Best Outdoor Toys for Kids & Toddlers 2020


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Some of the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers can offer hours and days of fun in the sun. Spending more time outdoors is a proven way to improve cardiovascular health, bone health and even the vision of kids. It is why it may even be even more important to encourage kids to play outdoors than parents would expect. But for this to happen, kids need to have attractive toys to play with as they will entice time to spend more time outside the house.

A few characteristics of the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers

All outdoor toys are different. From climbing toys to sports-inspired toys, kids can have their choice of fun solution for the playtime. However, parents need to ensure they are ready to purchase outdoor toys.


Age restrictions apply to all outdoor toys. An inflatable pool has different restrictions compared to a golf set. According to law, the toys need to clarify specifically the age group they are made for. Parents need to respect the indications of the manufacturer for safety purposes.


The installation process of outdoor toys might require assembly. Most toys which require assembly may already come with included tools. Others might need additional tools such as inflatable toys which may require a special inflation pump to install.

Learning curve

There is a learning curve with every toy. Since outdoor toys tend to be larger, kids might take more time to master them properly. However, having fun during the process is the best way to learn. The following outdoor toys combine fun with creative play and are specifically made to be used outside the home.

Top 30 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids & Toddlers 2020

1. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table

Why we like it: As one of the most original outdoor toys, the Waterpark Play Table is fun and interactive for one or more kids.

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Design features
Made from quality materials, the Waterpark Play Table is built to last. But maybe at least as important is its unique design. Recommended for kids 6 and up the waterpark is a top choice for the hot summer days. It allows kids to creatively play with water while learning a few things about what makes water move and how certain objects float on water.

At nearly 12 pounds, it is not too heavy to move from location to location. Of course, due to its nature, is simply advisable to install it in the back yard. It is here that toddlers can develop their put and take skills, hand-eye coordination and even play with other kids. With an included water cup and 5 character balls, kids have all the tools to play with the toy. Of course, parents need to offer a helping hand with the water. Up to 7 gallons of water can be added to the toy for the ultimate playing experience.

Convenient features
All the elements on the waterpark can be interacted with by the kids. Its biggest attraction is the central spiral which allows kids to drop the floating balls and see them go round and round until touching the water. Once the balls reach the water, they can actually be scooped out. But doing this by hand would not be too fun. It is why the toy comes with an added Ferris wheel which is turned and which scoops every ball individually. There is a twin water funnel as well. It is powered by water which is poured into the funnel. Kids have everything needed to make the toy convenient to play with from balls to a pouring cup.

One fun fact about the balls is that they come with a squirting design. Once filled with water, they can be used by kids for a fun water-based shooting game. Of course, all of these elements need to be put together and assembled by parents.

The original water toy impresses with its simple and fun design and its construction is among the best as well.

  • Made with quality materials
  • Designed as a unique outdoors game
  • Can be played by kids in groups
  • Comes with squirting balls
  • Needs assembly

2. Intex Crystal Blue Inflatable Pool

Why we like it: An inflatable pool is a must-have for all kids. Intex’s design is perfect to escape the summer heat.

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Design features
The inflatable pool is available in various packs. All packs contain at least one 45in X 10in inflatable pool. They are made with an efficient design to maximize their durability and to help kids enjoy a fun way of escaping the high temperatures of hot summers.

Of course, its large design means the pool can be used for various water games. Adding the kids’ favorite ducks and even using a water slide can be top ideas to add to the fun experience of the little ones. There is plenty of room even to bring friends over for a pool party out in the sun.

Convenient features
Made with vinyl, the pool is easy to clean. Parents can use various cleaning solutions from around the house to make it sparkling clean for the next water fun day. At 6.5” of water depth, it is just the right amount of water to keep the kids entertained. Once playtime is over, parents will need to remove the water from the pool using a larger cup for the most part as the stretchy material might night allow them to easily turn it over. Made for ages 2 and up, the inflatable pool also installs easily. With a bit of blowing power from parents, it is ready for a fun day of games with friends and family coming together.

This efficient inflatable pool is among the most popular outdoor options for kids to use during the hot summer months.

