Best Pianos for Kids 2020


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Choosing a piano for a toddler is not an easy undertaking as most people may think. These pianos come in different shapes and size with different keys, acoustic or electric the list is long. So, in this review, we have trimmed the possibilities and made a list of the 30 best available pianos for kids.

Top 30 Best Pianos for Kids 2020

1. Keyboard Playmat 71

Why we like it: Children love using their bodies as they play, so a playmat keyboard provides a perfect place to expend the extra energy.

This piano is ideal for kids one year and above. At this age, children usually take their first baby steps. Letting them play on the “magical carpet,” that generates a new tune with each step may make walking more interesting. With this playmat piano, your kid has 24 keys to play with. In case your toddler gets bored quickly, the piano comes with eight instrument sounds. The sounds include violin, trumpet, and banjo among others. Also, the piano has record, playback and demo modes, that records your kid’s dance tunes! This playmat piano is crafted from a very durable vinyl material which can withstand a lot of stomping.

  • Durable
  • Includes several features
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • Equipped with volume control
  • No batteries included

2. Discover & Play Piano

Why we like it: This piano is great for helping your baby develop their senses of hearing, sight, and touch through play.

When your child reaches the babbling stage, they may love something that makes them ‘sing’ along to. The size of this piano should not fool you because it has several surprises. Your kid will be able to play around with instruments, numbers, and animals. The piano also features some classical tunes rather than the traditional nursery rhymes. Studies indicate that listening to classical music may stimulate the generation of endorphins in a child’s body. The piano is the size of a magazine, making it very compact which is not a bad thing. It can easily be carried around in a bag to be used whenever your kid needs a small distraction.

  • Comes with different textures
  • Compact
  • Batteries are included
  • The piano section has only one key and one tone.
  • Cleaning the gaps is difficult

3. AresKo Baby Musical Keyboard

Why we like it: This piano is a great choice since it provides a variety of options for young children who have wonderful imagination as they explore. This ensures your toddler is not bored easily.

This AresKo piano features a safe, rounded shape that eliminates harsh edges. Also, its handle is reasonably big, to help your kid carry it around. The piano provides multiple modes of play. The piano plays various voices including a wide variety of animal sounds. Your kid will also use their imagination when exploring sounds in their environs. The piano is made from non-toxic plastic in case your kid likes to use their sense of taste. For small fingers, the keys are easy to press. The piano comes with a free xylophone.

  • Made from non-toxic material
  • Large handle
  • Includes a free xylophone
  • Occasionally, some keys get stuck
  • Very small xylophone

4. Electronic Keyboard With Microphone

Why we like it: We know toddlers can be noisy at times especially when they start to talk. This piano encourages your kid to use their voice through play and music.

This light-up piano gives your kid 37 keys to play with. It includes sounds such piano (of course) and other instruments like violin, trumpet, and music box. Also, the piano includes several animal sounds such as cat, frog, and dog. As well it comes with 8 rhythms that include rock, samba, and many more that help your kid create their beats and songs. It is equipped with a playback feature that lets your child record and play their creations. The built-in microphone has its stand on the piano. This toy kit includes a little stool for your budding musician to sit comfortably as they play.

  • Adjustable tempo and volume
  • Includes a stool
  • Equipped with a microphone
  • Microphone generates feedback when too close to the speaker

5. Amy & Benton Piano

Why we like it: If you like getting most out of your money, then this multifunctional piano is worth considering. It is a miniature grand piano although it accomplishes much more than play piano tunes.

This piano is equipped with 24 keys that let your kid choose between various drums and other musical instruments. Also, it features a music box and various rhythms like tango and disco. The volume is adjustable. Your kid can play with the tempo. The kid will also be able to use their vocals, and possibly record their song via the built-in mic. This piano comes with a cable for hooking it up to an iPad or a speaker. This lets your kid show their skills, and you may even play along.

  • Has built-in mic
  • Equipped with a record and play features
  • Supports four musical genres
  • No batteries included
  • Very small for the recommended age group (1-6 years)

6. Classic Wooden Miniature Grand Piano

Why we like it: Watching your kid fall in love with music is a good feeling. Getting them this Miniature Grand Piano will give them a good head start.

If you wish to gently push your child in a musical direction, then this mini piano may help. It resembles a real grand piano, even though it is only equipped with 30 keys. Just get it and install it in your kid’s room or play area and leave them alone. To complete the look of a real grand piano, it comes equipped with a note holder and a stool. Since the stool is not adjustable, smaller kids may need an additional pillow or cushion. This piano is made from hardwood which gives it an elegant glossy finish. It lacks extra features or sounds, so it only comes as a piano. This introduces your kid to music without distractions. It is suitable for kids between 1 and 5 years old.

