The 10 Best Baby Bike Seats to Buy in 2020

The 10 Best Baby Bike Seats to Buy in 2020

Few things are more enjoyable than riding bikes in the summer with the whole family. If you have a baby or toddler, you need to do a little extra planning to make sure your rides are safe and easy. Be ready for family bike rides by finding the perfect baby bike seat for your little one! Choosing the right seat will allow you to enjoy the dog days of summer in a way that everyone can safely enjoy.

We have compiled a list of the best baby bike seats for 2020. Be sure to read through our buyers guide for tips and tricks to make shopping for the right bike seat easier.

What to Look For When Shopping for a Baby Bike Seat

When buying a bike seat for your young child, there are a lot of important factors to consider. With so many different types on the market, it can seem hard to choose which seat is best for you. Before looking, be sure to consider the following factors to help you find the best baby bike seat for you and your family.

Types of Baby Bike Seats

Firstly, keep in mind what type of mounting you prefer. The child bike seats can either be rear-mounted, front-mounted, or mid-mounted.

Rear-mounted seats are suitable for ages 12 months to 48 pounds, and they are the most popular type of seat on the market. Since they mount on the rear of the bike frame or rear rack, they can be larger, safer, and more comfortable for your child.

Mid-mounted bike seats are suitable for kids ages 2-5 and are mostly used for mountain biking. Mid-mounted bike seats place your child in between you and the handlebars, usually on the top tube. While not ideal for babies, they can be great for children as they grow up and want to feel like they are really riding the bike.

Front-mounted seats are the smallest available and are suited for children ages 9 months to around 2.5 years old. Since the child bike seat is mounted at the front of your bike below the handlebars, they can feel closer to you and feel safer between your arms.

Compatibility and Features

Second, it is important to know if the child bike seat is compatible with your bike. It’s very common for people to buy a bike seat only to find it won’t fit. So be sure to clarify what type of bike the seat is compatible with. Before searching through countless different styles, make sure to know what make and model your bike is so that you know the child seat will fit properly. Each bike mount specifies the diameter of the frame that it will mount on.

Once you have found the child bike seat type that fits your bike perfectly, then you can decide on specific features you prefer. These features can include harness design, shoulder straps, seat shape, adjustable footrest, suspension and how much it reclines.

We know that keeping your child comfortable and safe is a top priority for parents. To help with that goal, we have compiled a list of the best child bike seats of 2020. Be sure to read the full buyer guide at the end of this article for additional helpful information.

Top 10 Best Baby Bike Seats 2020

1. Best Adjustable Bike Seat: Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat

Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat

Why we like it: This bike seat is adjustable so it can be used for babies all the way up to larger toddlers. It also has a great safety rating, which is essential.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: 9 months and older, up to 48lbs
Mounting Info: Rear Mounting


The Harmax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat is the perfect way to bring a little one along for a ride. The seat is easily adjusted and can grow as your child grows, so you can keep the family adventures going for years to come. Of all the bike seats we have reviewed, the Harmax Caress Child Bike Seat is one of the most flexible and easy to use.

The Harmax Caress Bike Seat is very easy to install, and can be adjusted with just one hand, which is critical for parents with young children! This includes the safety buckle, adjustable straps, recline, headrest, footrests, and foot straps.

Having an adjustable bike seat means that your family can use it for longer and they will not outgrow it as quickly as other seats. The seat also reclines so your adventure buddy can snooze as you go. Make sure to read about reclining features in our buyer’s guide below. The Harmax Caress Bike Seat also features shock-absorbent suspension to ensure a smooth ride.

This baby bike seat definitely falls on the more expensive side of the market, but it is worth the investment. The fact that it is adjustable and will work for kids up to nearly 50llbs means you will get more than just one summer of use out of the seat. Since you can skip the toddler bike seat, the price for this one is actually very reasonable.