  • Made with durable vinyl
  • Inflates in minutes
  • Can be filled with water or play balls
  • Suitable for ages 2 and up
  • Ships with an included repair patch
  • Might require some time to empty

3. Bubble Thing Big Bubbles Wand and Mix

Why we like it: If there’s a timeless outdoor toy which impresses both kids and adults, a bubbles wand is it.

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Design features
Even back in 1984, the Bubble Thing was invented to entertain kids. Today, it is still as easy and as fun to use outside of the house. Instead of coming with a compact design fit for the pocket, it comes with a large design which aims to offer the most impressive balloons which will mesmerize kids every time they are seen.

Convenient features
The Bubble Thing only needs warm water, a bucket, and some soap to create its magic. Kids can make the balloons themselves and they can start mastering the art of creating larger and larger balloons. There are a few bubbles which can be created with patience. This includes tunnels, double bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, and even kids in bubbles. Practically, there is no outdoor toy to match it for its fun and affordability, not even mentioning its durability.

The wand itself is small. With a bucket of water, kids can enjoy the bubbles at the back of their house or even in the park. Shortly after making a few balloons on different weather, kids will realize the perfect elements which allow these balloons to impress even further. For example, warm water melts the soap faster which allows kids to create the balloons faster. Colder days with higher humidity might also favor their balloons integrity for a longer period of time. But most importantly, soap balloons can be created on any type of weather when it’s not raining and the concentration needed during the process means kids can relax and forget about their day for a while when with friends or with their families.

Those seeking an affordable and fun outdoor toy can find the Bubble Thing to offer the most versatility both at home and away from home.

  • Made with a timeless design
  • Can be used with soap and water
  • Designed in 1985
  • Made with a fabric which absorbs more soap
  • Requires a lot of soap and water

4. Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Why we like it: Decades ago and even now, a kids’ bike is maybe the most desired toy across the globe. Strider’s smallest bike is perfect to learn how to ride a bike.

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Design features
With a simplified design, the bike goes back to basics. It addresses a few of the issues of modern kids’ bikes by making it suitable for all kids. In fact, it can be even used before kids are even able to master their walking. It is why the Strider bike is often used by kids as young as one. In fact, its design is suitable for the ages of 18 months to 5 years. Its versatile design means the bike grows with the kid. It comes with an adjustable handlebar. A height-adjustable saddle has also been added. There are no required tools to make these adjustments. The good news is kids can also be safe on the bike with its padded handlebar.

Convenient features
All parents are impressed by the bike. As it comes with no training wheels, it puts kids directly in the middle of the action. The bike can be used around the house or even while out shopping. Without disturbing kid leashes and with no extra helping wheels, kids can actually keep the pace with adults.

At a weight of just 6.7lbs, the little bike is easy to carry and maneuverable for children. They don’t have to choose heavy bikes which would only put extra pressure on their small muscles. But the bike even comes with durable wheels. There are no possible flats with the foam wheels. With built-in footrests, kids can stand or cycle at their own pace.

But the adjustability of the bike is also impressive. Parents can set the handlebar to a height between 46 and 56cm. The seat height can be adjusted from 28 to 48cm. This also means parents can save money on the bike. Since kids won’t outgrow their bikes too soon, it means they’ll have the ability to choose the design which suits their height as they grow to the age of 5.

Another interesting fact comes with the fact that Strider doesn’t actually categorize their bikes by age. It uses inseam to offer the perfect fit for happy kids on their bike. Inseam is mainly considered by professional bikers but it is actually what can determine the 12 Sport Bike’s fit for the kids. Parents who are unsure of the inseam can actually measure it at home by themselves. Kids need to be in the shoes and with their back against the wall. A book is then placed between the legs and raised until it reaches the crotch seam of the pants. In this position, the inseam is the total length from the top of the book to the floor. This measurement can also be used to purchase other kids’ bike for the perfect fit.

With a practical design, this adjustable bike grows with the kids, offering a quick learner design with no training wheels required.

  • Made with unique versatility
  • Based on inseam height adjustability
  • Only weighs 3kg
  • Suitable for ages as low as 18 months
  • Improves strength and coordination
  • Bike assembly is required

5. Step2 Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table

Why we like it: Combining sand and water can only lead to creative and fun outdoor toys for kids to play with.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
The toy is designed as a 2-in-1 attraction. It comes to offer plenty of creative fun ideas with its sand and water parts. One part of the table holds sand up to 10lbs. The other part of the table holds up to 3gal of water. Of course, this means kids can actually bring their favorite sand and water toys to play with. The design of the toy allows kids to build a sand castle on one side and play with their favorite water boats on the other. Both creations can actually be protected as there is a cover which goes over the table for the off times.

