Best Shopkin Toys for Kids 2020


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Playing with toys, dollhouses, and similar mini-figures is an exciting way for kids to recreate their fantasy world. They lead kids to act on different roles based on their own imaginations. Among the many mini-dolls, toy figures and structures for kids play available in the market currently are Shopkin toys.

Shopkin toys were made by Moose Toys brand in Melbourne, Australia. They are a group of small toys identifiable with a recognizable face, personality, and quirky names. The toys include hundreds of characters, storybooks, movies, and trading cards, highlighting the adventures of creations. Well, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your little princess, below are some best gift ideas from Shopkins.

Top 30 Best Shopkin Toys 2020

1. Shopkins Happy Places Season 3 – Welcome Pack

Why we like it: this toy provides a chance to recreate fun in a classroom. It has several petkins to accomplish this. This Shopkins product is aimed at turning any space into a fun one. It has cute petkins who are beautifully colored for decorating your space. The pencil is a blunt but straight forward character. She loves taking notes and arranging her petkins.

This toy will help your young one in fun pretense play. Not only will she enjoy recreating an adventurous class time but also help Pencil arrange her petkins. She also gets a chance to replay how she takes notes in class. The only difference, she will be in charge.

This toy will help develop creativity and imagination. This season three toy is an amazing gift for a Shopkins fanatic.

  • Has several cute petkins
  • Recreates classroom activities
  • Develops creativity
  • Boosts hand-eye coordination
  • Small parts can chock a baby

2. Shopkins Complete Ice cream Playset

Why we like it: this set is equipped with an ice cream trunk, dispenser, cool box, tray, and a scoop to create a fun ice cream world.Nothing tastes greater than ice cream on a hot, sunny day. Kids love ice cream. This Shopkins toy has been built to create adventures revolving around ice cream. It comes equipped with 8 exclusive Shopkins, a tray, a dispenser, and a scoop.

Your little one can act as an ice cream vendor. With 8 flavors to sell, she can imagine lots of possibilities. Alternatively, she can play shopping where she needs to get herself some ice cream. Unlike in real-life situations where she can be limited to taking lots of ice cream, this toy provides all the fun she requires.

This toy will help your baby heighten her imagination and creativity. There are numerous accessories in this kit to create this reality.

  • Has an ice cream truck
  • Lightweight
  • Has endless fun possibilities
  • Quite expensive

3. Shopkins Cutie Cars Splash ‘N’ Go spa Wash

Why we like it: cutie cars get a makeover at the spa wash. There is also a deco brush to help you color a car to your taste.There are 2 levels of a fun play on this set. There is a spa wash, a deco station, a drying space, and a scent station. There is also a working elevator and a ramp to facilitate movement. Also, there is a collector’s guide and brush in the kit.

This Shopkins toy heightens playtime by featuring a magical car that changes color. Yes, when washed with warm water, the car reveals hidden patterns changing its color. You can also use ice water for a magical change.

Besides, you can also decorate a car. There are a deco brush and a deco station in the set. Customize and decorate the car to your taste. Not only will the car leave the spa clean but also looking new. You can place a mini shopkin in the cutie car for more adventures.

  • 2 levels of play
  • Has a spa area, deco station, drying station, and scent area
  • Features a magical cutie car
  • You can customize a car’s decoration
  • Only one car in the set
  • Not ideal for kids below 3 years

4. Happy Places Shopkins Happy Stables Playset

Why we like it: The happy stable Playset has a 360-sided play. There are Petkins accessories and furniture to facilitate this.Happy Stables is all about keeping ponies and the stables clean. This product includes brush, shovel, and other accessories to enable this. A clean stable is a happy place for the pony.

This playset can hold several ponies at ease. There is a fence to keep ponies safe and avoid them from running from home. Assembling this is quite easy and requires little manpower.

You can customize the toy. Since there is only one pony in the set, you can add more for endless play. This toy can accommodate several children at once. It will engage the kids when you host the next sleepover. Cleaning the stables and the pony will be a fun activity.

  • Easy assembly
  • Includes a poop with a face
  • You can customize the product
  • Only one pony included
  • The fence does not hold

5. Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home Pool and Sun Deck

Why we like it: relax in a happy setting. There are a pool and a sun deck to help you cool off in a happy home.This Shopkins toy is built for relaxation and fun. Get to relax in the pool after a stressful day or lay under the sun deck. You can also hold a pool party and accessorize it to your taste. Whether on the sun deck or pool, having fun and relaxation are the main features on this playset.

