Best Activity Cubes for Kids 2020


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If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office or a learning center, you’ll most often see that they have an activity center and with good reason. Kids love them. They’re a great challenge and provide lots of different activities all in one center. Activity cubes are classic kids’ favorite and with a good reason. They’re a fun challenge.

By figuring out how they work, kids learn to become creative and eventually increase their intelligence. Moreover, activity cubes give them a stunning chance to name shapes, a skill your little one should master at the age of 2-years. Activity cubes are easy to find, but which ones are the best? Here’s a list of the top 30 best activity cubes. Simply pick one below, buy, and watch the smiles appear.

Top 30 Best Activity Cubes for Kids 2020

1. Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Why we like it: The delightful cube features large, brightly colored buttons decorated with an individual instrument. When pressed, each of the buttons will begin to play one of eight Mozart songs. Press the violin button and watch your baby’s eyes light up with excitement as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star begins to play. Press the piano button and the song becomes a duet. Press the orchestra button and listen as a whole concert starts in your living room. The large buttons are ideal for encouraging gross- and fine motor skill development. The bright lights flash in tempo as your little composer adds more sounds, strengthening their cause/effect relationship understanding and stimulating cognitive growth.
  • The cube teaches how sounds combine to create music.
  • Kids can play with a harp, piano, flute and more or so instruments with the orchestra button.
  • It lights up in time with the music.
  • A parent-friendly volume control switch is included.
  • It can crack and break easily if dropped.
  • Some reviewers report that the cube can stop functioning when tilted due to poor connections in the battery compartment.

2. LuaLua Baby Wooden Bead Maze

Why we like it: The five in one learning activity cube will help develop the capabilities of your little one.

The LuaLua Baby Wooden Bead Maze has been designed to provide children with a safe enriching experience. The sides have been smoothed out, all of the paints are water-based and non-toxic, and the cube has been created out of materials that are the best quality you can find. There are bright colors and sensory-stimulating gears that improve the cognitive development of your little one. On top of the cube, they’ll find a maze created with beads then moving to the side of the cube are sliding bugs that encourage their fine-motor skills. Moreover, there’s a side with shapes fitting into cutouts on along with a clock with moving hands on the next side. All of these activities are great for keeping them busy for countless hours while developing their developmental skills that are vital to their coordination and mind.

  • It includes five different sides with different activities on each.
  • Learning is made easy and fun with the five in one activity cube.
  • It features a safe design with water-based paint and smooth edges.
  • The topside features a bug maze that babies love.
  • It provides sensory seeking activities.
  • The blocks included for shape activity are very small.
  • The top of the cube comes off easily.

3. B. Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

Why we like it: The durable and sturdy wooden activity cube from B. Zany Zoo features many different developmentally stimulating play options for kids between 1 and 3 years.

This beautiful wooden activity cube is almost more of an art piece than children’s toy. Each of the four outward faces as well as the top feature a different activity designed to entertain and stimulate your child. The alphabet gets its first introduction with individual spinning tiles that are adorably illustrated with brightly colored images that depict an animal or activity related to each letter. Large, round, child-friendly circles wait to zig-zag down another side, while yet another face houses spinners that can create silly animal combinations. This cube even has an entire face dedicated to opening and closing doors to play peek-a-boo with the little animal and alphabet friends inside. Manipulating the small shape spinners, moving and spinning tiles and beads is perfect for strengthening fine-motor skills and building hand-eye coordination. The cube reinforces and introduces early language concepts with repeated uses of the alphabet and corresponding images. This can help your child to start understanding the concepts of speech and stimulate their cognitive growth.

  • It features five play centers with unique and beautifully illustrated activities.
  • High-quality die-cut wooden construction is durable and easy to clean.
  • The large size makes it ideal for kids between aged 1-3 years.
  • It helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills.
  • Illustrative paintings can fade or chip over time.
  • The cube is very heavy but doesn’t present a toppling hazard to babies who are learning to pull themselves up.

4. WolVol Educational Kids Musical Activity Cube Play Center

Why we like it: The cube offers a fun way for your child to remain engaged with its so many different sides of interactive musical options such as steering wheel and pressing buttons.

