Best Pool Toys for Kids 2020


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Summer is just around the corner and when we talk of summer days-that means heat. The perfect way for your kids to get cooled off during those blazing hot days is by cooling off in the pool. The best pool toys for kids make swimming a little more fun and with the recommended toys below, your child will not feel bored just swimming and splashing water around.

The most important thing a parent needs to consider while selecting pool toys for their kids is the child’s age and liking. These toys come in different designs, shapes, and orientations. Analyzing the best products you can order online aids in making good investments that will be of great reward to you and your kid.

Top 30 Best Pool Toys for Kids 2020

1. Green Toys My First Tugboat

Why we like it: This colorful toy comes in different colors majorly yellow, red, and blue. The fact that it floats makes it the perfect pool toy for water play in the tub.

Toddlers aged six months and above can splash around using the Green Toys Tugboat whether it’s in the pool of the bathtub. This can be done without putting to an end the fun these young sailors can have with the toys. The toy is made of environment-friendly material such as recycled mild plastic containers and it contains no BPA, PVCs or Phthalates making it not only safe for you and your child but also reduces the greenhouse effect on earth. It has a wide spout that enables your child to scoop out mud or pour water whenever necessary. Besides, it features a ladder, a life preserver, anchor, horns, and five windows where one can observe the steering wheel as well as the captain’s seat.

  • It’s environmentally friendly since it has been made from 100% recycled plastic milk containers.
  • It’s extremely safe with no harmful or toxic chemicals
  • It features a colorful design that can scoop and pour water.
  • It’s dishwasher safe.
  • It can develop a gross slim layer on the inner surface if not dried out well routinely.

2. Green Toys Submarine

Why we like it: It features a spinning rear propeller along with a flat bottom that aids in offering stability to the toy as well as a classic handle with wide mouth opening combination.

You can submerge the Green Toys Submarine making it explore the terrain of the tub and leaving it to surface up awaiting the next adventure. This is a very exciting activity for kids with this pool toy. The Green Toys Submarine is a pool toy that your child can get a hold of it and scoop sand and later pour it at their free will. This outdoor and indoor toy is made with 100% recycled milk jugs making it environmental friendly alongside being child-friendly since the pool toy is BPA and Phthalate free making it safe for your child to lick it and not be harmed.

  • It’s safe for your child to play with since it’s made of 100% recycled plastic milk containers.
  • This toy is made from environmentally friendly material.
  • The toy is easily cleaned using a dishwasher, mild baby soap and shampoos by opening the cabin of the submarine.
  • The submarine can float or be submerged under water.
  • The toy is recommended for children aged six-months-old and above.
  • It features a handle for scooping and pouring water.
  • Children’s fingers often get stuck on the small holes whenever there is no parental supervision.

3. Watermelon Ball – The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game

Why we like it: This Watermelon ball can be dribbled like a basketball under water and can also be passed up to 10 ft.

This ball makes your kids, aged eight years and above, enjoy the fun with friends as they play around with it in water without it bobbing on the surface. The ball gets to be neutrally buoyant when filled with water from a garden hose and not air. This makes it durable enough to withstand play. Because it has a PVC construction makes it extremely durable and able to withstand thrilling games such as basketball, football, and rugby.

  • A very versatile toy that can be used to play many different games and enjoyed by a variety of ages.
  • The watermelon ball is constructed from durable PVC.
  • If completely filled with water, it’s neutrally buoyant
  • Preferably suitable to be used by players who are eight years old and above.
  • Exercises the player and it also promotes an active lifestyle making your kids vibrant and active.
  • Some of the buyers complain of failing to receive directions or an attachment for filling the ball with water.

4. Intex Underwater Play Sticks

Why we like it: These sticks help kids develop their swimming skills by developing gross motor skills involving the arms and legs. Grasping them also helps to develop fine motor skills using the hand and the fingers.

Children who can safely swim underwater will find this set of underwater dive sticks fun to play with. By just tossing the sticks throughout the pool they get to sink to the bottom and remain standing in a vertical position for easier grabbing. For safely gripping underwater, they are made out of a flexible material that is 8-inches long and 1-inch thick allowing your child to get a hold of it easily. Furthermore, they come in multiple colors such as blue, pink, red, green, and yellow making them easily visible at the depths of the pool due to their bright color.