The happy pool and sun deck connect to the happy house. It can be a stand-alone play set or an extended one. It is easy to put together.

For intense play, there are exclusive petkins included in the package. There are furniture and accessories too to complete the setting. It also includes Peppa Mint and a doll stand.

  • This toy revolves around fun and relaxation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has a pool and sun deck
  • Includes petkins furniture and accessories
  • The floating toys do not float

6. Shopkins Shoppies Peppa-Mint’s Gelati Scooter

Why we like it: Peppa Mint has fun with Baci Gelati and Minty Swirl on her scooter. It also includes a VIP card.It is time to enjoy the Italian sun with Peppa Mint. She rides a scooter and carries her friends, Baci Gelati, and Minty Swirl, around. Take a happy vacation on this scooter. You can have ice cream while onboard!

The package includes a doll stand, brush, and a VIP card. Ice cream is not the only sweet activity you can take part in. Use the VIP card to gain access to exclusive places.

  • Has a VIP card
  • Has 4 mini shopkins
  • Nice quality
  • Sturdy for rough play
  • Choking hazard

7. Shopkins Cutie Car

Why we like it: features 3 cars, with 3 cuties that live different lives but enjoy hanging out together. Create fun driving activities with these mini cuties. Soft Swerve enjoys serving treats to her customers. She plays music as she drives which attracts customers to her windows. She leaves a trail to help her get home. Her food van has a perfect interior for chilling out.

Zippy has the coolest car and always takes the coolest routes. While waiting for the lights to change, he leaves puddles. You are likely to find him on the shady streets.

Meanwhile, Strawberry Scoupe is the slowest driver on the street. She gives way to everyone and only rides when the road is completely safe. Taking a ride with her may take forever but you are guaranteed to arrive safely.

There is much you can do with this product. The cars are made from quality materials and will withstand time and rough play.

  • Durable
  • Quality material
  • Endless fun
  • Includes 3 mini shopkins
  • Some parts are too small
  • Difficult to keep track of small parts

8. Shopkins So Cool Fridge

Why we like it: this set allows you to take your shopping skills to the next level. There is adequate storage for your food in the fridge.It is time to go shopping. With new arrivals on the shelves, take time to visit the store. It is open till late to facilitate access even at odd hours. This toy helps you try out new tastes from different places. You have space to store the leftovers in the fridge.

There are mini rides for the shopkin characters. You child can drive them to and from the store. Besides, there is plenty of room for display. For intensive play, you can arrange the display to suit your imagination.

The toy makes room for storage. You can use the fridge to store the shopkins and eggs after play.

  • Ample storage
  • Boosts shopping skills
  • Lots of display
  • Great quality
  • Ice Dispenser does not include ice
  • Shelves are not included

9. Shopkins New Families in Collectible Mini Pack

Why we like it: there are 2 hidden shopkins in the package. If you are lucky, you get a bonus baby kin too.This collectible mini pack features 8 mini packs, two hidden characters and baby kin as a bonus to a lucky shopper. Help the shopkin family find each other. Create endless tales while uniting the family.

While bringing the family together, you can collect the chocolates, lollipops, and cakes along the way. If you are lucky to find baby kin in your set, there is a feeding bottle in the package. Every family member has something to relate to.

The toys display quality craftsmanship. The colors are bright and appeal to a child’s eye. This toy will engage your child for hours.

  • Cute shopping items
  • The hidden characters intensify the suspense
  • Large shopping mart
  • Intense pretense play
  • The advertised picture varies with the actual product
  • Groceries are made of cardboard

10. Shopkins Happy Places Mermaid Reef Retreat Playset

Why we like it: this toy lets mermaid have fun in their world, under the sea. The toy has 2 levels of play and accessories for more fun.Kids’ tales revolve around fantasy. That’s the reason this Shopkins playset has been designed. It features a retreat reef where Lil’ Mermaid and her friends can swim, relax, and have fun. All these activities take place under the sea.

On the top level, Lil’ mermaid can hang out with her friends. She can also take the slide down to the Jacuzzi for a relaxing time. Her tail changes magically when she gets in the water. This action recreates the mythical world.

You can decorate the reef in your own way. The furniture provided can be used in multiple settings. You can create a lounge, spa, dining room, or bedroom. It all depends on your imagination. Surprise yourself with what you can achieve with this toy.

  • Endless fun underwater
  • Furniture can create endless scenarios in rooms
  • Working staircase and slide
  • Mermaid’s tail changes color
  • Dolls are not included

11. Shopkins Pop and Race Game

Why we like it: The start button will send shivers on your body once you start playing. Run across the board but do not risk being sent to ‘Start’.

