Best Bug Toys for Kids 2020


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With over 900,000 different types of insects in the world, bugs are one of the most diverse organisms currently known to mankind. It’s no wonder that due to the wide availability of bug toys, kids nowadays are very much obsessed with them. These set of toys are most popular with kids as they come in different forms. You can find toys that are tiny, slimy, and some that come in containers and tools that make it easy to catch the bugs.

The best bug toys are always well-sized and colorful hence easy for toddlers and young children to use. Kids of all ages find this set of toys to be popular. As much as the toys are used to play with, they’re beneficial to kids. They help improve their imagination while teaching them to count and sort. It’s no wonder that children are completely fascinated by these creepy critters. So, here’s a list of the top 30 best bug toys for kids in 2020 to help you choose one for your child.


Top 30 Best Bug Toys for Kids 2020

1. Backyard Exploration Critter Case

Why we like it: This is a great gift idea for young kids as it challenges their imagination as well as keep them active.

This toy is great for helping improve a child’s imagination as they get to collect different bugs and keep them in the critter case while observing them. The critter case is made from a very strong plastic frame with a fabric mesh on the sides that allows kids to observe the insects safely. Plants, branches, and insects can also be removed easily as it contains an easy-open batch. The toy is perfect for displaying on any desk or table. This is because the critter case measures 8.5 inches by 7.5 inches with the flat base preventing it from being easily knocked over.

  • It’s not easily spilled
  • The design is very simple
  • It has a large area that allows enough observation
  • The set is great for sensory stimulation
  • It has a convenient handle that makes transport and storage easy
  • The mesh isn’t strong enough as some bugs can chew through it and let themselves loose

2. Bugs in the Kitchen – Children’s Board Game

Why we like it: A great family game as both adults and kids can play. It’s also very inviting to the eyes as it comes in multi-colors.

This toy comes with 1 board game, 18 pegs, one special edition hex bug Nano and 18 utensils, 20 bug tokens, 2 trap doors and a set of instructions that are easy to understand. The size of the bug is 4-11/16″ in length. The game aims to get the bug into the four food compartments. A dice is rolled and the player makes sure that the cricket is trapped before it gets into the food. The components of the toy are also made of high-quality material. Aside from being a form of entertainment for the kids, the toy enhances quick decision making in kids because the bug is fast and unpredictable.

  • It has a high-quality build. Snap it together once, then it’s ready to play forever
  • It’s fun and quick, takes less time to play with
  • Simple enough for the younger kids to play with
  • The bug sometimes gets a bit stuck

3. Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Puzzle

Why we like it: This is a great wooden puzzle that can be given as a gift to kids aged 3 to 5-years as it’s engaging and fuels your kid’s imagination.

A very entertaining magnetic puzzle game where kids get to use a magnet to capture the magnetic puzzle pieces. With the setting of the puzzle, kids get to expand their vocabulary as they learn the names of insects. This helps improve their language development. Your little one gets to improve on their motor skills, visual coordination and balance. To grow their fine motor skills kids are encouraged to play alone. Their color recognition skills are also reinforced. The toy set is made of high-quality wooden materials and assembled with precision to ensure it lasts longer. The artwork is very great with very bright eye-catching colors and the pictures underneath encourage matching skills. The set also includes a magnetic fishing pole and a bug-catching net to catch magnetic puzzle pieces.

  • The pieces are very colorful and appealing to the eyes
  • It helps improve vocabulary in kids
  • It helps improve vocabulary in kids
  • It’s a very engaging and learning tool
  • It helps sparks creativity and imagination
  • Some puzzle pieces can be lost easily

4. Carson Bug View Quick-Release Bug Catching Tool and Magnifier for Children and Adults

Why we like it: A great toy for both adults and kids who like sport fishing.

This is a perfect toy for any budding scientist whose coordination skills are very well developed. It contains a viewing window that’s used for observing details on all the types of insects. It’s very safe for kids to use as they don’t have to physically touch the bugs. All they have to do is to ensure the sliding door on the toy captures them safely as well as releases them once they’re done. The toy is made of a one-handed bug catching tool that contains a 5X power crystal clear lens used to examine the finer details of the bug. This clear dome magnifies the contents of your bug up to five times. The thumb trapping slider makes it easy to catch the fastest specimen in the most humanely.

