Best Pokémon Toys for Kids 2020


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Pokémon is a Japanese franchise of toys and video games that is popular across the globe. It’s not only popular among kids, but also among adults and kids who grew up in the ’90s and 2000’s. From Pokémon Red and Blue/Green in the GBA up to the latest ones on the Nintendo Switch, such as Pokémon Shield and Sword, and Pokémon Sun and Moon, the adventures to finding different Pokémon and catching them never ends. There’s also the app called Pokémon GO that has enabled the franchise to be marketed to the Gen Z’s or the millennials.

If your child wants to be a Pokémon trainer like Ash and his best buddy Pikachu, they’ll love Pokémon toys that are meant for them. Your children can join Ash and Pikachu on their adventures while they both learn compassion, friendship, and what teamwork is all about. Whatever form of play your child is looking for in the world of Pokémon, these top 30 Pokémon toys in the list here are the highest-rated Pokémon toys on market today. They come in various toys, such as card games, video games, figures, and other memorabilia. If you’re a true Poke-fan, then you’ll most likely recommend to other parents and purchase for your little kids.


Top 30 Best Pokémon Toys 2020

1. Pokemon Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box Collectible Cards

Why we like it: The price of the expansion pack set makes it a great Pokemon gift idea for any Pokemon fan.

There’s a vast world of Pokemon. Pokemon should be a thrilling adventure for children to share with those they love. However, for those with little experience playing the game or watching the cartoon may end up feeling confused or overwhelmed. The box set comes with a player’s guide to help beginners learn all they need to know to make it one of the best Pokemon gift ideas. The Shining Legends expansion pack is a recent addition, coming out in late 2017. It’s a series of rare Pokemon that have incredible skills and intricate backstories. It also includes 10 booster packs and 45 energy cards. Everything comes in a collector’s edition box with four dividers for easy storage. Additionally, there’s a bonus foil card with each set.

  • The set is reasonably priced.
  • It comes with ten booster packs.
  • There’s a player guide included.
  • The set comes in a collector’s box.
  • It has been carefully packaged.
  • Due to faulty manufacturing, rare cards may not be guaranteed with the box set.

2. Pokemon TCG: Snorlax GX Box Card Game

Why we like it: The online game comes with new and upgraded content for more immersive playing experience. It’s the perfect Pokemon gift for youngsters.

This code allows children to trade and further expand their collection. Snorlax is featured beautifully with hologram graphics and designs. Although the set is more costly than others, the Pokemon gift is worth the excitement and joy it’ll bring to any Pokemon fan. Although consisting of some pretty powerful life lessons, Pokemon does have a certain level of violence within its storyline. Snorlax is one of the more gentle souls. He’s oversized and spends most of his day eating or sleeping. He’s a lovable little guy, making him a comforting starter Pokemon. Snorlax is perfect for smaller children or children who may be gentle spirits. This card and board game duo features the snuggly Snorlax Pokemon. The game set includes two new promo cards and four booster packs. There’s also a card with an online code.

  • This is a dual-purpose game.
  • It comes with two never seen promo cards.
  • Also included are four booster packs.
  • It features a beautiful hologram design.
  • The price of this game is fairly high compared to other Pokemon memorabilia.

3. Pokemon Random Reverse Foil Single Cards, Lot of 25

Why we like it: These sets are reasonably priced they make a perfect add-on to any gift.

Pokemon cards are meant to set the scene for children to invent an imaginary world of their very own. In this magical world, they can capture pocket monsters and expand their collection with hundreds of Pokemon. There are 25 cards in each pack with both rare and common Pokemon. Each pack is randomized and carefully packaged to provide a sense of mystery, making them an excellent gift idea. Pokemon has been around for more than twenty years. This means there’s a vast amount of information about the games, series, and memorabilia. These cards sets are great starter sets for children who are only recently discovering their love for this adventure-packed game. Ranging from sports to cartoons, Pokemon included, trading cards have for years been a favorite amongst youth. There’s no better way to enjoy something than to immerse yourself fully and trading cards allow you to do just that.

  • The pack of cards is reasonably priced.
  • It’s a great starter pack for kids.
  • It features both rare and common Pokemon.
  • Randomized packs provide a sense of mystery.
  • It makes a great gift.
  • These card sets aren’t considered to be collector’s items.

