Everything You Need to Know About the Graco Turbobooster Highback Booster Seat

Everything You Need to Know About the Graco Turbobooster Highback Booster Seat

What We Like

  • Comfortable for long trips
  • Can be used with or without the back
  • Has cupholders
  • Easy to install

What We Dislike

  • Not compatible with the LATCH system
  • Not very portable
  • Less side impact protection than other Graco models

The Bottom Line

The Graco Turbobooster is a comfortable and safe car seat for children. It’s a great seat for your child to grow into because the back can be removed. The cupholders are useful for holding snacks and drinks and are easily accessible. The Turbobooster is fairly priced and affordable.

Booster seats are imperative to your child’s safety during car rides, so it’s important to find one that fits your car and your child. You’ll want something that is comfortable and easy to clean.

The Graco Turbobooster is a versatile car seat that is both comfortable and safe. It has a removable back so it can be used for both older and younger children. The headrest and armrests are adjustable, so almost any child can sit cozily.

There are also cupholders on both sides of the seat that can be turned inward to save space when not in use. Otherwise, they’re convenient for holding snacks and drinks during road trips.

In this article, we’ll be providing an in-depth review of the Graco Turbobooster Highback Booster Seat so that you can decide if it is the right booster seat for you. We’ll share information on installation, safety, comfort, cleaning, and other important product features.

What Are the Size Requirements?

In order for your child to safely ride in the Graco Turbobooster Seat, it’s important that they meet the size requirements. This booster seat is meant for children ages four and up. It also has a weight minimum of 40 pounds and a height requirement of 43 to 57 inches. These requirements are the same regardless of whether the booster is being used with or without the back.

Is the Turbobooster Easy to Assemble?

The Graco Turbobooster does not come assembled; luckily, assembly is straightforward for the most part. There are clear instructions included with the product, but much of the assembly is self-explanatory.

Users typically have the most trouble attaching the back to the base. Luckily, Graco has a short video guide on how to do so.

How Do You Install the Graco Turbobooster?

Woman installs a booster seat

Installing the Graco Turbobooster in your vehicle is easy. Cover the vehicle seat with a blanket or towel to protect it; then, place the booster on the desired seat in the car (check the vehicle’s manual for which seats are best suited for a booster). Push the Turbobooster as far back as possible; the back of the booster seat should be flush with the vehicle seat back.

Then, have your child sit in the Turbobooster so you can adjust the seatbelt into the guides. A proper fit will have the shoulder strap resting near the middle of your child’s shoulder, away from the neck. It should cross diagonally over the middle of the chest.

The lap belt should be high on the child’s thighs, resting on the pelvis. If the seatbelt crosses your child’s stomach, it is not fit properly and is unsafe. A seatbelt that rests on the stomach can cause abdominal injury in the event of a crash. The Graco Turbobooster has guide adjusters for you to slide the seatbelt into to ensure a proper fit.

Backless Installation

Installation is the same if you prefer to use the Graco Turbobooster without the back. However, you will need to use the seatbelt adjuster strap to ensure the shoulder strap has the proper fit since the guides from the backrest are no longer there.

The guide clip should be placed behind the child’s back. Then, buckle the child in and shorten or lengthen the strap until the seatbelt rests properly in the middle of the child’s shoulder. Both the lap belt and shoulder belt should be underneath the armrests.

Not Compatible With LATCH

This booster seat is held in place by the seatbelt and the child’s weight rather than the LATCH system. According to Penn State Health, the LATCH system does not make a booster seat any safer than boosters that don’t use the system. Therefore, it’s all up to your preference whether or not the lack of LATCH on the Graco is an issue.

However, it’s important to buckle the Graco booster seat in place even when a child is not using it. When not buckled in place, it could become a projectile in the event of a crash.

Product Features

Woman straps a smiling baby into a booster seat

Now that you have an idea about how this seat gets installed, it’s time to get to the good stuff. We’re going to look at the features that make this product what it is. We’ll be discussing comfort, safety, portability, care, and price.

Is the Turbobooster Comfortable?

This booster seat uses foam cushioning, making it comfortable for daily and long trips. It also has an adjustable headrest as well as adjustable armrests, so it will be suitable for all children within the recommended size range.

For maximum comfort, it is best if you can remove the headrest from the vehicle seat that the Graco will be resting upon. Sometimes, vehicle headrests can cause the car seat to fit improperly or sit at an angle that may be less comfortable for the child.

How Safe Is the Graco Turbobooster

The foam cushioning we mentioned previously isn’t just for comfort; it’s also for safety. The foam used is EPS, an energy-absorbing foam. The foam will help absorb the shock of an impact during a crash.

Graco has put this car seat through crash testing, and it meets or exceeds the FMVSS 213 standards in the US set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Graco claims that this booster seat will help protect your child during frontal, side, rear and rollover crashes.

Though the seat has undergone crash testing and meets safety standards, it does not have as much side impact protection as some other booster seats, including other Graco products.

The Graco Turbobooster can and should be registered with the company. This registration will allow Graco to quickly and easily contact you should there be any issue with the product, such as a recall.

Another important safety consideration is the expiration date. The Graco Turbobooster is only meant to be used for ten years from the date of manufacture. You can find this information on a label on the back of the seat.

Is the Turbobooster Portable?

The Graco Turbobooster weighs about 9 pounds, making it one of the lighter booster seats on the market. However, like most booster seats, it’s hard to call it portable. It doesn’t fold up and won’t fit nicely in a bag or backpack.

You can detach the back from the seat, however, making it a bit easier to pack away than other booster seats. Additionally, because it’s relatively lightweight and does not use the LATCH system, it is easy to take in and out of your vehicle and store it indoors and out of the sun when you’re not using it.

It’s important to remember that booster seats can get so hot in the summer that they may not be safe for your child to sit in. This is especially true for the plastic parts of the seat. We suggest bringing the Turbobooster inside during the summer or keeping it covered with a blanket when not in use.

Is It Easy to Clean?

The Graco Turbobooster is easy to clean. The seat cover can be machine washed, whereas the plastic bits can be wiped down with soap and water.

Is the Turbobooster a Good Value?

The Graco Turbobooster typically hovers around an MSRP of $50. We think this is a fair price considering the product is made to last ten years from the date of manufacture and can be easily converted to a backless booster when your child grows. As far as booster seats go, the Graco Turbobooster is on the average to low end of the cost scale.

The Final Verdict

The Graco Turbobooster is a solid option for parents looking for a car seat for everyday use. It’s even comfortable enough to be used for long trips. The attached cupholders are a nice touch for the booster seat as they can be used to hold snacks, beverages, small toys, and cell phones.

The removable back is handy because you won’t need a new car seat once your child is big enough to go backless. This feature, along with the fact that it only weighs about 9 pounds, makes the Turbobooster a little more portable. It’s also easy to clean.

Overall, we would give the Graco Turbobooster a 4.5/5. It has great features at an affordable price. If you’ve read our review but don’t think the Turbobooster is the right option for you, then be sure to check out our guide on the Best Booster Car Seats For a Comfortable Ride for more options.