This board game features shopkin characters. Players use a die during play. You move the playing pieces in accordance with the number displayed on the die. If your destination collides with your partner’s, you are automatically sent back to start. The winner is the first person to take all the 4 pieces of play home.

There is a complete set of instructions in the package. This game requires two players or more. In case you need clarity on how to go about an action, you can refer to these instructions.

This will be a great bonding activity with your child. The dice rules out the winner and the loser. Imagine the joy your kid will experience if you lose to him! This is a toy worth purchasing.

  • Captivating game
  • Includes shopkins characters
  • Includes instructions
  • Strong and durable pieces
  • Details and numbers on the board are not clearly detailed
  • Little space to fit the Shopkins

12. Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Shoppies

Why we like it: this Shopkins doll is designed to help your little girl discover an adventurous secret world.

This toy features a secret map, a secret lock, teeny shoppie, and a shopkin. Marsha Mellow has white, blue and pink colored hairstyles into a bow. She comes in glitter, silk-lace skirt which is removable. Her shoes are bow themed for an elegant appearance.

Marsh Mellow carries a purse that transforms into a doughnut shop or a necklace. Depending on the adventure at hand, this purse can be used in multiple pretense play scenarios.

The package also includes a diary and a doll stand. As the product name suggests, this toy can help your kid understand the value of keeping valuable secrets.

  • The doll has flexible joints
  • Cute Shopkin doll
  • Has a convertible purse
  • Doll stands 5.5” tall
  • Changing the house to a necklace is difficult
  • Small parts are a choking hazard

13. Shopkins Cutie Cars Drive Thru Diner Playset

Why we like it: the Shopkins Cutie Cars Drive Thru Diner Playset is a good choice of pretense game for active kids. As the name suggests, the player pretends to be taking a road trip on a highway before ducking for a quick bite in a local eatery. The game features one mini Shopkin and one exclusive cutie car.

Players should pop in the Mini Shopkin before taking them for a ride. The set features a rotating drive for endless play sessions. It involves the mini-figure passing by the drive-thru window for some after school snack. Players can also ride through the elevator to get a view of the beautiful sun deck.

The Shopkins Cutie Cars Drive Thru Diner Playset is good for girls who love Shopkin toys. They can also be a good addition to those who like collecting toys or would want to incorporate it with other Shopkin toys for a lengthy play.

  • Includes executive cutie car
  • Interactive drive-thru
  • Best for advanced play
  • Good quality and price
  • Not that permanent

14. Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Camper Van

Why we like it: the Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Camper Van features colorful dollhouses that bring Shopkin world to the real life of little Shoppies. Simply put, this toy includes a tiny home on the go.

In overall, the set is perfect for role-playing a trip or family vacation. Starting off its discernable features is the built-in table that can flip down to form a seat. It also comes with a refrigerator and stove among other accessories for preparing meals for the little camper. The set is compatible with various Happy Places items including the convertible set adding to its versatility.

The front double doors reveal a spacious shower, dining area that can be transformed into a sleeping quarter and a small sink with a hidden toilet when opened. Coupled with the Happy Places Convertible playset, the Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Camper Van takes Shoppies on a well-deserved vacation in the campervan as they head to the ultimate getaway.

  • Has exclusive Pinki cola Shoppie figure
  • Best for advanced age play
  • Quick close holds all items easily
  • Great toy for the price
  • Extra figures can be easily lost

15. Shopkins Lil’ Secret Lock Donut Shop

Why we like it: the Shopkins Lil’ Secret Lock Donut Shop resembles a wallet in size, making it a perfect takeaway toy for travel. You can hang around the neck by adding some little ribbon to make a unique pendant. The game begins once a player succeeds in unlocking the Donut shop. This requires one to crack a code.

Once open, the player should find Donatina’s BFF from the six different Choppie pieces. The set comes with a map that helps in tracing the Shopkins. You should then scratch to reveal the identity of the three symbols. The final challenge involves unlocking a special finish donut stop-shop with either glitter, fluffy, metallic or pearl items.

The full collection includes a makeup salon, sweet candy shop, petals flower shop, paws pet shop, and great bakes cupcakes.

  • Fun to play
  • Interactive game
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Portable
  • Breaks easily

16. Shopkins Happy Place Happyville High School Playset

Why we like it: the Shopkins Happy Place Happyville High School Playset is not only designed for play but also learning.

