Best Baby Sun Tents to Keep the Rays at Bay

Best Baby Sun Tents to Keep the Rays at Bay

A parent’s first job is making sure their child stays safe and healthy, and part of this includes sun protection! The last thing you want is your child getting sunburned when playing around outside, and investing in a sun tent can make keeping them out of the sun easier. With the right sun tent, you’ll be able to take your little one anywhere, from your next beach trip to a camping expedition!

How to Choose the Right Baby Sun Tent

Your baby’s skin is much more sensitive than an adult’s skin, something you should be aware of every time they are exposed to the sun. Their skin burns faster than yours would, so you need to keep them safe from the sun’s powerful UV rays. But sometimes, slathering them in sunscreen might not be the most efficient way!

Below, we’ll cover the biggest characteristics of sun tents so that you can choose the perfect one for your child. We’ll get a deeper dive into their characteristics and features a little later here, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one that keeps your child from getting more sunburns.

Features to Consider When Buying a Baby Sun Tent

The right sun tent can keep your child from getting a bad sunburn, so you’ll want to make sure you know all the in’s and out’s before purchasing. Here are some of the biggest features to consider before buying your first baby sun tent.

Ultraviolet Protection

Some of the less expensive sun tents may not be constructed out of material with UV protection. Before purchasing, check to make sure that the tent has UPF on the label so that it keeps the harmful rays from reaching your child. Most of the tents we look at have UPF 50+, though a few have UPF 30+ protection.


Sun tents can get expensive, and you definitely don’t want to have to purchase multiple for your little one. Check the reviews and make sure the tents you pick out are durable enough for wear-and-tear, whether you plan on taking it to the beach or just setting it up in the backyard.


The size will depend on your plans for the tent. You may want a sun tent large enough for yourself and your little one, or one small enough just for your child. If you want to have more people keeping your baby company in the sun tent, you can opt for a larger size, though they may be more expensive.


Sun tents can get hot quickly, especially when they’re placed under direct sunlight. You want to make sure the tent has proper ventilation so that your child won’t get too hot inside. Some tents may have mesh panels or openings that allow for a cool breeze to flow in.


Some sun tents are easier to set up than others. You may want to skip the poles and look for a pop-up sun tent that can be easily placed down, even if they may not be as sturdy. The set up can make traveling with the tent easier as well, especially if you don’t have to worry too much about the assembly process.

Sun tents can come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs, so you’ll be able to find one suited to your child’s needs. Now that you know the main features that distinguish one sun tent from another, we can get into our top choices now!

Top 10 Best Baby Sun Tents 2023

1. Best Premium Pick: Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

Pacific Breeze Beach Tent

Why we like it: The Pacific Breeze Beach Tent is one of the sturdiest and most durable tents on the market, with a specialized hub system that makes setting it up easier than ever. It’s spacious, secure, and has almost everything you might want in a sun tent.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 86.6 x 49.2 x 47.2 inches
  • Color: Blue

If you want a sun tent with everything you’ll need, the pacific breeze option is perfect for you. The set-up is simple and takes less than a minute, and it collapses into a small 40 x 5 x 5” box to make it easy to carry. In addition, the specialized hub system design makes setting up this tent a breeze, and small pouches within allows you to store items inside the tent.

It also includes a one-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranties offered by sun tents available. After all, the company wants you to know just how well their sun tents are constructed! The material itself is durable and lightweight, helped by the fiberglass frame rather than metal frames seen in some other tents. It comes with stakes, sandbags, and anything you might need to get started.

What Sets It Apart

The high-quality construction and design are unmatched by other tents on the list. Paired with a one-year warranty, the company is guaranteeing that their tents are made to last, so you won’t have to worry about purchasing another sun tent soon. The tent itself is large enough for the whole family to sit in the shade, and the included sand pocket and stakes allow you to set it up easily.

