Best Paw Patrol Toys for Kids 2020


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Ever since the Paw Patrol TV series came into light in 2013, the animated film decreed a huge fan base. Since then, fans have been following every yearly release, making it a favorite to both kids and parents. This brought up the essence of Paw Patrol Toys for parents who would like their kids to relive the animated series.

The Paw patrol set of toys includes the paw patrol toy, paw patrol figures, racers and much more. With endless options, it might not be easy identifying the best patrol toy for your kid. Well, this is why we have summed up 30 of the best paw patrol toys available on the market below.

Top 30 Best Paw Patrol Toys 2020

1. Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

Why we like it: Help your kid get into the shoes of a fire Marshall as he/she sets out to a rescue mission of saving the Adventure Bay from potential fire accidents with the Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck. The fire truck is one of the most loved paw patrol toys fitted with exciting realistic features.

For complete fire fighting experience, the truck features a ladder that can extend to 2 feet with two supports that keeps the truck stable. The lockout cab makes it possible to rotate the ladder to aid the Marshall find those who need to be saved.

The Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck comes with four water cannons with which 3 can be launched from the lockout cab. The fourth can be launched from the rear. The fire hose can be carried on its mini fire cart for easy portability. The toy can accommodate 6 pups, features exciting lights and sounds that gives a real feel of emergency situations for kids.

  • Extendable ladder with 2 supports
  • Four water cannons
  • Mini fire cart
  • Light and sound enhance realism
  • Requires 2AAA batteries

2. Paw Patrol Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter is a good play set for girls and guys with ambitions of being pilots in their later life. The play set features several working parts that resemble the real helicopter and can be used in all rescue missions. Coupled with other Paw Patrol sets, your kid is set to enjoy thrilling adventure just like in the animated series.

From this set, Skye gets on her ultimate rescue mission using the helicopter with working wheels, extendable rescue hook and a spinning propeller. The helicopter has enough room for 2 pups, which can be loaded from the cargo door. With the cabin window, pups can look out at the various exciting adventures as Skye’s gets them to the mission area.

The Paw Patrol Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter can be connected to the ultimate rescue mini vehicle, though they are sold separately.

  • No batteries needed
  • Compatible with other paw patrol vehicles
  • Roomy for 2 pup figures
  • Affordable
  • Rescue vehicles bought separately

3. Paw Patrol Nickelodeon Sea Patrol

Why we like it: The Paw Patrol Nickelodeon Sea Patroller is probably the ultimate patrol vehicle from Paw designed to handle rescue missions on both sea and land. With a small push, the toy’s wheels drop to set the patroller ready to run on land. The toy set comes with Ryder mini figure, two lifesavers, a cage, detachable anchor, an octopus mini figure and an all-terrain vehicle.

Your kid can pull Ryder out of tricky situations or launch him to execute rescue operations on the ATV, thanks to the attached cage. The flashing lights and sound makes the paw patrol vehicles more realistic. The all-terrain vehicle can be tucked to the back of the patroller. You can also use the helipad for all air rescue missions. The toy accommodates up to two vehicles and all the pup figures.

  • Transforming land/sea patroller
  • Flashing sound and lights
  • Helipad with ATV launch platform
  • Ryder mini figure
  • Affordable
  • Quite flimsy

4. Paw Patrol Pre-schooler and Toddler Baseball Hat

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Pre-schooler and Toddler Baseball Hat presents another way in which Paw Patrol fans can embrace their favourite film. The set features two-piece design with heroic Paw Patrol characters drawn from Nickelodeon TV series. The first baseball cap is blue with a chase design and the second is red and blue with Marshall, Rubble and Chase characters.

The toddler hats are made from durable cotton twill with colourful character imagery, an inside sweatband that provides assured sweat protection, Velcro closure for easy adjustments and curved brim. They are available in varying sizes, but within toddler and little kids aged between 2 to 5 years sizes.

For Paw and Patrol enthusiasts, wearing these uniquely caps will get them ready for fun filled daily activities. They can be matched with Paw and Patrol hoodies or other toy sets for a playful look.

  • Fun and practical
  • Available in various sizes
  • Premium quality
  • Great gift ideas
  • Requires careful size selection

5. Paw Patrol Mission Air Patroller

Why we like it: if you are tired of purchasing flimsy toys that break down easily, opt for the Paw Patrol Mission Air Patroller. Though slightly expensive compared to traditional Paw toys, the set delivers memorable results and lasts long. The versatile helicopter features a plastic make with kid safe design.