  • Adjustable to fit babies through toddlers
  • Suspension system to make the ride smoother
  • Easy one-hand adjustments
  • The seat can recline so babies can take a nap during the ride


  • More costly than most other baby bike seats

2. Most Affordable Baby Bike Seat: WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

WeeRide Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

Why we like it: The design of this seat, and the way it attaches to your bike, will actually improve your stability when riding.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts
Age Range/Weight Limit: 1 year old and up, up to 33lbs
Mounting Info: Center Mounting


This is a very affordable and easy to use bike seat for your young child. It is easy to mount directly to the center bar. Center-mounted bike seats are ideal for young children because you can see what they are doing, and even interact with them while you are on the ride.

Many children also love the fact that they are at the front of the bike and can see where they are going. The padding on this seat is also very nice, especially on longer rides. Depending on your riding position, however, your knees may rub against the seat, which can get uncomfortable. Wearing pants rather than shorts can help with this.

The design of this baby seat was set up to help improve the center of gravity on the bike itself. This means that the weight of the seat and your child will actually enhance the overall stability of the bike, which is unusual for child seats.

The way this seat attaches to the center bar of your bike may look like it is going to interfere with your bike’s gear and brake cables, but that is not the case. The designers of this model made sure to keep the bike’s functionality in mind when creating this popular seat.


  • Improved center of gravity helps with stability
  • Easy access to your baby while riding
  • Comfortable padding keeps your baby happy on longer rides


  • Your knees may knock on the seat, causing discomfort

3. Best View for the Baby Bike Seat: iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T Seat

iBert Child Bicycle Safe-T Seat

Why we like it: A secure, sleek and balanced design which offers a great view for your little one to enjoy.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: 1 to 4 years old, up to 38lbs
Mounting Info: Center Mounting


Your child will not want to go home once you put them in an iBert Bicycle Safe-T Seat! Available in pink, green, or red, this bike seat is a fantastic way to get outdoors with the family and go on a great adventure together. The iBert seat is a fantastic way for an outdoor-loving family to spend some quality time together.

The seat is center-mounted, which gives the parent a better center of gravity and increased mobility. Since it mounts near the front of your bike right under the handlebars, your kiddo will not miss a thing on your rides together. This makes for better communication and bonding as well.

The seat is nicely padded for extra comfort. It extends all the way down the child’s legs to their feet so they will not swing their legs around while you ride. The harness straps in the middle of the chest. There is also a padded steering wheel so your young child can pretend to be helping control where the bike goes. This is also a great feature in case the kiddo needs to rest their head. If you’re doing a lot of turning, however, they may flop around and be uncomfortable when trying to rest.

You may need to adjust the steering column to accommodate the seat. The seat also has an open-top half so the child does not have a head rest, so it might be best suited for shorter bike rides and not anything too long since your child will not be able to rest their head back. The parent riding the bike should have confident biking abilities so they can prevent falls, as the child is more susceptible to injury with an open seat top.


  • Fun ‘steering wheel’ for kids to hold on to
  • Seat keeps legs safely away from the tires
  • Helps to optimize center of gravity for easy riding


  • No secure headrest installed
  • Can be a bit uncomfortable on prolonged rides

4. Best Front Mounted Bike Seat: UrRider Child Bike Seat

UrRider Child Bike Seat

Why we like it: a sleek and non-bulky bike seat that is perfect for shorter rides with your older kids.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: 2-6 years old, up to 110lbs
Mounting Info: Front Mounting


This is an easily assembled, portable, and easily removed bike seat for your young toddlers so they can feel they are biking right along with you. You can bring the bike seat along on vacation so it can be easily attached to rental bikes or take it for a spin to the local ice cream shop. The whole unit weighs about two pounds, so it is easy to bring with you anywhere you want to go.

Installing the UrRide Child Bike Seat is quick and easy. Removing it is just as fast. The seat meets all USA Safety Standards so you can be assured your little one is safe while riding. The soft handrail keeps your child’s hands from slipping during the ride, and the seat is soft and comfortable while staying ventilated. The seat also has silicone arms on the fork to stop it damaging your bike.