Things to Consider

Apart from the higher price, the only drawback is the lack of a front panel, since you won’t be able to fully close the tent off. While this design choice provides for better ventilation, it means you won’t have as much privacy within the tent. If privacy is a concern, consider the tent OutdoorMaster provides.


  • One-year warranty
  • Comes with stakes and sandbags
  • Specialized hub design makes set-up easier
  • Spacious design for the entire family
  • Fiberglass frame keeps it portable and light


  • More expensive
  • Does not include a front panel

2. Best Budget Pick: Pacific Play Lil Nursery Tent

Pacific Play Lil Nursery Tent

Why we like it: The Pacific Play Lil Nursery tent is a small, affordable sun tent that keeps your baby safe from UV rays. You can set it up anywhere and rest assured that your child will be safe from sunburns within.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 30+
  • Size: 36 x 36 x 36 inches
  • Color: Purple/yellow, green/blue, red/blue

If you want a no-frills tent that gets the job done, the Pacific Play option is perfect for you. It’s an affordable baby sun tent that provides enough coverage to keep your baby from getting sunburned, made from a durable 190T polyester taffeta. The floor is also waterproof, and it comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.

All sides of the tent can be enclosed through Velcro patches as well, so you’ll know that your child is safe within. In addition, the mesh panels on the side allow for your little one to look out the window and keep the sun tent from heating up too quickly.

What Sets It Apart

The low price of this baby sun tent and all the fun colors it comes in means that you won’t regret this purchase! You can pick out a color combination that your child loves the most and set it up in your backyard or on your next beach trip to keep them safe from the sun. The tent can become completely enclosed if necessary, and the flooring is made of polyethylene fabric that’s easy to clean.

Things to Consider

While this tent is affordable, it only has UPF 30+ protection rather than UPF 50+ protection, so if you want a tent with better sun protection, consider the Babymoov Anti-UV sun tent. It doesn’t include any stakes or heavy items to weigh down the tent, so it may fly away when your child isn’t in it. The set-up also isn’t as easy as letting it pop up, and you do have to use two poles for support to keep the structure stable.


  • Affordable
  • Comes in many color choices and patterns
  • Mesh panels provide ventilation
  • Can fully enclose your child
  • The floor is easy to wash


  • Only UPF 30+ protection
  • Harder to set up since you need to attach two poles
  • Does not include equipment to ground the tent

3. Most Sheltered Baby Sun Tent: ZOMAKE Pop up Sun Shelter

ZOMAKE Pop up Sun Shelter

Why we like it: The ZOMAKE sun tent is perfect if you want to keep your child safe from all outdoor dangers – not just the sun. The doors can be fully zippered up to keep them secure and inside, while mesh windows keep bugs from flying in.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 95 x 71 x 39 inches
  • Color: Blue, light blue, and green color options

If you’re worried about your little one getting hurt from any environmental factors, this sheltered sun tent is perfect for you. The ZOMAKE pop up shelter can be fully enclosed with a zippered door, and the mesh windows make sure that no bugs can get inside. The shelter itself is large and roomy enough for 3 or 4 people, so you can have the whole family keeping your child company.

Best of all, this tent also comes with a 90 day “No Risk Buying” policy, where you can request a replacement tent for up to 90 days after purchasing if yours ends up breaking. This speaks to the durability and high-quality construction of the tent since it’s definitely made to last. The bottom of the tent is also created out of 210D Oxford moisture-proof fabric, so it’s water-resistant as well.

What Sets It Apart

Aside from the impressive return policy, the amount of security that you’ll get with this tent is unmatched by most other choices. The windows and doors can be zippered up to fully enclose the tent, and the size is large enough to fit an entire queen-sized mattress inside. You’ll be able to get a set of ground stakes to anchor it down and make sure it doesn’t move, even when no one’s inside.

Things to Consider

Since this is a larger and more secure tent, you’ll be spending a bit more on this choice. You’ll also notice that it’s one of the heavier options on the list, which can make it harder to carry around. The larger frame can also make folding the tent back down a difficult task unlike with the Pacific Breeze tent, so you may want to get family and friends to help.