  • Comes in handy with five sinking play sticks each having different colors such as blue, green, red, yellow and pink.
  • It has been made of soft and flexible material that is safe for the kids to grab.
  • The sticks are each 8-inches long and 1-inch thick.
  • The sticks produce a very strong chemical odor that fails to fade away over a period of time making it seem harmful to the kids.

5. Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy

Why we like it: If you have kids who love playing basketball outside the pool, they will obviously also love to play with this giant floating Shootball.

This pool toy has a 45-inch tall hoop that is constructed for allowing multiple players to play at a time due to the presence of multiple ports. The hoop and 36-inches by 45-inches ball are made extremely durable and flexible by the heavy-gauge vinyl used to make them. It’s a game pool toy that uses the same basic basketball concepts. Players get to shoot the ball into a giant floating hoop with multiple ports making it an excellent sport to fine-tune hand-eye coordination.

  • The toy is made up of a hoop and ball that the kids get to play with as they maneuver in the pool.
  • The giant inflatable hoop has multiple ports.
  • The set comes in handy with hoop and one ball.
  • The hoop and ball are made from heavy-duty vinyl making them durable.
  • A toy that encourages the kids hand-eye coordination.
  • The hoop is very tall making the small children disadvantaged.

6. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark

Why we like it: This toy gives children total control over their breath as well as full body coordination and strength since they get to swim around with the toy shark net.

This set comes along with two shark nets shaped like a shark with its dorsal fin serving as a handle and guides its swimming. Its open mouth acts as an opening to the net that encompasses the shark’s body. There are also six little fish to be caught and a set of various game suggestions that can be used to utilize the nets and the fish. You can scatter the 2-inches long little fish across the pool surface and let your six and eight-year-old child get them using the net-fish. This is a fun and exciting activity for kids. Moreover, your child gets to develop fine motor skills by grasping the shark fin handle, gross motor skills by swimming, and enhancing their spatial reasoning skills when your child finally captures all the fish. Your kids will have inbuilt self-confidence in their abilities to achieve goals.

  • The toy comes with two shark nets and six fish that can be easily caught by kids.
  • It’s highly versatile as it includes suggestions such as single-player ideas or players as many as seven.
  • It features plastic handles that are easy to grip and maneuver while swimming underwater.
  • The netting on the shark is reportedly a bit rough in texture for the kids’ little hands.

7. Intex Pool Volleyball Game

Why we like it: Combining swimming and volleyball can be exciting when you get to have the Intex Poll Volleyball game.

This toy is made up of an inflatable volleyball net, which is the perfect size for any backyard swimming pool. It includes weight bags alongside it that gives you a chance to take it on vacation. This versatile toy can be used to play on the lakeside, beachside, and also the poolside. This ensures that you constantly have hours of fun and familial bonding as you battle against each other to determine the volleyball champion. Combining swimming, this toy offers a good way to relax as well as improve cardiovascular health. The volleyball also helps improve muscle tone and increase dexterity since it’s a cardiovascular sport, making it a perfect match for enjoyable exercise.

  • It contains anchor weight bags and repair kit.
  • It comes in handy with a durable ten-gauge vinyl net and seven-gauge vinyl ball.
  • It can be easily used by 2-8 players depending on the size of the pool.
  • It measures 94-inches by 25-inches by 36-inches size.
  • The anchor bags are short by two feet making it require additional length to be able to reach the bottom of the pool.

8. SwimWays Gobble Gobble Guppies

Why we like it: This is an awesome educational pool toy for toddlers in which the orca toy is controlled when swimming around and use the trigger to open its jaws.

The SwimWays Gobble Guppies toy provides fun for your kids while honing their fine motor skills because it engages hand and finger movements. The toy comes with an orca toy and four guppies that are red, orange, purple, and green. They are also numbered one through four and they float on the surface of water making it easy for children as young as two years old to play with. To gobble up all the four guppies, one needs to squeeze the trigger on the whale’s tail that causes the mouth toy’s mouth to open up wide. The four numbered and colored guppies enable your little one to start understanding numerical counting, categorization, and colors as well as it improves the ability of your child, who might be nervous about learning how to swim.