4. TOMY Pokémon My Friend Pikachu

Why we like it: Let your little ones become the trainer of the best Pikachu that ever was. It’s a plush Pokemon toy that looks just like the character Pikachu from Pokemon.

Soft, cuddly, and cute! This plush Pokemon toy will make a great best friend for your little one. When you introduce kids to plush toys and other items like this, it can help boost their confidence levels. When they feel comfortable with themselves and can tackle the world around them with their best friend at their side, it’ll build long-lasting confidence that’ll support them throughout their life. Standing at 10-inches tall, this plush Pikachu is easy to cuddle and fun to take along anywhere you go. When he lights up and talks it develops a communication pathway between the Pokemon toy and their owner. When this pathway is opened up, it allows children to explore the world of their imagination. This creates a creative individual who aspires and dreams. TOMY is one of the leading manufacturers of plush Pokemon toys. They create quality plush toys with special features that the kids just love. This wonderful Pikachu has been created for children who are three-years-old and above. The toy has been created to entertain and bring a smile to their face.

  • It features the soft plush Pokemon character, Pikachu.
  • It stands at 10-inches tall.
  • The toy features 10 different sounds and phrases.
  • The toy lights up and the ears move when the belly is pressed.
  • It’s best suited for kids over the age of three.
  • The bottom wear of the battery cover has a hard time staying closed.
  • It repeats the same saying over and over. Dialogue gets repetitive after a period.

5. Itazura New Pokemon-Go Inspired Electronic Coin Money Piggy Bank Box

Why we like it: Teaching kids to save money can often be a lesson that’s hard to learn, but this awesome Pokemon bank featuring the cute character Pikachu makes the lesson that much easier.

Kids often love to show their new favorite Pokemon toys to their friends and this will surely be one to show off. It’s a fully interactive bank that makes saving money fun. Who wouldn’t want to see that? Between learning about saving money, the value of money, and the bank displaying their favorite character, this is a great Pokemon toy bank for the kids to join around and have some fun with. Presenting your children with these types of experiences creates great strong interpersonal social development skills. That’s why it’s also the best Pokemon gift idea for young kids. When the coins are placed on the yellow spot, it allows parents to talk about the value of the coin and also talk about the difference between the values, maybe even add in some addition math lessons. The bank has been created by a licensed manufacturer that has authentic merchandise. It does feature the officially licensed logo on the front of the bank along with the registered trademark. It comes from a brand that’s well known for creating high-quality banks. This is a limited edition bank that features a star character from the Pokemon series.

  • This is a bank featuring the Pokemon character, Pikachu.
  • The coins placed on top will be scooped in by the character.
  • It features 243 chatter patterns from the character.
  • It measures in at 6-inches tall, 6-inches wide, and 3-inches deep.
  • It promotes the development of fine motor skills.
  • There’s a loud motor sound when the character scoops in the coin.
  • It’s small in size and doesn’t hold many coins.

6. Pokémon Deluxe Essential Handbook: The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 700 Pokémon

Why we like it: A book is a wonderful activity to keep your kids occupied on the go. It’s lightweight and easy to pack in almost any size bag.

It can be used to promote family bonding and strengthen the bridge for understanding why your child is enthralled in the imaginary world. The book is ordered alphabetically and features bright, colorful pictures of each Pokemon. To accompany each picture, the pages are filled with stats and facts so you can learn together about this popular pastime. Being capable of understanding phonics and reading go together hand in hand. Both are vital skills for accomplishing countless daily tasks. This Pokemon gift only features gorgeous graphics but inspires children to want to read. With over 700 Pokemon to read about, there’s an endless opportunity and countless hours of fun, into which children can immerse themselves. Despite having been their age at some point, we are sometimes faced with a challenge in trying to relate to our children. This book provides kids with a handy tool to visually explain what all the excitement is about. Coming in three format options, you have the choice of library binding, paperback or spiral bound, each book provides an in-depth look at Pokemon from all regions.

  • It comes in three different formats.
  • It features aesthetically pleasing pictures.
  • The set shows Pokemon from every region.
  • It’s alphabetically organized.
  • The binding in some formats may be more fragile than others.

