Best Telescopes for Kids 2020


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Our galaxy has always captured the imagination of children. The best telescopes for kids are here to prove that even something so inexpensive can help the little ones explore stars and planets. There are many types of telescopes to consider. Some may work out of the box while others need small lens adjustments. But all of these telescopes are ready to offer kids a new perspective of the sky during the night. From the quality and alignment of the lenses to the adjustability features, the following telescopes are an inspired gift idea for the little ones.

Top 30 Best Telescopes for Kids to Buy 2020

1. Celestron – PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope

Why we like it: The beginner’s telescope comes with two eyepieces and a Barlow lens to triple their reach.

This telescope is one of the most popular and for good reasons. It comes with two eyepieces, one of 20mm and another of 4mm. They are backed by a Barlow lens which triples their reach.

Kids can value some of its beginner features which make it use simple. For example, they can track moving objects during the night time smoother. This is where the manual German Equatorial mount does its job the best. With large slow-motion controls, the telescope is easier to handle than most similar beginner designs.

The telescope is also portable. This is yet another reason for kids to choose it over most other designs. It is why they can take it to camp or the weekend cabin with them. So what can they see with it? Objects include planets such as Saturn or Jupiter, they can explore Orion’s Nebula the Andromeda Galaxy and many others.

  • Suitable for travel
  • Powerful 127mmm magnification
  • Suitable for travel
  • Large slow-motion controls
  • Could include the Celestron 1.25” collimation eyepiece

2. Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope

Why we like it: With a large 70mm aperture refractor lens which gathers sufficient light, this telescope is suitable for mobility.

As a smaller telescope, it might be one of the options for kids to move around the house when the sun goes down. It is also suitable to pack in the family car and get ready to drive away watching and exploring the sky away from the city lights.

There are 2 eyepieces included in the set. A 20mm and a 100mm eyepiece can be selected by children. Another 70mm aperture refractor lens is also used on the telescope. Sitting on a 1.25” steel adjustable tripod, the telescope is easy to maneuver with its panhandle.

But the biggest advantage of this telescope is its versatility. It can be used for both terrestrial and astronomical observation. Its fully coated glass optics provide sharp images on the ground and luminous views of the moon and other planets.

  • Includes 20mm and 10mm eyepieces
  • Sits on a steel tripod
  • Comes with a 70mm aperture refractor lens
  • Included travel bag
  • Not best for details of the planets

3. MaxUSee Kids Telescope 400x40mm with Tripod & Finder Scope

Why we like it: This telescope is easy to use and kids only need to insert the diagonal mirror in the focus tube and insert the eyepiece in the diagonal mirror.

As one of the potent telescopes for kids, it’s reassuring to know this MaxUSee design is so easy to use. It also looks great with its blue color sitting on its tripod. It has a powerful magnification of 20X and 32X. Kids can also learn to calculate the magnification themselves. Simply put, they divide the focal length of the telescope, which is 400mm in this case, by the focal length of the eyepieces which are 12.5mm and 20mm in this case.

The manufacturer also adds a moon mirror in the set. Its main role is to reduce glare and it offers kids a better view of the moon’s details. But at the same time, it sharpens other objects as well, which means it’s another purchase they won’t have to make.

  • Includes 2 eyepieces
  • Comes with a moon mirror
  • 400mm focal length
  • Included aluminum tripod
  • Plastic doesn’t do justice to the lens

4. Moonee Telescope for Kids and Lunar Beginners

Why we like it: With a 360mm focal length, this little telescope is made for beginners and kids who need a simple design.

With two eyepieces, magnification is solid with this telescope. It ranges from 18x to 90x and it represents one of the best options for those who like to explore a bit more details. Kids can explore the surface of the moon using this magnification. They can see anything from regular plateaus to craters and volcanoes.

Kids also love just how easy this telescope is to use. The sole adjustments they need to do are the vertical and the horizontal adjustments and the coated lenses do the rest. Sitting on a tripod, this telescope can also be a scientific travel companion.

  • Based on quick setup
  • Made with 18x and 90x magnification
  • Includes 2 eyepieces
  • Sits on a tripod
  • Needs better instructions for the official app

5. Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. My First Telescope Stem Toy for Boys & Girls

Why we like it: This Stem toy can be the first telescope for kids with the main role of boosting interest in science.