The WolVol Musical Activity Cube Play Center isn’t your ordinary activity block in the strictest sense since it takes on a pentagon-shaped pyramid with a wider base than its flat top. Nonetheless, the design of the WolVol Play Center allows young children to play with fifteen different activities that range from simulating driving, playing with a variety of tools, answering a cellphone, pretending to be in slumberland, and even singing their hearts out like a superstar on a concert tour. With so many buttons to tinker with, plenty of switches to flip or slide, and even rollers and beads to fiddle with, this activity cube can be a smorgasbord of excellent sensorimotor learning for young children. It even comes with features that light up to provide enough visual stimulation to the developing brain. Adding to the light effects are wonderful sounds that help meld all the sensory information together.

  • It features fifteen different activities.
  • It provides a multi-sensory experience.
  • It helps stimulate their imagination.
  • The set aids in the development of fine motor skills.
  • It features lights and sounds.
  • It may be smaller than expected.

5. ALEX Discover My Busy Town Wooden Activity Cube

Why we like it: The wooden activity cube is ideal for parents who don’t like plastic toys for their kids.

The Busy Wooden Activity Cube is the perfect traditional learning cube for a child who can be easily overwhelmed with many moving parts and noises. The cube is much simpler than some of the other plastic-based ones, but is sage because of its wooden construction and can easily entertain side-by-side, without throwing your child into sensory overload. The colorful beads can be slid through the maze of poles providing visual and tactile stimulation. The beads themselves are instrumental in the development of color recognition. Also included are pictures of animals that children get to spin and match, helping with convergent thinking and problem-solving skills. The peek-a-boo doors are lovely, featuring some of the neighborhood’s most recognizable people. The Alphabet tiles can be turned to provide kids with a unique opportunity to learn the basics of ABCs. Providing fun while enhancing motor development.

  • The cube is made of eco-friendly materials.
  • It nurtures color recognition.
  • It helps kids develop problem-solving skills.
  • The cube introduces animals and the alphabet.
  • It improves tactile skills in kids.
  • Some reviews state this product doesn’t stand sturdy. It may not be suitable for babies who are pulling themselves up and learning to stand.

6. Infantino Big Top Discovery Cube Development Toy

Why we like it: The Infantino Big Top is perfect for babies, thanks to its soft and plush design and the integration of simple yet very useful learning activities to stimulate very young minds.

The cube is made of soft yet baby-friendly materials so it offers your child a uniquely soft tactile experience. Each side of the Big Top comes with a variety of simple toys intended primarily for babies such as a clacker ring and even a peek-a-boo mirror underneath the lid. The Big Top is perfect for babies as the different textured patterns and high contrast color patterns allow for optimum sensory development. The colors on the different elements can stimulate brain development while the soft texture allows for the development of fine-motor capabilities. It’s ideal for playing put and take to help facilitate the continuing development of your baby’s other skills.

  • The toy is made of soft materials.
  • It provides a multi-sensory experience.
  • It introduces different textures.
  • The toy nurtures the development of fine motor skills.
  • It features a mirror.
  • Your little one may lose attention quickly as it doesn’t offer a wide range of stimulation.

7. VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube

Why we like it: The five-sided cube has songs and melodies that are perfect to sing your child into an educational wonderland full of vocabulary, shapes, animals, and more.

This VTech cube is perfect for the musical family who loves to teach their kids through tunes. The sensory inputs provided by these learning activities can help in the enhancement of babies’ cognitive development. On the auditory side of things, babies are treated to a fantastic array of beautiful children’s songs, melodies, tunes, sounds, and even the phrases to help them begin building on their vocabulary, speech, language, and communication. On the visual aspect, kids are given colors, lights, shapes, animals, and a whole lot more. Besides, kids can also develop their fine-motor skills with the Sort and Discover Activity Cube. Flipping the pages of the plastic book, pressing on piano buttons, and twirling on the spinners all require motor input which, in turn, produces the different sensory stimulus that’ll help complete the sensorimotor development of older babies. For toddlers, the shape sorter feature, alphabet, numbers, and colors can also help enhance their problem-solving skills.

  • It features five activity surfaces.
  • The cube improves visual and auditory function in kids.
  • It introduces animals and shapes.
  • The cube plays several songs and melodies.
  • It improved cognitive and tactile abilities.
  • This product may be overstimulating.

8. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Why we like it: The cube features the five sides and 14 different types of hand and finger manipulation features.