  • It enhances learning skills to the child whereby they get to learn about the counting of numbers as well as color categorization.
  • The guppies float on the water surface ensuring the safety of the toddler whenever they want to pick them up.
  • The toy is recommended for toddlers who are as young as two years old.
  • It’s a very user-friendly trigger that the little ones get to easily operate even while alone.
  • Apart from being used in the pools, it can be used in bathtubs.
  • The outer coat of the toy can easily fade away over a period of time due to the presence of chlorine in the swimming pool water.

9. Fin Fun Mermaid Tails

Why we like it: Fin fun mermaid tails for swimming can fulfill your little girl’s dream of freely floating about in the water and her fantasies of a magical underwater kingdom.

These Fin Fun Mermaid tails are covered in scales that sparkle in water. These swimsuit-style tails are beautiful and intricately designed. They have a monofin that comfortably fits under the tail providing serious propulsion in the water. It’s suitable for children who are six years and older. The monofin is made up of a flexible and unbreakable polypropene and dive-grade neoprene and does not require feet to be strapped that makes the removal, especially in case an emergency occurs, easy and simple. The perfect swimming recommended for the development of your child’s underwater breathing and swimming skills with a tail and fin design as a source of encouragement to children doing the dolphin-kick style swimming.

  • The tip reinforcement technology stops tearing and shredding.
  • It has been made of an unbreakable monofin and neoprene cover.
  • The toy is resistant to the sun rays and also chlorine that is present in pool water.
  • It can be easily cleaned using a machine.
  • The tail is likely to slip off the child’s waist during swimming.
  • The cover material can get ripped off and also torn very easily.

10. SwimWays Toypedo Bandits

Why we like it: These pool toys feature a sleek hydrodynamic design that enables them to glide their way smoothly through the water up to twenty feet away.

The SwimWays Toypedo Bandits have been made up of a set of four sinking dive toys shaped like torpedoes. They are best recommended for children aged five years and above. The 5-inch long torpedo dive toys each come with a number, either ten, twenty, thirty, or forty that represent a point system that can be utilized for inherent educational purposes. This may involve counting or simple addition. Furthermore, it has a variety of colors that provide the incentive for color-based categorization games that involve the toys from the bottom of the pool. This toy will help improve a child’s gross motor skills because it involves the use of hands and fingers when diving using the four sinking toys. Breath control must be used in order to retrieve the dive toy and safely return to the surface.

  • It has been designed in the shape of a torpedo that is colorful and hydrodynamic.
  • They are designed to have numbers as a potential point system for different games.
  • These dive toys are each five inches long.
  • The toy encourages swimming skills development.
  • As the manufacturing companies advertise the ability for these toys to glide as far as twenty feet, they, unfortunately, glide shorter distances.

11. Meland Baby Pool Float

Why we like it: Meland Baby pool float ensures that your two-year-old kid floats on water because it’s inflated and highly buoyant.

The Meland Baby Pool Float toy has an opening swim ring for adults that makes you have fun with your baby. The diameter has been designed to fit most body shapes. All one needs is to make more interactions and you will get to enjoy good times with your baby in the pool. It also has an upgraded swim seat for your baby endowed with an arc design for the baby to sit on comfortably while they freely release their legs in the water. Alongside these, it has been equipped with a removable and adjustable sunshade with a retractable feature that not only protects your kid from sunshine but also provides you with maximum convenience. Due to the presence of a carry drawstring bag, it’s convenient for traveling around.

  • It has been made of a non-toxic high-density health silicone PVC that is twice as thick as normal floats and it also experiences no leaks.
  • The presence of a removable sunshade that protects your kids from sunlight as well as one can adjust the height, easily inflate and deflate and easily portable.
  • It has an opening ring for adult supervision, a safe handle that ensures your child’s safety in the pool.
  • There is a slight smell of plastic experienced when using it for the first time.
  • Deflating the toy consumes a lot of time.

12. SwimWays Pick Me Up Pelican

Why we like it: This is an educational toy that enables for kids who are in pre-school be able to count and also improves their color identification skills.

