Hear Them Roar with the Best Dragon Toys for Kids

Hear Them Roar with the Best Dragon Toys for Kids

Right from the baby stage through to the toddler stage, toys are essential in the development of your child.

As they grow older, toys help kids to develop cognitive abilities such as focus, imagination, creativity, motor skills, body strength, social skills, and intelligent problem-solving.
Perhaps one of the best all-round toys for kids’ development is the dragon toy.

As they are mythological creatures, dragons are modeled on creative and imaginative happenings that rely on vague descriptions from the legendary stories of different cultures. This mythology is a sound basis for your child to learn.

Dragon toys can also boost your precious little one’s still-developing imagination while being interactive and educational. However, the search for the best dragon toys for kids can be time-consuming and tedious. Because the shape, age-appropriateness, size, design, materials, and shape of these toys vary wildly, you might find yourself exhausted if you opt to search for the perfect dragon toy for your child without help.

To assist with this all-important task, we’ve compiled a list of the thirty best dragon toys available in the market that will save you both time and effort, and give you some beneficial pointers before you buy.

Let’s dive in to learn more.

Top 27 Best Dragon Toys for Kids 2021

1. Aurora Vollenth the Green

Aurora Vollenth the Green

Why we like it: This toy’s design is excellent for both babies and toddlers. It has a soft plush accentuated by an elegant green color and attractive gleam detail.

Editor’s Rating:

This soft plushie consists of top-quality plush fabric with shimmer, and an appealing and eye-catching facial expression. The overall design of the dragon toy is well-thought-out and focused on children’s interests.

In particular, the facial design, ample size, soft fabric, and calming roaring sound make the dragon feel like a friend to your child as they cuddle and play. This toy can make an excellent emotional support toy for your child, and this is one of the reasons why we picked it as our winner.


  • Excellent kid-focused design
  • Soft yet durable fabric
  • Adequate size for toddlers to handle


  • The internal soundbox can make it slightly tricky to cuddle

2. Aurora World Blue Dragon

Aurora World Blue Dragon

Why we like it: We love the large, spread-out, and unique purple wings on this blue dragon toy

Editor’s Rating:

The Aurora World Blue Dragon is a realistic blue-bodied dragon with purple ears, broad wings, and a plush body, which combines to produce the perfect dragon toy. Its appearance is friendly with intricate detailing around its eyes, the ideal area on which little kids can focus and interact.

The inside of the soft plush fabric is stuffed with beans making it easy to clean. Squeezing the toy produces a gentle dragon sound that is both calming and pleasing. This toy can also stand on either two legs or four, which makes it great for play.


  • Appealing and unique design
  • Made from durable material that’s easy to clean
  • Prompts kids to roar, developing their interaction and vocal skills


  • The ‘roar’ sound the dragon makes could be louder

3. LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Fire Dragon

LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Fire Dragon

Why we like it: This dragon's appearance is superb. It's made for the imaginative child that loves to play, and build.

Editor’s Rating:

This LEGO 3-in-1 Fire Dragon toy comes in a colorful set of bricks which can be put together in three different ways, the perfect way for your child to engage and develop his/her cognitive and motor abilities.

From a fiery dragon, the toy can quickly transform into a fierce tiger or an intimidating scorpion.

Each model can be further adjusted to assume different poses and sizes, giving your child a variety of options to build and create, helping to drive their creativity.


  • Colorful set of bricks are appealing to the eyes
  • The convertible set challenges and engages your child’s imaginative abilities
  • It is a fun and durable play toy that keeps your child engaged for hours


  • The set is too small, so it might not suit older children

4. Betheaces Remote Control Dragon Toy

Betheaces Remote Control Dragon Toy

Why we like it: The dragon's head and leg movements are controlled via remote control.

Editor’s Rating:

This red dinosaur consists of rubber and plastic. Some of its features include bright eyes, wings, spikes, and pointed tail. Wings and tail come detached and require assembling. The dinosaur and controller are each powered using three AA batteries.