The features of the Busy Learners Activity Cube helps kids develop their sense and also encourages them to learn through play activities. There’s something to explore on every side of the cube. It has light features with buttons, music that plays, displays primary colors, and so much more. The shape buttons aid in developing their ability to identify their shapes and the animal characters help with animal name recognition. There’s also a musical instrument on the one side that introduces their different names and sounds. On another side of the activity cube, they’ll find blocks that slide and spin. This provides them with the experience needed to develop fine-motor skills. The cube even plays sounds when it’s moved around. With the lights, sounds, shapes, musical instruments, songs, and so much more, this activity cube will keep your baby busy and learning.

  • This is a fun activity cube that features five sides of fun.
  • Each side of the cube has different activities to encourage development.
  • There are 14 interactive features on the cube.
  • The motion sensors play sounds when the cube is moved.
  • It encourages cognitive development to aid in literacy skills.
  • The songs are simple and only feature a few words. There are no nursery rhymes.
  • The volume is very low.

9. Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

Why we like it: It’s great for kids between 25 months and 4-years because there are no small parts and it’s simple enough that there won’t be any extra added stress trying to figure the cube out.

The Shape Sorting Cube from Melissa & Doug is made completely out of wood, making it eco-friendly and safe for younger ages. It’s also built to last and won’t be something you’ll need to worry about like other cubes with small parts and many different options on each side. The idea is simple; the blocks just need to be matched up to their correct shape and put through their corresponding hole. Getting a feel for each shape will teach your child about symmetry basics as well as getting a feel for specific shapes, while the vibrant colors will help them to remember which shapes go where. After just a few days of matching the blocks to their counterpart spaces, your child will be improving their memory and sensory skills as they match each shape like a pro.

  • It’s made of eco-friendly material.
  • The cube is safe for kids of all ages.
  • It teaches memorization skills.
  • It improves on sensory skills.
  • It’ll help kids learn about shapes and symmetry.
  • The paint may chip over time.
  • Kids can get easily bored once they’ve mastered the art of matching.

10. Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube

Why we like it: This cute little cube features an eco-friendly wooden construction option that invites your child to be fully immersed in playtime.

The Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube by Hape features an array of different animals that come in bright and cheerful designs that’ll encourage kids to have fun. The wooden activity block features a variety of learning activities that enable children to learn shapes and colors while also introducing them to the names of different animals that are commonly found in the neighborhood. While the Country Critters excels in sensory development, it never fails to address the need for optimum motor development as well. There are shapes sorters, sliders, mazes, and spinners that can all be beneficial in developing the motor skills of children. Children as young as one and as old as six can enjoy playtime with these adorable critters.

  • It features bright designs.
  • It provides an introduction to shapes and colors.
  • Kids are exposed to neighborhood animals.
  • It’s a durable product.
  • The cube has been designed for ages one to six years.
  • The activity cube is rather expensive.

11. MMP Living 6-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center

Why we like it: It has a handy six activities to distract your kid into some good fun and cognitive development.

The fact that this activity cube for kids is 6-in-1 means it has up to 6 activities. That said, it’s the go-to item for any parent who wants to keep their little ones engaged for hours. It has lots of features such as a xylophone with mallet, clock with moveable hands, sliding shapes, city road scene with the wooden racecar, and wire and bead play. Besides letting your little one use it as a separate table-top activity, the bead and wire play panel can be reversed to enable it to tuck into the cube for effortless storage. This activity cube for kids is recommended for children who are at least 12 months.

  • The quality and price are great.
  • It helps in assisting fine-motor development.
  • Each of the sides poses a new challenge for kids.
  • It’s well constructed for solid performance.
  • It’s much smaller than anticipated.

12. Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube

Why we like it: The Mini Play Cube nicely harmonizes learning with fun and develops your child’s cognition from a very early age.

The Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cord is packed with multiple things for keeping your child busy. It includes dynamic activity panels that are outfitted with the Mini Rollercoaster Express, Learn the Alphabet, Pathfinder, Counting Abacus, and Fun Gears, all designed to play to children’s curiosity and enhance their critical cognitive skills as a result. The top of the activity cube features a rollercoaster bead maze, home play areas, classrooms, and an internal favorite of waiting rooms. It measures 12-inches long by 12-inches wide by 24-inches high, and it’s ideal for children aged 3-years to 5-years.

  • It cleans effortlessly with warm water and mild soap.
  • It promotes basic learning skills.
  • It offers hours of engaging and intriguing activities.
  • The play cube can be used on either the floor or tabletop.
  • All four sides are active.
  • It can only be used by children who are 2-years and older.

13. VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

Why we like it: The early education toy from VTech features 5 sides of fun that keep your toddler entertained.

Learning has never been so much fun, thanks to VTech Alphabet Activity Cube. Featuring five sides of fun to discover, this interactive learning cube will offer you, kid, plenty of playful activities. Little builders will love the thirteen building blocks that also teach the alphabet. The blocks can be inserted into the slot on the electronic side or stacked on the top of the activity cube to learn more about each letter. The electronic side has five piano keys, telephone, and a number keypad for great playing experience. Other sides of VTech Alphabet Activity Cube has fun mechanical elements like a peg maze, put-and-take holes that lead to gliders, a mirror, storage area, gears, and more.

  • It offers early education.
  • All the five sides keep babies entertained.
  • It’s fun and interactive.
  • It can be bought as a gift for little kids.
  • Babies don’t get tired of playing with it.
  • The bottom could be better if it had a functional grip.

14. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Why we like it: One look is all it takes before you know you want one. It’s safe, durable, and also fun and educations. It’s also great for decorating a nursery or activity room.

The Manhattan Toy Tree Activity Cube is packed full of exciting features and includes four quadrants with multiple activities. Featuring a spring flower, 6 tracks with annual-themed gliders, and 6 bead runs with colorful wooden bead, this activity center cube is arguably the best product on the market today. It stands at 22-inches high by 18-inches wide, and the sturdy construction makes this activity cube great for an activity room or nursery room. The bead runs smoothly and gliders provide hands-on learning. This solid wood activity center will offer your little one hours and hours of explanatory fun and learning.

  • It encourages kids to develop grasping skills.
  • It makes a great complement to a nursery or activity room.
  • The activity cube captivates the curiosity of babies.
  • It inspires imaginative play.
  • The moveable projects are easy to play with.
  • It’s very interactive.
  • Assembling the cube is quite a chore.

15. EverEarth Garden Activity Cube

Why we like it: The EverEarth Garden Activity Cube brings your child as well as other children to a happy place of fun and learning while remaining safe and durable to play with.

It’s not all fun and games you should be looking for when buying an activity cube. You should also keep an eye out for safety, durability, and potential cognitive development. The Garden Activity Cube from EverEarth will pull off all those stops for any child past the age of 18-months. It features activities that combine just the right amount of fun and learning that a growing child would need daily. The activity cube comes with moving cogs, moving beads, an abacus, shape sorter, and a maze. It even has a multiplayer facility so your child can share the fun with their peers and spend some quality time together. It’s made of premium quality beech and comfortably satisfies European standards.

  • It’s just the right height for sitting babies to hold.
  • The colors and gadgets encourage sensory stimulation and brain development.
  • It promotes grasping skills.
  • The high-quality classic wooden toy is designed to withstand enthusiastic toddler play.
  • It’s much smaller than it appears and is very lightweight.

16. My First Learning Bead Maze Activity Center by Kids Destiny

Why we like it: The superior build quality of this activity cube is matched by a delightful assortment of fun activities to keep your little one engaged and happy all through the day.

The Kids Destiny Activity Cube has five sides to it that are loaded with fun activities for your toddler to indulge in. The peg maze located on top has removable and reversible beads that are large enough to be easy on the little hands that play with them. Below, it has one side each for rotating gears, a chalkboard, a sliding pegboard, and an abacus. Altogether it has five corners to turn to each time your kid wants to engage themselves in something fun and creative. However, the construction isn’t all about fun and games. As ever with any child’s toys, it needs to be safe and durable as well. It’s made entirely out of wood and comes fully assembled and ready to play straight out of the box.

  • The wooden activity cube has five different activities to play with.
  • It’s engaging and educational for toddlers.
  • It encourages the development of fine-motor skills.
  • It comes fully assembled.
  • Some users have complained of not receiving the entire package.

17. KidKraft Deluxe Activity Cube

Why we like it: The activity cube works excellently in helping in areas of shape and color recognition as well as hand-eye coordination in the little ones.

The KidKraft Deluxe Activity Cube comes with plenty of fun for kids to choose from. Since it comes with a hefty weight of 9-pounds, it’ll stay put where you want it to remain. The activity cube has 5-sides that provide tons of fun and help develop hand-eye coordination and teaches the ABCs. Furthermore, having been made with the safety of your younger one in mind, it comes with rounded edges that keep the little ones safe as they enjoy the fun moment. The colorful artwork on every side of the cube means that your kid will love exploring the fun. Although it’s made to last for years, it doesn’t come with a heavy price tag.

