Best Vacuum Toys for Kids 2020


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All parents know the importance of a clean home. The best vacuum toys can help kids understand how to clean and keep their rooms tidy. Most parents struggle to teach children how to handle large vacuums. But they are just too heavy to maneuver. Luckily, vacuum toys offer a more practical solution which ads loads of fun to playtime. Kids can choose one of the following best vacuum toys to get their hands on the action, right next to their parents.

Top 30 Best Vacuum Toys for Kids 2020

1. Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum with real suction and sounds

Why we like it: With real suction and even mimicking vacuuming sounds, the toy gets kids moving around the carpet alongside their parents.

Not many would expect a toy vacuum to come with suction. But the Casdon design is one of the few of its type which works similarly to a vacuum cleaner. Made as a toy replica to the famous Dyson ball, the vacuum cleaner is one of the true solutions for realistic designs.

Some kids are already old enough not to be enticed by simple toys but the vacuum cleaner is more like the real deal than an actual toy. It even comes with real suction and realistic sounds to make it more appealing.

Of course, as it is based on the Dyson Ball, it comes with twisting maneuverability. It is the sole reason kids can vacuum underneath the sofa, the table or underneath any other piece of furniture. Available in 4 colors, it is a hit for both boys and girls.

  • A true replica of the Dyson Ball
  • Comes with real suction
  • Includes vacuuming sounds
  • Made in 4 vivid colors
  • Not made to replace real vacuum suction

2. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Light-up Learning Vacuum

Why we like it: With a quirky design, the vacuum cleaner toy is perfect for kids who also need to learn a few words and phrases.

This vacuum cleaner has been made with integrated sounds, sounds and learning phrases. Kids can have fun and use it to learn as well. All of these audio settings are simple to adjust with the included buttons. Kids can select a fun song to play while they vacuum the floor or they can select the various phrases which will keep them learning even when they play.

Apart from its friendly design, the vacuum toy is also one of the options to consider when it comes to adjustability and practicality. It tilts up and down similarly to a real vacuum cleaner. This is why the little ones will not be held back by its design. Made with attractive blue color, the toy can be an inspired gift for all kids.

  • Made with a quirky design
  • Plays fun songs
  • Can be used for learning phrases
  • Tilts up and down
  • Only available on a light blue color

3. Cadson Toy Vacuum – Dyson DC DC14 with Real Suction

Why we like it: Built as a replica of the famous DC14, the toy vacuum is a great addition for families who already own the Dyson design.

Kids can enjoy their very own DC14 and help parents keep their home spotless. As a replica of the famous Dyson vacuum cleaner, kids will already be comfortable with its design as they might know the real DC14 from what they see their parents using.

Of course, as a true replica, the toy vacuum also comes with included vacuuming sounds. This is why kids will love to move around each room following their parents with their vacuum cleaner. Color beads are also visible as they move around the imitation vortex. Kids will see this as another visual benefit which mimics the real vortex of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

  • Made after the real DC14 vacuum cleaner
  • Includes a vortex with moving buds
  • Only 70cm tall
  • Available in two colors
  • Short coil extension on the handle

4. Minnie Happy Helpers 2-in-1 Play Vacuum

Why we like it: Offering 2 vacuum toys in one, this solution is an inspired gift idea for Minnie girl fans.

Made with a 2 in 1 design, the vacuum cleaner offers multiple play possibilities. Kids can use it in various ways, either helping their parents out or dealing with their own small vacuuming needs. A handheld vacuum can be removed from the main floor vacuum. Kids can use it to reach tight areas or they can even learn how to handle a smaller vacuum.

The floor vacuum toy even comes with realistic sounds. The little ones can rely on it for a true vacuuming experience. But the best part is this vacuum comes with a friendly design. All girls instantly recognize Minnie. Of course, since it comes with included sounds, the vacuum cleaner also needs batteries, but 3 AAAs are already included in the pack.

  • Friendly pink color
  • Minnie branded design
  • Includes a handheld vacuum
  • Includes lights
  • Not suitable for boys

5. Casdon – Little Helper Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner Toy

Why we like it: This replica of the famous cordless Dyson design allows kids to reach even the most remote areas of the house.

