Best Baby Car Sun Shades to Reduce Glare

Best Baby Car Sun Shades to Reduce Glare

By this point, you’ve definitely heard of the dangers of UV rays, especially when it comes to your little one. Sun shades are an affordable way to keep them safe from sun rays while you’re driving and can be affixed to most side windows surrounding your child. You’ll be able to level up your sun protection game without spending a fortune! If you’re looking to learn all the ins and outs of sun shades, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Choose the Right Sun Shade

When it comes to picking out the best sun shades for your little one, you want a choice that’s coated with UVA protection, durable, and fun to look at. This way, you won’t have to worry about the harsh sun rays harming your child’s skin on the next road trip you take.

Below are some of the biggest features to look for before purchasing sun shades. You can also get a more in-depth shopping guide for baby car sun shades here.

Types of Sun Shades

Sun shades come in various types to accommodate different purposes, window sizes, and more. Below are some of the main types that we’ll be covering in this guide. You can also read more about the differences between the types here.

Pop-Out Suction Shades

Pop-out suction shades have a wireframe on the edge and pop out to their full size when you open them. They’re easy to store and stick to the window using suction cups. They’re also some of the cheaper sun shades that you can buy. Our favorite pop-out suction choice would be the iZoeL sun shades.

Static Cling Shades

These shades use static to cling to the sides of the window rather than suction cups. They’re easy to pull off when they’re not in use, and you won’t have to worry about the outlines of suction cup imprints being left on your window!

Some of them may pop-out as well, but the lack of suction cups distinguishes them from traditional pop-out shades. Our favorite static cling shade would be the Kinder Fluff sun shades.

Pull-Down Shades

Pull-down shades are attached to the car’s window and can be pulled up or down, just like any shades you have at home. They’re a little more permanent and less likely to fall off, unlike the pop-out shades.

They’re also easy to use once you get them fully installed, though some parents don’t like having these more permanent shades attached to the window. A few pull-down shades, however, are also easily removable. Our favorite pull-down shades would be the Munchkin pull-down shades.

Factors to Consider When Buying Sun Shades

Sun shades come in an assortment of styles, so here are some of the major features that differentiate them. Make sure you read all the specifications of the shades before making your purchase!

UVA Protection

The UVA protection feature is the most important criteria and determines how much of the sun’s harmful rays are blocked by the shade. We’ll get more into why you want UVA protection for your sun shade here. Just like with sunscreen, the higher the UVA protection, the better!

Suction Cups and Cling Factor

The last thing you want is the car sun shade to get dislodged during your trip! Make sure the shades you pick out can cling to the window long enough for your drive with your little one. After all, sun shades that fall won’t be offering much sun protection and may even end up being a choking hazard for your little one!


Since sun shades are used around children, you’ll want to make sure the materials are child-friendly and safe. Look for materials that are free of harmful substances and have been tested before. In general, you may want to stay away from PVC materials.

Size and Weight

Look for a sun shade that fits your window just right. You may want to find one that covers as much of the window as possible without getting too heavy. After all, in the event the sun shade falls, you don’t want it to hurt your little one sitting right next to it. Smaller sun shades may stick to the window for longer but won’t provide nearly as much sun protection.

Picking out the perfect sun shade is no small feat, especially with all of the criteria you’ll have to consider. Now that we’ve covered the main factors to look for in purchasing sun shades, let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market!

Top 10 Best Baby Car Sun Shades 2023

1. Best Overall Pick: Kinder Fluff Window Sun Shades

Kinder Fluff Window Sun Shades

Why we like it: The Kinder Fluff window shades come in a set of four and are certified to keep your little one safe from harmful rays. With 150 GSM mesh and 15S static film, your kids definitely won’t have to worry about the sun on car trips.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Static cling
  • Size: 20 x 12 inches
  • Design: Semi-transparent and transparent black

The Kinder Fluff sun shades have been certified to have a UPF 50+ rating, which blocks 99.79% of UVA rays! They’re also the recipient of the Mom’s Choice Awards for their effectiveness in blocking harmful sun rays. However, keep in mind that these are static cling shades and may contain PVC as a result (the company does not specify).