One disadvantage of the UrRider Child Bike Seat is that it cannot be adjusted to the size of your child. The parent pedaling might also feel like they have to splay their knees apart with the child right in between them. These challenges only get worse as your child gets bigger so keep that in mind. While it’s not a huge deal on shorter bike rides, if you’re planning long-distance excursion, this seat might not be the right choice.


  • Only weighs about two pounds
  • Installing and removing takes just moments
  • Carrying bag for easy storage is included


  • Can get uncomfortable as your child gets bigger
  • Not ideal for longer rides

5. Best for Easy Mounting: Peg Perego Orion Bike Seat

Peg Perego Orion Bike Seat

Why we like it: The one-click installation system makes it one of the easiest to mount baby bike racks on the market.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: 12 months, up to 33lbs
Mounting Info: Front Mounting


The Peg Perego Orion baby bike seat is a front-mounted design that is really easy to install and remove. They use a proprietary one-click installation system that allows you to hook it up to your bike in just seconds. Once attached, it is safe and secure until you want to remove it. As with any front-mounted seat, the baby will be positioned in front of the adult rider, which can give both parents and children a great sense of security.

You can get this product in multiple different color styles including aqua & grey, blue & red, grey & red, and green & grey. No matter the color you choose, you will have a secure place to keep your young child while you go on a bike ride.

The design has your child sitting up and slightly forward, while also keeping their legs spread apart and in place so they don’t disrupt your peddling. Kids won’t be able to move their feet because of the straps that hold them in place. Some kids can get annoyed by this, but it is essential for their safety and the safety of the parent so don’t forget to strap them in.

While this baby bike seat uses a three-point harness, it also has a front bar that goes across their midsection. This bar is not meant to keep the child in their seat, but does give them a place to rest their arms and helps them to feel snug in their seat, which can help to minimize squirming while on the ride.

One nice thing about this front-mounted baby seat is that it is high enough and forward enough to keep the seat out of the way of your peddling, which will allow for a comfortable ride even over longer distances.


  • Extremely fast and easy installation
  • Position of seat allows for comfortable peddling by parent
  • Available in multiple color schemes


  • No five-point harness system available
  • Kids may feel confined due to leg restraints

6. Best for Long Bike Rides: Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Bike Seat

Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Child Bike Seat

Why we like it: This is a very comfortable seat for kids, making it a perfect choice for parents who enjoy long bike rides.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: For ages 1 and up, 40 lbs
Mounting Info: Rear Mounting


With a lightweight, polypropylene design, the Schwinn Deluxe Child Bike Seat is the perfect addition for your little one to enjoy a family bike ride with you. The durable design goes up above your child’s head and up in front of their arms to provide maximum protection in the event of a fall. You can be sure the Schwinn Deluxe Child Bike Seat will keep your child safe, and have your child smiling with hours of fun.

The easy attachment only requires a screwdriver and mounts to the rear of your bike frame, so you and your child can head out on a day full of adventure. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on assembly to ensure the seat attaches strongly and securely to your bike.

Additional features include a quick release three-point harness, leg restraints, and padded crossbar for additional safety. The footwells can be adjusted and the headrest can be detached. The seat is vented to prevent wind drag, and is cushioned for comfort.

One disadvantage of the seat is that it is not universally compatible and will not fit bikes with rear suspensions. Also, it is harder for adults shorter than 5’5” to ride and have the saddle tall enough to keep the child level. Be sure to confirm that the specific make and model of your bike is compatible with the Schwinn Deluxe Child Bike Seat.


  • One of the best safety ratings on the market
  • Made by the iconic Schwinn brand
  • Very comfortable for longer bike rides


  • Not compatible with bikes that have rear suspensions
  • Shorter rides might struggle

7. Bell Shell Front or Rear Bike Seat

Bell Shell Front or Rear Bike Seat

Why we like it: Affordable child seat that grows as they do.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: 1-4 years, up to 40lbs maximum
Mounting Info: Rear Mounting


Your child is growing, and so should their bike seat! Instead of purchasing multiple sizes of bike seats as they get bigger, get the Bell Shell Rear Mounted Child Bike Seat that adjusts as they grow.