Convenient features
While playing in direct sunlight might not be the best choice for kids with sensitive skin, parents can rest assured the conveniently included umbrella can go a long way from this perspective. There is an included drain plug which kids or parents can use to release the water once their fun has finished. The added table cover can also keep the sand and water clean for a longer period of time and it can even allow the table to be left out when it’s raining.

With a sturdy design, the table can also be moved from location to location by a single person. Of course, the umbrella would need to be removed when moving the table. But the good news is that since kids don’t need to play on the floor, the table can be placed around the yard or even on the deck. The fact that it can also work with multiple sand and water toys can only mean there are extra hours of fun to be had by the little ones.

With a distinct design, the sand and water table offers the best of two worlds. Kids can also add their favorite toys for extra fun on the sand or on water.

  • Made with a convenient design
  • Ships with an umbrella
  • Works with multiple toys suitable for all ages
  • Can be the base for group play
  • Sand is not included in the pack

6. Skidee Scooter for Kids with Folding Seat

Why we like it: This innovative folding scooter can be a fun way to get kids to spend more time outdoors enjoying the fresh air. It comes with a versatile design which most parents love.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Available in vivid colors for both boys and girls, this innovative scooter comes with an original design. It is actually based on three wheels offering extra stability. It also comes with a folding seat which is a unique characteristic. The seat can offer the little ones a well-deserved break. It would also ensure they actually have the ability to play in their own rhythm and to relax when they feel suited. When they want to ride the scooter more, they can simply fold up the seat.

Convenient features
One of the convenient features of this friendly scooter comes with its adjustable height. Kids can teach to control their balance from an early age and grow with the scooter which can only save parents’ money with future purchases.
Learning a few tricks is possible after a short period. Kids can rely on scooter’s aluminum frame for a durable experience. With a wide standing board, the scooter is suitable for both regular uses and for those who are already experienced and who want to perform tricks more than anything else.

If parents are concerned about the safety of the scooter, they need to know there are a few applicable tricks. The scooter itself comes with a back-wheel brake. But kids should also use a helmet to play on the safe side. Suitable for ages of 2 and up to 14, the scooter is used differently by kids and it is why proper safety is crucial.

Most importantly, the scooter can easily fit on the car or kids can take them with them on the school bus. With its folding aluminum frame, it offers freedom of movement which can motivate all kids to become more active. With a weight of just 7lbs, this should not be too complicated for most kids.

The scooter has the advantages of height adjustability and of the folding design to even make it a top outdoor toy when away from home.

  • Suitable for kids between 2 and 14
  • Includes a folding seat
  • Made with a folding aluminum frame
  • Improves balance and strength
  • Added lights in the wheels
  • Replacement wheels sold separately

7. Diggin Slimeball Dodgetag

Why we like it: This fun game remains a top choice for kids who want to challenge their opponents and improve coordination.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed as one of the simple options on the market, the Slimeball Dodgetag is very fun for kids and their friends. There are two vests the opponents need to wear. When these vests are in place, kids can throw the Slimeballs towards the opponent. Of course, they will not stick anywhere else apart from the target of the vest. It is why kids need to develop their aiming skills and coordination skills to actually score points.

The Slimeballs don’t leave any marks on the kids’ clothes, which will see happy parents at the end of the day. But having to wear the vests and having to find the best strategies to win points why avoiding the opponent’s efforts is what makes this game fun.

Convenient features
Supporting two players, the game can be a timeless approach to outdoor fun. It can be played in the yard, in the park or while camping. Of course, the actual Slimeballs are soft. They will not hurt the opponent if they miss their target. But how do kids actually master the game? Playing the game is easy but becoming really good at it is where kids need to put in a bit of extra effort. Dodging the shots of the opponent, hiding behind a tree or simply getting lower towards the ground can all be techniques used both in defense and when trying to score points. Kids can have their own fun outdoors where they can put these strategies into practice.

Of course, there are only two vests which ship with the game. So if kids plan to play with more friends, they would need the extra vests to include everybody in the game. 4 sticky balls are also shipped with the vests. They are durable and easy to clean at the end of the game with a bit of soap and water.