This set comes with a set of 4 shades, with two that are transparent and two that are semi-transparent. It also includes a small pouch for easy carry and portability. The semi-transparent sun shades are some of the darkest ones on the market, which increases their effectiveness. It’s made with 120 GSM mesh and 15S static film for extra durability and protection.

These shades also come in a slightly larger size when compared with others, which can be good or bad. Check the dimensions of your car window first since these shades can be too large for smaller vehicles. In addition, they only come in a black color, which may not be as fun as some of the more stylish car shade options.


  • Certified to have a UPF 50+ rating
  • Recipient of Mom’s Choice awards
  • Set includes four shades and a travel pouch
  • Made of 120 GSM mesh and 15S static film
  • One of the darkest shades that offer the most protection


  • Can potentially contain PVC
  • Shade can be too big for smaller cars

2. Best Premium Pick: Munchkin Brica Sun Shades

Munchkin Brica Sun Shades

Why we like it: The Munchkin Brica sun shades do much more than just protect your child from sun rays. With a white-hot indicator and a one-push retract button, it makes your job much easier as a parent on your next car trip!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Pull-down
  • Size: 15 x 19 inches
  • Design: Transparent black

The Munchkin Brica shades offer more than just sun protection. Their extra features include a white-hot indicator, which turns white when the car gets too hot and offers a visual for parents to make sure their child is comfortable. In addition, they have a sturdy dual attachment system that can work with clips and suction cups, ensuring it stays sturdy when applied on the car window.

The work is much easier for parents as well after the initial set up. There’s a one-push retract button that makes putting it away much easier since parents just need to click it. And of course, when you want to put the sun shade to use, all you’ll need to do is pull down at the bottom and stretch it out as much as you’ll need!

The material is made of premium mesh designed to filter out harmful rays, and parents can still see through the shades while driving. However, because of the extra features and premium material, this shade is significantly more expensive than traditional pop-up suction sun shades.

A less expensive pull-down sun shade would be the Manelord sun shade. In addition, the shade runs a little wider than 15 inches with the suction cups, so you may not be able to fit it on smaller windows. However, the length is not an issue since you can just pull down as much as you need until the entire window is covered!


  • Uses a sturdy dual attachment system
  • Offers a one-push retract button
  • Includes a white-hot temperature indicator
  • Made of premium mesh for UVA protection
  • The pull-down option makes it easy to cover the entire window


  • More expensive than traditional sun shades
  • Width may be too big for smaller car windows

3. Best Budget Pick: Relarr Car Shade

Relarr Car Shade

Why we like it: If you’re looking for an affordable option that keeps the sun out of your child’s eyes, the Relarr shades are the perfect option for you. Coming in a universal size, they’ll be able to fit your window and block out the sun without costing a fortune!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Pop-out suction
  • Size: 17 x 14 inches
  • Design: Transparent black

The Relarr car shades are an affordable option for parents who want to keep their kids from sun damage but without the extra costs. It uses suction cups to stick onto the windows and is created in the “Universal Size” that allows it to fit most windows. Each shade has two suction cups, one on the left and one on the right.

This sun shade is created from nylon mesh and designed to block 97% of UV rays. In addition, it’s designed to stay durable, as it even has a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. This lets you test out the sun shades without any risk since they’re certain about the high quality of their shades.

When it’s time to clean up, the sun shade is easy to fold back into its small shape. It comes with an elastic band that can be used to keep its shape, and the materials themselves are gentle and won’t contain any harmful substances (such as PVC).

However, they’re not as dark as the Kinder Fluff sun shades, and as a result, they won’t keep as much sun light out. In addition, the suction cup may separate from the shade over time, and it won’t be as durable as other static cling shades and pull-down shades.


  • Comes in the “Universal Size” and fits most windows
  • Nylon mesh blocks 97% of UV rays
  • The elastic band makes it easy to fold up and store
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful substances


  • Won’t be as durable as other shades
  • Not as dark as the Kinder Fluff window shades

4. Most Versatile: AstroAI Window Shades

AstroAI Window Shades

Why we like it: The AstroAI window shades come with two different shades so that you’ll be able to pick how much sun to block out. Arriving in a size that fits most cars, you can alternate between shades depending on the weather and day!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Static cling
  • Size: 19.7 x 11.8 inches
  • Design: Semi-transparent and transparent black

The AstroAi shades come in two different designs, with one being semi-transparent and the other being fully transparent. This variety allows for you as the parent to decide how much sunlight you’ll want to block out since you have two different darknesses to pick from. Its static cling surface sticks to the window well without needing suction cups.