  • It helps promote color and shape recognition skills.
  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The cube will keep kids engaged for hours.
  • It’s cute and fun to play with.
  • Some users have complained of a moldy smell that comes with the package.

18. MMP Living 6-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center

Why we like it: It has a handy six activities to distract your kid into some good fun and cognitive development.

The wooden activity cube from MMP Living will entertain and also educate your kids. It comes in a colorful design and doesn’t have any toxic paint to keep little ones safe. It has a 6-in1 design and offers 6 entertaining games. The unit is very versatile to cater for different users and will develop their fine-motor skills, counting, color identification, tactile play, and sorting. It’s made from safe materials and comes in a child-friendly design to prevent injury.

  • It works great and features a great finish.
  • It’s perfect for kids of different ages.
  • For easy storage, the bead and wire playtop can be removed.
  • It promotes fine-motor skills development.
  • The paint comes off easily. It’s not suitable for drooly kids.

19. VTech Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube

Why we like it: The five-sided learning cube features 13 double-sided letter blocks and provides a variety of developmental benefits for years of play.

If you’re looking to get the perfect activity cube for your wee one, then the Ultimate Alphabet Activity Cube by VTech is the right one for you. The unit comes at an amazingly low cost and is made for little ones aged between 9-months and 3-years. It comes with 13 double-sided letter blocks that’ll help teach your kid of the family ABCs. And when it comes to fun, it comes with more than 250 melodies that’ll keep the young one entertained. Besides, the block chute counts the blocks as they go down while the ability to stack the blocks at the top of the cube makes it more fun.

  • It’s smaller in size since it’s made for the little fingers.
  • The price is friendly.
  • It’s fun and educational for kids to play with.
  • It promotes the development of fine-motor skills.
  • Batteries included are for demo purposes only. You may need to get new batteries.

20. BABYSEATER 6-in-1 Baby Activity Cube

Why we like it: The baby activity cube offers kids with endless hours of fun and education and helps them develop cognitive skills.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your toddler engaged as you work, then this 6-in-1 Baby Activity Cube is the one for you. This toy not only entertains your child but also teaches them plenty of things. They can learn shapes, how to tell time, and so much more. One thing that makes the activity cube stand out is its compact size. The 7-inch sides are big enough for clumsy toddlers and they have the perfect height. Whether your baby chooses to sit or stand, they’ll be capable of reaching this activity cube with ease. Moreover, this baby activity cube doubles up as a storage unit. When your little one is done playing, they can store all four shapes inside the toy. It’s ideal for toddler-aged one-year and above.

  • It promotes the development of fine-motor skills.
  • It enhances shape-recognition.
  • It helps keep kids engaged for hours.
  • Kid’s learn to tell the time from playing with the activity cube.
  • It’s made from BPA-free plastics making it safe for kids to play with.
  • It’s smaller than expected.

21. Battat Wooden Activity Cube – Discover Farm Animals Activity Center

Why we like it: The wooden activity cube features nice and smooth rounded corners for the safety of your child as they play.

The Battat Wooden Activity Cube has five interactive sides that give your kid the best form of entertainment. There’s a spinning animal alphabet on one side, a roller coaster on another and so much more. One thing you’ll love about this activity cube is the fact that it’s made from high-quality wood. Unlike most toys that are made from plastic, this wooden toy is going to stand the test of time. Also, Battat wooden cube is suitable for kids aged 12-months and up.

  • It improves hand-eye coordination.
  • The cube is beautifully crafted.
  • The construction is sturdy and the colors are bright.
  • It’s great for imaginative play.
  • The activity cube teaches kids about cause-and-effect.
  • Some users have complained that the toy is very fragile.

22. KidKraft Triangle Activity Cube

Why we like it: The triangle bead maze helps with the development of shape recognition, color recognition, and hand-eye coordination. Young boys and girls will have tons of fun exploring each side.

If your child is just starting to learn the alphabet, the Triangle Activity Cube can help to smoothen this learning process. There are different pictures and letters inscribed on the rotating blocks to help your child practice the alphabet. It also features a beaded maze. Your kid will remain engaged, trying to push and pull these beads along the winding tracks. Overall, this is an excellent activity cube to help your toddler recognize shapes and colors.

