Baby's Furbaby: Best Cat Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Baby's Furbaby: Best Cat Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Toys are a pretty key component when it comes to a child’s personal development. Not only that, but many households are, for the most part, going to include some sort of animal as a pet at one point or another.

One good way to get your kid invested in the idea of pets in their lives is to provide them with toys that mimic the pet itself, or perhaps your little one is already cat-obsessed. It’s a common passion. Cats are adorable, kind, useful and in some cultures even sacred. Cat toys are no less popular. A cat toy may be exactly what you want to bring these felicitous felines in you and your children’s lives.

Here are the best cat toys for kids and toddlers on the market. Ready? Let’s pounce on it!

Top 21 Best Cat Toys for Kids & Toddlers 2021

1. Best Overall Pick: GUND Pusheen Snackable Stuffed Animal Plush

GUND Pusheen Snackable Stuffed Animal Plush

Why we like it: Pusheen is an adorable cat with quite a healthy appetite. This portly plush is a great gift for the little one in your life.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a nearly ten-inch tall adorable plush toy that is based on the iconic cat from the Pusheen webcomic. This is one fat cat! The plush comes in different treat varieties, including cookie, cupcake, ice cream, donut and etc. She looks so happy while sitting down and indulging her sweet tooth. This toy is sure to put a smile on your child’s face as well.

One of the big appeals of this particular cat toy is that it is really easy to clean. It’s made of specific materials that allow it to be surface-washable… meaning you don’t have to immediately throw it into the washing machine if your child stains it with some errant food or drink. A quick wipe-off with a moist cloth and a little time in the sun will leave this plush looking as good as new.


  • Huge, huggable plush cat
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with different food-related choices
  • Iconic


  • Smaller than the original Pusheen stuffed animal

2. MerryMakers Pete the Cat Plush Doll

MerryMakers Pete the Cat Plush Doll

Why we like it: Yet another iconic cat plushie already on this list. Pete the Cat is an adorable and laid back cat that can easily be your child’s best friend… if you let him.

Editor’s Rating:

Pete the Cat is a New York Times bestseller series of books based on an actual cat that the artist, James Dean, adopted from a local animal shelter. Apparently the adopted cat’s personality inspired the artist enough to create the idea behind the very plush cat toy you see here today.

Pete’s made up of a really colorful blue hue that’s easily recognizable a mile away. On top of that, he’s got an instantly-understood half-smile/smirk on his face that indicates that this cat is cool and laid back – as if the two different colors of sneakers he’s wearing didn’t tip you off already! Pete’s attitude is great for teaching children how to be calm in the face of stress and adversity, no matter what. This plush toy would make a great friend for any child who frets about the little things too much and remind them to take it slow and easy in life.


  • Beautiful, iconic cat from the New York Times bestseller
  • 14.5 inches tall
  • Suitable for any age


  • The back seam can easily split open if you’re not careful
  • Arguably not that ‘cute’ if that’s what you’re looking for

3. Best Premium Pick: Vermont Teddy Bear Stuffed Kitten

Vermont Teddy Bear Stuffed Kitten

Why we like it: It’s a teddy bear, but not really! This kitty cat plush is big and cuddly, and a perfect alternative to the common teddy bear toy for your child.

Editor’s Rating:

Looks can be deceiving sometimes, can’t they? This has the exterior look of a typical teddy bear, but it is very much a cat. It’s super cuddly and is sure to give your child plenty of comfort.

This 18-inch plush is made of 100% recycled materials (for the environmentally-conscious buyer) and it’s also composed of non-shedding fur, meaning you won’t have to clean up cat hairs like you do with a real cat.

Another cool thing about this product is, once it’s out of the box, it’s guaranteed for life via the Vermont Teddy Bear Hospital. If the plush’s damage is too extensive, a new toy will be shipped to the buyer with yet another lifetime guarantee attached to the new product. You can’t beat that!


  • Composed of non-shedding fur.
  • Made of 100% recyclable materials.
  • Lifetime warranty, even if the damage is intense.


  • Holes can form in the seams around the neck easily.

4. Click N' Play 8 Piece Doll Kitten Set

Click N' Play 8 Piece Doll Kitten Set

Why we like it: This is an entire cat-themed playset that is made with 18-inch toy dolls in mind. It comes with numerous accessories to help your child’s imagination run wild.

