The 10 Best High Chairs to Buy 2020


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Every milestone that your little bundle of joy reaches is an achievement. When your baby is six months old, they’ll reach a stage in their life where they’ll be ready to eat solid foods. This is an exciting time for everyone. Your little ray of sunshine will get an opportunity to expand their taste palette as they try every flavor under the sun—from banana puree to tofu to broccoli.

To explore the world, your baby will need one important piece of equipment—a high chair. A high chair will ensure that your child is sitting in an upright position, so that food can pass through the digestive tract easily. It will give your little one a safe and comfortable spot at the dinner table, and a throne that they can claim as their own.

Features to Consider in Good High Chairs

If you’ve walked into a baby store or even done a quick search online for high chairs, you’ll easily get overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices available. Almost every company and brand will claim that their high chair is the best. If you don’t know what to look for, you can easily get roped in by false promises and beautiful packaging while being none the wiser about your purchase.

Your baby deserves the best. But, with all of the options out there, it can be difficult to narrow down the best of the best. We’ve created a simple guide that ranks some of the most popular high chairs out there based on three categories: safety and stability, features and functionality and overall ease of cleaning.

Safety and Stability

Safety should always come first, and the safety features and certifications of the high chairs should be heavily scrutinized.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM International) requires all high chairs to meet specific standards. Testing, which includes drop tests, disengagement tests and load and stability tests, is administered by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA). Looking for high chairs with a JPMA certification can provide you with some level of assurance that the high chair meets certain safety standards.

While the JPMA certification can offer you some insight as to how safe a high chair may be, it’s not the be-all and end-all factor. Most high chairs have additional safety features in place to protect your bundle of joy. For optimal safety and stability, look for these additional safety features:

  • A crotch post
  • A safety-restraint system with, ideally, a five-point harness
  • Wheels that lock in place
  • Folding areas with a minimized risk for pinching

Thankfully, most high chairs on the market will have a combination of the different safety features listed above. When it comes to safety, the more the merrier!

Features and Functionality

No two high chairs are designed exactly the same. After looking at the overall safety and stability of each product, consider the type of features that it has to offer. Different functions and features will allow a high chair to be more suitable for different home environments and for different stages of development. Some features and functionality to consider include:

  • Foldability and portability. Parents who don’t have a lot of space in their homes will want to find a high chair that will take up as little space as possible. A portable high chair will also be much more convenient to use. You can take it with you when you go over to your in-law’s house for dinner, or move it from room to room around the house.
  • Ability to grow with your child. Let’s face it. High chairs are expensive. You’ll want to look for a product that can grow with your child up until it reaches 2 to 3 years old. Many high chairs have adjustable settings, so you can use them for many years to come.
  • Removable components. Removable seat inserts and trays can make your life as a parent a lot simpler. A removable tray will be a lot easier to clean. It’ll also be easier for you to get your baby in the right upright position during mealtimes!
  • Amount of padding. If your baby is comfortable, they’ll be more likely to work with you during feeding time! Breakfast, lunch and dinner can take hours, and you definitely want your little bundle of joy to be as comfortable as possible.

We’ll explore many more features in this guide, and talk about how the features contribute to the overall functionality of the high chair.

Overall Ease of Cleaning

Every new parent can tell you one thing: it always feels like there’s not even time in the day to get everything done. If you’re not tending to your baby, you’re running errands for the household or taking care of yourself. The last thing that you want to do is to spend hours cleaning a high chair every day. Due to this reason, we’ll definitely look at the overall ease of cleaning for each chair as well.

Top 10 Best High Chairs 2020

1. Best Overall High Chair: Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

Why we like it: It’s affordable, versatile and easy to clean. It comes with many safety features and functionalities that are hard to find at this price range!

Editor’s Rating:

The best overall high chair is definitely going to be the Graco Slim Snacker High Chair. It’s our favorite not only because it’s versatile and comes with many different features, but it’s also one of the more affordable high chairs out there. It’s one of the best high chairs that you can get on a medium-sized budget. This high chair also comes in several fabric designs, so you can easily choose one that matches your style.

