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Mickey Mouse’s first appearance was in 1928 when he starred in the Walt Disney cartoon short Steamboat Willie. In the nine decades since his debut, the world’s most famous mouse has entertained generations of kids and inspired a mountain of merchandise. If your toddler is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, you have a great opportunity to harness that enthusiasm by making sure they have access to educational toys that feature Mickey Mouse. We reviewed every toddler-friendly Mickey Mouse toy we could find, here are our favorites.

Features to Consider – Mickey Mouse Toys for Toddlers

Benefits of Mickey Mouse Toys for Toddlers

Kids of all ages often learn best when they are playing. This is particularly true of toddlers who tend to have a difficult time paying attention unless something captivates them. The addition of a beloved character creates an instant spark when a child sees it, which makes them curious and more willing to interact with a toy.

Choosing the Best Mickey Mouse Toys for Your Toddlers

The Walt Disney Company does not manufacture most Mickey Mouse toys themselves. Instead, they license the character to several different manufacturers of toys. While this is the reason there is a huge variety of Mickey toys for parents to choose from, it also results in an uneven level of quality. Here are the criteria we used to decide if we think a toy is worth buying.

  • Recommended Age: If you want your toddler to stay engaged with a toy, you should be sure to provide them with toys that are appropriate for their age and level of development. A toy that doesn’t challenge your toddler is likely to bore them, while a toy that is too advanced can frustrate them. We like toys that appeal to wide age ranges because toddlers are likely to get years of play from them.
  • Fun Factor: No parent wants to buy their toddler a toy that sits unused at the bottom of a toy box. That’s why we thought it was so important to make sure that every Mickey Mouse toy on our list is fun to play with in addition to having a positive impact on the development of your toddler.
  • What they learn: It’s important to make sure your toddler’s toy chest is filled with a wide selection of engaging toys that help them develop lots of different skills and interests. You never know which toy you bring home will set your toddler on their way to a lifelong passion of their own.
  • Choking Hazards: For parents of toddlers who are prone to putting small objects into their mouths, we’ve indicated which Mickey Mouse toys on our list contain pieces that could be a choking hazard.

Top 13 Best Mickey Mouse Toys For Toddlers 2020

1. Best Overall Mickey Mouse Toy for Toddlers: LEGO Duplo Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade

Why we like it: An excellent introduction to the world of LEGO, the Duplo Mickey & Minnie Birthday Parade set is our favorite toy for toddlers who love Mickey Mouse.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2-5 years

This 24-piece LEGO Duplo set lets your toddler build a birthday parade led by none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Designed by LEGO for children as young as 18 months, the Duplo bricks in this set are not only compatible with other Duplo sets, but they will even work with your child’s LEGO bricks when they get older.

Aside from the large Mickey and Minnie figures, this set includes a train featuring balloons, a buildable birthday cake and three bricks decorated as gifts. The birthday theme also makes this an excellent birthday gift or cake topper. Duplo bricks are the perfect size for toddler hands, and nothing contained in this set is a choking hazard.

What they will learn: Toddlers playing with Duplo blocks learn about shapes and colors, fine motor skills and more. The five brightly colored number bricks that come with this set will also help develop counting skills.

  • LEGO Duplo bricks are the perfect size for toddlers.
  • Toddlers will love the included Mickey & Minnie figures
  • Compatible with all other LEGO bricks
  • Like most LEGO kits, this set is a little more expensive than other building toys

2. Best Value Mickey Mouse Toy for Toddlers: Mickey Mouse & Friends Hand Puppets

Why we like it: Promoting creativity and linguistic skills, these charming hand puppets are our pick for best value Mickey Mouse toy for your toddler.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2-5 years

Puppets are great for playtime because they encourage creativity, help build verbal skills, and give toddlers a fun and unique way to tell their own stories. This adorable four-puppet set from Melissa & Doug brings Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald to life as soft, plush hand puppets. Measuring about 10 inches each, these puppets are comfortable for children and most adults to use.

It’s hard to find anything negative to say about this set. Every parent we talked to agreed that all four puppets included were really cute and very well-crafted. The Melissa & Doug brand of toys was called the “Gold Standard in Early Childhood Play” by NBC News, and these puppets are no exception. Each puppet is a perfect representation of a beloved character, and Mickey and Minnie’s mouse ears look just right.

What they will learn: By encouraging pretend play using puppets, you will help your toddler develop language skills, self-confidence, and hand-eye coordination.