Editor’s Rating:

This kitten-themed set comes with everything you need to provide your little one’s doll friends an adorable pet of their very own. First things first, the set comes with a Velcro leash that attaches to the cat’s collar, perfect for walks around the dollhouse. The set also comes with a bag to carry the kitten around everywhere you can think of. The carrying bag also doubles as a cozy bed that can be stored almost anywhere.

This exciting set is also rounded out more with some interesting accessory items. It comes with a blanket, which is perfect for keeping the cat warm on a cold winter day, a grooming brush (because all beautiful cats need a brush to look their best). There is also a toy mouse for the cat to chase around, and even a small food bowl so the cat can chow down once in a while.


  • Adorable, doll-centric themed cat set
  • Lots of accessories
  • A perfect companion for all kinds of 18-inch dolls on the market


  • The accessories are easily breakable
  • Best used with the dolls

5. Best Budget Pick: Manhattan Toy Lanky Cats

Manhattan Toy Lanky Cats

Why we like it: Look at those eyes! Combined with its super soft quality, this is a cat plushie that needs to be petted, pronto!

Editor’s Rating:

There’s a lot of stories surrounding black cats in history and folklore. Some say that they are the familiar spirits of wicked witches. Some say they are bad luck if you cross paths with them on a certain day…but we’re pretty convinced that this adorable dark feline plushie is everyone’s best friend no matter what.

This sleepy-looking kitty is made of 100% polyester material and its paws are filled to the brim with small, polyethylene pellets that weigh its feet down, allowing the cat to “hang” off of things, such as desks, beds, and even your child’s shoulder. Another positive about this plush is that it is made out of easy-to-clean fabric that allows for surface cleaning. There’s no need to toss this kitty in the washing machine if milk is spilled on it.


  • Cute and super-soft quality to the fur
  • It comes in three varieties: black, gold and tiger-striped
  • Suitable for toddlers on up
  • Surface-washable fabric


  • It’s not a poseable toy

6. Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Cat Toy

Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Cat Toy

Why we like it: This is a cute cat-themed set that comes with several plushies, and may also provide a useful learning experience for your child to boot.

Editor’s Rating:

Birth is a part of life. What we know as adults can be a vast and complex thing to teach children. This is a great toy that can showcase what a female animal does to nurture her young while being adorable and not graphic.

This mommy cat is made of extremely soft fabric, and her babies “attach” to magnets underneath in her stomach area. The magnets themselves aren’t easily accessible to your child, as they are inside a pouch that sewn into the fabric itself so the child has no chance to put them in their mouth.

On top of that, the little kittens can detach from the mommy cat, so it’s almost like there are many different plush toys in one package. To top off this great product, each and every one of the cats is surface washable, so there’s no need to throw these cute guys in the washing machine if an accident happens, you can just wipe them with a damp cloth.


  • It comes with three magnet-attachable kittens
  • Potential teaching tool
  • Kittens detach. It’s like several toys in one


  • The magnets on the underside of the mother cat shift around a bit

7. Jellycat Squiggle Kitty Stuffed Animal

Jellycat Squiggle Kitty Stuffed Animal

Why we like it: It’s an exceedingly adorable, super tiny cat plush that will keep your little one company in their crib and everywhere else.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a super-soft cat plush toy that is suitable for all ages, especially newborns and toddlers, but we can easily see children growing up with this stuffed cat as their endearing little friend. At a mere nine inches tall, this toy isn’t going to be taking up much space in your little one’s crib or any other sleeping area. On top of that, it’s hand-washable, so if your child happens to spill something on it, it can easily be wiped off and be good as new.


  • Extremely soft
  • Tiny, and doesn’t take up a lot of space
  • Great for babies and toddlers


  • Spot cleanable only.
  • They may grow out of it quicker than the others.

8. Intelex Warmies Calico Cat

Intelex Warmies Calico Cat

Why we like it: You can toss this kitty into the microwave for a few seconds and ta-da! - You’ve got an instant warm companion to soothe the most irate of young ones out there.

Editor’s Rating:

You can throw this little guy in the microwave for a little under sixty seconds to warm it up. The heat of the microwave not only warms up this comfort plush cat but also causes a distinct lavender smell to emit from the toy. Lavender is a natural remedy for anxiety and stress relief. So this toy can be great for calming down anxious toddlers.