It can walk and produce a roar while emitting vapor, making it interactive and engaging.


  • Realistic looking dragon toy with large light-up eyes, detailed limbs and wings, and red vapor
  • Ideal novelty gift for birthdays or Christmas stockings
  • Excellent build quality for durability


  • The remote control is in some instances faulty
  • Needs batteries.

5. Aurora 12-inch Dahlia Dragon

Aurora 12-inch Dahlia Dragon

Why we like it: This pink dragon has a beautiful, detailed appearance and is great for cuddling and playing.

Editor’s Rating:

This plush dragon has a unique build, standing on two legs with sizeable wings spread out. Glittery spots on the toy’s body highlight the various parts of the dragon, such as the belly, wings, ears, nails, and back. It is consists of the finest quality materials that feel velvety and smooth to the touch and guaranteed to keep your child entertained for years to come.

The Aurora Dahlia dragon is an excellent companion for young girls and boys to play with and cuddle!


  • Beautiful and striking design and color
  • Soft, lasting plush fabric
  • Feels well-made and high-quality


  • Frequent washing could remove sparkle detail

6. iPlay, iLearn Two-Headed Hopping Dragon

iPlay, iLearn Two-Headed Hopping Dragon

Why we like it: We love the double-headed feature that makes an excellent ride-on for little kids. The wings also enable kids to explore their imaginations and dreams of flying.

Editor’s Rating:

This blue inflatable hopping dragon is made of rubber covered with soft, plush fabric. It has two heads that vary in appearance, which encourages kids to explore the two different personalities of the dragon.

The dragon’s ears enable young kids to grab onto the toy when riding, and the play is beneficial for strengthening core body strength. The iPlay, iLearn, comes with a pump, which makes it quick and trouble-free to inflate.

Watch your kids enjoy this gem both indoors and outdoors. It’s convenient to carry so can be used wherever they want to play.


  • Easy to inflate and get play-ready
  • Useful for strengthening your child’s core body strength
  • It is highly portable and thus perfect for taking on trips with the kids


  • It is not suitable for children over 4

7. MOJO Baby Fire Dragon

MOJO Baby Fire Dragon

Why we like it: This fire dragon has a unique design, with a striking orange color that makes it grab your child’s attention.

Editor’s Rating:

The hand-painted MOJO Fire Dragon with its fiery orange color is a beautifully crafted toy dragon that is bound to become a favorite with your kids. It is lightweight, which makes it ideal for long sessions of play and is so well designed it can pass as a decoration in the house!

This toy dragon is ideal for diorama projects and can educate the child on dragon features due to its pronounced but straightforward design details.


  • Striking and unique hand-painted design
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Affordably priced


  • Not suitable for children under 3

8. Folkmanis Winged Dragon Hand Puppet

Folkmanis Winged Dragon Hand Puppet

Why we like it: This hand puppet brings out the dragon’s true nature and promotes in children the ability to express fierceness, power, and ambition.

Editor’s Rating:

This dragon hand puppet is great for kids to play out their imagination and creativity on all things dragon. The detailed design and green body covered in scales mimic a realistic dragon with bat-like red wings.

Kids can control the dragon’s arms, mouth, and wings using their hands to bring out different moods and actions full of imagination and creativity. Encourage your child to use this toy at their next puppet theater, storytelling, pre-school, daycare, pretend-play, role-play, or party event.

Video: Folkmanis Winged Dragon Hand Puppet Demo


  • Inspires kids to illustrate their imagination and mimic emotions more realistically
  • This toy is incredibly durable and built to last
  • It feels comfortable over your child’s hand


  • It could be bigger to cater for older children

9. LEGO Minecraft Dragon Building Kit

LEGO Minecraft Dragon Building Kit

Why we like it: This physical version of the ‘Minecraft End Battle’ video game is action-packed, complete with a projectile-shooting ender dragon and a dragon slayer. This set is compatible with other LEGO sets.