It is not about the specs with this telescope. Most kids can use it freely without too much training and this is what can spark their interest in this in the first place. Made with a friendly design, the telescope is among the leading options for those seeking to spark an interest in Stem toys as well.

However, being closer to a toy than to an actual telescope, it is one of the products with a few drawbacks only an adult can see. One of the biggest drawbacks is the actual height limitation of the telescope. Practically, kids have to kneel to see through it as it sits on a tabletop tripod. But as a toy, it can teach kids much more than any other simple design suitable for their age.

  • Great learning tool
  • Supports Stem learning
  • Boosts interest in science
  • Based on 10x magnification
  • Short tripod

6. Educational Insights GeoSafari Vega 360 Telescope

Why we like it: This 50mm telescope is mainly a Stem learning tool boosting backyard and space exploration options for the little ones.

With an elegant design, the telescope is here to show that even at its low affordable price, such designs are still sustainable. It comes with a 50mm lens usable for terrestrial and space explorations. But it also includes 2 eyepieces. They are the 20mm and the 9mm eyepiece.

These lenses support magnification from 18x to 80x. Having a small body, it is also made with small controls such as a compact focus ring, perfect for the small hands of children. But at the same time, such a compact telescope can also support learning on the go. Parents can use it with their children even when they leave home. For most kids, this is a unique opportunity to use a sleek design which will not break their savings jar.

  • Includes 2 eyepieces
  • Comes with a 50mm lens
  • Supports Stem learning
  • Magnification up to 80x
  • Short tabletop tripod

7. Educational Insights Nancy B’s Science Club MoonScope & Sky Gazers

Why we like it: With two eyepieces and an included celestial guide, this is a top gift idea for children.

The simple Educational Insights telescope uses optics principles to offer a glimpse of the sky. It is still a toy and it is made to be understood quickly by children. However, it works to see stars and planets. This is why it includes 2 eyepieces of 4mm and 20mm, just like a telescope for adults.

There’s an included 22-page guidebook as well. It is one of the main reasons parents consider this telescope as a gift as kids can use this book to get started in their celestial adventures. Most kids have no clue what to look at anyway and the guidebook can serve as an assistant. With an included tripod, the telescope can also travel with kids. Together with its accessories, it fits in a backpack, which is great for those who travel by plane.

  • Includes a small guidebook
  • Comes with 2 eyepieces
  • Includes a lens cap
  • Designed with vivid colors
  • Tripod can’t be height adjusted

8. Oumoda Telescope Travel Scope

Why we like it: With a 360mm focal length, this compact Travel Scope is suitable for ultimate mobility and the ability to see the furthest planets.

With its 360mm aperture, the telescope is backed by 2 eyepieces. At 6mm and 20mm, they are recommended for a wide view but they can also support 90x magnification. These eyepieces are recommended for different scenarios.

The H20mm eyepiece is recommended for terrestrial use. Kids can use this eyepiece to look further on the ground and to spot animals. Its H6mm alternative can be used together with the moon lens. With full glass coating, the telescope is one of the main drivers of those seeking powerful optics with reduced glare and image distortion. However, the main benefit of the telescope remains its size. This is why this compact design is often preferred to other more powerful but larger alternatives.

  • Compact travel design
  • Includes 2 eyepieces
  • Suitable for terrestrial use
  • Includes a lunar lens
  • Difficult to attach a smartphone

9. Merkmak Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: With a focal length of 360mm at a 1.7 aperture, this telescope is more than kids need to get started with stars and planets.

Based on a compact design, the telescope can be one of the entry-levels suitable for kids to play with. Unlike a few other designs in this affordable range, it comes with a 360mm focal length. This is based on an opening which can gather sufficient light during the night.

There are 2 included eyepieces in the pack. Also, the maximum 90x magnification makes it a reliable name when it comes to proper details. However, the biggest advantage of this design is that it comes with such a compact size. Kids can travel with it around the house, take it out on the porch or simply use it while traveling. At the same time, it doesn’t require too much space in the luggage. However, as most will already expect, it would also need a taller tripod, especially when using it out in the open and not at home.