The toy can transform easily into a helicopter just by a simple adjustment on its propellers. Kids can transform it. Besides its amazing design, the Paw Patrol Mission Air Patroller comes with plethora of add-ons that enhance its value. For instance, just by a push of one button, kids can activate helicopter sounds and real jet. The lights and accompanying rescue dog also adds to the realism of pretend missions brought about by this toy.

  • Transforming toy
  • Kid safe construction
  • Real helicopter sounds
  • Good for 3+ years old kids
  • Flimsy propeller system

6. VTech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall

Why we like it: Paw Patrol toys are not only meant for engaging play and fun but also a good source of learning experiences. The VTech Paw Patrol Treat Time Marshall features a motorized version of Marshall that offers near real life experiences that any Paw Patrol enthusiasts looks forward to enjoying.

The robotic Marshall can help your children, aged between 2 to 5 years learn the various colors, sounds, letters and much more. Kids can switch from four learning modes, which include multi-level questions and fun-learning activities. The four learning activities include the letter mode, search and rescue mode, music mode and word mode.

For the letter more, Marshall learns letters, colors and phonics when fed. In word mode, Marshall learns words and begins letters when fed. The Pup plays up to 26 melodies in the music mode and the search and rescue mode requires kids to answer Marshall’s questions by feeding the correct pup.

  • Multiple modes
  • Good learning experience
  • Motorized ears and eyes engages kids
  • Requires batteries to function

7. VTech Paw Patrol Pups to The Rescue Driver

Why we like it: if your kid isn’t quite ready for grown up experiences, toys such as the VTech Paw Patrol Pups to The Rescue Driver provides a safe way of experiencing such activities. The handles, horn and turn signals simulates the real Ryder’s ATV. The interactive sounds and lights are overly engaging, enabling them to play focused for hours.

For sure, no Paw Patrol rescue mission is complete without the help of Ryder’s ATV. With this, your kid can transform into a snowmobile or hovercraft for endless exciting play. Players can turn the handlebars to steer the pup to save Mr. Porter’s van and other patrol toys.

Kids can take the VTech Paw Patrol Pups to The Rescue Driver toy for a drive, make use of the turn signals, honk to learn numbers, road safety and colors and use the rearview mirror during play. The player can also press the pup buttons to enjoy as Ryder introduces his friends giving facts about each.

  • Engaging play set
  • Real horn and sounds
  • Easy to clean
  • Requires 2AA batteries to function

8. Paw Patrol Patroller Rescue and Transport Vehicle

Why we like it: if your child enjoys rescue and transporting games, the Paw Patrol Patroller Rescue and Transport Vehicle should be your toy of choice. They are a quality toy set that provides endless hours of fun to your little one. Like most of Paw Patrol toy sets, they are good for kids aged between 3 to 5 years.

The set’s battery powered truck is not any ordinary truck. It comes with a versatile large design that can fit up to three small play vehicles. Kids can open the sides to display its content or use it as a command center for rescue missions while playing.

Paw Patrol toys are not only good for play but also great for learning. The Paw Patrol Patroller Rescue and Transport Vehicle is good as it teaches children to learn about responsibilities that come with various jobs. The transport vehicle with fire fighter design, for instance, is good for play but also sensitizes the kid about fires and rescue missions.

  • Authentic sounds
  • Fun and interactive
  • Battery powered
  • Lightweight
  • Kid-safe plastic make
  • Other vehicles and pup sold separately

9. Nickelodeon Paw Petrol Sea Patrol Pup Pad

Why we like it: the Nickelodeon Paw Petrol Sea Patrol Pup Pad is a great way to have your kid go on underwater rescue missions. The set comes with six animated mission cards that come in handy during the mission. Each pup pad has six lenticular mission cards and players can slide them behind the screen to find out where trouble is within the Adventure bay.

The baby seal could be stuck, or Cap’n Turbot’s vehicle is trapped. Well, regardless of the situation, the Pups of this Paw Patrol set must accomplish the rescue mission. Players can tilt the screen to enjoy the six adventures and stories set up for kids.

The buttons on the side panel for various sounds from pups. Each button brings forth a new dimension to this adventure story from the animated mission cards. The entire set is also compact and easy and kids can take them anywhere for endless hours of adventure.

