Happy Birthday! The Best Birthday Gifts and Toys for Kids

Happy Birthday! The Best Birthday Gifts and Toys for Kids

Giving gifts to a child on their special day isn’t always an easy task. There are plenty of choices out there that you quickly become overwhelmed. Sometimes, you don’t even have an idea of what they want.

If you have this dilemma, let us help you out. Here are some of the best gift birthday gift ideas for both boys and girls.

Top 30 Best Birthday Gifts & Toys – for Kids 2023

1. LEGO Cinderella’s Castle

LEGO Cinderella’s Castle

Why we like it: It’s from two of the best brands that children love – Disney and LEGO – so you can’t go wrong with this one.

Editor’s Rating:

This LEGO Playset is the perfect toy to recreate the magic of the Disney classic.

Girls will have fun building and re-building the iconic castle from Cinderella. The modular nature of this LEGO set means your kids can rearrange the layout of the castle to their liking. It’s also compatible with parts from other LEGO Disney sets for the ultimate mix and match.

The castle has many different rooms, including a grand dining room and kitchen, complete with secret rooms and compartments. And to complete the pretend play, it also includes Cinderella and Prince Charming figurines.


  • Modular components
  • Lots of rooms and secret compartments to explore
  • Includes Cinderella and Prince Charming figurines


  • Assembly can frustrate younger kids

2. Code n’ Learn Kinderbot

Code n’ Learn Kinderbot

Why we like it: Programming the robot what to do is not only fun but also educational. Our toddler learned a lot out of this, while our older kids loved the learning challenges.

Editor’s Rating:

Learning how to program is quickly becoming a core skill that every kid must learn early on. However, teaching can be complicated and intimidating.

That’s why the Code n’ Learn Kinderbot is such a great toy. It teaches foundations like coding and basic maths in an easy and fun way.

The robot can accept directions to move in any of the four directions. Your kid codes these using the arrow buttons on the top of the robot. They then press the “Play” button and watch as the robot performs the moves.

Kinderbot also gives your kids Learning Challenges and a Secret Code Book. These give your kid problems to solve that increase in difficulty. It’s great for honing your child’s problem-solving skills.


  • One of the best ways to teach coding and engineering to young ones
  • The robot is very durable
  • Voice prompts give your child feedback every time the robot moves


  • No option to turn the sound off

3. Rush Hour Jr. Game

Rush Hour Jr. Game

Why we like it: It's the kind of toy that will grow with your kids over time. It has various difficulty levels that will challenge even an adult.

Editor’s Rating:

Rush Hour Jr is a kids version of the famous Rush Hour game. The aim is to help the ice cream truck get out of the parking lot by clearing a path for it. You do this by sliding the cars back and forth.

It sounds easy. But ask any adult, and this is a challenge even for them. It’s because you’ll have limited space to move the cars around.

The Rush Hour Jr. Game is perfect for kids who want a challenge. It helps them build critical thinking and problem-solving skills while having fun at the same time.


  • Durable and colorful components
  • The included carrying case makes it portable enough to be played anywhere
  • Increasing difficulty can fit your child's level


  • Not as flashy as some other toys on this list

4. Playmobil Mars Space Station

Playmobil Mars Space Station

Why we like it: We love the attention to detail in the components and modules of this Mars Space Station.

Editor’s Rating:

The Playmobil Mars Space Station is everything your kids will ever need to become a space explorer.

The space station is super detailed with all the panels and buttons to make it look realistic. It includes hubs and modules, just like in real life. Each is detachable, so the entire station’s layout can be completely customized.

Your kids will also get plenty of accessories, including two astronaut figurine and a robot figurine. There’s also equipment like a microscope and a laptop, as well as tools like a wrench and drill. It even has a laser that shoots out projectiles.


  • Lots of parts and accessories to play with
  • Can be extended with other Playmobil Space components
  • Durable parts


  • Can be challenging to put together

5. Transforming Batmobile RC Car

Transforming Batmobile RC Car

Why we like it: This toy is the ultimate Batmobile RC car, in our opinion. We love how it can transform into Battle Mode so seamlessly.

Editor’s Rating:

For kids that are big Batman fans, the Transforming Batmobile RC car is a real treat.

Just like your ordinary RC car, you can use the included remote control to zoom and turn the Batmobile forwards and backward. It can even do 360-degree spins!