  • Fully sheltered tent from the outside environment
  • Large enough to fit a queen-sized mattress
  • 90 day “No Risk Buying” Policy
  • The door can be fully zippered up to keep your child safe
  • Comes in 3 color choices


  • More expensive options
  • Heavier than some other choices
  • Harder to fold down due to larger size

4. Best for Camping: OutdoorMaster Pop up Tent

OutdoorMaster Pop up Tent

Why we like it: If you want a sun tent for your little one that’s just as suited for camping as it is for the beach, look no further! The OutdoorMaster Pop Up Tent includes stakes that work for grass and sand.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 53 x 95 x 51 inches
  • Color: Blue

The OutdoorMaster sun tent can fit up to four people and comes with stakes for both grass and sand. This makes it suitable for all environments and not just the beach. The tent itself also comes with sandbags to weigh it down just in case, so you’ll be sure it won’t fly away. The skylight can also be removed, and the large size ensures the whole family can fit within with your child.

There are three windows on the side to provide extra ventilation, and the fourth side can be completely zipped up as a door to keep your little one secure. This means it can also double as a changing room since all sides of the tent can be covered. It’s made of nylon, polyester, and fiberglass to keep it durable and secure enough for most environments.

What Sets It Apart

The versatility of the tent allows for it to be used for camping, beach hiking, or any other situation that you might want sun protection for your baby. The stakes and sandbags make sure that the tent can be set up anywhere, whether it’s on grass or sand.

Things to Consider

While this tent is durable and strong, it also weighs more than many other options due to everything it has. This means it’s more expensive as well, though you’ll be getting a durable, high-quality tent. In addition, setting it up can be more difficult than some of the other choices such as the iCorer automatic beach tent.


  • The tent can be completely enclosed with the zippered door
  • Comes with stakes for grass and sand
  • Included sandbags to keep it secure
  • Suitable for all environments
  • Large enough for the family to accompany the baby within the tent


  • More expensive than some other choices
  • Harder to set up
  • Heavier than other tent options

5. Best Baby Sun Tent With Pool: Monobeach Baby Sun Shelter

Monobeach Baby Sun Shelter

Why we like it: This sun tent has a small built-in pool in the center of the floor, so your baby can splash about while in the shade.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 47.5 x 30 x 32 inches
  • Color: Blue

The Monobeach baby sun shelter comes with a small pool in the center, so your child will be able to splash around while staying safe from the harmful UV rays. The pool itself is small enough so that your child won’t get hurt – though you’ll definitely want to supervise just in case! Of course, you don’t have to fill up the pool, as the floor can also double as a playpen for your child.

The tent itself has mesh windows for better ventilation, though one side of the tent is completely open. In addition, it comes with four pegs to help secure the tent into the ground. Keep in mind that the small basin with the pool does sink lower into the ground, so this tent can be more difficult to use for locations with harder ground, such as on camping trips.

What Sets It Apart

The small pool is designed so that there’s still a small strip of fabric on the outside for the baby to sit on if they don’t want to sit in the water.

Things to Consider

While this tent is perfect for little ones, it’s too small for a parent to accompany the child within. In addition, the process of folding it up can be difficult, so you’ll want to make sure you read the instructions carefully. The tent itself also isn’t the most secure and can be blown away when the pool isn’t filled with water, even with the included stakes. This means you’ll want to invest in sandbags if you don’t plan on using the pool aspect of the tent.