Safety and Stability
Graco is committed to the safety of your baby. In fact, it’s the company’s top priority, which is why all Grace high chairs are JPMA certified. You can rest assured that your baby is in good hands. It’s also loaded with a bunch of safety features, like a convertible 3- and 5-point harness, which will keep your baby in place, and has a maximum weight capacity of about 40 pounds.

Features and Functionality
Overall, for the price, the Graco Slim Snacker high chair has a lot of features that can make your parenting days a lot easier. Some of these features include:

  • A fast folding feature. You can fold the high chair in one second, and put it away with just one hand so you can carry your baby with the other. The high chair stands upright when folded and takes up minimal space, so you can keep it in a pantry or a closet.
  • A large mesh storage basket at the bottom. In addition to being easily foldable and compact, this high chair also has a mesh basket at the bottom for you to store your baby’s toys and other mealtime accessories.
  • A three-point reclining seat. Adjust the position of the seat to make sure that your baby is always upright and that its back is always straight. This will improve overall digestion.
  • A footrest. Foot support ensures that your baby will not be wiggling around during mealtime.
  • Padded seats. Good cushioning will make long mealtimes a lot more bearable for your baby, and the Graco Slim Snacker high chair has a lot of padding. Your baby will feel like it’s sitting on clouds.
  • A full-sized removable tray with a cup holder. Lay out your baby’s meal right in front of it, and keep everything in its place.

You’ll essentially have all of the basic features that you need and more.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
The Graco Slim Snacker high chair is also incredibly easy to clean. You can machine-wash the seat pads in cold water, and wipe down the frame with household soap and lukewarm water. The entire high chair is relatively easy to disassemble for cleaning.

  • It’s extremely affordable in comparison to many other options on the market.
  • It’s foldable, so it takes up very little space.
  • You can store toys and mealtime gadgets in the mesh basket at the bottom!
  • It comes with many features, like a padded footrest and various recline positions.
  • It’s JPMA certified!
  • There are some small crevices where crumbs can fall into, but it’s nothing that a portable vacuum couldn’t easily fix!

2. Best Premium High Chair: Peg Perego Siesta High Chair

Why we like it: It’s absolutely beautiful and dripping in luxury features. The Siesta is perfect for babies and toddlers, and it makes a great hand-me-down!

Editor’s Rating:

On the more expensive end of the spectrum, we have the Peg Perego Siesta high chair. This high chair is absolutely worth the extra cost. Made in Italy, this high chair has a beautiful sleek design, and you can tell that the materials used are high-end. For those with a larger budget, it’s definitely a multi-functional, ultra-compact high chair that’s worth splurging on.

Safety and Stability
The Peg Perego high chair is not only JPMA-certified, but it’s also loaded with some of the most advanced safety features on the market. This high chair has a maximum weight capacity of 45 pounds, a five-point harness system and a passive restraint bar. Its mar-resistant caster wheels also lock automatically in place for enhanced safety, and the padded seats have extra cushioning to absorb any impact or jostling.

Features and Functionality
If you’re looking for luxury, you don’t have to look far with the Peg Perego high chair. Forget about fabric. The Peg Perego high chair has eco-friendly leather upholstery that is stain-resistant and durable. The leather is also a lot more comfortable for your baby. Other than the eco-friendly leather upholstery, you can also look forward to:

  • Five reclining seat positions and nine different height positions. The Peg Perego Siesta high chair is easily adjustable. A high recline is perfect for keeping your baby’s back and posture straight during mealtimes, while a low recline is great for naps during the afternoon.
  • A three-position, adjustable footrest. Most high chairs don’t have adjustable footrests, but this one does! The footrest will keep your baby stable and will offer the support needed to prevent wiggling.
  • Extra storage at the back of the seat. Store utensils, bibs and toys in the practical rubber storage net at the back of the seat. It’s easily within your reach, but away from the baby.
  • Ultra-compact when folded. When folded, this high chair only measures 11.66 x 33.66 inches, making it very easy to store.
  • Grows with your child. The adjustability of this high chair means it will follow your baby through birth to its toddler years. It’s well worth the investment because it’s incredibly durable.
  • Mar-resistant caster wheels for portability. Move this high chair from one room to the next without using any extra muscle power!
  • Removable tray. When your child is ready, you can transform this high chair by removing the tray so that your baby has their own seat at the dinner table.