But unlike your ordinary RC car, the Batmobile can transform into Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, it becomes a raised platform that shoots disc projectiles at the push of a button.

The transition from Batmobile to Battle Mode is smooth and well-done. There are also lights and sounds to make the transformation much more epic.


  • The seamless transformation from Batmobile to Battle Mode
  • Projectile-shooting feature is cool
  • Lights and sounds are great for entertaining young ones
  • Everything is controlled via the remote controller


  • No option for turning the sound off or even reducing the volume

6. Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll

Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll

Why we like it: We like the element of surprise when you unbox it. Plus, my daughter and I love the idea of designing the dress using slime.

Editor’s Rating:

The Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Doll is another one of those “surprise” toys wherein you won’t know what type you’ll get before you open it.

If your kids love the thrill (and can handle the disappointment of not getting what they want), this Poopsie doll is an absolute gem.

Each box you unroll will give your little girl a 14″ doll to play with, and a set of transparent outfits. But the highlight is the gel powder, which they can use to make DIY slime. Your child can then spread the slime on the doll’s transparent outfit to create personalized designs.


  • Gorgeous 14” doll with brushable hair
  • Included accessories
  • DIY slime for creating unique designs


  • The surprise element might be frustrating to some kids

7. PLUS PLUS Open Play Set

PLUS PLUS Open Play Set

Why we like it: We love the creative freedom of building that it gives kids, especially when compared to your standard building blocks. They're also not as painful when you step on them, so plus points for parents!

Editor’s Rating:

Constructing things is one of the best ways to enhance a kid’s development. Not only does it refine motor skills, but it also boosts their creativity and imagination.

The PLUS PLUS toy is composed of individual shapes that can combine with each other in multiple directions. This toy allows your kids to build both in 2D or 3D.

This Open Play Set package includes 600 PLUS PLUS pieces. They come in over seven basic colors, such as red and brown. PLUS PLUS gives kids an infinite variety to bring their creations to life.
The pieces are all BPA and Phthalate-free, making them safe for kids to play.


  • Complete freedom to build in 3D
  • Safe for kids to use
  • Great for kids of all ages


  • Sizes are smaller than blocks

8. Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Why we like it: We like that it’s a complete package right out of the box with the included “crash-ready” cars.

Editor’s Rating:

The Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set revs up the excitement for your car-loving boy. It’s perfect for satisfying a boy’s need to crash things in a safe and controlled manner.

This set features up to 16 feet of track and loops, arranged in a clover pattern. All of it meets in the center intersection, where crashes are bound to happen. Cars enter the track through a feeder.

This Criss Cross Crash Track gives the thrill of crash racing and near misses. Your boy can time the entry of his car just right to avoid crashing with the other cars. Or he can do the opposite to knock a car off the track deliberately.

Either way, it involves your boy’s experimentation and hand-eye coordination.


  • Gives lots of fast thrills for your kid
  • Allows the joy of crashing cars in a safe environment
  • Cars already included


  • There’s a risk of cars flying off and hitting your kid

9. Little Genius Starter Kit

Little Genius Starter Kit

Why we like it: We love how the Osmo Little Genius hits a lot of different areas in our child’s development. It makes them learn letters and numbers in a unique way that tests their creativity and motor skills as well.

Editor’s Rating:

The Little Genius Starter Kit is a fun new way for kids to learn that blends technology with traditional play.

At the center of the technology is the Osmo Base. You fit this over your tablet (both iOS and Android supported), and it can magically detect the included silicone shapes and pieces.

Playing it requires your child to rearrange the pieces to form a letter, number, or picture. For example, they can use the silicone shapes to form the letter “A” in the mat, and the tablet app can detect it as the letter “A.”

Aside from forming letters and numbers, it can also detect “drawings” made with the silicone pieces as well. Then the kids can watch their creations come to life on the screen.


  • A fun new way for kids to learn
  • Hits a lot of development areas and critical skills like imagination
  • Can be expanded with other games and parts (sold separately)


  • Requires a tablet
  • May risk getting your kids addicted to screen time

10. Rainow Sandland

Rainow Sandland

Why we like it: Despite cringing at the idea of our kids playing with sand, the Rainbow Sandland made surprisingly little mess. The included funnels and rubber stoppers made sure of that.

Editor’s Rating:

Sand art used to be all the rage when we were kids but has sadly now gone out of fashion. However, it’s making a revival thanks to this Rainbow Sandland toy.