  • It offers a great view of the bugs with the help of a magnifying glass. One of the safest way to catch bugs without hurting them
  • It encourages kids to explore more
  • Perfect for catch and release
  • It makes it easy to catch bugs and easy to release them
  • A great toy for outdoor exploring
  • It tends to take a while before one learns how to operate

5. Fun Express Insect Finger Puppets 12ct Toy (2-Pack)

Why we like it: This is a great toy for creative play as it lets kids explore social dynamics problem-solving as well as storytelling in their imaginative ways.

The bugs are a great playtime tool as kids get to fit the bugs in their fingers and run around playing with them. The bugs can be used as puppets. This encourages creative play in kids as it allows them to be imaginative. Their colorful nature makes it easy for kids to recognize colors and sort out the bugs by their different colors. The set comes with a total of twelve pieces of bugs that include grasshoppers, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies and so much more. Each puppet measures 1.75 -2.75 inches and the material used is very durable. They’re made like this so that they don’t slip from the kids’ fingers while they’re playing. They come in an array of vibrant colors that are painted to look like the real bugs. Lost pieces can be replaced easily as each insect comes in two copies.

  • It comes in an array of different bright colors
  • It’s made of durable vinyl material
  • There’s an assortment of different bug types
  • The finger holes are small enough to fit into your kids’ fingers
  • Your kids can easily lose some pieces while playing

6. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bag of Bugs

Why we like it: This is a great insect toy for kids that love to explore their natural environment. It’s good for both pretend and play activities.

The Sunny Patch Critters is a great toy that encourages the development of hand-eye coordination, color recognition and child’s interest in the natural world. Kids will have a wonderful time hiding and hunting the bugs both indoors and outdoors, making them more observant and encouraging them to explore more. The vibrant colors help kids sort out the bugs by color hence develop their color recognition skills. It’s great for helping kids to learn how to count, sort and match the crawlies. The toy is made up of plastic material that’s very strong and safe and comes with 10 very brightly colored bugs that include centipedes, grasshoppers, June beetle’s ants, ladybugs and so much more. The bugs are safe to play with as they’re big enough not to fit in your kid’s mouth. They fit in your toddler’s hands pretty well too.

  • Kids get to develop their imagination as well as increase their love for nature
  • It’s made up of very strong materials
  • It contains a variety of bugs
  • The bugs are big and colorful
  • The bugs aren’t as realistic

7. Lady Bug Zoo Purr Pets 19″ Large, 2-in-1 Stuffed Anima

Why we like it: This is a great toy that acts as a pillow pal for a toddler. It helps toddlers learn how to sleep on their own as the bug is comforting.

This toy bug has two functions. It acts as an adorable stuffed bug friend as well as a pillow for the toddlers. It also comes in different bug styles. To use the pillow, the hook-n-loop fastener is opened and closed when your toddler isn’t sleeping but needs to play with it as a pet. Having a pillow pal gives toddlers a familiar and comforting presence whenever they sleep alone because the ladybug itself is very cute and comfortable. This toy has a strong hook-n-loop fastener that closes up to create an animal buddy and opens up for 19-inch wide flat pillow. It’s easy to carry around as both a travel pillow and cuddling buddy. The Stuffed Anima has been made from BPA-free and phthalate-free materials. These materials are also in line with international safety standards. It’s also very easy to clean up the ladybug using a washing machine and air dry it.

  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around and travel with
  • It’s easy to maintain and cleanup
  • The toy is very soft and made up of materials that meet international standards
  • It’s great for sleeping as well as being used as a stuffed animal toy
  • The stuffing in the ladybug pillows isn’t much

8. Learning Resources Snap and Learn Number Bugs

Why we like it: This is one of the best bug toys that help kids learn how to count. It comes with colorful critters that kids get to sort numerically and by color.