  • Our favorite toy for playing with Mickey and his pals
  • Four large, high-quality hand puppets for a very low price
  • Made with soft plush material, your toddler will want to take these everywhere
  • No small pieces that could tear off and become a choking hazard
  • Larger adult hands will not fit all the way into the hand puppets

3. Best Mickey Mouse Puzzle for Toddlers: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle

Why we like it: Known for their excellent wooden toys for toddlers, Melissa & Doug delivers a chunky wooden Mickey Mouse puzzle that is the perfect size and difficulty level for younger toddlers.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2-3 years

We absolutely love this Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wooden Chunky Puzzle from Melissa & Doug. With eight chunky wooden pieces that extend well above the base, this puzzle is perfect for tiny hands. We also really liked the colorful art. Each character’s picture is printed under the pieces to help toddlers complete the puzzle. Those factors combine with an excellent price to make this our favorite Mickey Mouse puzzle for toddlers.

This is one of those simple but compelling toys that parents will notice their toddlers picking out of the toy box again and again. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Chunky Puzzle is a great demonstration of the qualities that make wooden toys from Melissa & Doug superior. The paint is smooth and colorful, the pieces are a perfect weight, and the sound of a piece falling into place is just right.

What they will learn: Puzzles like this one can be helpful in developing early problem-solving skills by encouraging toddlers to match shapes and symbols. Your toddler also develops fine motor skills by solving tactile puzzles such as this one.

  • Quality construction makes this a toy that will last for generations
  • Chunky puzzle pieces that are perfect for little hands
  • Helps develop early motor skills in toddlers
  • This puzzle is appropriate for younger toddlers only, since most kids will want to play with more challenging puzzles by the time they turn three

4. Best Mickey Mouse Toy Train: Mickey Mouse and Friends Wooden Stacking Train

Why we like it: Mickey’s railroad adventures have delighted kids ever since his debut as a train conductor in Steamboat Willie. That makes him the perfect driver for this excellent wooden toy train.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2-5 years

Complete with adorable mouse-ear designs on the wheels, this wooden stacking train from Melissa & Doug features Mickey and his friends. With 14 solid wood pieces and a host of fun Disney characters, this toy will have your little conductor stacking the blocks and taking the whole crew on a railroad adventure.

Aside from train engineer Mickey, passenger blocks with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald, and Daisy can be swapped and interchanged with the other blocks of various shapes and sizes included with the train set. There are four large pegs that extend from the base of the train that keep the blocks securely on the train during play. We liked how sturdy the construction on this toy train was and would have no problem recommending this for any toddler who has a habit of being rough on their toys.

What they will learn: By playing with the Mickey Mouse and Friends Wooden Stacking Train, your toddler will develop hand-eye coordination and learn different shapes. This train is also great for playing pretend and sparking your child’s imagination.

  • Well built wooden train set that can take a beating from even the most destructive toddlers
  • Blocks are brightly colored and feature a large cast of Disney Characters
  • Teaches motor skills and sorting
  • Some parents we talked to were disappointed that the train does not include a pull string for toddlers to pull the train behind them

5. Best Stuffed Mickey: Mickey Mouse Classic Plush Pillow Buddy

Why we like it: There are lots of stuffed Mickey Mouse toys to choose from. The quality of this classic plush pillow buddy from Jay Franco makes it our favorite.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: All ages

Having a stuffed Mickey Mouse is a childhood rite of passage. This plush Mickey Mouse pillow buddy by Jay Franco may quickly become your toddler’s favorite. The first thing we noticed about this toy is how big and fluffy it is. Rather than simply calling this Mickey Mouse plush a stuffed animal, it’s sold as a “Pillow Buddy,” and it’s easy to see why. At 15 inches tall and made of soft polyester microfiber, not only is Mickey huggable and fun to play with, but he also makes a great pillow for napping in bed, in the car, or on an airplane.

When we reviewed the Mickey Mouse Classic Plush Pillow Buddy, we were impressed by its quality and durability. Parents will be relieved to hear that this toy is durable enough for many trips through the washing machine and can be spot cleaned without fading or bleeding color. There are also no pieces that are liable to fall off and create a choking hazard. More than 50 percent of toddlers end up keeping their beloved childhood stuffed animals through to adulthood, and after our review, we are confident this Mickey Mouse plush can stand the test of time.

What they will learn: Stuffed animals are more helpful in toddler development than most parents realize. Having a “friend” for comfort can play a vital role in your child’s development of self-soothing and coping with anxiety and stress. There are also studies that show a benefit to the social and communication skills of toddlers who develop an attachment to a stuffed toy.

