Best Transformer Toys For Kids 2020


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Transformers have been a big part of most people’s childhood sparking memories of the T.V. Transformer shows. You can re-enact the most memorable scenes with friends and family thanks to the franchise which continues to manufacture Transformer figures. Besides, there’s something about them that makes them engaging from one generation to another.

Some retro versions of transformer toys can be quite pricey while others are affordable characters that are bland with little details. If you’re looking for a collection for your little one that they can keep even through their college years, this guide reveals the best transformer toys for kids in the market right now.


Top 30 Transformer Toys For Kids 2020

1. Transformers Generations Titans Return Soundwave

Why we like it: This Transformers Generations Soundwave explodes into uncharted territory when the Titan Returns to take charge of an ancient race of giant city-sized warriors. The toy converts between three battle modes, making it an excellent choice for children aged 8 years and above.

This Titan Master Soundblaster figure connects to a Titans Return Fortress Maximus figure to form Cybertron city. When the Soundwave figure is in the city mode, the Soundblaster fits inside. The toy can convert into three ways- robot, boom box, and city making it a versatile figure to add into your child’s collection.

Soundwave figure is the most feared signal-stealer in the whole world and is a master of cyber infiltration, meaning he can steal a constant stream of information. This Titans Returns leader is the master of Deluxe and Voyager class.

  • Solid construction and easy to transform
  • The Leader class Soundwave stands strong within the lineup
  • Articulate and detailed
  • Stands 9 inches tall
  • The remote piece doesn’t seem to let the headmaster fit in the back for storage
  • Price tag

2. Transformer: Bumblebee Movie Toys, D.J. Bumblebee

Why we like it: This Transformer Bumblebee Movie Toys, D.J. Bumblebee is a singing and dancing toy ideal for kids aged six years and above. The toy features Sing-Back technology and records little girls and boys voices and plays it back over fresh beats making it an excellent choice for children aged 6 years and above.

The Bumblebee figure syncs the kid’s voices with 1 to 3 music clips that turn the little one into a D.J. The toy allows the child to switch the music and set the right arm controls to experiment with the gnarly noises and radical sounds to create a mix.

The toy is 5 inches tall and features solid plastic construction that comes with pre reload music but doesn’t convert. The Bumblebee figure offers hours of fun and entertainment as he dances to the beat.

  • Clear sound and voice
  • Impressive dancing
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t transform

3. T.A.K.A.R.A. Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-11 Starscream

Why we like it: The Tomy Transformer masterpiece is a version of Starscream by Takara making it an excellent addition to your collections. Besides, the toy comes with the Starscream throne succession version making it an ideal pick for kids aged 15 years and above.

The Starscream version of this Takara Masterpiece Transformer features three cone heads made from the MP-11 mold for durability, making it an excellent addition into your child’s masterpiece collection.

Additionally, this transformer figure includes a lot of joints and doesn’t come with four separately articulating fingers for the hands, but the last three are molded together but still articulate. There’s also a stand and missile pods that are a tradeoff for the coronation accessories. It also comes with a crown and a cape, which is a memorable piece featured in the Movie.

  • Articulating and fun
  • Easy to use and transform
  • You can pose the figure
  • The quality could be improved

4. Transformers: Studio Series 38 Voyager Class Bumblebee Figure

Why we like it: This Studio Series 38 Voyager Class Transformer figure revives the San Francisco bridge scene. It’s a G1 inspired Optimus Prime of the Transformers Franchise that would make a fantastic addition for your 8-year-old and above boy or girl.

This figure features a highly detailed transformation with some unexpected flips and reveals that include robot, gun, and truck mode, making it an excellent collection for the young and old. The Optimus Prime action figure is poseable and can be placed next to the studio series Bumblebee.

Additionally, the package includes a movie theme with a background that can be detached to showcase the figure on the shelf. Your kid can pose the Studio Series 38 Voyager Optimus Prime figure in the San Francisco bridge scene in his room for imaginary play every time.

  • Highly detailed
  • Excellent paint details
  • Similar to the figure in G1 show
  • Too complex for kids
  • Loose parts

5. Transformers: E3537 WFC-S9 Autobot Hound Action Figure

Why we like it: This is a Siege Deluxe Class Action Figure built for the ultimate battlefield that takes fans into an exciting epic battle to control Cybertron. It features a G1 aesthetic from the cartoon model, making it an ideal choice for children aged eight years and above.