In the game, all Shopkins and Shoppie should come during the opening day of the school. Your kid should make an imaginative welcoming version for older fans who could be contemplating a move to new schools.

Characters start their day in the gym, head to the science class, and end up at the cafeteria for some lunch. The set has a lot of space to create happy places. So to say, you can roundup all the Shopkins and Shoppies in the plenty of space that suits various layouts.

  • Large model
  • Quality make
  • Interactive play
  • Choking hazard

17. Shopkins Shoppies Doll – Pirouetta

Why we like it: the Shopkins Shoppies Doll – Pirouetta playset is up for girls interested in makeups and dressing roles. With a quick change in costumes, Pirouetta should be ready to rock the stage for an act.

With her beautiful frills, she is headed to thrill and keep her Shopkins on toes.

Pirouetta is certainly pretty and wins the heart of everyone she performs too. However, she should be styled perfectly before getting on stage. This is where the core of the play revolves. Shopkins Shoppies Doll – Pirouetta comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins, a VIP card and a brush for styling her hair. With all these, the player will need to fix her hair using the brush to make her look stunning.

  • Good size of toy
  • Has a brush and 2 exclusive Shopkins
  • Special VIP card
  • Choking hazard as small parts are involved

18. Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home

Why we like it: factually, there is no place like home. Well, this Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home playset features an exclusive Shoppie Pia puzzle that needs to be understood well. The home is made up of four spacious rooms, 8 exclusive Petkins, an exclusive Pia Puzzle, and a side ladder that connects two levels. The playset also comes with more than 45 stickers for DIY purposes at home.

Players need to customize their homes in their own imaginative play. This encourages social learning besides being a source of fun. When done, you can then invite the Lil Shoppies over for some time of fun. The shelves at the back come in handy for storing Petkins.

Being part of the Happy Places Community, the Happy Places Shopkins Happy Home can be connected with other Happy Places playsets for more engaging play. Despite taking up little space, this dollhouse provides an exclusive opportunity for kids role-play. Combining all the facets of Shopkins provides a good experience.

  • Two-level construction
  • Includes an exclusive Shoppie and Petkin
  • Good construction
  • Versatile
  • Stickers are purchased separately

19. Shopkins Season 10 Mini Pack

Why we like it: the Shopkins Season 10 Mini Pack brings back the world of Grocery stores on a miniature scale. Players are required to collect familiar items such as milk cartons, detergent bottles, cookie bags, ice cream tubs, pancake mix boxes and many more, each with a mystery Shopkin figure inside.

The entire playset comes with 8 Shopkins, 8 mini pack from the film’s season 10 lineup. It is quite hard to tell which possible figures are included in the 123 figures present. You will also be up for a special treat from the season 1 figures who reappear in their original colors. Without knowledge on which of the characters are inside, you will be delighted by the urge to open the figures first.

  • First release of season 10 figures
  • Variety pack
  • Includes a limited edition Shopkin
  • Simple play
  • Not a quality make

20. Shopkins Small Mart Playset Children’s’ Toy

Why we like it: the Shopkins Small Mart Playset Children’s’ Toy is a perfect playset for Shoppies and Shopkins who would like to head out for some shopping. The set comes with a convenience store that is completely set up with shelves harboring all the supplies, a shopping cart, spinning bag carousel, and finally a check-out counter.

The figures are perfectly sized for Shopkin and Shoppie characters making it simple to load the cart before checking out at the counter. It comes with 2 exclusive collector’s edition Shopkins and 2 mini-packs drafted from the 10th season of the play. This perfect gift is fully compatible with Shoppie dolls, which needs to be purchased separately.

  • Great construction
  • Scaled to Shoppie and Shopkin figures
  • Mystery Shopkin included
  • Compatible with Shoppie dolls
  • Shoppie dolls need to be purchased separately

21. Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach House Playset

Why we like it: Happy Places Shopkins are uniquely modern dollhouse sets that bring to real life the world of Shopkins to your little Shoppies. The Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach House Playset revolves around an exciting vacation at the beach in the Happy Places Beach House drafted from the 5th season of the film.

The two-storied miniature beach dollhouse is scaled to suit little Shoppies perfectly. It features a large downstairs living room that comes in handy for parties. The upstairs Patio and bedroom also provide sufficient space for lonely moments if you feel the noise is too much.

The five-piece furniture, including the Jacuzzi, makes the Patio comfy and cozy. The side steps of the house lead to the upstairs Patio for sufficient stay. Shoppies can enjoy the enthralling horizon view of the beach by standing under the exquisite palm trees.