  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with straps
  • Has pad and 6 mission cards
  • Interactive video and sound
  • Requires battery to work

10. Paw Patrol Sub Patroller Transforming Vehicle

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Sub Patroller Transforming Vehicle is another Paw Patrol that can transform itself to dual use vehicle, just like the sea patroller. This makes it a good choice for rescue missions on air or water. It doesn’t cost much, thus a good option if you want a kid toy on a budget.

The set comes with two avatars perhaps adding to the exciting rescue mission. The rescue helicopter can lift wings, the periscope and features active lights and sounds that can be turned on by pressing on a button.

Paw Patrol Sub Patroller Transforming Vehicle has two lifesaving rings that are easily launched by pulling the periscope. The rings comes in handy when saving sea creatures. A Ryder figure can be seated on the cabin by simply lifting the cabin door. For water missions, the helicopter has a secret trapdoor on the bottom of the cabin through which the Ryder can slip into water with a propeller to carry out rescue missions.

  • Transforming vehicle
  • Two life rings
  • Sounds and lights
  • Has Ryder figure
  • Requires 3AAA batteries

11. Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Marshall’s Town Rescue Track Set

Why we like it: there is no better way to speed towards the burning building than on the eight track Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Marshall’s Town Rescue Track Set with overpass. In this exciting play, Marshall is fully fired up for a ruff rescue using his motorized fire truck set with real sounds and lights. Let your kid join this engaging play of high speed to put out the pesky fire in adventure bay.

The exciting play set features 14 pieces shaped to form a figure eight curvy track that Marshall makes exciting turns as he races along. Marshall picks up even more speed by hitting the elevated sections on the track. A motorized vehicle accompanies the Marshall figure. Kids need to press buttons on the back for motor, sounds and light.

The Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Marshall’s Town Rescue Track Set can be combined with other playsets for an exciting play. With such combination, kids can recreate the Paw Patrol world of Adventure Bay using their imagination.

  • Engaging and fun filled play
  • Can be played alongside other sets
  • Comes with 2AA batteries
  • Best for kids aged 3 years plus
  • Other mini figures sold separately

12. Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Chase Off-Road Rescue Playset

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Chase Off-Road Rescue Playset is a new action packed playset that features Chase rescue racer. Your kid will join Chase as he makes the rounds over the bridge and down cliffs in a mission to save little Hootie. The set comes complete with a vehicle and three missions with detailed descriptions.

The provided vehicle comes with outfitted Winch Tech that helps chase after the ruff for rescue. To activate this feature, you need to pull back the extendable hook from the front of Chase’s vehicle. The set has three adventures packed as one for extended periods of play.

  • Exclusive vehicle with Winch Tech
  • Three adventures in one
  • Can be combined with other sets
  • Requires adult assembly

13. Paw Patrol On a Roll Art Desk

Why we like it: if your kid is into interactive art play, the Paw Patrol On a Roll Art Desk should be a good choice of play to get him/her. With the toy, your kid can color any of his/her favourite Paw Patrol characters. The desk comes with a 25-feet coloring paper that is easy to set up.

Each of the Paw Patrol On a Roll Art Desk page has scenes from the Paw Patrol show that can be colored by any of the 6 colorful crayons which are included in the package. The play set is good for kids aged 3 years plus and doesn’t require batteries.

  • Learning resource
  • Included coloring crayons
  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Quite pricey

14. Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle

Why we like it: get your kid to adventurous terrain with the Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle. Prepare your kid to roll with Paw figures Ryder and Matteo his pal through the jungle as they search for thrilling action filled adventure.

Like other exciting Paw Patrol characters, this toy set comes with real sound and lights. The kid can simply push a paw badge button to activate them. Players can then use the vehicles crane to pull baby panther to safety.

For incorporative play, the Paw Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle toy set can be played alongside other jungle rescue figures from Paw Patrol. You will however need to purchase the complementary set separately.

  • Lightweight
  • Real lights and sound
  • Safe for 3 years plus kids
  • Battery powered
  • Vehicles are sold separately

15. Paw Patrol Dog House Bingo Fisher Game

Why we like it: if you are on the lookout for a toy that encourages kids thinking, problem solving, sharing, curiosity and develop fine motor skills, the Paw Patrol Dog House Bingo Fisher Game should be your toy set of choice.