  • Has a separated pool area within the tent
  • A smaller pool is safer for little ones
  • Mesh windows offer better ventilation
  • Comes with four pegs to stake into the ground
  • The pool can be left dry and converted into a play area


  • Not as secure as other tents
  • Difficult to fold and pack up
  • Too small for you to sit in the tent with your child

6. Fastest Set-Up: iCorer Automatic Pop up Beach Tent

iCorer Automatic Pop up Beach Tent

Why we like it: The iCorer automatic pop-up set is quick and easy to assemble and take down, making your life easier on your next planned outing with your child.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 65 x 59 x 43.5 inches
  • Color: Blue

If you’re tired of the extensive set-ups that some of the tents require, the iCorer beach tent may be the one for you! It’s easy to assemble and is large enough for a parent and a child to sit within. The nylon fabric is flame resistant, and the silver-coated fabric provides extra anti-UV effects. In addition, the mesh windows keep the inside from getting too hold.

The tent itself is also fairly secure, with included sand pockets on the side to weigh it down. It also comes with six metal stakes, so you’ll know that your tent won’t end up flying anywhere, even when it doesn’t have anyone inside it. In addition, it can fold down into a 19 x 19 x 1” size for the included carrying bag when you’re ready to pack up and leave.

What Sets It Apart

The iCorer beach tent has one of the easiest set-up mechanisms, taking less than 1 second to expand, and only 3 seconds to fold down. This makes vacation trips much easier for the parents since there are no extra steps needed. It even sets up faster than some of the smaller sun tents on our list.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, this tent is not fully enclosed, and one side has a large open area for people to freely leave. This means that as the sun moves in the sky, you may have to shift and adjust the tent to keep sunlight from getting inside. In addition, after repeated use, the metal frames may become damaged or break since this tent isn’t as durable as some other options.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Nylon fabric is flame resistant and offers UV protection
  • Included sand pockets on sides
  • Six metal stakes keep it in place
  • Can fit one adult and one child


  • The tent has one open side
  • Need to adjust the tent as the day passes
  • Not as durable as some other choices

7. Best for Infants: NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent

NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent

Why we like it: The NEQUARE Baby Beach Tent is designed with your infant in mind, zipping up around them to keep them safe from the outside elements.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 23.5 x 49.5 x 25.5 inches
  • Color: White/Gray with a yellow outline

If you have an infant you’re worried about getting sunburned, the NEQUARE beach tent is perfect for you. It’s small, weighs less than a pound, and zips up completely to provide protection all around for your child. The fabric itself is made of mesh to keep bugs out while making sure your infant doesn’t get too hot.

The tent itself can be folded into a small carry bag, though the process of getting it in the bag can be difficult. It also comes with two pegs to keep it in the ground. However, these two pegs may not be strong enough to keep the tent in place when your child isn’t in it, so you may want to invest in sandbags or bring other heavy objects. It has a unique side zipper design that makes set-up much simpler than some of the other options.

What Sets It Apart

The compact design and small size make this tent tailored for your little one. You end up with an affordable price that doesn’t cut out any important features while staying secure enough to keep your child safe. In addition, this compact size makes portability and travel much easier for the parents as well!

Things to Consider

While this tent is small, it can be too small for older children, and adults definitely can’t fit inside. This means that you’ll have to talk with your child from outside of the tent, so you won’t be able to keep them in your lap as they play. In addition, it only comes in a white, gray, and yellow design pattern and doesn’t have many style options, unlike the Babymoov Anti-UV sun tent.


  • Less than 1 pound
  • Fits an infant perfectly
  • Mesh fabric keeps bugs out
  • 190T fabric offers extra UV protection
  • Zips up around infant to provide full coverage


  • Only suited for younger children
  • Adults cannot fit inside the tent
  • Two pegs may not hold it in place when your infant is not in the tent

8. Best for Playtime: Babymoov Aquani Tent and Pool

Babymoov Aquani Tent and Pool

Why we like it: The Babymoov Aquani tent doubles as a pool, playpen, and ball pit, making sure your little one stays active and engaged while they’re inside!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 39 x 35 x 33 inches
  • Color: Light blue with patterns on top

Unlike the other tents, the Babymoov sun tent is designed to keep your child engaged and active while they’re inside. The bottom of the tent has walls that rise up several inches, which is useful for keeping younger children from getting out. The tent itself also offers a mesh netting on the back that’ll keep bugs out, while allowing for proper ventilation within the tent.