The kit has everything your kid needs to create her own sand art. It includes five different colored sand and glitter for that extra sparkle. It also has tools like a funnel for more precise layering of sand in the display stand.

Afterward, your child can then decorate it further with stickers and unicorn figurines.


  • Lots of different colors of sand to choose from
  • Makes little mess if done right
  • Sturdy display stand


  • Once you put the sand in you can’t change it.

11. Doctor Activity Center Set

Doctor Activity Center Set

Why we like it: This toy is fantastic for helping ease your children’s fears of going to the doctor.

Editor’s Rating:

This Doctor Activity Center Set is one of the best ways to encourage interactive play with your kids. It’s made by Melissa and Doug, who are known for creating quality wooden toys for preschoolers.

This activity center is no different. It’s made of high-quality wooden components. The finishes and details are spot-on as well.

It’s a complete doctor’s center with a wooden rest where a “patient” can sit. It also has a sink area and waiting area to simulate what a real clinic looks like.

The accessories and equipment are also well-crafted. They include the standard doctor’s stuff like X-ray, blood pressure monitor, and adjustable height bar.


  • Parts are all durable and well-made
  • Lots of extra accessories and equipment for full pretend play
  • Good finish with lots of extra details


  • Needs a bit of assembly

12. Kidizoom Camera

Kidizoom Camera

Why we like it: The camera snaps up pretty decent photos with lots of templates to enhance their creativity. We love the confidence this little camera gives to our little one.

Editor’s Rating:

I’m sure we’ve all experienced our kids playing around with our smartphones and taking all sorts of random photos. While using a phone all the time is bad for kids, using a camera shouldn’t be.

The solution is the Kidizoom Camera. This toy from VTech features a real 2.0-megapixel camera with up to 4x zoom. So this one goes beyond pretend play and makes your kid practice with actual photography.

It also has cool features like automatically detecting your kid’s face in Selfie Mode. Your kid can also play around with 35 photo effects to add some artistry into their shots.

All in all, this is a great toy for your budding photographer.


  • Features a real 2.0-megapixel camera
  • Super durable construction can survive drops and bumps
  • Lots of cool photo effects and features


  • There’s a noticeable lag between pressing the shutter and capturing the photos

13. Stomp Rocket

Stomp Rocket

Why we like it: We love how these toys encourage our kids to go outside and play. It’s simple fun but one that has kept our boys outside for hours.

Editor’s Rating:

The Stomp Rocket takes flying planes to a whole new level. Each of the three planes in the set performs their stunts and aerial tricks. The planes themselves use aerodynamic principles, so expect well-executed stunts.

Launching these plans is as fun as seeing them fly. Kids fly these planes by running and then stomping on the launch pad. They can adjust the angle of the launcher to account for wind direction and speed.

The Stomp Rocket is completely “kid-powered” – no batteries needed.


  • Encourages kids to play outside
  • Sturdy components that can last repeated stomping
  • Amazing aerodynamics


  • Planes get easily stuck in trees, which can create problems

14. Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips’

Mr. Potato Head Movin’ Lips’

Why we like it: It's a modern upgrade of a beloved classic. Our toddler had loads of fun talking to Mr. Potato Head while we had a big dose of nostalgia.

Editor’s Rating:

Lots of parents will have memories growing up with this classic toy. Now, they can pass it along to their kids – with some modern features to boot.

There’s still the classic feature of allowing your kids to remove every part of Mr. Potato Head’s face. This time around, though, he’s able to move his lips. He can say and sing up to 40 phrases and songs. That’s enough variety to keep any kid entertained for hours.

The toy includes two sets of lips, so kids will have fun mixing and matching it to a hilarious effect. The parts are also compatible with other Mr. Potato Head toys if you have them.


  • Lots of phrases and songs to keep your kids entertained
  • Durable parts can last this toy a lifetime
  • Price is reasonable given the quality
  • Great as a gift for any kid


  • Not much variety for kids who already own Mr. Potato Head

15. Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear

Why we like it: Little fans of the Toy Story franchise will be jumping for joy when they hear Buzz say his famous lines. Our kids had fun pretending they were playing with the real Buzz from the movie.

Editor’s Rating:

If your kid loved the Toy Story movies, this would be a no-brainer purchase for them.

The Ultimate Walking Buzz Lightyear behaves just like he does in the films. He is capable of walking forwards and backward, complete with a swivel. Then there’s the iconic laser blasters and wings that pop-out when he’s ready for action.