The first game promoting this play is the “matching pairs” play setup. In this mode, players need to match up to 3 color chips on the fence cars to win. The other role play is the memory match. In this game, players need to match 3 Paw Patrol character chips to the fence card to win. The set offers a plethora of quality family-friendly games with innovative puzzles.

  • Encourages thinking
  • Boosts social skills
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Requires much creativity

16. Paw Patrol Look Out Playset

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Look Out Playset brings home the Paw Patrol headquarters. Like in the TV series, Ryder summons the Paw patrol to their lookout headquarters to inquire about their mission. Through this, kids can organize the entire crew in the tower before racing out for rescue missions.

The tower features a working elevator that pups can use as they ride up the tower. This makes it simple to ride up to the top floor where the periscope is located. The periscope is functional, and kids can do a pretend search of the Adventure Bay 360 degrees for threat. The giant Paw Patrol badge activates the alarm with real sound and lights from the TV show. Pups can the slide to action through the twisting rescue slide that leads right to the Paw Patrol vehicles.

  • Real figures
  • Real lights and sound
  • Chase and police car included
  • Functional elevator
  • Slides needs improvement

17. Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Robo Dog and Vehicle

Why we like it: is there trouble in Barkingburg? Well, the Paw Patrol mission crew, Ryder and his pups now have a new team vehicle for rescue missions with the Paw Patrol Mission Cruiser Robo Dog and Vehicle. The set comprises of a Robo dog and a mini vehicle. Load up the pups and mini vehicles – which are sold separately and head out to save the day. The cruiser can fit a maximum of 3 rescue racer vehicles.

To launch the pups, players need to simply push the side doors of the cruiser. The button triggers a pop up screen through which animated mission cards can be viewed. The card displays an exclusive mission for each player that Paw Patrol pups should complete. The rescue dogs and Paw Patrol pups are inspired by real world experiences. This makes the game both fun and a learning experience.

  • Portable set
  • Durable
  • Well constructed
  • Mini vehicles sold separately

18. Paw Patrol Zuma’s Hovercraft

Why we like it: the common toys from Power Patrol have bluntly attracted great public admiration. However, there are plethora of stunning Paw Patrol characters that kids will certainly love. The Paw Patrol Zuma’s Hovercraft is among the few little-known toys. Each of the toy set comprises of Zuma and a Hovercraft responsible for making immediate rescues.

The hoverboard is stylish and large enough for play. It is also light with fitted spinning fans and wheels that roll on smooth floors. The Paw Patrol Zuma’s Hovercraft set is a versatile toy and can be paired with other Paw Patrol toys including Rocky, Marshall and Skye for an engaging play. Creative kids can also mount Ryder for thrilling adventures and high-risk rescue missions.

  • Expandable and versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Movable Zuma parts
  • Spinning wheels and fans
  • Zuma is heavy and can topple easily

19. Paw Petrol Water Table Accessory Set

Why we like it: get the Paw Petrol Water Table Accessory Set and watch your little ones wag their tails for hours of unlimited fun with this water table with Paw Patrol figures. The toy set engages kids as they help Ryder find his friends who are out swimming through the periscope from the Lookout tower.

Kids can help Ryder and his friends in the rescue mission by sending other pup friends down the water slide for a fun rescue. Once outdoor play is over, parents can fill up the Paw Petrol Water Table Accessory Set with beans and rice for continuous indoor play. The set comes with three favourite Paw Patrol characters.

  • Engaging play
  • Quality make
  • Versatile play
  • Requires adult assembly

20. VTech Paw Patrol Read To Me Adventure Marshall

Why we like it: the VTech Paw Patrol Read To Me Adventure Marshall toy set requires kids to join Marshall as he entertains audience with several action, teamwork and friendship tales. Marshall literally introduces reading comprehension, role-play and development to kids through the interactive playful songs, fun phrases and books. The set includes four illustrated books and Marshall.

Besides fun, your kid gets to learn through the various storybooks. Each number on the storybook has a story. Players should press the number matching the book on Marshall’s vest and follow along for the story. The toy also has a light up badge that answers questions or repeats favorite catchphrases.

For interactive learning and play, encourage kids to press the magnifying glass on the paw for Marshall to ask questions from the books. This reinforces reading comprehension.

