Best Baby Doll Accessories for Kids 2020


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A child’s early years are a time of discovery and magic. Babies form unique and strong emotional bonds to objects and toys. From a child’s perspective, a doll isn’t just a plaything or toy, but a reliable source of comfort and a best friend.

Apart from your baby having a doll, they would also want to mimic grown-ups. Doll accessories help children nurture developmental skills by learning how to take care of their toys. And there is no better way of taking care of dolls than having the right doll accessories.

However, finding the best baby doll accessories can be unnerving. The myriad of products in the market make the task even more hectic. Good news is, we have researched the best accessories and compiled them below to make your work easy.

Top 30 Baby Doll Accessories 2020

1. Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle

Why we like it: The product features more than 20 interactive accessories for a realistic play. This doll accessory encourages imagination and discovery.

Since 1959, Barbie has been inspiring kids across the globe to be what they want. Barbie walks every step with your child and offers limitless opportunities for play. This Barbie ambulance transforms into a clinic with four areas of play, a gift shop, and a waiting room. It has an exam room where your child can treat the patients. This interactive playset enables the child to respond to calls and deliver care to patients. There is a TV that pulls down into a unique gift shop.

  • It’s a fun and imaginative toy
  • Great price
  • Excellent quality
  • The toy has several features to keep your baby entertained
  • It’s a bit flimsy
  • Be careful when ordering the doll accessory as some arrive with missing pieces

2. Barbie Glam Convertible

Why we like it: The Glam Convertible is an affordable doll accessory designed with modern wheels and seatbelts that add a realistic touch.

Take this convertible car for a ride and enjoy a drive into all kind of adventures. The Glam is designed ready to hit the road and explore the possibilities. It has room for two dolls. However, dolls are sold separately. This two-seater convertible is sporty, sleek, and signature style. Its exterior is sparkly pink with the Barbie silhouette decorating the hood. The spoiler adds a sporty look with the cool black interior featuring upholstery labels. The modern wheels add a trendy touch. The silvery rims match the accents. Pull the vehicle to begin the ride but do not forget to buckle the seatbelts that add a realistic touch.

  • It’s inexpensive
  • It’s safe for ages three years and above
  • It has a sleek design
  • The Barbie doll fits inside pretty well
  • Made of plastic which may not last for long
  • It might break easily

3. My First Denim Doll Stroller for Baby Doll

Why we like it: The stroller is made of high-quality material with a comfortable seat, handle, perfect-able height, and a storage basket on the bottom.

The stroller has the under-seat storage basket, which is quite roomy to fit other toys. the stroller also comes with a compartment divider to stash various items. Your young one will get undivided attention while strolling the dolls. It encourages little ones to research and provokes their learning skills. Everything about this toy is safe for your baby. It’s made of top quality materials tested through USA safety standard. The seat is comfortable

  • It can fit 18-inch dolls
  • The stroller folds easily for easy storage
  • Inexpensive
  • It’s made of top quality double wheels for added stability
  • It comes assembled
  • The stroller is wobbly
  • The seat might slide off easily

4. Barbie Fashionistas Ultimate Closet

Why we like it: The portable Barbie closet has real working drawers. It teaches the child to get organized and neat.

Keeping your wardrobe neat and well-arranged will help you stay organized. And this Barbie closet is designed to make your girl learn how to organize clothes for her doll. The doll’s wardrobe comes with trendy pieces that can be arranged to create many looks. You can dress the Barbie doll to suit your style. However, the doll is sold separately. The closet is designed for fashion fun on the go or at home. the product has carrying handles to make it easy to transport. More so, it comes with classy doll clothes and accessories for lots of fun and storytelling. There are six hangers to keep the clothes organized and cabinets and drawers which are perfect for dolls.

  • The carrying handles make it easy to carry the closet
  • Drawers and cabinets ensure the doll’s accessories are kept organized
  • It’s portable
  • The clothes are of high quality
  • A bit flimsy
  • It only fits two dresses for the doll

5. Shopkins Lil’ Secrets Mini Playset Beauty Day Spa

Why we like it: There are six playsets to collect which will keep the child entertained throughout the day. Furthermore, it comes at a competitive price.