The live-action Transformers movie had a hound, but he was drastically different from the 80’s incarnation. This hound oozes quite a personality with excellent construction and articulation in all the ways. There is a nice amount of ankle tilt on the feet that allows you to achieve cute kneeling action poses with a wide-legged stance.

This action figure stands tall at 5.5 inches and converts from robot to a Cybertron armored truck in 14 steps, making it an excellent pick for fans looking for an advanced converting figure. It also features customizable weapon loadout and expandable weapon selection. You can also add battle effects with fire blast accessories.

  • The transformation is engaging, fun and satisfying
  • Detailed paint applications
  • Poseable
  • Nice tight joints
  • A few ranges of motion restrictions

6. Transformers: The Primes Voyager Class Grimlock

Why we like it: This Prime Masters by Hasbro carries the spark of a prime with supremacies of the renowned Transformer robots of the universe. It’s a 7-inch scale Generations Voyager Class figure that features the details and articulation that young fans will look for in a Transformer.

The Prime Voyager Class Grimlock features two original armor accessories and converts between robot and T-Rex modes in eight steps. You can form the Dinobot Combiner super robot with a G1 look and feel. Additionally, he can balance on his legs quite easily.

All the Dinobots share the same color scheme, which is a nice feature for a combiner. On the other hand, Grimlock values strength and power over wisdom and compassion and notably comes with a strategy to hack, slash, and tear his opponents. The figure is a throwback to the 80s and is simple to transform.

  • Simple to transform
  • Excellent color scheme
  • Many important joints are tightly ratcheted which is good for stability
  • The transformation between all modes are easy
  • The feet need to be more comprehensive when combined
  • We wish there were more paint details

7. Transformers Generations Combiner Wars – Megatron Figure

Why we like it: This is the Mighty Megatron figure that changes into an enormous tank with a missile launcher. Additionally, this massive force for evil in robot mode will pummel any unsuspecting Autobot. This is an ideal collection for kids aged eight years and above.

This Megatron is one of the best Combiner Wars series of toys and includes excellent articulation and a turret that rotates 360 degrees. The figure notably features glassy eyes, a spring fired missile for his cannon. The package consists of a few stickers and some swirls that go on to his torso and a vent for his gun to add G1 flavor.

The Megatron figure is enormous and stands tall at 9-inches, with imposing looks and fun to transform, making it an excellent collection for young fun Transformers.

  • Easy to transform
  • Excellent paint details
  • Imposing looking
  • Fun to transform
  • A little pricey

8. Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Victorion Collection Pack

Why we like it: This is the first Fan-built combiner who turns to fight any kind of a battle fearlessly. It includes six Rust Renegades figures that work with other Combiner War figures making it an excellent collection for kids aged eight years and above.

The Combiner Wars Victorion collection pack features merge to form into a massive super robot to battle it out with the Decepticons to save the world and redeem the Earth. Additionally, the figure features tight joints that allow it to stand well in the combined mode, making it a must-have collection for I.D.W. comic books fans.

This Victorion Combiner is easy to transform and combine individually and includes several joints that allow it to be articulate. This is a cool female figure that comes with a set of six robots.

  • Stimulates creativity and reasoning
  • Impressive looking in combined mode
  • Easy to connect and transform individually
  • Six robots
  • The colors are not vibrant
  • Price tag

9. Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron

Why we like it: This Takara Tomy MP36 Masterpiece plunges the young one into the classic battle for the final day to save the world and control Cybertron. The figure features three facial expressions and is transformable between two modes making it an ideal collection for

The MP 36 can transform into two styles – the alternate mode and the robot mode that looks menacing and cunning. The coin design looks like Megatron chest with the head sculpt on it. The front page design looks beautiful and well detailed.

The product includes an instruction manual, a collector’s card like other Masterpiece characters, three face-sculpts, and when you flip him over, you have his stats. His plastic layer comes in two while the bottom layer includes his accessories.

  • Offers valuable play
  • Thoughtful 3 face sculpts
  • Poseable
  • Design-wise he’s near perfect
  • Paint chipping can occur when attaching and removing the fusion cannon

10. Transformers: WFC-S24 Starscream Action Figure- Siege Chapter

Why we like it: Building the ultimate battlefield is an expansive ecosystem of collectible figures such as with this WFC-S24 Starscream Figure. It plunges fans into an epic of the final day of battle to control the Cybertron. Its an excellent collectible for kids aged 8 years and above.

