Best Lego Sets for Kids 2020


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Having good self-esteem begins in childhood when you discover that your parents love and value you. It develops over the years as adults, siblings, and friends affirm you by acknowledging your skills. Good self-esteem is vital to the way kids relate to themselves and others. Children can start building this self-esteem from the toys that they play with at your home or school. However, there are few toys for kids in the market as satisfying as a Lego set.

While the toys when put together are a source of entertainment, they are also the most successful educational toys available. They are popular with children and adults as they help them to learn various skills. Kids who use Lego sets develop fine motor skills, learn cooperative play, they get a sense of achievement, they learn to be persistent, and they learn science. Look for the Lego set that your kid can use for a long time as they master these crucial skills. This review is a collection of the best Lego sets for kids.


Top 30 Best Lego Sets for Kids 2020

1. LEGO Juniors/4+ Mountain Police Chase 10751 Building Kit

Why we like it: This Lego toy set should be a great toy that your kid will live to remember as it’s mostly used to help creative building and build confidence in young children.

This toy set features a police station toy which has every piece to create the scene of a cop, that will wow both boys and girls. There is a safe, spyglass, and jail cell with an opening door to keep the villains. A helicopter is available to chase the bad guys. It comes with a quad bike and a crook who breaks into the safe and steals the cash inside, but there is a police officer who is ready to give chase. This 115-piece set is easy to build and is suitable for boys and girls of ages 4 to 7. A simple guide is there to help your kid to build and play, and they build their confidence as they are having fun.

  • It’s simple to put the toy together with help from reading instructions.
  • The instructions are simple to follow.
  • The vehicles move smoothly.
  • It comes with all essential pieces to make a perfect police station.
  • The bill pieces are so small that it’s easy to lose them.

2. LEGO City Great Vehicles Diving Yacht 60221 Building Kit

Why we like it: This toy set, is great for kids who want to have fun exploring the underwater world while learning the water ecosystem.

This 148-toy set has everything that a kid needs to create a complex underwater environment. Your kid will enjoy removing the roof of the diving yacht and it comes with a turning searchlight. The buildable buoy, opening treasure chest and a seafloor scene will complete an adventure into the underwater world. In addition, you also get 2 LEGO City mini-divers, a swordfish, and crab toys. So, whether your children only want to play with the buoy and yacht or they desire to build the entire underwater scene, this set has all the pieces they need to enjoy with their imaginations as they search for the treasure chest.

  • It has a great mix including mini-figures, animals, and plant life to make a perfect underwater scene.
  • It’s easy to put together the pieces and kids can do it on their own.
  • It’s an affordable set that holds together well as kids drive it.
  • It’s a great confidence builder with clear details.
  • The yacht is the only thing that boosts the price.

3. LEGO Creator 3in1 Deep Sea Creatures Kit

Why we like it: This LEGO kit is designed for kids aged 7 and above who are infatuated to play with sea creatures. It helps them learn about marine life while having lots of fun.

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 provides a lot of creative opportunities for boys and girls to create 3 ocean-theme models with this playset. They can build a shark, a crab, a squid or a huge Angler fish while searching for a box of treasure. A scary shark toy features an opening mouth with pointy teeth, movable joints, reflective eyes, and moving fins, which makes the entire playtime exciting. This kit has 230 pieces and the fans and children of all ages can join in the play as they create this underwater world which has deep sea creatures.

  • Great 3 in 1 set that has impressive underwater creatures.
  • A 4th build instructions can also be downloaded on the LEGO website.
  • An impressive kit that comes at a great price.
  • It comes with interesting building techniques such as how the shark’s eyes are built.
  • The kit doesn’t come with a LEGO separator.

4. LEGO THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Emmet and Benny’s

Why we like it: This set is great for preschoolers and young kids as they get to learn how to follow building instructions and use their imagination to play.

