Best Doctor Kit Toys For Kids 2020


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There can be only one best doctor kit for kids. But parents know the best toys are seen differently by kids at times. This is why a kit with multiple toys is always going to offer something kids can enjoy. The following selection is the one-stop list for the best doctor kit toys kids can have. With options for both boys and girls and separate designs for both genders, there are inspiring toys to choose from.

Top 30 Best Doctor Kit Toys For Kids 2020

1. Kidzlane Kids Doctor Kit with Electronic Stethoscope

With 12 pieces, the kit is a complete solution for kids who want to learn more about a doctor’s job. These pieces are made to a high-quality finish to ensure proper playtime safety. Made according to high industry standards, the pieces of the kit will inspire kids to learn more about being doctors.

Packed in a lightweight plastic case, the pieces can be transported with ease. Inside the case, kids will find objects such as a thermometer, a syringe, a reflex hammer, and even an electric stethoscope. They are suitable for both boys and girls. Parents can use this multi-piece kit to improve patient-doctor trust. Many kids can suffer from fear when going to the doctor and the kit might be a simple way of getting them engaged in the process and to finally relax when actually seeing a health professional.

  • Made with 12 pieces
  • Ships with a see-through plastic case
  • Durability-tested pieces
  • Backed by realistic sound effects
  • The stethoscope could be more flexible

2. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Made for preschoolers, the kit is one of the friendliest designs of its class. There’s a comfortable and attractive textile bag to hold all of its pieces which will make kids play both at home and away from home. In terms of actual playing possibilities, the options are endless with its pieces. Parents can join play time as well. Furthermore, most kids also have the freedom to enjoy just a few pieces at a time, allowing friends of siblings to join the doctor play time.

The pieces of the kit include a thermometer, a bandage, a pump, and an otoscope. These essentials are what kids will use to pretend they actually work in a doctor’s practice. There are multiple ways in which the toys can be used to teach kids more about the human body as well. For example, the stethoscope can be used to describe heartbeats and the importance of exercise on the way the heart functions and how it pumps blood.

With durable plastic, the kit is bound to last for years. If taken to parties, all the pieces can be washed afterward to keep the kit clean and germ-free. Helping the parent-child bond and basic motor skills, the kit is a choice for preschoolers who want something more imaginative than a simple car or baby doll.

  • Shipped in a soft carry bag
  • Includes durable plastic pieces
  • Suitable for developing basic motor skills
  • Includes a working stethoscope
  • Mostly suitable for preschoolers

3. Melissa & Doug Doctor Role-Play Costume Set

The kit is one of the tempting options for kids who want to dress and act like a doctor. A doctor’s jacket is included in the set, which already gives the little ones the freedom and the capacity to have their own pretend play time where they can check the health of their parents.

Other small pieces are also included in the kit. A small stethoscope has been added. Although it is not a real stethoscope, it can actually offer a realistic experience as it has added sounds. An ear scanner has also been added to the kit. Kids can use it to learn more about the importance of having good ear hygiene. At the same time, all the toys are washable. Even the jacket can be washed with the rest of kids’ clothing which makes them a top choice for long-term use.

  • Includes a doctor’s jacket
  • Ships with a face mask
  • Designed with realistic sound effects
  • Made with washable materials
  • Stethoscope needs AAA batteries

4. Fisher-Price Medical Kit

Made for toddlers, the set can be the first contact kids can have with the world of doctors, regular health checks and medical professionals. It is why all of its pieces can actually be used to simulate a real doctor’s appointment. Kids can go over the procedures themselves. For example, they can use the pieces to check the blood pressure of the family members. They can check the body temperature and establish if there’s a fever which needs attention.

Pretend injections are also available in the kit. Together with a pretend bandage, it can be used to teach kids about treating basic illnesses or basic injuries, which are bound to happen during playtime. For this purpose, it might be easier to apply a bandage when actually needed in real life. With an included small carry bag, kids can take the kit with them whenever away from home.