Based on a true cordless Dyson design, the toy is among the simplest solutions for kids who are full of energy and run around the house. Its lightweight profile is perfect to reach even the most remote locations. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner can also be adapted to a handheld design with its removable attachment.

With the possibility of allowing play with both a short and a long nozzle, the vacuum cleaner is versatile. But this toy also features realistic cyclone vortex movements. To enjoy all of these characteristics, parents will need to purchase 3 AAA batteries. They will also power various realistic sounds for kids to enjoy.

  • Made after the famous cordless Dyson
  • Can be used with a short nozzle
  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Features a cyclone vortex simulator
  • Needs 3 AAA batteries

6. VTech Pop and Count Vacuum

Why we like it: This toy can be the first of its kind which teaches kids how to vacuum large objects.

Featuring toy blocks, the vacuum cleaner picks them up. This can teach kids basic motor skills and the principles of a vacuum cleaner a bit better than an adult design.

With 3 included light-up buttons, it can also keep kids interested for longer. These buttons also teach kids how to count to 3. Since it has a strong learning profile, it is highly suitable for children between 1 and 3.

It even comes with an included ergonomic handle. The kids can freely push it along the floor. However, since it already comes with included toy blocks, parents can take the opportunity to teach the little ones how to vacuum themselves. The best part is the suction area of the vacuum is transparent helping kids visualize where the blocks go.

  • Made with learning buttons
  • Includes vacuum pick up blocks
  • Made with lights
  • Uses an ergonomic grip
  • Only suitable up to the age of 3

7. Bits and Pieces Henry Novelty Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: This little toy has been made to be assembled anywhere and kids can use it in bed or on their play desk.

Made after the popular Henry vacuum cleaner, the toy doesn’t need a smiley face on it since the real product already has it. But kids will be able to learn how to put a vacuum cleaner together themselves with this cute design.

Including attachments, children have everything needed to start the assembly process. The best part is that the vacuum cleaner toy is quite small and kids can travel with it as well. When they feel like stress levels are a bit high, parents can also relax by putting the little vacuum cleaner together on their desks. Suitable for basic DIY principles, this little toy can also have an educative purpose. It can offer kids better hand-eye coordination as they will need to put it together themselves. The best part is they might already know the real design inspiration of these toys, as many parents already rely on a Henry vacuum cleaner.

  • Great DIY project
  • Inspired gift idea for boys and girls
  • Based on the design of a real Henry hoover
  • Only 4” tall
  • Not for small kids due to small parts assembly

8. Kidzlane Handheld Toy Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: With 4 brush attachments, kids can use the vacuum cleaner on all types of floors.

There are many types of handheld vacuum cleaners. But the Kidzlane design is one of the interesting choices for its large number of accessories. With a carpet brush, wood brush, bristle duster, and crevice tools, the toy are ready to be dealing with stubborn carpets.

But these accessories can also teach kids how to use a real vacuum cleaner. This is why they can be among the solutions which are made for the ultimate results, especially when it comes to mimicking their parents cleaning the house.

Real-life sounds and effects have also been added to the toy. If it comes with many accessories and if it also comes with included sounds, this toy can be one of the realistic options for kids to play with all day long.

  • Includes 4 brushes
  • Can be held with a single hand
  • Includes a long extension rod
  • Comes with a crevice tool for corners
  • A bit lightweight for some kids

9. Hello Kitty Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: Inspired by the popular Hello Kitty cartoons, the vacuum cleaner is an inspired gift idea for girls.

This Hello Kitty design is one of the friendliest of its class. It represents a valuable design for those seeking a bit more fun when vacuuming their rooms. Of course, its design mainly targets girls. However, not all girls will know there’s a secret in store for them.

A removable handheld dust blower is also included. Girls can find it in the middle compartment and they can use the toy to even play in groups. This is why most girls might also place this toy as the go-to attraction for parties or simply when their friends come over.

  • Based on a Hello Kitty design
  • Includes a removable dust blower
  • Easily rolls back and forth
  • Highly affordable for a branded toy
  • Only for ages 3 and up

10. American Plastic Toys Tidy Up Vacuum Set

Why we like it: Like a design with no electronics, the toy is mainly recommended for its durability.