The best thing about this figure, however, is the phrases he says. With the push of a button, he will recreate his famous lines from the movie.


  • Excellent construction and details; looks just like the real Buzz
  • Animatronic features make for realistic play
  • Iconic phrases from the movie


  • Size is smaller than most action figures

16. Really Rad Robots MiBro Gold

Really Rad Robots MiBro Gold

Why we like it: We love how the MiBro has tons of features to keep kids entertained for days. Although we’re now getting more pranking and spying around the house!

Editor’s Rating:

The MiBro is your kid’s mini robotic friend. It’s an RC robot that your kid can command to do a lot of useful stuff. And by “useful,” it mostly involves pranks!

This robot is a tiny and super silent RC robot that’s controlled using the remote control. It’s pretty easy to maneuver around in our experience. You can also talk to it, and it will repeat what you say in a funny tone.

Kids can use the MiBro as a “spy” bot. It can sneak around and record sounds using its built-in microphone. The bot also has over 50 built-in sounds and effects that kids can use to prank others.


  • Easy to control RC robot
  • Over 50 sound functions
  • Can carry items up to 400g


  • The remote control has a short 30-meter range

17. Juno My Baby Elephant

Juno My Baby Elephant

Why we like it: Juno is like having a pet for your kids. It teaches them how to be affectionate to animals and take care of them to some extent.

Editor’s Rating:

Juno is one of the most realistic toy animals your kids will ever play with. It’s an interactive smart pet and one that your children can grow to adore.

The best feature of Juno is her lifelike trunk. It can respond to your touch, pick up objects like her peanut, and even pet you back. She can use it to make trumpet sounds as well.

This little elephant also has her personality. When your kid first gets her, she’ll be shy and hide behind her ears. But if your kid pets and shows her attention over time, she’ll warm up and begin to cuddle and play with them.


  • Juno has a personality that grows with your kids
  • Lifelike trunk with lots of tricks
  • Added accessories like a peanut and mouse figure


  • Takes time to "unlock" her full personality, so some kid’s will be impatient

18. Blume Doll

Blume Doll

Why we like it: Personally, we like the “surprise” aspect of it. It’s why our little girl is addicted to these Blume Dolls!

Editor’s Rating:

The Blume Doll is like a cross between a doll and a flower pot, and it works roughly the same way. Your kid simply adds water and wait for a Blume Doll to emerge from the pot
Unlike a real flower pot, however, your kid doesn’t need to wait weeks or days. She’ll get one a few moments after watering the pot.

Now, the exciting part is that you won’t know what type of Blume Doll will emerge! There are 22 different kinds, each with its hairstyle and outfit. As you can imagine, it takes some time for your kid to collect all of them so it can become a hobby.

Each pot is a complete playset, with surprises like outfits and accessories. You can mix and match these with other Blume Dolls, so there’s an incentive to collect as many as your kid can.


  • The surprise element makes it very exciting to collect
  • You can mix and match accessories with other Blume Dolls
  • A lot of varieties to collect


  • You don't know what hairstyle you'll get. It can make it frustrating to collect if you get lots of duplicates.

19. Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station

Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station

Why we like it: It's an easy way to give a kid a start in art. They'll have the confidence they can create such beautiful works of art on their own.

Editor’s Rating:

If your kids are into art (like ours is), then this Crayola Spin and Spiral Art Station will be much appreciated. It allows budding artists to create mesmerizing and abstract art in an easy, mess-free manner.

This mobile art station gives your kids two unique ways to create.

One is using Spiral Art, which uses interchangeable rotary stencils. Kids can then attach a marker into one of them and spin it around to create beautiful patterns.

The other is the Spin Art. It involves putting in drops of ink included in the kit. Kids can then spin it around to produce abstract paintings.

The real beauty comes when you combine both Spiral and Spin Art to create unique masterpieces.


  • Lots of easy ways for kids to create beautiful artwork
  • Uses washable ink that makes cleanup easy
  • Different color combinations will keep young artist busy for hours


  • Hard to find refills for the ink

20. Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenge

Thinkfun Roller Coaster Challenge

Why we like it: This is a great game to test the problem solving and engineering skills of your kids. Not to mention building your own roller coaster is always fun!

