Little Monkey: The 10 Best Outdoor Tree Swings for Kids

Little Monkey: The 10 Best Outdoor Tree Swings for Kids

As parents, we often reminisce about our outside adventures, whether that involves hiding away in our tree houses, digging up treasure in the backyard with our siblings, or stowing away in our favorite hiding spot during a game of hide and seek. One essential, timeless staple of outdoor play is a tree swing. Tree swings allow you to relive nostalgic moments while watching your child use their superpowers to soar to great heights, saving the world one day at a time, or even travel to distant lands or different universes. What better way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon in the summer than to watch your child feel like the sky’s the limit, or even relax with your child and read them their favorite fairytale while embracing the great outdoors together?

In this guide, we provide a few guidelines for choosing the best tree swing for your kid or toddler, and we also simplify the decision-making process by offering 12 options to consider for your backyard.

What to Think About When Choosing a Tree Swing

When in pursuit of the best tree swing, there are a few contributing factors to take into consideration. The first factor that must be decided is the purpose. Is the swing intended for a small child to only swing back and forth? Or do you have an older, more athletic child in mind who wants to improve balance and rope climbing skills?

There are also swings that are larger and can hold adults or multiple children, so the weight capacity is an important thing to consider when shopping for tree swings. Before purchasing a tree swing, assess the size and physical capabilities of the intended user. A smaller child will not be able to enjoy more physically demanding swings and older kids are not going to enjoy a swing with a simpler design. If you have many children, do you want to get something they can all use at the same time?

The second major factor to consider is the installation process. When deciding to purchase a tree swing, the height of the intended tree branch should be measured so that you know the required rope length needed in the event that you need to purchase additional rope. Some swings are easier to install than others, and require less hardware, while others are more intricate and may require more than one person to install.

Below we have compiled a list of tire swing options that were chosen based upon extensive research to make your search easier. This list includes swings of all price ranges, weight capacities, and additional features so that you can find the tire swing best suited for your needs.

Let’s take a look at our 12 top tire swing sets for kids in 2022.

Top 12 Best Outdoor Tree Swings for Kids 2023

1. Best Overall Pick: LAEGendary Climbing Rope Tree Swing

LAEGendary Climbing Rope Tree Swing

Why we like it: With the tree climbing rope, the LAEGendary Climbing Rope Tree Swing is a great option for ages 3 and up to enhance their rope climbing skills while also enjoying a fun swinging experience.

Editor’s Rating:

This low-cost tree swing is great for kids ages 3-and-up to have fun swinging while sitting or standing. It also serves as a great strength and balance builder. The tree climbing rope has multiple platform discs which allows your child to climb up it. This helps build gross motor skills and to develop sensory integration. The swing is also a wonderful way to strengthen kids’ balancing skills and muscle strength.

Another great feature about this swing is that it can be hung from a tree, a standing swing set, or even monkey bars. The length of the rope is very adjustable. The rope is 6.6 feet long with an additional black tree strap that can extend the length of the swing an additional 4.2 feet. You won’t be able to extend it beyond that, however, as the company doesn’t sell further extensions.

The installation process is very simple. If you want to adjust the rope to make the swing shorter, all you have to do is pull the secured rope through the disc seat and tie a knot underneath, which will make the 6.6-foot rope 4.3 feet instead.

The swing disc that the child sits or stands on is 12 inches in diameter. The rope is made of easy to grip, thick polyethylene, which reduces the chance of rope burn on your child’s hands. The weight limit is 120 pounds, ideal for small children or even small adults. Unfortunately, you’ll only get one person at a time on this. All the things needed to install the swing are included. It comes in bright multi-colors or in dark green.


  • Very easy to install
  • Rope climbing feature
  • Affordable
  • Large weight limit for single-user swing


  • Can only be used by one person at a time
  • Company does not offer additional extension cables for taller trees

2. PACEARTH Outdoor Playground Tree Swing

PACEARTH Outdoor Playground Tree Swing

Why we like it: A very easy installation process and high weight capacity make this the perfect single rider swing for any member of the family.

Editor’s Rating:

The simple design and effortless installation process make the PACEARTH Outdoor Playground Tree Swing a top contender for the best outdoor tree swing for kids. Unlike other single rider tree swings on this list, this swing has a 660-pound weight limit, so adults can also channel their inner child.

With the purchase of this swing includes 1 swing seat, 2 zinc-plated chains, 4 screw carabiners, and 2 free hanging straps. The swing seat is made of EVA plastic and measures 26 inches by 5.5 inches, making it large enough for kids of all sizes and ages. It is chemical resistant, corrosion-resistant, crack-resistant, and easy to clean. You have the option to purchase the seat in several colors: green, blue, pink or red.