This beauty spa has a d. You can unlock the bub-lea’s Beauty Day Spa by cracking the code. There is party pop-ups invitation where you will find and reveal the codes. This beautiful spa features underneath seashells and a relaxing Jacuzzi for your tiny friends. There are pearlescent, glitters, metallic, and fluffy locks to find. The code is printed at the back of the playset to help your child unlock it swiftly.

  • You’ll never lose the code since it’s printed at the back of the playset
  • Great for travel, thanks to its compact size
  • The set is cute
  • Cheap
  • The pieces are tiny, making them a choking hazards

6. 19 Pcs ZQDOLL Girl Doll Clothes Gift Sets

Why we like it: The garments are uniquely designed with durable materials. They come in various colors to suit different occasions.

Do you want to dress your doll as you dress from head to toe? Then this is the superset that you should buy. The dresses are cute and made with durable, high-quality materials. It has ten different styles that can suit any occasion. This can be a fantastic gift for your little girl, and she will be happy to see it. The clothing set teaches your girl how to dress kid’s y mimicking the role of a mother. As a result, it helps her develop organizational skills, provokes her fashion sense, and make her develop good self-reliance.

  • The clothes are of high quality and fit perfectly
  • The outfits are cute
  • Comes at a competitive price
  • Ideal gift for your girl
  • Be careful when shopping online since some retailers deliver the product with some missing pieces

7. Weardoll 18Inch Doll Clothes and Accessories

Why we like it: The 33 pieces ensures your doll is the best dressed with these high-quality accessories.

It’s time to make your dolls look like princesses. This super holiday collection features 33-piece hand-designed outfits and accessories. The pieces are designed to fit Journey girl accessories, generation doll, and the American doll. The clothes are designed to fit any occasion. There is an umbrella for the rainy season, casual wear set, party dress, swimsuit, and summer outings outfits. You can mix and match the outfits to enable you to dress the doll and give it a look you want. All outfits and fun food accessories are well wrapped in a bonus doll travel backpack for easy portability and storage. All accessories are made of high-quality fabrics which are safety tested and machine washable.

  • The handmade accessories are designed using durable fabrics
  • Machine washable
  • You can mix and match to give you dolls the befitting look
  • There are outfits for any occasion
  • The pieces might break easily
  • Most of the items are play food

8. PZAS Toys and 18inch Doll Clothes

Why we like it: All the pieces are different with different colors to give your doll a unique and classic look.

Delight your princess with this doll clothes. It will help her to have a complete wardrobe makeover for her dolls. The ten outfits are suitable for any occasion and can fit your 18inch doll. The PZAS toys are uniquely designed to ensure no items are copied from other brands. The creativity and exclusive workmanship make the outfit outstanding, which will make the dolls exceptional too. The ten outfits and the coordinating pieces can be mixed and matched to give a classy look. It provides hours of fun and helps in developing your child’s sense of style and fashion.

  • The outfits are built to last
  • Provides hours of fun
  • The pieces are uniquely designed to offer an outstanding look
  • Some buyers complained that the outfits do not fit the American Girl doll

9. Shopkins Happy Places Beach Camper Van

Why we like it: The colorful dollhouse is a tiny home on the go that gives your doll a comfortable and luxurious place to rest.

There is so much fun behind the double doors of this colorful van. Open the beautiful doors and help Col set up and pimp her happy camper van. The double doors are easy to clean up to ensure the doll stays in a clean and happy home. There is a sink next to the shower with a secret easy-to-fold toilet. You need to open the table and have a seat by a window and enjoy the cool breeze.

  • The Camper van is tiny and lightweight for easy portability
  • The house is designed with the modern home set-up
  • The double doors are easy to open and clean-up
  • It comes with a doll
  • Some buyers complain that the kit comes with broken or missing items

10. 18inch Doll Travel Set

Why we like it: This Travel set is a fantastic teaching tool. It gives your little princess a great experience in packing and enables her to develop organizational skills.

When it’s time to travel, you should always have a list of items you need. This is the same case with this travel doll set, which comes with a piece of carry-on luggage. It has a ticket passport and 14 accessories which include cellphone, face and hand creams, hairbrush, passport and ticket, towels, sunglasses, camera, and iPad. The carry-on luggage is designed with a handle that goes up and down like the real one. It has a sturdy rubber attachment for the doll’s hand.