On top of all of these features, the Siesta high chair also comes in several different bright and saturated colors. It adds a little extra sunshine to any living space.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
There’s some pros and cons when it comes to cleaning. The Siesta high chair is easy to disassemble, and you can reach all of the parts that you need to clean with ease. The recommended cleaning method is to simply wipe all surfaces with a damp cloth. With that said, since the seat cover is made from eco-friendly leather, you can’t just toss it into a machine. The tray, however, is dishwasher safe.

  • The seats are made of an eco-friendly leather cover that will offer even more cushioning to your baby’s bottom.
  • This high chair is multifunctional and has adjustable features, so it can follow your baby from birth to its toddler years.
  • Move the high chair from the dining room to a playroom with ease thanks to its floor-friendly caster wheels.
  • The Siesta is compact when folded up, which makes it great for urban living spaces.
  • There are several safety features.
  • It’s on the more expensive end of the spectrum.
  • While you can easily wipe the Prime Classe fabric with a damp cloth, the seat cover is not machine washable.

3. Best Budget High Chair: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

Why we like it: It’s affordable and gets the job done. It can also easily transform into a booster seat—so while it’s not a lot cheaper than its alternatives, the fact that it works double-duty makes its value go very far.

Editor’s Rating:

If you’re on a budget, you’ll love what the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver high chair has to offer. This high chair can be transformed into a booster seat for toddlers, so it can grow with your baby. It’s also incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble.

Safety and Stability
Even though it’s extremely affordable, the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver high chair is still JPMA-certified, so you know it meets all ASTM standards. It also has a 5-point and 3-point harness that will keep your little ray of sunshine in place. This high chair has a maximum weight capacity of approximately 50 pounds.

Features and Functionality

The Fisher-Price SpaceSaver high chair is packed with all of the functions that you need despite being on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Some of the features that you get include:

  • Two height adjustments and three positions for the recline. This gives you some leeway on how your baby is positioned.
  • A FastFinder Link. You can easily hang your baby’s bibs here or hang a face towel for wiping their face after a messy lunch.
  • A removable tray. This tray is rather large, so you can place a lot of things on it. The only issue is that it is not designed to be used as a restraint.
  • A strap at the back for the booster seat. To keep the booster seat in place, there are straps in the back that will hold the seat in place.

Functionality-wise, this high chair has all the basics that you’ll need to get through every meal. It’s also relatively comfortable.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
The frame is made from plastic, so you can easily wipe everything down with each meal. There also aren’t many nooks and crannies that you’ll have to worry about. You can easily toss the Nano-Tex seat pad into the machine, and the tray into the dishwasher.

  • It’s available at a great price.
  • It’s versatile and can be transformed from a high chair to a booster seat.
  • The FastFinder link is great for hanging bibs and toys.
  • It’s extremely compact.
  • It is not foldable, although it is compact in size.
  • There’s no restraint to keep your baby extra safe.

4. Best Eco-Friendly High Chair: Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Why we like it: Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic materials, the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is adjustable, sleek and versatile.

Editor’s Rating:

Many parents are joining the eco-friendly movement, and the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is an adjustable high chair that will have everything that you’re looking for in an eco-friendly high chair. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s the shining example of what an eco-friendly high chair should look like and should be made of.

The Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is made from sustainably-harvested wood and has a non-toxic, VOC-free finish. The parts contain no PVC, BPA , phthalates, formaldehyde, or other harmful materials. It can last a lifetime with proper care. This is also a very well designed high chair, and looks sleek and stylish. It’s a great hand-me-down. Even if you decide to throw it out, it won’t sit around in landfills and take up space.