All one has to do is to squeeze the trigger on the pelican to open the beak and scoop up the floating sea creatures. It’s made up of a series of four fishes each of different color and number making learning through color and number recognition much more fun than it was before. The Pelican toy, consisting of a pelican and four sea creatures, is recommended for two-year-olds and above.

  • It ensures your child gets to know about numerical as well as color identification.
  • The toy is for children aged two years and older.
  • It’s great if used during baths at the tub where the child gets to play with it.
  • It’s easy to squeeze the trigger since it’s designed for smaller hands that can open the pelican mouth.
  • The shark does not open wide enough to easily get the guppies in and the guppies in the mouth tend to float out whenever one tries to get additional ones in.

13. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Seaside Sidekicks Sand Baking Set

Why we like it: The toy inspires the child to bake anything they would like ranging from cupcakes, pies, and muffins.

The toy is made up of shell-shaped measuring cups, an octopus whisk, and crab mixing spoon. The mixing, sifting, and baking themes are unique for sand toys thus presenting an exciting twist. The turtle lid on the mixing bowl doubles up as a sifter apart from mixing. Part of Melissa & Doug’s Sunny Patch, a line of products that encourages exploration as well as outdoor play and enhances hand-eye coordination. The chunky handles are just the perfect size for small hands so that the young ones can also get a chance to enjoy making mud pies and sand cakes.

  • This toy has been made of durable plastic.
  • It’s colorful hence appealing to your child making them vibrant and yearn to bake.
  • It encourages a kid to develop their hand-eye coordination.
  • It’s sturdy having been made from plastic.
  • Some users have complained that the turtle lid does not fit or snaps when being used by a child.

14. Intex Inflatable Beach Ball

Why we like it: The Intex Inflatable Beach Ball is a safe dodge ball for both indoor and outdoor activities.

This inflatable ball is an exciting way to keep your child busy as they also try to outdo each other during competitions. The color of the ball may vary giving the user a variety of options to pick from depending on your child’s likings. The Intex Inflatable beach ball is twenty-four inches thus your three-year-old child can easily accommodate it on their small hands as they try to catch it.

  • The ball is very sturdy because of the good construction. Therefore, it can inflate round and hold air for several days.
  • One can simply get air inside the ball by using an air pump or blowing air in the ball.
  • It features great vibrant colors.
  • It’s a perfect ball for the beach and pool.
  • The ball can easily pop when you squeeze your nails against the ball.
  • The ball comes with a strong chemical smell that is not good for kids.

15. Firebee Swim Arm Bands and Life Jacket

Why we like it: Kids get to freely move in water with it as it’s not bulky. It’s also an awesome swim trainer for kids, deft and convenient

It boosts your child’s confidence since it helps your kid float on water and keeps balance thus ensuring that your child slowly learns how to swim with the presence of an adjustable buckle snaps in the back. Furthermore, it has a deft that allows your child to freely move in water since it’s not bulky. You will not have to worry about air leakage, air or any other bump tools since it’s highly convenient and also very comfortable due to its fast dry nylon shell that makes your child feel comfortable due to its soft texture.

  • The presence of adjustable buckle snaps at the back to keep it safe for the child.
  • It’s very comfortable for a child due to its soft texture.
  • It’s highly convenient since it does not require air to fill it up. You no longer have to worry about any air leakages.
  • It creates inbuilt confidence to your child as it helps them balance freely in the water.
  • The fact that it’s deft and not bulky makes it easy for your child to handle.
  • This item is not appropriate if used as a life jacket.

16. Floatation iQ Swim Training Kickboard

Why we like it: The fact that it provides the user with a comfortable grip during kicking drills and general training makes it suitable to be used by your young one.

The kickboard is soft and comfortable due to the presence of a closed cell EVA foam. It’s offered in different colors ranging from blue, pink, green and orange giving the user a variety to pick from based on what your child would find appealing. It also comes in different sizes ranging from 8.5 by 3.5 by 5 inches for junior size and for adult sizes, 9.25 by 4 by 6 inches. The Floatation iQ Swim Training Kickboard has been made of multi-layered lightweight polyethylene foam, which makes it puncture and tear resistant. It’s safe and easy to clean with soap and water to ensure years of vivid colors and endless fun.

