Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump: Is It Worth It?

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump: Is It Worth It?

Medela’s Pump in Style is one of the most advanced breast pump systems on the market. While that means it has all the bells and whistles your heart desires, it also comes with a heftier price tag. You may find yourself wondering if all the features make this device more practical and user-friendly for daily use and if it’s worth the cost.

In this guide, we’ll answer some commonly asked questions about this product to help you decide if it’s right for you.

FAQ About Medala Pump in Style Advanced

Here are some questions you may be having about this breast pump and how it will fit into your daily life.

Is It Portable?

One of the best features of the Medela Pump in Style Advanced is just how portable it is. This system is designed with working moms in mind. The pump is hidden in a tote bag that carries all the accessories you need, including a small cooler bag with ice packs for storing your bottled milk. It’s easy to carry everything you need in one contained bag.

The tote is discreet and professional-looking. Even with your full pumping kit inside, there is still a little room leftover, so you can stash your wallet, keys, and phone. That means you won’t have to worry about carrying a purse and a pump bag when you’re on the go. Interior space is somewhat limited, though, so you won’t be able to carry much beyond the basics, unfortunately.

It’s also important to note that the system can’t be transferred to a different bag. The pump itself is attached to the interior of the bag.

Is It Comfortable?

The reason so many moms prefer this pump is thanks to the 2-phase pumping technology. These two distinct phases mimic how a baby nurses, so the process feels more natural. In the first phase, the suction is lighter and quicker, which helps your milk start to flow. The second phase slows things down and employs deeper suction.

This 2-phase method can be helpful for new moms who are still trying to establish their milk supply. It helps keep your body primed to breastfeed your child when you can, and it helps you pump more milk more efficiently by working with your body’s natural rhythms. You can also pump both breasts at the same time with this kit. This can help shorten your pumping times without being too harsh or painful. The system also has a knob that lets you adjust the speed of the suction to find what feels best for you, but the strength is not adjustable. Very sensitive mammas might not like that.

This pump comes with two sizes of flanges, or breast shields, to wear during the pumping process. The wrong size breast shield can cause a lot of chafe and discomfort, so this is a thoughtful touch from the company, though you can always purchase additional shields in different sizes if necessary. By having more than one size in the kit, though, they set you up for a better experience right away.

How Noisy Is It?

One of the main downsides of this system is the noise. While this newer model is quieter than some of the previous Medela pumps, there is still a notable buzzing or vibrating sound when the pump is in use. This results in a less discreet experience. If your workplace doesn’t have a designated nursing area, and you use a break room or your office instead, you may feel a little uncomfortable with the sound.

There are plenty of quieter options if that’s an area of concern for you. Check out our full list of the best breast pumps to see which high-performing models are quieter than this one.

What Are the Milk Storage Options?

This kit comes with a small cooler bag that can be stowed in the tote with the rest of your equipment or removed. It comes with a curved ice pack to help store your milk at a safe temperature until you can freeze or refrigerate it. Included are four 5-ounce bottles that fit into the cooler, which means you can store up to 20 ounces of breast milk at a time.

How Is the Pump Powered?

There are several power options for this electric breast pump. This system can run on 8 AA batteries, which makes it convenient on the go. However, you can also use the included AC adaptor to plug into the wall.

If you have a long commute or enjoy road trips, you can also purchase a travel adaptor that plugs into the cigarette lighter of a car.

Is It Easy to Clean?

All the components of this device that touch breast milk are made of BPA-free plastics. Cleaning them is fairly straightforward, as with any other breast pump. The connector tubes, flanges, and storage bottles should all be cleaned regularly and dried completely before storing them again.

The only area of difficulty is if you want to give the pump itself a thorough cleaning. This part doesn’t come in contact with your breast milk, so sterilizing it regularly isn’t as much of a concern. However, it still goes out with you every day, so you may want to clean it from time to time. With the pump being non-removable from the tote, it can be a challenge to give it a thorough cleaning.

Is Medela Pump in Style Advanced Worth It?

Budgeting for your baby is always tough. Parenthood can feel like a never-ending list of expenses, so saving money where you can and investing in things that are going to last a long time are important.

This breast pump from Medela is not cheap, but it does offer a lot of features that make it stand out from the competition. It’s definitely one of our top picks for working moms, thanks to its convenient portability and included milk storage. If those are your top priorities, then investing in this pump may be a good choice for you. If the noise and inability to control suction strength are deal-breakers, then we have a list of other great options for you to choose from.