With all these, Shoppies can carry along their beloved pets to a well-deserved vacation. Players get to decorate and furnish the beach house and campervan using the various furniture provided in the games welcome pack.

  • Colorful dollhouse
  • Spacious rooms
  • Compatible with other Happy Places toys
  • Lots of accessories
  • Doesn’t come with extra Shopkins and should be purchased

22. Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible

Why we like it: the Shopkins Happy Places Rainbow Beach Convertible presents another Happy Place toy Shoppies with another chance to head out for a wonderful afternoon to a picnic or beach drive of their choice.

The playset revolves around Shopkins spending the afternoon in pretend play of the wind blowing through their hair and snacking out from their picnic basket.

This rainbow beach convertible playset from Happy Places comes with a Lil Shoppie rainbow Kate, a picnic basket, purse, spare tire, accessories and more for fun-filled beaching experience. Like other Happy Places toys, this set can hook up to the front of Happy Places beach Campervan for a complete engaging play. The set fits up to 2 Lil Shoppies.

  • Can be hooked up to other playsets
  • Interactive and awesome toy
  • Super cute
  • Rainbow Kate included
  • Doesn’t come with all accessories

23. Shopkins Season 5 Super Shopper Pack

Why we like it: the Shopkins Season 5 Super Shopper Pack joins our list of the best toys for very many reasons. For starters, it is a must-have for kids who love cute and colorful playing characters.

It presents a great way of discovering the Shopkins universe.

It is also a good addition for those who are well versed with Shopkin toys and would want to broaden their collection.

As the name suggests, it is a super collection of 26 characters with 6 backpacks. The whopping 32 pieces which include 4 exclusive Shopkins gives the players an opportunity to handle some of the very rare Shopkins characters.

The figures are tiny yet cute and colorful. The surprise inside the backpack will certainly surprise your small kids in a pleasant way. Besides being playing figures, Shopkins Season 5 Super Shopper Pack can also stand out as necklaces or bracelets. Lastly, they are made with child-safe design and can hold on tough daily abuse.

  • Versatile package
  • Sturdy design
  • Child safe figures
  • Four exclusive Shopkins included
  • Backpacks are difficult to open

24. Shopkins Join the Party Playset – Birthday Cake Surprise

Why we like it: the Shopkins Join the Party Playset – Birthday Cake Surprise is a heavy Shopkins toy that comes with all your kid’s needs for a perfect Shopkins influenced birthday party.

From the one-tiered cake stand, 2 exclusive birthday Shopkins figures, cake slice tabletop, birthday cake chair, one cupcake box, four exclusive mini Shopkins characters, and 3 candles, what else is missing for a perfect birthday party?

This premium-priced toy is birthday themed released in the 7th season of the Shopkins series. It comes with a couple of hidden surprises within the toy cake, making it a perfect sight to watch. The top-tier cake opens up to a hidden compartment.

The cake slice tabletop is removable from the base for unending surprises. Once assembled, your kids will absolutely love it as they get ready to have unlimited fun. The entire set weighs approximately 2 pounds and best for kids aged 5 years and above.

  • Perfect for a thrilling birthday party
  • Exclusive Shopkin characters
  • Hidden surprises
  • Engaging play
  • Choking hazard for small kids

25. Shopkins Girls Purse Handbags

Why we like it: the Shopkins Girls Purse Handbags is a little girl purse that awakens the inner woman in your little girl. This is a perfect Shopkins accessory for all school-going Lil Shoppies. Like other Shopkins toys, the bag is quality made with all the features resembling her mummy’s bag.

The zip closure provides guaranteed security for their belongings. It also comes with adjustable straps that can be adjusted to suit the size of your little princess. This ensures that kids of all ages and body sizes don’t miss out on this important gift. Shopkins Girls Purse Handbags can be used for party favors, as dress-up toys, school supplies or gifts.

  • Adorable purse
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable strap
  • Full-zip closure
  • Doesn’t last long

26. Shopkins Sing-Along Boombox Blue

Why we like it: does your little princes love singing? Well, the Shopkins Sing-Along Boombox Blue is the perfect toy for kids who love singing role-play. It can turn your kid into a singing star as she sings along her favorite music alongside the built-in music that the boom box churns out. Fortunately, the mic is real and works.

The set can also be connected to an MP3 player, and the kid sings along using the mic, creating a magical spell to the listeners. Shopkins Sing-Along Boombox Blue comes with a handbag designed to resemble a favorite Shopkins figure, Harriet. With such compatibility, your kid’s favorite toy will be on her side.