  • Includes easy-to-hold pieces
  • Ships with a carry bag
  • Helps improve imaginative play
  • Good first contact with health checks
  • No included play-guide

5. Semaco Kids Toys Doctor Kit

Without a doubt, the 33-piece doctor kit is one of the best choices to consider for one or multiple kids. With so many pieces, it can be the foundation of a great toy collection. Kids who are especially fond of the world of doctors and medicine can find it particularly interesting.

The pieces of the kit are some of the most interesting in the toy world. This is why they also include teeth-inspection tools. Scissors, ear inspection instruments, and others are added to create a more complex playing kit. Parents can include these pieces in their learn-play sit-down time. 

For kids parties, the kit can also be an interesting choice. With so many pieces, kids can enjoy playtime with their friends. There’s a small storage box included in the set which helps kids transport all of the doctor’s essentials to the location of the group play.

  • Made with durable plastic
  • Includes 33 unique pieces
  • Works for dental hygiene inspections
  • Meets non-toxic US manufacturing standards
  • It takes time to properly fit the pieces back in the box

6. B. Toys – B. Dr. Doctor Toy – Deluxe Medical Kit for Toddlers

Suitable for kids who like to take their toys with them, the kit comes with a distinct heavy-duty case. Inside it, little ones find different medical instruments, just as the one described by parents when preparing for a doctor’s visit.

Its goodies include a stethoscope, an otoscope, a blood pressure gauge, a thermometer, a safe syringe, and safety scissors. They can be used to teach kids about dealing with basic boo-boos. For example, treating a cut requires applying a bandage and using a scissor. Parents can use the set to explain this to the kids. At the same time, since there’s such a durable case which ships with the kit, kids can take all of the pieces to their friend’s home for more fun together. Learning and sharing toys is great for improved communication skills.

  • Ships with a durable case
  • Included tweezers
  • The stethoscope has specific sounds
  • Includes a little mirror
  • Could include a nurses’ hat

7. Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Playset

Not many little girls would imagine a Barbie doll as a doctor but the playset is here to prove otherwise. There are a few ways in which the kit can actually be an educational tool. Most kids will find it actually interesting as it includes basic care tools for the two baby patients of the set.

Baby towels, a stethoscope, and a medical chart are also included in the set. These accessories can be used to put the babies to sleep and even to teach kids about basic childcare. Furthermore, it is also recommended to teach kids about this type of care before they are going to have a new brother and sister, as it can better mentally prepare them for changes in the family.

  • Includes one Barbie nurse
  • Comes with 2 babies who need care
  • Included accessories such as baby towels
  • Babies can be given a bath
  • No joints in the Barbie doll

8. Disney Doc McStuffins Original Doctor’s Bag

The set comes with glittery pieces which look very distinct to what can be found in this niche of toys. Mainly suitable for little girls, the set offers a friendlier approach for kids who might already be afraid of the doctor. By using this type of approach with sparkly pieces, parents can teach their kids how to relax and what the doctors are actually doing to help them on a routine visit.

There are only 8 basic pieces included in the set. They include a blood pressure cuff which can go far when it comes to teaching kids the importance of health metrics. As they grow, kids can remember their first steps in the world of health and care. This is where pieces such as the thermometer will always be friendlier to them and actually useful as they grow. There’s a sparkly carry bag included with the set as well. Its role is to store and carry all of these sparkly pieces and keep them in mint condition for as long as possible.

  • Made with sparkly colors
  • Suitable for little girls
  • Includes a light up stethoscope
  • Ships with a blood pressure gauge
  • Not suitable for boys

9. Joyin Kids Doctor Kit 31 Pieces Pretend-n-Play Dentist Medical Kit

There are not as many dentist kit toys to choose from as general doctor kits. However, Joying is already a growing name in the toy segment and they offer such an incredible set to teach kids all about teeth and oral care.

There are 31 pieces which make the kit. They include specifics such as a tweezer, a reflex hammer, an ear scope, eyeglasses and a forceps to deal with tooth extraction instructions. The kit has a purely educative role although kids can use it when playing among themselves. There is no doubt the set with its toy toothbrush can also be used to teach kids about preventive care and the importance of good oral hygiene in teeth health. With an added dentist’s coat, the kit is truly made for kids who might already show an interest in dentistry.