  • It is realistic.
  • Includes stool and note holder
  • Toy-like tones

7. Plixio Electric Keyboard

Why we like it: If your kid is beginning to show interest in music and playing piano, this Plixio electric keyboard has a real keyboard feel to it which will help harness their enthusiasm.

This keyboard realistic feel makes it easier for your kid for when they start to play the real piano. It is not just for kids since it is suitable for older novices. The keyboard is light and portable so your kid can go with it to school when needed. The piano can use batteries, however for unlimited fun, plug it into an electric outlet. It is equipped with 54 keys to get your child accustomed to the piano feel although they are on the small side compared to a piano. The electric keyboard set comes with 20 tones and rhythms for your kid to sing along to and six demo songs. Your pianist will be able to develop their music, record it, and playback repeatedly.

  • Decent range of features and sounds
  • It’s portable
  • Not easy to switch between modes

8. Lujex Foldable Keyboard

Why we like it: This is the best portable piano for kids. The portable keyboard lets your child practice from anywhere even in a car.

This foldable keyboard will be a plus for your kid if he/she to play the piano anytime, no matter the location. It can easily be rolled up to fit in a backpack. It comes with built-in speakers. Also, it allows your child kid to insert headphones when playing for themselves. The toy keyboard is made from waterproof silicone that also happens to be food-grade material. This unit comes with 61 realistic keys that resemble a real piano. Of course, the feel is not the same, but it is a good finger-placement practice. There is a huge range of rhythms and tones to choose from.

  • Waterproof.
  • Suitable for any age
  • Has a built-in battery, uses external power supply
  • Unresponsive keys if pressed consecutively
  • Difficult to distinguish keys

9. The ONE Smart Keyboard

Why we like it: This is the best smart piano keyboard for kids. With smart technology permeating everywhere in modern life from smartphones to TVs, pianos are also becoming smart.

Smart pianos are very effective in assisting your child learn how to play. They usually have a screen which lets your child follow movements. Also, they allow for plugging in a tablet or phone for additional options. This smart piano is equipped with 61 keys that light up as a way of guiding your kid on where to press. The unit lets you connect an iPad or phone to download an app. The app has crash courses that help learn songs, also there are arcade games which focus on how to play. The keyboard a MIDI output that lets you connect it to your computer when you want to edit or record. This keyboard is easier for kids who struggle with the “traditional” method of learning the piano.

  • Includes an app and LED keys
  • Supports use of power outlet and batteries
  • Has a built-in headphone socket
  • Very light touch keys
  • Kid will not learn the traditional basics of piano-playing

10. RockJam Electronic Keyboard

Why we like it: This is the best music keyboard for older children. When growing up your kid will need more than just a simple keyboard. This RockJam electronic Keyboard gives your kid a place to be creative as they learn which makes it more fun.

This keyboard gives your child a real keyboard experience that gives them an authentic feel as they play. The lack of a comfortable setting to practice can make or break your kid’s interest. The keyboard is equipped with an adjustable stand and a padded stool. So, your kid can play when seated or standing. Also, the keyboard can be taken off the stand and placed on a table when necessary. It also includes headphones and a noteholder that can easily support an iPad or a smartphone. This keyboard comes with 100 sounds, 100 rhythms, and 50 demo songs.

  • Great for beginners
  • Has a guiding LCD
  • Includes power supply
  • Foldable stool and keyboard
  • Some keys are stiff.

11. Melissa and Doug Learn-to-Play Piano

Why we like it: This piano is the perfect introductory musical instrument for toddlers with its bright colored design.

It is equipped with 25 keys that have full octaves. The piano uses a brightly colored design that is guaranteed to capture your toddler’s attention. Also, it comes with an illustrated songbook that will help your child learn how to play the common nursery rhymes on this piano. The general construction of this kid piano is very impressive since it does not have sharp edges making it safe for children. The size of this piano measures 11.5” x 15.75” x 9.5” (H x W x D) after assembly making it a considerably lightweight and solid piano for kids.

  • It uses child-friendly design
  • The is a durable piano that can survive rough playtime
  • It is affordable
  • Some screws may dislodge when your kid bangs on the piano. Ensure you check each screw

12. Schoenhut 25 Key My First Piano II

Why we like it: This piano provides an educational and fun way of introducing your child to this musical instrument and music in general.