7. How to Draw Pokemon: Learn to Draw Your Favorite Pokemon Go Characters

Why we like it: If you have a Pokemon lover or even someone who loves art, this is the perfect book for them. It’ll get your child’s creativity going.

This learn-to-draw Pokemon book features various Pokemon from different genres of the hit series. It features some of the original Pokemon that have been forever favorites such as Pikachu and Pichu among many others. You may even spot some rare ones that your child can draw or they might simply be capable of creating theirs. It also has newer Pokemon like Chikorita. Your child will be capable of creating their Pokedex by being able to learn how to draw their favorite Pokemon friends. While it’s recommended for ages 6 and up, but if you have a younger child, they may also be capable of following along with this guide. Soon your fridge will be covered in your child’s latest drawings of their favorite character! Happy Drawing!

  • Drawing will help boost your child’s creativity.
  • It’s easy to follow along.
  • The book is recommended for ages 6 and up.
  • It helps to enhance a child’s imagination.
  • Some customers were upset that it’s not a step-by-step guide.

8. TOMY Pokémon Hero Figure, Ash and Pikachu

Why we like it: The TOMY Hero Figure Ash and Pikachu Pokemon toys make for an excellent tool for encouraging children to use their imagination in their role plays.

Children can play out several scenarios, maneuvering Ash into thirteen different stances and positions. While playing, children will improve their fine motor skills and learn to set and achieve goals. Ash stands at just five-inches and Pikachu at two-inches, making this Pokemon toy compact enough to take anywhere for hours of entertainment no matter where you’re. Children look forward to many occasions throughout the year and it’s one of the most anticipated being birthdays. In preparation for this occasion, lots of hours are spent in planning, discussing themes, and placing orders. Of course, there’s the cake, and this figuring set makes the perfect decoration. It’s an adorable addition to set on top of the cake making the final touches for your child’s Pokemon adventure party.

  • It’s designed very much like the characters in the show.
  • Ash might make a good cake topper.
  • It has collectible figures.
  • This set supports child development in multiple ways, including fine motor skills, creativity, and problem-solving.
  • Ash’s arms and legs come off sometimes but snap back on.
  • The Pokedex and Pokeball are very thin and tend to get lost.

9. MEGA Construx Pokemon Charizard

Why we like it: What’s better than having your very own fire-breathing dragon at your command? Being able to build your very own fire-breathing dragon with your own two hands!

Your little one can show off their dragon-taming skills with the Mega Construx Charizard Pokemon toy build set. This LEGO-like model includes almost 200-pieces that can be assembled to create a 4.5-inch tall Charizard. The mighty beast is a fully articulated model meaning that it can be positioned into several poses from attacks and even in flight! The Pokemon toy also includes a buildable environment scene that doubles as a display stand and features the Great Ball that your little one would have needed to use for its capture. Bring your child’s Pokemon fantasies to life with this delightful model. Designed for ages 8-years-old and up, the massive Pokemon toy set can be a bit difficult to assemble but manipulating the small pieces can help improve grip strength as well as hand-eye coordination. Since it’s a bit more on the hard side of building sets, working together with your child to create their favorite Pokemon is a great way to encourage familial bonding and positive adult-child interactions. This building set makes a fabulous display piece but may not hold up to everyday play.

  • It stands at 4.5-inches tall when fully assembled.
  • It includes a buildable environment/display stand.
  • The set features fully articulated limbs and tail.
  • It has 198 pieces in total.
  • The pieces can be difficult to click together and may require adult assistance to assemble.
  • The instructions can be confusing and sometimes inaccurate.

10. Pokémon Clip ‘N’ Carry Poké Ball Belt

Why we like it: This belt makes the perfect Pokemon toy and Pokemon gift for your little Pokemon fan for dress-up play or as part of a Halloween costume.