The thermoplastic anti-rust chains are zinc plated and measure 68.9 inches in length each, but the connecting buckles can be placed in whatever link is needed to create the perfect length. The 2 extra hanging straps are 23.6 inches in length, so there’s no need to purchase additional straps. The polyester material of the hanging straps are very durable and are great for bearing weight and force.


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy installation
  • Thermoplastic coated chain
  • Easy length adjustment


  • Single rider
  • Slightly more expensive than comparable swings

3. Happy Pie Play&Adventure Wooden Hanging Swing

Happy Pie Play&Adventure Wooden Hanging Swing

Why we like it: The inexpensive, multi-purpose Happy Pie Wooden Hanging Swing could easily be hung from a tree or used to replace a swing on a swing set. The simple, classic aesthetic pays homage to the traditional tree swings used by past generations but is durable enough for future generations.

Editor’s Rating:

The straightforward, simple design makes the Happy Pie Play Hanging Swing a great addition to your child’s outdoor playing experience. The seat is made of two pieces of wood. You have the option to choose between pinewood or hardwood. The seat dimensions are 17.32 inches by .55 inches by 6.89 inches. The seat is wide enough for most children ages five and up.

This swing is preassembled with heavy-duty, rust-resistant adjustable chains and PE rope, created specifically for strength and durability. The PE rope length is 70.8 inches can be adjusted all the way down to 46 inches. That said, the manufacturer suggests the height of the playset or tree should not be less than 59 inches. The suggested weight limit is up to 200 pounds, so the swing can be used as your child grows.

It does not include the gear needed for hanging it. So you’ll have to have your own tools. Furthermore, the seat is not stained which leaves it vulnerable to rain and humidity. You can take advantage of this drawback by painting it yourself!


  • Easy installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Adjustable rope length
  • Heavy-duty for child and adult-use


  • Does not include hanging gear for tree installation
  • Is not stained for weather resistance

4. Best Premium Pick: M&M Web Riderz Basket Swing

M&M Web Riderz Basket Swing

Why we like it: The M and M Web Rider Outdoor Swing has a variety of options in price range, design, and color schemes, allowing parents to customize a swinging experience that will be perfect for their superhero or princess. It can also support multiple children at once.

Editor’s Rating:

The M and M Web Rider Outdoor Swing has a weight capacity of 600 pounds, which is great for parents of multiple children.

The suggested age range for this product is 5 to 16 years old, but with the high weight limit, the swing can be used by adults and children alike. The swing is 39 inches in diameter, with adjusting hanging ropes and two four-inch Steel Monster Spring Clips which allow for an easy installation.

You have the option to hang from two points for a traditional back-and-forth swing or from a single point for a spin merry-go-round experience.

It is made with large corrosion protected steel frames, and the seat is made of tight weave rope. The outer layer is PVC backed polyester which makes it dry faster if it is left in the rain. The non-woven fabric lining prevents mold and mildew from reaching the one-inch thick dry-fast polyester cushion foam. You can also purchase an additional three-layer cushion which is engineered for outdoor use.

There are two types of swing, the Elite version and the Basket. The Elite version is mid-price range compared to similar swings and the Basket swing is considerably more expensive. It comes in multiple colors: basic black, the “Snow Flurry” which is an electric blue, purple, and lime green, the “Superhero Swing” which is red, blue, and black, and the “Tickled Pink” swing which is solid light pink.


  • High weight capacity
  • Tradition swing style or spin style
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Already assembled
  • Easy installation


  • Has a tendency to rust if left in the rain for extended periods of time
  • Web swing cushion is not included - requires additional purchase

5. Best Budget Pick: Squirrel Products Disc Rope Tree Swing

Squirrel Products Disc Rope Tree Swing

Why we like it: Budget-friendly enough to buy more than one for multiple children, this swing is great for small children ages 3 and up.

Editor’s Rating:

The Squirrel Products Swing Disc Rope Swing is lightweight, durable, and easy to hang from a tree, add to a swing set, jungle gym, or any outdoor playset. Update or complete your backyard with the pink, green, or blue color options. The age recommendation is 3 years and up, but it has a weight limit of 150 pounds, so both small children and older children will be able to use it. Young children may struggle to maintain balance though.

One of the most affordable swings on this list, the purchase includes one disc swing seat attached to braided nylon rope and a metal ring used to attach to swing sets or tree straps. The seat is 12 inches in diameter and 2 ¼ inches thick, which is ideal for smaller children.

The hollow seat is molded from high-density polyethylene which can endure rain or shine. The 78 inch rope is adjustable and kids can take this with them on any camping trip or a trip to grandma’s house.


