearers, though, should size down, though. Also, keep in mind that because this is a thin fabric, it can wear out after multiple washes. Some robes also had their topstitching unravel after a few spins in the washer and dryer.


  • Lightweight material for warm weather
  • Lace detail at hem
  • Full-length sleeves


  • Sizing runs large
  • Thin material can wear out

8. Best Nursing Maternity Nightgown: Ekouaer Women's Maternity Dress Nursing Nightgown

Ekouaer Women's Maternity Dress Nursing Nightgown

Why we like it: This cute nightgown can pass for standard loungewear, but the smart design makes it perfect for breastfeeding.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Nightgown
  • Fiber Content: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester
  • Size Range: Small (Waist 41.3in)-XXL (waist 52.3in)
  • Special Features: Breastfeeding Panel

With the look of a sporty tunic, this nightgown can easily be paired with legging while you run errands, receive guests, or even take a walk around town. No one would guess it’s a nursing gown.

Featuring a relaxed fit and an asymmetrical hem, this nightgown will accommodate your growing bump. The high elasticated waistband is flattering and contains a secret. The panel lifts ups to give breastfeeding access to your baby. That’s the only special access of the gown, it simply pulls over your head. No snaps, buttons, or ties to fuss with. Because of this, it’s not recommended for wearing during your delivery like 3-in-one gowns.

Still, it’s a good option for a basic nightgown to wear during your pregnancy and recovery. Stretchy, soft, and simple, it’s great to lounge around in. It’s also a warm option to wear in cooler weather. The ¾ length sleeves give more coverage than the many short sleeve and sleeveless options on our list too.

While the size range does accommodate a wide range of baby bumps and postpartum bodies, the stretchy cotton/poly fabric can feel a little clingy. The nursing flap, while convenient and subtle, can also pose a downside. Since you’re lifting it up to nurse, you may need to keep one hand on the flap to keep it from laying on your baby’s head during feeding. This feels a bit clumsy, especially if you have a wiggly baby.

Overall it’s an inexpensive option to keep in your rotation during and after pregnancy. Will it be your go-to everyday gown? Maybe not, but it’s comfy enough to make it a worthwhile addition.


  • Casual look to wear outside
  • Soft and stretchy fabric
  • Secret nursing flap
  • Warm to wear in cooler weather


  • Cannot wear during delivery
  • Fabric is a bit clingy
  • Nursing flap sometimes must be held during breastfeeding

9. Best Snap Front Maternity Nightgown: Ekouaer Women’s Nursing/Delivery/Labor/Hospital Nightdress

Ekouaer Women’s Nursing/Delivery/Labor/Hospital Nightdress

Why we like it: Loose and easy to wear, this simple gown works for pregnancy, delivery, and your postpartum life.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Nightgown
  • Fiber Content: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: Small (Waist 41.3in)-XXL (waist 52.3in)
  • Special Features: Shoulder Snaps, Back Snaps

This light, flowy nightgown is made out of soft and breathable rayon. It’s best for wearing in warm weather to keep you cool and comfortable. The gown has short sleeves and hangs to about knee-length.

With a full row of snaps in the back, this gown is something that would be appropriate to wear for delivery at the hospital. It has snaps on both sides at the front as well, which is handy for monitoring connections at the hospital and for breastfeeding later at home. Unlike the Kindred Bravely delivery gown, this gown has sturdier metal snaps. The snaps are comfortable, not pressing uncomfortably into your skin even when lying on your back.

The material is soft but quite thin. It is a comfortable and modest alternative to a hospital gown that will also be convenient to wear at home during your recovery. The snaps under both shoulders allow you to nurse from either side. If you’re looking to do skin-bonding with your newborn, though, you may be a little disappointed. Because of the neckline, it’s not possible to open the entire front of the gown and lay your baby on your chest.

Whether a manufacturing or shipping error, some of the nightgowns have arrived with small holes or cuts in the fabric. Always check your gown when it first arrives so that you don’t miss your return window if this happens to you.


  • Soft and cool
  • Sturdy metal snaps
  • Back access for use during delivery
  • Front openings for nursing


  • Fabric is thin and doesn’t provide warmth
  • Cannot open the entire front
  • Some garments arrive with small holes or cuts

10. Best Crossover Maternity Nightgown: Baby Be Mine 2 in 1 Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Baby Be Mine 2 in 1 Maternity Nursing Nightgown

Why we like it: This nightgown easily crosses over to be used as daywear for new or expecting mamas who are looking for a cute and comfortable dress.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • Type: Nightgown
  • Fiber Content: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
  • Size Range: Small (4-6)-X Large (16-18)
  • Special Features: Pockets, Pull-Down Neckline

Having a cute and stylish nightgown to wear during pregnancy and after your baby arrives can help you feel your best. If it’s super easy and comfortable, all the better. This gown from Baby Be Mine looks proper enough to even wear out.

The empire waist, sleeveless style gown falls to about knee length. Throwing on a pair of leggings or a cardigan can make it a complete outfit. When shopping, visiting with friends or going to doctor’s visits, no one will realize you’re wearing a nightgown.

Lacking any snaps or velcro, this gown just pulls on over your head. Unfortunately, that means it’s not appropriate to wear during delivery. For that, it’s better to choose Baby Be Mine’s 3 in 1 option It’s nice to pack in your hospital bag anyway, to wear after delivery when receiving your visitors or going home.

To avoid flaps or visible snaps around the chest, this gown features a stretchy scoop neck. To nurse in it, you simply pull it down. Though not as convenient as a separate panel, it helps make this dress look more like streetwear. Bustier mamas may find the chest fit a bit too tight, so if you’re busty, to begin with, or have very swollen nursing boobs, you may need to size up.