The 2 in 1 design of the vacuum set might be seen as its main advantage. However, the vacuum toy is also a durable product as it comes with no electronics such as sounds and lights. This is why it can be banged around the stairs and even dropped. This is the main strength which allows it to be seen as a learner design.

Another distinct advantage is represented by the removable hand vac. It allows kids to reach further under tables or harder to access areas. Furthermore, it mimics the way 2 in 1 designs are made and used with real vacuums.

Made with durable plastic, the toy is one of the perfect solutions for toddlers who still don’t have their locomotor skills fully developed. The pretend clean will benefit from one of the sturdiest designs of its class.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Includes a removable hand vac
  • Includes a button
  • Sits on wheels
  • Mainly suitable for toddlers

11. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Vacuum

Why we like it: With 30 included songs, the vacuum is among the multimedia-orientated designs for kids to enjoy.

The quirky toy vacuum cleaner is a fun way of playing around the house. Being made for small kids, it is one of the efficient designs for loads of fun and education at the same time. The interesting part is that its sounds and learning phrases are adapted to the needs of the children as they grow. The phrases can be changed as kids start to master the basic ones.

There are 30 included songs kids can sing along and they represent a valuable solution for all types of situations. They can sing on their own or with their parents. Furthermore, the vacuum toy can be used by parents to trigger memory exercises for their kids.

  • Made with included phrases
  • Based on a quirky design
  • Includes 30 sing-along songs
  • Made with 3 levels of play
  • No suction action

12. Casdon Little Helper Dyson DC22 Toy Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: Featuring a cyclone with color beads around, the vacuum cleaner is one of the powerful options for adjustability.

The floor vacuum cleaner toy is one of the practical designs of its class. Featuring high adjustability, it represents one of the suitable options for children who want to play further assembling their toys. With a few included accessories, the toy can keep kids occupied longer. Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner also comes with other top characteristics.

One of its top features relates to the visible cyclone container which is filled with plastic buds which spin around as the toy moves. Since it is made from see-through plastic, kids can watch the buds moving around. At the same time, those above the age of 3 are also able to drag it along the thickest carpets due to its oversized wheels.

  • Includes multiple accessories
  • Made with stimulation cyclone buds
  • Sits on oversized wheels
  • Only 22cm long
  • No songs included

13. Dazzling Toys Toy Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: As one of the smallest toys of its type, the Dazzling Toys design is suitable for kids helping parents keep the house nice and tidy.

Its cute design is hard to match. This simple vacuum toy is one of the top choices for small kids who do not necessarily need a large toy to push around. Being small, it is also easy to live and carry over wherever parents are vacuuming themselves.

Made in a distinct pink color, the toy is suitable for girls of various ages. The surprising aspect about it is that it manages to come with a suction function, which allows it to vacuum small pieces of paper. Based on large wheels, the vacuum cleaner toy is ready for action regardless of the floor surface.

  • Suitable for little girls
  • Can be lifted and carried
  • Includes a suction function
  • Only measures 5.5” in length
  • Doesn’t include batteries

14. Casdon Little Hetty Vacuum

Why we like it: The girls’ version of the little Hetty vacuum is ready to pick up little pieces of paper.

Considered by many happy users as one of the cutest vacuum toys of its class, little Hetty is an inspired gift idea for girls. It might also be one of the most practical toys as all of the accessories can be stored inside it.

With a stimulating effect, the toy allows little girls to assemble it before putting it to the test. It even comes with a suction function. This means the little vacuum is ready to deal with small mess problems. Furthermore, it represents a sustainable product which runs independently on batteries. Unlike most designs in this class which use AAA batteries, Hetty uses C batteries, which last longer.

  • Made with a cute design
  • Pink color suitable for girls
  • Sits on large wheels
  • Includes a suction function
  • Doesn’t include batteries

15. Black & Decker Jr. Shop Vacuum Toy

Why we like it: The small toy features realistic vacuum sounds and beads which swirl.

When it comes to power tools, many know Black & Decker as a popular name. But this toy is made after one of the manufacturer’s vacuum cleaners. While it might be just a toy, it is one which comes with impressive features.