Editor’s Rating:

The black ender dragon shoots fireballs from its mouth. The dragon slayer fights against it with an enchanted bow, ender pearl, and potion. Winning the game requires your child to destroy the end crystal to be triumphant against the ‘enderman’ and the ‘ender dragon.’

Fun, imaginative, immersive, and great for focus!

Video: LEGO Minecraft Dragon Building Kit


  • The exciting building and fighting game improves your child’s focus
  • This set can integrate with other LEGO sets to add play options and increase creativity.
  • The dragon-slayer skin redemption code for the online game 'Minecraft Bedrock Edition’ is included with the kit.


  • Some parents and children find the set to be too small

10. Wild Republic Huggers Golden Dragon Plush Toy

Wild Republic Huggers Golden Dragon Plush Toy

Why we like it: This small dragon toy is a great emotional support toy for babies, toddlers, older kids, and adults alike!

Editor’s Rating:

The toy is great for cuddling and emotional support. You can strap it to the wrist, legs, arms, and just about anywhere. The Hugger toy’s beautiful appearance and feel make it the perfect companion.

This plush toy with a mix of gold and pink colors includes a golden belly, ears, and feet, with the rest of the body pink covered in bright gold spots.

Video: Wild Republic Huggers Plush Toys


  • Easy to wrap around the body or any place
  • Hugs can help to decrease feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger in children and adults
  • It comes in a variety of color combinations


  • The quality of the fabric is wanting

11. Dreamworks Dragons Light Fury Deluxe Plush Dragon

Dreamworks Dragons Light Fury Deluxe Plush Dragon

Why we like it: This dragon toy has a cute, friendly face and beautiful snow-white body, making it sweet and comforting to snuggle.

Editor’s Rating:

Accurately modeled from Toothless in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” this plushie engages fans to play out scenes from the film. It is an exciting play dragon as much as it is a cuddle toy.

Light Fury’s design and appearance make it perfect for cozying up to as well as playing with, rendering it an ideal companion for kids (and adults!) of all ages.

Video: Dreamworks Dragons Light Fury Animation Trailer


  • Beautiful design and appearance
  • Affordably priced
  • Excellent for playing and imitating the plushie’s character from the movies.


  • It is not as durable

12. Hydra the 3-headed Dragon Kids’ Costume

Hydra the 3-headed Dragon Kids’ Costume

Why we like it: The single-piece red/orange jumpsuit is an attractive dragon costume for playing during parties and events such as school plays.

Editor’s Rating:

With an additional two heads on the hands acting as puppets, your kids’ imagination can scale greater heights by using the three different faces. The dragon costume’s design and appearance are beautiful and well-crafted and are sure to attract attention.

This costume is meant to fit three and four-year-olds, among other kids, and will make your child stand out, especially for the detailed design that includes its fiery spikes and claws.


  • Beautiful color appearance and detailed features
  • Made of high-quality and easy-to-maintain polyester fabric
  • Perfect for trick-or-treating during Halloween


  • It is way too long for some children, so err on the side of caution and pick a size smaller

13. Lutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit

Lutz Paper Flying Dragons Craft Kit

Why we like it: The paper models enable kids to enjoy flying dragons straight from the book and enjoy a different kind of play from the ordinary.

Editor’s Rating:

The 48-page book contains a variety of dragons from different cultures, enabling kids to explore their different qualities using imagination.

Using expert tips provided in the book, kids have a chance of enhancing their creativity by building their custom dragons. Fascinating facts about dragons contained in the book, written by Pat Murphy, serve to educate kids about these mythological creatures.


  • Excellent value for money – it yields a dozen flying dragon papers
  • Dragon facts in the book educate kids as well as entertaining them
  • DIY instructions come with the kit help kids learn how to follow instructions


  • The assembly may prove a lengthy, tedious process for some younger children.
  • Kids will probably need adult assistance at first.

14. Dreamworks Dragons Hatching, Toothless & Interactive Baby Dragon

Dreamworks Dragons Hatching, Toothless & Interactive Baby Dragon

Why we like it: Watching their favorite toy movie character hatch is something most child toy enthusiasts would love to see!