  • Soft and cuddly Mickey Mouse pillow buddy is great for naps, trips in the car, and sleeping on airplanes
  • This plush will survive countless trips in the washing machine
  • Minnie Mouse is available as a Jay Franco Pillow Buddy too
  • Parents expecting a normal-sized stuffed animal may be surprised when this large pillow buddy shows up

6. Best Mickey Mouse Potty Training Aide: Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Potty System

Why we like it: We are all in favor of anything that makes potty training easier for toddlers. With multiple stages and encouragement from Mickey and friends along the way, the Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Potty System is a winner.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2-4 years (50 lb. weight limit)

Okay, so calling this a toy might be a bit of a stretch, but we think that making a list of Mickey Mouse products for toddlers and not including this excellent potty training device would have been a big mistake. If you have a toddler who is about to start learning to use the toilet, this 3-in-1 system is a must-have that will make your life easier and reward your little one for using the potty like a big kid.

As the name suggests, there are three different ways to use this potty system. The first way is to use it as a standalone training toilet complete with a pretend flush handle that plays sounds for rewarding a successful potty trip. Once your toddler is ready, you can take the removable potty ring out and attach it to any standard toilet for an easy transition. Finally, the base becomes a sturdy step stool that will help your child reach the sink for a long time after they have mastered using the toilet.

What they will learn: The Mickey Mouse 3-in-1 Potty System will help you teach your toddler how to use the toilet like a big kid.

  • Two-step potty ring makes for a smooth transition from this training potty to the family toilet
  • Comes with a digital rewards app where your toddler’s favorite Disney characters praise them for potty training success
  • Minnie Mouse design also available
  • Transitions into a useful bathroom step stool for use long after your toddler is potty trained.
  • Easy to clean
  • Some parents have reported that the sound that plays when the pretend handle is used is very loud

7. Best Mickey Mouse Toy Car Playset for Toddlers: Mickey and the Roadster Racers Super-Charged Drop & Loop Playset

Why we like it: The perfect introduction to die-cast toy cars, your toddler will love hitting the Goofy Gas and sending Mickey racing down the track.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: Yes

Age Range: 2-7 years

Based on the Disney Junior show Mickey and the Roadster Racers, the Super-Charged Drop & Loop Playset is one of our favorite toy stunt tracks for toddlers. With two ways to set up the track, this set includes a loop-de-loop and crashing barrels, and finishes with a big splash! The set comes included with a die-cast Mickey hot-rod and fits any of the other Mickey and the Roadster Racers cars sold separately, as well as most other die-cast cars, including Hot Wheels.

Our favorite part of this set is the “Goofy Gas” launcher that propels the cars down the track and into the loop-de-loop. The Super-Charged Drop & Loop Playset is also compatible with the other Mickey and the Roadster Racers sets that have been introduced, allowing kids to build longer tracks by combining two or more playsets. We were impressed by how well the cars stay on the track, even when moving quickly.

What they will learn: Not just about crashing cars, toddlers playing with the Mickey and the Roadster Racers Super-Charged Drop & Loop Playset will have a great time experimenting with different track configurations and learning basic lessons about physics.

  • Best Mickey Mouse stunt track playset we reviewed
  • Can be configured in multiple ways and combined with other Mickey and the Roadster Racers stunt sets
  • Compatible with most other die-cast toy cars like Hot Wheels
  • There is only one car included with the playset

7. Best Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Playset: Mickey Mouse Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse

Why we like it: Featuring the iconic mouse ears and big yellow shoe design of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, a fun selection of activities makes the Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse our favorite Mickey Mouse playset for toddlers.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2-5 years

The Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse is a unique playset with a lot to do. Featuring a zip line with a hot air balloon in the shape of Mickey’s trademark white glove, there is also a slide and a launcher that sends Mickey’s red convertible speeding out of the garage when your toddler hits the button. Featuring a three-inch tall Mickey Mouse figure with an articulated lower half so that the figure sits easily in the included car, this clubhouse playset offers a ton of activities at a reasonable price.

Zip, Slide & Zoom is the perfect description of the main features of this playset. First Mickey zips down the wire in his hot air balloon, then he lands on the slide which takes him around the clubhouse and through the large, Mickey-ear-shaped ring. Once he has landed in the garage, pressing the big green button will send Mickey zooming out of the garage in his red convertible. The playset resets easily, so your toddler will love doing this over and over again.