  • It’s perfect for kids to start practicing the alphabet.
  • Kids can develop shape and color recognition skills.
  • The toy is very interactive for kids.
  • It fosters the development of hand-eye coordination.
  • The top piece of the cube comes right off during play.

23. Play 22 Activity Cube With Bead Maze

Why we like it: The toy comes fully assembled and is also considered as an excellent first birthday gift for both girls and boys.

The Play 22 Activity cube includes 5 activities to play with. These include blocks shape sorter with 4 color shapes, abacus counting beads, sliding shapes, spinning shapes counting numbers, and a removable wire bead maze on the top. Babies will benefit a lot from playing with this cube as it’ll help them identify numbers and colors. The other benefits kids can gain from playing with the toy includes improving their creativity skills, improving vocabulary, and enhancing logic, motor, and problem-solving skills. Besides, it’s made out of non-toxic and harmless materials, meaning that it’s safe for children to play with.

  • It comes ready to play.
  • It’ll keep kids engaged in hours of fun.
  • It’s a great entertainment and learning toy.
  • The size is right for kids to hold and play with.
  • It’s not sturdy enough to be safe and reliable.

24. Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears

Why we like it: Playing with these gears means kids can learn how to press, stack, move, and grasp whilst making the colorful gears twirl and whirl.

It’s always fun time and playtime when it comes to playing with the Playskool Explore ‘N Grow Busy Gears. It features 11 interchangeable gears that spin, plus music, sounds, and twinkling lights. When your little one presses the button, the colorful gears spin, and swirl, with fun music, twinkling lights and lots of giggles in the background. One advantage that comes with playing with this game is the convenient handle that makes it quite easy to move about or transport the game. It’s recommended especially for kids aged twelve months and above. Furthermore, the toy also encourages the development of fine-motor skills, cognitive learning and sensory development in kids. The toy will encourage hands-on exploration and discovery with the electronic gears that go round ‘n round.

  • Moving and stacking the gears helps kids explore spatial relationships and cause and effect.
  • It offers tactile fun for kids’ little fingers.
  • The toy is fun and engaging for kids.
  • It’s a great learning toy as it enhances kids’ cognitive abilities.
  • There are too many parts to lose as some of the gears can’t stay one.

25. Titiyogo 8-in-1 Wooden Activity Cube

Why we like it: This 8-in-1 fun cube for kids is one that’ll get them playing for several hours of interactive playtime.

The Titiyogo Wooden Activity cube includes 8 activities of fun. Activities include bead maze, rainbow gear, flying chess, numeral flip board game, recognize clock, interesting maze, shape sorter, and colorful counting beads. Playing with the game also means kids will learn quickly. This isn’t just a toy for fun, but also one that’ll help to build up certain skills in children. Some benefits include enhancing cause and effect, imaginative skills, motor skills, and even hand-eye coordination. Parents are sure to see a difference in their child’s abilities after playing with the toy. Safety is also of the essence when talking about this toy as it’s made from non-toxic and harmless materials. This makes it safe for kids to play with. It’s also the best gift item one can offer a toddler or kid on their birthday, Christmas or any other notable celebration.

  • It features a wide range of activities for kids.
  • It’s a fun and educational toy.
  • Kids can develop shape and color recognition, and problem-solving skills.
  • The smooth edges and surface make it safe to play with.
  • It’s significantly smaller than expected.

26. Pidoko Kids Wooden Bead Maze Cube Activity Play

Why we like it: The game features multiple playing sides that’ll provide kids with several hours of entertainment and fun.

The Pidoko Kids Wooden Bead Maze Cube features smooth edges that make the game safe for babies to play with as it won’t hurt their hands should they slip whilst playing. Durability is one key feature of this game as it’s made using high-quality materials that ensures it lasts for long periods. The cube is handcrafted with durable and premium quality wood. The toy is one that’s aimed at helping babies develop many skills including vital hand-eye coordination skills. Moreover, the toy is perfect for the home, nursery, schools, waiting rooms, and other child-friendly play areas because of its interactive nature.

  • The activity cube has smooth curved edges for sage child-friendly play.
  • It features lots of interactive activities for kids.
  • It’s a highly durable activity cube.
  • The cube is educational and fun for kids to play with.
  • Some users complain that they received a broken activity cube.

