Sound the Octo-Alert! The 10 Best Octonauts Toys for Kids

Sound the Octo-Alert! The 10 Best Octonauts Toys for Kids

The Octonauts are a crew of eight cute animals whose job is to explore the sea in search of adventures and fun.

The Disney TV show has plenty of fun-loving characters and educational materials. It is hard to find a kid or parent who doesn’t love it.

If your kid loves Peso, Barnacles, Kwazii, and Shellington, and is happy every time they hear their stories, they will undoubtedly be delighted with some Octonauts toys.

Finding the right toy isn’t easy, as most parents aren’t familiar with the characters.

Luckily, we are explorers too.

We’ve searched and selected the best Octonauts toys for kids.

Top 27 Best Octonauts Toys for Kids 2023

1. Best Overall Octonauts Toy: Octonauts Launch and Rescue Gup-X Vehicle

Octonauts Launch and Rescue Gup-X Vehicle

Why we like it: Reaching rescue missions with the right vehicle is the first step to becoming a part of the Octonauts gang. This playset comes with different gadgets and accessories, designed for amazing explorations and rescue missions.

Editor’s Rating:

Whenever there is trouble under the sea, the Octonauts gang dives into action. This Gup-X vehicle helps the group to rescue creatures and bring them home safely. Kids love how the Gup-X transforms into three separate vehicles: the Octo-ski, the Octo-glider, and the Octo-tank. Each vehicle comes with exciting features, sounds, and phrases.

The playset comes with 12 extra pieces for endless fun and many adventures. To activate sound effects, kids need to pull the lever. You will also find three creatures: a horseshoe crab, a giant spider crab, and a snot sea cucumber.


  • Includes Gup-X that transforms into three vehicles
  • Each vehicle is designed for a solo rescue mission
  • Everything is great quality


  • The vehicle requires batteries

2. Best Premium Octonauts Toy: Octonauts Octopod Playset

Octonauts Octopod Playset

Why we like it: This two-sided playset is packed with lots of play pieces, sounds, phrases, and role-play fun. It allows kids to explore many adventures and feel what it is like to be a part of the Octonauts gang.

Editor’s Rating:

When Octonoauts hear the Octo-Alert, they all go to the Octopod and prepare themselves for a new adventure. Now, your little one has a chance to gather the whole team and take it to the Octonauts’ undersea base.

The playset includes an Octopod base with two action figures and more than ten moving parts. There is also a small Octo-Alert. To activate the Octo-Alert, press the button. It plays a familiar sound from the TV show and will help kids feel like they are part of the adventure.


  • The set includes two star characters, Barnacle and Kwazii
  • You can connect it to other playsets
  • The set comes with Octo-Alert sound toy


  • The Octo-Alert toy requires batteries

3. Best Budget Octonauts Toy: Octonauts Gup-A Megapack

Octonauts Gup-A Megapack

Why we like it: The toy allows kids to develop early science skills while the cool features make the game even more playful. It is the perfect set for every Octonauts fan.

Editor’s Rating:

For kids who don’t have a big collection of Octonauts toys, this is the perfect gift to surprise them with. The set consists of most of the major characters (Peso, Shellington, and Tweak), lots of accessories, and a special vehicle. You also get 20 different sea creatures and double-sided cards.

To start your mission, slide the cards into the monitor, and see what adventures await for you and your new Octonauts friends. The Gup-A is a replica of the Octonauts’ vehicle. Inside, there is a central computer, chair, and a diving bell.


  • The set includes three primary characters: Person, Shellington, and Tweak
  • Includes 14 accessories and 20 sea creatures
  • The Gup-A is a detailed replica of the Octonauts’ vehicle
  • Great value for money


  • Some of the accessories are small and not very exciting

4. Best Educational Octonauts Toy: Octonauts Picture Book

Octonauts Picture Book

Why we like it: The book is written by Meomi, the team responsible for the creation of the Octonaut characters. It is full of information about each of the eight explorers and is guaranteed to amuse Octonauts fans.

Editor’s Rating:

If your little one is a big fan of Octonauts, he or she will find this colorful book super fun. The Octonauts Explore the Big Ocean is an exciting, colorful book for kids of ages five and older. The story describes Tunip the Vegimal and his mission to learn more about his family’s history. Together with the Octonauts they go for adventures around the world.