The figure includes a cool spaceship look and articulation, making it posable and playable. Besides, the transformation is intuitive and features three modes that include the Convertible Armament loadout that comes with 2 defense fixtures that enable bot and vehicle modes.

Your kid can also build a grander mission loadout by assembling a magazine of additional armor accessories from other Siege figures. There’s also the G1 inspired Cybertronian Alt mode that converts from the robot to the Jet mode in 22 steps.

  • Excellent mold and design
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Playable and poseable
  • Pieces pose a choking hazard


Why we like it: This figure from Jitterygit features five-set that the young one can transform into a 9-inch robot making it an ideal pick for children aged 6-15 years. The toy includes 246 pieces of blocks that combine three form sets into one providing a STEM learning form of construction for hours of fun and creativity.

Ths Robot STEM toy features 246 pieces of bricks that your child can build a robot figure, construction car, and an animal figure. It includes dynamic joints that rotate 360 degrees for a more realistic experience and an excellent addition into the 5 ROBOT action figures.

Additionally, the set notably features premium quality materials, highly tested, non-toxic, and B.P.A. free. The pieces are easy to wash with either hot or cold water. The set guarantees hours of fun and entertainment for your kid as he builds detailed, colorful robots.

  • Enhances creativity
  • Durable
  • Ignites imagination
  • Affordable
  • Poses a choking hazard

12. Playschool Heros Transformers Rescue Bots Rescan Blades Action Figure

Why we like it: This Rescue Bots Rescan Blades action figure is an ideal transformer toy for little heroes aged 3-7 years. Your preschooler has a chance to plunge into the most impressive stories of the Transformers, Marvel, Jurassic World, and Star Wars.

With so many stories to create the possibilities for little hands and big imaginations! Every figure and play set features create amazing adventures with this Transformer Rescue Bot battling to capture the city of Cybertron.

Blades are easy to convert into two cool modes – the helicopter and a Rescue bot that even a toddler can transform without the help of an adult. It comes with two easy two set process that changes this Rescue bot into a Transformer.

  • Great value
  • No small removable parts
  • One step transforming
  • Durable and well made
  • The packaging could be improved

13. Playschool Heros Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Racing Trailer

Why we like it: Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Racing Trailer features a two-step transformation that converts into a vehicle launcher. The set is an excellent collection for children aged 3-15 years for extended play time.

This Optimus with a trailer and a new car features sturdy plastic material construction and is perfectly sized for little hands. The set is easy to transform and comes to life when watching the Movie or cartoon.

Additionally, your child can convert the trailer’s detachable base into a ramp while you can convert Blurr into a race car which becomes a ramp for stunt play. The package includes an Optimus Prime, a car and Blurr figures.

  • Sturdy material construction
  • Improves thinking and logical skills
  • Easy to convert
  • Price tag

14. Transformers: The Last Knight Premier Edition Deluxe Strafe

Why we like it: This is the Last Knight Deluxe figure that features excellent articulation with movie-inspired details and accessories. This collection is an ideal pick for children aged 8 years and above.

In the explosive transformers when the battle erupts, the Dinobots count of Strafe for air support. He darts around at speeds that no ground warrior can keep up with making him a real poseable must-have action figure that all fans.

He transforms from the robot to a Pterosaur character in nine stages and stands tall at 5.5 inches. The two styles include Robot and Pterosaur, who masterfully descends from the air to strike his enemies with versatile and robust crawls.

  • Tight joints and the tail kept straight
  • Detailed movie character features
  • Impressive paintwork
  • The head keeps popping off
  • Hard to transform

15. Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Mensor Collection pack

Why we like it: This is a 7-in-1 Mensor collection pack that features six Transformer figures making it an excellent addition to your 8 years and up kid. This figure is the ultimate weapon to attack, demolish, and destroy with fearsome but focused rage.

The details on this figure are well articulated, and Mensor looks fantastic and easy to build with a G2 Transformers color scheme. The 7-in-1 Mensor collection pack is versatile and beautiful paintwork on each figure. Besides, he holds up well and when combined, making him a poseable figure.

This is an homage to the Generation 2 prototype. Besides, there are two pegs that the 6th Random sanction that converts to Motor Masterpiece snugly. The package includes Break-neck, Deception Blackjack figure, Deception Dragstrip, Motormaster, and Breakdown.