Your little one will feel just like Ash with the Clip ‘N’ Carry Poke Ball Belt. This fabric belt has been designed to look just like the one utilized by the protagonist of the Pokemon cartoon, Ash. It comes with two Pokeballs in various styles that attach directly to the belt via a clip. The belt is a great Pokemon toy for pretend play as it allows your child to emulate characters from their favorite game/TV show with a high level of accuracy. Although the Poke Balls aren’t designed to be thrown, they can easily snap back together if they should break apart and will most likely get tossed around a bit as your little one pretends to capture their favorite Pokemon. This Pokemon toy is also great for building socialization skills as all your kid’s friends are going to want a turn. A 2-inch tall Pikachu, one of the franchise’s most popular character, fits neatly inside the balls. Add a red baseball cap and you’re on your way to a perfect Pokemon costume! The belt is capable of holding up to six total balls, allowing you to purchase additional pieces that feature your child’s favorite Pokemon. The belt is also adjustable to fit a variety of body types and sizes and attaches via a heavy-duty Velcro connection for an easy take-on and take-off.

  • It comes with two balls, one standard Poke Ball and one Net Ball.
  • Also included is a Pikachu figurine.
  • The belt features a Velcro connection for easy on and off.
  • It’s compatible with additional Pokeballs (sold separately) and can hold up to six at once.
  • It’s recommended for children ages 4-years and older.
  • The Pokeballs aren’t designed to be thrown and may break apart.
  • The balls can easily come unclipped and fall off the belt.

11. Pokémon Kids’ Watch with Flashing LED Lights

Why we like it: The strap is adjustable so as your child grows, their Pokemon digital watch will still fit. They won’t have to give up a favorite toy. This fun watch is a great way for kids to learn how to tell time.

Kids love to check their watch and tell you what time it is. This Pokemon digital watch can teach children how to tell time and it’s fun for them to wear. The watch face has Pikachu and Ash on it, Pokemon characters that everyone knows and loves. Press on one of the three buttons on the side to light up Pikachu and Ash. Pressing another button activates flashing blue, green, and red lights. The thick watch band is easy enough for kids to put on and take off themselves. Best for children over the age of 4, the watch is ready to go right out of the box as it comes complete with batteries.

  • It features an adjustable strap.
  • It’s comfortable for kids to wear.
  • It’s easy to set the time and date.
  • It’s made of safe and non-toxic material.
  • The watch comes with a battery included.
  • The battery doesn’t last that long.

12. Mega Construx Pokemon Jumbo Pikachu

Why we like it: With Pikachu’s smiling face and bright red cheeks, this Mega Construx toy will keep children busy for a few hours as they put it together. And even busier once built, as they put Pikachu into different poses.

If your kids like building things, they’ll love this jumbo Pikachu by Mega Construx. This is a popular line of the toy, with different sets available using colored blocks of varying sizes to build many popular toy Pokemon characters. With over 600 blocks and pieces, Pikachu is fun to put together for kids aged 8-years old and up. When built, this toy stands at 12-inches and kids can position Pikachu in different poses. Ready for battle, sitting down, or pouncing on all fours, jumbo Pikachu is ready for anything. Once your child has this toy from the Mega Construx lineup, they’ll want the other Pokemon building sets as well.

  • The figurine can pose once built.
  • This is an interactive toy.
  • It encourages kids to be creative as they use their imagination.
  • It’s one of the several Pokemon Mega Construx sets.
  • Some users have complained that they received poorly molded pieces that didn’t fit.

13. Mega Construx Pokemon Charmeleon Pack

Why we like it: The Pokemon Charmeleon Pack not only lets kids build one of the main Pokemon characters, it lets them pose Charmeleon in its fiery world. The toy stretches your child’s imagination and isn’t a toy they’ll toss aside once they’ve got it put together.

This is another great toy in the Mega Construx lineup. This time it’s Pokemon Chameleon, ready to charm your kids as they spend hours first building, and then playing. Charmeleon is true to its character, with its flaming transparent tail and fierce look. This toy comes not only with Charmeleon to build but also includes extra blocks so kids can build a flaming world for battle. It’s good for kids ages 6 and older, when they’ve got this toy built they’ll be capable of posing their Pokemon character, getting Charmeleon ready to jump into action.

  • There’s a Pokeball included.
  • It has detailed effects.
  • It can be used with other Pokemon Mega Construx kits.
  • Some pieces are defective and won’t click on to other pieces properly.

14. TOMY Pokémon Complete Trainer Kit

Why we like it: The toy is a big hit among younger children and parents love that it encourages creative play, letting children use the Pokemon Trainer Kit to play alone or with friends.