The Schoenhut 25 Key earns the title of “My First Piano”. Its design encourages creativity in terms of music and improves hand-eye coordination. This piano for toddlers comes equipped with various useful features like the play-by-color approach that lets toddlers learn to play music in a fun way. The width of the keys enhances proper finger placement allowing for an easy transition to a bigger piano when ready. It is equipped with a patented Tri-Play Learning system that makes playing simple and fun. The patented construction makes this product durable. It is intended for kid 3 years old and above.

  • Fun and child-friendly design
  • Good introductory and instructive toy for children
  • It is well-made
  • It is out of tune since it is mostly a toy instead of being a dedicated piano

13. Schoenhut 9258TB – 25 Key Teddy Bear Piano Pal

Why we like it: This is a great toy piano that will nurture your child’s creativity and develop their hand-eye coordination.

This Schoenhut piano uses patented Play-by-Color learning system that helps make playing this piano fun and challenging activity for kids. Also, it features an adjustable design that gives it a longer shelf life alongside the development as your kid grows. The piano comes with a bench. This piano is developed to be played by kids aged 3 years and above. The dimensions of this piano are 17” x 12” 12” (L x W x H) which make it one of the compact toy pianos available today.

  • It is a nice musical instrument for introducing kids to music
  • Features a system that is designed for toddlers
  • It has a cute and friendly design
  • It is out of tune since it is a toy piano designed to be an introductory instrument

14. VTech Record KidiStudio

Why we like it: Your little one will love banging around on this piano. It is equipped with a built-in microphone, plenty of do-dads, and a spin record that will surely delight your baby.

This is a powerful piano that comes in bright orange complemented by teal and black accents that grab your kid’s attention. It lets your child record and playback their creations, play the piano, mix a record and play drums on this toy. It comes with 40 songs and includes light effects. The keyboard works in tandem with other functions. For all what this piano does for kids, it is a steal! This a sturdy toy piano that can take a beating and keep singing.

  • Affordable
  • It is well-built
  • It is equipped with features and songs that keep your toddler occupied
  • Beautiful design
  • The microphone may not last long
  • Since it uses three AA batteries, you need to stock them since your child will love making music on this product

15. VTech Zoo Jamz Piano

Why we like it: This piano is geared towards slightly younger kids. Although the piano doesn’t look realistic, your toddler will still get the fundamentals of a piano.

VTech Zoo Jamz Piano is a lit, noise-making machine that works for your baby and toddler. Your toddler will find the black and white pattern of this piano interesting coupled with the cute zebra character. As your baby grows, they will love the colors as well as the lights that will surely keep them interested. This piano I equipped with 4 instruments and more than 20 melodies and songs. Best of all, the toddler will learn to play as they press the keys when they light up in a song. Also, your toddler can sing and play their creations if they want using the amplified microphone, disc scratcher and drum buttons.

  • It is affordable
  • Equipped with many features
  • Makes annoying sounds

16. Amy Benton Toy Piano for Baby & Toddler

Why we like it: Your kids will love this educational baby piano with its buttons and built-in microphone. The toy will help your child understand music through an array of sounds from various instruments.

This Amy Benton Piano let your kid connect it to external MP3 and smartphones. Although this toy piano remains mostly gender-neutral, it is very white with a few girl colored buttons. The baby grand look is super decent. This is a cute and spunky educational toddler piano toy with multiple functions that let your kid play and record. It features plenty of lights. Your toddler will love the 22 demos, watching all the dancing lights and banging on the piano keys. The toy is fully featured which ensures that your toddler will never luck with this adorable kit.

  • It is affordable
  • Helps develop hand-eye coordination
  • Has many features
  • Does not include batteries
  • The pieces can come off easily

17. Little Tikes PopTunes Piano

Why we like it: This is the best toy piano for mothers on the move. It can be carried to wherever your toddler goes to keep them amused.

Little Tikes PopTunes Piano has a fantastic simplistic design that allows your baby to play pre-recorded tunes. Although this piano has only 8 keys, your toddler will be charmed by its ability to make a sound. This tiny red and grey piano may not be as pretty or colorful as other pianos however, it will please children who value simplicity. Your kid will love the ease with which they can use the eight keys and the two different play modes. This Little Tikes piano can take a beating and be able to play songs all day long. It comes at a great price for a fun toy.

  • Affordable
  • Comes with different play modes
  • Portable
  • It’s not a learning toy
  • Pre-recorded mode may be had for kids

18. SGILE Musical Keyboard

Why we like it: SGILE Musical Keyboard is a charming piano for younger toddlers especially the six animal sounds that may soon drive you crazy.