While this gown is advertised with side slit pockets, some colors and sizes arrive pocket-less!


  • Crosses over as streetwear
  • Highwaisted style for baby bumps
  • Subtle nursing neckline


  • Runs small in the chest
  • Some gowns don’t come with advertised pockets

Your Guide to Everything About Maternity Robes and Nightgowns

After looking at many great choices for maternity robes and nightgowns, you may still have a few questions. Our buyer’s guide is here to help you decide precisely what robe or gown will make you feel your best before, during, and after your delivery.

What Can You Wear to the Hospital for Delivery?

Many women don’t realize that, in most cases, you can wear your own robe or gown during delivery. Taking advantage of this option can be helpful psychologically. Instead of being shuffled into a scratchy paper gown where you feel like a patient with limited agency, having your own personal and comfortable clothing lets you feel more in control of the situation. It can make you feel more like an individual and less like a number.

You may want to talk to your ob-gyn in advance to see how you’re going to be hooked up to monitors during the delivery so that you know where your robe or gown needs to be accessible. If you want the option of an epidural, you should choose something that will give the hospital staff access to your spine.

There are cases where you may not be able to wear your own clothes for medical reasons, such as in the case of c-section delivery. You also might decide to go with the hospital gown during the birth if you don’t want to make a mess of your robe or gown. In that case, you can save your loungewear for your recovery time or to wear home.

Guide to Fabrics

So, what exactly is Rayon? Why does everything have spandex in it? Is cotton the best? Without a degree in textiles or fashion, it can be hard to decipher the information on your garment tag. Here are the basics you need to know to be an informed consumer:


Cotton is a natural fiber made from the cellulosic fibers of the cotton plant. It’s biodegradable, making it more environmentally friendly. Cotton is a popular choice because it’s hypoallergenic and breathable. It also has some natural stretch. This makes it great to wear all year round. It’s cool in the summer and makes an excellent base layer in the winter to insulate you without trapping any sweat against the skin.

While durable, it will fade and thin over time. Many manufacturers will blend cotton with a synthetic material like polyester to make it more durable and keep its color longer.


Rayon was one of the first synthetic fibers ever developed, but it still has an organic source: wood pulp. Some argue that it shouldn’t be called a synthetic fiber because of this. It’s a popular option for loungewear because it’s very soft and supple while mimicking the drape of more expensive fabrics like silk. It’s also easy to dye and relatively inexpensive.

More breathable than polyester and more versatile than cotton, it seems like the perfect fabric. However, there are still some downsides. Its production is hard on the environment, creating a lot of pollution. It also doesn’t naturally recover from stretching, so if you stretch out the fabric, it may be permanently deformed.


Like Rayon, viscose is also made from wood pulp. The two fabrics are very similar, but viscose tends to be lighter in weight and feels more like cotton. Like Rayon, the material is breathable and has a silky drape. They both hold dye very well.


Polyester fibers are made from plastic. A polymer is melted and spun into fibers, then woven into cloth to create polyester. Because of this, it’s one of the least breathable fabrics on the market. It also will melt if it comes into contact with fire or extreme heat, so it’s best not to wear a loose polyester garment while cooking over a hot stove.

It does have some benefits, though. Polyester is resistant to pilling and wear since it is not biodegradable. It can also be woven to have some elasticity to the fiber. Polyester is best used when it is blended with natural fibers.


Spandex is another synthetic polymer fiber. Unlike polyester, it’s typically added in small percentages to add stretch to clothing. Check the tag on your underwear or athletic wear and you’ll most likely see about 5% spandex added to those garments. Sometimes called elastane or by the brand name Lycra, it’s an extremely common additive to the modern wardrobe.

More breathable than synthetics like polyester, spandex does have some downsides. Spandex production, like polyester, has a negative environmental impact. Like any plastic, it can melt. If you leave your dryer turned up too high, you may end up peeling your melted underpants off the inner wall. Spandex fibers will also snap if overstretched.

Feeling Beautiful After Giving Birth

Many new moms feel obligated to be photo-ready shortly after delivery. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. You just brought a new human into the world; there’s no need to be “Instagramable” too. You should do what makes you feel good and what you have the energy to do.

If putting on a cute pajama set, doing your makeup, and snapping a few photos makes you feel good, then do it. If the thought of it fills you with dread, don’t. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for photos with your little one after you’ve recovered a bit.

It’s completely normal to feel out of sorts after giving birth. Your body has been through a lot and your hormones can wreak havoc on your emotions. You’re tired, you’re worried about your new addition, and you’re probably entertaining tons of people who want to meet them. Understandably, sometimes you end up putting yourself second.

When you choose a piece of loungewear that you can wear when you don’t feel like anything else feels comfortable, it can help put you in a better headspace. Choosing one or two pieces of maternity wear that will see you into postpartum life, especially when they are beautiful and comfortable pieces, can make a big difference.

Treat Yourself to a Maternity Robe or Nightgown

It might seem frivolous to take time to pick out a special maternity robe or nightgown, but having something you can feel at home in is incredibly important. Our list gives you a variety of options, no matter your needs.

Whether you want something luxurious, something simple, or something you can wear through all stages of pregnancy, delivery, and nursing, you should pick something that reflects how you want to feel. Put yourself and your needs first during this special time so that you can feel ready to be the best mama possible.

Choose something to make you feel good. Don’t worry about how everyone else expects you to look or feel; you only have to please yourself when it comes to choosing your maternity loungewear.