Included beads which swirl can grab the attention of the little ones. At the same time, they can be accompanied by realistic sounds, which have their role in making the entire experience fun and educative.

Based on simple battery power, the toy can be used for hours at a time. The batteries should last enough so that parents can vacuum the home and for kids to join them on the mission. Made for ages 3 and up, this small toy is also easy to move from one room to another.

  • Based on a realistic design
  • Includes swirling beads
  • Made with a 13” hose
  • Highly affordable gift idea
  • Doesn’t include AA batteries

16. Casdon Henry Hand Held Vacuum Playset

Why we like it: The set is an inspired choice when kids have to deal with multiple tight spaces and corners.

The set includes a small handheld vacuum as well as a brush so that kids can get their hands on the action. An interesting aspect is that this compact toy features a suction function. It is the main reason why it can be considered one of the attractive options in the toy set category, where many manufacturers don’t offer this type of electronic power.

Apart from its suction and its size, the vacuum is also accompanied by a small brush. Perfect for the small hands of children, it is one of the simplest brushes to use on spaces which are typically hard to clean. This includes some types of carpets as well as most hard to reach spaces.

  • Made with a suction function
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Includes a small brush
  • Recommended for tight spaces
  • No audio features

17. Fun World’s Smallest Vacuum

Why we like it: This is one of the few USB-powered vacuums can play with on the computer desk.

Made to be the smallest vacuum in the world, this Fun design is based on USB connectivity. As a result, it needs to batteries at all. Kids can freely play with it for hours. But at the same time, it is one of the simplest options of its class, especially when it comes to cable reach.

Made with a 48in cable, it can reach and clean all corners of the desk. Kids can learn with this small toy even when away from home. Its small design makes it a favorite when it comes to travel. As parents know, luggage space for toys is inexistent today. This is the main reason such a small vacuum can represent so much interest. But the best part is even parents can play with it when they feel like letting their hair down.

  • The world’s smallest vacuum cleaner
  • Based on USB connectivity
  • Includes a 48in power cord
  • Also works with USB adaptors
  • Limited use outside a computer desk

18. Meco Desktop Vacuum Desk Dust Cleaner

Why we like it: This cordless vacuum desk cleaner is one of the few choices which keeps kids playing and cleaning in the same spot.

Parents who want to free up their vacuuming schedule can offer this small dust cleaner to their kids. The little ones will have to sit in the same place as it will only work at the desk. The operation of this cleaner is easy and based on a single button.

Kids can pick up paper scraps or crumbs off the table with the cleaner. It comes with a suction feature which allows this to happen. Cleaning this toy is not complicated either. It has a special dust compartment which needs to be emptied, much like an actual vacuum cleaner. With a rechargeable battery, it is a soft solution for long-term use.

  • Suitable for most kids
  • Charges via USB
  • Includes a suction function
  • Includes a user manual
  • Too complex for toddlers

19. Theo Klein Toy Cleaning Trolley/Miele Vacuum Combo

Why we like it: This complex vacuum cleaner toy kit has the capacity of keeping kids occupied for hours.

Included in a cleaning set, the vacuum cleaner is one of the most impressive names in its class. It represents a suitable gift idea kids love mainly because it uses too many toys in a single set. Apart from the vacuum cleaner itself, kids can also rely on a bucket, a brush or a mop to pretend to clean the house.

Parents also love the fact these products are kept on the same trolley when not in use which means they won’t be lying around the house making a mess. The vacuum cleaner itself is simple and it is one of the designs which is dragged on the floor. Kids can do whatever their parents do with it. At the same time, its plastic design also means it going to last more than many would expect.

  • Part of a set
  • Comes with a cleaning trolley
  • Includes brooms and brushes
  • Perfect to keep kids occupied for hours
  • Not the most stable trolley design

20. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: This cute toy can be the first of its kind for toddlers and it keeps them entertained with 4 instrumental songs.

There are not many vacuum cleaners specifically made for toddlers. However, the Fisher-Price product is among the best in its class when it comes to overall freedom of movement as it is lightweight. Toddlers still don’t have the upper body strength for heavier designs and this is why this toy is a great alternative.