  • Includes a 360mm focal length
  • Made with 2 eyepieces
  • Suitable for 2.000 arc seconds performance
  • Reliable for travelers
  • Needs tall tripod outdoors

10. Qurious Space Kid’s Explorer Telescope Gift Kit

Why we like it: This starter telescope can be used both during the day and during the night and it even includes a compass.

Made to represent an affordable route towards the telescope world, this solution is perfect for kids. It is easy to use and it can work even during the day. Some kids might not be able to stay awake when the night falls but they can still play with this telescope. The included finder scope makes it a good design to look at plants and animals during the day.

With 12x and 6x magnification, it is not the strongest optical performer of its class. However, this telescope has 2 eyepieces and it even includes a simple carry case. Made out of recycled materials, the carry case can keep the telescope and all of its accessories together and kids can easily take it to the park or weekends away. Its kit also includes an activity workbook as well as a lunar and star chart.

  • Suitable for kids
  • Supports daytime use
  • Made with a built-in compass
  • Includes a useful guidebook
  • Not best for magnification

11. Ecoopro Telescope for Kids Adult Beginners

Why we like it: Made with fully coated glass and with high transmission coatings, the telescope delivers sharp images.

It is not just the actual focal length of the lens which matters. The telescope also shows the quality of the lens and its treatments can make the difference as well. But even comparing options, its 360mm focal length makes it a suitable option for children.

The set also includes 2 eyepieces of 10mm and 25mm. This being said, the telescope might also look at its surroundings on Earth, not just in space. Its coated lenses make it a sustainable solution for those who seek a simple telescope to look at animals and flora.

But this telescope also features an equipped finderscope. Its small cross-type finder allows a more convenient use, especially with moving objects such as with birds. With an included bag, the telescope can power many day time and night time Stem-type play sessions.

  • Suitable for bird watching
  • Includes a 5×24 finderscope
  • Made with a 360mm focal length
  • Sits on an adjustable aluminum tripod
  • Needs anchoring on strong winds

12. Ggienrui Kids Telescope Educational Science Toy Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: This simple telescope might be something kids interested in science can use to lock various objects, from landmarks to planets.

Made from ABS plastic, the durable telescope is one of the best in its class. It represents a valuable design when considering its overall characteristics backed by affordability. Made for a kid who wants to expand their learning horizon, the telescope is among the leading options for ease of use.

A locking function has been installed as well. It allows children to lock the object they’re looking at. They can also change the lenses to see it better or they can adjust the focus to see it clearer. Since it is an object which also comes with small accessories, it is not a recommended gift for kids under the age of 5. Older kids might find it a top design for their scientific interests.

  • Supports 20x, 30x, and 40x magnification
  • Ships pre-assembled
  • Made from durable ABS plastic
  • Includes an object lock function
  • Only includes a photographic tripod

13. ToyerBee Magnification- Reflector Telescope for Kids& Students

Why we like it: Including 3 eyepieces and 2 Barlow lenses, this telescope is made for dedicated astrology fans.

Not many affordable telescopes can boast so many accessories and lenses. But the ToyerBee design is made for the ultimate magnification and it includes a large number of accessories. Among them, the 3 eyepieces make it a strong contender for many types of uses. At the same time, it is one of the best when it comes to Barlow lens variation. If most designs of its class only include one such lens, the telescope includes two of them.

At 76mm and 700mm, it offers one of the best perspectives for high-quality details. This can range from landmarks on Earth to all types of planets. Made with a moon filter, it also dies a good job at improving contrast and bringing up those details lost with a plain lens.

  • Includes 3 eyepieces
  • Made with 2 Barlow lenses
  • Includes a 700mm focal length
  • Offers a video installation guide
  • Screws on the focus ring might not align

14. MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope + 8X21 Compact HD Binoculars for Kids

Why we like it: A set is an inclusive option with a long list of accessories perfect for wildlife fans.

This elegant telescope comes with 3 eyepieces and offers kids a type of versatility which is rare at this price range. It includes a 70mm refractor with a 400mm focal lens. This is sufficient to see everything from wildlife to planets and further.

There are 3 Barlow lenses in the set and kids can also count on a surprise HD binoculars. Made with multi-coated lenses, the binoculars are perfect for a wide range of uses which include camping, hiking, wildlife watching, and sporting events. At the same time, both the binoculars and the telescope can be a starter kit for kids into science who are also traveling. They both fit in a backpack with a bit of patience.