But the value of this product doesn’t stop there. You can also put this plush inside any kind of freezer for a few hours, and then the toy an adorable cold compress.


  • Heavy, protective-feeling body
  • It can be warmed quickly in the microwave
  • The calming lavender scent is released by the heat of your microwave


  • The lavender smell can wear out over time
  • Needs to be microwaved for its best effect

9. Aurora Princess Kitten Pet Carrier

Aurora Princess Kitten Pet Carrier

Why we like it: If you’ve got a kid who simply can’t leave the house without their favorite cat plush toy, this is the product for you.

Editor’s Rating:

Girls in particular adore this fantastic princess kitty. This is a soft and non-abrasive carry “purse” for the purposes of transporting small bean bag-sized plush toys wherever they happen to go.

This product comes with a cute little cat plush toy that fits snugly within the carrying bag. The bag can double as an alternative of carrying case for other small knick-knacks that your child might find necessary to bring on a trip out and about.


  • A small kitten plush toy comes with the carrying case
  • The carrier can be used as a “purse” for other items besides plush toys
  • Tiny and doesn’t take up much space


  • It’s quite a small toy, and definitely only for young children
  • Not everyone likes princesses

10. FurReal Bootsie Interactive Plush Kitty

FurReal Bootsie Interactive Plush Kitty

Why we like it: The FurReal Bootsie acts like a real cat… so much so that you might be hard-pressed to think it’s anything but a real animal, just one that needs batteries.

Editor’s Rating:

Do you want your child to have the experience of a pet, but without actually owning a real pet? The FurReal Bootsie interactive plush toy here might be your ticket out of that particular conundrum.

Bootsie reacts in different ways depending on how she “feels” at any given moment. Sensors on Bootsie’s body give her the ability to respond when your child pets her, tries to give her a treat, and even when she’s being waved at. Have your child pick her up and she’ll even purr lovingly.

This toy is a great beginner product to see if your child would mesh well with something like a real animal in your household…she’s about as random as a real cat can be, that’s for sure!


  • Adorable cat toy that catches one’s attention
  • Acts like a cat would, almost as if it is alive
  • Soft, realistic fur


  • The toy can make different kinds of noises, and that can get repetitive
  • The packaging the toy comes in is sometimes not in the best shape
  • Needs batteries

11. GUND Rainbow Shimmer Caticorn

GUND Rainbow Shimmer Caticorn

Why we like it: This toy is a fascinating hybrid of two different mythical creatures: a unicorn and a cat, of course. What’s not to love?

Editor’s Rating:

It’s a cat, it’s a unicorn – it’s a Caticorn! This whimsical hybrid creature is the perfect gift for the little one in your life that is absolutely in love with mythical creatures and beautiful pastel colors.

Complete with a super-fluffy tail, a shiny “horn” on the top of its head, and a color scheme that is something reminiscent of a bubblegum factory, this is an unforgettable plush toy that is sure to be the talk of the town, or perhaps the entire floating castle.


  • Surface-washable stuffed toy
  • It is an inspiring mix between a cat and a unicorn
  • Pastel colors and a horn that sparkles


  • The seams of the plush can potentially separate easily over time

12. Winsterch Kids Cat Stuffed Animal

Winsterch Kids Cat Stuffed Animal

Why we like it: This cat is chunky! But with that being said, there’s a whole lot to love with this particular fuzzy plush.

Editor’s Rating:

The immediate reaction when one sees this particular plush cat toy is wow…it’s big! And indeed it is. This cat is the perfect sort of gift for a child that not only loves obscenely large and cute things but may even need an extra pillow on their bed to boot.

Made out of tough and durable polypropylene cotton, this cat toy is built to last. If you want big and if you want fluffy, the Winsterch stuffed cat is going to be an excellent choice for your kid.


  • Huge, puff-ball design that’s perfect for cuddling
  • Extremely soft
  • Beautiful, regal design


  • It’s possibly too big for really young children, such as toddlers
  • The product is shipped in a vacuum bag and requires some assembly to “fluff out” properly

13. Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game

Pete the Cat The Missing Cupcakes Game

Why we like it: This cute board game is based on the universe of Pete the Cat and can help kids with their cognitive development.

