Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Girls 2020

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At nine your little girl enjoys having fun and strikes the sweet balance between being a kid and tween! They love mummy but are also quickly growing independent and social. Being the last year before the double-digit age, they enjoy their time with parents, siblings, and friends making lasting memories with them. Finding a gift for your 9- year old daughter can be a challenge as she’s still figuring out what she likes. It’s important to give careful thought to the kind of gift or toy you’ll purchase for the little lady without being overly expensive or too childish. We have searched highs and lows and reviewed the ultimate toys and gift ideas that will make perfect gifts for a birthday, Christmas, or a special occasion especially for little girls.

Top 30 Best Toys and Gift Ideas for 9-Year-Old Girls 2020

1. CISMARK Cartoon Knee High Socks

Why we like it: The cute cartoon pattern knee high socks that feature a reasonable size will offer her warmth during the cold season at the same time keep her in style.

The over calf knee high socks are an excellent gift idea for girls aged three to nine years with an elegant appearance that will keep her warm and fashionable. The socks feature cute cartoon patterns made of soft, breathable, stretchable spandex material that is machine washable and durable. The knee-high socks are available in six colors and packaged as six pairs to give her more choice for everyday wear.

  • Affordable
  • Warm
  • Adorable
  • Fit well
  • Not for big calves

2. AmyHomie Mermaid Tail Blanket

Why we like it: The little one is rapidly growing from a child to a tween to a teen, and you can help her live the mermaid dream with the cozy mermaid tail blanket, a remarkable gift on her birthday or Christmas.

Spice up your little girl’s bedroom by gifting her with the mermaid tail blanket instead of the regular dull blanket from AmyHomie. The product features extra plush hand crocheted eco-friendly and skin-friendly wool that is elegant and exquisite. This premium product has an easy in and out design so she can easily slip in and out of it and long enough to suit girls aged between three to nine years. The mermaid tail will keep her cozy in all seasons suitable for use when camping, sleepovers, in a car, bed or the couch. The blanket comes in a rainbow pink color and a customized pink bag.

  • Non-allergic product
  • Plush feel
  • Cute
  • The quality is lacking

3. Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

Why we like it: The perfect gift for glow parties, dances, and Halloween. The pair of finger lighting, flashing gloves with a beautiful luminous landscape is pure fun and will attract a lot of compliments from friends.

Your daughter will enjoy a light show with these cool and exiting Luwint LED bright flashing finger lighting gloves that feature high-quality breathable material, excellent electronic construction and good elasticity for a comfortable and warm feel. The glow mittens are easy to use and come in different color settings and patterns that light up by pressing the button on the wrist suitable for using in dance halls, stage performance or playing the piano at night. They include a set of 4 replaceable batteries in a box packaging.

  • Very cool
  • Comfortable fit
  • Well made
  • Some lights don’t work after sometime

4. Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids

Why we like it: It’s an educational and craft toy recommended for children aged from 6 years and above. Allows the little gardener to explore the life cycle of plants in a kid tested and safe product.

The terrarium is a perfect educational science kit that will help her experience the wonder of nature with two full life plant cycles. The Grow ‘n Glow terrarium includes a plastic mason-style jar, a potting mix, decorative sand, river stones, and seeds. The terrarium features a transparent glass with glow in the dark stickers where she can watch her plants grow even at night. The terrarium will also allow her to craft, water and raise the organic chia and wheat grass seed that are included in the kit a perfect gift for starting a personal eco-system.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Clean, bright soil pebbles
  • Helps kids to be more responsible
  • Some find the stickers challenging to remove from the sticker sheet

5. Enchantmints Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Why we like it: The Enchantmints ballerina musical jewelry toy makes a lovely gift for any occasion and an excellent box for tiny treasures.

Your little one will love this adorable Enchantmints ballerina musical jewelry box that features a large bottom drawer and two tiny side drawers that will help her to keep her jewelry neat and safe. The toy also features the “Swan Lake” music, a twirling ballerina figure and a mirror on the inside of the top part the perfect piece of artwork for a nine-year-old. The musical treasure box notably features a velvet-flocked paper lining, lovely washes of color with one drawer in the front, one at the back and two drawers at the side a perfect gift for keeping the young one’s treasures.