In addition, it’s created with a refined sewing process to increase the durability and lifespan of these shades. It comes with four different shades for you to use, and a simple storage bag once you’re done using it. While it doesn’t come with a warranty, it’s still built to last.

Unfortunately, once you get the package, the shades will have a few creases which won’t come out. In addition, the darker color makes it difficult for you to look out that window, which increases the blind spot you have while driving.

It’s also made with 15S static protection film, though it’s only created with 80 GSM mesh rather than 120 GSM mesh. Best of all, it’s just a little more affordable when compared to the Kinder Fluff option.


  • Created with 15S static protection film
  • 80 GSM mesh is still durable
  • Created with a refined sewing process
  • Comes with 4 shades and 2 different transparencies
  • More affordable than the Kinder Fluff


  • Darker shades increase your blind spot when driving
  • Shades may arrive with creases

5. Best Static Cling Shades: Enovoe Car Shades Pack

Enovoe Car Shades Pack

Why we like it: If you’re tired of using suction cups, the Enovoe static cling car shades are perfect at blocking out the sun without any extra effort from you. With a handy travel pouch, you’ll have everything you need for your little one’s skin health.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Static Cling
  • Size: 21 x 14 inches
  • Design: Transparent black

The Enovoe car shades are manufactured with quality in mind, utilizing a dual-layer design for both sides to work equally well. It’s meant to fit larger cars, and the black mesh fabric can block out 97% of harmful UV rays and extra heat. In addition, it also comes with a free premium pouch for you to store the shades when it’s not in use.

The shades are meant to stay durable for a long time, and their lifetime warranty ensures that you won’t have to worry about purchasing another sun shade – ever! It’s a portable choice and gets rid of the need for suction cups in your sun shades. In addition, it also comes with a small eBook with more tips on how to keep children safe in the heat.

If this size isn’t right for you, they also offer a smaller 19 x 12” sun shade here to fit any compact cars. In addition, you can also get a larger 25 x 16” version here. However, these larger shades can be more difficult to fold up, and the information packet included with purchase isn’t very helpful. In addition, the shades may also fall off during hotter weather.

The transparency of the shades are better than some of the other options, so you won’t have to worry about your blind spot as you drive. However, these cling shades are not certified, unlike the Kinder Fluff sun shades, which offer a little more sun protection.


  • Comes with a dual-layer design
  • Includes an eBook on keeping kids safe in the heat
  • Comes with a travel pouch for storage
  • Includes a lifetime warranty
  • Comes in 3 different sizes to fit all cars


  • Larger shades are difficult to fold
  • Shades may fall off in hotter weather

6. Most Stylish: Caramaz Car Sun Shades

Caramaz Car Sun Shades

Why we like it: If you’re tired of all the plain black sun shades, we hear you! Caramaz offers five unique and whimsical designs for your little one to choose from, with animals and oceans available on the shades!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Static Cling
  • Size: 20 x 12 inches
  • Design: Animals, clouds, or ocean design

Unlike the typical sun shade designs seen earlier, the Caramaz shades come with cute animals on the front. There are five different designs to choose from, and you can even let your little one have a hand in the picking process.

Each is certified with UV protection and blocks 98.6% of UV rays, with a UPF 50+ rating. In addition, the animals are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face, since it’s more fun to look at than the traditional black sun shades.

While it doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee, Caramaz does offer a 90-day warranty for your money back, so you can test out the sun shades to see if you like them or not. It also comes in an extra-large size for bigger cars that have more space to be covered.

Unfortunately, once the window shades are folded up, they may not fold flat afterward. The wire is not as resilient as some of the other shades, so it can be harder to flatten out after a few uses. However, as long as you’re gentle with the sun shade, it can last you a few years.