You can buy additional Poke balls, which is great if your child is determined to train Pokemons and is always misplacing balls. With the Pokemon Trainer Kit, kids can let their imagination run wild. What could be better than pretending you’re a Pokemon trainer, keeping Pikachu and all the other characters in the line. The pack attaches around your child’s waist. As well, it can be strapped bandolier style over the shoulder. The kit comes with two balls that can be clipped to the belt – the Poke Ball and the Great Ball. The Fire-type pack is ideal for carrying the balls and as well can hold the Pokemon Flareon character that comes with the kit.

  • It helps promote imaginative play.
  • There are additional Poke Balls available.
  • It comes with a Pokemon character.
  • It’s suitable for ages 4-years and up.
  • Some users complain that the balls break easily.

15. Mega Construx Pokemon Gyarados

Why we like it: The Ultra Ball that comes with this set is one ore item that kids get to build. It comes with an extra ball, for double the play. Kids love that they get to tame this Pokemon, adding another character to their Mega Construx sets.

Building blocks are always a good buy for kids and Mega Construx is a brand that always delivers good quality. The Mega Construx Pokemon Gyarados has 352 pieces and stands at 9-inches when built. His fierce character comes out in the details with his fangs, fins, and spikes. Along with a Pokemon character to build, kids also put together the water environment where Gyarados rises from the waters to do battle. Gyarados is poseable when built, letting kids use their creativity to stand him up, ready for action.

  • It has over 352 blocks.
  • The water environment acts as a display stand.
  • There’s an additional Ultra Ball included.
  • It has a poseable body when fully built.
  • Some users found that it was difficult putting the pieces together.

16. Super Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokemon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 800 Characters

Why we like it: This book is an updated version that includes new Pokemon characters. Your child will spend hours reading this book, deciding what Pokemon character is missing from their collection. It encourages kids to sit down and read a book.

For Pokemon fans and trainers, the Pokemon Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is a must-have. The book is ideal for children in grades 2 to 5. With page after page filled with Pokemon information, your child will never get bored. This Essential Handbook has the details and stats of over 80 Pokemon characters, from the popular ones known, to the more obscure. Listed in alphabetical order, it’s easy to find the character you’re looking for. There are 496 illustrated pages, bringing the world of Pokemon into the room with your child. This book is a necessity for all Pokemon trainers.

  • It has an easy to read format.
  • It has lots of great information on Pokemon.
  • It has over 400 illustrated full-color pages.
  • The handbook has a paperback and spiral-bound version.
  • The book needs better binding as some pages fall out.

17. Mega Construx Pokemon Blastoise

Why we like it: While challenging enough to build, the Mega Construx Pokemon Blastoise Building set is easy for the 8-year old to put together. This is another nice Construx Pokemon building kit that kids can add to their collection.

This buildable Pokemon figure is good for ages 8 and older to play with. Made with durable Mega Construx blocks that lock together, kids can construct one of their favorite Pokemon characters. When built, Blastoise can be posed in some menacing positions. Along with Blastoise, two water cannon blasters blast water after they’ve been put together. Kids can also build the water environment that then acts as a base for the Blastoise. This building set also comes with a mini Dive Ball for kids to build, making this a toy that’ll keep your kids busy for hours.

  • The toy features vibrant colors.
  • The water cannon works with real water.
  • It’s compatible with other Pokemon Mega Construx kits.
  • It features articulated arms, legs, and head.
  • There are lots of pieces that make it hard to assemble.

18. Charizard GX Box Premium Collection

Why we like it: There’s lots of variety in the Booster Pack, giving kids some additional Pokemon items they would otherwise have to buy separately.

Charizard is a popular Pokemon character that’s showcased very nicely in this card collection. Pokemon collectible cards are popular for all ages, making this Charizard-GX set a great gift for card collectors. The set contains six Booster Packs featuring Charizard, with its flaming breath and wings of speed. Charizard is a fierce Pokemon that can create a huge Crimson Storm over the battlefield. Included in the set inside the six booster packs: foil promo card featuring Charizard, foil promo card featuring Charmeleon, foil promo card featuring Charmander, and a Charizard collector pin. With these Pokemon trading cards, your child will be capable of trading with friends, adding to their collection of characters.

