Best Sandboxes for Kids to Buy 2020


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Do you remember playing in the sandbox when you were a kid? Those were great days, weren’t they? Warm sun overhead, and the endless possibilities that came with molding sand into something absolutely magical. Even with the advent of modern-day electronic toys and gadgets, sometimes the classics can be just what they need to get them out of the house and express their innate creativity. Are you a bit lost on when it comes to knowing what’s out there nowadays when it comes to sandboxes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Let’s take a look at the top ten best sandboxes out there.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get on with the reviews!

Top 10 Best Sandboxes for Kids 2020

1. Best Overall Sandbox for Kids: Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

Why we like it: This sandbox stands at waist-level height for most toddlers, and makes it a great purchase for more apprehensive kids.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for the ages of 24 months and above.

This is a fixed-table kind of sandbox that doesn’t need to be jumped into physically in order for your little one to have the time of their life.

Holding up to 40 pounds of sand, this table is multi-purpose, and sturdy enough, to hold other things such as water, rocks/pebbles, and other digging and shaping media that may interest your child.

This sand table comes with accessories (shovels, rakes, and a bucket), giving it a kind of instant playability right out of the box (assuming you already have sand). On top of all that, it comes with a lid that is held with elastic straps. One of the really cool things about the lid is it can double as a separate play tabletop, so this is ultimately much more than a mobile sandbox, but a full-blown activity platform that can be used both inside as well as outside.

Something to note is if you’re letting your child play with this product outside, be sure to purchase a separate sort of overhang or stationary umbrella in order to protect your child from the sun, as this product doesn’t come equipped with anything like that.

  • It comes with two shovels, two claw rakes, and a bucket for instant play.
  • Allows your child to stand up and play in the sand, as opposed to having to sit somewhere and potentially get dirty.
  • Weighs a little over 16 pounds, which makes it relatively light and portable.
  • It can be used inside as well as outside.
  • The cover is reported by buyers to be not very waterproof, making this more of an indoor option.

2. Best Outdoor Sandbox for Kids: Step2 Play and Store Sandbox With Cover

Why we like it: Just look at it! It looks like it could fit right in someone’s backyard decor without looking too out of place. Not only that, but it holds a lot of sand, and is made of durable plastic.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for kids at least two years of age.

This is a strange-looking sandbox to some at first glance. It looks almost like a giant boulder in one’s backyard. That might just be the point of this product, though! This is a solidly-made plastic sandbox that can fit in just about anywhere without actually looking like it’s a sandbox in the first place.

Once we get past the sandstone color and rock-styled shape, though, anyone can see that this is an amply-sized sandbox that can fit at least four kids at a time, and hold a whopping 200 pounds of sand. This product is sort of like your child’s own very private beach!

The only real downside we can find to this product is that aesthetically speaking, it might not please everyone, especially children. It’s got a pretty subdued, mono-color style that doesn’t really scream “I’m for kids!”. However, that’s a very minor thing to be judged when you get so much additional value and quality with the sandbox as it is.

  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Looks strong, and it is strong.
  • It comes with four built-in seats molded to the sandbox.
  • Lid doubles as a storage space for toys.
  • Holds up to 200 pounds of sand.
  • The lid doesn’t lock into place.

3. Best Sandbox with Water Table for Kids: Step2 Cascading Cove Sand & Water Table

Why we like it: It’s a bold and beautiful dual sandbox/water table toy that comes with an umbrella that inserts within the table itself.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for the ages of 18 months-five years of age.

This is yet another sandbox and water table hybrid playset that has a split personality of its very own! The unique two-section design allows children to build sand forts on one side while having pirate raiders floating around in the water on the other. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to just sand and water for each play session, as both sides of this table can be used for either water or sand, giving the product a multi-purpose advantage.

Like the Splash ‘N Scoop Bay product above, this sandbox and water table comes with a quick-release plug for fast water drainage, as well as a snug lid to keep neighborhood animals and others assorted pests out of the product.

The only real downside to the Cascading Cove Sand and Water Table is that it doesn’t come with any additional accessories or tools like the above two products in this category. It does, however, come with its own umbrella that attaches to a hole in the table itself, making this great for outside play.

  • Large, two sectioned table for dual sand and water fun.
  • Drainage plug prevents water leakage.
  • It comes with an umbrella for outside play.
  • Messy cleanup.
  • It doesn’t come with any additional tools or accessories.

4. Best Classic Sandbox for Kids: Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox

Why we like it: A classic and cute design that we all know and love, the Little Tikes Turtle Round Sandbox is a great starter sandbox for most small children.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for the ages of 24 months on up.

Ok, we’ve all seen this design since we were kids ourselves. This is the definition of traditional and classic when it comes to sandboxes! First things first, the whole sandbox is adorable, with one of the happiest turtles that you’ve ever seen, composed of a very attractive (and durable) green plastic.