  • Converts easily
  • Individual figures transform individually very well
  • Poseable
  • Inspires creative thinking
  • Poses a choking hazard for younger kids

16. Transformers: Cybertron Voyager Wfc-S25 Sound Action Figure

Why we like it: This is the Siege chapter of the S25 Soundwave Action figure with a customizable weapon loadout, Expandable weapon selection, and Inspired Cybertronian Alt mode. The character is an ideal addition to the young fan’s collection and a perfect gift for kids aged 8 years and above.

The Siege Soundwave has an excellent robot mode and fits well with his fellow Decepticons and does a great job at making his Titans Return predecessor look like an oversized toy. The Deception antagonism defense force and the Autobus combat battalions gear up to fight and recover what they have lost.

This is the most radical modular arsenal that includes the objective deception army major and Spy, sound wave. This toy allows your child to determine an extensive network of Transformer collectible figures and armament accessories with this Hasbro figure.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Great detailing
  • Easy to transform and very accurate
  • Fits well with fellow Decepticons
  • Price tag
  • The packaging could be improved

17. Playschool Heros Transformers Rescue Bots Rescan Morbot Action Figure

Why we like it: This transformers rescue bots rescan Morbot action figure is natural for little hands to manipulate, making it an ideal collection for children aged 3-7 years. It’s an excellent introductory to Transformer action figures that allow the kid to plunge into the world of Transformers, Marvel, Jurassic World, and Star Wars.

Every vehicle, figure, and play set is comfortable to convert, allowing the little one create their own adventures with favorite friendly characters. The rescue bot transforms well and stays, making it an excellent addition to rescue bot toys.

The set features sturdy plastic construction while the paintwork is detailed and doesn’t chip off or break when transforming. Besides, it’s easy to modify and stylish. This Transformer Rescue Bot is a trademark of Hasbro.

  • Sturdy construction and decent quality
  • Transforms easily
  • Stylish
  • A paint smell out of box

18. Takara Transformers: MP 24 Star Saber Action Figure

Why we like it: This is a spectacular looking MP 24 Transformer with a lot of magnificence and holds up well. The Star Saber is an excellent addition into your 6 year and above kid and an excellent alternative to expensive Flame Toy figures although it doesn’t feature the animation look of new M.P. figures.

The Star Saber features high-quality material construction and looks a little characterized with the right amount of detail. The toy is easy to pose and convert with a few joints and scales well with other Transformers. It also comes with a massive set of legs that provide a good base with heavy die-cast feet to stand appropriately.

The Jet and shutter mode can quickly scale well with most Deluxes, Voyagers, Trucks, and Cars, making it a versatile option to add to your child’s collection. Additionally, he scales well and features excellent articulation.

  • Simple to transform
  • The figure is big, chunky and looks cool
  • The smart design though not as the other Masterpiece toys
  • Feels cheap and fragile

19. Transformers: Evolution Optimus Prime

Why we like it: This Orion Pax transformer fits right into the chest captivity of Optimus Prime figure that your kid knows and loves. The transformer features an Optimus head, cab, and a spot for the Matrix of leadership. The toy is an ideal pick for kids aged 8 years and above.

The Oriox Pax stands tall at 9-inches to convert into a Leader Class Optimus Prime figure. Besides, it switches to a tractor-trailer mode in 33 steps. The engineering that goes into making the cab is incredible. The Matrix fits right inside the chest of this figure with the Prime miniature figures having different powers.

This Prime Leader Class figure comes with a converting Evolution Armor that comes with an appearance in the Unicorn Trilogy. The four in one converting figure includes unique edition accessories.

  • Comes with a collectible card character
  • Converts into 33 steps
  • Works with Prime Master figures
  • Figure evolves from Orion Pax to Optimus Prime
  • The truck mode is somewhat unimpressive

20. Playschool Heros Transformers Rescue Bots

Why we like it: This Playschool Heros Transformers Rescue bots features a 2 step conversion making it a suitable option for preschoolers. The figure converts from a robot to a vehicle inspiring imaginative play, making it an ideal pick for little boys and girls aged 3 years and above.

The Playschool Heros, Transformers Rescue bots, is 5-inches tall and features high-quality plastic construction to withstand years of abuse and for durability. The toy is easy to transform and makes your little one feel that his mission on Earth to fight the bad guys is official with the Optimus Rescue bot.

This Rescue Bot introduces your child to Transformer figures and is an excellent toy for entertainment. It’s easy to transform and a great addition to enhance gross motor skills and imagination.