Assembly is easy and should not take longer than 20 minutes when following the directions. The Bell Shell Bike Seat is not compatible with bikes that have rear suspension, so keep that in mind before buying.

The seat has holes to give your child ventilation during a ride to reduce drag. The 3-point harness safety straps can be adjusted to comfortably fit all children. The Bell Shell also has shock-absorbing padding so your little one will not be jolted around during bumpy rides.

Perhaps the most noteworthy feature is the adjustable footbeds. As your tot gets bigger, you can adjust the footbeds to meet their height and keep the fun going just a little while longer.

The biggest critique is that the Bell Shell Child Bike Seat does not fit all types of bikes. It does not fit on rear suspension bikes, such as bikes with cables or water bottle mounts that could get in the way of the seat mount.

The Bell Shell will also not be compatible with full suspension mountain bikes or bikes with compact frames. For the price, the Bell Shell is a perfect way to get parents some exercise and give your kids countless amounts of fun, even as they grow, and memories they can cherish for years.


  • Affordable
  • Great for children up to 4 years of age
  • Made in the USA


  • Will not fit bikes with rear suspension
  • Not compatible with mountain bikes

8. Thule RideAlong Bike Seat

Thule RideAlong Bike Seat

Why we like it: This is a very comfortable seat for both children and adults, which makes it an ideal option for long distance rides.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Age Range/Weight Limit: 9 months to 3 years, up to 33lbs
Mounting Info: Rear Mounting


If you have a commuter bike and need the perfect accessory for your young one to enjoy a ride along with you, this bike seat is the one for you. This seat can be quickly and easily installed in minutes, then you and your child can hit the road in safety and comfort.

Just be sure to note that this is primarily designed for ‘cruiser’ style bikes, so if you have a racer or mountain bike, it may not mount properly.

The Thule RideAlong is a great option due to its sleek look and great reputation. The padding is made out of flexible rubber foam, which helps to keep your child comfortable throughout the ride. This padding can be easily removed and is machine washable, which is a huge benefit.

The bike seat mounts in such a way as to absorb the shock from bumps in the road, which will further help to keep your child safe and comfortable. When it starts to rain during your ride, no need to worry because the Thule RideAlong is water repellent. The back is also ventilated so your little one will not overheat on a warm day.

As you know, young children grow very quickly. This bike seat has adjustable legs so it can grow right along with them. That makes it so you can use this same seat from about age 9 months all the way up to three years of age (depending on their size). Parents will love the fact that they can get so much use out of this beautiful seat.


  • Adjustable leg rests let the seat grow with your child
  • Machine washable padding
  • Shock absorbing mount for comfortable ride


  • Many people have trouble mounting this seat to racer or mountain style bikes

9. Bike Seat Baby Carrier with Handrail

Bike Seat Baby Carrier with Handrail

Why we like it: The adjustable leg rests allow kids to comfortably fit in this seat for several years. The seat can also be mounted facing either front or back (toward the parent) for added flexibility.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts
Age Range/Weight Limit: 9 months – 3 years, up to 33lbs
Mounting Info: Front Mounting


This is a great baby bike seat that is adjustable to allow children up to age three to fit in it comfortably. As a front-mounted bike seat, it will be placed directly in front the main bike seat. Depending on the size of the adult rider, this could cause some discomfort while peddling. If you are able to get your legs positioned properly, however, this should not be a problem.

The design of the baby seat is great for shorter distances, but younger children may have trouble sitting up for anything too long. The back of the seat doesn’t go up very high, so kids won’t be able to rest their head (or fall asleep), which little kids often want to do on longer rides. You can mount this seat either facing forward so your child can see where you are going or facing you so you can keep a closer eye on them.

The seat does have a grip bar that your child can hold onto, which should provide them with stability and comfort. Finally, the adjustable leg rests allow you to strap their feet in, so they don’t get in the way.