This SGILE’s piano has the appearance of a baby piano although it can work for toddlers as well. It is equipped with bright festive colors that will surely capture your child’s attention. Besides the piano and the animal sounds, this toy piano is equipped with drums, tambourines, and other musical sounds. Your kid will have fun for hours even when on the go. This toy piano for children is strong enough for mothers and dads to use too. The toy is reasonably priced which lets you buy extra ones for birthdays. Little boys will love the physical drums.

  • This is an affordable toy piano
  • It is a cute SGILE piano
  • Equipped with multiple play modes
  • It is a battery hog
  • The sound can be jarring for toddlers

19. Casio SA76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

Why we like it: This is a small yet high-quality keyboard that is made by a reputable manufacturer.

The SA76 is equipped with essential features for your children to learn the basics. Its LSI sound source, as well as 8-note polyphony, give your children a sense of a real piano. The piano comes with an LCD, provides various music options and gives your child the option of switching from piano to organ mode. The buttons for drum sounds is an added feature that your kids will love. These feature 5 different buttons for the drum pads to introduce your kid to digital drums. This feature can be used together with the piano so that your kid will be able to build their rhythm and begin making their music. The piano has 44 keys, 100 tones, 50 rhythms and 10 songs.

  • High-quality sound
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for kids
  • Lacks A/C adapter

20. RockJam RJ761 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

Why we like it: This kit features everything a child need to learn how to play the piano. So, your child will have an idea of the real thing.

If features an LC screen as well as high-quality headphones. To complete your child’s piano experience, this kit is equipped with 100 keyboard sounds, 50 demo songs and 100 rhythms. The unit can be powered by electricity or 6 x 1.5V D size batteries. This allows your kid to take it and play whenever they desire. The unit stands on a stable and strong stand. This piano is made for your child’s comfort and can be adjusted to match your kid’s height when sitting on the stool that comes with the piano. Also, the RockJam kit has an app that can connect to it on smartphones.

  • Excellent features
  • Equipped with quality headphones
  • Ideal for beginners
  • A/C can become problematic after a few months

21. B Toys – Meowsic Toy Piano

Why we like it: This is a quirky but functional piano for kids who have a short attention span. It is an interesting choice of keyboard piano.

Meowsic features different musical effects like organ, bells, banjos, meowaphone and piano sound. It features 20 songs and 7 bonus kitty tunes. This kit lets your kids record and playback their creations, modulate beat and tempo or use the mic that comes with it. With its entertaining features and fun design, your children will never have a dull moment. The musical toys included in this kit introduce music instruments at a young age which helps build stronger memory skills, patience and self-esteem. This cute cat toy keyboard lets your kid grab and sing along. The keyboard entertains children two years and above and promotes interactive play with plenty of buttons to press and songs to play.

  • Fun design suitable for kids
  • Strong build
  • May be too loud

22. The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard with Lighted Keys

Why we like it: This smart piano’s sophisticated design lets your kids, as well as parents, enjoy playing the lighted keys.

The piano is pleasingly attractive and clean physical features may be the one for your kids. This smart piano will lead your children to great piano skills. It features 61 keys each with an LED light that your kid can follow to play a smooth song like an expert. It comes with a powerful built-in speaker that amplifies your kid’s music. The piano is equipped with 128 notes with polyphony. Also, it comes with free music sheets both you and your kid can select from and more than 128 musical sounds of musical instruments. For convenience, the piano supports a smartphone app that comes with plenty of features. Your kid can listen to more than 3000 free music in the app’s library.

  • Can be used by adults
  • Good for beginners
  • Fun and engaging
  • Most songs are not free

23. Casio SA-46 -Key Portable Keyboard

Why we like it: is equipped with tons of equipment voices and its finger-sized keys make this miniature keyboard great for young children.

This piano is more than a toy for young kids. It is fun playing this unit that comes with 32 keys. SA-46 mini keyboard is equipped with 8-note polyphony and a new sound source. Also, it comes with 50 rhythms and 100 timbres. SA-46 is a well-designed playmate that is equipped with an LC display. Of its great highlights is the simple change-over switch that lets your kid switch from piano to organ sound. This toy has a cool retro design.

  • It is portable
  • Fitted with 100 instrument sounds and 50 rhythms
  • Can play 8 chord notes at once
  • The size of the keys is great for kids
  • Lacks power cord
  • With time, keys may stop working

24. eMedia My Piano Starter Pack

Why we like it: This piano starter pack has everything a kid needs to start playing the piano.

eMedia My Piano Starter Pack is an electronic keyboard whose keys are ideal for small fingers. This is a 49-key plug-and-play keyboard. It comes with a power supply and a USB cable that connects the MIDI keyboard to a computer. This piano has built-in speakers and various realistic sampled sounds. What’s more, the unit comes with an interactive CD-ROM (supports Mac and Windows computers) for kids 5 years and above. Also, it comes with My Piano DVD. The software in this keyboard sets it apart from others. This educational eMedia piano covers piano basics such as hand and finger position, playing harmonies, counting rhythms, reading music and learning notes.