Safety and Stability
When it comes to safety, the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is up there amongst the stars. This high chair is not only made from non-toxic materials, but it also has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds! If it can support a full-grown adult, it will be able to support your baby with no sweat! This product is also JPMA-certified, so it meets all ASTM standards. The baby seat also has a 3- and a 5-point harness to secure your little ray of sunshine.

Features and Functionality
The key points of Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair lie in the design and materials; however, this high chair also has quite a few functionalities. The adjustable seat and footrest positions ensure optimal comfort. This also ensures that the high chair will grow with your child, and will be able to accommodate its growing size. By adjusting the footrest, you also give your baby more support and stability while they are sitting down.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
As it’s made primarily from wood, this high chair is easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth! Remember to remove any excess water that may be left behind with a dry cloth, as any moisture that’s left behind may stain it.

  • It’s made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.
  • This high chair has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds!
  • The beautiful wood finish is durable and can last a lifetime.
  • It’s adjustable and can grow with your child.
  • It’s fairly pricey.

5. Best Multi-Purpose High Chair: Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair

Why we like it: It’s incredibly versatile with six different height positions. This one high chair can even seat two children at the same time!

Editor’s Rating:

Versatility is the name of the game for the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 convertible high chair. This is well worth the investment because the adjustable settings will allow this high chair to transform into a booster seat and to accommodate your baby throughout its different stages of development. This high chair is fairly priced and is quite cozy looking. It even seats two kids at once, so it’s the perfect investment if you have two little ones in the home!

Safety and Stability
Graco is committed to the safety of your baby. In fact, it’s the company’s top priority, which is why all Grace high chairs are JPMA certified. You can rest assured that your baby is in good hands. This high chair also comes with a 3-point and 5-point harness and can hold up to 40 pounds.

Features and Functionality
If you’re looking for a high chair with a lot of functions, then the Graco Blossom 6-in-1 high chair will be a great choice for you. Not only can it accommodate two kids, but this product can transform into six different products: an infant high chair with a recliner, a traditional high chair, an infant booster, a toddler booster, a youth chair, and a seat for two kids at once. The high chair comes with removable seat pads and a tray.

This is one of the only high chairs on our list with wheels at the bottom, so it’s extremely portable. All you have to do is wheel it from one room to another. The wheels lock in place automatically once the high chair is stationary.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
Despite being one of the bulkier high chairs on our list, this product is easy to clean. You can toss the trays in the dishwasher and the seat pads in the washing machine. Then, wipe down the frame with a damp cloth, and the chair will look good as new.

  • Get six products in one!
  • The wheels allow you to move this high chair from one room to another with ease.
  • All of the components of this high chair are relatively easy to clean.
  • The seat pads and trays are removable, and the tray can be removed with one hand.
  • The design is a bit bulky and will take up a bit more space than other high chairs, so it might not be a great choice for homes that are short on space.
  • Some assembly is required.

6. Best Folding High Chair: Keekaroo High Chair with Tray

Why we like it: The design is simple and great for those who like minimalistic styles. There are a lot of adjustabilities that allows this high chair to grow with your baby!

Editor’s Rating:

Most reviews that rave about the Keekaroo high chair claim that it’s almost impossible for your baby to outgrow this chair. The Keekaroo high chair has a design that is slightly similar to the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair, but it’s a bit cheaper. The main difference between the Keekaroo high chair and the Abiie is that this high chair is foldable, so you can save a lot of space when it’s not in use, but that also makes it a little bit less stable.

Safety and Stability
Keekaroo is another high chair known for its safety. Like the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair, the Keekaroo has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. That’s right: the structure of this high chair can accommodate and support an adult. Your little bundle of joy will be safe using this high chair throughout their development. The high chair is also JPMA-certified and meets all ASTM standards.

Other than that, the high chair comes with a harness and is very solid in design. It’s also made with non-toxic materials, although it’s not as eco-friendly as the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair. Another interesting thing about the safety design is that it’s tip-resistant. The chair is positioned at a 1.5° seating angle, so that the baby can be pulled as close to the table as possible during mealtimes!