Editor’s Rating:

With this interactive dragon toy, you get to interact with Baby Toothless even before he hatches.

As your child tilts and shakes the egg in anticipation of it hatching, Baby Toothless produces different sounds that pique your child’s curiosity. The egg then begins to crack, and the baby dragon appears.

Rocking him to sleep, feeding, and flying him are some of the ways to bond with this dragon toy. Baby Toothless offers different playing modes such as asking questions, roaring, dancing, and plasmablast, accompanied by various sounds and bodily responses for each of the styles.


  • Interactive play with different playing modes
  • It consists of a durable plastic material
  • The hatching process is fun and quick


  • It requires two AA batteries to operate

15. Treasure X Quest For Dragons Gold Treasure Set

Treasure X Quest For Dragons Gold Treasure Set

Why we like it: The treasure set offers three characters for a fun and interactive treasure hunting adventure.

Editor’s Rating:

This treasure box offers a treasure hunting adventure experience with the reward of finding a gold treasure piece at the end of the journey. With three characters in one, it makes for an exciting and versatile game.

Three figurines are hidden inside sand bricks, requiring you to carve them out using the X-Cavator and then build them to completion. They include a treasure hunter, legendary dragon, and mini beast.


  • Building the various game characters is fun and engaging
  • The gold reward at the end of the game appeals to children’s natural curiosity
  • This game isn’t messy and has minimal cleanup


  • Some boxes come with missing parts

16. Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

Lamaze Flip Flap Dragon

Why we like it: Pulling on the white clip activates the Lamaze’s flapping wings, making this an awesome engagement toy for babies.

Editor’s Rating:

Vibrant colors add to this toy’s appearance. The Lamaze Dragon helps to stimulate a sense of touch in babies and engages them in fun play. Squeezing the dragon’s nose produces squeaking sounds that delight and calm.

The white clip acts as an activator for the flapping wings as well as a hook to enable you to hang the toy onto your child’s stroller, bag, or cot to keep your baby entertained throughout their waking hours.


  • Wonderful play toy for babies with bright colors and patterns that help in visual, sensory, and tactile stimulation
  • The clip-on offers the convenience to take the toy anywhere, and also to store it
  • It produces pleasing squeaking and crinkle sounds that keep baby engaged


  • The seams aren’t as durable as they could be.

17. Dragons Love Tacos Book & Toy Set

Dragons Love Tacos Book & Toy Set

Why we like it: The cute dragon pops out in the Tacos book and toy set and is excellent for holding while reading the book. A fun book for kids to read and isn't dull for adults either!

Editor’s Rating:

This Dragons Love Tacos book portrays dragons as gentle taco-loving creatures and not the fierce characters portrayed in other stories. This storyline resonates with children and removes any fear they had of these mythical creatures.

The little dragon that comes with the book is a cute plushie for young kids to cuddle as they read the book. If your child has bogeyman or monster nightmares, get them this book to show how gentle dragons can be.


  • Fun and engaging book for kids to read
  • It comes with a cute pop-out dragon toy
  • The theme centers on a gentle taco-loving dragon, which can help cure kids’ fears of monsters


  • The book is small and has some inconsistent pages

18. Fingerlings – Glitter Dragon

Fingerlings – Glitter Dragon

Why we like it: This glitter dragon makes movements and sounds that are adorable to watch, and it can interact and sing with other fingerlings.

Editor’s Rating:

These little Fingerlings Glitter Dragons have cute round eyes and sparkles on their ears and wings. It clings to the finger and can also be turned upside down effortlessly for easy play. Additionally, your child can rock it to sleep, which works well as a bonding session.

This dragon has superior color combination and movement; it can blink its eyes, turns its head, and produce different sounds in response to sound, touch, and action.