  • A Charizard collectible pin is included.
  • A new Charizard coin is also included.
  • It includes 6 booster packs.
  • Kids can trade with friends using the trading cards.
  • It comes with a code card for online trading.
  • Some users have complained of receiving re-sealed burning shadow packs.

19. Pokemon TCG: Dragon Majesty Pin Collection Box – Latias

Why we like it: Included in the collection box is a code card. This lets you scan and find the same Pokemon version of Latias. Your kids will have fun trading with friends online.

Buying your kids Pokemon trading cards will never get boring. The Dragon Majesty Pin Collection Box features the Pokemon Generation from “Dragon Majesty”. Dragon Majesty is the second set of cards that are part of Sun & Moon, the popular role-playing video game. This collection box includes three Booster Packs, as well as a collector pin of Latias. Boxed sets are a great way for kids new to Pokemon trading cards, as well as experienced collectors, to get their hands on some new cards. This collection of cards lets kids who play the video game collect some of their favorite characters.

  • There’s a collector pin of Latias.
  • 3 Dragon Majesty Booster Packs are included.
  • It also includes foil cards of Latias.
  • There’s a code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.
  • Some users complained that the packs were tampered with. Rares and reverse holos were missing.

20. Pokemon Plush, Power Action Interactive Pikachu

Why we like it: This toy is light enough for young kids to carry around with them. Action Pikachu has 15 different sound and light variations, so playing with him never gets boring. Pikachu charges when you shake him up and toss him around.

This electronic Pokemon toy is perfect for kids 3 and older. Pikachu is a favorite with the younger kids, with his cute smile and red cheeks, he’s more popular than any other Pokemon character. The Action Pikachu is more than just a stuffed toy. Not only can your child cuddle with it, but it also keeps kids entertained with lights that flash. Squeeze his hands and watch his cheeks and tail light up as he talks. Electronic toys such as this Pokemon are good for interactive play, letting kids do more than just one activity.

  • Kids can engage in interactive play with this toy.
  • There are batteries included.
  • It’s motion-activated.
  • It’s great for younger children.
  • The plush toy can be used as a sleeping pillow for little ones too.
  • It comes with 15 different sound and light variations.
  • The quality of the toy isn’t that good.

21. Pokemon Sun & Moon Elite Trainer Celestial Storm Box

Why we like it: This card pack comes with card sleeves so your kids can protect their favorite cards.

There are so many items in this Elite Trainer Celestial Storm Box that your kids won’t know where to start. The mix of Pokemon character cards and Energy cards lets you play a complete game and train all the Pokemons you can. For kids into Pokemon trading cards, what could be better than Sun & Moon? This card pack has everything your kids need for hours of entertainment. Not only does it come with eight Celestial Storm Booster Packs, with 10 cards each, it also comes with 45 Energy cards. Celestial Storm is the 7th expansion pack in the Sun & Moon Pokemon trading cards. It included characters such as Articuno, Wailord, and Blaziken. The hard thing will be stopping your kids from wanting more Pokemon cards to trade with their friends.

  • The set includes card sleeves.
  • It offers good value.
  • It comes with a player’s guide.
  • Some users have complained of receiving the box without a flip coin.

22. Pokemon Pikachu 3D LED Night Light

Why we like it: With its seven light color options and 3D visual form, this Pokemon toy would be a real visual treat and with a lifespan of 10000 hours, you can be sure, the Pokemon character will be by your side every night.

The most popular Pokemon and the mascot of the Pokemon franchise, the Pikachu, is adapted in the form of a night light LED lamp and stays true to the characteristic of Pikachu as an electric type Pokemon. When lit up, this lamp creates an optical illusion by which you see a 3D form of Pikachu glowing in soft light. This 3D visual creative lamp Pokemon toy can be used as a piece of home décor for lending artistic beauty to the atmosphere and create a 3D visual impact. At the press of a button, you can switch between 7 light color options for different effects. Weighing at 8-ounces, this lamp has been designed to last for 10000-hours.

  • It’s based on Pikachu, the mascot of the Pokemon franchise.
  • The optical illusion creates a 3D image.
  • There’s an option to switch between 7 colors.
  • It can only be switched off by removing the battery cover.