  • Transforms into two steps
  • Offers hours of entertainment
  • Lightweight
  • The quality could be improved

21. Transformers Primes Evolution Nemesis

Why we like it: This Power of the Primes Evolution Nemesis is a 4-in-1 converting figure that stands tall at 9-inches when combined, making it an ideal toy for kids aged 8 years and above.

The figure converts into a tractor mode to a trailer character in 35 stages giving your child hours of play. The Nemesis figure also switches from vehicle to robot mode in 17 stages, making it a versatile Transformer and an excellent collectible Prime master character that your kid can add to his collection.

Additionally, this robotic figure is all about strength and intelligence with powerful capabilities featured within the Prime Masters which can fit inside the Nemesis chest. It also includes swords that you can convert into a vulture-like creature. Other weapons that come with the package include side cannons and a sword.

  • Giant armor body
  • Solid articulation
  • Keeps his pose
  • Converts into four modes
  • Price tag
  • The plastic body could be improved

22. Transformers: Power of The prime Deluxe Dinobot Snarl

Why we like it: The Deluxe Dinobot Snarl is a 5.5-inch figure with a Prime Armor accessory that wields the power of a Prime. It converts into two modes – from robot to stegosaurus in 13 steps, making it an excellent collectible for kids aged 8 years and above.

The robot action figure combines with other power of the Primes Dinobots figures Slug, Grimlock, Swoop, among others as they are related characters of the Hasbro trademark. This ferocious Dinobot warrior includes godlike abilities in the Movie and cartoon version and believes happiness is found in the throes of battle.

Dinobot Snarl figure features solid plastic construction with a head and legs that are stable, making the character poseable. The tail section is well made while the back portion of the legs open and close as they should. Besides, he wields a plastic sword and comes in a classic look and colors that match the 80’s.

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Classic looks and colors
  • Excellent articulation
  • Mid-level difficulty when converting
  • The paintwork could be improved

23. Transformers Playskool Heros Rescue Bots Energize Bumblebee Figure

Why we like it: The Rescue Bot Energize Bumblebee figure is an excellent addition that can be added alongside other characters such as Heatwave, Optimus Prime, among others. The toy is an ideal choice for children aged 8 years and above.

The figure features a two-step pro that includes a car and a robot to offer the young one hours of entertainment. Besides, this rescue bot includes high-quality plastic construction that is safe to the environment and recyclable packaging that is easy to open.

No matter what emergency strikes, this rescue bot figure converts easily to combat crime and team up with the human friends for exciting rescue adventures. The toys make an excellent collectible to create a bigger Rescue Bot team.

  • Well made
  • Easy to transform
  • Decent size for small hands
  • Great value
  • The car mode doesn’t retain the shape but pops back into a robot form

24. Transformers: Playskool Heros Rescue Bot Energize Boulder Action Figure

Why we like it: This Boulder the Construction-Bot action figure is an oversized Transformer that converts from a bulldozer to a robot in two easy steps. The character is an ideal pick for little heroes aged 3 years and above.

The toy features quality plastic construction and doesn’t have removable parts meaning that its safe for young children. Besides, the figure inspires adventurous, imaginative play providing the little boys and girls hour of entertainment and fun.

The Rescue Bot is an excellent addition to your child’s collection of Playskool Heros. The toy features great paintwork details inspired by the Transformers Rescue Bot animated T.V. show. Your child will enjoy pretending to roll to the Rescue with the converting boulder the construction bot for hours.

  • Inspires imagination in pretend play
  • Ideal size for young kids
  • Easy to transform in two easy steps
  • Too small for some reviewers liking

25. Transformers: Generation Leader Class Jetfire Figure

Why we like it: The Jetfire figure converts into two easy step modes – from robot mode to jet mode, making it an ideal pick for children aged 5 years and above. The science-minded character includes arm mount cannons, a battle helmet, missile launcher, and turbo thrashers.

The Jetfire figure reawoken by the eruption of the war on the Earth goes to fight on the side of the Autobots at whatever the cost. Although he stays in the background, he possesses ancient powers that make him powerful to conquer in the battle action between the Autobots and the Decepticons that has raged for centuries.

The toy is an excellent addition to your kid’s collectibles as it stands tall at 11-inches almost the same size as the first G1 figure. His articulation is reasonable, and you can remove his helmet and slide it easily on his face.