  • You can mount the seat facing front or facing back toward you
  • Fast and easy mounting and adjusting of the seat
  • Five-point safety harness


  • Does not fit on beach cruiser bikes or bikes with dual suspension
  • Children may have trouble sitting up for long periods

10. Bellelli Pepe Baby Carrier

Bellelli Pepe Baby Carrier

Why we like it: A lightweight child bike seat made for quick and easy cruises.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

Mounting Info: Rear Mounting
Age Range/Weight Limit: Up to 48.5lbs


This is a great bike seat for your baby or toddler. It is a rear rack mounted seat, however, so you need to be certain that you have a rack-mounted onto your bike. This seat does not come with the rack. They recommend using the Seat Stay mounting system, which makes it easy to add and remove this bike seat from the rack.

Attaching the Bellelli Pepe Child Bike Seat is a fairly simple process. The child is strapped into a three-point safety harness as well as ankle straps. The harness is adjustable, and it has a quick-release button so it can be switched from bike to bike.

The back of the seat has a recline for neck and back support with high sideboards to decrease turbulence as you cycle along. The bottom of the seat has wide, safe protection for legs and feet. Even though the frame is lightweight, the material is sturdy and even water-resistant. It has a higher weight limit so that you can keep your kid riding with you even as they grow.

The harness on this bike seat is a three-point harness, which you can read more about in the buyer’s guide below. HARNESS Design While three-point harnesses are very safe, many parents prefer the five-point design that has a waste belt as well. In addition to the main harness, this seat has straps on the adjustable footrests to keep their legs safely in place.


  • Adjustable footrests fit small children as they grow
  • Very comfortable seating design
  • Design helps to reduce turbulence and wind noise for your child


  • Bike rack mounting system required and sold separately

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bike Seats

With so many choices of baby bike seats available on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you, your child, and your bike. Taking the time to learn about the different styles of bike seats, the way they attach to bikes, safety options, and other details will help ensure you purchase the right one for your situation.

There are three key things to take into account when choosing the best baby bike seat for you:

  1. Determine what Type of Mounting You Prefer (Front, Rear, or Mid-Mount)
  2. Make Sure Your Bike is Compatible with the Seat
  3. Find the Features You Need

What Type of Seat Do You Prefer?

Bike seats for children come in three main types. The one that is right for you will depend on a number of factors including the age of your child, the weight of your child, the features you want in a bike seat, and your style of riding. The three types of seat are:

Rear Mounted Seat

Suitable for children older than 12 months and up to 48 pounds, this type of bike seat is the most popular on the market. The rear seats can be larger than front or mid-mount seats and have more features such as being able to recline, having suspension, and having shoulder straps with more adjustability. Rear mount seats can be mounted to the frame or the rack of a bike.

Front Mounted Seat

Suitable for children ages 9 months to 2.5 years old, these are the smallest types of bike seats. This type of seat is best for parents who want to keep their child close during a bike ride together. As opposed to a rear-mounted bike, children can see the road as well as you can, and it allows for better communication.

Mid or Center Mounted Seat

Suitable for children ages 1-5 years old, the mid-mount bike seats are placed in between the adult and the handlebars. Mid-mount bike seats are not equipped with harnesses, and are most typically used for mountain biking, since keeping your child closer to the center will help balance the bike.

Is Your Bike Compatible?

When it comes to the safety of your child and the protection of your bike, it is essential to keep in mind what bike seat is compatible with your bike. This seems to be the most common problem with customers experience when it comes to bike seats. They choose a seat they like, but don’t check if it will work with their particular bike or not. Read through this section to find out which types of bike seats are compatible and not compatible with your bike.

Rear Mounted Child Bike Seats

For a rear-mounted child bike seat, there are two key questions to keep in mind when determining whether or not your bike is compatible:

Is Your Bike’s Seat Tube Compatible with a Child Bike Seat?

The mounting bracket for a rear-mounted child bike seat attaches to the seat tube of the bike, which is the vertical tube that travels down directly beneath the seat and the seat post.