  • Made with 31 pieces
  • Includes a dentist’s coat
  • Made with durable plastic
  • Includes a pretend forceps
  • Not to be confused with general doctor kits

10. Doctor Cart Pretend Play Set

The set differentiates itself with a self-standing stand for all the instruments. With included wheels, the stand can easily be moved around the house. As for playtime, kids can pretend to be either a nurse or a doctor on duty. All the pieces needed to perform routine health checks are included. This means tools such as tweezers, X-rays, and a distinct doctor’s ID tag are included. Their role is to offer a more immersive play experience.

But the set can also be used to teach groups of kids the importance of regular health checks. This is why it offers one of the simplest impressions when it comes to demonstrative play with its included stand. Parents can take the opportunity to easily present the included tools to their kids.

  • Includes a movable stand
  • Safety guarantee offered on all pieces
  • Includes rare X-rays
  • Stimulate role play games
  • Takes up space in the kids’ room

11. iBaseToy Doctor Kit for Kids

When it comes to toy safety, parents can never play it too safe. But the iBaseToy set is actually proof that doctor kit toys can be safe. All of its pieces are actually made without sharp edges. This is why the set is even recommended for toddlers. No matter how they play and how they chew on their favorite doctor’s instruments, kids will stay safe.

Apart from the safety side of the kit, there are other benefits to the kit. Included pieces such as the syringe and the reflex hammer can be used for role play. Kids can pretend to be a doctor during a routine health check. At the same time, the kit also comes with a multi-purpose hard carry case. Unlike other similar cases, it actually helps kids stay organized and parents happier as a result.

  • Made with no sharp edges
  • Includes non-toxic ABS plastic pieces
  • Recommended for general nursing needs
  • Includes a multi-purpose case
  • Requires batteries to power LED lights

12. Temi Doctor Medical Kit

With an included baby doll, the kit comes with over 40 pieces of medical kit tools. It is among the favorites of those pretending to be a doctor or a nurse as there are so many pieces to play with. But the toys favor playing with the doll as they favor role play. There are plenty of included pieces to consider for any type of play needs.

A pulse machine can be used to pretend to measure the pulse of the doll or of friends. Kids can also use the included flashlight to inspect any ear or eye issues. Eyeglasses can also be worn during playtime so that kids properly get into the role of the doctor. 2 small bandages are included. Parents can teach kids how to properly put them on and why the skin needs to be cleaned before application.

  • Ships with 40 pieces
  • Includes one plastic doll
  • Comes with 2 bandages
  • Includes rare eye-drops
  • Kit only available on pink

13. Battat – Deluxe Doctor Kit

The 11-piece kit is recommended for kids 3 and up. Even toddlers can play with the pieces of the kit since they are safe, without any toxic materials. The durability of the pieces is impressive as well. All of the plastic pieces can actually be washed and kept germ-free for a long period of time. This can also be a role-play scenario where parents tell kids to wash the instruments and disinfect them just as a doctor would.

Included pieces allow kids to use pretend stethoscopes and syringes. Kids can pretend to treat colds, respiratory problems or general allergies as a result. Parents can take the opportunity to teach their kids about the importance of flu or allergy shots. With a small percentage of sales being directed to charitable causes, the toy kit has different story kids can learn about as well.

  • Suitable for kids 3 and up
  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Included elegant carry case
  • 11 pieces for general role play
  • No sounds added to the stethoscope

14. NextX Doctor Kit

There are 35 pieces included in the kit. They can be used for various educational purposes as well as just for fun. Kids can reduce their fear of the doctor by learning and playing with the pieces in the comfort of their own home.

Made from ABS plastic, the tools are very durable. As one of the most durable types of plastic, the material is suitable for toys to keep in families. Brothers and sisters can let their younger siblings play with the kit whenever their time comes. Inside the kit, kids can find the usual pieces such as a stethoscope. But they can also find tools specific to dentistry such as a teeth hook and an oral care mirror. These instruments can be used for general teeth health inspection and role-playing.