As the name suggests, this toy is a learning resource for kids aged two and over. They learn how to count through the numbers and how to sort the pieces together by color. A great improvement will be seen on the toddler’s motor skills, hand-eye coordination, ability to categorize and identify colors as well as counting. Motor skills are reinforced with the cute bright colored bugs. The toy set has 18 pieces, 6 heads and 12 body pieces making 6 complete bugs that are made of different bright colors. The smooth plastic allows toddlers to fit in the pieces together and take them apart very easily. This improves the development of a toddler’s hand-eye coordination.

  • It’s made of durable and safe materials
  • It’s big enough for kids not to swallow
  • It features colorful and bright pieces that draw a child’s attention
  • Children learn beginning numbers
  • It’s easy to assemble and take apart
  • There are quality control issues with how stiff and hard the plastic is

9. Wild Republic Insect Polybag

Why we like it: The best toy for sparking creativity in kids and providing entertainment. The bugs are more realistic with life-like details.

The toy is made up of an 8 x 12-inch bag with ten toy insects that are brightly and accurately colored and highly detailed. They’re also made of very durable material. Kids can use these toys at home for hobby projects and also in class as they’re educational. Kids from the ages of 3-years and above can have a go at this useful toy. These lifelike bugs are great for educating kids as they get to learn the different bug species. They also get to learn the creature’s anatomy and this way, kids get to be more imaginative and creative. Apart from the educational value, the bugs can be used as a great décor for the kid’s bedroom.

  • It’s durable as the material used is very strong
  • It brings out the kid’s imaginative and creative side
  • The bugs are very realistic
  • It comes with a variety of very colorful insects
  • The bugs are big, hence kids cannot easily lose them
  • Kids have trouble trying to figure out what species of insect the bugs are

10. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Bug Jug Fill and Spill Soft Baby Toy

Why we like it: This is a great sensory development toy for infants. It’s very colorful and perfect for those little hands.

The toy has four adorable bugs that include a butterfly, grasshopper, ladybug and a spider in a see-through jug whose top lid is made of mesh. Kids get to fill the jug up with the bugs and spill them out. The aim of the toy is that the kids get to remove and put them back in the jug. The toys are made of materials that are soft to touch and colors that are lovable to the baby’s eyes. As much as it’s entertaining for infants, it’s a great toy that promotes fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and sensory development. There are different rattles, jingles, and crinkles that allows babies to explore and work on their sensory development. The bugs help a baby to optimize his or her brain.

  • It improves fine motor skills in infants
  • It features colors that are bright and attractive to the eyes
  • It fosters imagination in kids
  • It’s easy to carry around
  • The bugs are washable
  • Some kids may find it hard to pick out the bugs from the small jug opening

11. National Geographic Real Bug Dig Kit

Why we like it: This is a great STEM science toy to give to your kids as a gift, especially if they love bugs.

The National Geographic Real Bug Dig Kit toy set is both educational and adventurous. Your children will learn about all the insect specimens. With the National geographic full-color learning guide, your kids will have a fun time getting to know many other arthropods as well. Great for homeschooling, as a parent you get to create an interactive lesson with this kit since it’s a hands-on kit. You can have an insect digging activity with your child while creating memories. Your little one will uncover 3 perfectly preserved specimens that include a spiny spider, fortune bee and a scorpion. The kit has bugs that are painted on the sand piece that comes with it. The specimens are enclosed in a clear acrylic like a small rock with each bug having its clear rock. Included also are the magnifying glass, a digging tool, and a brush.

  • The learning guide is very colorful; your kids won’t get bored
  • It’s both educative and adventurous
  • It has great specimen quality
  • It can be easily carried around as the size isn’t too big nor too small
  • There aren’t enough bugs to view

12. Nature Bound Bug Catcher Vacuum with Light Up Critter Habitat Case for Backyard Exploration

Why we like it: A great inexpensive STEM learning toy for kids that sucks up bugs without having to touch them. Bug catching has never been so much easier.

The Nature Bound Bug Catcher Vacuum is such a great toy as it creates a complete catch and release learning experience for kids. Kids get to enjoy nature and learn at the same time. Your kids would love catching, collecting, exploring and studying the crawling creatures at home as well as at school during their science lessons. This great set of bug catcher comes with LED laser light that uses batteries for day and nighttime play. It has a magnifier that’s in-built both in the vacuum and habitat, you, therefore, get two toys in one. The kit also has a container for trapping bugs. Kids can then transport them to their habitat without touching them. There’s also a beautiful gift box inside with an instruction manual on how to use the toys.