For safety and coordination purposes, the game is mainly recommended to kids ages 6 and up. Of course, it is actually safe since kids can’t hurt themselves with the squeeze balls. For most players, it can actually be an opportunity to practice sprinting outside the house.

With a concept easy to comprehend, the game can be an inspired gift for boys and girls.

  • Ships with two target vests
  • Includes 4 Slimeballs
  • Safe design for kids of various ages
  • Requires a lot of running
  • Balls need to be thrown harder than expected

8. Skywalker Sports Swivel Teeter Totter

Why we like it: The Teeter Totter comes with a unique 360 design which means its outdoor fun can increase even more.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
A Teeter Totter is among the must-have outdoor toys to consider. It is timeless for a good reason. From a simple piece of wood on a rock, this time of toy has been used for hundreds of years. But Skywalker offers it as a modern alternative which is specifically made to offer fun and safety at the same time.

Of course, everybody expects it to go up and down. But the Teeter Totter actually turns round and round with its 360 capacity as well. This tri-directional design means kids can select their own way of playing it, switching things up to maintain motivation and fun levels.

Convenient features
In order to use the toy, kids need to seat on their seats which come with handlebars for safety. With durable steel construction, kids can hop on as often as they want on the Teeter Totter. Even more, it can be left outside all the time as rain won’t damage it. This is why kids can actually hope on even after the rain is gone and as soon as their seats are dry.

With plastic molded seats, there is sufficient comfort for kids to swivel, jump around and balance as long as they want. There are two included stoppers which ensure kids won’t fall from heights in case their feet get too tired. For many parents, it is the perfect Teeter Totter due to its safety, its durable materials and because it can be quickly wiped for a shiny look as often as needed.

With a unique design, the Teeter Totter can be considered for its extra safety rubber stoppers which reduce ground impact.

  • Made with rubber safety stoppers
  • Based on durable materials
  • Allows the main beam to rotate
  • Dual side handles for extra stability
  • Takes up to 3 minutes to assemble

9. Cal 7 Complete Skateboard

Why we like it: A skateboard is one of the most fun ways kids can spend time playing while out of the house.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed with durable pieces and customized with amazing artwork, the Cal 7 skateboard is one of the finest. It is based on a sturdy maple board which makes it flexible but very distinct as well. In fact, its design is based on 7 plies of beautiful maple wood which make it look like a premium skateboard.

The wheels of the board are made to resist as well. With hard PU wheels and ABEC-7 bearings, the board is ready to take kids a few yards down the block or even for miles every day. Depending on the skills, it can offer one of the most reliable options for kids seeking the ultimate freedom.

Convenient features
The top of the board comes with pre-applied grip tape. Parents don’t need to apply the tape themselves and kids can enjoy proper grip which helps keep their feet on the board for longer. But the board is also made with a double kicktail popsicle deck design which allows for all types of tricks to be put into practice. In fact, it suits both amateurs and skilled kids very well.

But the boar is also made to look distinct, as this characteristic is important for kids as well. In fact, each line of the board comes with its unique graphics. Carrying the board through the city or to the nearest park is made with pride as a result. From quirky patterns or eagles to bears, tribal designs and historical figures, there are many unique graphics to consider.

The skateboard is made to a durable standard and it can practically offer years of outdoor fun.

  • Made with quality maple wood
  • Designed with unique graphics
  • Ships with pre-applied grip tape
  • Based on aluminum trucks
  • Stability can be improved

10. Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set

Why we like it: This miniature golf set can be used in the backyard to offer kids hours of fun with no special effort.

Editor’s Rating:

Design features
Designed for kids, the golf set is very easy to use. It doesn’t require too much effort to play with which makes it perfect for toddlers. Its main purpose is to offer a fun game. However, it can also offer better coordination and improved balance.

Made from plastic materials, the set is recommended when it comes to durability. Furthermore, parents can easily clean the set with warm water whenever needed. Even the cart can be cleaned in a matter of minutes.

Convenient features
Inside the golf set, kids can find 2 golf clubs and 3 golf balls. Of course, they are made to be shorter and lighter than actual clubs, which means kids can go for a full swing at maximum speed. Even the balls are made larger than regular golf balls to make the learning curve much shorter.