  • The keyboard is animated making it great for kids
  • Can be connected to a computer
  • Has a bonus DVD
  • Poor quality compared to others in the same price range

25. Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Why we like it: This keyboard is more than a toy since it gives kids a realistic feel with its touch-sensitive keys and a surprising realistic tone.

Yamaha PSR-E263 is a portable 61-key keyboard that features various functions and sounds. It is equipped with a 3-step learning program making it a great choice for those aspiring musicians who are starting. The onboard lesson feature known as Yamaha Education Suite lets your children learn the 100 preset songs, or even capitalize on the 385 instrument voices and 100 styles as they experiment and create their music. It comes with an aux line input that turns this piano into a speaker system for an MP3 player such that your kid can play along or listen.

  • Has 61 full-size keys
  • Equipped with 400 instrument voices & 100 preset songs
  • Equipped with headphone jack and an aux jack
  • Touch-sensitive volume control keys
  • Power adapter not included
  • Runs on batteries

26. aPerfectLife Kids Keyboard Piano

Why we like it: If you are looking for some cute looking piano for your little girl, then this piano is a good choice given its lighted keys and pink color.

The toy piano has 37 keys which are ideal for beginner kids who show interest in learning to play music. The keyboard piano is equipped with many functions. It has 16 instruments, 8 demo songs, 16 rhythms and a record and playback capability. It is made using eco-friendly material that are not toxic to children making it a safe learning tool for toddlers. The speakers on both sides of the keyboard produce a good surround sound each time you kid plays the piano. This is a rechargeable keyboard that can be charged using the provided USB cable. It is hardy when you travel with your kid. Also, it is equipped with a microphone for recording voice.

  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • One speaker may fail

27. RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

Why we like it: If you are looking for a simple keyboard with full-size keys for your children, this RockJam is a decent choice.

RockJam 54-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard is equipped with 54 keys that make it a good keyboard for intermediate players like teens. It comes with 100 keyboard sounds to select from to make playing it livelier. As well, it is fitted with 100 rhythms that act as back up when you or your kid plays this keyboard. It includes an LCD that helps you select and set up the sounds you want. Also, it can be integrated with a free app on Android and iOS tablets that come with 30 demo songs. This is a great toy if your kid is a little older and able to deal with many octaves.

  • Includes AC adapter
  • Has a sheet music stand
  • Has a headphone jack
  • The keys feel flimsy

28. Alesis Melody 61 Beginner Bundle

Why we like it: This piano is meant for beginners and comes complete with a mic, headphones, a stand and a bench.

This Alesis piano is equipped with 61 keys that are light weighted which makes this unit ideal for kids who are unable to play on the real piano or keyboard. The built-in speakers produce a clear sound on both sides of the keyboard. This ensures your kids enjoy playing songs and selecting from more than 200 sound choices. It is equipped with 128 rhythms that you may choose to accompany your chords or melody when playing. Also, your child gets 10 demo songs that they can use to learn. The best thing is that assembling the stand is simple and the bench height can be adjusted.

  • The keys are weighted which will ease the transition to a real piano
  • Includes headphone, mic and MP 3 jacks
  • No battery so it only plays when plugged
  • Cannot be connected to a computer

29. Goplus Classical Kids Piano

Why we like it: This Classical Kids Piano from Goplus is a great 30-key piano for kids whose design has child safety in mind.

The piano is equipped with a free stool and comes with a hinged top so that your kids never hurt their fingers. It uses non-toxic paint which makes it safe for small children to play with. Its MDF body construction ensures extra support while the legs are crafted from birch wood to ensure that the piano is durable. A non-toxic ABS material is used to make the keys, which won’t crack easily. The musical holder is great for learning easy music sheets and the bench is perfect for kids between 1 and 5 years old.

  • Beautiful and stylish
  • Produces good sound
  • Provides value for money
  • Great size for kids up to 7 years
  • Not easy to assemble


If you are looking for a way to introduce your kid to the basics of music, then the piano is one of the best instrument choices. Piano for kids come in different shapes and sizes. Many are designed to spark interest, especially for the toddlers while others balance between being engaging and educational especially to older kids and teens. We hope this guide helped choose the best piano for your child.