  • The light lasts for a longer time and works well
  • It improves kids’ observation skills
  • Kids can enjoy the activities even at night as the light also works at night
  • Can be used both at night as well as during the day
  • The battery life is less one will be required to keep purchasing

13. Nature Bound Bug Catcher with Habitat Bucket and 7 Piece Nature Exploration Set

Why we like it: This is one of the fun toy kits that you can give your kids a birthday gift. It’ll encourage them to go outside and explore.

This nature exploration set comes with a set of 7 pieces of bug catching tools with a bonus colorful activity booklet that teaches kids about different kinds of bugs. A storage bucket is also included. Kids use tongs or tweezers to catch the bugs, whereas the magnifier helps them to have an up-close look at the bugs they’ve collected. This toy set encourages your kids to be more observant and adventurous.

  • The tools are easy for little hands to handle
  • Kids don’t have to touch the bugs
  • The net may easily tear

14. Geoworld Bug’s World Collection of 10 Real Insects

Why we like it: The toy set comes with a variety of bugs that’ll be interesting for your kids to investigate.

Your kids will have a great time learning about real insects with this bug world collection of 10 real insects from Geoworld. The toy is great for kids aged 6-years and above. They can have an up-close look at the insects and be capable of observing and studying them without having to pick them from your backyard. The toy set comes with a magnifying lens that kids can use to study insects that have been beautifully preserved in the resin block. To guide the child more about the insects, a full-color information booklet that’s filled with lots of scientific facts has been included in the kit.

  • It encourages kids to be more observant
  • Your kids will learn about the different insect species
  • There’s a colorful booklet to help your kid learn about the insects
  • The magnifying glass helps them have a clear closer look at the insects
  • The bubbles present in the resin block may be distracting

15. Darice Long Plastic Bugs and Arachnids

Why we like it: You not only have to use this set as a toy for your kids but it can also be used for décor for a bug-themed party.

For the kids who love bugs, this is such a great toy set that has plastic insects, the bugs look like the real ones but they’re just imitations. Your kid’s senses will be enhanced as they get to hold them. The more appealing the insects are to the eye the more your kids would love them and assort the insects with colors. Your kids can use this toy set of colorful insects as they take baths or in a sandbox. It’s also recommended for kids under the age of 3. Each bag comes with a colorful assortment of long insects, arachnids that include caterpillars, spiders, ant’s scorpions, crickets and grasshoppers. With these insect toys, your kids can combine the plastic bugs with a book on insects and a magnifying glass for hours of exploration and lots of fun.

  • The bugs are realistic looking
  • You can incorporate these insects into bug-themed party décor
  • An excellent quality toy
  • It’s not costly
  • The pieces might get lost

16. Kangaroo’s Insect Bug Adventure Set

Why we like it: This low-cost toy kit for catching bugs is great as it comes with lots of pieces that’ll give your kids everything they need and more adventures outside.

The Kangaroo’s Insect Bug Adventure Set has 18 pieces of items that’ll get your kid to kick start on their exploration and bug adventure. It comes with a compass that’ll help them learn more about planning and organizing their bug catching journey. The kit also comes with a small magnifying glass to help them enlarge the tiny insects to have a better view. Other items found in the kit are tweezers, field collector container that comes with a belt hook and a large bug collection container with a folding magnifying lens. It includes catching nets that come in different shapes and sizes, six unique plastic insects, a kid bug catcher, and bug catcher box is also included.

  • It’s easy for younger kids to use as the material is very light
  • The plastic is durable
  • The set is easy to keep clean
  • It’s made of durable material
  • It has a bunch of different magnifying glasses and containers to hold the insects
  • The lids may not snap well

17. Bugs World Insect Marbles (Set of 15) with Magnifying Glass

Why we like it: This is a STEM recommended toy for young kids who like to study insects.