23. Pokemon 100 Card Lot

Why we like it: The Pokemon toy cards are an integral part of the Pokemon universe and having them in their Pokemon toy collection would be a dream for any kid who’s a Pokemon fan. These cards come at a very affordable price and are worth going for.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, then you would know about Pokemon toy cards. GoldenGroundhogg has come out with Pokemon 100 Common/Uncommon card lot with an additional bonus of 5 Rares, 3 Foils, 1 Holo Rare and 1 Ultra Rare card. Part of Pokemon Trading Game, these are some of the coolest Pokemon cards you can lay your hands on. For kids, this would be a great way to start with their Pokemon collection, and with so much variety on offer, it’ll certainly be a fun experience. This card lot comes with a deck box to store your Pokemon toy cards. So store them away safely and be sure of never losing them.

  • There are 100 Common/Uncommon cards with bonus Rares and Foils.
  • The set offers a great way to start a Pokemon toy collection.
  • There’s a deck box to store the cards.
  • Some users have complained of receiving the lot with missing cards.

24. Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in The Forest Playset

Why we like it: This Pokemon toy set though priced on the higher side, is worth the spend. After all, you get so many individual toy pieces for an exciting building experience plus you can add these figures to your overall Pokemon toy collection.

Are you raring for some fun in the jungle? Then the Pokemon Petite Pals Escape in The Forest Playset is the best Pokemon toy that’ll take you there. It transports you straight into a treehouse in the forest where Serena is enjoying with Pikachu, Fennekin, and Oshwatt. This Pokemon toy set consists of Serena figure and the three popular Pokemon figures and comes with 20 accessory pieces and treehouse playset. With these accessory pieces, you can build and decorate the treehouse exactly the way you want it and set up your home in the jungle. The accessories include miniature suction cups, a swing, an elevator, and many others, all of them to make for a relaxing stay in the woods. This toy is suitable for ages 4 and above.

  • Kids can have fun and adventure in the jungle with this Pokemon toy.
  • It comes with Pokemon figures such as Pikachu, Fennekin, and Oshwatt.
  • There are 20 accessory pieces to customize your Forest Playset.
  • Some users have complained that there are lots of pieces missing.

25. Nanoblock Building Blocks Pokemon Pikachu, Charmander, & Squirtle

Why we like it: Coming at a premium price, this toy set would also make for great Pokemon gifts for friends and family. Once assembled, the toy figures look great showpieces for any occasion.

Bring the Nanoblock Building Blocks Pokemon Gift Set bundle home and enjoy building your popular Pokemon characters from scratch, block by block in great detail. This Pokemon gift set consists of Pikachu (130 pieces), Charmander (120 pieces) and Squirtle (120 pieces). Assemble these individual micro pieces to unravel beautiful Pokemon toy figures and build your army of miniature Pokemons. The individual block pieces connect securely, so you get the sculpture in accurate detail. Grown-ups too can enjoy this construction expedition to build their favorite Pokemons. It’s challenging enough to get your brains racking and great for some family time together with the kids. This Pokemon toy set is suitable for 8-year olds and above.

  • It includes Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle figures.
  • The micro pieces secure firmly for great details.
  • The toys are good for some family time together.
  • Some customers found that the toys turned out to be too small.

26. Pokemon 3D Pikachu with Puff’d Pokeball Pocket Backpack School Bag

Why we like it: With the most popular Pikachu figure featuring on the backpack, your little one can turn into Ash Ketchum every day when they make their way to school. The toy provides the functionality to store stuff and doesn’t cost much.

Carry your favorite Pokemon to your school where you spend most of your daytime so the fun never ends. The Pokemon 3D Pikachu School Bag is a utility toy that features a large 3D shaped Pikachu to store Poke Ball puff. The bag has two storage compartments to carry your stuff and has two pockets on the side for storing your bottles. Measuring 16-inches long, the backpack is durable and makes for an ideal Pokemon toy for any school going kid.

  • This is a 3D Pikachu bag with Poke ball puff storage.
  • There are two compartments and two pockets to store bottles.
  • This is the ideal Pokemon toy to carry to school.
  • The bag is durable.
  • The zipper breaks easily.