In addition, the mesh is extra dark to provide them a bit more sun protection than some of the more transparent options. However, this can make it hard for you to see out the window as well and may increase your blind spot. A stylish but lighter car shade option would be the iZoeL car sun shade.


  • UV protection certified and blocks 98.6% of sun rays
  • Comes with a 90-day guarantee
  • Includes five different designs to pick from
  • The extra dark screen offers more sun protection
  • Comes in an extra-large size as well


  • It may be hard to flatten out after several uses
  • Slightly opaque and increases blind spot when driving

7. Best Pop-Out Sun Shade: iZoeL Car Sun Shade

iZoeL Car Sun Shade

Why we like it: The iZoeL car sun shades are a fun option with cute designs if you want a pop-out shade. They arrive with eight suction cups and a microfiber cloth, so you’ll have everything you need to get it set up in the car.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Pop-out suction
  • Size: 20 x 12 inches
  • Design: Elephants, unicorns, and balloons

The iZoeL Car sun shades come with 8 suction cups so that you can decide how you want to stick them to your window. The 80 GSM mesh is high quality and blocks out more sun than shades made with 50 GSM mesh. In addition, it also comes with everything you’ll need for the setup, with a soft microfiber cloth to prepare the window before using the eight included suction cups.

This sun shade also comes with three different patterns to pick from, with happy elephants and a road map with cars and a town. However, if you don’t like these patterns, you can also check out other patterned sun shades by Caramaz since they have five different designs.

Their sun shade is made with premium materials and is 35% thicker than many other choices on the market. However, since it does adhere to suction cups, the cups might not be as effective in high heat. Thus, the sun shade tends to fall if you live in a more humid or warm climate. In addition, since it’s only made with 80 GSM mesh, it won’t keep out as much sun as shades created from 120 GSM mesh.


  • Comes with eight suction cups
  • Arrives with a soft microfiber cloth for cleaning windows
  • Three different patterns to pick from
  • 35% thicker than shades made with 50 GSM mesh


  • Suction cups don’t adhere as well in humid climates
  • Does not provide as much sun protection as those with 120 GSM mesh

8. Best Pull-Down Sun Shade: Manelord Car Sun Shade

Manelord Car Sun Shade

Why we like it: If you’re looking for affordable pull-down sun shades, the Manelord shades have you covered. They’re made of high-quality mesh, and as a pull-down shade, you’ll be able to choose how much of the sun shades to use each time!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Pull-down
  • Size: 17.7 x 15.7 inches
  • Design: Semi-transparent black

The Manelord sun shade is a perfect choice for those looking for pull-down shades. They attach with strong suction cups on the top, and once you get it set up, it’s easy to use in the future! You can also choose to use Velcro to install it. In addition, it also includes a rope that’s easy to pull on and adjust the length. This shade can also be used vertically or horizontally, depending on how large your window is.

However, it is made of PVC material, which is why it’s a little lower on the list. PVC may have harmful health effects, so it’s best to use this shade if your child is sitting in the middle seat rather than right next to the shades. While the PVC is non-toxic, you may want to be careful just in case.

In addition, this pull-down is more basic than the Munchkin pull-down shades, since this one doesn’t have a built-in heat protector. However, this set of pull-down shades is also less expensive, so it could be better if you’re just looking for sun protection.

The PVC is meant to block 98% of the UV rays while still maintaining visibility for the driver. Just like the iZoeL sun shades, it’s also made with 80 GSM mesh. However, the suction cups may come deformed, and you’ll have to soak them in warm water to make them useable.


  • Less expensive pull-down sun shades
  • Blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Can use Velcro or suction cups to set up
  • Does not decrease visibility when used


  • Made of PVC
  • Suction cups may come deformed

9. Best Bulk Sun Shades: Amazon Basics Car Sun Shades

Amazon Basics Car Sun Shades

Why we like it: If you have multiple cars or need a lot of sun shades in general, the Amazon Basics shades come in a pack of 4 at an affordable price. With two different transparencies included in every purchase, you’ll have enough to cover as many windows as you need.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Pop-out suction
  • Size: 20 x 12 inches
  • Design: Semi-transparent and transparent black

If you have several cars, and you want to buy a large number of sun shades to make sure all windows are covered, then the Amazon Basics option may be perfect for you. Each comes in a set of 4 and a portable carrying bag so that they don’t take up too much space. Two shades are transparent 100 GSM shades, and two are semi-transparent 120 GSM shades.