The Bugs World Insect Marbles toy set is fairly simple and educational to young kids. Your kids can learn about the bugs in an easy cute way while having fun. This set includes 15 authentic insects with duplicates encased in clear resin marbles. Kids can also learn about real insects up close with the toy set. Some of the insects that can be found in the resin marbles include bees, beetles, true bugs, stink bug, ladybugs and so many more. A magnifying glass that comes in different colors is included and your kids can use this to explore the marble with real insects encased in the reins.

  • There’s good clarity on the marbles
  • There’s a wide variety of bugs
  • The resin marbles fit in your kids’ hands
  • It comes with a cute and colorful magnifying glass
  • It’s hard to see the bugs through some of the resin

18. LOYO Outdoor Explorer Kit – Adventure Bug Catcher Kit for Kids Nature Exploration Gift Toys

Why we like it: This is such a great toy for the young kids between the ages of 3-10 years to have during camping.

With the many pieces that come with the LOYO Outdoor Explorer kit, your kid is sure going to have such a fun time exploring not only in your backyard but also when they go camping. One of the things your kid will get to learn is the concept of direction as the toy comes with a real working compass. This nature kit will encourage your children to catch and release small creatures around. This is also a way of motivating them to go outside and explore hence evoking their imagination. Each pack comes with 6 fake insects in a portable drawstring bag, an adjustable binocular, a magnifying glass, pocket-size compass, a flashlight, foldable hat, a whistle, a butterfly net, and a bug viewer container. Once the kids have enjoyed enough with it, they can put everything back in the backpack to play again some other time.

  • The compass is made of a resistant material
  • Everything in the pack is large enough
  • It’s great for outdoor activities
  • There’s a backpack for storage
  • The flashlight may require you to replace the batteries once the old ones get used up

19. SCS Direct Bug Action Figure – 30 Giant Insects Playset

Why we like it: An action figure bug toy set with 30 different insect species that are realistic and believable.

The SCS Direct Bug Action Figure toy helps improves hand-eye coordination in your kids as they get to touch and feel the bugs without the fear of being bitten or stung. They come in bright colors which is very appealing to kids. They’ll not only know colors but different insect species. This toy set can be used for storytelling play and learning new insects. Your kids can also pull pranks on their friends. The toy set also comes with 30 giant insects that won’t fit in your child’s mouth. They can also be held comfortably in a kid’s hands.

  • It includes large-sized bugs
  • It’s very colorful and appealing to the eyes
  • The bugs are life-like
  • There are too many pieces that easily get lost

20. Fun Outdoor Toy Insect Bug Adventure Set; Bug Catcher Set

Why we like it: Great for outdoor activities, your kids will discover and catch insects with this toy.

Your kids have a chance of discovering insects in the great outdoors, they can capture bugs and view them to see what they look like. The toy set encourages kids to catch, study and release the small creatures. Get to teach your kids not to be afraid of the little critters while having an awesome and fun way of catching the bugs. Go to the park or beach or in your garden and catch these little critters together with your kids and have fun while at it. It comes with tweezers, a wrist compass, transfer capsule and two bug carriers that have magnification windows.

  • It’s great for outdoor activities
  • It’s fun and educative for the kids
  • It encourages your kids not to be afraid
  • The kit comes with various tools
  • It’s not a good toy for kids aged 8 and above

21. Fun Outdoor Toy Insect Bug Adventure Set; Bug Catcher Set for Kids Backyard Exploration Kit

Why we like it: This is a fun toy insect bug adventure collection kit that your kids can use outside. It has all sorts of exciting items for kids to use.

This toy set comes with six pieces that include a net, a viewing box, tweezers, a watch and more. With the toy set, your kids will be encouraged to learn to be gentle with the tiny creatures while working through any fears they might be having. No assembly of items is needed and it’s easy to use it. This kit comes ready to use and is just great for kids of all ages. If your little ones want to get up close and personal with the tiny creatures in your backyard, then this toy set is the best for them.

  • The plastic pieces are made of durable material
  • Your kids will get to learn how to use different items
  • It encourages kids to be observant and adventurous.
  • The included watch may be too large for smaller wrists

22. Nature Bound Bug Catcher Toy

Why we like it: An eco-friendly bug vacuum for catching and releasing bugs that kids can use to play with both indoors and outdoors.
This toy set promotes scientific learning and keen observation skills as kids can inspect their favorite bugs without killing them. The bug vacuum sends each bug gently into the core viewing chamber for easy catch and release. Your kids won’t have to touch the bugs while observing but they’ll still be engaged. This kit is both educative and fun for kids to use.