  • The set is made of top quality material for durability
  • It promotes organizational and planning skills
  • Competitive price
  • A perfect gift idea
  • Some buyers claim the items are minimal

11. Click n’ Play 9 Piece Doll Puppy Set

Why we like it: The set has everything you need to keep the puppy comfortable, busy, and happy. It comes with a ventilated carrier for the doll to carry the puppy wherever she goes.

The doll puppy and accessories are suitable for an American Girl doll. It’s cute set that features carrier, puppy, bone, bed and blanket, leash, tennis ball, food bowl, and brush. These are the accessories needed to take care of a puppy. The puppy is cuddly and beautiful. It has Velcro leash attached to the puppy’s neck for easy control. It has been designed to perfectly fit 19inch dolls of all styles and all made with high quality for years of enjoyment. The adorable brush helps in brushing the doll. You can serve the puppy’s favorite meal in the dog bowl, and when it’s time to sleep, there is a bed and blanket for a comfortable sleep.

  • The puppy is great for imaginative play
  • It has a ventilated carrier for easy portability
  • Made of top quality material for durability
  • The zipper carrier might get torn easily
  • It’s a bit pricey for its quality

12. Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Diaper Bag Set

Why we like it: The diaper bag has a unique design for imaginative and creative play. Children will learn to change their doll.

If you want to your little girl assume the motherhood responsibility, then this is the perfect set to by. For more than three decades, Melissa & Doug has been designing toys and accessories that promote creativity and enhance cognitive skills. The set comes with a fabric bag, a container of wipes, and a self-stick cloth diaper for a perfect fit. It contains two compartments which are large enough for ample storage for baby diapers and changing supplies. Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship ensures this doll diaper set if your child’s favorite for years to come.

  • It promotes social and emotional skills
  • Improves fine motor development
  • The diaper bag set foster nurturing skill and responsibility
  • It’s a cute doll accessory
  • The bag is small such that it can only fit a few items
  • The accessories are made of plastic which makes them flimsy

13. Shopkins Cutie Cars Splash’ N’ GO Spa Wash

Why we like it: This is a perfect set that is designed to give your color change cutie car a fantastic spa wash.

The Splash’ N’ Go Spa set comes with mini Shopkin and an exclusive color change cutie car that changes color in water. Place the mini Shopkin inside the cutie care and enjoy having a ride in town. The playset features two great levels of play. Fill the spa wash with warm water and release the inbuilt shower to reveal the unique patterns hidden underneath the car. There is also a deco station where you can decorate your color change cutie car.

  • The car has hidden patterns when used in water
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • The toy is ideal for both girls and boys
  • Fairly priced
  • Some toys arrive with missing parts. therefore, be vigilant when shopping online

14. Baby Alive Classic Pram Doll

Why we like it: The Doll pram is a modern, classic style pram with a twist displaying vibrant colors for little mommies and their fun, colorful dolls.

If you have been for the best baby doll accessory, then you have hit the right product. The pram has a canopy that shields the doll from sun rays, debris, and dust. There is a shopping basket for carrying other toy supplies. It’s also designed with a bassinet cover. Baby Alive Classic Pram Doll is made with plastic wheels and soft foam handle. It has a removable carry cot which you can easily convert to a bed for the doll.

  • It has a retractable canopy for protecting the doll
  • There is a large shopping basket for holding toys and other supplies
  • It’s ideal for dolls up to 18 inch
  • The cot converts to a bed
  • Easy to assemble
  • It does not come with a doll
  • It feels flimsy

15. Little Tikes Classic Doll Buggy

Why we like it: The Classic Doll Buggy by Little Tikes is a perfect doll accessory for young ones who pretend to play daddy and mommy.

The doll buggy is designed with a tremendous wide wheelbase and easy rolling wheels, which makes it easy to push around. The carriage is also easy to handle for portability and your youngest mommy-in-training. Since it’s lightweight, the doll buggy is ideal for walking around in the neighborhood with your cute doll. It features a wide white body fitted with blue handles. The stable, wide wheelbase is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. It can fit dolls up to 18inch, but the doll is sold separately. The durable plastic material used in designing this carriage is easy to wipe clean and can withstand lots of play.

