Best Outdoor Playsets for Kids 2020


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Play is a very important activity in the growth and development of a child. That is why as a parent, you might want to buy an outdoor playset for your kids. However, there are very many options in the market nowadays that it might seem like a daunting task to select the best playset. Below is a review of the 30 best outdoor playset for kids. This list will definitely make your purchasing decision easy.


Top 30 Best Outdoor Playset for Kids 2020

1. Cedar Summit Lookout

Why we like it: The playset is large enough to accommodate up to 13 children aged 3 to 13 years.

The Cedar summit lookout lodge is a clubhouse that your kids will have fun in and enjoy spending time together. The playset features two very spacious clubhouses which are big enough to fit up to 13 kids. The playset has very interesting features that will keep your child entertained for hours.  There is a telescope located at the upper clubhouse which the kids can use to scout out the surrounding area. To access the lower chambers, the kids can simply slide down where they will find a BBQ set with which they can make imaginative delicious meals. The set also comes with belt swings and acro bars which little kids can swing on. The cedar summit lookout is built with high quality material which makes it durable.

  • Made of high quality material
  • Treated with a water based stain which is child friendly thus making it safe
  • Very ingenious design 
  • Has aesthetic beauty
  • You have to assemble it yourself

2. Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Why we like it: Has “secret” hiding chamber which makes it more fun for kids.

The Step2 Clubhouse playset comes packed with some fun features which will ensure your kids do not have a dull moment. In the club house, the kids can crawl, hide, slid, climb and even steer. When your kids are captains of a ship, there is the steering wheel, to guide the ship safely into shore. The clubhouse has a lookout tower fitted with well-designed windows. When the clubhouse is a castle and there is a princess inside, a bridge connects the castle to a tower which has a very beautiful star-gazing skylight. Since kids enjoy hide and seek, the clubhouse has a secret lower level which is a perfect hiding spot.

  • The playset rests securely on the ground thus making it stable
  • Both the clubhouse and the lookout tower have windows and own slides
  • Has sure grip rails which make the stairs safe to climb
  • Has crawling tunnels
  • Not big enough for older and larger children

3. Step2 Skyward Summit – Grey

Why we like it: The play set is very sturdy and it can withstand varying climatic conditions.

The skyward summit is a perfect playset for kids with high energy levels. The playset is designed in such a way that it looks like a rock which will give your child a taste of real rock climbing experience. The playset has four climbing surfaces with each presenting a unique set of challenges. It has twelve hand grips which are appropriately sized for children, 2 climbing cargo nets and a floor net. Since it is shaped like a rocky mountain, the Skyward Summit offers kids a challenge to climb to the peak and peak through the open air hole. The Skyward summit is also very stable and does not require any additional support. Additionally, since it is made of very durable material your children will enjoy playing at the summit for a long time.

  • It is very sturdy
  • Has a unique shape
  • Offers four different type of challenges
  • Has a peeking hole at the summit
  • Suitable for only four kids 
  • Requires adult supervision

4. Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym

Why we like it: The structure is uniquely shaped and you can easily move it around since it is not as heavy.

The life time Geometric Dome Limber has a unique geometric design which is bound to thrill your kids. The playset comes equipped with hand grips which are used in rock climbing. The structure is also spacious and large enough for a couple of children to have fun at the same time without squeezing each other thus avoiding injury. The unique design of the playset allows your child to develop muscles, coordination and upper body strength. The Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber is made of heavy duty steel which is powder-coated. This means that the structure is both rust and weather resistant. Additionally, the structure is easy to move from one place to another without dissembling it. As such, you can comfortably mow your lawn.

  • Fitted with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) climbing grips
  • Weather and dust resistant
  • Easy to move around since it is not heavy
  • Appropriate for children aged 3-10 years.
  • Can be tricky to assemble since the assembling instructions are not clear

5. Game Time Sports Climber and Slide

Why we like it: The playset comes with a multipurpose sports ball where your child can learn how to shoot, toss and kick.