The set encourages kids to follow instructions as they build two toy cars, a spaceship, and buggy. The building exercise helps the kids to develop their building skills. The kit includes a Starter Brick Base which helps the first-timers learn the skill of constructing buildings and cars. It also has a buildable gas station and there is a tool trolley to help your kid on their way to playing The LEGO Movie 2. This 117-piece Lego set features a gas station with the right tools to fix the spaceship and buggy. The kids love to play their favorite stars, Emmet and Benny. The building instructions will help your kid understand the task ahead and gives them the confidence to accomplish the project.

  • It comes with extra details such as the toolset.
  • It’s a simple construction and sturdy for young kids.
  • The spaceship and car are awesome.
  • The price is great for the number of pieces that it has.
  • The car looks suitable for younger kids.

5. LEGO City Monster Truck 60180 Building Kit

Why we like it: This kit lets your kid build a monster truck which is on a demolishing mission. This helps the kids develop the building skills and they can gain a sense of accomplishment.

LEGO City Monster Truck provides kids with an exciting playset as they mess around with the flaming barrels or overcome obstacles. This toy includes giant wheels, two flaming barrels, and a buildable ramp. As for accessories, it has a stunt driver figure to make the demolition derby successful. The cute Monster Truck with huge wheels, big engine, and working suspension gives a chance to the kids to come up with their own creative challenges. The set is ideal for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12.

  • The huge compressible tires are a great attraction to the kids.
  • It’s an impressive toy which is easy to build.
  • The truck can roll quite a distance when pushed.
  • The car is sturdy and comes at a great price.
  • The suspension on the truck is difficult to work it out.
  • The axles are short preventing them to hold well the front wheels.

6. LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase 10713 Building Kit

Why we like it: This LEGO set colorful pieces with different shapes to enable children to build their favorite LEGO creations.

The LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase is good for kids who already have a LEGO collection or they are just beginning to collect because it has everything in it. The kit has 213 pieces which come in a bright yellow suitcase to help you carry it wherever you want to go. The building blocks come in different colors which is a great way for kids to become familiar with the colors. It also has bricks, shapes, wheels, and eyes to helps them build anything such as cars which can stimulate them to learn fine motor skills. The set is suitable for boys and girls of 4 and 99 and it comes with a simple to follow instructions.

  • It comes with a carrying case which is ideal for when you’re traveling.
  • The set provides another dimension to playtime with its various types of pieces.
  • The dividers can be positioned according to your construction method.
  • It has enough pieces to construct a favorite masterpiece.
  • The carrying case doesn’t have an interior attachment grid to hold the pieces.
  • The red clasps are not solid because they fall off.

7. LEGO THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Benny’s Space Squad 70841 Building Kit

Why we like it: This kit helps kids to be creative and use their imagination while having fun by building the LEGO Movie 2 scenes with their favorite characters.

Space missions have always attracted special interest from many kids. This pack consists of 4 characters from The Lego Movie 2 and a lunar buggy that has 2 mini-figure seats to help them role-play as they explore new planets. The outer space accessories include air tanks, helmets, a walkie-talkie, and a metal detector. The 68 pieces are enough to build a perfect space scene for boys and girls aged 6 and above, and all kids who are fans of The LEGO Movie 2. If you have other original LEGO sets and LEGO bricks, you can use your imagination and creativeness to build a space scene with this set.

  • This set is affordable and it comes with impressive mini-figures.
  • The Classic Space theme is a favorite for both adults and children.
  • The kit comes with mini-vehicles and a robot.
  • It’s easy to build and makes a good collection.
  • It comes with a small number of pieces and the vehicles are quite small.

8. LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox

Why we like it: This is no ordinary LEGO set as it’s designed to introduce children to the world of science by learning about loops and variables, solve problems, and develop STEM skills through the educational STEM toys.

This kit has 847 pieces that children can build into 5 different models, which are educational and interesting. Boys and girls of between 7 and 12 years old have a chance to build, learn, and program robots, which develops their interest in science. The pieces have various colors, distance and tilt sensor technology to enable you to have a day of fun. You can use basic coding to bring robots such as Vernie and Frankie to life. The entire production line can be automated and the set comes with a free app on your tablet, which is used as a source of basic coding.