Features and Functionality
This high chair still has all of the basic functions that you’d be looking for: a 3-point harness, a footrest that can turn into an eating tray, as well as an adjustable foot and seat rest. The only thing that it doesn’t have are little pockets for storage. With that said, the main selling point of this high chair is that it is foldable, so you can easily store it somewhere else while it’s not in use.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
Parents have so much on their plates that no one really wants to have to spend any extra time doing extra chores. The eating tray is removable and is dishwasher safe, and all you need to do is to wipe the surface with a damp cloth every now and then. Unlike the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair, this chair is also quite resistant to staining.

  • This high chair is foldable. You can easily store it away in a closet.
  • It’s secure and has a stable base that is tip-resistant.
  • The removable tray is dishwasher safe.
  • It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 250 pounds!
  • A footrest is included.
  • It doesn’t have too many additional features and functions, like storage spaces.

7. Best High Chair with Sotrage: Ingenuity SmartServe 4-in-1 High Chair

Why we like it: This high chair has a really cute hidden compartment for parents to hide utensils and other tools. It’s a versatile high chair that will help make mealtime a breeze!

Editor’s Rating:

This high chair can transform into a booster chair, a toddler chair and even a seat for two kids at once! The design is also very nice. The grey upholstery is great at concealing stains, and the many storage compartments allow you to keep everything you need for mealtime in one place.

Safety and Stability
This high chair comes with a baby seat with safety restraints, and it’s JPMA-certified. It passes all of the basics when it comes to safety and stability, though it’s not quite as exhaustive in terms of safety features as a chair like the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair.

Features and Functionality
This bad boy is loaded with interesting features. For one, the tray that is included has a hidden compartment for you to store all of your utensils. It’s also a great place for storing items that you want out of your baby’s reach. The tray can be removed with one hand, so that you can easily get to your baby, and this entire contraption is foldable at the end of the day. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space when it’s folded up either, although the same can’t be said for when it’s fully set up. There are also wheels at the bottom for enhanced portability.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
While the tray is dishwasher safe and the seat covers are machine-washable, this high chair isn’t that easy to clean. There are a lot of moving parts, so you’ll need to spend some time vacuuming the nooks and crannies to get all of the crumbs out.

  • There is a hidden compartment in the tray where you can store utensils and other items.
  • This high chair is easy to fold up, and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space.
  • You can sit two kids simultaneously!
  • The frame material is made from steel, so it’s extra durable!
  • The seat pad is machine-washable for easy clean-ups!
  • When fully set up, this high chair takes up quite a lot of space.
  • It’s not as easy to clean because there’s a lot of nooks and crannies.

8. Best Easy-to-Clean High Chair: 4moms High Chair

Why we like it: Are you looking for something stylish, durable and easy to maintain? The 4moms High Chair has it all!

Editor’s Rating:

The 4Moms is truly a work of art. This chair looks very stylish and has a futuristic vibe to it. It’s made purely from hard dishwasher-safe plastic and comes in an easy-to-match white and grey color scheme. Other than its attractive appearance, the 4moms High Chair is very well-regarded because cleaning is straightforward and it is loaded with safety features.

Safety and Stability
The sturdy base of this 4moms chair can support up to 60 pounds of weight, and the restraints and removeable tray will keep your baby in pace. One of the handiest features of this chair, the magnetically-attached tray, can be pushed out of place by older babies, though, so it’s best to use this chair only with young children or those who stay still during meals.

Features and Functionality
If you’re looking for a hidden compartment, you won’t find that with this product. However, this product is foldable and comes with a detachable tray that can be set at three different levels. As an added bonus, the magnetic tray also means that metal plates, bowls and cups won’t slide around or fall off.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
This high chair was designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible to clean. The entire body of the chair can be simply wiped down with soap and water, and it contains no nooks and crannies where food could hide. The magnetic tray pops off with ease and can be thrown in the dishwaser, and even the shoulder straps and removeable seat pad are machine washable.