  • Interactive and engaging
  • Fosters learning
  • Fun to play with
  • Depends on batteries to function

21. Paw Patrol Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Everest’s Rescue Snowmobile is a good choice of toy for children stationed in cold climates looking for a role model who can fit into daily life. This toy action figure details Everest signature headband dresses in a light blue Paw Patrol uniform. Everest fits perfectly to the snowmobile truck and uses her claws in front of the vehicle to move debris or snow for rescue purposes.

Everest rides on the Snow Plow passing through the snow without problems, thanks to the real functional threads on the vehicle that enables her go where she needs to go. Your kid can plow big coupled with the rest of Paw Patrol by collecting all the Paw Patrol vehicles. This toy set is perfect for kids aged 3+ years and doesn’t require batteries to function.

  • Doesn’t require batteries
  • Perfect size
  • Strong rubber threads
  • Versatile
  • Quite pricey

22. Paw Patrol Rocky’s Recycling Truck

Why we like it: the mission of rescuing the planet from trash with the Paw Patrol Rocky’s Recycling Truck may not be exciting like other Paw Patrol missions but definitely worth it. This set features a characteristic green truck with Paw Patrol uniformed Rocky who leads the cleaning mission working towards enjoying a nicer planet.

Rocky is ready for any rescue mission, armed with a moving rescue crane with a lip-down rear ramp. There is enough room in the recycling truck for an additional pup in case teamwork is required, but it will require an independent purchase.

The rescue truck features realistic working features. The wheels are not only functional but also loaded with several moving features that complete any rescue operation with ease. With this type of pretend play, your kids can work on their developmental skills as they learn about the surrounding world. This encourages kids to venture in their own action packed adventures with Paw Patrol Pups.

  • Good for learning
  • Room for 2 pups
  • Fits kids aged 3 years plus
  • Perfect for Paw Lookout tower
  • Combined play requires individual purchase

23. Paw Patrol Rubble Steam Roller Construction Vehicle

Why we like it: the Paw Patrol Rubble Steam Roller Construction Vehicle brings forth a new way for Paw Patrol lovers to smoothen out issues in the adventure bay with ease. The toy comes complete with a swinging wrecking ball and a movable roller. The toy set is good for little Paw Patrol construction aficionados.

The toy comes with a unique rubble figure outfitted in yellow construction vest and hat with protective earphones. Being such armed, Rubble is ready for any repair tasks. Evidently, this is not only a play toy but also good for learning experiences for your growing kids. They get to learn the various outdoor tasks and the necessary equipment for role-play.

  • Good for learning
  • Engaging
  • Good quality make
  • No batteries required
  • Quite pricey

24. VTech Paw Patrol Megaphone Voice Changer

Why we like it: the VTech Paw Patrol Megaphone Voice Changer makes it possible to head out to rescue operations with Chase speaking using this megaphone or singing along to various melodies with up to five voice changing styles. The player begins by selecting the right pup for the task between Marshall, Rubble, Skye or Chase.

Kids should then choose one of the various modes namely occupation mode, music mode or mission mode and speak to through the megaphone for voice changing effects. The toy produces popular catchphrases on the adventure. For voice changing fun, click on the dial to select from the five voice effects of high pitch, low pitch, echo, robot and megaphone.

The VTech Paw Patrol Megaphone Voice Changer also has a flashlight that shines along the sound effects of the megaphone. Therefore, when there is trouble, players select the right pup matching the task, picks the mode and ready to execute the rescue mission.

  • Best for kids aged between 2 to 5 years
  • Comes with required batteries
  • Different modes
  • Sound effects
  • Not loud enough

25. Toddler Paw Patrol Character Hoodies

Why we like it: kids not only like playing with their favorite TV series toys but also enjoy gifts and clothes reminiscing their favorite characters in the series. Well, this is what the Toddler Paw Patrol Character Hoodies presents. The toddler hoodie is very practical and fun, featuring a print of one of the Paw Patrol members on the front. Such hoodies make a great gift for any young Paw Patrol fans.

The hoodies feature a print of one of the six main characters of the TV series. The characters are large screen printed on machine washable materials with zipper closure. The Toddler Paw Patrol Character Hoodies are available in six varying colors for four different toddler sizes. The main characters include Rubble, Ryder, Chase, Zuma, Rocky and Marshall.