  • Lightweight to carry around in the neighborhood
  • Durable plastic fabric withstands lots of play
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The wide wheelbase offers stability
  • Pricey
  • Hard to assemble

16. Ebuddy Magic School Uniform Inspired Doll Clothes

Why we like it: This magical doll uniform is ideal for the American Girl Dolls, and it can also fit the Generation doll.

The make of this uniform is inspired by Hermione Granger – the heroine of the Harry Potter series. This makes it enough to inspire you to buy this uniform for your girl to dress her doll. It creates an imaginative play of Hogwarts, who was a famous wizard. The set includes a sweater, tie, socks, shirt, Gryffindor-like cloak, skirt, magic wand, and shoes. However, you will buy the doll separately.

  • The clothes are ideal for Generation and American dolls
  • The robe is well sewn
  • Other clothes are made of nice fabric
  • The tie has no wrong side which makes it easy to dress up the doll
  • The robe seems a little bit small
  • It has a strong chemical smell

17. Baby Alive Supper Snacks Snackin’ Luke

Why we like it: This is the first boy in the Baby Alive line who is adorably hungry and love spending time snacking. It makes the kid creativity by pretending to create different kinds of snacks.

The Luke doll is an adorable, super guy who loves spending time with his mommy or daddy, and snacking is his kind of fun. With the snack shaper and reusable doll food, children can get creative and imaginative as they try to make a different kind of yummy-looking snacks. After preparing delicious food, kids can pretend to scoop snacks from his dish with the airplane spoon. Both girls and boys can spend hours playing airplane with the doll food and have fun pretending it’s coming in for a landing.

  • It promotes social and emotional skills
  • Enhances imaginative play
  • Easy to clean
  • The diaper fits great
  • Excellent for speech therapy
  • Clothes are easy to clean
  • Food might stack inside

18. Doll Toy Car Seat

Why we like it: The doll toy car seat by Joovy is an adorable kit for dolls which helps children imitate the role of a responsible and a caring parent.

When driving with kids, the first safety measure you should take is to ensure they get buckled in their car seats. The same concept applies to this doll car seat. It helps your child learn about car safety, and they secure and stuff the toy into the doll car seat. By making connecting to the real world allows kids to accept change, assume responsibilities, and helps them understand the importance of certain things. Furthermore, it’s an integral part of early cognitive development and vital to balanced growth. The doll car seat performs similarly to the real car seat.

  • It performs equally to a real car seat
  • Helps children assume responsibilities
  • Promotes cognitive development
  • The seat cover is machine washable and easy to remove
  • The handles might break easily
  • Expensive

19. Dress Along Dolly Rain Coat Doll Clothes

Why we like it: These clothes are uniquely designed for a perfect fit. The set is compatible with the American Girl doll and other 18-in dolls.

When it comes to the rainy season, you ensure you have all the necessary accessories to shield yourself from rain. It’s the same with your girl’s dolls — the doll need to keep warm during the rainy season and arm herself with the required accessories. The doll provides a myriad of high-quality and affordable outfits, accessories, and décor you’re your child’s American girl doll. The highly detailed accessories ensure your doll is always in fashion and look stylish. the set includes a fully functioning umbrella, rain jacket, shirt, rain hat, pants, and rain boots.

  • The items are cute
  • The set has all the necessary accessories to keep your doll on rainy days
  • Comes at a competitive price
  • Perfect birthday or holiday gift for a baby girl
  • The doll cannot hold the umbrella
  • The hat is floppy and too small for the head

20. 18Inch Doll Clothes

Why we like it: The clothes are fully handmade with a unique design. The package inspires little ones into playing soccer.

If you want to inspire your little one into playing soccer, it starts here. The uniform creates a feeling and environment where the child feels in full control of the ball. With this set, the child will have an imaginative play with the doll, probably acting like a ref. The outfit is compatible with 18-inch dolls and accessories. Furthermore, it’s machine washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. The whole set includes shorts, headwear football, shirt, and shoes. This doll accessories package is lightweight for easy portability and compact for secure storage.