  • There are no nooks and crannies on the plastic surface, so it’s incredibly easy to wipe down.
  • The tray is easy to remove and machine-washable.
  • Even the pad and straps can be cleaned in a washing machine.
  • This chair has a sleek and stylish design.
  • Though by no means unsafe, this chair is not JPMA-certified.

9. Best Outdoor High Chair: Summer Pop ‘n Sit SE Booster Chair

Why we like it: Does your family love eating outdoors? This high chair is perfect for summer barbeques. It’s easy to clean and extremely portable!

Editor’s Rating:

Are you a fan of outdoor barbeques? Or, do you often go to ball games for an older child and would like to take your baby along too? You really can’t go wrong with the Summer Pop ‘n Sit SE booster chair. This is a high chair and a booster chair in one that’s lightweight, foldable and made from easy-to-clean materials.

Safety and Stability
Although this high chair may not look like much, it’s actually JPMA-certified and meets all ASTM standards. It comes with a 3-point harness system, and has a maximum weight capacity of about 37 pounds.

Features and Functionality
The main selling point of this high chair is that it is easy to assemble, lightweight and portable. It doesn’t come with many adjustable settings, although it does come with storage pockets and a removable tray.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
This high chair can withstand rain, snow or shine, and it’s also easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe down the exterior surface with warm water and soap. The fabric is removable and machine-washable, and the tray is dishwasher safe—although you can only put it on the top rack.

  • This high chair can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • It’s incredibly lightweight, so you can easily fold it up and carry it from one place to another.
  • It’s extremely affordable.
  • Cleanups are a breeze!
  • It comes with storage pockets!
  • It’s not as durable as other high chairs out there on the market.

10. Best Budget Multi-Purpose High Chair: Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

Why we like it: Take this high chair apart, and you’ll have a mini high chair or a booster with a standalone table! Its unique design makes it stand out from the crowd.

Editor’s Rating:

The cool thing about the Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat and Grow convertible high chair is that you can take it apart to make a smaller high chair and a standalone table. The four stages of use include a full-size high chair, a meal chair lowered to the floor, a standalone toddler chair and a big kid table with a chair. It’s similar in functionality to the excellent Graco Blossom 6-in-1 Convertible High Chair, but comes at a much lower price.

Safety and Stability
The Evenflo 4-in-1 high chair is JPMA-certified and comes with a 5-point harness. Other than that, it doesn’t come with many other safety features, like lockable legs or wheels. With that said, if you’re not looking for anything fancy and you just want something that works at an affordable price, this high chair is a decent pick.

Features and Functionality
The main feature of this product is that you can transform the high chair into a chair with a standalone table. Other than that, the only other added feature that comes with this high chair is the removable tray.

Overall Ease of Cleaning
When it comes to overall ease of cleaning, there really isn’t anything to write home about. This high chair isn’t the easiest to clean, but it’s also not the most difficult to clean either. The tray is dishwasher safe, and the seats are machine washable. With that said, there are small nooks and crannies everywhere that will collect dust and crumbs with time.

  • It’s versatile and can be converted from a high chair to a booster seat and more.
  • The entire setup can be taken apart to become a standalone table along with a chair for toddlers.
  • It comes with a 5-point harness and other safety features.
  • It’s not easy to clean. There are many nooks and crannies that crumbs and dirt can get into.

Guide to Buying the Best High Chairs

There’s a popular saying among feeding experts and parenting consultants: “Stability at the hips equals success at the lips!” Finding the perfect high chair will be an asset to your baby’s journey into a new world filled with unique flavors and textures. But, with so many options to choose from, it’s easy for new parents to become easily overwhelmed.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, we’ve also listed some additional things you should consider when comparing different brands and models.

The Size of the Setup vs. The Amount of Space You Have

Consider the amount of space that you have at your home. If you have all the space in the world, then you probably won’t mind a non-foldable high chair that’s bulkier. However, if you’re short on space, then you’ll want to look for a product that’s foldable. Ideally, the design will be similar to the Keekaroo High Chair, which will make the high chair compact when it’s folded so you can store it in a closet or by the door.