  • Made from ABS plastic
  • Includes a teeth hook and an oral care mirror
  • 35 pieces with the ID tag
  • Included soft carry case
  • The sound of the stethoscope is continuous until shut off

15. Doc McStuffins Hospital Doctor’s Bag Set

With a friendly design, the doctor’s kit is suitable for kids ages 3 and up. It is actually recommended for regular health checks kids can perform on their pets and pet toys. There are not too many pieces inside the kit, as it only offers the essentials. However, they include a stethoscope and the feared syringe. 

The kit also includes LED lights which offer a more visually-appealing approach. This is why all the tools of the set are actually interesting for kids to use. There is a chick carry bag included with the set. While little boys will not be really interested in the bag, little girls will find it appealing. For this purpose, the kit is also an inspired gift idea for girls of at least 3.

  • Made with basic doctor’s instruments
  • Suitable for regular health check-ups
  • Made with a stylish doctor’s bag
  • Safe to use with no small parts
  • Only suitable for girls

16. Yoptote Doctor Kit Set

Suitable for kids who about to see the doctor, the mini kit is a simple solution to eliminate their fears. It comes with basic pieces such as a syringe or a stethoscope. Parents can explain their role and to ease the fears kids might be facing in this position.

At the same time, the kit is also a great socializing toy as it encourages communication. Playing with friends is fun as a result. One child can be the doctor while the other can be the patient. Role play is really where the toy kit shows its true potential. There is a small see-through case shipped with the kit as well. It helps all kids keep their doctor’s tools in order. Furthermore, kids can pick up the kit and put in in the trunk whenever they leave on a holiday, at their grandparents’ place or even on regular weekend family gateways.

  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Safe for ages 3 and up
  • Includes basic pieces such as a scissor
  • LED lights diversify tool aesthetics
  • Doesn’t include a pulse machine

17. Doc McStuffins Pet Rescue Bag Set

Keeping all pets safe might not be too easy. Kids have to first ensure their health is in check, feed them and clean them whenever needed. But the Doc McStuffins doctor’s kit is one of the toys which kids can use to ensure their pets are healthy and in top physical shape.

There are a number of pieces included which can turn any kid into a future veterinarian. With handy pieces, the kit differentiates itself from other Doc McStuffins toys as it is specifically made for pets. With an included thermometer, kids can pretend they check their dogs and cats’ temperature. The two sticker sheets of the pack can also be used for a personalized play space.

  • Made with glittery pieces
  • Suitable for pet care
  • Included sticker sheets
  • Ships with a pet-themed bag
  • Only suitable for girls

18. Imagination Generation Doctor Kit for Kids Playset

This premium doctor kit toy set for kids comes with all-wood pieces. This means there are no reactions to worry about, no rashes and no irritation. The wooden pieces are also known for their durability. Kids cannot bend them and they cannot break them.

Apart from the durable aspect of the kit, all the pieces are actually used in general roleplay. Unique pieces include ointment and a reflex hammer made from wood, of course. The simple design of the pieces encourages all kids to play. At the same time, the kit is among the tools which can last for generations.

Wooden toys might not be as mainstream as they used to be, but they certainly have their fans. Parents who worry about the negative effects of plastic can find them particularly interesting. It is why the kit is mainly useful for those building wooden toy collections as the transition for kids is smoother when they are already familiar with other wooden toys.

  • Durable pieces made from wood
  • Distinct premium feel
  • Included patient chart
  • Ships with a hard protective case
  • Heavier than plastic pieces

19. PlanToys 3451 Doctor Set Role Playing

The basic doctor kit toys for kids are an inspired gift idea. They include basics such as a stethoscope to be used to listen to heartbeats or a reflex hammer to check everything is working fine with hands and legs. There is an included soft carry bag with the kit and kids can use it to make the most of their travel needs.

Most importantly, all the pieces of the kit are actually made from wood. This is why kids can find the kit to be the most interesting option when it comes to outdoor fun. Some plastic alternatives could also work outdoors. But with wooden durability, kids can even include the pieces in outdoor group play sessions with their pets.

  • Packed in a textile carry bag
  • All pieces made from wood
  • Includes a pulse machine
  • Distinct first aid kit branding
  • Only 5 basic pieces included in the kit

20. 3 Bees & Me Doctor Kit for Kids

With a distinct blue color theme, the kit is suitable for boys who want to learn more about the world of healthcare. Unlike other kits, there are a few small details which might make it more interesting. For example, the stethoscope has a distinct heartbeat sound. To activate the sound, kids need to press the corresponding button and get inside the world of doctors and nurses.