What they will learn: The Zip, Slide & Zoom Clubhouse playset gives toddlers a great outlet for their imagination and encourages creative play. The nifty combo of the zipline, slide and garage launcher will inspire future mechanical engineers.

  • Fisher-Price has packed a lot of activities in this very compact playset
  • It’s fun to watch Mickey Mouse slide down the zipline, twist his way down the slide and zoom out of the garage in his included convertible
  • Mickey figure included with the playset
  • It is tough to keep Mickey from falling out of his car when he is zooming out of his garage

8. Best Mickey Mouse Bath Toy: Shoot and Store Bath Toy

Why we like it: The Mickey Mouse Shoot and Store Bath Toy makes bathtime more fun and provides convenient storage for toys in between baths.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 18 months+

Any parent of a toddler can tell you that bathtime gets much easier with a few good toys. The Mickey Mouse Shoot and Store Bath Toy does double duty as a fun activity as well as handy storage for the bathroom. Resembling a basketball hoop, the first thing parents will notice is that there is no hole at the bottom of the net. While this is very helpful for storing balls and other bath toys between baths, this could make it difficult for toddlers to play with alone depending on the positioning of the hoop.

When not in use, the hoop folds down in a way that makes it fairly flush with the wall and takes up less space. While this makes the storage net smaller, there is still plenty of room in the mesh net for the included floating balls as well as a few other favorite bath toys even when the rim is folded down. The hoop is mounted using a very secure suction cup that moves easily. We even heard from some adults who confessed to moving the Shoot and Store Bath Toy higher so they can play during shower time!

What they will learn: Not only will it keep them occupied during bath time, the Shoot and Store Bath Toy is a great aid for developing motor skills.

  • Colorful floating balls and foam padded rim add lots of fun to bathtime
  • Mesh net provides storage for balls and other bath toys when not in use
  • Included suction cup mount allows the hoop to stick to the wall easily
  • Because there is no hole at the bottom of the net, it can be difficult for toddlers to retrieve their own balls after they score a basket

9. Best Mickey Mouse Figures Set: Mickey Collectible Friends Set

Why we like it: Perfect for use with any Mickey Mouse playset, this collection of five detailed figures is fit to be displayed.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: Yes

Age Range: 3+

Featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto, this set of five collectible figures is fun for toddlers to play with by themselves, or as part of any Mickey Mouse playset. Measuring three inches high, each character is depicted wearing their signature outfit in a fun pose that shows off their personality. The figures are very detailed, making them perfect for display as well as being played with.

Made from high-quality plastic, the figures are sturdy and look great. A mom who purchased this set to use as a combination cake-topper and gift for their son’s 2nd birthday was very happy with the result. One drawback to this set of figures is that they are not poseable in any way, with each one permanently frozen in the same pose. This makes it tough to use these figures with toy vehicles.

What they will learn: Toddlers will have a blast developing their imagination, language, and social skills while playing with this set of collectible figures.

  • This set contains a great cast of Disney character in iconic outfits and poses
  • Figures are very detailed
  • Perfect for use with most Mickey Mouse playsets
  • The figures do not bend or move in any way

10. Best Sing-Along Book: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sing-Along Songs

Why we like it: The book full of Mickey-inspired lyrics to sing to classic nursery rhymes is fun, but the Surprise Mirror feature is what makes this sing-along book so unique.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 3-7 years

Featuring 10 play-a-sound buttons, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sing-Along Songs lets your toddler sing along with their favorite Disney characters. While there are several Mickey Mouse books that also play music, the addition of the “Surprise Mirror” feature makes this one our favorite. When kids press one of the buttons to play sound, they will never know which of their favorite characters will appear in the mirror on the front of the book.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is one of the most popular shows for toddlers on the Disney Channel, so it’s a logical choice for a sing-along book for little Mickey fans. Instead of telling a story, every page of the book is filled with colorful illustrations, activities, and lyrics for each song. When one of the buttons is pressed, the book plays the music to one of 10 classic children’s songs.

What they will learn: The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sing-Along Songs book will help your toddler develop their matching and basic reading ability.

  • The light-up characters appearing in the surprise mirror will delight most toddlers
  • Good selection of traditional children’s songs that kids love to sing along with
  • The book contains fun character art and new Mickey-inspired lyrics to classic songs
  • Some parents were disappointed that the songs in this book were nursery rhyme songs instead of songs from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show

11. Best Sorting Toy: Mickey Mouse Shape Sorting Cube

Why we like it: A Mickey-themed take on a classic toddler toy, the Mickey Mouse Shape Sorting Cube rewards toddlers with a satisfying sound when they match shapes correctly.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 2+

Melissa & Doug is one of our favorite brands of wooden toys for young children. Through a partnership with Disney, they have begun producing Mickey Mouse toys, and this perfect match is why so many Melissa & Doug toys appear on the list of our best-reviewed Mickey Mouse toys for Toddlers.