  • Beautiful and attractive little play toy
  • It makes different sounds and motions that keep your child entertained
  • It can interact and sing with other Fingerlings collectibles


  • Some models are faulty

19. MindWare Dig it Up! Dragon’s Eggs

MindWare Dig it Up! Dragon’s Eggs

Why we like it: The box contains a dozen eggs making it the perfect activity toy for group engagement.

Editor’s Rating:

Included in this MindWare Dig It Up! Box are twelve mythological dragons hidden inside eggshells; each egg contains its own instruction sheet and a carving tool.

The excavation guidebook also contains fun facts on mythological dragons, serving as the perfect education material for pre-school, daycare, and other teaching settings.


  • Up to a dozen children can engage in the game
  • The guidebook contains educative content on dragon mythology
  • Dragons come in a variety of models and assorted colors


  • It is hard for some kids to excavate and the clay can make a mess

20. Dreamworks Dragons Toothless Deluxe Dragon

Dreamworks Dragons Toothless Deluxe Dragon

Why we like it: Toothless’s adjustable and glowing wings are the highlight of this dragon toy.

Editor’s Rating:

With its fierce facial look, this dragon toy looks ready for battle! A button at the back of the dragon activates the glowing back and wings.

Its wings are adjustable: they can be closed and attached to the back and opened when it’s time for flying.


  • It has a realistic Toothless “ready-for-battle” look
  • It is the perfect collectible item
  • It produces realistic roaring sounds


  • The batteries are not long-lasting

21. Melissa & Dough Lifelike Plush Dragon

Melissa & Dough Lifelike Plush Dragon

Why we like it: This toy is large, making it an excellent toy for older children.

Editor’s Rating:

This giant dragon plushie features a fearsome look with a forked tongue, black horns, shimmering ears, and wings, with green/black scales, and spikes on the back and tail.

While it’s large enough, this plushie is not sturdy enough to function as a ride-on. However, it serves as the perfect children’s room décor item, which promotes creative play for kids aged three and above.


  • Large in size; perfect for older kids
  • It is beautiful and expensive-looking for its price
  • The ideal emotional support 'animal' for kids and adults alike!


  • It is quite expensive

22. Safari Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Dragon

Safari Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Dragon

Why we like it: Special paint makes this snow dragon glow in the dark after exposure to light.

Editor’s Rating:

Prepare to experience the true nature of the dragon with this Glow-in-the-Dark figurine. It comes with fierce yellow claws, piercing eyes, scaly white skin, and razor-sharp teeth, to show the spectacular form that inspires and, well, terrifies!

A real rarity, this dragon toy glows in the dark! This dragon figurine is hand-painted, giving it its distinctive appearance. Its standout feature is that it absorbs light and glows in the dark for hours.

he figurine features high-quality construction using phthalate and lead-free materials, perfect for family use.

Video: Manufacturer’s Promo Video


  • This toy has high-quality and detailed craftsmanship
  • It consists of durable, quality, and safe plastic
  • It promotes creative play and imagination in toddlers and older children


  • Not as accurate as similar products in this category

23. ValeforToys 12-Piece Assorted Toy Dragons

ValeforToys 12-Piece Assorted Toy Dragons

Why we like it: The pack contains a dozen dragons, each with its own design and color.

Editor’s Rating:

The 12 different mini dragons in this versatile toy pack consist of durable and safe plastic and have different designs and colors for added variety. They make for great play, especially outdoors.

The variety of dragons can also educate kids on the histories and mythologies of the creatures.


  • Excellent for party supplies or as gifts
  • Great value for money
  • The 12 different dragon models are perfect as illustrative models for teachings kids about dragons


  • Some packs come with missing parts

24. WHAT ON EARTH Mechanical Dragon Puzzle

WHAT ON EARTH Mechanical Dragon Puzzle

Why we like it: This puzzle is a fun toy that results in a stunningly beautiful mechanical dragon once put together.

Editor’s Rating:

The WHATONEARTH Mechanical Dragon Puzzle contains 107 wooden pieces that fit together perfectly to form a dragon sculpture. It is an excellent way of engaging kids’ minds in teaching them to focus and create.