  • Specifically made for dedicated kids
  • Includes HD binoculars
  • Made with 3 Barlow lenses
  • Based on a 40mm refractor lens
  • Not best for image stabilization

15. MaxUSee Refractor Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: This highly affordable telescope is easy to use and it sits on an aluminum tripod.

As one of the most affordable designs of its class, the telescope still manages to offer reliable image quality. It is based on a 300mm focal range and 30x magnification. Kids will probably make their first contact with the telescope world with it and they will be blown away as they would be able to see planets.

But the telescope is also easy to use and younger kids will not have to worry about too many functions, apart from focus. But many can also tell that it is also quite small for its focal range. This is why it can be placed in a backpack with its small tripod and taken around to the park or to camp to make the most of its magnification. With a metal optical tube, it also feels more expensive than it is.

  • Based on a 300mm focal range
  • Offers 300x magnification
  • Suitable for land and moon watching
  • Easiest setup process
  • Not the smoothest focus ring design

16. Manfore Kids Telescopes 90X Science Astronomical Telescope with Tripod

Why we like it: With 2 eyepieces and 90x magnification, the telescope is ready to impress many kids.

As most similar telescopes in its class, it includes the important parts, without too many accessories. An objective is placed on the mirror body. An eyepiece and a focus adjustment ring are placed at its back.

Its 360mm focal length makes this a versatile product which is used in various scenarios. Some kids only use it to look at the moon, when the weather is perfect. Others only use it to watch wildlife. However, most kids use it in a combination of situations. Its 90x magnification allows it to work to a high standard with all types of objectives. Those who want to explore the moon can also count on a specialized moon lens, which brings up essential details of the image.

  • Based on a simple tube design
  • Made from ABS acrylic plastic
  • Supports 90x magnification
  • Includes a 1.5x erecting eyepiece
  • Needs a sturdier tripod

17. DQQ Telescope for Kids Sky

Why we like it: With a good focus adjustor and a 300mm focal range, the telescope is used as a professional design.

As some of the best telescopes for kids, the DQQ design comes with 2 eyepieces. They can be changed according to what the kids want to see. With a weight of just 3.5lbs, it is also quite lightweight, even if it doesn’t look like it at a first glance.

The telescope is mainly recommended for kids who are at least 8 years of age. Unlike a few other designs, it has a specific installation which kids can perform themselves. It needs to be placed on its tripod first. Once fitted, the diagonal mirror needs to be inserted at the end of the telescope. To use it for the first time, kids also need to remove the dust cap from the end of the telescope. Based on its 300mm focal length, it can be used for anything down on Earth and for planets and stars up above.

  • Made with a robust design
  • Sustained by plastic components
  • Features a 300mm focal length
  • Made with coated lenses
  • Bulky for some backpacks

18. Maxlapter Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: Based on a 400mm focal range, this telescope is one of the top names for its multitude of accessories.

Kids today are different than kids who grew up generations ago. Now, their work and passions are often shared online. This is why this is one of the few telescopes which features a smartphone adapter. It is the main driver to immortalize whatever the telescope sees.

At the same time, the telescope also comes with included filters. They represent a top solution for various objects and they can even be used during the day when they can reduce glare. Apart from an added Zenith mirror, the telescope also comes with a camera shutter control wire and a detailed manual. Kids can store all of these accessories in the included zipped bag when traveling.

  • Made with a Zenith mirror
  • Based on a 400mm focal range
  • Includes multiple lens filters
  • Ships with a smartphone adapter
  • Wobbly tripod

19. DoubleSun Kids Telescope

Why we like it: With a 600mm focal length and 1.2 aperture, this is one of the telescopes which gathers the most light.

As kids might already know, light and the way it looks on the lens with its sharpness determines image quality. But with a 1.2 aperture, the lens of this telescope is almost in a league of its own. It works very fast and the focus is instant as well.

Kids can also rely on one of the best focal ranges of the class. With a 600mm focal length, the lens represents one of the leading options for overall versatility. Its finder scope also helps kids keep an eye on their surroundings, especially when used for terrestrial observation. A smartphone holder is also included. Kids can immortalize their favorite images with their smartphones as a result.