It is an educational, fun, and exciting story that includes many Octonaut characters. Kids will learn tons of details about the main Octonaut characters. The book has several fold-out pages and two glow-in-the-dark pages.


  • The picture book shares an original Octonaut story
  • Pages fold out, and two of them glow in the dark
  • Includes all eight Octonauts and Vegimal characters


  • Story is short
  • Kids can quickly get bored

5. Octonauts Gup-H Barnacles Playset

Octonauts Gup-H Barnacles Playset

Why we like it: Inspired by the dragonfly, this Gup-H vehicle can quickly adapt to air explorations and rescue missions. It can amuse Octonauts fans for hours.

Editor’s Rating:

If your kid loves helicopters and is a fan of the Octonauts TV show, this is the perfect toy to play with. Although this is one of the few Octonaut sets that doesn’t feature an underwater or floating Gup, the toy is super fun.

The Gup-G is a rescue helicopter, and kids can use it to rescue small frogs in a bucket attached to the aircraft. Press the propeller to lower the basket and turn the crank to spin the helicopter blades and lift the line. The Gup-H is flown by Captain Barnacle, dressed in an aviation suit and a helmet.


  • Comes with a Barnacles aviation figure
  • Includes one Gup-H, spinning blades, and rescue bucket
  • Relatively affordable price


  • A lot of small pieces

6. Octonauts Gup-E & Peso

Octonauts Gup-E & Peso

Why we like it: You can explore, rescue, and protect just like real Octonauts. The vehicle is cute and identical to the one on the TV show.

Editor’s Rating:

Thanks to this playable set, your kids can now be part of the Octonauts gang. The Gup-E vehicle is suitable for water and land adventures. The idea is for kids to join Peso on a mission to rescue the guppies. Once you find and catch the guppies, place the Gup-E underwater to release the fish.

The set comes with Peso and a Gup-E vehicle. It is a perfect addition to any Octonauts collection. Kids can recreate rescue missions and think of new adventures for both in and out of the water.


  • The fish float underwater
  • The Gup is designed to sink
  • Peso is included


  • The front window may fall off

7. Octonauts Gup D Playset

Octonauts Gup D Playset

Why we like it: It is an excellent addition to any Octonauts collection. Thanks to this great playset, youngsters can relive their favorite scenes and rescue missions.

Editor’s Rating:

The Gup-D is a playful, multi-purpose vehicle that is perfect for all kinds of undersea adventures and missions. When underwater, the Gup-D floats. Kids can connect the air hose to Barnacle’s scuba tank, and he will dive up and down in the water.

This set is a great gift for all young Octonauts fans out there, especially those who enjoy long, warm baths. Kids can use the Gup-D vehicle in and out of water. You can roll it across the floor and push the fin to launch the rescue net.


  • Includes a Barnacles figure
  • Comes with a manta ray and a rescue net
  • Great value for money


  • It is difficult to push the release button

8. Octonauts Gup-V Tweak Vehicle

Octonauts Gup-V Tweak Vehicle

Why we like it: The flare launcher makes things super fun for both kids and parents. All Octonauts fans can enjoy hours planning new adventures and missions.

Editor’s Rating:

Another great vehicle from the Octonauts family of toys. Inspired by the bomber worm, the green Gup-V vehicle launches flares when it needs to send out a rescue signal or divert a creature’s unwanted attention. To launch the flares from the vehicle, kids need to press the button at the top of Gup-V.

This unique, train-like vehicle can launch glow-in-the-dark flares from the top and both sides, and it comes equipped with a creature rescue tank. Prepare your kids to experience many new missions and adventures with this fantastic playset. The set comes with two glow-in-the-dark flares, tweak, and a bomber worm.


  • Includes one Gup-V, a bomber worm, and Tweak
  • Affordable and fun toy
  • The flare launcher is interactive


  • Some users say the vehicle is not identical to the vehicle in the TV show

9. Octonauts Glow Crew Pack

Octonauts Glow Crew Pack

Why we like it: It is a well-made set featuring hard-to-find characters. The glowing costumes are excellent and certainly add a surprise splash.

Editor’s Rating:

This fun playset includes all eight popular characters wearing suits that glow in the dark. Costumes glow green for Peso, Inklink, Kwazii, and Dashi, while for Tweak, Barnacles, Tunip, and Shellington, they glow orange. Figures are flexible, they can sit down, and each is between 2 to 3 inches tall.