  • This set is the best for teaching kids basic robotics and programming.
  • It has extensive pieces to create plenty of creative building.
  • It’s easy to set it up and the app is user-friendly.
  • The moving characters are fun to watch.
  • The instructions are not clear on the app because it keeps on freezing.

9. LEGO Friends Heartlake City Pet Center 41345 Building Kit

Why we like it: This is a perfect kit for kids to learn grooming from the young age for their furry friends. It’s entertaining and kids can develop creative skills.

This LEGO set is suitable for boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 12, as it will let them create their own 2-level pet center. This is where they can build a pet shop, vet clinic, and grooming parlor. The kit includes a grooming van to carry their 5 furry friends figures and 3 mini-doll figures which can swap clothes and their body parts can populate the pet center. This is a 474-piece set that comes with several accessories such as scales, a playground that has a seesaw and a sleeping area. It’s a great set for kids to learn how to interact with their friends as they are role-playing.

  • It’s a great product with enough pieces for creative building.
  • The details and directions are easy to follow.
  • It’s an ideal set that helps kids in role-playing.
  • It teaches kids from an early age to take care of their furry friends.
  • Kids can easily outgrow the toy.

10. LEGO Juniors/4+ Marvel Super Heroes Spider-Man vs. Scorpion Street Showdown 10754 Building Kit

Why we like it: This is a good LEGO kit especially for kids who love their superhero Spider-man. It’s entertaining and boosts a child’s creative skills.

The kit has 125 easy to build pieces with a Spider-man and Scorpion. It’s a proper set for small hands as the children attempt to build an alley wall which has a rooftop, ramp, and opening window. It also includes connection spots to connect big webs which the Spider-man uses. To complete the construction, there is a car with movable legs for Spider-man and another one with movable pincers and a tail for Scorpion. This junior set is easy to build, this helps the kids to build on their confidence. A simple guide is there to help the children complete the constructions so that they can start playing pretty fast.

  • The set has a favorite character for the kids, Spider-man.
  • It’s a junior set making it easy to build.
  • The instructions are simple to followю
  • The pieces are compatible with other LEGO set pieces.
  • Would be suitable for older kids as it can be challenging to build it for 4-year-old kids.

11. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express 75955 Building Kit

Why we like it: This kit has entertaining characters from a movie that will keep kids keen to use their building skills.

Children get to improve their coordination as they build this LEGO Hogwarts Express train set which has a removable side panel and roof. It also comes with a railway bridge, a train toy, a carriage with 4 seats, and mini-figures such as Harry, Hermione, and Remus. They can unleash their creative skills by building Hogwart’s dining hall and potion room. This kit which is designed for kids aged between the ages of 8 and 14, blockbuster Harry Potter fans, and big kids of all ages has 801 pieces that make it possible to use their imagination to create a movie scene. The set can also be used with other original LEGO sets and bricks.

  • It has a train station that provides the best play options for kids.
  • It is a detailed set and gets a lot of playtime by Harry Potter fans.
  • It’s well-designed and fun to build.
  • It fits on many toy tracks.
  • The train is not motorized.
  • The mini-figures have short legs which are not bendable.

12. LEGO Friends Mia’s Tree House

Why we like it: This is an amazing set that helps kids to learn creative building and role play.

This toy set is designed for boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years who want to have fun with Mia as they build a detailed tree house. The set comes with a zip wire, an attic which has an opening, and a climbing net for the mini-figures to use when getting into the tree house. This is a 351-piece kit that includes mini-figures of Mia, Daniel, Mimi bunny, and Cinnamon figures. The folding ladder and skateboard are included for the mini-dolls and this allows the kids to be imaginative in their playtime. Wild animal figures inspire the children to use creative building play.

  • It includes the zip line from the tree to the ground, which creates an interactive play.
  • It’s a detailed set which comes at affordable price.
  • It provides lots of pieces for long hours of play.
  • It comes with plenty of elements such as a boy mini-doll.
  • The kids need guidance to build this toy.

13. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit

Why we like it: This is another perfect set for kids who like robots to get educational programming knowledge.

This EVE3 features a robot that you can control using the app to make it talk, walk, or play games. It’s a STEM engineering robot ideal for children of all ages. The building instructions are simple to follow and you can download further instructions which are available online to make it more customized. This set has 601 pieces and features 3 interactive servo motors, and color, touch and IR sensors. This kit will undoubtedly keep the kids busy as they have to create 17 different robotic designs with their own features. This set provides endless opportunities for kids to learn and explore technology.

  • It’s perfect for kids to practice science projects.
  • This is a well-designed set for kids.
  • It comes with well-laid out instructions to make the building a lot easier.
  • It provides long hours of play.
  • It doesn’t come with all the information, so you need to get online to get more information on the projects.

14. LEGO NINJAGO Masters of Spinjitzu: Stormbringer 70652 Ninja Toy Building Kit

Why we like it: There is just something about the LEGO Ninjago TV series that kids just love and this set will help them roleplay as they interact with their favorite characters.

This is a 493 pieces project that guarantees long hours of play as the kids build some TV series scenes. The set has shooters, a swiping tail, and mini-figures which can be used to engage some ninja warrior battles. The mini-figures can have assorted weapons such as collectible dragon bone blade to add new dimensions of roleplay. It also comes with a pedestal for the Dragon Chestplate. Children can take part in roleplay as they ride the dragons with their mini-figures. LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu can be built with other LEGO sets and pieces to make epic adventures.

  • The dragon is a good attraction to kids.
  • It’s easy to build and comes out looking great.
  • It provides long hours of fun.
  • It’s a great price for 493 pieces.
  • There is a danger of kids outgrowing it.

15. LEGO Juniors/4+ Jurassic World Pteranodon Escape 10756 Building Kit

Why we like it: This starter toy set is best for introducing the kids to the Jurassic World.

While some LEGO kits come with man pieces, this set has 84 pieces for kids to build Pteranodon figure which has movable wings. It has a small volcano and buildable lava balls that will help them use their imagination to play. In addition, the set features a helicopter that has a spinning rotor and a Starter Brick chassis that will enable the kids to build their confidence as they complete the project. The three figures of a Pteranodon, a tracker, and a pilot will stimulate excitement in the kids as they play scenes from the Jurassic movies. This kit is suitable for boys and girls aged between 4 and 7 years old.

  • It’s a simple kit for kids to put it together on their own.
  • The instructions are simple to follow.
  • It’s a great hit for kids who love dinosaurs.
  • It helps to build confidence as the kids put it together.
  • Some of the pieces are very small and get stuck.

16. LEGO City Sky Police Jet Patrol 60206 Building Kit

Why we like it: This set is great for kids as it teaches the purpose of building steps and they can gain confidence as they complete the brick building.

This set is recommended for kids aged 4 years and above. It’s made up of 2 mini-figures which are a crook and a police officer. Children can build a Sky Jet airplane which has an opening cockpit. A turning searchlight and a Starter Brick base suitable for the first-time builders will make sure that your kid builds and plays with heroes that want to make the world safe for everybody. A simple guide helps your kid follow the instructions as they make their way to become creative builders. This grows their imagination as they chase the bad guy who wants to steal gem elements that are in an opening safe.

  • It has appealing characters such as a police officer and a crook.
  • It works fine as a standalone toy.
  • It helps little kids get good with their small hands.
  • It’s easy and fun to build the jet.
  • The smaller pieces are a problem to put together.
  • The searchlight and front wheels get loose.

17. LEGO Juniors/4+ Road Repair Truck 10750 Building Kit

Why we like it: This is a wonderful set for teaching kids how to take care of the city streets, and helps them in fine motor skills.

This kit consists of 73 pieces to help kids build a strong road repair truck toy that features an open back to carry construction tools. It also comes with a roadblock toy, a detachable trailer, and a spinning cement mixer, which are enough to appeal to the kids. A road worker figure is small enough for the children between the ages of 4 and 7 to hold. Kids can use their imagination and creativity skills to build different cars. This is a fun set that will help kids build and play and they can use bigger starter pieces to gain confidence, especially in younger kids.