27. Titiyogo 5-in-1 Wooden Activity Cube

Why we like it: The wooden activity cube from Titiyogo doesn’t contain harmful substances or come with rough edges that could be detrimental to kids’ health.

The Wooden Activity Cube from Titiyogo comes with 5 different activities that kids can choose from. The multiple activities, coupled with bright colors and gadgets, encourage sensory stimulation and brain development. The maze of beads will encourage kids to reach out, stimulating their logical thinking. Rotating the pointer in different directions will guide children’s time recognition skills. These features make it one of the best educational games for toddlers. It’s recommended for children aged one to six years old, so your little one will have many years of fun with it. Besides, safety and durability are the main key features of this well-designed wooden activity cube for toddlers.

  • Kids can develop cognitive and observational skills.
  • It helps increase the attention span of kids.
  • It’s made of safe and high-quality materials.
  • It’s safe and durable.
  • The activity cube is fun and educational.
  • It doesn’t have a top or bottom.

28. Little Tikes Activity Garden Baby Playset

Why we like it: The activity cube from Little Tikes is perfect for baby boys and girls as it incorporates a variety of stimulating colors, shapes, and textures.

The Little Tikes Activity Garden is a multi-functional baby playset that encourages kids to develop fine-motor skills. It’s safe and durable as it’s made out of premium, non-toxic materials that guarantee that kids are safe and free to play with the game. The activity cube also features a large button that plays a song, clicking bugs, mirror spinner, bead tumbler and more. The play center also easily transforms without tools into an open, two-sided play center. The play panel can be adjusted to sit horizontally for sit-at play. It requires AAA batteries for operation and thanks to its enclosed environment, kids would feel safe and at home when playing with this activity garden.

  • It fosters the development of fine-motor skills and cognitive ability.
  • It encourages kids to develop color and shape recognition skills.
  • Babies can crawl through the archway of the playset.
  • It’s fun to play with.
  • There’s a mirror included for babies to look at themselves.
  • It’s smaller than expected.

29. ALEX Jr. Woodland Wonders Activity Center

Why we like it: The activity cube from ALEX Jr. is an interactive toy that helps your little ones learn and grow as they play.

The Wonders Activity Center from ALEX Jr. features seven fun sides that mean long hours of fun when playing with this toy. Playing with this game provides unmatched fun, learning how to tell the time and also learning the letters of the alphabet. This well-equipped game comes with everything one would need and its seven fun sides include matching characters, a clock, spinning gears, racing rollers, wooden beads, and a curvy maze. It’s recommended for kids aged eighteen months and above. Kids will have months of fun playing with this educational toy.

  • The multiple activities help to keep kids entertained and happy.
  • The cube is stable, colorful and fun to look at.
  • It offers new learning experiences.
  • There are plenty of objects that spin, roll, and turn.
  • It features fun shapes, glittery patterns, and bright colors.
  • Some users reckon the size is too small for the price.

30. Fisher-Price Incrediblock Activity Center

Why we like it: The game is fun all through as placing a block on its main center introduces kids to a song related sound and description.

The Fisher-Price Incrediblock Activity Center comes with eight words, eight songs, and numerous sound effects. It’s one that’s quite easy to play with. Simply push a block down or hit the blue triangle at its top then watch what happens next. There are five sides of activity play including 2 block drop sides and 2 storage sides. The cube offers the option to stack the cubes up on a rack and then release them to tumble down with a turn of a lever. There are also other fun games included in the activity center that should delight toddlers. It’s a must-have game for kids aged nine months to two-years-old.

  • It’s great for teaching kids about cause-and-effect.
  • The cube is fun and entertaining to play with.
  • It has different sides of activity play for kids.
  • It fosters the development of fine-motor skills and cognitive abilities.
  • Some users have complained that the quality isn’t that great.

The Verdict

With so many developmental and educational benefits, activity cubes are quickly becoming a must for any modern-day parent. By introducing a cube to your child from a young age, you’re boosting the levels of entertainment they can have when at home while simultaneously giving them a head start when it comes to their ability to learn.

Moreover, a majority of activity cubes have elementary details such as alphabets and numbers incorporated into their designs. This way, your child becomes familiar with these basic concepts at a tender age. The best thing, however, is how these activity-based toys grab the notoriously short attention span of your toddler, allowing you to enjoy some well-deserved respite yourself.