The set-up of the tent itself is easy for the parents since the bottom pops open. However, you will have to manually attach the walls and roof which takes a few more steps. When you’re ready to pack up and leave, the tent can fit in a provided carry bag, which makes transportation much easier, though it can be more difficult to fold back up.

What Sets It Apart

The entire bottom of this sun tent can double as a padded pool that holds up to 20 gallons of water! This makes sure your child won’t overheat and lets them enjoy some of the fun of splashing around without being in danger. You can also refrain from adding water to have the bottom work just as a playpen, or even a ball pool, making it one of the more versatile choices!

Things to Consider

The Babymoov tent bottom can either be a pool or a playpen, but not both at the same time. Since there’s no separation in the bottom floor, unlike what the Monobeach Sun Shelter, you’ll have to commit to just one. The tent is also only big enough for one child, and adults can’t fit within to supervise.


  • Works as a playpen, pool, or ball pit
  • Comes with a carry-on bag
  • Pool holds up to 20 gallons of water
  • Mesh netting keeps bugs out
  • Walls rise up to keep your child secure


  • Can be a pool or a playpen, but not both
  • Adults cannot fit in the tent
  • Can be difficult to fold

9. Best Overall Pick: Babymoov Anti-UV Tent

Babymoov Anti-UV Tent

Why we like it: The Babymoov Anti-UV tent makes sure your child is safe from sunburns, bug bites, and any danger from the outside environment. It’s the right balance of quality and price, making sure your child is safe without draining your bank account.

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 50+
  • Size: 38.6 x 35.4 x 33.5 inches
  • Color: Light blue/green

The Babymoov Anti-UV tent is designed specifically to keep sunlight away from your child. It comes in 4 different designs and shapes, so you can pick one that your baby would like the most. The tent itself just needs to be popped up, and also folds into a carrying bag for you to transport without any struggle. It also comes with stakes to secure the tent to the ground.

In addition, while the tent is on the smaller side, you can fit up to two younger children within. If you have more than one kid, they can both play together inside the tent without worrying about getting sunburned. The mesh window in the back and mesh curtain in the front also ensure that it’s properly ventilated and that your child won’t get hot.

What Sets It Apart

The overall sturdiness and proper design make this a solid choice for all options, no matter where you want to take your child. It’s easy to set up in the backyard, on the beach, or even when you go camping, and the portable bag makes it easy for you to carry. The multiple design and style choices offer fuel for your child’s imagination as they explore and play within the tent.

Things to Consider

The only downside to this tent is security. You won’t be able to accompany your child within, since the tent is too small. In addition, the front panel itself is more like a curtain, so your child can leave the tent on their own when they want to. However, as long as you’re close by, you’ll be able to watch your kid as they play to make sure that they stay safe!


  • Comes in many colors and styles
  • Stakes are included for set-up
  • Can fit two small children inside
  • Mesh windows offer proper ventilation
  • The carrying bag makes the tent portable


  • The front panel is a curtain and your baby can easily crawl out
  • The tent is too small for parents to stay in the tent

10. Most Versatile Baby Sun Tent: Shade Shack Instant Shelter

Shade Shack Instant Shelter

Why we like it: The Shade Shack instant shelter is one of the largest sun tents available, making it versatile enough for any adventure you want to take your baby on. You can even fit a kiddie pool or playpen under to keep them entertained!

Editor’s Rating:

Quick Facts:

  • UPF Protection: 30+
  • Size: 102 x 58 x 57 inches
  • Color: Yellow and blue

The Shade Shack sun tent is larger than the other tents, though this doesn’t make setting up difficult at all. In fact, it’s significantly easier to set up when compared to similarly-sized tents, though it may not be quite as secure.

The zinc-coated polyester material offers UPF 30+ sun protection, and the mesh windows on the side can be left uncovered for better ventilation. It also comes with six stakes and sand pockets on the side to keep it secure for your next adventure. The stakes can be either used with sand or in the grass, though they’re advertised as sand stakes. It’s durable, easy to pack up, and perfect for your next adventure.