  • It’s easy and fun to put it together.
  • It comes with instructions which are simple for children to follow.
  • Kids love playing with the truck.
  • It has long hours of play for such a small package.
  • The pieces are pretty small.

18. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers

Why we like it: This action-packed LEGO set is a great way to let the kids play with their superheroes from the Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Movie.

This kit will stimulate your child’s imagination and encourage them to be creative as they build the posable Hulkbuster. It has an opening mini-figure cockpit with an arm, gun turret that features a ball shooter and a compartment that has the Infinity Stone element. The set includes 4 Infinity War figures of Bruce, Falcon, Proxima Midnight, and an Outrider. This 375 pieces toy is easy to build and is ideal for boys and girls aged between 7 and 14.

  • It’s an impressive set for the kids.
  • It’s easy to put it together without getting help from adults.
  • It contains some quality mini-figures.
  • It’s a great toy for the fans of the Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Movie.
  • The shoulder pads come out easily when the arms are raised over its head.
  • Some weapons that are included are never featured in the movie.

19. LEGO Technic BASH! 42073 Building Kit

Why we like it: This is a high-quality kit that enables kids to learn fine motor skills as they build a car which they can play with.

This kit does a fine job for kids as they build a powerful pull-back car with a sturdy front bumper. The motor features a large spoiler at the back, wide rims which have tires and an engine that comes out as it hits an obstacle. The kids will find all pieces they need to make their car clean such as Care and Cleaning elements for wiping it clean. Kids of ages between 7 and 14 years use this set not only for creative building but to fine-tune their fine motor skills.

  • This is a tough car that kids can enjoy playing with.
  • It’s easy to put it together.
  • It’s appealing because it comes with the pull-back to run the engine.
  • It’s ideal for developing cognitive and fine motor skills.
  • The engine piece is not well-secured.

20. LEGO Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets Hogwarts Whomping Willow 75953 Magic Toys Building Kit

Why we like it: This is another wonderful set for kids to build their imagination and get creative as they build the magical castle.

This is a set of toys made up of 753 pieces that can be used to build Hogwarts Whomping Willow that features spinning branches. It also has a three-story castle model with a gate and other interesting accessories such as potion wands. The set comes with the flying Ford Anglia car, 6 mini-figures such as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Argus Filch. The kids will use their creativity to build Professor Snape’s office and potion classrooms. Boys and girls will have a great time as they recreate the scenes from the fantasy Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie.

  • The set is nicely designed which attracts the kids’ interest.
  • It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
  • It makes a great display for fans of Harry Potter movies.
  • The details are close to those of the movie.
  • Kids can easily get tired of rebuilding it.

21. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696

Why we like it: This toy set is good for kids to develop their creative side. It comes in 35 different colors which help them to have open-ended building play that develops their motor skills.

This toy kit is made up of 484 pieces to help kids build their own cars in 35 different colors making them appealing to the children. It has windows, eyes, and 18 wheels and rims which provides kids with great options and imaginations to build a car of their choice. It also comes with a green baseplate to make the car conspicuous and fun as they are playing with it. The plastic storage box is ideal to make sure that there is no mess after play as you can store the pieces in a safe place. This set is suitable for boys and girls aged between 4 and 99 years.

  • It comes with a plastic storage box to keep the pieces.
  • The set has 35 different colors to let increase the kids’ imaginations.
  • It comes with a brick separator to make things easier.
  • The set has a lot of accessories such as wheels.
  • It doesn’t have enough basic bricks to build with.

22. LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Stand 41332 Building Set

Why we like it: This set is good for kids as they learn to be creative, caring when it comes to their pets.