  • They help in developing upper body strength as well as upper body alignment in the water during swim workouts.
  • The board is light, extremely durable because it can withstand all weathers and chlorine present in water.
  • It’s also portable meaning you can carry it around.
  • It’s safe and easy to clean with soap ensuring years of vivid colors and endless fun.
  • It slightly sinks in water when one is using it.

17. Step2 Play and Shade Pool

Why we like it: The play and shade pool require minimal adult supervision giving your child a chance to play around with water while having fun and still staying safe.

It has been designed to hold a forty-inch umbrella that nests nicely on the side of the pool ensuring your child is under a convenient shade away from strong sunlight rays. The umbrella post is endowed with three funnel cups and a fun spinning water wheel that easily attaches to the umbrella post for an extra added play out. The bottom of the pool provides traction for your little child’s feet to move around the water and apart from that the step2 Play and Shade Pool features two molded-in seats.

  • The presence of a molded-in pool seat, as well as molded-in ocean creature designs, give your child a sense of adventure and fun.
  • It requires minimal adult assembly making it convenient for use.
  • The pool has a sturdy construction ensuring that it’s durable.
  • The umbrella tends not to stay in the pool thus defeating the purpose.

18. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Net Pool Game

Why we like it: This toy is perfect for kids who love tennis and want to get a chance to hit the ball with the nets.

The Melissa & Doug Shark Net Pool Game can not only be used for tennis but also as a dribbling ball using the nets. The set comes in handy with two nets and two balls, which can be used to play by a single player or in group games involving many players. It has been made from fade-resistant materials and can be able to stand up to sun and chlorine. These are key factors that cause bleaching of the outer covering of the material used to make it. It also made up of a durable plastic frame that holds up the nets which are made from polyester making it not easily breakable.

  • This toy encourages the development of a child’s gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • It has been made of a durable plastic frame that holds up the nets.
  • It can stand up to the sun and chlorine since it has been made from fade-resistant materials.
  • The balls cannot be substituted by tennis balls since the nets are too shallow to allow the tennis balls to be caught.
  • The nets are not deep enough making the ball to pop-up.

19. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Louie Lobster Claw Catcher

Why we like it: This toy makes it easy for a child to easily squeeze and grab the fishy sinkers with one hand and using less energy.

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Louie Lobster Claw Catcher allows your kid to enjoy a variety of game ideas it offers. The toy includes a Louie Lobster Claw Catcher, three fishy sinkers, and a variety of game ideas. It has a sturdy plastic construction and is well suited for indoor and outdoor activities. It can be used in bathtubs or in the pool with kids. This toy is easy for kids to use with one hand.

  • It features a sturdy plastic construction that ensures it’s durable.
  • It’s a versatile toy since it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It can be easily used with one hand by kids.
  • It’s fun for kids to play with since they can visualize and name the fishy sinkers.
  • It encourages the development of a child’s imagination and creativity.
  • The fishy sinkers are small and often get lost in the pool whenever one tries to grab them.

20. Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider

Why we like it: This toy offers amazing tricks that your child needs to tackle to get a hold of it. This is because it features glides, boomerangs, and spirals upwards.

The Aqua Stingray Underwater Glider is suitable for children aged five years and above. It propels itself as it glides through the water covering over sixty feet deep. This enables your younger one to go deep into the water while holding their breath as they try to catch it. It’s the perfect size for kids as it measures 8-inches in length and 10.75-inches wing-width. Your child’s small hands are able to get a hold of it perfectly. Besides, you can adjust the fins/wings to create your own flight pattern. This toy is suitable for kids aged 5 years and above.

  • It’s a great toy to encourage a new swimmer since they are easy to hold.
  • It features bright colors that are easy to spot in the water.
  • It helps in the development of a child’s confidence in and out of the pool.
  • It’s easy to adjust the position of the fins by grasping the wings and moving it up and down.
  • It comes up to float easily whether you are using it in a lake or pool.
  • The inside of the ring has got a sharp edge that may give your child a cut if she gets to hold it inside the ring.