The handbag features a storage compartment where the kids can store an MP3 device. With this, you won’t have any worries about fun and music anytime. When operational, a light flashes from the toy for an additional joyful experience. 3AAA batteries power the light.

  • Good gift
  • Working mic with inbuilt music
  • Harriet designed handbag
  • Functional flashing lights
  • Storage compartment
  • Average sound quality

27. Shopkins Shoppies Juice Track

Why we like it: the Shopkins Shoppies Juice Track is a perfect toy option to purchase, thanks to its colorful design with numerous accessories and exclusive Shopkins figures. With its affordable price, this sturdy toy is the best buy and ideal for role-playing besides being a good addition to your Shopkins toys collection.

With the Shopkins Shoppies Juice Truck, kids can take a fun-filled ride within the town of Shopville selling smoothies. The set comes with a colorful truck, 2 stools, and one blender that gets everything ready for work. The truck can easily fit Shoppie dolls and a Shopkin. You can then take the driver’s seat, set up the shop, and blend to the finest smoothies with two fruity Shopkins.

With all these, your kids can have endless hours of role-playing with the toys. The entire set weighs approximately 1.35 pounds thus suitable for kids aged more than 3 years.

  • Colorful truck
  • Ideal for role play
  • Truck fits Shoppie doll and Shopkins characters
  • Good toy to add into toy collection
  • Small pieces thus choking hazard

28. Shopkins Sweet Spot Playset

Why we like it: the Shopkins Sweet Spot Playset offers a sweet deal and an amazing playset with a lot of fun things to engage in. The set features a lot of options to display in your favorite Shopkins, take them for rides, roll and have fun with them. The toys come with various accessories including 2 candy bags, a candy cart trolley, one lollipop stand, 6 gumballs, and two exclusive Shopkins characters.

For role-play, kids need to put the gumballs to the gumball machine, turn on the dial and watch the gumballs roll. The gumball can hold Shopkins inside as you take them to an exhilarating roller coaster ride. You can as well put your Shopkins on the candy cart trolley instead of the gumball machine as you take them to the Shopville ride. If you don’t want to take them for a ride, you can just hang them around the lollipop tree.

  • Gumball machine with 6 gumballs
  • Lollipop tree for hanging Shopkins
  • Display options available
  • Cute interactive toy
  • Makes little noise

29. Shopkins Join the Party Large Playset – Party Game Arcade

Why we like it: the Shopkins Join the Party Large Playset – Party Game Arcade is made exactly for that – for party and having a good time. The set contains two bumper cars that carry Shoppies, Shopkins, Strikey the bowling ball, 3 bowling pin Shopkins namely Pinna Pin, Penny Pin, and Pippy Pin. Other accessories include 3 plastic balloons, a gift box that fits Shopkins and four exclusive Shopkins.

With all these amazing characters combined with bumping cars and balloons, you can be certain that your kid will have endless hours of a good time. Despite its high price value, you can be sure of providing your little Shopkins enthusiast with the best toy for playing or adding to her toy collection.

Kids can spend time practicing their bowling skills or bump around the cars with shopping characters and Shoppies seated on them. If this action is too much, they can as well spend time decorating the arcade with balloons. The Shopkins Join the Party Large Playset – Party Game Arcade is suitable for kids aged more than 5 years.

  • Interactive play
  • Two bumper cars
  • Good quality make
  • Advanced play
  • Quite pricey

30. Shopkins Tri-Fold Storage Organizer

Why we like it: the Shopkins Toy Tri-Fold Storage Organizer isn’t just a toy for kids but also doubles up as important accessory kids can store their favorite Shopkins. The toy comes with a lightweight threefold design that makes it easier to carry along. This is an assurance that Shopkins figures will be available anywhere needed.

With its affordable price, this isn’t a toy to miss out. It can easily hold various Shopkins figures, including bags and baskets, thanks to its multiple compartments. It can as well fold into a portable case that can be held with a hand making it an ideal handbag. Adding to the exquisite nature of this toy bag is the fun graphics with colorful Shopkins logo and characters. It is best for kids aged more than 3 years.

  • Perfect portable case
  • Multiple compartments
  • Threefold design
  • Ideal handbag
  • Affordable
  • Little pieces make it a choking hazard

Bottom Line

Shopkins toys are perfect toys for Shopkins enthusiast. They not only provide hours of fun but also essential in developing role-play and encourages social skills. Mentioned above are some of the popular toys that can be your kids’ favorite too.