In order to properly mount, the seat tube must be round and have at least 4 to 6 inches of open space. The space must be clear of studs for things like water bottle mounts, wire mounts, and wires as well.

If your bike has at least 4 inches of open space with wires running down the seat tube, you won’t likely have any trouble with rear-mounted baby bike seats. If your bike does not have 4 to 6 inches of open space on the seat post, a rear-mounted child bike seat will not be compatible with your bike, but there is a possibility it can be compatible with a rear rack mounted seat.

Is your saddle (seat) set too close to the frame of the bike?

Even if your bike’s frame has the proper space to mount a seat, if the saddle of the bike is set to its lowest position on the bike, or within an inch of touching the bike frame, you might have trouble mounting a rear child seat to your bike. While every brand varies, all brands of bike seats will need about two inches of space below the seat for the mounting and seat poles.

Rear Rack Mounted Child Bike Seats

Rear rack mounted child bike seats mount to a rack attached to the frame of the adult bike, over the rear tire. Child bike seats do not typically come with a rack and the rack will have to be purchased separately. If your bike is equipped to fit a rack onto it, then any rack mounted child bike seat will most likely work for you.

If you already have a rack, be sure that the rack’s weight capacity is at least 60 pounds before mounting a bike seat onto it.

There are two questions to consider when determining whether or not a rear rack mounted child bike seat will work for you:

Does your bike have eyelets for mounting a rack?

Eyelets are necessary for mounting a rack onto your bike. Without eyelets, you cannot mount a rack onto your bike, meaning you will not be able to mount a rear rack mounted child bike seat.

There are two sets of eyelets on the frame of a rack-compatible bike: two near the rear wheel axle and two near the top of the triangle. They are generally covered by a black plastic plug. If your bike has these eyelets, they are rack seat compatible.

Does your bike have disc brakes?

Bikes with disc brakes have a large rotor around the hub of the tire and are only compatible with disc brake specific bike racks. If your bike has disc brakes, you will have to purchase a rack that can specifically work with disc brakes.

Front Mounted Child Bike Seat

There are two key questions to consider before purchasing a front mount bike seat:

Is your bike big enough to comfortably ride with a front-mounted seat?

Front-mounted bike seats can take up to about 10 inches of space between the stem and the saddle of the bike. If the distance between your handlebars and your seat tube, or the top tube, is less than 20 inches, you will most likely have difficulty riding with a front-mounted seat as your chest and knees may hit the seat as you ride.

Bikes that keep riders in a more upright position, such as cruisers, hybrids, and others, will be able to fit about 18 inches. Any bikes where the rider is leaning more forward, like road bikes, are not suitable for a front-mounted bike seat since the rider’s chest will be too far forward, leaving no room for a seat to fit.

What type of headset does your bike have?

There are two main types of headsets on bikes: threaded/quill and threadless/ahead.

Threaded/quill headsets are tightened with a threaded lock nut, hence the name. These types of headsets on bikes are more compatible with front-mounted child bike seats. On threaded headsets/quill stems, the mounting bracket is clamped around the stem. The mounting bracket size ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 inches tall, so be sure to have 0.5 to 1.5 inches of open space on the stem. If you do not, then it is possible you can loosen the lock nut and raise the handlebars to give you more space.

Threadless/ahead headsets do not have a lock nut and are tightened with an internal bolt. Ahead adapters/threadless headsets are more difficult to fit with front-mounted bike seats. While many bike seat manufacturer’s claim that their standard mounting brackets are compatible with ahead stems, we have rarely seen that to be true. Ahead adapters are much slimmer than standard adapters and typically fit into the tighter spaces available on bikes with ahead headsets.

Instead of mounting around the quill stem-like standard brackets, ahead adapters mount between the spacers on the steer tube (the tube that attaches the fork to the handlebars) and require removing the handlebars to mount.

However, not all bikes with ahead headsets are compatible with ahead adapters. Bikes that typically have success with mounting ahead adapters have several flat spacers along the steer tube and have riser handlebars. Some bikes without spacers, but with riser handlebars often work as well.