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple color options
  • Ability to hold multiple children at once


  • Limited swing radius
  • Small seat for adults or older children

6. Royal Oak Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Royal Oak Flying Saucer Tree Swing

Why we like it: One of the best saucer swings out there, the Royal Oak Giant Flying Saucer Tree Swing provides a safe, entertaining experience and is large enough to accommodate many riders.

Editor’s Rating:

With a weight limit of 400 pounds, the Royal Oak Giant Flying Saucer Tree Swing is perfect for parents with multiple children, parents who want to swing with their children, or even for neighborhood kids to play together. The recommended age range is 3 years and up, and the flat, durable design is ideal for toddlers, bigger kids, or adults.

The tree swing comes in a variety of colors: blue, green, orange, pink, purple, rainbow, red, yellow, and camo. You’ll find the colors will fade after long exposure to the sun.

However, you will also get a bonus swing cover with permeable surface protection so that the swing will not be damaged no matter what the weather. The ropes are already attached and threaded through the swing, increasing its safety and stability. The rope is adjustable, with a range of 47 inches to 63 inches.

The swing is versatile in that it attaches to a tree or swing set, and the installation is easy and is not time-consuming. Unfortunately, the hanging kit is sold separately.

The swing is made of an Eva foam-padded high-strength steel frame and 900D Oxford polyester mesh which is both weather-resistant and permeable. 8 flags are also included which can be added as an embellishment, giving the swing a festive feel.


  • 400-pound weight capacity
  • Easy installation
  • Safe for small children
  • Wide color range choices


  • Hanging kit sold separately
  • Swing colors fade if left in the sun

7. Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing

Why we like it: The Flying Squirrel Giant Rope Swing is similar to other 40-inch swings on this list but relatively cheaper, which is ideal for parents who are searching for a great outdoor swing but don’t want to break the bank.

Editor’s Rating:

The 40-inch saucer swing by Flying Squirrel is large enough for multiple kids or adults with a weight capacity of 200 pounds. It is designed to be added to swing sets, jungle gyms, or other outdoor playsets. You have two color choices with this particular swing set: blue or green.

The swing features include a heavy-duty steel frame with foam padding for both comfort and safety. The set includes 1 swing, two hanging ropes, and two hanging rings. The hanging ropes are approximately 10 feet long, which is great for a swing set or a low-hanging tree branch. Additional rope may need to be purchased if you are planning on hanging this swing from a higher tree branch.


  • More budget-friendly when compared to similar products
  • Easy installation
  • Easy assembly
  • Designed for comfort


  • Lower weight limit than similar swings
  • Additional hanging rope not included

8. Pellor Wood Tree Swing Seat

Pellor Wood Tree Swing Seat

Why we like it: What better way to recreate childhood memories than to have a traditional, sturdy wooden swing? Relive your childhood and turn your house into a home with the Pellow Wood Tree Swing Set.

Editor’s Rating:

This simple, durable wooden swing has a nostalgic quality to it. It’s sturdy enough for small children, or adults up to 300 pounds. The non-slip ridged seat and raised sides are ergonomically designed for comfort and it is made of sturdy beechwood, which is a more hardy wood type, making it ideal for a tree swing. However, you will have to seal the wood yourself.

The product includes 1 swing seat that is equipped with adjusted rope, 2 connecting straps, and 2 connecting buckles. The adjustable rope is 120 to 180 centimeters long, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The rope is attached to the swing using galvanized metal rings and fitting, which further ensures safety.

The seat is available in two sizes. You have the choice of purchasing the smaller seat, which is 16.5 inches by 7.9 inches by 0.6 inches, or you can select the larger seat measuring at 17.7 inches by 7.9 inches by 0.6 inches. If the price is a concern the smaller seat is considerably less expensive than the larger seat.


  • Enjoyable for children and adults
  • Mid-price range for a single seat swing
  • Classic wooden appearance
  • Easy to install


  • Does not come already sealed to endure weather - you must seal it yourself to prevent mold
  • Additional purchase of hardware required to install

9. Swinging Monkey Products Disc Swing

Swinging Monkey Products Disc Swing

Why we like it: This revamped redesign of the classic disc tree swing is a low price, adorable addition for any small child’s backyard. The Swinging Monkey Disc Monkey Shaped Swing is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for parents seeking to entertain their kids for hours.

Editor’s Rating:

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive swing for your children ages 5 and up, then this will be the perfect addition to your backyard. The cute monkey face swing disc allows your little Tarzan or Jane to bring their imagination to life as king or queen of the jungle while simultaneously developing their core strength and balance.