Made with friendly lightweight materials, this golf set can be a good introduction to an internationally-famous sport.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Includes two clubs
  • Ships in a plastic cart
  • Helps develop motor skills
  • Might use an extra putter


Do outdoor toys for kids and toddlers need installation?

Most outdoor toys need to be assembled. Even if they are compact in nature such as a skateboard, they might still need to be put together by the parents. The good news is that instructions are shipped with the toys.

Can outdoor toys be left outside?

Many toys can be left outside in the sun or in the rain. However, the toys which can be stored insider are recommended to be actually stored away from the elements to improve their durability.

Are sports-inspired toys right for my child’s age?

Sports-inspired toys are made for various ages. But even some bikes can be used by kids as young as 2 so judging each toy on an individual level is recommended. Age limits are indicated by the manufacturer.

What is the most important feature of an outdoor toy?

As with all toys, safety is the most important. If a toy is safe, kids can proceed to find out the best option to have the most fun with it.

Is there a product warranty issue for outdoor toys?

Many toys come with a manufacturer’s warranty. They can easily be considered even beyond this period. Furthermore, some toys come with an extended warranty.

How to buy the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers

Buying the next outdoor toys for the kids is exciting. With so many fun options, parents can already visualize the fun their kids can have. However, there are a few general guidelines which can lead to the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers.

Number of players

The number of players who can interact with a game is crucial. It’s one thing playing alone and totally another thing playing in a group. It is why if there are multiple kids in the family, it is advisable to integrate all of them in an outdoor game to improve communication and bonding. At the same time, some toys are best used individually, such as a toddler’s learner biker.

Age range

The age range of a child dictates the type of toys parents can look for. Of course, the lines get blurry in time and toys as toys are made for various ages. However, these indications are important as the toys need to be easy to play with for the kids. Building a sand castle can be among the first experiences for a toddler why a kid older than 6 might be already looking towards going outside and jumping on board for the latest tricks.

Type of activity

The types of activities are impressive for outdoor play time. Kids can build things, they can splash in a mini pool, they can shoot plastic balls, they can cycle or they can even drive a small car. These options are great for most kids as they offer a different playing experience than they usually have inside. It is why parents should avoid purchasing toys which actually can be used inside as kids are already familiar with them. For this reason, it is advisable to make the most of the large open space and allow kids to get extra sun exposure.

Storage options

All toys eventually end-up in storage during the winter or when not in use. But since some outdoor toys are larger than others, parents need to find the right storage place. Of course, carrying a sand table inside might not be something parents would actually want to do. It is why it’s crucial to find the right storage options ahead of the purchase.


Some toys can only do one thing. Others combine multiple toys. Of course, no option is truly better than the other, rather than actually being just different. It is why the toys need to be made in a way in which they allow for maximum results and plenty of fun. In this case, versatile designs prove to be worth the investment.

However, parents can also consider versatile multi-player designs for their kids as they can even play together. At the same time, versatile tools can also be the focus of a children’s party. It can also be the case that versatile toys keep kids occupied for longer. But this is not to say that a bike needs to be anything more than a bike. It just depends on what parents consider to complete the toy collection with.

Final considerations

Some of the best outdoor toys for kids and toddlers are made to meet increasing safety standards. Since outdoor toys are typically larger, parents need to be careful about their child’s safety from a different perspective. If inside the home, small toy parts are the enemy, outside the hose it’s the actual speed and size of the toys which can create problems for the little ones.

But selecting the right toy might also mean exposing the kid to a few bruises here and there, especially with sports-based toys. This doesn’t mean these toys are not great. Even more, they can teach kids a few things about team spirit, tactics, and coordination. They can also build better physical strength which is crucial as they grow.
Some toys also come with a creative or educational side. It is why they might need to be chosen according to a range of parameters such as locomotor development. Other toys might boost the creative side such as toys which require kids to build something. Climbing toys can be a great addition to a child’s collection as they are not to be used inside the house.

A teeter-totter can be an interesting choice for a long period of time. But as long as kids have a playing partner, most toys can be fun and interesting. However, as kids grow they need different types of toys. It is best for the parents to match one of the above toys with the child’s personality or interests as this is what ultimately makes the product a fun toy to play with.