  • The outfit is adorable and fits perfectly on the American Girl Doll
  • It’s a nice set made of high-quality fabric
  • The soccer cleats are fantastic mini replicas
  • The doll is sold separately
  • You cannot pick any other number apart from 12

21. Shopkins Shoppies Summer Peaches

Why we like it: The set is compatible with all Shopkin playsets.

If you want the best baby doll accessory that comes at a competitive price, then this the ultimate kit to have. The summer peaches come with exclusive sweetie le peach. It has peach-toned hair with the iconic oversized headband, a pair of wedges and removable bubble skirt. The set ensures the doll look stylish during summer. Don’t forget about the comb to keep the hair neat and the miniature magazine. The legs can bend to make the doll sit down comfortably.

  • It’s a perfect gift for Christmas or birthday
  • It’s a decent doll for the price
  • The removable skirt allows your girl to dress the doll in various outfits
  • Ideal for most ages
  • The shoes keep on falling

22. The New York Collection Doll High Chair

Why we like it: This doll high chair is ergonomically designed to fit your doll. It’s foldable for easy storage and portability.

The New York Collection doll high chair is an adorable sturdy item that is a must for every little pretend mommy. The easy compact fold makes it ideal for storage when not in use. It has a sturdy frame to make it durable and withstand lots of play. It has a heart design painted with vibrant pink color to make it attractive. This doll is designed to fit 18-in dolls. Furthermore, it’s made of high-quality materials to make it last you for years. High doll chair has matching furniture, strollers, and accessories, but they are sold separately.

  • It’s a foldable high chair for easy storage
  • Made of top quality fabric for durable
  • Sturdy frame
  • It fits 18-inch dolls
  • The seat does not have a seatbelt

23. KidKraft 61111 Tiffany Doll High Chair

Why we like it: The Tiffany Doll High Chair is a sturdy product that is designed to last for years. It makes feeding time for your child and dolls easier and fun.

The chair is sturdy with a classy look. the tray lifts to accommodate the doll. The pink and white rattle bar gives it a fantastic look that will accentuate your style. The chair is designed with a cushion to make the doll comfortable. The adorable bow designs are a clear indication of the prowess of the designers. It would make a warm welcome addition to any set of young girl’s doll collection. Measuring 12,2 x 12 x 23 inches and weighing 2.2 pounds, the chair is lightweight for easy transportation.

  • It’s a super cute doll high chair
  • It fits 18-inch American Girl doll
  • It’s easy to put up
  • The wooden chair is for added durability
  • The screws might come out easily
  • It can break easily if lots of force is applied

24. Olivia’s Little World Baby Changing Station

Why we like it: The double-sided changing station is designed to help your child learn how to care for baby dolls and to develop nurturing skills.

This changing station can fit 16-18 inches’ baby dolls such as You & me baby and Bitty Baby. More so, it’s ideal for stuffed animals as well. the station has a sink, mobile, and a high feed chair to help your little one feed and clean the dolls and put them to bed. It also has ample space for storing doll’s accessories and clothes. The stylish lavender baby doll is fitted with gold stars to create a fashion and style statement in your child’s room. The clean lines and simple design will fit in with any décor. It’s firmly constructed using safe, sturdy wooden structure.

  • It’s packaged with detailed assembly instructions to enable you to put it up in no time
  • It’s made of eco-friendly MDF with lead-free paints
  • Sturdy
  • Simple and stylish
  • Compatible with any décor
  • Some clients claim the changing station is small
  • The color may easily scratch off

25. Mommy & Me 4-in-1 Doll Play Set

Why we like it: The carriage high chair and bouncer are fully assembled and have seat belts to keep the doll safe and comfortable.

Although the doll cannot get harmed by chemicals used in designing the doll accessories, your child can. That is why it’s important to buy baby doll accessories that are made with safe materials. The doll carriage is designed with top quality material that is lead-free. The hot blue color makes it suitable for both girls and boys. The pieces include bouncer, high chair, a doll carriage, and pack n’ play. All parts come assembled, and the set is easy to fold and carry.