This is the perfect playset for the budding athlete! It is rightly named sports climber since the set if fitted with sports “utilities” like the basketball hoop where the kids can dunk the ball. It also has a soccer goal and a score board to record all their scoring achievements! These features help your child to acquire kicking, shooting and tossing skills at a very early age.  These activities encourage the development of the child’s fine motor skills. The playset is not all about games – it also has a climbing ladder and a slide. The product is suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers who are itchy to get out of the house and enjoy some outdoor activity!

  • Suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • Helps improve the child’s fine motor skills
  • Perfect for children with an interest in sports
  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Not very stable

6. Little Tikes Hide and seek Climber

Why we like it: It is compact so it can fit even in constrained spaces.

If you have toddlers, then this is the perfect playset to buy for them. The Little Tikes delivers a lot of fun to toddlers and is suitable for both boys and girls. The set comes with a rock wall which toddlers love to climb. It also has a tunnel which the kids enjoy to crawl through. The playset is low which ensures that your child will not get hurt ones they tumble down once or twice! Little Tikes is the perfect size for toddlers and offers a great way for the children to gain balance and coordination. It is appropriate even for small spaces and backyards since it is compact.

  • Very easy to learn how to climb on it even for beginners
  • Has a gentle slope which offers soft landing
  • It is low which makes it appropriate for toddlers
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Has overly slippery slides

7. Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy Duty 3- Chain Rubber Tire Swing Seat

Why we like it: The chains are coated with plastisol which protects your child from pinch cold and heat.

The tire swings adds a whole new dimension in your child’s play arsenal. It is a unique playset which offers joy and delight. The product comes with snap hooks (for easy hoisting), mounting hardware and a tire swivel. The set comes with all the required hardware for easy installation. It is a very low maintenance play kit and once you have installed it properly; your children can enjoy many swing hours without any concern. It has three 66” long chains which are stronger than ropes. The chains are also coated with plastisol at the lower end thus protecting your child’s hand from cold, heat and pinch which might be caused by the chains. The coating also provides a firm grip.

  • It comes with all the hardware required for installation
  • It is a low maintenance kit
  • It is easy to assemble and install
  • Can comfortably fit three children
  • Might be confusing to set up since it has holes on both sides

8. Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

Why we like it: The Neat and Tidy II playhouse is well designed and is also beautiful which will add décor to any yard. 

If your child is into pretend game, then this is the perfect gift. The Neat and Tidy II playhouse is your child’s home away from home. Here, the kids can welcome playmates into the house, pretend to cook for them, clean the house and entertain visitors. The playhouse has an open design which gives the baby’s care taker unobstructed view of the child while inside the “house”. It also has very exceptional features which include a mail box (though it is a pass through which adds to the fun), a flower box and a realistic doorbell. It has shutters and Dutch doors which are in perfect working conditions.

  • Has realistic home amenities including a wall clock, fire place, faucets and a play phone
  • Its open design makes it easy for adult supervision
  • Looks like a real home
  • It is large enough to fit more than one kid
  • Water collects in and on top of the house

9. Step2 Naturally Playful Lookout Treehouse

Why we like it: the playset is very easy to assemble.

The Playful lookout Treehouse is a perfect playset for young children. The Treehouse is equipped with a telescope which kids can pretend to be on a ship scanning for an island. The Treehouse also has steps that lead to the lookout chamber and a slide on the other end for a quick getaway. The slide adds fun. The play set is high enough since it has a platform which measures 48.3 cm. This ensures that even taller kids can play comfortably without kicking their heads on the ceiling. The kit it is easy to assemble. It is also sturdy and stable which means that it will not topple over while your kids are playing.

  • It is very sturdy thus durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • You can remove the roof so that taller children can play better
  • It is compact so it fits is small spaces
  • Some edges are rough which can hurt the child

10. Step 2 Big Splash Waterpark Water Table

Why we like it: The water table is well raised to keep the children’s feet dry.

The Big Splash is a delight for children and toddlers who love to play with water. The play set comes with a water tower basin, a movable water spout, interchangeable tower, and it is easy to assemble. It gives the children fun to scoop up water and fill the water tower basin. Additionally, the playset has an interchangeable tower which the children can create all types of different water games using them. The water table has a wheel where children can spin or pour water down the waterslide. You can also add other water toys on the water table for your child to play with.