Editor’s Rating:

The Roller Coaster Challenge is part game, part education. Here, your kids will need to build a roller coaster to take the car from point A to B. On its own, kids will have fun trying to build the most outrageous and zany roller coaster they can.

The fun starts, however, when they try to do the Challenge Cards. Here you need to complete the roller coaster given a set of constraints. The difficulty ranges from beginner to expert.


  • Challenge cards keep your kids playing for hours
  • Parts are durable
  • Reasonable price


  • Might not be challenging for kids older than six years old

21. Baby Shark Educational Tablet

Baby Shark Educational Tablet

Why we like it: Your kids will have a blast playing the Baby Shark song over and over again. Parents love the fact that their little ones are learning as well.

Editor’s Rating:

If your kids love Baby Shark (and which kid doesn’t?), then this will instantly appeal to them. The education tablet teaches your kids the basics of ABCs and numbers while listening to the hit viral song.

Pressing the letters and numbers will make Baby Shark say them out loud. It’s great to reinforce them into your child’s mind. It includes a “Where Is?” mode as well, which tests your kids using a fun game.

In our experience, the Baby Shark song and characters made our toddlers want to play with this tablet. This tablet not only teaches important concepts, but it also develops hand-eye coordination.


  • Kids love the Baby Shark song
  • Adjustable volume buttons
  • Buttons are large and easy for a toddler to press


  • Not as durable

22. Driven Micro Tow Truck

Driven Micro Tow Truck

Why we like it: Your kids will have tons of fun playing pretend with this tow truck. It operates just like the real thing, so you can teach them how a real one works.

Editor’s Rating:

The Driven Micro Tow Truck is one of the more accurate tow truck toys we’ve ever seen. It’s because this truck has a lot of movable parts that make for great pretend play.

First, the ramp can extend down to prepare to load a car. A retractable chain pulley then attaches into a car and can be pulled up or down just like in real life.

Lights and sounds complete the whole experience.

The tow truck’s hood can even open to reveal a metallic engine underneath. The front doors can also open and close.


  • Lots of moving parts make it very realistic
  • Lights and sounds are entertaining for kids
  • Backup car already included


  • Not as durable

23. Make N’ Melt Ice Cream Kit

Make N’ Melt Ice Cream Kit

Why we like it: It’s the most realistic looking “fake” ice cream we’ve ever seen. The best part for parents is that it leaves zero mess, making cleanup a breeze!

Editor’s Rating:

Kids have always loved ice cream. That’s why ice cream makers are always a great choice for kids. Most are messy, however.

This Foam Alive Make N’ Melt Ice Cream Kit uses a special kind of fluffy “foam” to simulate ice cream. Kids will have fun forming it then scooping it onto the cone. Then, like real ice cream, it will magically melt before their eyes.

The foam comes in three different colors (green, fuchsia, and blue) to simulate a wide range of flavors. The foam is addicting to the touch with its soft and squishy texture. Adults will have as much fun handling it as the kids do!


  • Mess-free foam means there’s nothing to clean up after
  • Forms and melts realistically like ice cream
  • Comes in three colors for mixing and matching


  • Nothing much to do with it beyond scooping it and watching it melt.
  • You have to make sure they don’t try and eat it

24. Luvabella Newborn Doll

Luvabella Newborn Doll

Why we like it: It is a fantastic way to teach children how to take care of a baby early on. Great for encouraging them to take care of their siblings.

Editor’s Rating:

Luvabella gives your children the unique experience of taking care of a baby. She has realistic sounds and facial expressions, so kids will think they’re taking care of a real baby.

And like any baby, she needs to sleep and be fed!

Kids can lull her to sleep, and her eyes close when she does. The newborn doll even has a heartbeat, and her tummy rises and falls as if she’s breathing.

Your kids can also feed Luvabella with the included bottle, and she will suckle on it realistically.


  • Realistic movement
  • Teaches your children how to take care of a baby
  • Overall good construction


  • The paint can chip off after a while

25. Brainbolt Memory Game

Brainbolt Memory Game

Why we like it: It's a great way to improve memory and keep kids busy at the same time during long trips!

Editor’s Rating:

This is an interactive, portable version of the famous memory game. The game requires your kid to memorize the light pattern and repeat it from memory. The longer you play, the longer and harder the sequences get.

Brainbolt can be played solo or versus another player to see who can memorize the most sequences.