There are 4 songs included with the toys. Apart from the actual songs, kids can also rely on other friendly sounds which mimic the way a real hoover sounds like. For the little ones, the vacuum toy is one of the best when it comes to surface versatility as its lightweight design allows it to be pushed on most types of carpets and freely on wooden floors or tile.

  • Made with a lightweight design
  • Includes oversized wheels
  • Comes with 4 instrumental songs
  • Includes other fun sounds
  • Only suitable for toddlers

21. Casdon Henry Cleaning Trolley

Why we like it: This set includes a vertical Henry vacuum toy as well as all the sweeping products needed for pretend cleaning.

One of the best solutions for those seeking a simpler integrated gift idea is represented but this quirky cleaning trolley. For most users, this solution represents one of the all-in-one gift ideas. Parents don’t need to run around looking for a vacuum cleaner toy and every other cleaning toy which goes with it.

Another distinct advantage is given by the branding of the set. Being a Henry vacuum cleaner, it is already known to kids which will feel enticed to play with it. Most of the kids might have also seen them in their parents’ set of cleaning utensils.

When it comes to everyday use, parents can also rest assured the durability of the vacuum cleaner is as good as it can get. There are no electronics to fail and all products are made from plastic, which ensures they’ll survive the occasional drop.

  • Includes multiple cleaning tools
  • Henry hoover design
  • Suitable for kids of all ages
  • Durable toys made from thick plastic
  • Requires considerable storage space

22. Stylishbuy Pretend Play Cleaning Set

Why we like it: Specifically made for girls, this pretends cleaning set features a cute pink vacuum cleaner and other appreciated accessories.

This set is made specifically for girls and it features quirky pinks toys. Its vacuum cleaner is made with a distinct white and pink design so that girls feel it is a fashionable toy as well. Furthermore, it is also one of the few sets which come with a feature-packed vacuum cleaner. It is complete with a suction function and a see-through dust compartment. For these functions to work, parents need to install 3 AA batteries inside it.

Other cleaning tools included a number of a mini dishwashing container and a detergent container. Of course, all of these accessories are rather small. This is the main reason they can be lifted easily by little girls. Even more, all of these accessories are stored on a cleaning trolley which kids can push around the house to whatever location they decide needs cleaning.

  • Includes a suction vacuum cleaner
  • Made with shades of pink
  • Includes a small sponge
  • All accessories sit on a trolley
  • No rubberized wheels on the trolley

23. PlayGo 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: This 2 in 1 design is one of the simplest in its class and its backed by an affordable price.

Not all vacuum toys need to be expensive. Some of them might even be more affordable than others without compromises. This is also the case of the PlayGo toy which kids can drag around the stairs, drop and even play outside with.

Having such a durable design means the toy is perfect for a home with more than one child. Siblings can play with the toy freely for hours and they can use it without the fear of it breaking anytime soon. Even more, they can share the large vacuum and the small vacuum cleaner. The large vacuum can be used for large pretend cleaning jobs while the smaller one can be used by kids in those hard to reach areas.

  • Includes 2 vacuum toys
  • Made with a sturdy design
  • All accessories can be removed from the toy
  • Suitable for families with many kids
  • Doesn’t use the finest wheels

24. Little Treasures Pretend and Play Mini Cleaning Appliance

Why we like it: This mini vacuum cleaner toys can be played with freely by all girls above 3.

With a compact design, the vacuum cleaner is not specifically robust. It is rather a more down to earth toy which girls can drag along carpets but which can also lift and take to another room when they feel like actually giving their parents a helping hand.

With included mini plastic balls, the see-through dust container can be what kids call dirt. This is why this versatile toy will start spinning them around until children can relate to what an actual vacuum cleaner looks and sounds. Even its wheels are oversized compared to the size of its body and this is why it’s such a top tool for extra fun during playtime.

  • Made with a cute pink design
  • Based on oversized wheels
  • Includes plastic spinning balls
  • Suitable for thick carpets
  • Only made for girls

25. Constructive Playthings Little Helper” Cleaning Trolley 12 Piece Set

Why we like it: This set includes a vertical handheld vacuum cleaner toy, a mop, a bucket, and a broom.