  • It comes assembled
  • The seat has a seatbelt to buckle up the doll
  • Great quality
  • Bright color
  • Ideal for both boys and girls
  • Expensive
  • Some clients claim the set is smaller than they expected

26. Colors of Rainbow 50 Pairs Accessories for Barbie Doll

Why we like it: It comes with 100% brand new doll shoes which come at an affordable price.

A pair of shoes is never enough for girls, and so it is with dolls. This set is ideal for girls who love fashion and would like their dolls to appear fashionable and stylish. The boots and shoes in this kit have an elegant design, and they are easy to wear. The multiple colors will allow your child to mix and match to ensure the doll look good. They are made of silicone, which is long lasting and easy to clean. The minimum mode can fit 3.5-inch dolls’ feet with the largest model fitting 11.5-inch dolls’ feet.

  • Comes at a competitive price
  • The shoes are made of silicone material for durability and easy to clean
  • It encourages your child to be stylish and fashionable
  • It’s only meant to fit Barbie dolls
  • The shoes have a strong chemical smell

27. You & Me 69928 30Pcs Bay Doll Care Accessories

Why we like it: By imitating adult behavior, children gain development skills and they learn how to execute some soles.

The You & Me 30Pcs doll accessories comes with everything your kid needs to start nurturing and taking proper care of the doll. The set features two bibs, a training potty, two diapers, hair brushes, bath toys, feeding accessories, mirrors, a rattle, and lotions. The containers can be taken apart for your child to pretend to fill them with baby food, lotions, and more. The kit offers a whole set of fun activities for your kid while practicing basic care-taking skills.

  • Comes with a storage/carrying bag
  • Compatible with most baby dolls
  • Thirty pieces to offer lots of fun
  • Some containers are too small which might be choking hazards
  • The carrying bag can rip off easily

28. The New York Doll Collection Magic Bottle Set for Baby Dolls

Why we like it: The modern design makes the bottle unique. It helps your child develop caring nature as she nurtures her doll.

the bottle is made of high-quality fabric, and it’s easy to play for your child. The great accessory teaches your child about practical life. Whenever the doll feels hungry, your child can feed it with this amazing and colorful feeding doll bottles. There are magic graphics on the bottles which add cuteness during feeding time. the bottle’s packaging is covered in a colorful and beautiful illustration. They make the bottles attractive and would increase the perceived value. They were easily designed to be opened by kids without the use of tools like a knife or scissors.

  • The bottles come with safe packaging
  • They’re lightweight bottles which are easy to carry
  • Ideal for girls aged three years and above
  • They are fun to play with and feed your doll
  • Thin and fragile
  • The bottles might leak

29. Fisher-Price Loving Family Everything for Baby

Why we like it: The set is designed to make your child have an imaginative play with essentials.

If you want your child to have the best possible start in life, then allow her to play. Fisher-price is dedicated to helping your child develop cognitive skills and promotes social and emotional development. The set is ideal for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The set has all the essentials for entertaining and feeding babies. It has a bouncer seat which turns, and the blanket is soft for a smooth and comfortable sleep of your doll. It also features a diaper bag, high chair for feeding the dolls, and a stroller with working wheels to allow the child to push the stroller around the neighborhood.

  • Inexpensive
  • It comes with the doll
  • Easy to assemble
  • Built to last for long
  • The pieces are small

30. Sweet Dolly 5Pc Lots Doll Clothes

Why we like it: The dresses are adorable, made of high-quality fabric, and comes at a reasonable price.

Many are the times you may be in a fix as you try to get your little princess a perfect birthday gift. If that’s you, then you don’t have to worry anymore. These Sweet doll pieces are well-made and durable. the set also has two pairs of shoes to make your doll look classy. More so, it fits 18-inch dolls including American Girl dolls.

  • The dresses are well made
  • It fits 18-inch dolls including the American Girl doll and Our Generation dolls
  • Nice value for the price
  • Velcro might fall off
  • They have a horrible laundry odor

Bottom Line

Dolls are great tools in preparing your daughter to be a great, caring elder sister. The doll accessories help her further by learning how to touch the doll appropriately, wash, feed, and put her to bed. Your child can also learn relationship skills like sharing, having conversations, and taking good care of others. Furthermore, it enhances nurturing skills. the above accessories and sets will help you have fun with your little one.