  • Has a drain plug to drain the water easily without toppling the water table
  • It is easy to assemble 
  • Lightweight
  • Has various levels of water play
  • 2-3 kids scan comfortably play with the set
  • The legs are not as strong as they should be.

11. Skywalker Sports Modular Jungle Gym

Why we like it: The Skywalker is very sturdy because it is made of high quality power coated steel.

One of the major concerns for parents is the safety of their children while they are out playing. That is why the manufacturers of the Skywalker Sports Modula have ensured that their product is safe by having their products tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).  The playset is very ideal for kids with an interest in outdoor exploration. The playset helps your kids learn valuable skills such as self-confidence, balance and coordination as they climb up, and down through the set. The Jungle Set has no pinch joint covers which ensure that your child will not be harmed as they play.

  • You can customise the product by adding other accessories
  • Once set up, it is very sturdy and strong
  • The product is certified by the ASTM so you are assured of its safety
  • Has no pinch joint covers which protects the kid’s fingers
  • Takes much time to set up
  • Comes with a lot of screws, bolts and nuts.

12. ECR4Kids Indoor/Outdoor Buccaneer Boat with Pirate Flag for Kids

Why we like it: The product is very sturdy and its bright colour makes it attractive to children.

Let your child’s imagination run wild with this perfect outdoor playset. The Buccaneer Boat is brightly coloured which is a major attraction for kids. Apart from its beauty, the boat has a movable wheel which allows your child to guide the ship from the helm. it also has other accessories like a moulded pirate’s parrot and  a moulded flag and anchor. It does not matter if your child is rough on their play toys, the playset will withstand the rough treatment and your child will enjoy themselves for a long time. The ship can comfortably fit two children aged between 2 to 6 years. Additionally, the playset is extremely easy to assemble and dissemble.

  • Has very attractive colours
  • Can withstand rough treatment from children
  • Can comfortably fit two children
  • Small enough to fit perfectly in constrained spaces
  • Cannot accommodate more than two children

13. Little Tikes Cook ‘N Play Outdoor BBQ

Why we like it: It has a large counter top which gives the child plenty of play space.

The Little Tikes Cook is perfect for budding chefs and for children who like cooking as their hobby.  The kit is of perfect size for children aged between 2 to 4 years. The playset looks very realistic and the knobs make a “clicking” sound which is a delight to any child. To add more authenticity to the grill set, the manufactures have added pegs to hang the utensils and the pans. It also has got very colourful, realistic and bright stickers. When you buy the accessory kit, you will get hot dogs and burgers. The grill also has an oven which the child can use to nicely tack away all the accessories in preparation of the next meal time! The kids can also wash the dishes on the playset sink.

  • The fridge and oven doors are in perfect working condition and actually open
  • Has pegs to hang the utensils and pans
  • The grill knobs make a ticking sound which is fun for the kids
  • It has a large counter top 
  • Has two level grill which is similar to a real grill
  • You have to drill in some places to insert screws

14. Lifetime A-Frame Adventure Playset

Why we like it: the playset comes packed with a ton of play accessories including a clubhouse, swings and a climbing wall.  

If your children are adrenaline junkies, then this is the playset that you need to buy them. The Life Time A – Frame adventure playset comes equipped with a host of fun accessories for children aged 3-12 years. It has a clubhouse right at the top of the set which gives children a very high vantage point. The club house also has a hardtop roof. The playset has 2 belt swings, a propeller swing, a cargo net, and other fun accessories. The set is made from high quality steel which powder coated making it weather resistant.  For safety purposes, the edges are rounded and the swing chains are covered with soft rubber to prevent the child from getting pinched by the chain. The playset is free standing and very stable so there is no need for additional support.

  • Very stable therefore no need for extra support
  • Comes with a ton of play accessories
  • Very strong therefore can accommodate many children
  • It is very durable and is made of weather resistant material
  • It is complex to assemble and you must follow the instructions strictly.

15. Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set

Why we like it: The playset is rounded which reduces the chance of bruises caused by sharp edges. 

For nature loving kids, this is the perfect playset. The Little Tikes Tree House is the delight of children aged 3- 8 years. It is designed like a look out tree. The playset has a steering wheel for role play. Additionally, it has a climbing wall and the kids can also use the tree’s frame to climb up the playset. The tree house is perfect for families with a smaller backyard where space is a major consideration. It is easy to assemble and dissemble. It is lightweight and durable so your kids can have fun for a long time to come.