What Sets It Apart

This is one of the largest sun tents on the list, and the lack of a bottom floor means that you can customize it however you want! If you plan on going camping, you can simply fit a tarp at the bottom of the tent. If you want to visit the beach, a few beach towels will suffice. You could even fit a kiddie pool inside! The extra-large size can fit the whole family, making this tent truly versatile.

Things to Consider

Unfortunately, the Shade Shack sun tent only offers UPF 30+ protection. If you want a larger sun tent with better protection, consider the Pacific Breeze tent. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t have a floor so you will have to prepare for that. Finally, it does weigh a little more than some of the other options.


  • Can be used in a variety of ways
  • One of the larger sun tents
  • Big enough to fit a kiddie pool within
  • Mesh windows can be covered or uncovered
  • Comes with six stakes and sand pockets


  • Only offers UPF 30+ protection
  • Need towels and tarps in addition to the tent
  • Weighs more than some other options

Guide to Picking the Perfect Baby Sun Tent

If you want to know all the details of picking out the perfect sun tent, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll cover all the bases to get you started and make sure your child stays happy, even on the sunniest days. We’ll cover a basic introduction to sun tents before diving into even more features and benefits that they offer.

Introduction to Baby Sun Tents

Baby sun tents are small tents that keep small children from becoming overexposed to sunlight. Depending on the amount of melanin that your child has, they may be more sensitive to the sun than you think. Unfortunately, younger children under six months old have very low levels of melanin, and their skin is too sensitive for sunscreen as well. It’s best to avoid putting infants in places with sun rays.

The melanin present can absorb some harmful UV rays, so until your child is a little older, you’ll need to be extra careful when taking them out and about. That’s where baby sun tents come in!

Overexposure Effects

If your child does get too much sun, they can suffer sunburns that lead to skin damage when they get older. In addition, sunlight can cause babies to overheat, especially if they’re younger. It can also lead to lasting eye damage. A sun tent can help with all of these problems since it keeps your child out of direct sunlight. You can read more about sunburns and overexposure here.

When to Use Baby Sun Tents

Baby sun tents are versatile and can be used in multiple ways. Below are some of the most common for parents, so that you can get the most use out of your new sun tent.

  • Sun protection in your backyard
  • Beach trips
  • Outdoor picnics
  • Outdoor hiking/backpacking trips

Whenever your child has a chance of being in direct sunlight, you’ll find baby sun tents to be quite useful!

Extra Baby Sun Tent Features

Purchasing a sun tent is an investment in your baby’s safety, so this is the perfect time to splurge and get a tent with all the features! This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your little one isn’t in danger of getting a sunburn anytime soon. While we did talk about some features before the product reviews, we’ll cover a few more features here.


This ties in with making sure that your sun tent is safe for use with a baby inside! Some tents come with stakes to help you make sure that the tent is anchored to the ground. Others have heavy sandbags and objects to place on the floor of the tent.

If your sun tent doesn’t come with either, you may want to make another purchase of sandbags on your own to keep the tent stable through rough weather. One of our most stable and secure sun tents on the list would be the ZOMAKE pop up sun shelter.

Bug Protection

A few tents come with mesh and door panels that can keep bugs from getting into the tent. If you plan on using this tent on a small hiking trip through the forest or just letting your child relax in the backyard, bug protection is a must!

Our recommended choice for bug protection would be the NEQUARE sun tent. However, if you only plan to use a sun tent to visit the beach, you may not need to worry about bug protection nearly as much.

Styles and Colors

While this is the least important feature, it is something to keep in mind. You may have a color preference or design, such as finding a tent in your baby’s favorite color. However, if one tent has a better design and features, you definitely want to pick that one, even if the color isn’t exactly to your liking.