  • A perfect gift for the little ballerina
  • Lots of compartments
  • Crisp music tune
  • The quality is lacking
  • Not durable

6. Darice Premium Art Set

Why we like it: The art kit will help her to develop concentration, improve confidence, and develop the motor skill for hours of fun.

This versatile premium art set from Darice features 131 piece art kit that includes 12 watercolor cakes, 24 oil pastels, 24 crayons and 36 markers a tremendous creative assortment for the little artist. The kit comes in a wooden carrying case that keeps all the supplies organized for easy portability. Inside the packaging, you’ll also find a palette, a paintbrush, sharpener, stapler, scissors, glue, ruler and an eraser providing excellent value for crafting and gifting your little artist.

  • Affordable
  • Sturdy case
  • Portable
  • Offers a wide variety
  • The crayons are very waxy and don’t have much color
  • The quality is lacking

7. Razor A2 Kick Scooter

Why we like it: The Razor A2 Kick scooter will provide a fun outdoor activity for your little one helping her to exercise and quickly move from one point to another.

This scooter is suitable for children above five years, and therefore it would make a perfect gift for your 9-year-old daughter. The toy features a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum t-tube with a patented folding mechanism, urethane wheels and adjustable handlebars for a perfect fit. The product features a springless front wheel system shock system for excellent shock attenuation. It’s also easy to fold and carry requiring no assembly making it a great travel companion.

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Folds-up nice and small
  • The handlebar is a little shaky

8. Crayola Light-up Tracing Pad

Why we like it: The sleek pink light-up coloring tracing pad is specially designed for girls with hundreds of downloadable images helping her to develop motor skills for hours of fun and a great travel activity companion pad.

The Crayola light-up tracing pad is the perfect gift suitable for children aged six years and above. The toy features an easy tracing lightbox with over 100 visible images and a paper-locking frame that helps to keep the tracking sheet in place keeping your young artist fully engaged and excited. The kit features 12 colored pencils, ten blank sheets, ten tracing sheets, one graphite pencil, and a bright LED display that illuminates in the dark giving her the freedom to express herself at night or daytime. The coloring board evenly lights up making it easy to see and trace a perfect gift for birthdays or holidays making her a delighted little lady.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Fairly priced
  • Can use low-cost paper when the tracing paper runs out
  • Easy and fun to use
  • The quality is a bit lacking

9. Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior

Why we like it: The cards will help her interact with friends and family and will also aid in developing fine motor, cognitive and emotional skills. You’ll notice improved memory, problem-solving and hand-eye coordination.

Apples to Apples Junior is the game of hilarious comparisons with fast-paced fun that will help her develop linguistic and rational skills. The Apples to Apples junior features 576 red and green apple cards suitable for children aged nine years and above providing hours of fun and entertainment. This party game is easy to play where each player takes her turn to be a judge and picks a green apple card while the rest of the players choose the red card and select the card which best describes what on the judge’s card. The comparisons range from things, events, people, and places a great game for families and friends.

  • Imaginative
  • Interesting
  • Simple fun concept
  • A great learning tool for kids
  • We wish the packaging could be improved

10. Fire Tablet with Alexa, 7″ Display

Why we like it: Makes it easy to share content and form a family library of favorite games, photos, videos, and e-books. The Fire table is interactive and will help her keep informed, have fun and access extensive reading.

The Fire tablet features 7-inch bright display with rear-facing camera and an HD video that will help her capture life’s moments.

But most importantly, this device is fast and responsive that quickly launches over 400,000 games and videos including favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify providing excellent performance and maximum entertainment. The tablet also features 7 hours of battery life and storage of up to 200 GB and unlimited cloud storage where she can store more games, movies, and photos. The device is educational with a host of Kindle e-books which are audible, plus an Alexa assistant that makes everyday tasks easier and also helps her to stay informed.

  • Solid build quality
  • Affordable
  • Kindle integration
  • Great entry level tablet
  • The screen resolution is lacking
  • The camera is slow to load

11. Ailihen I35 Headphones with Microphone

Why we like it: These are stylish, high-quality headphones for the fast-growing little missy designed with an adjustable headband for smooth adjustment and lightweight features so that she can take them wherever she goes.