  • It is lightweight and durable
  • It is easily assembled and dissembled
  • Can fit in smaller backyards
  • Has a steering wheel for role play
  • It gets hot when the temperature gets high
  • Has to be anchored

16. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Swing Set with 9 Foot Wavy Slide

Why we like it: The playset is tall and it appropriate for kids of all ages, adults can also enjoy a swing!

The play set is a very fitting investment for parents who would like to give their children a wonderful playtime experience. The Monkey Bar Adventure Set comes with gym rings, a trapeze bar and 3 belt swings. These accessories ensure that your child will not get bored on the set since they can move from one activity to the other easily! For safety, the swing chains are well fastened with clips on the frame. Additionally, the playset has a long 9’’ wavy slide and a fireman’s pole. Since the set is appropriate for kids of all ages, you are assured that you will not have to buy another playset once your children get older.

  • The set is made of alloy steel which makes it durable
  • It is very strong and therefore needs no support
  • Appropriate for kids of all ages 
  • It is rust and weather resistant
  • It is heavy and requires more than one person to assemble and place it into position

17. Step2 Play Up Jungle Gym and Kids Swing Set

Why we like it: the playset is relatively easy to set up. It also has a playhouse with a steering wheel thus encouraging role play.

The raised playhouse provides a wonderful opportunity for your children to exercise and blow off some steam. The house has a steering wheel, a high platform, anti-slide climbing stairs and a slide for a quick getaway. The shape, the attractive colours and the fancy design of the playset makes it irresistible to youngsters. Besides the playhouse, the set also comes with two swings which adds fun and avoids monotony brought about by playing on the raised platform. The Playful Playhouse Climber is designed to accommodate a total of four children at a time since it can handle a maximum weight of 240lbs

  • Has a fancy design and attractive colour
  • Apart from the playhouse, it has attached swings for more fun
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Has other accessories like a steering wheel which encourages role play
  • Some assembly instructions are not very clear

18. Step2 Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Set Extension

Why we like it: the balcony has railings which protect your kids from falling off accidentally.

This playset is perfect for your kids since it has a very spacious balcony which means that the kids will not fight over who is to be at the top. For safety, the manufactures of the playset have also included railings on the balcony to prevent the kids from accidentally falling off. The set has a secret chamber and crawl-through tunnels. This ensures that your kids can enjoy a number of games including hide and seek. For more fun, the playset comes with two swings which can accommodate kids weighing 250 pounds on each swing.

  • Very spacious balcony 
  • The balcony has railings for security purposes
  • Has a secret playhouse with crawl tunnels
  • Comes with two swings which add to the fun.
  • The plastic gets really hot during high temperatures

19. Step2 Naturally Playful Adventure Lodge Play centre Swing Set with Glider

Why we like it: the playset is double storied thus offering numerous secret hiding places and crawl tunnels.

This playset is unique and will ensure that your kids have fun to the fullest. The set has two stories where your children can climb and hide in the numerous secret compartments. The two stories’ ladder is strong which ensures the kids get on top of the playhouse safely. For the adventurous kids, instead of using the ladder, they can use the ropes to get at the top of the playset. Since the playset is high, it has a 6” slide which adds more fun to the games. For more fun, the set has a glider which can hold two children and also has two strap swings.

  • Has a long slide 
  • It is double storied 
  • Has a two person glider
  • Has a climbing rope for more fun
  • Some swing poles do not have the proper holes on them

20. Southampton Wood Complete Ready- to- Assemble Swing Set Kit

Why we like it: the set comes with very much fun giving accessories.

The playset is one monstrous hive of different kinds of play and fun activities. The set is bound to satisfy even kids with very short concentration spans due to the variety it offers. It has ten different play activities and there is something for everyone. The set has three decks which total 29 square feet. The decks start at a height of 30’ to 60’. Despite its numerous activities, the playset can be set up in one day and the kids can start to have fun immediately.  It has a ladder, swings, a slide and a slide tunnel. It is also very roomy and it accommodates a number of children. Additionally, it is stable and requires no additional support.