Overall Durability and Lifespan

How long will the high chair last? If you’re planning on having more children in the future, it’s worth it to splurge on a high-quality high chair. These things can last a lifetime! It’s also important to note that a versatile and high-quality high chair can follow your baby from birth to its toddler years. In most situations, wooden high chairs like the Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair tend to be the most durable, and are great hand-me-downs. They can last a lifetime without requiring any repairs. Portable high chairs tend to be the most lightweight, which means they are easier to move around; however, they tend to be less durable.

Warranty Type and Terms and Condition

Before you make any purchase, always inquire about the warranty and the terms and conditions that follow. Many high chair manufacturers will offer some type of warranty and will replace faulty parts or defective pieces within a certain time frame.

Restraint System

Safety should always be the first thing on your mind, and the type of restraint system in place will make a huge difference. The ASTM standards only require a 3-point harness; however, many experts would agree that it’s better to go for a 5-point one. It’s also important to consider the adjustability of the harness, as well as the type of materials that it’s made from. Rubber or nylon straps, like those on the 4moms High Chair tend to be easier to clean than ones made from other materials.

Seat Cover and Upholstery

The type of seat cover and upholstery that comes with the high chair should also be taken into consideration. Leather seats like the one included with the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair are a beautiful luxury, but they can also be difficult to clean and require regular maintenance to stay in pristine condition. Vinyl seat covers tend to be easier to clean than cloth. The color or pattern of the seat color will also play a role in how well it ages. Generally speaking, patterned seat covers are better at concealing stains. Again, the 4moms High Chair, with its plastic construction that doesn’t have any places for bits and pieces to hide, is the gold standard for cleanliness.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Finding the Safest, Most Compatible High Chair

So, you think you’ve found the perfect high chair. The next step is to make sure that it’s actually as safe and secure as it is advertised to be. Below are several tips and tricks that you can implement when on the market for a high chair.

#1. Make sure that the entire structure cannot be tipped over easily

In general, high chairs with reinforced legs will be more stable. Make sure that the high chair is a standalone unit that you can place away from a counter or table. Babies have no understanding of danger at all: if you place the high chair near a counter or table, your baby could push against these surfaces hard enough to cause it to tip over. You also want to make sure that the high chair won’t tip over even if any of your other children or pets accidentally nudge it.

Another good tip to remember is that you should never leave a baby alone in a high chair. You never know what can go wrong!

#2. Look for Locks, Safety Straps and Other Safety Features

A high chair with more safety features will be safer for your child. Look for high chairs with a 5-point harness, lockable wheels and more. If the high chair is foldable, make sure that it will lock into place.

#3. The Rock Test

Just like when you’re buying a mattress, you should always ‘test’ a high chair by placing your baby in it and carefully rocking the chair from side to side to see if your baby would be able to move the chair. Every baby is shaped differently, and the overall design of the high chair may not necessarily support your baby’s body and posture.

Unfortunately, babies aren’t born with an undestructable, highly dextrous body. They’re clumsy and tend to fall over a lot. Picture one of those huge teddy bear stuffed animals that you find at a carnival. When sitting in high chairs, most babies will start to slump over to one side. Others may even fall forward. Put your baby inside the high chair to see whether the high chair supports its overall posture. If not, consider whether a towel or two might help keep your baby in place — especially during mealtimes!

All of the products on our list meet these criteria, but with their stable legs, crotch post, straps, and excellent build quality,  the Graco Slim Snacker High Chair and the Peg Perego Siesta High Chair are some of the safest chairs on the market.

Invest in a High-Quality Chair for a Lifetime of Use

It’s worth investing in a high-quality high chair, as you’ll get a lifetime of use from it. The high chair will follow your baby as they start to explore different solid foods and flavors to the point where they can even eat “adult” foods with the rest of the family. Another great thing about high chairs is that they’re great hand-me-downs: if you and your spouse decide to add another little member to your family, you can always break out the high chair for a couple more years of use. If not, you can always donate it. Your baby’s health and safety is incredibly important, so we hope that with the help of this guide you’re able to choose the perfect high chair to make your family mealtime as safe and enjoyable as possible.