Ailihen over-ears is the perfect pair of headphones that you can gift your 9-year old daughter who is very keen to learn new songs and what a great way if she learns at the quiet of her environment! The Ailihen I35 over-ears feature excellent sound quality with crystal clear highs, a broad base and average mid-tones that are easy to pair with any Android device, iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The headphones notably feature Protein Genuine leather earmuff with an ergonomic design for all-day comfortable wear. The product features sound isolation and comes with a 360-degree pick-up for high definition voice calls and foldable design for convenience when carrying it around or when traveling. The headphones are lightweight, adjustable and can be used to make calls.

  • Available in five color options
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great build
  • Soft plush earmuffs
  • The cheap plastic cannot tolerate rough handling

12. Fingerlings Glitter Monkey

Why we like it: This interactive toy will make a lovable and wearable companion to your little princess making her a happy pet owner for hours of laughter and fun with friends.

Kiki, a sparkly glitter monkey toy is full of loving hugs that your little girl will love and adore. The WowWee Fingerlings feature adorable interactive baby monkeys with soft hair that long to hang on the fingers and know when they are being talked to, and when to hang upside down. These pets blink, turn their head, like to be petted, swing by their tails and even blow kisses! It’s friendship at her fingertips. They also make little monkey noises and come in various colors ranging from black, white, turquoise, blue and purple.

  • Keeps kids entertained
  • Sturdy
  • Hours of fun
  • Pricey

13. Living Squad Kids Binoculars

Why we like it: The Living Squad kids binoculars is a remarkable STEM gift for learning that features an ergonomic design with excellent shock attenuation in the case of accidental falls making it a perfect gift for her birthday or Christmas.

Make your little one a bird lover by purchasing this Living Squad kids binoculars with high-quality Powerview lens for clear and compelling images and more substantial rubber eyepieces for added protection to your little explorer. The eyepieces are foldable with adjustable glasses and 8X magnification with 7.2 viewing angle for a closer look. The binoculars notably feature a hand strap, breakaway neck strap, a belt carrying case, a cleaning cloth and instruction manual for hiking, safaris, bird watching, night star gazing, camping and backyard detective games. The product is soft, comfortable, durable, shockproof and lightweight available in three colors.

  • High-quality optics
  • Very sturdy
  • A lovely child-friendly body that’s easy to handle
  • lightweight
  • The strap doesn’t have a quick release from the neck

14. Girls Tracer Adjustable Inline Skate

Why we like it: Skating will help her develop balance, build muscles, improve leg and core strength an excellent way to reduce body fat and strengthen the lower body.

At the age of four years, most kids develop an interest to skate; therefore, this would make a perfect outdoor gift for the little missy. Roller Derby girls inline skate feature a soft boot support system with a push-button adjustable design, a triple cam-level buckle, and comfort fit padding proving a whole lot of fun to little your girl. These recreational roller skates also feature a reinforced nylon frame, 64/72 mm urethane wheels and an accelerator bearing giving her a smooth and comfortable ride.

  • Smooth ride
  • Perfect fit
  • Adjustable
  • Good for the price
  • The convertible size isn’t a seamless change
  • No footbed

15. Creativity for Kids

Why we like it: The kit will expose the creativity side of your little girl by teaching her new craft techniques with fashion-forward pieces.

The fashion designer kit from You Fashion Studio features 50+ pieces such as a lace-covered dress mannequin, ribbons, fabric samples, a sketchbook, sewing essentials and many more making it an excellent gift for a little fashion designer. The fashion kit also features step by step instructions that will teach her how to sketch, select patterns and color coordination that will make the little designer turn her dreams into reality. The kit contains real sewing tools suitable for children aged nine years and above for learning essential fashion design basics.

  • Very fashion forward
  • Great for creative children
  • Overall good quality
  • The sewing can be hard and requires supervision
  • We wish it could come with simple patterns instructions and how to book with simple ideas

16. Alvantor Kids Tents Indoor Children Play Tent

Why we like it: The Alvantor tent will create a world of creative imagination for the little one a perfect gift for a birthday and daycare playground suitable for children aged three months to 12 years.