  • Based on a 600mm focal length
  • Includes a smartphone holder
  • Wide 1.2 aperture
  • Includes a 10mm smartphone eyepiece adapter
  • Requires assembly

20. ArtCreativity Telescope for Starters

Why we like it: Suitable for ages 3 and up, this simple telescope is more suitable for younger kids.

Designed for easy operation, the telescope represents one of the most sustainable products when it comes to ease of use. It’s no wonder that kids as young as 3 can use it on their own. It comes with everything needed in the pack and after a short setup, it is ready for action right at home.

With 3 different eyepieces, it also supports different types of magnification. This includes 20x, 30x, and 40x. Its potential is immediately discovered by kids. From watching ducks on the lake to taking a closer look at landmarks or to seeing the curious surface of the moon, it can offer it all at an affordable price.

  • Based on a durable design
  • Suitable for kids 3 and above
  • No tools setup
  • Can be used with wildlife
  • Not the sturdiest in high winds

21. Solomark Telescope for Kids Beginners

Why we like it: Solomark has made this telescope with a full set of accessories and a reliable travel bag.

Kids just starting in astrology can rely on this telescope, if the weather conditions are not too demanding. With its 400mm focal length, it is easily used for wildlife watching. Kids can see the fastest birds and the most remote animals in their natural habitat. When night falls, they can also see the moon.

Since kids love the magnification of the telescope, they might also use in to capture photos. This is a skill in itself. First of all, the telescope needs to be in perfect focus. The smartphone camera also needs to be in perfect focus. Wind needs to be non-existent in order not to move the tripod and add shakiness and blur to the photos. But with a bit of practice, kids can have their animals and moon immortalized for eternity. However, a considerable drawback of the telescope is given by its 5.7 aperture.

  • Includes accessories
  • Based on a 400mm focal length
  • Includes an elegant backpack
  • Suitable for smartphone photography
  • Low f5.7 aperture

22. DoubleSun 400mm Telescope

Why we like it: Unlike its 600mm bigger brother, the 400mm telescope is smaller and lighter, being easier to carry.

With multi-coated optics, the telescope has a similar image quality with its 600mm alternative. However, at 3.2kg, it is a bit lighter. As a result, it is highly recommended for travelers. Even kids who often go to the park or carry it to the backyard might prefer it does it its more manageable weight.

With 9mm and 20mm eyepieces, it is also one of the most versatile options in this focal range, where the market is already crowded. But kids can use this telescope to see wild animals in their natural habitat as well.

However, there is another considerable drawback compared to the DoubleSun 600mm alternative. Its 5.7 aperture is considerably slower than the fast 1.2 aperture of its bigger brother. However, given it is placed on a rock-solid surface, it might be enough for kids to have fun with.

  • Based on a popular 400mm focal range
  • Includes a smartphone holder
  • Made with multi-coated lenses
  • Includes a small backpack
  • Slow focus speed

23. GazerOptics Telescope for Kids & Astronomy Beginners

Why we like it: This astronomical and terrestrial kids’ telescope shines in nighttime observation.

While it can be used during the day to look for animals and landmarks, this telescope is made to show the true potential of its optics during the night. Kids can enjoy it even more than other designs as it is not as fragile and while it is made from plastic, it is still one of the products which are very fast to assemble.

Its 360mm focal length is a proven profile in many other astronomy products. With a 5×24 finderscope, it is also ready to deal with some of the most demanding moving objects. However, the main advantage of this scope is that its simple design means kids can learn how to use it on their own, without any input from parents.

  • Short learning curve
  • Doesn’t require parent supervision
  • Based on a 360mm focal length
  • Includes an aluminum tripod
  • No travel bag included

24. Aomekie Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: With a 90-degree diagonal mirror and with 2 eyepieces, the telescope looks great and it supports the first steps into astronomy.

Made with an elegant blue design, this telescope might just be an inspired gift idea. As many parents already know, the way a gift looks is just as important as what it does. This is why the aesthetics of this telescope recommend it for better overall versatility and friendliness. Its 2 eyepieces and its finderscope recommend it among the reliable mid-range options strictly made for kids.