The turtle’s shape itself is interesting, as the “feet” can be used as a seat of sorts, allowing children to dig in the sandbox without actually being inside it. Also, the sandbox itself isn’t that high off the ground, allowing children outside the box to be able to dig into the sand as well. This sandbox can also hold a whopping 150 pounds of sand, keeping it sturdy and immobile, but not the easiest to move when full.

Some of the downsides to this classic sandbox is it doesn’t come with any additional items, such as digging tools and toys. These all have to be purchased separately. Additionally, the turtle’s shell doubles as a lid, but it can be somewhat loose to a point where strong winds can blow it off, exposing the sand within to the elements.

  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Children can sit inside or outside the sandbox for play.
  • The “feet” of the turtle shape double as seats for children, so they don’t have to be directly inside the sandbox.
  • No assembly required.
  • No accessories included in the set.
  • The lid isn’t 100% secure, so it can blow off easily from strong outside winds.

5. Best Looking Sandbox for Kids: Creative Cedar Designs Octagon Wooden Sandbox

Why we like it: It’s a beautiful-looking traditional sandbox made out of cedar wood that has ample seating built into the structure of the box itself. It’s a much more attractive option for classy backyards, and it’s perfect for adults wanting to take part in their child’s experience.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer does not specifically state what age this product is suited for, but it should be suitable for all but the youngest of children.

On the outside, this is an extremely beautiful traditional sort of sandbox for your kids. It’s solid, it looks amazing with its beautiful cedar wood sheen, and it is 78 inches wide—which is perfect for a bunch of kids wanting to play at once.

The sandbox kit comes with all you need to get everything set up appropriately, including all of the allotted wooden panels and the hardware needed to connect them together. On top of that, there’s even a liner for the ground portion of the sandbox (to keep sand from leaking out) and a dark green cover for the top for when the sandbox is not in use.

  • Strong design.
  • Beautiful cedar wood aesthetics.
  • Wide seats on the edge of the box for adult supervision purposes.
  • Customers report that the cover doesn’t seem to be the best quality.
  • Wood can split when putting the screws in… be careful!

6. Best Premium Sandbox For Kids: Tierra Garden Wooden Sandbox with Roof

Why we like it: This unique sandbox comes with a mechanically-operated roof system that allows for the sandbox to “close up” when not in use, which is perfect for times when the weather is not so good.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer does not specifically state what age this product is suited for—adults or older children may be needed to operate the roof, but kids of all ages should enjoy the sandbox itself.

The star of our selection of the best sandbox choices to keep the sun off your little one, the Tierra Gardens Large Children’s Wooden Sandbox With Roof is a great purchase if you want to keep your kids sun-safe while also giving them a great play area of their own.

The interesting thing about this particular sandbox is it has a pulley-based lid system that allows for the sandbox to be closed up when not in use. On top of that, the roof area itself has a UV rating of 90: the highest rating a product can get when it comes to solar ray protection.

Another really solid point about this product, especially if you are environmentally conscious, is that the entire sandbox is made out of 100% recyclable materials. Don’t think that reduces the quality of the wood, however, as it is all made out of pine that has been water treated so that the wood itself will not degrade from the elements over time.

This is a premium, expensive sandbox, but if you’re looking for the best of the best, the combination of an incredible build quality alongside the features of the Tierra Garden sandbox with roof make it a compelling choice.

  • Vinyl-covered roof with high-quality UV protection.
  • Seats on the edge of the sandbox for parentally-assisted play.
  • The wood is treated to combat water damage.
  • The hardware for the roof system might wear down over time.

7. Best Budget Sandbox for Kids: Step2 Splash ‘N Scoop Bay Sand and Water Table

Why we like it: Doubling as both a sandbox as well as a water table, this is a perfect choice for your little one that wants to have the best of both worlds.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for the ages of 24 months-five years of age.

This is a dual-purpose “sandbox” that can also function as a full-blown water table play center as well. It has two main sections that are partitioned off by the table cover itself. There’s one that can be filled up with sand, and the other is effectively a sink of sorts with a water tower that allows for the downward flow of rushing water.

The water tower itself is a really interesting centerpiece with this sandbox, as it allows for your child to witness how the water itself pours downwards through the tower in a looping, water slide sort of way. It’s quite a visual feast for the eyes!

This combination sandbox and water table playset also comes with a large number of additional items, such as the already-mentioned water tower, a cup, a slide, a water-spinner, an adorable scoop shaped like a shark, and a dual-purpose rake and shovel tool. The table also comes with a protective lid to keep pests and other things from entering your child’s toy.