  • Various sizes for kids
  • Best for kids between 2 to 5 years
  • Brightly colored
  • Zipper closure
  • Requires perfect size choice

26. Nickelodeon Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

Why we like it: The Nickelodeon Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower is a good premium toy with exciting packages designed to bring forth heavy doses and intense excitement for your kids. The toy set features a periscope, slide, elevator and a vehicle launch feature. These create an environment full of urgency for your kids to play.

Its feature set justifies the high price mark for this toy. It stands two and a half feet tall, probably made to provide a fulfilling realistic play experience. As mentioned, the toy comes with a chase figure, two chase pup packs, a Marshall figure and two Marshall Pup packs for an engaging play. Chase can easily zip down the slide, straight into the vehicle and take off to any rescue mission.

  • Life sized for realistic play
  • Rotating periscope, slide and elevator
  • Vehicle launch pad
  • Light and sound
  • Several figures
  • Requires adult assembly

27. Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure

Why we like it: the Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure is a charming group of six rescue dogs that attracted fame since its inception. The set are tenacious and self-driven making it possible for kids to tackle both small and tough difficulties within the Paw Patrol community.

Each package features six individually packaged Paw figures namely Zuma, Skye, Rocky, Chase, Marshall and Rubble. Your kids will find it easier to carry around and play due to their miniature sizes. Storing them won’t also be an issue and can be taken to trips easily.

The Spin Master Paw Patrol Figure set of toys is best for kids aged more than 3 years. They are best for fun play and learning experiences. Your child will learn teamwork, social skills and imaginative play. The toys feature stunning finish with BPA free materials that are kid safe.

  • Individually packaged six figures
  • Stunning finish
  • Unlimited options for play
  • Easy to handle
  • Choking hazard

28. Paw Patrol Skye Plush Pup

Why we like it: adorable is probably the best term that can describe this Plush Pup toy. Skye is made at her best with detailed features and expressive eyes that will certainly make any kid, especially girls, believe it is the real Paw Patrol character making random visits. Unlike other Paw Patrol toys, there is nothing much to fancy from the Paw Patrol Skye Plush Pup. Sometimes, this is all your kid needs for endless creativity and imaginative play.

Like in the series, Skye’s character comes with a bright eyed personality that complements her fluffy ears, sandy colored fur and pointed nose. Despite her recollected look, she can’t be left behind as she comes dressed in her complete Paw Patrol uniform. Kids can play the toy as a single imaginative play or in combination with other Paw Patrol characters.

  • Plush figure stands tall
  • Dressed in her trademark paw uniform
  • Premium make
  • Not battery operated
  • Requires extra imaginative play

29. Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set

Why we like it: when it’s time to race to rescue missions, one vehicle isn’t enough. The Paw Patrol Racers 3-Pack Vehicle Set, as the name suggests, is a set of three vehicles that increase the fun factor three times. The vehicle set are characteristic of each Paw Patrol member, featuring Marshall with his fire truck, Zuma with his bulldozer and Rocky with his intriguing recycling truck.

Each of the character in the set brings forth unbound imagination during play. Marshall and his fire truck, for instance, is a great sign of bravery and heroism as he undertakes the rescue missions. Players can as well collect other players in the Paw Patrol series including Skye, Chase and Ryder for a combined play. All the vehicles enhance realism with fully movable parts.

  • No batteries required
  • Can be combined
  • Sturdy build
  • Good for kids aged 2 years plus
  • Quite small

30. Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser, Vehicle and Figure

Why we like it: get your kid busy venturing into various adventures with enticing play and fun with the Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser, Vehicle and Figure. The set of three toys is what makes this toy stand out. For imaginative play, for instance, your kid can use the blue truck for transport role-play, carrying the lovable pups.

The truck features a stable, stylish design made from kid-safe plastic that lasts long. The cruiser can also accommodate up to six pups of the patrol series. Some of the models of Paw Patrol Chase’s Spy Cruiser, Vehicle and Figure require batteries to work excellently. They are quite costly and dangerous especially when batteries begin leaking.

  • Compatible with all six pups
  • Best for 3 years old plus kids
  • Stylish
  • Kid safe design
  • Choking hazard

Bottom Line

Paw Patrol Toys brings forth unimaginable hours of endless fun for Paw Patrol series enthusiasts. If your kid falls in this fold, it is prudent to find a good toy matching his interests. The list above outlines some of the various Paw Patrol toys, which can be a good choice for your kids.