All Octonauts fans will be in heaven with this amazing set. The quality is good, and kids will be super excited to plan the next Octonauts missions and adventures in the midnight zone. The toys are suitable for kids over the age of 3.


  • The set features the eight main Octonauts
  • Each character wears a suit that glows in-the-dark.
  • Quality, detailed, and durable
  • Great value for money


  • Arms and legs move in pairs

10. Octonauts Gup Fleet Mega Pack

Octonauts Gup Fleet Mega Pack

Why we like it: It is a large set with characters, vehicles, and creatures that any Octonauts fan will find enjoyable. Everything in it is of high quality.

Editor’s Rating:

Complete your Octonauts Gup Fleet collection with this amazing mega pack. This playset includes three main characters and Gup-R, Gup-D, and Gup-E vehicles (all converted into Grab mode).

The vehicles and figures are waterproof. They work in and out of the water, and kids can play with them in the bathtub, pool, or sink. All characters have lots of details, while the figures have movable legs, arms, and heads. The set also includes creatures to rescue. Overall, it is an excellent gift for any Octonauts fan.


  • Includes three main characters and special vehicles
  • Vehicles are waterproof and float in the water
  • Characters are colorful and highly detailed


  • A lot of small parts
  • Not suitable for kids under 3 years

11. Octonauts School Lunch Box

Octonauts School Lunch Box

Why we like it: This Octonauts insulated lunch box eliminates the hassle of carrying a separate lunch tote, ensuring that all of your kids' on-the-go meals remain warm.

Editor’s Rating:

Kids love to bring Octonauts everywhere with them. With this specially designed Octonauts lunch box, your little one can take his favorite Octonaut friends to school. The insulated lunch box will keep food fresh and tasty for hours. On the back, there is a mesh pocket that provides extra storage space – perfect for storing your Octonaut toys!

The box consists of high-quality, non-toxic materials. It is 8.5 inches high and 11 inches wide. It is not huge, but it provides enough space for a lunch meal, beverages, fruits, or vegetables.


  • Features Octonauts illustration
  • Keeps warm meals hot and cold meals cold
  • Made of high-quality, non-toxic materials


  • The handle isn’t very safely attached

12. Octonauts Gup-Y and Shellington

Octonauts Gup-Y and Shellington

Why we like it: The fact that it is bath-friendly makes this fun playset even more attractive. Kids can relive so many adventures and rescue missions, just like on the TV show.

Editor’s Rating:

Inspired by the long yeti crab, the Gup-Y is the ideal vehicle for the Octonauts when they want to lift, haul and scoop up sea goop. It is a fantastic playset for all young Octonauts fans out there.

The set includes one Shellington figure, a Gup-Y vehicle, and three slime rocks. To lift the Gup’s arms and load the slime rocks inside the vehicle, kids need to slide the lever. It is perfect for bath time adventures. The vehicle’s retractable doors close to avoid cargo from being swept away. It is suitable for kids over the age of 3.


  • Fun and playable toy
  • The Gup can pick up rocks and dump them in the back
  • Everything is great quality


  • Expensive when compared to other Octonauts playsets

13. Octonauts Fix-It Crew Set

Octonauts Fix-It Crew Set

Why we like it: There are around 15 different pieces in this set, which means it is interactive and fun to play with. The vehicles can combine into one large repair vehicle.

Editor’s Rating:

When the Octopod requires repair, the whole crew gathers to get the Octopod back in shape. Thanks to the construction vehicles, they can get the job done in minutes. Once the vehicles are done lowering, lifting, transporting, and repairing, you can connect them and create the Octo-repair vehicle.

Each construction vehicle comes with an Octonauts figure and additional play piece. Kids can recreate their favorite moments from the TV show and enjoy hours of adventures and missions. Suitable for kids 3 years to 7 years old, it is the perfect gift for any Octonauts fan.


  • Includes Captain Barnacles, Kwazii, and Shellington figures
  • Includes three different construction vehicles
  • Perfect playset for all Octonauts fans
  • Everything is great quality


  • Octopod vehicle doesn’t come with this set

14. Octonauts Gup-Q Undersea Explorer

Octonauts Gup-Q Undersea Explorer

Why we like it: This Octonauts set comes with a Kwazii toy and Gup-Q undersea explorer, allowing kids to have their bathtub adventures.