They’re created from lightweight polyester mesh and ensure that the driver still has visibility when looking out the window. In addition, the reinforced memory steel wireframe ensures that the shades are durable and meant to last. To add to their durability claims, they include a 1-year warranty with the shades.

However, keep in mind is that these shades only attach with a single suction cup in the center. This means that they may be easier to rip off and may not be as secure on the corners if your kid likes to pull at the shades. If you would like suction cups on all corners, you may prefer the Relarr car shades.

In addition, keep in mind the size of the shade when purchasing. You may need to use two of them to cover one window if you drive a larger vehicle. However, their low price makes this an affordable option, even if you need twice the number of shades!


  • Comes in a pack of four shades
  • Includes 100 GSM mesh shades and 120 GSM mesh shades
  • Has reinforced memory steel wireframes
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • Only has one suction cup in the middle of the shades
  • May need two shades to cover the window

10. Most Durable: Midu&Co Car Window Shades

Midu&Co Car Window Shades

Why we like it: The Midu&Co window shades are designed to last, and their full refund policy guarantees your satisfaction with the initial purchase. With UPF 50+ sun protection, your little one will be safe from any UV rays no matter how sunny the day is.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts

  • Type: Static cling
  • Size: 21 x 14 inches
  • Design: Semi-transparent and transparent black

The Midu&Co shades also come in a pack of four, with two semi-transparent shades and two transparent shades. They’re designed with high-level static cling technology to make sure you won’t have any problems with them adhering to the window. In addition, each comes with UPF 50+ sun protection to keep your little one comfortable.

However, they are static cling shades and may contain PVC as a result. If you’re interested in suction cup shades that come in the same colors and numbers, you may want to consider the Amazon Basics sun shades. While it doesn’t specify the GSM of the mesh used, they claim to keep out 99% of harmful UV rays.

The shades themselves have a double layer design, with a dense weave and high-quality materials. This also helps with protection against the heat to lower the chance of your child getting too hot in the car. They also offer a full refund policy in case you don’t like the shades, making the purchase risk-free.

Unfortunately, the semi-transparent shades are a little more difficult to see through as a driver. In addition, these come in a slightly larger size than other sun shades, so measure the dimensions of your car window to make sure that they fit!


  • UPF 50+ sun protection
  • Keeps out 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Contains a double layer design for sun and heat protection
  • Offers a full refund policy


  • Low visibility through shades as a driver
  • May contain PVC as static cling sun shades

Guide to Picking the Perfect Car Sun Shades

pulling down a sun shade

Sun shades are important to your little one’s health, especially since their skin is extra delicate when they’re younger. Below, we’ll go through the importance of sun shades first, before helping you narrow down your options to find the best choice for your child. If you want a shorter guide and overview of sun shades, you can find one here.

Importance of Car Sun Shades

If you’re not sold on sun shades yet, we’ll cover some important reasons why you may want to invest in one soon. After all, they’re much more than just a stylistic choice.

The sun emits both UVA rays and UVB rays. Typically, your car windows do a great job at blocking UVB rays, but they’re much less helpful against UVA rays. And how bad are UVA rays? Below is a short list of some possible effects that they’ve been linked to.

  • Weakening immunity system
  • Skin cancer development
  • Some types of eye cancers
  • Corneal sunburn
  • Cataracts
  • Premature aging

And that’s not even all of the effects! You can also read more about UVA rays and their negative effects here. Prevention is the best way to defend against negative effects like these, and a sun shade is one way of ensuring that your child is protected in the car.

In addition, getting even a basic sun shade can do wonders for their comfort levels. Your child will likely be sitting in a soft car seat, surrounded by cushions and other gentle materials. As a result, they can easily get hot, and sunshine will only worsen the effect. The best sun shades can keep this from happening as it blocks out the sunlight before it hits your child.

Benefits of Sun Shades

Now that we’ve covered a lot of the negatives, let’s take a look at some of the positive benefits that sun shades can bring to your car!