  • Offers numerous activities
  • The child can access the playset with the ladder or the climbing wall which has a rope assist
  • Has a fully enclosed twist slide.
  • Has a table and bench where kids can socialize or take their snacks
  • It is heavy and requires more than one person to assemble

21. Mountaineer Swing Set with Wood Roof Canopy

Why we like it: the playset is very spacious thus giving each child enough playing room.

The mountaineer swing set offers immense pleasure to kids. It is big enough for children to play without pushing and shoving each other for lack of space. The set is primarily made of wood but the best part is that it has been treated making it decay, insect damage and rot resistant. The playset has an extreme tube slide and wiki wave slides which will make your children want to climb up and slide down all the time. Additionally, the set has more fun accessories like a rock wall with a climbing rope, belt swings, and a ladder which ensures that your child can enter the Swing set safely.

  • The wood used to make the set is treated thus making it weather and insect resistant
  • The beams are pre drilled for easier installation
  • It has a sandbox and a picnic table where children can take breaks between play
  • Has very well secured swings
  • Made of wood which might not be as durable as metal

22. Backyard Discovery Skyfort II All Cedar Wood Swing Set

Why we like it: It offers a range of activities for the children and it can accommodate more than five kids

The backyard discovery sky fort is one of the best-selling backyard playsets in the market. It features a lower play deck and clubhouse. The play deck has a swing glider, monkey bars, two belt swings, a slide and a sand box. The clubhouse features bay windows, a wood roof, a covered entry way, a spacious front porch as well as a crow’s nest. It also incorporates a wavelike double swing set glider and two normal belt swings.  There is a picnic table for four underneath the upper kids’ fort and a sandbox for the younger children beneath the backyard port. The monkey bars installed in the swing set and the solid rock climbing walls are guaranteed to make playing fun and challenging for your kids. .

  • It is made of all cedar wood.
  • It is safe.
  • It challenges the kids.
  • It is expensive.

23. Image Spider Web Swing Tree

Why we like it: It is universal and it can fit two children or more.

The image web tree swing guarantees non-stop fun for your children. The swing can be used anywhere in the world. It attaches very easily to trees and swing sets. The swing has a large surface area which allows children to sit comfortably without the fear of falling over. The high quality nylon ropes offer excellent support for the swing. The playset is padded with EVA foam and this offers added comfort. Although it is delivered disassembled, it is easy to install so that should not be a problem. The swing comes in a variety of colours to choose from. You can also choose between the one meter and the sixty centimetre size.

  • It is safe.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is easy to install. 
  • 100% refund.
  • It comes disassembled.

24. Step2 All Round Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Why we like it: This playhouse offers a good opportunity for kids to bond with their siblings, friends and also parents in the outdoors and also learn a thing or two. 

The playhouse has an open pavilion design which is just perfect for an outdoor playhouse. It has a kitchen with a sink and a swivel faucet as well as a grill that allows children to whip up their favourite dishes. The sand and water play area includes a few accessories and a lid for fun water activities. The snack table has a dish set that children can create a lemonade stand with. The interior is very roomy and this provides enough room for your kids to play in. The high canopy also provides enough head room that ensures kids don’t injure themselves when playing.

  • This playhouse is very spacious and can accommodate several kids
  • It is spacious. 
  • Offers several activities for kids to do.
  • It can fit a wheelchair.
  • It is expensive

25. Step2 Extreme Roller Coaster Ride-On Playset

Why we like it: It is safe and can be used as great learning tool.

The extreme roller coaster ride playset is nine feet long and is thirty inches high. The playset is installed with safety rails to protect your child from falling. The coaster car has a high seat back, handgrips and footrests. The car has easy entry for the kids and it allows stable mounting as well as riding along the track. It comes with a non-slip ramp that enables children to push the car back up on their own. The track and car are made of long-lasting poly construction that lasts for long. This playset warrants helps build coordination and strength when the kids move the car up the track. It also fosters team spirit and resilience among children.

  • It is safe
  • It is built from tough poly that makes it long lasting.
  • It builds coordination in children.
  • It is expensive

26. Step2 Clubhouse Climber

Why we like it: It has multiple tunnels for hide and seek. It is well mounted on the ground to ensure all kids are safe. This climber can support up to 100kg.