21. AZX Super Blaster Soaker Water Toy

Why we like it: Kids enjoy playing with water and on most occasions splashing it around on their friends, the AZX Super Blaster water toy gives them the fun and joy of doing so using less energy.
The pack includes six colorful toys that provide hours of fun to a group of kids or teens. One might mistake it for an ordinary pool noodle but it’s slightly different due to the user’s ability to pull back the handle to allow water in the cannon until it’s completely loaded. Once loaded, one aims and forces the handle to push forward letting out water to blast at your target. They come in orange and green colors and measure 6.3-inches height by 1.5-inches diameter when not stretched. When stretched it measures 8.8-inches in height. The water toys have been made from foam and plastic and can shoot up to 30 feet. It’s easy to grip and play water battle games in the swimming pool with this water toy.

  • It has been made of high-quality, eco-friendly plastic foam material.
  • The material used to make this toy is non-toxic and harmless to children.
  • It’s also soft and comfortable to handle.
  • The water toy is easy to grip and play water battle games with.
  • It features different colors that provide hours of fun to a group of kids.
  • They are lightweight and can easily float when left on the pool.
  • They are very small in size.

22. Conquer Baby Mermaid Pool Toy

Why we like it: The mermaid tails are made to wind up and twirl underwater for a few seconds in the pool or in the bathtub.

These adorable toys are fun for a child when used during bathing. Your kid gets to play around with them as they get cleaned up making it an easy time for a parent to bath their child. The Conquer Baby Mermaid Pool Toy comes packed with three mermaid bath toys that slightly engage your child in play whenever they are in the bathtub. The mermaid tails have assorted colors of blue, yellow, green and pink. The toys measure 7.87 by 3.15 by 2 inches. They are safe having been made from BPA free material and suitable for girls between 3 to 6 years old.

  • They are great for bath time, swimming pools, and beach time.
  • They are safe and non-toxic having been made from BPA free material.
  • The toy is resistant to rust due to the material used to make it.
  • The mermaid tails wind up and twirl underwater for a few seconds under water.
  • The mermaids come in random assorted fun colors.
  • They are fun for kids to play with.
  • The string attached to the toy gets pulled out easily causing it not to function appropriately

23. NAKORNO Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

Why we like it: Your child gets to ride and relax on the unicorn pool float as they enjoy the cool water on pools, lakes, and oceans.

This toy features a fantastic color and appearance. The toy has been finely crafted with smooth curves and utmost attention to details in vibrant colors. It’s easy to inflate and deflate because it has an improved valve enabling it to easily inflate by pump or hair dryer. Besides, there is a valve that fully opens to deflate in seconds. It’s also endowed with a one-built cup holder and two grab handle on the unicorn’s neck to ensure that the ride is safe. The toy is 108 by 55 by 48 inches large making it large enough to hold as many as two adults.

  • The toy is sturdy for safe and fun play.
  • It can be easily inflated using a hairdryer and deflated by fully opening the valve.
  • It’s fun for all ages and is great for home pools, lakes, and perfect for pool parties.
  • It features fantastic colors and appearance.
  • It has been finely crafted with smooth curves and the utmost attention to details in vibrant colors.
  • It has extra features such as an inbuilt cup holder.
  • Some users have complained that they used it deflated after using it for the first time and couldn’t be inflated again.

24. Moluk Plui Blue

Why we like it: This toy is fun for use by kids who love splashing water around as the toy has nozzles that let water out once you remove your finger from the filling hole.

The Moluk Plui Blue features a lower side of that is made from tactile silicone rubber. This means it offers exciting new play opportunities for children and it brings out a good view of the bathroom when placed next to the bathtub. To easily use the toy, all that one needs is to simply fill the Plui with water then place your finger over the hole that is at the top. This is to ensure that the water remains in and once one later takes off the finger, rains of water come out of the nozzles at the bottom.

  • This is a versatile toy as kids can use to play with like a ball apart from filling it with water.
  • It’s available in blue and green colors and is suitable for use by all ages.
  • It has been made from tactile silicone rubber that offers exciting new play possibilities for kids.
  • It’s suitable for kids all ages.
  • The toy forms mold on the inside once water gets in and it’s hard to clean it up once this is done.

25. U.S. Toy Inflatable Giant Beach Ball

Why we like it: This multi-colored ball has a combination of blue, green, yellow, red and orange colors making it fun to play with.