27. Throw ‘N’ Pop Pikachu and Poke Ball

Why we like it: The Throw ‘N’ Pop Pikachu and Poke Ball is the perfect toy for aspiring trainers who love the idea of throwing a Pokeball that sends out a real Pokemon upon impact.

Pikachu is one of the most popular Pokemon as a result of the long-running TV series. Pikachu’s electric abilities are captured in many playsets, but few genuinely “capture” Pikachu and put it inside a Pokeball. Given that the famous Pikachu of the Pokemon series refuses to live in the Pokeball, your child may realize that the Pikachu they’ve “captured” isn’t the same – but they’ll love it nonetheless. The toy works best when your child is playing with other children and pretending to have Pokemon battles. There isn’t very much that you can do with this toy when you’re sitting alone, although the Pikachu inside the Pokeball may be somewhat entertaining.

  • It’s great for group play.
  • Your kid will feel like a Pokemon trainer.
  • The Pokeball contains a Pikachu character.
  • It’s not good for solo play.

28. Pokemon Trainer Guess: Kanto Edition Electronic Game

Why we like it: The Basic Fun Pokemon Trainer Guess: Kanto Edition Electronic Game is great for young ones who prefer to learn about Pokemon, especially if they’re alone.

Guessing the Pokemon based on the outline or other Pokemon facts is a tradition among Pokemon enthusiasts, and this set is no exception. With this playset, your child can read through a manual of the original 150 Pokemon, then play an electronic game that allows them to guess which Pokemon has certain features. For Pokemon enthusiasts who want to push their knowledge to the limit, this is the set. While this game can be played with small groups of people, it shines the most on its own. There aren’t many multiplayer features of the game, though it’s technically possible for more than one person to read the trainer field guide at a time.

  • It’s great for improving a child’s knowledge of Pokemon.
  • It helps build memory skills.
  • There are batteries included.
  • It’s not good for multiple players.

29. Pokemon Bioworld Pikachu Big Face Fleece Cap Beanie with Ears

Why we like it: Pokemon are great opportunities for fashion, and that’s why this Pikachu hat with realistic ears is something that the youngest of Pokemon fans will love to add to their closet.

This Pikachu hat has all the cheer of Pikachu itself. As with other Pokemon toys, this Pikachu hat will make your young trainer feel good about representing their favorite Pokemon in style. Unfortunately, because it’s a piece of apparel, there aren’t too many ways to play with the Pikachu hat.

  • It features a perky and cute Pikachu aesthetic.
  • It’s great for the youngest Pokemon trainers.
  • The mesh backing helps with staying cool.
  • The hat doesn’t have active play potential.

30. Mega Construx Pokemon Pikachu vs. Bulbasaur

Why we like it: This is a Pokemon toy that can be built from scratch by your little ones. It’ll help promote their creativity as they recreate their favorite Pokemon battles!

The Mega Construx Pokemon Pikachu vs. Bulbasaur is another toy that you can build from scratch. It comes with a base that has a tree and some grass on the side, in which you can place Bulbasaur and Pikachu on either side. You can power up Pikachu with its thunderbolt or have Bulbasaur let it out its vine whip. Because all of the figures can be posed in any way, it can be used to make pretend battle poses. You can also use it with other Pokemon construction sets from Mega Construx if you have those (such as the Gyarados mentioned earlier). You can create classic battles with your favorite Pokemon! Choose your Pokemon and battle to become the best.

  • It comes with buildable Pikachu and Bulbasaur figures.
  • It features a buildable environment with transparent battle effect.
  • The set can be combined with other Pokemon sets from Mega Construx.
  • Kids can recreate their favorite Pokemon battles.
  • Some users aren’t satisfied with the quality of this set. Some have complained that it’s been cheaply made.

The Verdict

It would seem that buying toys is easy. Just head to the store or shop online. However, getting the right toy is more than just picking the first random toy you find. Before buying the perfect Pokemon toy for the child in your life, narrow down your options based on their age and what their interests are. The Pokemon theme is huge, and unless you know what you’re looking for, you could spend hours looking through toys without ever making a decision.

Are you looking for educational toys that’ll teach your child something as they play? Or are you looking for Pokemon toys for an older child, such as new cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Games? Consider what your child is going to do with their new toy – games, creative play, or a toy to add to their ever-expanding collection of Pokemon action.