This vibrant multi-colored kids tent will provide her with hours of outdoor fun featuring sturdy fiberglass poles and a tunnel door so that she can engage in safe, creative imagination with other play tent friends. The little one doesn’t have to bother you since the tent which has a fashionable design features easy setup and set down, it’s lightweight and has a roomy portable carry bag for storage. It’s large enough and can comfortably fit 2-3 kids providing an excellent playroom for outdoor or indoor activities such a sleepover, picnics, backyard playhouse, and birthday parties.

  • Versatile usage
  • Eye-catchy
  • Cross ventilations enable optimum air circulation
  • Affordable
  • Flimsy bottom material that can easily tear
  • The quality is a bit lacking

17. Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

Why we like it: It encourages a child’s creativity, color awareness, helps to improve small motor skills, at the same time she will be able to create fashionable personalized headbands for everyday wear.

This product creates ten fantastic headband hair accessories with fashion-forward decorations that will make a statement for the little lady. The set features a rainbow collection of headbands, a butterfly, quills, rhinestones, buds, and floss all packaged neatly in a box suitable for children aged five years and above. The product made for little hands that will help her improve construction concept, develop motor skills for fun-filled creative activity. The kit also features a safe, non-toxic glue and felt plates making it the ultimate headband set for the little diva.

  • Excellent set
  • Encourages creativity
  • Great quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • The glue doesn’t hold

18. 4M Make A Wind Chime Kit

Why we like it: The 4M wind chime is a creative toy that will help her to expand her imagination and be more creative.

This kit is a functional activity for kids aged eight years and up. The make a wind charm features two terra coat pots, line and chides rods, a paint strip, strings, a brush and instruction with a simple design that is easy to assemble offering hours of fun. When she hangs the wind charm in her room, it will make lovely sounds as the wind passes through combining science wind power with craft pieces that will offer her soft musical sounds all the time, a perfect gift for the holidays.

  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • Educational
  • A fun project
  • The size could be improved
  • The instructions are not very clear

19. GirlZone: Hair Chalk

Why we like it: Your little girl is growing fast, GirlZone hair chalk is a funky adventurous product that will bring creativity and a smile during that special occasion or birthday – a fun way to express herself.

It’s time to make her hair as vibrant as she is with GirlZone hair chalk that features ten fantastic washable hair chalk pens. The chalk pens also double up as remarkable face paints that are nontoxic, and removable. The product is fun suitable for girls aged from 4 to 11 years plus. One hair chalk can be applied up to 80 times, a perfect Christmas gift that will last for a long time.

  • Washes out easily
  • Fun product for girls
  • Great color on lighter colored hair
  • An easy way to color hair
  • Greasy
  • Does not show up very well on dark hairs

20. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

Why we like it: This touchscreen smartwatch will help her to explore her creativity with photos and video effects a fun gift for a young photographer. This educational toy will also assist her to learn how to tell time.

This smartwatch will be a perfect gift for the little one with games, and action challenges providing fun games and activities intended for girls aged between 4 to 9 years. The watch features a camera with photo effects, a motion sensor, a video camera, voice-changing effects, and a voice recorder. Also, the product is splash proof with 50 plus clock face designs, an alarm, timer, and stopwatch. This toy which is more than a watch will help her work out simple calculations while the micro USB cable will enable her to upload and download images. The watch also features an adjustable wristband and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two weeks on a single charge.

  • Splash-proof
  • Games are fun and interactive
  • Voice recording is clear
  • The digital and analog faces are great for learning
  • The battery life isn’t that great

21. Craftster’s Sewing Kit

Why we like it: This is an educational toy suitable for beginner sewers that will help her learn practical skills by using her imagination, by encouraging her to share and therefore builds friendships.

Craftster’s set is an arts and craft sewing kit that will keep her busy which is fun and creative suitable for children aged seven years and above a great gender neutral gift. The sewing kit creates a nice ground where she can share craft activity with family and friends for hours of artful fun. The set features 5- precut animal sewing pieces, six different embroidery threads, stuffing’s, 40 pins, non-toxic fabric glue, five sewing needles, and easy-to-follow instructions. It also comes in a portable carry case that helps to keep the toys organized.