Editor’s Rating:

Kwazii introduces you to his Gup-Q vehicle, perfect for both water and land rescue missions. The hammerhead shark is the inspiration for the vehicle. When visibility is limited, the Gup turns the set of eye lights on to give his friends a better view. The vehicle glows in the dark, and the lights can work underwater.

The set features a Kwazii figure, rescue basket, rescue towline, and a sea creature. Kwazii’s arms and legs also glow in the dark. Kids can use the towline and rescue basket to help reach and rescue the sea creature.


  • Comes with Gup-Q undersea explorer that works in and out of water
  • Includes Kwazii figure in his Octo-Glow suit
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Not designed for extended water play

15. Octonauts Gup-W Reef Rescue Playset

Octonauts Gup-W Reef Rescue Playset

Why we like it: This fantastic Gup-W set comes with Peso, one of the main characters. It makes an excellent gift for any young Octonaut admirer.

Editor’s Rating:

Inspired by the whale shark, the Gup-W is designed to help rescue endangered coral reefs. The Gup features a secret door in the tail area that opens and reveals a special engine room. Peso, the main Octonaut character, is also included in the set. You will also find three creatures, two rescue tools, and a removable light-up rescue tank.

Kids can help Peso rescue the creatures by using the rescue net to bring the injured ones into the vehicle. When the creatures fully recover, kids can press on the fin to see a bandage with light. The set offers a lot of playability and guarantees hours of fun.


  • Includes large-scale Gup W vehicle with two levels of play
  • Comes with a Peso figure, a bubble filter, and a rescue net
  • Lots of small details
  • Everything is great quality


  • Not suitable for underwater, it contains electronics

16. Octonauts Flying Fish Gup-B

Octonauts Flying Fish Gup-B

Why we like it: Kids can recreate their rescue missions and adventures in water or on land. The set promises hours of fun and enjoyment.

Editor’s Rating:

With this Gup-B vehicle, kids can explore, rescue, and find new missions just like the Octonauts gang. Inspired by a fish, the Gup-B comes with a Kwazii figure dressed in a traditional flying costume. The vehicle can quickly transform into Flying Fish mode for use in various undersea missions.

To enjoy undersea missions, pull and push the vessel’s tail to squirt water. This speedy Gup also features wheels, so it has the power to serve the Octonauts for land rescues. It is a small but great set for all Octonauts admirers.


  • Features Gup-B from the Octonauts TV show
  • Comes with a Kwazii figure
  • Fun and educational toy


  • Not designed for extended water play
  • The tail is a bit hard to draw back

17. Octonauts Gup Speeders

Octonauts Gup Speeders

Why we like it: This playset gives kids a chance to hit the road and experience new adventures with their Octonauts friends. We love how fast the metal vehicles are.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are watching the Octonauts TV show with your kids, you know that not all Octonauts adventures take place undersea. These unique vehicles roll on any non-carpeted surface. They are small but super-fast, sturdy, and unique. The playset includes a mini Gup-A, Gup-E, Gup-R, and Gup-C.

Each set includes four vehicles with four different characters. The characters are random, and you can’t select favorites. (Some sets don’t include the major characters). The Gup speeders are not intended for playing with in water.


  • Four high-quality metal cars featuring Octonaut characters
  • Cars roll on any non-carpeted, flat surface
  • Great value for money


  • Characters are random for each playset

18. Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle

Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle

Why we like it: Great for winter. This exploration vehicle is perfect for digging through the snow and meeting the artic wildlife.

Editor’s Rating:

The Gup-S is the famous polar exploration vehicle the Octonauts gang uses to rescue creatures. The Gup-S transforms into two vehicles: the Octo-Shuttle and the Octo-Sled. It also includes two mini-skis that can serve as interchangeable rescue tools, sounds, and music.

At the front of the vehicle, you will notice Captain Barnacles (the figure comes with the set) ready to drill through snow and icebergs. It is the perfect gift for all Octonauts lovers who love snow, penguins, and polar bears. The playset is suitable for kids over the age of 3.


  • Includes Gup-S polar exploration vehicle
  • Gup-S transforms into two vehicles
  • A lot of playability


  • The vehicle can come apart easily

19. Octonauts Gup-M & Kwazii Set

Octonauts Gup-M & Kwazii Set

Why we like it: Inspired by the mudskipper, the Gup-M & Kwazii set is a great addition to any Octonaut collection.