Editor’s Rating:

In this interactive board game, kids can take part in Pete the Cat’s world and assist him in retaking cupcakes back from his antagonist, Grumpy Toad. This game requires spontaneity as well as creativity in order for kids to help Pete the Cat save the day.

Think of it as a feline-oriented game of charades for small kids. Kids will sing, act and identify favorite things as part of the game. 2-4 players can play and it’s simple enough to be played unsupervised except for very young kids.


  • Based on the Pete the Cat series of children's books
  • Helps children with problem-solving and social skills
  • There are lots of cute, colorful game pieces


  • Might not appeal to people who aren't fans of Pete the Cat already
  • The game might be too simple for older children

14. Think Fun Cat Crimes Brain Game

Think Fun Cat Crimes Brain Game

Why we like it: It's a witty mystery-type board game with a fancy feline twist. A perfect kind of game for the cat-loving little person in your life.

Editor’s Rating:

This cat-focused board game is made with the intent of giving your child the mean’s to use detective-like logic and reasoning skills in order to solve the various stages to win.

The gameplay is simple. Your child start out with a single challenge card that indicates a crime that’s been committed somewhere on the game board. Your child then utilizes this challenge card to figure out where to place all of the different cat tokens on the board. Over time, your child will solve the various clues using their reasoning skills and figure out just which cat is guilty of each “crime”.


  • Up to 60 different challenges that go up in difficulty.
  • Fun, witty artwork on the game pieces.
  • Helps to foster logic and cause-and-effect skills in your child.


  • It's a single-player game, so there's no real potential for problem-solving interaction between a group of kids.
  • The cat figurines can fall off their stands, leading to some confusion during playtime.

15. FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin Kitty

FurReal Friends Kami My Poopin Kitty

Why we like it: This cat has got to go! It's a cute cat toy that teaches children the value of paying attention to a pet and their needs.

Editor’s Rating:

It might seem strange that the least fun aspect of having a pet is considered a fun activity with this product, but try to follow us here. FurReal Friends Kami the Poopin Kitty can teach your children the value of listening to a pet, and noticing patterns.

Like any other animal, Kami needs to be fed appropriately and taken out for a walk every once in a while. Sometimes, she has to use the litter box as well, and alerts your child with different sounds in order to indicate that she has to go to the bathroom.


  • A fun and funny cat toy concept.
  • It teaches children the value of paying attention to a pet's needs.
  • It comes with a leash, a few different kinds of cat treats and a cleanup baggie.


  • Some parents might be put off by the crudeness of the toy, despite being educational.

16. Shelter Pets Series One: Tig The Cat

Shelter Pets Series One: Tig The Cat

Why we like it: With each and every purchase of this product going to a great cause, we can't help to do anything but recommend this adorable plush cat toy.

Editor’s Rating:

This line of plush cat toys are based on real-world pets that have been adopted from various animal shelters in the United States. Each pet has their story listed on the Shelter Pet’s website along with a photograph of the real-world pet the plush model is based off of. Each time one of these Shelter Pet products is purchased, 10% of the sales goes to the shelter the pet came from.

The product itself is of superb quality. Each one is composed of velboa fabric, which mimics the tactile feeling of real fur. Each plush cat is adorable, unforgettable, and life-like.


  • Based on real-world animals that have been adopted from animal shelters.
  • Each purchase goes to the shelter the individual "cat" is from.
  • Soft, and amazing quality.


  • Bean material stuffed in the paws can potentially leak everywhere if there's a tear.

17. Animal House Plush Kitty Cat Carrier

Animal House Plush Kitty Cat Carrier

Why we like it: This is a great product if you're an on-the-go parent, and need to snatch up something quickly to keep your cat-loving little one entertained.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a great big bundle of four kittens with their own little carrying “house” to tote them around in. The kittens are all different colored, soft, and meow when squeezed/hugged.

The only real issue with this product is that the batteries in the kittens themselves are sewn into the kittens, and are thus not replaceable after prolonged use causes them to die out. Other than that, this is a solid little tote to keep a child’s smaller stuffed animals in.


  • The multi-colored kittens are interactive, and meow when hugged.
  • A cute tote for small stuffed animals besides the cats that come with it.
  • It's a great toy for toddlers on up.


  • Batteries can't be replaced in the kittens themselves.