  • Durable construction
  • Completely portable for fun anywhere
  • Great for kids and even adults of all ages


  • Non-rechargeable batteries

26. TAIMASI Kids’ Musical Instruments

TAIMASI Kids’ Musical Instruments

Why we like it: The variety of instruments will satisfy even the most fickle-minded toddler.

Editor’s Rating:

This toy set is a great way to introduce your toddlers to musical instruments. You also encourage your little one to explore the world of music, and maybe even help them pick the instruments they like the best.

It includes over 25 different instruments, like maracas, xylophone, and drums. It’s made of safe, non-toxic material, so it’s completely safe for children.

Then after play, everything can be packed away conveniently with the included backpack.


  • Over 25 musical instruments
  • Made of kid-safe materials
  • Fantastic after-sales service


  • Some instruments have parts that are not that durable

27. Myla The Magic Unicorn

Myla The Magic Unicorn

Why we like it: Girls will have endless fun trying to decorate and customize Myla’s look

Editor’s Rating:

Myla is a unicorn that allows your kid to customize her look. The included magic brush gives them the ability to change the color of Myla’s horn, eyes, or wings using the butterfly palette. Girls will also have fun fixing the unicorn’s hair.

After fixing her look, girls can then do six fun activities with Myla, including singing a duet. Simply put, the included microphone near her mouth, and she will start singing. She’s also interactive so that little girls can talk with her.


  • Good construction
  • A magic wand is cool to use
  • Lots of activities available


  • Can be difficult to pick up colors using the magic wand

28. Battle Bow Build and Blast Set

Battle Bow Build and Blast Set

Why we like it: It's a great toy for sparking kid's imagination and engineering skills. Plus, who doesn’t love launching darts at lightning speeds?

Editor’s Rating:

Remember how you used to love building makeshift bows and arrows as a kid? Well, this K-FORCE Battle Bow Build and Blast Set gives kids the same experience, but with a modern twist.

The Battle Bow Set is composed of 165 pieces of durable plastic that connects with each other. It allows your kids to build any one of the four different blaster designs. Patented rod locks ensure the pieces stay connected even with rigorous use.

The package also includes five foam darts and two holders. It gives your kids lots of options in creating various bow designs and targets.

Performance-wise, this K-FORCE bow is capable of launching darts up to 75 ft


  • Individual components fit exceptionally well with each other
  • Great after-sales support includes parts replacements
  • Completely customizable


  • It can be challenging for some kids to build
  • Get ready to be shot

29. Black and Decker Junior Tool Workbench

Black and Decker Junior Tool Workbench

Why we like it: We love this as an aid for teaching our little boy the safe way of handling handyman tools. He also loves that he gets to “do” the same thing his Dad does.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’ve ever had a curious 3-year old take a peek while you were fixing something in the garage, then this toy is perfect. The Black and Decker Junior Power Tool Workbench is great for teaching your work tools in a safe manner.

This set comes with 75 different tools a real handyman would use. It included everything from drills to saws. It even has a miniature tool caddy. Some tools have realistic lights and sound to enhance your kid’s pretend play.


  • 75 different tools and equipment to help teach children to handle tools properly
  • Realistic lights and sounds
  • Flexible work light


  • Lots of pieces mean plenty of opportunities for things to get lost; close supervision is recommended

30. Crazy Fort Kit

Crazy Fort Kit

Why we like it: We love how this sparks imagination in our children. And if they’re having trouble, they can start with the five included fort plans.

Editor’s Rating:

One of the things kids love building is forts. Our children would take pillows and boxes – literally anything in the house – and stack them all to build their very own mini castles.

If this sounds just like your kid, then they will certainly enjoy this Fort Kit by Crazy Forts. This system of construction play has two parts – toggles and rods.

By connecting rods and toggles together, kids can build a frame for their fort. Then it’s just a matter of draping a bed sheet on it to complete their creations.


  • Unlimited fort combinations
  • Plastic components are heavy-duty and well-built
  • Easy for kids to understand and assemble


  • Has the possibility of it falling if not constructed properly

Final Thoughts

There is a huge variety of kid’s toys available now. It can be so hard to pick! With our list, we’ve tried to give as large of a variety as possible so that you can get ideas and find the perfect toy that matches your child’s interests or needs. Some of these toys are educational, some of them promote certain skills, and many are just simply great fun. Most of the toys on this list have an interactive quality or need to be built or customized in some way so that your child can have a memorable birthday with their new present.