The clubhouse climber is a well-designed playset that is secured on the floor for easy placement which ensures that the playhouse does not wobble or fall over. Both the lookout tower and the raised clubhouse have two windows and two separate slides. Other fun features of the clubhouse climber include a rotating steering wheel and a skylight. The playset has an easy entryway with built in grip rails that ensure safety. The many lower-level tunnels are great for playing hide and seek and they also ensure that crawling children have fun. It can accommodate a number of kids and it offers several activities for the kids to participate in.

  • It is safe 
  • It can support many children
  • It supports weight over 100 kg
  • It is expensive

27. Lifetime 90630 Products Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset

Why we like it: It does not require cement installation and it is resistant to all weather conditions.

The adventure tower deluxe is an amazing playset. It comes with a swing bar with two swing sets, one trapeze bar and a couple of monkey bars. There are also two sturdy 3-D climbing walls and one fireman pole. This playset is resistant to adverse weather conditions thanks to the high-quality building materials which are powder coated steel and high-density polyethylene. They prevent any rotting, cracking or splinting. The tower is built with a firm hardtop roof and four storefronts. The playset is UV resistant and this protects your kids from the harmful rays of the sun. This incredible playset guarantees playtime all year round.

  • It can host many children
  • Kids can enjoy a number of fun activities.
  • It is very sturdy
  • It comes dissembled
  • It is quite heavy

28. Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy Duty Tire Swivel for Tire Swing Attachment

Why we like it: It is made of heavy- duty steel which is galvanized. The swivel is pre-drilled and well lubricated and can make a 360-degree spin.

The Eastern Jungle Gym Heavy Duty Tire Swivel is ready to use straight out of the box. This swivel is made of heavy-duty steel and also incorporates grease fitting for regular lubrication. It is designed to connect a tire swing to a swing beam made of wood. The swivel guarantees much more fun because it can make a 360-degree spin.  The eastern jungle swivel comes with two pre drilled holes and this makes attachment to the wooden beam much easier. You should however use lag bolts when mounting this tire swivels.

  • It is galvanized, so this prevents rusting. 
  • It is long lasting.
  • It is pre drilled for easy installation
  • It offers a 360-degree spin
  • It is well lubricated
  • It requires specific bolts to mount it.

29. ANCHEER Toddler Swing Seat High Back Full Bucket Swing Seat with 60-inch Coated Chain and Two Snap Hooks

Why we like it: It is comfortable, safe and the company offers an after- sale warranty for one year in case you still have questions on the product. 

The anchor toddler swing seat is made of EVA and Polyethylene which are long lasting materials. It is also made of durable metal parts that warrant durability. The seat comes fully assembled which is amazing and it easily attaches to almost all swing beams. The chains are 60 inches long but are coated with plastisol on the bottom half for a more comfortable grip. The bucket swing seat is the perfect size for infants and toddlers at the age of nine months to three years. It is higher at the back for added protection and comfort.  The swing seat is available in yellow, green, blue and red colours.

  • It is safe
  • It is comfortable
  • It is long lasting
  • It has a one year after sale warranty
  • It does come with latches that attach the chain to the beam

30. ANCHEER 3-in-1 Toddler Swing Seat

Why we like it: It can accommodate your child as they grow. It is safe, comfortable and long lasting.

The anchor 3-in-1 toddler swing seat is made of high-quality plastic and nylon and can accommodate infants, babies and even teens. It should however not be used by infants below six months or teens that weigh more than three hundred pounds. The nylon ropes are 78.7 inches long and can be adjusted depending on how long or short you want them to be. It features a T bar guard and a safety belt in the front for added support and security. The nylon rope has a specially designed buckle that prevents the swing from tipping over. The seat comes with two ropes, two snap hooks and a manual. The swing seat is available in variety of bright and vibrant colours.

  • It is adjustable
  • It is durable
  • It is safe
  • It can accommodate different kids
  • Easy to install
  • It is not assembled 
  • Insufficient information on the manual

Wrapping It

The purpose of a play set is to give your children a good time. Therefore, before settling for any play set, ensure that you thoroughly check it out to ensure you get value for your money. However, we believe that the above detailed list will help you come to a prudent choice.