Something to be sure of as a parent is that this can be quite a messy product to have to clean up after, making it something of an outside playset. It’s definitely not something you would ever find an occasion to use indoors, unless you completely overlook the water table aspect of the product and just use it as a strict sandbox-type structure.

  • It can function as a sandbox and a water table… or both at the same time.
  • Pull-plug for fast and efficient water drainage.
  • It comes with lots of additional tools and tools.
  • As with any product that potentially mixes sand or dirt with water, results can get a tad bit dirty when you add small children into the mix!

8. Best Large Sandbox for Kids: KidKraft Activity Sandbox with Canopy

Why we like it: It’s a stylish-looking sandbox with an ample protective canopy to protect your kids from the sun. On top of that, it comes with a protective mesh covering for bad weather.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for the ages of at least 24 months to eight years of age.

This particular sandbox can hold up to 500 pounds of sand, giving it some of the best potential space for sand volume out of any other item on this list. With that amount of sand, your child will be given the creative means necessary to come up with any type of different design and build that they can think of. On top of that, the interior is huge… this sandbox measures 64.2 by 60.2 by 51 inches according to the Amazon specs… that’s more than enough space for several kids! Another neat thing about this sandbox is that it has a couple of storage boxes built into it; these are perfect for storing toys in.

It’s crucial to note that with this product, however, there is no bottom to the sandbox. This is circumvented by having a liner provided to the customer. According to a few Amazon customer reviews, however, the bottom liner can potentially wear out rather quickly, so keep that in mind before purchasing this particular sandbox.

  • Two built-in storage bins for extra sand/water.
  • The entire perimeter of the sandbox has built-in seating for multiple kids.
  • The wood is specially reinforced to prevent swelling and warping due to humidity and weather.
  • The liner in the bottom of the sandbox seems to wear out somewhat quickly.

9. Best Beach Sandbox for Kids: Costzon Kids Foldable Wooden Sandbox with Canopy

Why we like it: This sandbox just screams beach time relaxation and summer fun, complete with two seats that are literally built into the sandbox itself.

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for the ages of at least three years of age.

This sandbox is immediately unique. There’s not one, but two benches that can support up to 200 pounds. These are perfect for kids who want to take a break from crafting with sand to watch their playmates pursue their own creations.

Another really neat thing about this sandbox is that there is no bottom portion, which basically means that water can drain quickly and efficiently into the ground beneath the sandbox. This is a good thing because the canopy that comes with this particular product is not seen as very useful when it comes to preventing rain from getting in the sandbox period.

Overall, this is a really neat product where there’s literally no real cap on how much sand you can put into it (due to its open-bottom design). You can even bring this sandbox to the beach for some seaside playtime. The seats built on to the sandbox are a nice touch, but they aren’t strong enough for larger adults… so if you want to supervise your kids, don’t expect to take a seat on these things!

  • Made out of tough fir wood.
  • Built-in seating that can support up to 200 pounds per seat.
  • The benches fold into a flat cover to close up the sandbox.
  • No bottom to the sandbox, which allows for excess water to drain out fast.
  • The cover will not keep sand dry.
  • Despite their stated weight limits, the benches won’t safely seat larger-sized teens or adults.

10. Best Sandbox Toy for Kids: My Little Sandbox – Big Builder

Why we like it: It’s a cozy and compact mini-sandbox for kids that can be put on any kind of surface… even a desk or a table!

Editor’s Rating:

Recommended Age
The manufacturer states that this product is best for kids four to seven years of age.

This seems to be an odd choice for a best sandbox pick but, honestly, this product could absolutely work in a pinch, especially if you want a great indoor sandbox for your child.

You might be wondering how this sandbox is usable inside. First off, it’s 10 by 10 inches in size, so it can fit on pretty much any tabletop, desk, or even be placed on the floor. On top of that, it comes with its very own 25 by 25 inch playmat, so that any extra sand that gets outside of the sandbox itself can be cleaned with relative ease. The only real downside to this product is that it doesn’t come with a lid for the sandbox.

While this is not a traditional sandbox product by any stretch, it is a great indoor sandbox that can pretty much be set up almost anywhere. This interesting option allows your child to play with sand and get their creative juices flowing even if the weather outside isn’t so great.

  • Good for fun inside the house, with minimal cleanup.
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space.
  • It comes with sand and its own 20 by 20 play mat.
  • It also comes with construction crew figurines and mini tools as well.
  • Only ten inches per side, so definitely not the largest sandbox out there.
  • It doesn’t come with a lid.
  • Not really a traditional sandbox.

Final Words

We hope this has been an informative guide to the world of sandboxes for kids. No matter what kind of sandbox you and your child are looking for, we’re sure that there’s an ideal option out there for you and your family. With the information listed above, you should have all the knowledge needed to make the perfect purchase for your little sandcastle engineer-in-training!