  • Excellent articulation
  • Stands tall at 11-inches
  • Easy to transform
  • Engaging hours of play
  • The paint applications could be improved

26. Transformers: Punch-Counterpunch and Prima Prime

Why we like it: This Punch-Counterpunch and Prima Prime figure converts between a robot and Autobot, Decepticon, and Sportscar modes. The toy is an ideal pick for boys and girls aged 8 years and above. The package includes a Deluxe Class Punch-Counterpunch figure, two accessories, and instructions.

The figure transforms from in nine steps. Additionally, when changing the character from a Bot to a car, you convert him in 13 to 18 steps. He’s easy to modify and articulate and requires no tools.

The toy features high-quality plastic construction with detailed paintwork. The joints are tight, and the legs well made that make this figure poseable. Additionally, this Punch-Counterpunch Spys on the Decepticons as a double agent providing your child with hours of imaginative play.

  • The figure converts easily
  • Enhances imaginative play
  • Sturdy, quality construction
  • A great addition to any Transformers collection
  • The shoulder could be improved

27. Playskool Heros Medix The Doc-Bot Action Figure

Why we like it: Medix the Doc-Bot action figure converts from a robot to an ambulance mode to join with the rest of the Rescue Bots to save the day. The toy features a compact design that the little hands can easily manipulate and play with making in a suitable choice for little boys and girls aged 3-7 years.

The toy features quality plastic construction and doesn’t come with any loose parts meaning that it’s safe for young children to play with to keep them engaged for hours. When the mission calls for Rescue, the little one can convert the figure to the ambulance mode.

The Transformer Rescue Bots together with other collectibles, help fight the fire, floods, and crime. This Doc-Bot figure is a medic who has a button that activates the transformation and is useful when the team gets hurt.

  • Easy to convert in two steps
  • Looks sturdy and durable
  • Hours of imaginative play
  • The packaging could be improved

28. Transformers: Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron

Why we like it: The Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron is a cool converting character from the Transformers show as he acts in the Robots of Disguise. The figure is a suitable collection for boys and girls aged 8 years and above.

The Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron is a broad-shouldered action figure who converts from a prominent action figure to miniature battling robots in a straightforward step. He also teams up with other transformer figures to join in the battle to defend the Earth to conquer the space from the Decepticons.

The figure is an excellent addition for kids and Transformer fans. It’s a solidly built figure and features a plastic construction that seems durable to handle years of abuse. He includes a mask that the little one can pull down easily.

  • Solidly built for durability
  • Transforms into 1-4 steps
  • An excellent Transformer collectible
  • Detailed paintwork
  • Doesn’t hold up well

29. Playskool B1013 Heros Transformers Rescue Bot Blurr Figure

Why we like it: This Heros Transformers Rescue Bot Blurr is a 2-in-1 Rescue Bot that resembles the Blurr character and transforms from a robot mode to a car mode in two easy steps. The toy is an excellent addition to the young one’s collection, making it a suitable option for kids aged three years and above.

The Blurr figure is well made and features sturdy plastic material construction to handle years of abuse. Additionally, the toy is compact, making it easy to handle by little hands. Besides, it’s easy to transform, making it a favorite figure for little boys and girls.

Blurr joins with the rest of Rescue Bots to fight the invasion and save the planet earth from the Decepticons. The toy offers the little one hours of imaginative play, making it an excellent choice for preschoolers.

  • Enhances imaginative play
  • Transforms into robot and car modes
  • Easy to convert in two steps
  • Keeps the young one entertained
  • The overall quality could be improved

30. Transformers: Knight Armor Changer Grimlock

Why we like it: This Knight Armor Changer Grimlock converts between robot and T-rex modes to join the dominant forces and dominate the battlefields across the universe. He’s the most fearsome warrior alive with powerful abilities. The toy is a suitable addition to a six-year and above child’s collection.

The Knight Armor Changer Grimlock features a quick-change conversion from a robot mode to a T-rex mode in three easy steps. He stands tall at 8-inches in the combined manner, he also includes two wide, stable feet that allows him to pose.

The figure features plastic construction for durability. The toy offers little boys and girls hours of imaginative play.

  • Two easy steps to convert from robot mode to T-rex mode
  • Provides hours of imaginative play
  • Detailed paintwork
  • The overall quality could be improved

Bottom Line

If you were a fan of the Transformer T.V. show, then you can re-enact the most memorable scenes with your kid. Transformer toys continue to be popular generation after generation, and there’s a wide range of figures in the market which can make your choice daunting.

This guide will help you make a quality pick whether it’s a battling robot or cars or a mixture of both. Besides, your little one can start to make a collection to share the stories with the future generation.