  • Includes 20mm and 6mm eyepieces
  • Comes with a star target planisphere
  • Ships with a metal moon filter
  • Based on an elegant telescope tube
  • Tripod has limited height adjustability

25. Aomekie Kids Telescope for Astronomy

Why we like it: This is one of the most unique-looking sets based on its suitcase storage.

The astronomy telescope is one of the best designs as a gift. Unlike many other options, it is stored in an anti-shock suitcase. It is the main reason why it resembles a few professional designs. But its optics are not bad either. Its focal range reaches 360mm. The supported magnification ranges from 27x to 90x. With its coated lenses, the telescope is also reliable when it comes to high-quality details. However, its maximum magnification should only be used on clear objects, such as the moon.

  • Suitable gift idea
  • Includes an anti-shock carry suitcase
  • Based on a 360mm focal range
  • Supports 90x magnification on clear objects
  • Wobbly tripod design

26. Luwint Portable Pocket Pirate Monocular Telescope

Why we like it: With 30x magnification, this telescope can be one of the truly pocket-friendly designs for kids to love.

This small telescope comes with a monocular design. As a result, it needs no tripod and it can be handheld. Kids can use it similarly to any other monocular either during playtime or when out camping. With its sturdy design, it can even take a few hits here and there without any physical damages. With 30x magnification, it can also be a stealth product used during various hide and seek games. Based on a 30mm lens, it can be used as a learner telescope by younger kids.

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Based on 30mm optics
  • Supports 30x magnification
  • Lightweight design
  • Not made for astronomy

27. Ronhan Astronomical Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: With a 50mm objective, this telescope supports magnification from 18x to 90x.

Kids can lay this compact telescope directly on the ground. When waiting for their perfect start to shine, they can use its 360-degree horizontal rotation for the ultimate freedom of movement. Furthermore, they fully support multiple magnification increments. It debuts with 18x and 27x but it can also go further to 60x and 90x.

  • Possible gift idea
  • Includes multiple eyepieces
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty
  • Supports multiple magnification ranges
  • Poor user instructions

28. Discover with Dr. Cool

Why we like it: This child-friendly design is mainly recommended as a gift which includes a real meteorite piece.

Made to support 90x magnification, this simple telescope is one of the distinct options for adults to consider mainly as a gift. Astronomy fans can expect their first telescope which can reach the moon but it also comes with a real meteorite specimen from Campo del Cielo in Argentina. Kids love the story behind this unique rock.

  • Best as a gift
  • Includes an Argentinian meteorite specimen
  • Supports 90x magnification
  • Suitable for moon exploration
  • Some focus issues at tomes

29. Svbony SV25 Telescope for Kids

Why we like it: With quality optics and a height-adjustable tripod, the Svbony design can be used by kids of all ages.

The main attraction of this telescope is the way its lenses are placed and treated with a coating. The manufacturer did a good job at aligning the lenses so that they reduce glare, one of the biggest enemies of future astronomers. The lenses also increase light transmittance. The result is seen in clear images of the moon and its detailed craters.

  • Includes 9mm and 20mm eyepieces
  • Designed with an interesting 5×20 finderscope
  • Includes a smartphone holder
  • Based on a full-size aluminum tripod
  • Needs better instructions

30. DQQ 50mm Refractor Finderscope Astronomy

Why we like it: This telescope weights just 2.2lbs and this makes it a desirable camping design.

Not many telescopes are as lightweight as the DQQ design. Even its 300mm alternative is heavier. But the 360mm Finderscope is ready for action with added clarity. Under better light and weather, it can produce impressive images. Most kids immediately look out at the moon when they get their hands on it and for this task, it is as good as telescopes can get for kids who don’t have the patience to learn complicated features.

  • Based on a 360mm focal length
  • Uses a 50mm aperture
  • Optics treated with high transmission coatings
  • Easy setup out of the box
  • Slow f.7.2 focus speed

Final considerations

At the moment, some of the best telescopes for kids are made to last forever. Their body might not be made from metal as with some of the adult alternatives, but the lenses are getting better and better. Some of the lenses of these telescopes are even known for producing sharp images. However, one of the main issues with them is their stability which increases the chance of blurry images. At the same time, the focus mechanism can be off with some of these child-orientated designs. This is why only the best can be truly considered for a true astronomy fan.