Editor’s Rating:

Another great playset for all Octonauts fans out there. This three-wheeling Gup-M is what the Octonaut gang chooses when they need to search swamplands or rescue creatures in muddy areas.

The set comes with a Kwazii figure, two mud darts, and one capybara to rescue. Kwazii is dressed in a special rescue costume and helmet. To launch the mud-dart, kids need to press the main button. The Gup-M features storage for the second mud-dart. It is a fun and interactive game set, suitable for kids over 3 years.


  • Includes Gup M vehicle with storage for mud-dart
  • Comes with a Kwazii figure, two mud darts, and a capybara to rescue
  • Great price and very well made


  • You can easily lose the mud darts

20. Octonauts Gup-A Deluxe Playset

Octonauts Gup-A Deluxe Playset

Why we like it: This multi-purpose playset can make any Octonauts fan happy. It comes with great figures and features that will create hours of fun.

Editor’s Rating:

Out of all the Octonauts vehicles, the Gup-A is the biggest. Other Gups are only about half the size. The set comes with one Shellington figure, two double-sided creature report carts, ten “Midnight Zone” creatures, a transport tank, a creature report monitor, an Octo-Grabber, and a vehicle that can store all of them!

The extra accessories can make your kids’ games even more fun. By using the rescue basket, kids can transport creatures between the Gup’s floors. Another thing to point is that the Gup-A’s antenna and starfish creatures all glow in the dark.


  • 1 Shellington figure
  • Large, two-floor Gup-A
  • Gup-A can store everything
  • Ten creatures (including three starfish that glow in the dark)
  • Great value for money


  • There isn’t much interaction

21. Octonauts Gup-W & Gup-P

Octonauts Gup-W & Gup-P

Why we like it: It is an affordable deal that gives you two of the main Octonaut figures and vehicles used in the TV show. It guarantees many hours of enjoyment for all Octonaut fans.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are looking for a great deal on Octonauts toys that your kids will love, you must check this great bundle set. The Octonauts playset comes with a mega Gup-W vehicle that has a removable light-up rescue tank with two levels, which serves as a central station for all sea creatures.

In the set, you will also find a smaller Gup-P vehicle that turns into a medical station, Peso and Kwazii – two of the leading Octonaut figures – and three creatures (a hammerhead shark, a leatherback sea turtle, and an electric torpedo ray).


  • Includes Peso and Kwazii and their rescue vehicles
  • The Gup-W vehicle is large and roomy
  • Great value for money


  • It’s not as high quality as other sets

22. Octonauts Kwazii’s Shark Adventure

Octonauts Kwazii’s Shark Adventure

Why we like it: It is an excellent set for all Octonauts fans to have fun with. It comes with a lot of different accessories that certainly add to the fun.

Editor’s Rating:

When Kwazii discovers a lost lantern shark, he must help his new friend find food. If this episode inspires your little one, he or she has a chance to relive the adventures and help Kwazii in his mission. Kwazii can send a snack to his lost friend or take a closer look with special Octo-goggles.

This amazing playset includes one Kwazii figure, fish biscuit launcher, three diving helmets for any rescue mission, and a dwarf lantern shark. Kids can create adventures and rescue missions, thanks to this well-designed and colorful set.


  • Includes one original Kwazii figure
  • Helmets are interchangeable (each one is suitable for a specific rescue mission)
  • Relatively affordable price


  • Some users say the fish biscuit launcher is hard to push

23. Octonauts Gup-C & Shellington Playset

Octonauts Gup-C & Shellington Playset

Why we like it: The playset teaches kids how to take care of their pet friends and offer help when they need it.

Editor’s Rating:

This is another great playset for Octonauts fans. The set includes only one major character, Shellington, her Gup-C vehicle, and a whale that needs rescue. All figures are colorful, quality, durable, and ready for the next adventures that await.

Shellington is pretty flexible. She has movable legs, arms, and neck, and the vehicles move as well. Kids love this playset because it works both underwater and on land. Your little one can play with it in a bathtub or sink. The whale squirts water and can change colors when in a warm bathtub or sink.