The Melissa & Doug Mickey Shape Sorting Cube is a great twist on a classic toddler toy. In order to fit each of the 9 colorful and differently shaped blocks into the sturdy wooden box, toddlers must match the shape of the block to the cutout in the side of the box. Once they are done, the top can be removed to get all the blocks back. We were impressed by how solid the blocks felt, each landing in the box with a satisfying clunk.

What they will learn: The Melissa & Doug Mickey Shape Sorting Cube is a great way to teach your toddler to match shapes. It’s also a great way to teach them to put their toys away by themselves.

  • Best Mickey Mouse toy for Toddlers under $10
  • Sturdy wooden box and solid blocks are made to last
  • Helps kids develop motor skills and shape matching
  • With each side approximately 7 inches in length, the Melissa & Doug Mickey Shape Sorting Cube is smaller than it looks in some promotional pictures

12. Best Mickey Mouse Pool Toy for Toddlers: Mickey Mouse Water Swimmer

Why we like it: Guaranteed to delight onlookers, the Mickey Mouse Water Swimmer is a great companion for toddlers in the pool or the bathtub.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 1 month+

Fun for the pool and the bathtub, the Mickey Mouse Water Swimmer lets kids splash around with their favorite cartoon mouse. Just wind up Mickey, place him on his back in the water, and watch him do the backstroke! Decked out in a classic swimsuit and swim goggles, Mickey will entertain swimmers and spectators of all ages.

We were impressed by the swimming motion. Mickey turns at the waist and moves his arms swiftly enough that he gets through the water pretty quickly. Parents should note that while the toy mostly floats, it can take on water and sink. We advise you not to play with this toy in situations where it could not be retrieved if it sinks to the bottom of the swimming area.

What they will learn: This toy helps toddlers become more comfortable in the water. Several parents reported that this toy is a great aid for teaching toddlers how to swim.

  • Mickey Mouse Water Swimmer can be used in the bathtub as well as the pool
  • Great teaching tool for toddlers learning to swim
  • It looks like Mickey is really doing the backstroke
  • Mickey can sink, so keep him away from the deep end of the pool unless someone is willing and able to go get him

13. Deluxe Mickey Mouse Toy Box

Why we like it: What better place to store your toddler’s trove of Mickey Mouse toys? This sturdy toy box will look great in your toddler’s playroom for years to come.

Editor’s Rating:

Choking Hazard: No

Age Range: 3+

To a toddler, a toy box full of toys is a magical thing. To a parent, a child’s clean room has a very similar effect. Thanks to this excellent Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy box from Delta Children, everyone can get their way. With a classic arch design, sturdy wood construction and colorful exterior featuring Mickey and his pals, this is the perfect toy box for any toddler who loves Mickey Mouse.

We were especially impressed by the slow closing lid, which prevents little fingers from getting pinched or slammed. Delta Children has been manufacturing children’s furniture for over 50 years, and this toy box is one of many pieces of furniture offered as part of their Mickey Mouse collection. Delta also makes toy boxes featuring other popular Disney characters, so instead of Mickey parents can choose toy boxes featuring Minnie, Disney Princesses and more. We also like that Delta Childrens donates a portion of each sale to charities that improve the lives of children.

What they will learn: It’s technically not a toy, but using the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toybox will help your toddler learn to take care of their space and their possessions.

  • The slow closing lid keeps toddlers injury-free
  • Made from sturdy manufactured wood, this toy box is built to last
  • Colorful graphics featuring Mickey and his pals
  • Some parents did not like that the slow-close mechanism does not let the box close fully.

Final Words

He’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me! Our search for all things Mickey led us to find a bunch of really great toys that parents should feel good about buying for their toddlers. We were amazed by how many unique Mickey Mouse themed toys we were able to find that help toddlers learn through play.

If your toddler lights up when they see Mickey Mouse, you should use that to encourage them to learn and try new things. Having a familiar face like Mickey can really help them develop an instant connection with their new toy, engaging their curiosity and breaking down barriers to learning. Every Mickey Mouse toy we reviewed was filled with Mickey’s trademark positivity and contained messages that parents unanimously agreed were beneficial for their kids.