If you do want to choose a better looking tent, however, we do have recommendations for you! The Babymoov Anti-UV sun tent comes with the most color and design choices, while balancing the aesthetic design with high-quality construction

Front Panel

Whether you’d like your tent to have a front panel or not is up to you. Tents that come with a front panel can keep your baby from crawling out on their own, though it may be a hassle to have to open and close the door each time they want to enter or leave. Our favorite sun tent without a front panel would be the Pacific Breeze tent.

However, tents without a front panel may need to be moved as the day progresses since sunlight can get in through the front side. Our favorite baby sun tent that does have a panel included would be the ZOMAKE pop up sun shelter.


Not all tents are suited for all environments. Some are better for the backyard, where there aren’t too many dangerous elements outside. Others are built for the beach, with stakes that work best in the sand. Still others and meant to be used on grass and camping trips, and are more rugged and durable.

Make sure you understand which environments the sun tent you purchase is best suited for. This way, you can keep your child as safe as possible. Some tents, such as the OutdoorMaster tent, are suited for all environments!

Sun Tent Safety

When it comes to sun tents, you want to make sure your little one stays safe. Tents aren’t always indestructible, so here are a few tips to make sure no one gets hurt!

Anchor the Tent

The biggest thing is making sure that the tent doesn’t get blown away by a strong wind, or if your child leans on the sides. You can anchor it down with stakes, sandbags, or any other heavy elements by putting it on the corners of the tent. This way, your tent is less likely to move or shift, even if your baby moves within it.

Watch the Ventilation

Even if you might not think the day is hot, a closed and poorly-ventilated tent can heat up quickly and become dangerous. Make sure some of the mesh panels are exposed, or leave the door open to allow fresh air to flow in. Always have at least one opening to air so that your little one won’t end up overheating.

Keep an Eye on the Sunlight

The sun moves throughout the day, so a place that was previously in the shade might be in the sun now. While you do want to keep a few mesh panels open, you still want to make sure that direct sunlight won’t end up hitting your child’s skin. As the sun moves, you can adjust the tent slightly to have the solid parts block out the sunlight.

Practice Makes Perfect

If this is your first time trying to set up a sun tent, you’ll need to make sure that you practice a few times before letting your child move into the tent. After all, the last thing you want is the tent collapsing on your little one or blowing over because you didn’t stake it in the ground well enough.


As with anything your child might do, you’ll want to supervise them. Just because they’re in the sun tent doesn’t mean that they’re 100% safe. You can leave a baby monitor in the tent or just sit close by to keep an eye on your child.

With all these safety tips in mind, you’ll be ready for your expedition with your baby, no matter how bright the sun might be shining!

Other Sun Protection Methods

Depending on how old your baby is, there are some other ways to help keep them protected from the sun, in case they want to venture out of their sun tents here and there.

Under 6 Months

If your child is under six months old, you’ll want to keep them away from sunlight at all costs. Their skin is still too sensitive for sunscreen, so try and make sure any strollers they have or hats they wear can help cover them from sunlight. If you do plan on going outside, keep a sun tent handy for them to play in while they’re outside.

Between 6 and 12 Months

Their skin is still sensitive, but you can begin applying light sunscreen at this point. SPF 15 sunscreen is usually good for sensitive skin, and you’ll want to make sure you apply it at least 30 minutes before hitting the outdoors. In addition, you’ll want to reapply sunscreen every two hours after.

After 1 Year

Once your child is 1 year old, you’ll be able to start applying stronger sunscreen or giving them clothes with higher UPF levels, which block sunlight from reaching the skin through the fabric. You can also let them roam outside in the sun from time to time, though you’ll want to reapply sunscreen to keep them from getting sunburned!

Final Thoughts

When you have a baby, the last then you want is for them to get hurt. Sun protection is just one facet of keeping them safe, and baby sun tents provide an easy solution for you to make sure they don’t get burned. With all of the available options, soon you’ll have a sun tent that keeps your baby away from the harmful UV rays without being too stifling!