Easy storage is a reality with the include carry case. Parents can rest assured their kids are actually going to enjoy their fun time and cleaning time as a result. There is a money-back policy in place as well. Kids have 60 days to decide if the set is for them. With a strong learning objective, the kit can mainly be used for various role play games around the house.

  • span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Made with blue-themed pieces
  • Includes a plastic carry case
  • Helps encourage empathy
  • Includes an interactive stethoscope
  • Doesn’t include a reflex hammer

21. Green Toys Ambulance & Doctor’s Kit Role Play Set

Made from recycled plastic, the kit play set can be a good introduction to the world of environment safety. Kids can learn all about the importance of recycling plastic and why it needs to be a concern for them. Most importantly, the kit is fun to use. As its name suggests, it is one of the rare doctor kit toys for kids with an included ambulance. Kids can pretend they are actually speeding to a medical emergency with the ambulance during play time.

There are a few included pieces which make the entire experience more life-like. For example, the included tweezers can be played with when kids pretend to deal with open wounds. The included syringe can be used for pretend shots to deal with various viruses. Being dishwasher safe, the kit is also suitable for long-term use with no grease or bacteria.

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Includes an ambulance
  • All parts are dishwasher safe
  • Improves motor skills
  • No flashing lights on the ambulance

22. Imagination Generation Dr. Pine’s Pet Hospital Veterinary Kit

With a distinct pale green color, all the pieces of the set actually give off the impression of health tools used by actual doctors. Unlike other similar sets, the Veterinary Kit is mainly used to deal with the health problems of the animals. As kids will learn or as they might already know, animals have similar health issues as humans. As a result, the pieces of the kit are suitable for proper health checks.

Included pieces include ointments, as animals need them as well.  A syringe is included as well. A feeding bowl can be a good additional piece to deal with all the possible problems keeping animals away from a normal feeding routine. Parents can take their time to explain all of these concepts to their kids.

  • Suitable for pet care play
  • Made with green-themed pieces
  • Includes a pet feeding bowl
  • Designed with an elegant carry case
  • No included brush

23. Play Basics Ambulance Toy Doctor Kit

The product offers a distinct approach to doctor kit toys. Kids find it interesting as the toy has already been mentioned on popular media channels. Part of its appeal is actually based on the versatility of the toy. With an included patient and various tools, kids can ensure all essential health areas are checked when playing.

Vehicles such as an ambulance are included as well. With a more complex approach to medical treatments, parents can use the set to tell kids what happens when an ambulance is called. From the arrival of the actual ambulance to the treatment of the patient, there are various steps kids can get familiar with.

With added songs and tunes, the toy is also a great sing-along toy. Of course, all the songs of the kit are about actual health checks such as blood pressure measurements. With such versatility, the toy offers an added level of interest and it can even be suite for older kids as a result.

  • Includes doctor’s tools
  • Comes with an ambulance
  • Plays songs about X-rays and blood pressure
  • Fits all pieces in custom storage locations
  • No included a carry bag

24. Melissa & Doug Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

The vet play set offers kids the unique opportunity of getting used to regular veterinarian visits with their beloved pets. Kids can be afraid of the veterinarian as they are of the doctor. This is where the toy is one of the few tools parents can use to deal with this fear. Furthermore, parents also have the freedom of allowing their kids to play in groups with the set, without necessarily adding a learning side to play time.

Ear scopes, tweezers, and clamps are included in the set. Kids can also rely on the included pets of the toy to start regular health checks. On one week, the set can be used to treat common summer health issues such as allergies. On another week, kids can help diagnose the pets against winter-specific illnesses such as colds.

  • Includes two soft toys
  • Offers a number of pieces for health checks
  • Ships with ointments 
  • Includes a comfortable carry bag
  • The plastic bottles actually open

25. Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle

Only Barbie can come with a care clinic on the go. The included ambulance and Barbie doll actually turn into an on-the-spot care clinic which kids can play with. Suitable for girls looking to learn more about medical care and empathy, the kit is a distinct solution offering what can be the first glimpse into emergency care services.