This kit is very engaging as it allows boys and girls of ages between 6 and 12 to build their LEGO friends and play with them. It features an art stand trailer that can be opened in three different ways, a postcard stand, and a cat bed. Besides, it has a separate painting area that has an easel for more creations. Kids get to recognize Emma mini-doll figure and Chico who is a cat figure. The kit comes with 210 pieces for creative toy building. The clothes and hair for the mini-dolls can be swapped for the kids to build their own.

  • The guide book is easy to follow.
  • It comes with pet animals which are enthralling to the kids.
  • It has moving pieces which create more fun.
  • It’s a great set for girls to play with.
  • The pieces are too small for some of the kids.

23. LEGO City Pickup & Caravan 60182 Building Kit

Why we like it: This kit is great fun for kids who love outdoor camping trips with their dad and mom. It provides an opportunity for kids to learn about camping activities.

This is an interactive set that allows kids to build a pickup truck toy. The truck has a hitch, a caravan trailer with a removable roof, a side opening, and a leg to support it. This car helps kids develop fine motor skills while they are enjoying playing with it. The figures of mom, dad, son, and crab figure create imaginations of the camping adventures. The figures can be put inside the caravan by opening the roof and the side. This is a good opportunity for kids to roleplay as they go outdoors to have fun.

  • This is a basic set that provides long hours of play.
  • It has nice detail at a great price.
  • It’s sturdy enough for the kids to play with.
  • The characters are cute such as the crab figure.
  • Kids can outgrow the set.

24. LEGO Duplo Creative Play 6059074 Educational Toy

Why we like it: This kid-friendly set is designed to encourage creativity and for the kids to develop their fine motor skills. It’s a stepping stone for toddlers before they get used to the standard sets.

The kit is designed for kids of between 1.5 and 5 years. It has 65 colored pieces which are easy to handle, making them ideal for a toddler of 1.5 years old. The pieces are also numbered which is good to develop the counting skills of the young minds. It includes one boy figure and a dog figure. The LEGO Duplo pieces can be used in the same way as the other set by building many things such as cars and houses. The set comes in a storage case, making it easier to carry the set on a trip.

  • The set comes with a storage box for easy storage of the pieces.
  • It’s a great set for beginners as it has everything.
  • The pieces are of good size even for toddlers who put toys in their mouths.
  • It has a good decorative of numbers.
  • Most of the pieces are not building blocks.
  • Some of the pieces fit loosely and it keeps falling apart.

25. LEGO Minecraft The Chicken Coop 21140 Building Kit

Why we like it: This is a set with a variety of pieces. This helps the kids to be creative as they learn about animals on a farm.

The LEGO Minecraft The Chicken Coop is an educational toy that allows kids to build a chicken farm. Children get to learn how to build a chicken pen and furnace. The set has water and grass areas, an elevated henhouse that is designed to deliver chicken eggs straight into a box. The kit ensures the children interact with Alex who is the mini-figure, baby chicken and wolf figures, plus 2 chicken figures. This is a 198-piece set that caters for boys and girls of between 7 and 14, who enjoy the Minecraft video game.

  • It has a detailed chicken and egg laying process.
  • It encourages roleplay as kids can take turns to play.
  • It’s a great favorite for kids who love the Minecraft video game.
  • It’s an educational kit because kids learn about the chicken farm.
  • Some pieces are quite small.

26. LEGO DUPLO Steam Train 10874 Remote-Control Building Blocks Set

Why we like it: This is an educational kit that helps kids learn about building trains which can be controlled by an app while thinking creatively to play new tricks and they get fine motor skills.

This set will spark your child’s imagination and they become creative as they build a push and go train. It comes with 16 track pieces and action bricks, and you can also use an app on your own device to remote control the amazing train. You can activate the lights, sound, and movement to have a wider dimension of fun activities. This is an easy-to-build train designed for toddlers who can play with an animal figure, locomotive driver, and a child figure to increase their fun and creativity. The set has 59 pieces and is suitable for boys and girls aged between 2 and 5, and all other kids who love trains. The kids are going to benefit through language development and cognitive development.