The U.S. Toy Inflatable Giant Beach ball has been made from plastic and measures 48-inches. This ball easily bounces around without deflating easily. The giant beach ball is fun to have around with kids throwing it all over and still having fun.

  • The ball does not deflate easily making your child enjoy long hours of constant play without interferences.
  • The ball features different colors that make it fun for kids to play with.
  • The ball is not sturdy enough due to the thin plastic covering that can make it seem like it will pop up at any moment.

26. Green Toys Rescue Boat with Helicopter

Why we like it: Your child gets to enjoy the Green Rescue Boat toy as they try to save the helicopter while acting as Captain Duck or Pilot bear.

It has been made from 100% recycled plastic from the USA. This four-piece set comes along with the rescue boat, helicopter, Captain Duck and Pilot Bear character. In addition, it’s dishwasher safe and has been designed to float in water. It’s the perfect addition to any bathtub or poolside fleet.

  • It’s safe for a child since it’s made from 100% recycled plastic.
  • It can be easily cleaned by the dishwasher this boat is perfect for your child to play within the bathtub.
  • The color on the plastic does not fade making it to always look brand new whenever it’s washed or left out in the open.
  • The boat and helicopter have several openings that allow water in making it sink.

27. SwimWays Baby Spring Float Activity Center

Why we like it: It has an adorable octopus that turns 360 degrees around to face the child.

This pool water toy features arms that contain toys the baby can touch and activate including the squeaker rattle, stacking rings and a soft touch star. It has dual air chambers and a patented inner spring offering stability in water. In addition, it has mesh sides, UPF 50+ that offer protection from sunlight. Apart from that, it’s portable since it can easily be folded for storage. It comes in various dimensions such as 34-inch length by 30-inch width by 20.5-inch height.

  • Portable thus easily stored and transported in the convenient carry case.
  • Safe for the child to use since it has safety valves making it safe for your child to move in water.
  • It’s impossible to inflate it.

28. Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game

Why we like it: Enjoyed by kids who are in love with basketball and it combines the sport with swimming making it more fun.

It has been made with a durable 10-gauge vinyl on the hoop that is hard to break and includes an inflatable ball as well as a repair patch. To use it, the base must be filled with water for stability. It’s 26.5 inch by 21.5 inches in height thus can easily be used by your young ones.

  • It’s durable having been made with a 10-gauge vinyl on the hoop.
  • It’s stable since the base can be filled with water.
  • It comes with an inflatable ball as well as a repair patch.
  • It’s quite small and requires someone to use it in a large bathtub or pool.

29. SwimWays Noodle Sling Floating Pool Chair

Why we like it: This toy allows your young one to move around freely in water as they hold the slings and seat around in the water.

This pool chair features a fabric mesh seat that makes it easy to create your own floating chair. It also has a supersized noodle via the openings with a pack of mesh seat sling in either green or blue.

  • It’s easy for a person to create their own seat while in water.
  • It’s an affordable seat for children’s pool time.
  • It requires a user who is stable in water.

30. Intex Giant Gator Ride-On

Why we like it: This gator is friendly and pool, lake, or beach safe. It’s large enough to hold two or three kids at a time.

The Intex Gator Ride-On measures 80-inches long meaning you can pile onto the float with your kids, or let two or three young kids enjoy the ride. It features two sets of handles on the beast’s back so you can hold on tight while you drift. It features a sturdy, two chamber construction, along with UV-resistant vinyl that will not fade or easily rip.

  • It’s big enough for two or three kids.
  • It features sturdy construction.
  • It’s easy for kids to hold on to because of the two sets of handles on the back.
  • It’s a fun toy to play with.
  • It’s too large to inflate with lung power alone. You will need a manual or electric pump.

Final Words

The best pool toys for kids are essential for your kid’s growth. It makes it very important for you as a parent to purchase quality products that can suit your young one’s ability to swim. Most of the toys reviewed above majorly focus on allowing a kid to knows how to swim while the rest are mostly for play and fun.

Ensure that you keep your child’s desire as a priority before buying the quality products that will suit them. Go out of your way and keep your child ahead of their game by getting them the above pool toys. The best pool toys for kids will not only help them have fun but encourage them to develop skills that are highly recommended and appreciated in their future lives.