  • Excellent craft toy for beginners
  • Worth the money
  • Great quality
  • Encourages creativity and imagination
  • We wish the pre-cut animals were more

22. Pop Beads Jewelry Making Kit

Why we like it: This jewelry kit with a range of colors and designs inspires creativity, improves hand-eye coordination and helps to build motor skills.

Pop Beads is a jewelry set that she will use to make more than 150 colorful arty pop beads. The beads are easy to pop together or pop apart, a perfect creative gift for girls aged four years and older. The set features seven rings, and five stylish bracelets that come in various colors, shapes, and designs nicely packaged in a durable storage jar with a foldable handle for proper organization and storage after play. The beads feature Phthalates and BPA-free materials that meet safety standards that quickly and securely pop together.

  • Strengthens fine motor skills
  • Easy to assemble and disband
  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Sturdy storage container
  • Some of the beads are a little more complicated than others
  • The instructions don’t have a lot of ideas

23. Wham-O Magic Pens

Why we like it: The product is an educational toy with fantastic color-changing pens that will help her to explore her imagination providing hours of fun.

This fantastic color-changing pens from Wham change colors like Magic by touching them making them easy to use suitable for children aged 4 to 15 years. The color change pens make an ideal gift and toy to your artist helping her to convert regular drawings into magical works of art. The kit features 20 markers with 9-color changing pens and nine eraser pens that she can use to do her coloring work on regular papers and coloring books. The set also features two magic white pens, magic stencils, a bonus blow pen attachment, and a storage stand – the colors never smudge or run.

  • Affordable
  • Fun art
  • Washable
  • Non-toxic
  • They dry fast if left in high temperatures

24. Activ Life Best Kid’s Frisbee Rings

Why we like it: This Activ product is 80% lighter than regular Frisbees making it a great toy to be used in pools for hours of fun. It’s also safe to use and with a lightweight and aerodynamic features.

Time to be outdoors again with Activ life best kid’s Frisbee rings that are safe, lightweight and aerodynamic a perfect way to replace her screen time with enjoyable outdoor activities. Your little girl will comfortably catch the toy in her hands, leg, or the head safely without causing nasty bruises or jamming the fingers. The flyer features an easy-to-catch design with a hole in the middle flying straighter than the regular Frisbees, an excellent gift for children aged between 3-12 years. Your little one will feel like a champion as they catch and throw the flyer which can soar up to 80 feet offering a great time of activity for the whole family.

  • Super lightweight
  • Easy-to-catch
  • Brightly colored especially for the beach
  • Fly straight
  • Cannot be used by dogs

25. Tire Pack LED Bike Wheel Lights

Why we like it: Every parent wants her child to be safe. The Activ Life LED bike lights help to improve the safety of your little one when she’s outdoors playing especially in low lights conditions.

If you’re looking for extra safety, style and fun for your little biker, the Activ Life LED bike lights will make a great gift idea plus it’s a hot trend in leading American markets. The wheel lights will help improve the safety of the little one by being seen from all angles when peddling. To gain increased visibility in low light conditions, you can switch the lights settings to “constant on” or “flashing” mode suitable from toddler bike wheels to 29-inch adult bike wheels. The LED lights feature six favorite colors to choose from for cruising around town. The LED lights come in a box, feature a durable design, are waterproof, easy to install and include three AAA batteries with easy to follow instructions.

  • Safe to use early in the morning, before dusk or late in the night
  • Cool lights
  • Worth the money
  • Bright lights
  • The quality is lacking

26. LEGO Friends Olivia & Stephanie 66569 Building Kit Bundle/a>

Why we like it: The LEGO set building kit is an excellent toy that will develop motor skills, expand her imagination and creativity.

This building kit bundle features with 185 pieces that include Olivia and Stephanie mini-doll figures is a suitable gift for five to12-year-old girls. The set also features Olivia’s creative lab with a desk which has a drawing board with lots of tools to play with for hour of entertainment. The toy includes three buildable robot figures and Olivia’s accessory elements such as binoculars, cup, baby bottle while Stephanie’s accessories include a mixing bowl, icing pump, cupcake toppings and much more. The two sets come in a LEGO box that will help her improve her creativity and expand her imagination.