  • This Duplo train is educational and interactive.
  • Kids can fine-tune their fine motor skills.
  • It has good tech features such a Bluetooth connection to the app.
  • The train has 5 action bars to create more fun for the kids.
  • The train slows down when you add other Duplo cars.

27. LEGO City Heavy Cargo Transport 60183 Building Kit

Why we like it: This LEGO kit promotes creativity in kids as they have to use imagination to find the cargo which the truck can carry. It helps the kids to develop fine motor skills as they are playing.

Kids can have long hours of fun and play with this 310-piece set. They can build a large truck which has an opening cab and a flatbed trailer. The set also comes with a toy helicopter that features spinning rotors and an opening cockpit. Plus, it has 2 mini-figures of the truck driver and helicopter pilot. This is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 12, who can use it not only to play but also to develop their fine motor skills.

  • This set is well-designed and has long hours of play.
  • It’s sturdy and won’t come apart as kids play with it.
  • It comes with boxes to store the assembled pieces when not in play.
  • The instructions are well-written and illustrated.
  • The helicopter rotors and chassis fall off easily disrupting play.

28. LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Kids Building Set

Why we like it: If your kids have friends, you’ve got to let them play this set which has adorable mini-doll figures to join them during playtime.

This is a set of toys made up of 722 pieces that can be used to create a girls doll house. It has a multi-story fire station house with a garage, kitchen, roof terrace, and a pulley system. The girls would love to see a slide where they can swing and enjoy some patronizing the juice bar. The mini-dolls have their own hot tub and there is a friendship tree. This toy is safe for boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old who can enjoy interacting with the hamster and the bunny figures.

  • The mini-dolls are colorful and bright to attract the kids’ attention.
  • It has a great variety of pieces for more creative play.
  • It has long hours of play because kids love its features.
  • It’s simple to assemble.
  • It doesn’t come with a small storage container to keep the smaller accessories.

29. LEGO City Arctic Ice Glider 60190 Building Kit

Why we like it: This kit lets the kids to use their imagination and promotes creativity as they explore the Arctic world.

The LEGO City Arctic Ice Glider set consists of 50 pieces and comes with an Arctic explorer mini-figure, a map, lights, a radio, a saw, and snowshoes. The kids can build an Arctic ice glider featuring a spinning fan. This set is perfect for boys and girls aged between 5 and 12, and all fans who are passionate about exploring the Arctic region. It’s easy to build and there are plenty of opportunities to play a variety of activities by using their creativity and imagination.

  • This is an affordable set that can be taken on any trip.
  • It’s a high-quality set with long hours of playtime.
  • It has well-illustrated instructions which are easy to follow.
  • The set is not complicated to put it together.
  • You need to be careful not to put too much pressure on the Arctic ice glider.

30. LEGO Creator 3in1 Mythical Creatures 31073 Building Kit

Why we like it: This LEGO kit is good for kids who are fans of monsters as they have to use their imagination to play with them.

The LEGO Creator 3 in 1 provides the kids with hands-on experience as they build a fire-breathing dragon with posable limbs and wings. The monster has green eyes, large fangs, and sharp claws to ensure that it’s menacing enough to anyone who comes near it. This is a set with 223 pieces which are easy for kids to build a giant spider toy or even an ax-bearing troll toy. It’s recommended for kids aged between 7 and 12.

  • The kids like the dragon which can pour out the fire.
  • It has nice details, especially the articulation of wings.
  • This is an affordable kit with long play hours.
  • The kids love it because they can build it in three different ways.
  • The claws are difficult to be put together.

Final words

Lego toys have been on the market for many years and kids have fallen in love with them. They are favorite options when it comes to both parents and children because they don’t compromise on their quality. The best Lego sets reviewed above will surely bring excitement to your kid. They can have fun building their favorite structures including vehicles, houses, and animals.

The Lego sets will help your kids develop fine motor skills, cognitive skills, creativity skills, and they will gain scientific knowledge. Most of these toys are educational because they stimulate creativity while they build amazing structures. We recommend these Lego sets because by following the instructions, it will be a huge boost to your kid’s confidence and self-esteem.