  • It has an easy catch and a release chamber
  • It promotes scientific learning
  • The vacuum is eco-friendly
  • It can be used anywhere anytime
  • There aren’t many pieces to play with

23. Liberty Imports Little Backyard Explorer Outdoor Toy Insect Adventure Set

Why we like it: This is a bug-catching viewing kit that has 7 pieces that teach your kids aged 3 years and above the importance of bugs.

Your kid will love this set of bug toy. They’ll become active explorers in your garden, park or beach as they can be carried around anywhere. Your little ones will develop an interest in the little creatures once they get to connect with nature through hands-on outdoor play. It comes with 7 pieces of essential bug viewing kit containing a butterfly net, bug catcher, tweezers, transfer capsule, 2 bug carriers with magnification windows. This is such a great gift pack for your kids who are interested in small creatures. It’s a set that inspires your kids to explore.

  • It’s easy to carry around
  • It’s made of non-toxic material
  • PThis is a great learning kit for your kids
  • Some of the tools might be impractical to use

24. Meccano-Erector – MeccaSpider Robot Kit for Kids to Build

Why we like it: This is a great STEM toy for kids to build. It has games and apps that are inbuilt and uses infrared control.

The toy set is both educational and interactive. The robotic kit encourages kids to develop a couple of skills that include science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Your kids will construct the robot, program it and get to enjoy a variety of built-in, customizable games. The built-in robot is designed for kids aged 10-years and above. The toy comes with 291 parts, 2 hand tools, 1 Decal sheet, 1 instruction sheet for 1 model, a Mecca Spider brain module, an IR sensor, and two smart motor modules.

  • It’s great for STEM development
  • The set is educational and fun for kids
  • It comes with clear instructions and nice features
  • The set makes your kids imaginative
  • It takes longer to build
  • It’s complex for the younger kids to assemble

25. 27 PCs Bug Catcher Kits for Kids, Outdoor Explorer Kit

Why we like it: This toy set is good for outdoor activities and comes with 27 pieces that your kid can play with.

Your kids’ natural curiosity will be catered for by the toy set. They’ll catch and examine insects while engaging their STEM learning. Your kids will pick up and catch bugs safely like an explorer using the butterfly nets, bug tongs, insect traps, and tweezers. The magnifying glass that’s a part of the toy set will help them examine even the smallest details of the insects. Observations are then made through the bug containers, which is a hexagonal bungalow. The toy set also comes with a compass, 10 pretend play bugs and a handy practical backpack with shoulder straps to store them all.

  • It encourages kids to be more observant
  • It encourages your kid to go outside and explore
  • There’s a different sized insect collector’s container for easy storage
  • There’s a backpack for storing all the pieces once your kid is done playing
  • There are too many pieces that might get lost

26. Constructive Playthings Geoworld Bugs World Collection

Why we like it: This science-based toy allows kids to explore the creepy crawlies without being crawled on.

The Constructive Playthings Geoworld toy set serves as a great introduction to tiny creatures that live on this planet and is recommended for kids aged 6-years and above. Your kids will get to learn of the different insect species that live in this world. 12 different insect species come with the toy set to allow your kids to explore more. For kids to have a close-up examination, they get to use a magnifying glass. The insects have been mounted in clear poly-resin blocks to ensure that your little ones have a clear view of the insects. A 24-page booklet full of real STEM learning from Geoworld publishing house is also included in the kit. Besides, the blocks are made up of long-lasting quality material

  • Kids can have a closer look at the insects with the use of a magnifying glass
  • There’s no fear of being bitten or stung
  • The set comes with a booklet
  • It’s made of durable material
  • The included bugs easily scratch

27. Wild Pets Spider Habitat Playset

Why we like it: This is a great toy for kids to put in their spider pet and watch it move around.