  • The set includes one major character, Shellington
  • Includes Gup-C submarine
  • All figures float and roll


  • Some users say the tow line and anchor come apart easily

24. Octonauts Launch and Explore Octo-Lab

Octonauts Launch and Explore Octo-Lab

Why we like it: This set includes everything you need for midnight zone missions and adventures. The Octo-Lab is the perfect base for the Octonauts’ deep-sea missions.

Editor’s Rating:

Equipped with air-powered rescue tools, the Octo-Lab allows Octonauts to fire a rescue flare, launch a tasty kelp cake, and blast lava rocks out of the way. The playset opens and reveals the command center and an Octo-Alert button that activates sound and phrases.

In the set, you will find one Shellington figure, a volcano, three lava rocks, a jellyfish, kelp cake, flare, launcher, and three air-hoses. For mobile missions and adventurers, the air-hoses can coil at the bottom of the lab, and you can store all the pieces inside. This product is the perfect Octonauts playset to explore the deep sea and relive your favorite TV scenes.


  • Fun toy for Octonaut fans
  • Can launch a kelp cake, blast lava rocks, and fire rescue flares
  • Includes Shellington, volcano, jellyfish, Vegibot, three lava rocks, launcher, and three air-hoses


  • Requires batteries
  • Not intended for water play
  • Expensive

25. Octonauts Gup-K Remote Control

Octonauts Gup-K Remote Control

Why we like it: The Gup-K vehicle is easy to activate and super fun to play with. The remote control and your kid's imagination will take them into new missions and adventurers.

Editor’s Rating:

Although the Gup-K vehicle might be one of the least-used rescue devices in the show, it is still one of the coolest toys around. When visibility is limited, the Octonauts rely on the Gup-K to get them where they need to go. Inspired by an alligator, the Gup-K vehicle features jaws that move up and down and allow the crew to clear the path ahead.

The playset comes with a remote that allows kids to control the vehicle, driving it backward and forward. It has swamp speeders for the Octonauts team to ride-on. The set also comes with a Captain Barnacles figure.


  • The Gup’s jaws open and close
  • Drives forward or spins in reverse
  • Includes a water-dirt cannon
  • Great value for money


  • Only includes one Octonauts figure
  • The vehicle has been known to stop working after a few hours

26. Octonauts Peso & The Giant Comb Jelly Playset

Octonauts Peso & The Giant Comb Jelly Playset

Why we like it: The playset is creative, detailed and super fun. It includes a mini storybook based on the episode.

Editor’s Rating:

Inspired by the episode where Peso discovers a giant comb jelly, this playset will bring joy to all youngsters out there. The set offers a lot of playability. Kids can place the jelly over Peso, press the button, and watch him spin, knocking over the kelp.

Your mission is to save Peso. Launch the rescue net and return the giant comb jelly safely to his home. The set comes with a Peso figure, a giant comb jelly, a kelp playset, and a net launcher. The toy is suitable for children over the age of 3.


  • A great addition to any Octonauts collection
  • Includes one Peso figure, a giant comb jelly, net launcher, and a mini storybook
  • Great value for money


  • Not suitable for water play
  • Only based off one episode

27. Best Budget Octonauts Toy: Octonauts Vegimals 5-Pack

Octonauts Vegimals 5-Pack

Why we like it: The Vegimals playset is perfect for any Octonauts fan. It comes with a booklet explaining more about Vegimals and Octonauts.

Editor’s Rating:

Vegimals are underwater animals who help Octonauts in their missions and adventures. Part animal and part vegetable, Tominnow, Tunip, Grouber, Barrot, and Codish consist of durable and high-quality rubber.

The Vegimal figures aren’t the same size as other Octonaut toys on our list. Rather, they are hollow, squeezy, and with no movable appendages. Kids can play with them underwater; they are airtight and don’t have holes where water can enter. The toys are a nice addition to any Octonaut collection and are suitable for kids over the age of 3.


  • The set includes five Vegimals toys
  • Each toy is detailed and colorful
  • Includes Vegimals booklet


  • Toys are hollow instead of sturdy

Final Words

The Octonauts help youngsters learn about oceans, science, and animals. The show is inspirational, educational, and popular.

The key to finding the right Octonauts toys is knowing which characters and vehicles your kids like the most.

Is it Kwazii, Shellington, or Peso? Or all of them? Each of these sets comes with a different set of figures, so look to see who’s in it before buying.

All the Octonaut sets on this list are well made and will let your kids play out their favorite moments from the TV show. Enjoy the adventure!