  • Great value for 2 Lego sets
  • Excellent gift for Lego fans
  • Well built
  • Easy to set
  • The collection is somewhat small

27. PixieCrush Pretend Play Makeup Kit

Why we like it: The educational makeup pretend play kit is an excellent toy that helps to promote imaginative play as she actively experiments with various social and expressive roles of life.

Your little girl must love playing with your make up. The makeup play set with 12 pieces of beauty basics for girls will make a perfect gift for a 9-year old girl with a makeup bag, a red lipstick, and a shatterproof mirror. It also features cute pink glasses, a hairbrush, toy keys, a pretend cell phone and much more all packed in a brightly colored pink polka dot purse that helps to stimulate interaction and imaginative play. This interactive play kit features high-quality materials that comply with US toy safety standard and will guarantee the little missy fashion and glamour with friends, a fun way to doll herself.

  • High quality and well made
  • An excellent purse that is well detailed
  • Affordable
  • Smaller than anticipated
  • The toy key and the pretend cell phone is lacking in quality

28. Klutz Make Your Own Soap Science Kit

Why we like it: Klutz soap science kit will help her to learn and experiment the art of soap making through safe, creative experiments with 36-pages step-by-step instructions.

The soap science kit is a complete set that features soap molds with six shapes, 20 blocks of clear soap base, coconut papaya fragrance, a clear cellophane bag, soap stickers, a toy fish, a ribbon, one gift tag, a box, and 20 bright color tablets. Your scientist will be delighted to make up to ten soaps from scratch for fun and inspired creativity. The product also features a skin-safe glitter and super-clear instructions which will help her execute the science project right in the kitchen in no time. The soap kit is safe for the little hands and will guarantee open-ended kick-start creativity.

  • Easy and fun
  • Great craft activity
  • Not messy
  • Runs out too quickly
  • No instructions on how to remove the soap from the mold after drying

29. Rainbow Mega Refill Loom

Why we like it: This arts and craft product is a fun and learn kit that meets the US toy safety standards, is easy to use, and helps to improve skill and concentration power.

Looking for that perfect gift for a special occasion can be a difficult task. Thankfully, the Authentic Rainbow Mega Refill bundle by Talented kids for girls will make an excellent choice for the 9-year old little princess. The mega kit is easy to use and features colorful over 10,000 premium quality rubber bands, 550 S clips, 200 beads, nine backpack hooks and ABC stickers and more. The set will keep the little one busy doing hours of craft activity by making necklaces, rings, and colorful bracelets. The product features a case that will help her to organize and safely store away her crafts properly. The set is US lab tested, features sturdy rubber bands and is safe for use by kids.

  • Great product at a fantastic value
  • Excellent refill kit
  • High-quality bands
  • Vast product for use in a classroom
  • The box can arrive when broken, but the overall quality is good

30. Monopoly Junior Board Game

Why we like it: The Junior monopoly is a simpler version of the classic Monopoly game designed with kids in mind. The game is educational and will help her to develop logic and reasoning skills in a fast-paced, fun and simple game.

This product features 20 Chance cards, 4 Tokens, 48 Sold signs, 1 Die, a game board, and four token character cards suitable for children aged five years and up. The monopoly game includes 2-4 players who are on a mission to find out who took the piece of cake and what they drank with creating a fun game of imagination and allows her to make choices. The junior game designed for the younger player features the same concept as the classic monopoly game that is simple and full of surprises. The kids will have a blast where they choose their preferred token and learn how to pass, collect properties, and make others pay rent or a fine – the kid with the most money wins.

  • A great starter monopoly game for children
  • Easy to read and fun
  • An excellent family game with simple rules that kids can understand
  • Teaches patience and improves concentration
  • Doesn’t have a definite end

Bottom Line

The products we’ve reviewed here will help you make the perfect choice to gift your 9-year old girl. You can opt for indoor craft games that will enhance creativity and expand her imagination or an outdoor toy that will keep her fit and give hours of fun. Another option would be a gift that can be shared by the whole family like a board game that will help her cognition skills grow at the same time she’ll learn the joy of playing with family and friends and enhance her social and interaction skills.