The mechanical parts of the puzzle also set the dragon in motion, once complete. This Chinese dragon moves with a hypnotic movement that enchants and delights and helps your child feel a sense of achievement in his or her creation.


  • The final piece is stunningly beautiful and the motion hypnotic
  • This intricate puzzle engages your kids’ cognitive abilities and helps them to learn how to focus
  • This puzzle makes the perfect family activity gift; beats overeating in front of the TV for a change


  • Some pieces don’t fit perfectly, requiring added force to place them

25. Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon Crystal Cage

Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon Crystal Cage

Why we like it: The dragon’s hatching action is fun to watch and anticipate and occur multiple times.

Editor’s Rating:

Before the dragon hatches, it produces sounds inside the egg, and it is fun to anticipate when the egg will hatch. When it does, the dragon hops about and flaps its wings in apparent attempt to fly. This fun activity can be repeated as many times as one wants.

The dragon crystal cage is the dragon’s home and makes it convenient to take the dragon anywhere.

Video: Little Live Pets surprise Dragons Review


  • The crystal cage also doubles up as a storage for the dragon
  • The dragon’s growling, hopping, and flapping of wings make it a fun and engaging toddler’s toy
  • It comes with three LR44 batteries and a useful user manual


  • The dragons can be a little noisy

26. Dreamworks Dragons How To Train Your Dragon

Dreamworks Dragons How To Train Your Dragon

Why we like it: The Cloudjumper Power Dragon can transform its wings into double wings – Wow!

Editor’s Rating:

With this toy, you can choose from a variety of Power Dragons such as Toothless, Deadly Nadder, and Monstrous Nightmare characters to get a complete experience of the dragon transforming into a monster with four wings.

This dragon launches a plastic spiral projectile, enabling you to recreate scenes from the movie “How To Train Your Dragon 2″. It’s perfect for fans of the film.


  • It has a beautiful appearance that engages and enchants children
  • It is a collectible that could rise in value in future
  • The wings are easy to operate and beautifully-crafted


  • It is quite expensive for its size

27. JOYIN Realistic Electric Dragon

JOYIN Realistic Electric Dragon

Why we like it: This dragon has a unique eggs inlet and outlet for putting in and releasing the two dragon eggs that come with the set.

Editor’s Rating:

The Walking T-Rex Dinosaur Toy is the perfect engagement toy for your child. Watch it make realistic roars and lay eggs, all while walking!

To enjoy the toy at its best, place the two eggs into the slot and watch the toy hatch! It will attract your kids’ attention.

The dragon’s wings and tail are detachable, which makes it fun for kids to disassemble and build the dragon. This electronic dragon toy makes roaring sounds, amplified by the speaker located behind the rear legs.

And you need not worry about your child playing with this toy – it consists of non-toxic, eco-friendly ABS plastic that meets US toy standards.


  • Unique eggs inlet and outlet for realistic hatching action
  • Beautiful appearance, with a green body and orange ears, wings, and spikes
  • Removable legs and roaring sound add variety to play


  • The build could be more durable

Final Verdict: Best Dragon Toys for Kids

We hope you found this best dragon toy for kids review exciting, knowledgeable, and fun!

Remember before you settle on a toy, know your kid’s likes and dislikes. Do they prefer plushies, or are they okay with hard plastic toys? Knowing this info will avoid an anti-climactic reception once the toy gets home.

Also, ensure that the toy you purchase is safe for your child to play with and is age-appropriate for your child. You don’t want to create unnecessary dangers in the home that could lead to a choking hazard.

Always stick to a budget as children often outgrow toys, so don’t go for unnecessarily expensive picks. Be wise when it comes to meeting your child’s needs and wants; making them happy doesn’t have to come at an unreasonable cost.

All these products are top-quality dragon toys that serve a variety of needs, from educational to creative to artistic – sometimes all three at once. We hope this list has given you some inspiration to get the perfect toy for your dragon-obsessed little one, or to open their minds to the wonder of these beautiful legendary creatures.