With the Wild Pets Spider Habitat Playset, your kids will get to learn how to care for the life-like spider as this will be their pet. They can control the behavior of the spider by touching it since it moves and feels like a real spider. Your kids can also scare their friends with this life-like spider. The spider looks so real that once it’s left alone, it gets to creep around in a small area. The toy set comes with a flip-top lid that kids can open and place the spider inside. It also has a carry handle for easy transportation and a small cave where your spider can hide in. For a more realistic effect, rock and sand graphic details are included with spider webs. The habitat includes an exclusive spider striper.

  • It’s easy to carry around
  • The spider is lifelike
  • The set offers a lot of fun for kids
  • Kids learn how to take care of pets
  • The spider itself is big enough for small kids not to swallow
  • It has small parts that may not be suitable for kids under 36-months because of choking hazards. Adult supervision may be required

28. Backyard Safari Wet / Dry Combo Field Kit

Why we like it: If you want your kid to improve their bug-catching game, then this kit is for you.

The Backyard Safari Combo Field Kit is a great learning tool as kids catch and observe bugs, as well as have fun while at it. The kit not only helps little ones catch and learn the names of the little crawlies but they also get to learn how to handle such creatures with utmost care. The kit comes with a spade and a brush that children can use to locate the bugs and a net that can be used for catching them. A small mirror is also included; kids will admire the bugs using this mirror. The small bucket and tongs are for gently catching and storing the bugs safely while they learn. The best thing is that this kit comes with a field guide that’ll help your kids identify the creatures they find.

  • The bucket is big enough to have lots of bugs in them at once
  • No need to touch the bugs with their hands, the tongs are there to do the work
  • Great combination of tools that can be used with other bug-catching items
  • The lid on the bucket may not stay on, hence some bugs might escape

29. Stone Clark Backyard Discovery Exploration Kit

Why we like it: This is the perfect toy for kids who love the outdoors. It’s an adventurous toy set that encourages little ones to explore in your backyard.

The Stone Clark Backyard Discovery Exploration Kit is such a great toy for broadening children’s minds. Once they get to use the catching supplies, your little ones become more observant and get a better understanding of the beautiful world around them. It’s a toy that encourages kids to get outside and have fun while catching bugs. This builds healthy habits in your skids as well as promotes an active lifestyle since the toy itself is engaging and interactive. The kit has a plastic critter case, a magnifying glass, tweezers, plastic tongs, and insect viewing card. There’s a small plastic bug catcher with breathing holes and a sturdy design. With this, you’re assured that the bugs are safe and secure. There’s an easy to open hatch that allows you to add and release critters or add leaves to create a perfect natural habitat for the bugs.

  • It’s fun, engaging and educational
  • It’s made of sturdy material
  • The kit is safe for bugs
  • It’s easy to add and release the bugs
  • Some users found the kit to be of poor build quality

30. National Geographic Amber Exploration Science Kit

Why we like it: If your little explorer is a fan of Jurassic Park, they’re going to love this kit. They’ll search for ancient bugs that lived during the time of dinosaurs.

This STEM learning toy set is going to spark your child’s interests in both science and technology. Your kids will learn a lot about the tiny historical creatures. It’s an exploration kit as much as it’s a fun craft project. The toy set comes with an amber-colored keychain with a real scorpion inside because finding bugs inside the real amber isn’t guaranteed. The amber also contains rare bugs that are priceless. Such bugs include aphids, leaves or nothing at all. Kids will have to polish each amber to reveal the secrets within.

  • This kit comes with a National geographic 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • It’ll spark your kid’s interest in science
  • This kit is both fun and teaches your kids history
  • Kids are not great fan of dinosaurs might not like it


The best bug toys for kids will encourage little ones to start their lines of investigation. This makes them the best for creative play. Moreover, bug toys will teach your child about the natural world. It’ll encourage your child to ask questions about the bugs in the world, make observations, and then see how their observations compare to other settled pieces of information on the topic.

These bug toys are affordable presents that one can give to their kids. Your little ones will not only get to learn about the tiny creatures but will also have lots of fun and adventure. The more they get out and explore their environment, the more they’re going to learn. As a parent, you have to be ready to answer any questions or help your kids do some research about the bugs they discover with these fun new toys.