As a complete set, kids can use this toy as one of the best solutions for an integrated playtime idea. There’s no need for other toys for them to have great fun. Since there are multiple toys in the set, it can also be one of the attractions at group play sessions. Even more, kids can rely on it for further educational purposes such as developing social and communication skills.

With 4 small wheels, the vacuum cleaner is among the fastest on flat surfaces. This is why it can be considered for energetic kids who love to run around the house. With its durable materials, it can support daily doses of vacuuming fun.

  • Includes cleaning accessories
  • All toys sit on a trolley
  • Vacuum cleaner made with 4 wheels
  • Based on 12 total toys
  • Not the sturdiest trolley design

26. Little Treasures Little Helper Quality Cleaning Play Set

Why we like it: With three hoses and an attachment, this simple toy can be a dream solution for those who like to take their toys apart.

With a design mainly orientated towards practicality, the vacuum cleaner allows kids to build the toy from scratch. The hose and its attachments need to be installed and removed when placed back in its box. Just like an actual vacuum cleaner, the toy is what’s needed to make kids aware of how things work.

Made from durable plastic, the toy can handle anything kids throw at it. However, it does not include any wheels and kids might only be able to play with it on the spot, without having the freedom to drag it around the house.

  • Requires assembly
  • Includes a hose and attachments
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Can be part of a cleaning toys collection
  • No included wheels

27. PlayGo My Cleaning Trolley with Vacuum Cleaner

Why we like it: 7 toys are included in this set and all of them are easy to use, especially with group play sessions.

A vacuum cleaner toy is included in this set alongside a broom and brushes. It is one of the sets made for toddlers and this is why it might as well be one of the versatile solutions for everyday use. Furthermore, it is one of the products to be considered when it comes to better overall safety, especially with things such as possible sharp edges or small parts. With safety in mind, the set is suitable for children of all ages.

  • Includes a storage rack
  • Ships with a cleaning solution
  • Includes a broom and brushes
  • All colors included in the set
  • No included vacuuming sounds

28. WeGetDone Kids Robot Stem Toys to Build Vacuum Cleaner Kit

Why we like it: Part of the Stem toys series, this is an interesting learning toy for kids 8 and above.

As one of the most intriguing vacuum toys available to purchase, the WeGetDone Kids robot is one of the most inspired gift ideas. Instead of being a simple vacuum cleaner toy, it is a solution which teaches kids how to make their vacuum cleaner. Allowing them to learn more about air circulation principles, it is best to be used for those who have an interest in science.

  • Teaches kids about air circulation
  • Kids learn the basic principles of a motor
  • Shows how electricity works
  • Great gift idea for those into science
  • Mainly suitable for boys

29. Click N’ Play Toy Realistic Vacuum Cleaner, and House Keeping Set

Why we like it: With included accessories such as a dust collector and a broom, the set is ready to be used by little girls.

There are 8 pieces in this complex set to be used by those who want to enjoy a great pretend cleaning experience. They include mock soap bottles, mop detergents, a dustpan with a brush, and the actual vacuum cleaner. All painted in pink, these toys are suitable for little girls. Being of small size, they can be as lightweight as a doll.

  • Includes a vacuum cleaner toy
  • Set made of 8 pieces
  • Small lightweight design
  • Includes pretend cleaning products
  • Mainly suitable for girls

30. Melissa & Doug Wooden Let’s Play House!

Why we like it: This unique wooden set is specifically made to maximize fun and durability.

Kids can make the most of this incredible and durable toy set. There are 13 pieces to play with and all of them are made from wood. Kids who want to enjoy a more suitable design for added durability or those who want to purchase the toys for a kindergarten or play area can consider this set for its solid wood construction.

  • Made from real wood
  • Includes 13 pieces
  • Deluxe durable feel
  • Includes a toy vacuum cleaner
  • Heavier than plastic alternatives

Final considerations

There are no reasons not to find and interesting toy on this list. Some of the best vacuum toys have already been proven for popularity, durability, and excitement. They are all made for various ages and some of them are even made specifically for boys and girls. It is up to the parents to match the right vacuum toy with the right age of the child. Matching the toy to the energy levels of the child is a must as well with lightweight designs being recommended for those children full of vitality.