18. Marsjoy Interactive Robot Cat

Marsjoy Interactive Robot Cat

Why we like it: It's an adorable robot cat that does all sorts of tricks. Not only that, but it’s also perfect for all ages.

Editor’s Rating:

This toy is an absolute delight for young toddlers to behold. As soon as it is turned on, the cat immediately starts doing tricks, like rising on their back legs, meowing, and even doing push-ups. This toy cat even has the ability to walk around on its own as well.

If you purchase this toy, however, be aware that you’re probably going to need a fairly big supply of AA batteries, as this product can burn through them quickly. However, with that being said, this cat toy is fun and entertaining and will keep your child engaged for quite a while.


  • It can do 8 different kinds of movements
  • Requires only 4 AA batteries to operate
  • Each cat is available in black, white, or yellow/gold color


  • It can go through batteries fairly quickly, so have a steady supply on hand
  • No volume control, so the toy can be especially noisy at times

19. FurReal Walkalots Big Wags

FurReal Walkalots Big Wags

Why we like it: This ridiculously adorable cat needs to be taken for a walk, and who are we to deny it? It’s realistic looking and it’s a lot of fun.

Editor’s Rating:

This is, quite simply, an adorable plush toy cat with wheels on the insides of its feet. This allows your child to “walk” the toy on all kinds of surfaces by pushing it with the leash that comes with the package. On top of that, this locomotive kitty cat also bobs its head when it walks, wags its tail and makes a whole host of adorable cat noises. On top of that, you can connect a couple of other FurReal Walkalots toys together via a leash connector so your child can walk a whole party of pets, as opposed to just one!

There is no real way of switching the toy off, however. This can not only burn through battery power but also can potentially be annoying due to the noises the toy cat makes.


  • Extremely animated when it walks
  • Makes all kinds of different sounds
  • Comes with a detachable leash


  • There's no "off" button, so it can use up batteries quickly via accidental bumping
  • Best used with other products in the range

20. Resulzon Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

Resulzon Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

Why we like it: This witty alternative to a traditional piggy bank is a perfect way to get your child’s attention when it comes to saving their coins. They’ll look forward to gifting this particular cat every time they save up their change!

Editor’s Rating:

This is a really simple but exceedingly adorable solution when it comes to teaching your child the value of saving their money. All you have to do with this product is put any kind of coin on the “plate” on top of the box the kitty resides in. About a second later, the cat pops its head out of the box, says “hello!” and swipes the coin quickly back into the box… it even says “thank you” after taking your child’s coin. What a considerate cat!

This is obviously a great product for not only teaching your child about saving and investing their money for the future, but it also can potentially teach your child manners due to the cat’s behavior. This product is fun, educational and useful, and you just can’t beat that.


  • Adorable piggy bank alternative for your kid
  • This hilarious gift can come in white, black and yellow
  • The cat says "thank you" every time a coin is given to it, teaching your child manners


  • Sometimes the cat in the box has a difficult time "swiping" the coin you give it
  • Can take a while to feed it a lot of coins

21. IPIDIPI Toys Flippy Kitten

IPIDIPI Toys Flippy Kitten

Why we like it: This is a fun and funny squishy toy that serves as both a stress reliever and an item for distraction. This is a great gift for a child who deals with anxiety and other mood-related issues.

Editor’s Rating:

This is a fairly simple toy but you don’t need complexity to be cute and hilarious now, do you? The premise is basic: squeeze this overly neurotic-looking cat, and its eyes pop way out. This comical effect is super-funny and can be repeated over and over again.

This is a perfect kind of toy for a child that needs a quick distraction, especially if they are prone to stress or excessive worry often in their lives. Since the product is made of extra-durable ABS plastics, it will last you pretty much forever.


  • Hilarious, bug-eyed cat
  • Made of tough plastic
  • Perfect distraction toy


  • This toy could possibly frighten really small children, depending on their sensitivity
  • Your child might bore easily from the product, as it’s fairly simple in design

Final Considerations

We hope you’ve gotten a lot out of this selection and that you’ve found some products that you think might tickle your child’s particular (cat) fancy.

Cat-related toys come in a lot of different varieties. Be sure to know your child’s likes and dislikes, obviously. Some kids might be more prone to wanting a stuffed animal friend, as opposed to something a bit less personable such as a board game. There’s a range of products here to suit all budgets so we hope you see something that you think your kid will love.