The lightweight, solid swing seat is molded from polyethylene plastic with an approximate diameter of 13 inches. The easy to adjust hanging ropes can be adjusted up to 70 inches, making it ideal for tree branches, swing sets, or a secure beam in the house. It has a 250-pound weight limit, so older siblings or parents also have an opportunity to enjoy it.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Unique monkey-faced disc swing
  • Adjustable rope
  • Lightweight enough to be installed inside


  • Rope material can be rough on small children’s hands
  • Does not include tree strap for installation

10. Squirrel Products Stand and Swing

Squirrel Products Stand and Swing

Why we like it: Unlike other swings on this list, this swing has a unique feature in that it has foot-shaped places in the swing seat so children can safely ride the swing while standing up.

Editor’s Rating:

A fun, innovative twist on the traditional swing, the Squirrel Products Stand and Swing is designed to be hung from a tree, or added as an update to a swing set or jungle gym. The seat features 2 places for the rider to place their feet to ensure that they don’t slide off while swinging standing up. The seat platform measures 14 by 14 inches, and the shoe indention measures 4.5 inches at the top, 4 inches in the center, and 4.5 inches at the bottom.

The plastic-coated swing chain measures at 67 inches and is designed to prevent finger pinching. Included in the purchase are the swing platform, chains, and two locking carabiners. The feet indention in the seat is large enough to fit a men’s 9 ½ shoe, so almost every child will have no problem slipping their feet in comfortably.


  • Unique place for children to place feet to stand while swinging
  • Mid-price range
  • Heav- duty for safety


  • Hanging kit sold separately
  • More difficult to assemble than comparable swings

11. Super Spinner Swing

Super Spinner Swing

Why we like it: This swing is unique in that it is designed as both a regular back and forth swing, and it is also designed to be a spinning swing, which will keep both small and larger kids entertained.

Editor’s Rating:

This swing is a great, modern alternative to the tried-and-true tire swing. The Super Spinner Swing made by Super Spinner can serve multiple purposes for your backyard playtime. It can be used as a regular swing, it can be used as a spinner, and it can also serve as a comfortable cot for you or your small child to read on a hot summer day.

The seat is designed to be sturdy, but also comfortable enough to be a great place for your children to have the swing as the designated hang out spot. The curved design of the swing allows for both safety and comfort, and the center hole allows for water drainage from rain, which will help the swing better endure different climates.

The UV resistant rope and locking safety clips easily connect to a swing set or tree, but the equipment needed to hang the swing to a tree is not included, so you will have to make an additional purchase.


  • Swings and spins
  • Easy installation
  • Hole in center for drainage
  • Lightweight material


  • Hanging equipment for tree installation not included
  • Higher cost than comparable swings

12. Super Deal 40" Spider Web Tree Swing Net

Super Deal 40" Spider Web Tree Swing Net

Why we like it: Reasonably priced for the size and weight limit, the Super Deal 40 inch Spider Web Tree Swing Net has a weight capacity of 660 pounds. This swing can easily hold multiple children or a couple of adults for quality playtime outside.

Editor’s Rating:

The Super Deal 40 inch is the perfect gift for parents of multiple children. The extra-large oval frame is made of sturdy steel wrapped in padding and durable braided plastic rope, making it strong enough and resilient enough to withstand up to 660 pounds.

The durable polypropylene rope creates spider-web-like netting with comfortable support, making it ideal for an afternoon reading session underneath the shade of a tree on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It is designed to work universally and hangs almost anywhere from a sturdy tree branch or a swing set, or it can even be relocated or taken down easily for storage.

Its high weight capacity means you can fit multiple children on this swing and it should be fine. However, it is more difficult to assemble than advertised, and the directions included are not that helpful.


  • High weight capacity
  • Mid-price range
  • Large diameter which can hold multiple people
  • Collapsible for easy storage or relocation


  • Assembly requires more than one person or someone with considerable strength
  • Assembly instructions are not easy to follow

The Bottom Line

All of the outdoor tree swing sets on this list would make a great addition to enhance your child’s outdoor adventures. Whether you are seeking a single-rider disc swing or a larger swing with a high weight capacity that the entire family can enjoy, all swings mentioned in this list are guaranteed to be high quality and worth the investment, regardless of budget.

Before buying, make sure that you have everything you need so there are no setbacks that would delay your child’s swinging experience. In order to prepare for the installation of your swing, check the sturdiness of the tree limb that you intend to use, measure the height of the limb so that you are sure that the rope length corresponds with the limb height, and also ensure that your child is safe by making sure there is enough clearance on all sides of the swing.

Once you have determined that you have all of the necessary gear needed to hang the tire swing, be prepared to have a staple outdoor toy that will keep your children and their friends entertained for hours.