Due to limited space, bikes with flat handlebars typically do not have enough room to either mount the adapter or to prevent the legs of the seat from hitting the bike’s fork. For a flat handlebar bike, the best option for a child bike seat would most likely be a mid-mount bike seat.

Mid Mount Child Bike Seat

Mid-mount bike seats are easier to attach to a bike than rear or traditional front mount seats. Most of these mid-mount seats are attached by squeezing the top and bottom tube of the bike, making them more universally fitting to a wide range of bikes. However, the mid-mount seats do not come with a harness, so the child has to hold on tightly during a ride. This means they typically won’t be well suited for babies and toddlers. Still, understanding how these work is important so you can be prepared as your child grows up.

There are two main styles of mid-mount bike seats designed for two different uses: recreational and mountain biking. Recreational seats are bigger and bulkier, so these mid-mount seats are good for a quick ride around the town. Mountain bike seats are designed to be slim and minimize the amount of space both the seat and the child take up on the bike.

Features available on different bike seats

Once you find out what type of seat is compatible with your bike, you can begin the process of narrowing down the bike seats by specific features. These can include harness design, shoulder straps, seat shape, adjustable footrests, suspension, how far they can recline, and availability of accessories.

Harness Design

There are two types of harness design, 3-point and 5-point. 3-point harnesses have shoulder straps that meet at the buckle, while 5-point harnesses have shoulder straps and waist straps that meet at the buckle. While they are both safe, the 5-point harness is the more secure option. If your child happens to get out of the shoulder straps during a ride, the waist straps will keep them from falling.

Shoulder Straps

For the safety of your child, shoulder straps need to be firmly on the shoulders of your child. While most seats have shoulder straps, the way they function can vary. Straps that can be simply pulled down to tighten are easier to use than straps that require rethreading straps through a slide buckle. Straps that can be adjusted to height allow for better and more secure fitting as well.

Seat Shape

The seat can be a helmet pocket seat, which prevents the child’s head from being pushed forward and makes the child more comfortable. There is also a bumper style of seat, which is designed to prevent fingers from getting pinched.

A low back or high back seat is another important factor to consider. Seats with low backs are best for front mounting as they allow you to see the road ahead, while seats with high backs are great as your child can rest as you ride.

Adjustable Footrests

Footrests on rear and front bike seats help to properly support the child’s feet, while also preventing them from the rear wheel. Children on a front-mounted seat might not be able to reach the wheel with their legs, but they can most likely reach the handlebars, which can interfere with steering. Adjustable footrests are a great way to keep you and your child safe.


Suspension on a bike seat can help your child be cushioned from bumps coming up through the bike. Rear-mounted seats offer great suspension. A bike seat with suspension will absorb the impact of bumps and jolts to keep your child from bouncing around. The child seat suspension will be in addition to any built-in suspension system for the bike itself.


Available only to rear mount bike seats, being able to recline the back of the seat is a fantastic addition for any parent with a sleepy child. Keeping your child’s head from rolling to the sides while they sleep can make for a much more comfortable ride for them.

Look into how far back a given bike seat can recline. Some of them can lean back almost to the point of laying down, which is great in terms of letting them nap on a bike ride. When adjusting this type of seat, make sure to check the safety belts after making any changes to ensure they remain snug and safe.

Keeping your child happy and comfortable during bike rides is great for everyone. With a front-mounted seat, an included handlebar lets the little passenger feel safe. It may also keep your child from grabbing onto the bike’s handlebars.

Final Thoughts

Taking your little one on an adventure on your bike is a wonderful experience. You want them to be safe, but you also want them to feel the joy of the adventure. There is a balance to be struck, and the baby bike seats on our list will help both you and them get the most out of your excursions together. Now that you have the information you need to select the best child bike seat for you, your child, and your bike, it is time to get out there and enjoy some quality family time on the streets or trails. One day, they may even graduate to their own bike.