  • Reduce heat and keep the car cooler
  • Reduce visibility for added privacy
  • An easy method to keep your child’s skin healthy
  • Keeps seats from fading by keeping sunlight out
  • Don’t need sunglasses as the window shade protects your eyes

As you can see, sun shades provide lots of benefits for you and your kid while keeping several negative effects away. It’s a cost-effective way of keeping your child safe without needing to spend much money!

Which Sun Shade Is Best for My Kid?

Depending on your personal preferences, the best sun shade for your child will vary. While each of the main types does its job well, here are some of the technical differences between each that make a difference in the long run.

Installation Time

Before picking out the best type of sun shade, decide how long you’ll want to spend on installing it. Getting a pull-down sun shade requires more effort upfront since you need to get it fixed to the window for a long, long time. However, after the initial set up, pulling it down to use is much easier than affixing the static cling and pop-out shades!

With pop-out and static cling shades, you’ll need to attach it each time you get on the car, though it’s much easier to get on the first time. The cling shades are the easiest to pull off afterward, while you’ll have to be gentle with any suction cup sun shades, so you don’t accidentally rip the material.

If you do need to use suction cups or cling sun shades, make sure you wipe down the window with a damp cloth first. Otherwise, a dusty window results in suction cups and cling shades not sticking to the surface. One easy-to-install choice would be the Kinder Fluff sun shades.

Safety Concerns

Each sun shade has its own safety issues to watch out for. Pull-up shades may be the best choice for younger kids who sit right next to the window since they’re the hardest for kids to yank off on their own. However, they’re usually heavier than other shades, so make sure you attach them securely so that they won’t fall off and hurt your child.

On the other hand, pop-out shades with suction cups can pose a choking hazard, especially if the suction cups get detached. The cups can also be easy to rip off of the shade, and younger kids who like grabbing at things may pull off these shades on their own.

Finally, the static-cling shades don’t have suction cups and remain light, though they have their own downsides. They’re typically made with a PVC backing that can cling to the glass. PVC itself isn’t always child friendly and may hold some adverse effects after close, prolonged exposure to your child.

However, if your child sits in the middle of the backseat rather than on the sides, you may not have to worry about the PVC backing of static-cling shades. In addition, if they are in the middle, you won’t have to worry about suction cups either, since they won’t be close enough to pull down the sun shades.


The sturdiest sun shades also have the most permanence. Depending on how you feel about removing the sun shades, the best type for your little one will vary. After all, while pull-down shades are easy to use after setting up, and clings much stronger to the window, they’re also not meant to be removed very often. Once you get it set up, it’s there to stay.

However, if your child moves seats often and isn’t always on the same side of the car, you may want shades that are much easier to remove. Removable shades, such as cling shades and pop-out shades, are also useful if you have more than one car that you travel in with your child.


While sun shades may not be super expensive, the higher quality shades can cost you a bit more. These shades, such as the pull-down options, are often meant to be more permanent, and as a result, they’re also built to last longer.

If you’re interested in purchasing shades that can survive being around your child for years, you may want to opt for more expensive, but more durable shades as compared to cheaper ones. Generally, pop-out shades are the most affordable, but they’re also the least durable option available.

Our favorite durable yet inexpensive choice would be the Relarr car shades. However, if you don’t mind spending more for extra quality and durability, we would definitely recommend the Munchkin pull-down shades.

Semi-Permanent Shades

If you’re not sure about purchasing baby sun shades, it’s also possible to get semi-permanent shades for your car in general! Just keep in mind that these shades aren’t meant to be removed and reapplied often. They work more like a tinted screen that keeps UVA rays from entering the car, and once you get them on, it can be a hassle to get them off again.

These shades often come in a film, and you’ll have to cut it out to the right size on your own before sticking them to the car window. However, since these shades are more along the lines of tinted windows rather than baby sun shades, we don’t cover them in our guide.

Final Thoughts

If you’re worried about sun damage, or your little one getting too hot when riding in their car seat, sun shades are the perfect solution to your problems. Just stick them up on your car windows, and you’ll no longer have to worry about sunburns and overheating on your next road trip. They’re affordable, easy to use, and a quick way of making sure your child stays safe in the car.