There is a care bed inside the ambulance which can be used during pretend play. An X-ray machine is also available to offer a better impression on possible fractures. The good news is that the entire set closes completely and that the ambulance doubles as a storage solution as well.

  • Made with a large ambulance
  • Includes a Barbie doll
  • Made with an X-ray machine
  • Makeshift waiting room available
  • Includes a confusing gift shop area

26. Hello Kitty Doctor Set with Case and Various Equipment

The Hello Kitty set is one of the attractive and rare designs kids can use to get accustomed to healthcare professionals. There are not too many friendly Hello Kitty designs in the doctor kit toys segment and this makes it an inspired gift idea for birthdays.

The kit includes a small stethoscope, bottles, ointments, a syringe, and health cards. Girls can use the set to get a better understanding of the various health issues which can occur. Parents can use this friendly pink set to explain the role of a doctor to their girls.

  • Distinct Hello Kitty theme
  • Made with friendly pink pieces
  • Suitable for basic care
  • Included health cards
  • Not too many pieces in the set

27. Fajiabao Doctor Kit for Kids Medical Set Ambulance

The set packs all the essentials in a practical ambulance. Kids can simply take out all the doctor’s tools out of the ambulance when they want to play. The ambulance even comes with lights and sounds, which makes the entire play experience more realistic.

However, kids are mainly going to use the set as an educational tool. They can learn more about their own bodies with the pieces. There is even an oxygen mask included in the set. Parents can take the opportunity to teach kids how the respiratory system works and why it’s important to breathe fresh air.

  • All pieces stored in an ambulance
  • Includes lights and sounds
  • Included oxygen mask
  • The ambulance can store other toys
  • Can be gifted to kids 3 and up
  • Needs batteries for the small flashlight

28. WolVol Ride-on Doctor Play Set

With unique large ambulance kids can sit on, the set is quite large and exciting. While most other alternatives are small, the large ambulance can excite kids and make them more willing to learn about proper healthcare. Concomitantly, kids can take full advantage of the included pieces such as the tweezers and the scissors. 

Parents can explain the role of each of these tools and how doctors use them in case of an emergency. Of course, the capacity of understanding is still limited for kids. But these stories will boost their imagination and require them to think on their own a lot more than with a simple video presentation about ambulances and doctor’s tools.

  • Includes a large ambulance
  • Ships with doctor’s tools
  • Fun for both boys and girls
  • Durable construction for all ages
  • Requires storage space for the ambulance

29. Jada Hello Kitty Rescue Set with Emergency Helicopter & Ambulance

The set has two main differentiating factors. First of all, it comes with no medical tools. Instead, it comes with an emergency helicopter. It also comes with Hello Kitty figurines. Kids can use the figurines to imagine how an emergency room is organized and play accordingly.

There is an included ambulance in the kit. It stores all the figurines and it can also be used as an emergency room. It comes complete with decoration and a resting bed. The kit can also be put on display with its distinct figurines.

  • Distinct Hello Kitty design
  • Includes an emergency helicopter
  • Comes with included figurines
  • Includes over 15 pieces
  • Only for ages 4 and up

30. Joy Joy Toy Pretend & Play Doctor Medical KIt with Doll

With an included doll and instruments, the kit is among the simplest solutions to keep kids entertained for hours. The doll comes with realistic characteristics which make the set even more interesting. With instruments such as a stethoscope, scissors, and a syringe, kids can learn about basic healthcare while practicing and playing with the included doll.

  • Includes a realistic doll
  • The stethoscope includes realistic sounds
  • Included otoscope and mirror
  • Ships with a carry backpack
  • Doesn’t include an ear inspection instrument

Final words

All of these toys have an educational profile, even if some are mostly made to keep kids entertained while improving creativity. But the good news is some of the best doctor kit toys for kids are actually able to offer a much-needed introduction into the world of healthcare and its practitioners. For many kids, it can be the first point of contact and the much-needed informative sit-down before actually attending a doctor’s appointment.